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Racist mass murderer and war criminal Eisenhower. Chronology 01

Part 1: Eisenhower family -- meadow camp in Andersonville 1865 -- Brethren and Jehovah's Witnesses with racist Armageddon principle -- West Point Academy -- half Jew - marriage

The Eisenhower home in Abilene (Kansas), 100% Bible racism in criminal "U.S.A." -- the mass murder of the meadow camp of Andersonville in 1865 as a model for Germany in 1945 -- Brethren and Jehova philosophy with "Last Days" principle (Armageddon) -- pyramid philosophy of Father David Eisenhower -- religious terrorism in the Eisenhower family with Watchtower magazines -- military schooling and butcher's reputation

Andersonville 1865,
                                              survivors of the meadow
                                              camp, only having skin and
                                              bones yet  Abilene (Kansas), the Bible racist Eisenhower home  Jehovah's
              Witnesses with their racist and criminal Armageddon
              philosophy  Dwight
              Eisenhower as a cadet in West Point Academy in 1912
Andersonville 1865, survivors of the meadow camp, only having skin and bones yet [6] - Abilene (Kansas), the Bible-racist Eisenhower home [17] - Jehovah's Witnesses with their racist and criminal Armageddon philosophy [19] - Dwight Eisenhower as a cadet in West Point Academy in 1912 [26]


by Michael Palomino (2013)

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Part 1: Eisenhower family -- meadow camp in Andersonville 1865 -- Brethren and Jehovah's Witnesses with racist Armageddon principle -- West Point Academy -- half Jew - marriage

Middle Ages: the name "Eisenhower"

Eisenhower emblem
Eisenhower emblem [1]

Until the Middle Ages Jews had no composed names. But during the Middle Ages more and more names were composed names because the population was increasing more and more. Eisenhower means in German "Eisen" or Yiddish "ayzn" for "iron", and "Hauer" for "working with the hammer", thus the name means smith. Other searchers mean that "Eisen" would come from Hebrew "Isaac", or "Eisen" was just an ornament. There is another variation "Eisenstein" ("Iron Stone") [web16].

Immigration of the ancestors of Eisenhower in the "U.S.A." - living in Lancaster (Pennsylvania)
The immigrant Johann (Hans) Nicolaus Eisenhower from Karlsbrunn (today Saar) was emigrating with a whole group to the "U.S.A." There was also a certain Johann Peter Eisenhower from Forbach (Lorraine), and this was the great great grandfather. The first location is Lancaster in the Federal State of Pennsylvania [web1].

[All "U.S.A." is racist and all Federal States of the "U.S.A." are cleansed territory with mass murdered and expelled natives, whose wisdom is systematically destroyed].

1791 to 1900
Rothschild group organizing wars

The agents of Rothschild brought about World War II like they brought about World War I, the Russian Revolution and the French Revolution (the Jacobines). After the chaotic 19th century of continuous wars and revolutions, mankind prayed for a peaceful 20th century but as Rothschild's Protocols of the Elders of Zion predicted, "We will give them no peace"). [web7]

"U.S.A.": meadow camp in the "American" civil war in Andersonville - a great model for Eisenhower
Criminal military forces of the "U.S.A." have experience how to organize concentration camps with starvation and mass murder. It began with the mass murder against the natives in this way, and in 1865 they were applying mass murder in concentration camps also against the white southerners. This was the model for Eisenhower he applied in Germany in 1945:

<In American history Andersonville of Civil War infamy is condemned for imprisoning 50,000 Northern troops during the war without adequate food, water, shelter, sanitation, medical care, causing extensive exposure, disease and death. Like at Zionist-Jewish Nuremberg, the commander, Henry Wirtz, was hung. A horrific movie of this human outrage was made recently by Hollywood. But Eisenhower did exactly the same.> [web8] [But Eisenhower will not be hanged but will be a "President" of these criminal "U.S.A."!]

Andersonville, aerial
                            photo of the meadow camp prison 1964-1965
                            with three fences
Andersonville, aerial photo of the meadow camp prison 1964-1965 with three fences [2]

The meadow camp of
                            Andersonville, map showing a creek
The meadow camp of Andersonville, map showing a creek [3]
Andersonville, meadow camp with tents
Andersonville, meadow camp with tents 1864-1865 [4]

Andersonville, meadow camp prison
Andersonville, meadow camp prison 1864-1865 [5]


                                                          survivors of
                                                          the meadow
                                                          only in skin
                                                          and bones
Andersonville 1865, survivors of the meadow camp consisting only in skin and bones [6]
Mass grave in
Mass grave in Andersonville 1864-1865 [7]
Grave stones in Andersonville
                                    as a memorial site for the meadow
                                    camp 1864-1865
Grave stones in Andersonville as a memorial site for the meadow camp 1864-1865 [8]
rave stones in Andersonville as a
                                memorial site 02
Grave stones in Andersonville as a memorial site 02 [9]

Map of the
                                      "U.S.A." with
                                      Andersonville in Georgia
Map of the "U.S.A." with Andersonville in Georgia [10], another federal state with cleansing from the natives
Book by Glennan, Edward -
                                        SURVIVING ANDERSONVILLE - ONE
                                        PRISONER'S RECOLLECTIONS OF THE
                                        CIVIL WAR'S MOST NOTORIOUS CAMP-
                                        McFarland Pub - ISBN#
Book by William
                                Marvel: "Andersonville. The last
Book by William Marvel: "Andersonville. The last depot" [12]

David and Ida
The father of Eisenhower is a Swedish Jew (David Eisenhower [web19]). He married a "Christian" Swedish woman (Ida [web19]). With a mother not being Jewish Eisenhower is no Jew according to the orthodox Jewish rules [because Orthodox Jews claim that a real Jew would be only a Jew with a Jewish mother]. [web16]

Mother Ida Eisenhower is a fanatic "Christian" since she is a child. She is only reading one book and she is even learning parts of this book by heart. No other book shall be permitted. Quotation:

<Ida was growing up in Shenandoah Valley in Virginia and first was a member of Lutheran Church. [Biographer] Hutchinson concluded that Ida had interest for religion since her earliest years (1954:364). As a school child Ida was studying the Bible on and on and could cite it by heart - one time she learnt 1,365 Bible verses withing six months, a fact that was quoted by several of her sons with pride ([biographer] Neal, 1984:13). The books of the Bible classes in Lutheran Church in Mount Sidney near Staunton in Virginia contain the remarks yet how she was learning the Bible by heart.> [web19]
(orig. in German: <Ida wuchs im Shenandoah Valley in Virginia auf und ging ursprünglich zur lutherischen Kirche. [Der Biograph] Hutchinson kam zu dem Schluss, Ida habe seit den frühesten Jahren ein Interesse an Religion” gezeigt (1954:364). Als Schulmädchen studierte Ida die Bibel ausgiebig und zitierte auswendig daraus — einmal lernte sie innerhalb von sechs Monaten 1365 Bibelverse auswendig, eine Tatsache, die mehrere ihrer Söhne voller Stolz anführten ([Biograph] Neal, 1984:13). Die Bücher der Sonntagsschule in der lutherischen Kirche in Mount Sidney nahe Staunton, Virginia, enthalten immer noch die Aufzeichnungen, wie sie die Bibel auswendig lernte.> [web19]
[Well, then Ida is more a victim of the Bible because she is leaving out all other literature - and in this unilateral manner also her children will be trained...]

David and Ida knew each other in a "Christian" high school with Brethren ideology, and then both quit the high school. Quotation:

<Eisenhower's parents met as students in a little college of United Brethren as a part of Lane University in Lecompton in Kansas. After they married in Lecompton on September 23, 1885, both left the college (Hatch, 1944). Both had only passed one trimester. But at the end they were they were eager for more education yet - and they were giving much support to the education of their children (Kornitzer, 1955). Obviously it was Ida's bridegroom who was introducing her into the group of River Brethren, partly because many of his family members were members of it.> [web19]
(orig. in German: <Eisenhowers Eltern trafen sich, als sie beide Studenten an einem kleinen College der United Brethren in Lecompton, Kansas, der Lane University, waren. Nachdem sie in Lecompton an 23. September 1885 heirateten, verließen sie beide das College (Hatch, 1944). Obwohl sie jeweils nur ein Semester vollendeten, blieb in beiden der Wunsch nach Bildung erhalten — und spiegelte sich in der großen Unterstützung bei der Erziehung ihrer Söhne wider (Kornitzer, 1955). Offensichtlich war es Idas Ehemann, der sie in die Gruppe einführte, die landläufig die River Brethren genannt wurden, und zwar zum Teil deswegen, weil viele seiner Verwandten zu dieser Gruppe gehörten.> [web19]

[But this education is consisting only in one single book...]

October 14, 1890
Dwight Eisenhower and three brothers Earl, Edgar and Milton
Dwight David Eisenhower ("Ike") was born in Denison in Texas [cleansed territory] on October 14, 1890, as the third child of the parents David Jacob Eisenhower and Ida Elizabeth Stover. All in all there were three brothers: Earl, Edgar, and Milton [web01].

And the Eisenhower family is very poor in these times [web20].

Map of ethnically cleansed Federal State of Texas
              with Denison
Map of ethnically cleansed Federal State of Texas with Denison [13]

Eisenhower family with the "Christ group" of "River Brethren" - rules: marriage for life and hard work are virtues, prohibition of tobacco etc.

<River Brethren groups have much in common with Mennonites and both were called "the simple persons" with their simple life style and their simple clothing. Whereas this group has revolved and details like clothing were not so important any more in the beginning of the 20th century, this group had harsh rules compared to other groups in 19th century. Marriage could be solved only after the death, hard bodily work was rated as a virtue, and even after 1900 their members were forbidden to smoke tobacco or to cultivate tobacco.> [web19]
(orig. in German: <Die River Brethren haben viel mit den Mennoniten gemeinsam, und beide wurden einmal wegen ihres einfachen Lebensstils und ihrer Kleidung die schlichten Menschen” genannt. Obwohl die Sekte sich erneuert hat und bereits im frühen 20. Jahrhundert nicht mehr wie früher einmal großes Gewicht auf Einzelheiten wie die Kleidung legte, war sie im 19. Jahrhundert doch noch vergleichsweise streng. Die Ehe konnte nur durch den Tod aufgelöst werden, harte körperliche Arbeit war eine Haupttugend, und noch nach der Jahrhundertwende durften die Mitglieder weder Tabak rauchen noch anbauen.> [web19]

Change of Eisenhower family to Abilene in Kansas cleansed territory
Eisenhower family is changing into a one family house in Abilene in the Federal State of Kansas [web1].

[Also this Federal State is ethnically cleansed territory and all Primary nations were taken to central reservations unrooting them from their earth. The base of this life in "U.S.A." is absolutely racist Bible life and all wisdom about the world of the natives is destroyed. In this absolute racism Eisenhower is growing up].

Eisenhower family in Abilene (Kansas Bible racist cleansed territory)
                        with the racist "U.S.A." and Kansas
                        and Abilene
Map with the racist "U.S.A." and Kansas and Abilene [14,15]
Eisenhower monument in Abilene, Kansas
Eisenhower monument in Abilene, Kansas [16]

Monument for a mass murderer and war criminal.
                        (Kansas), the Eisenhower home
Abilene (Kansas), the Eisenhower home [17]
Eisenhower home with brown wallpaper and
Eisenhower home with brown wallpaper and furniture [18]

[It can be admitted that in those times there is hardly any culture there than Bible or alcohol in Kansas. Children of the Eisenhower family are educated with the Bible in a black and white pattern, and later Eisenhower will also act with this black and white pattern].

since 1892
Abilene: Dwight Eisenhower has 5 brothers. All in all they are 6 brothers [web20].

[As it seems the Eisenhower parents were waiting also for a girl, but there was none].

The house comes from a family member called "Abraham". Quotation:

<When David's uncle Abraham, an autodidactic veterinarian, took the resolution for being an itinerant preacher [being also a victim of the war book of the Bible], he was leasing his home to David under the condition that Jacob could live there (Lyon, 1974; Dodd, 1963). Then David Eisenhower's family was living in Abraham's house at 201 Southeast Fourth Street. David was in connection with the River Brethren by his job in Bella Springs in a dairy factory which belonged to the Church. Since this change to Abilene he was working in this dairy factory until he was retiring (Ambrose, 1983:19-20).> [web19]
(orig. in German: <Als Davids Onkel Abraham, ein autodidaktischer Veterinär, beschloss, Wanderprediger zu werden, vermietete er sein Haus an David mit der Maßgabe, dass Jacob dort wohnen konnte (Lyon, 1974; Dodd, 1963). David Eisenhowers Familie zog darauf in Abrahams Haus in der 201 Southeast Fourth Street. David stand durch seine Beschäftigung in der Bella Springs-Molkerei, die der Kirche gehörte, mit den River Brethren in Verbindung. Er arbeitete seit seinem Umzug nach Abilene in der Molkerei, bis er in Rente ging (Ambrose, 1983:19-20).> [web19]

And the territory of this house also had 5 acres of agricultural land  (about 2.5 hectars [web31]), and mother Ida was working the land:

<His parents, David and Ida Eisenhower, had a simple wooden two store house at South 4th Street in Abilene in Kansas. Ida was a modest person and working hard, planting a big garden working on the almost 5 acres of land where many products were growing needed by the family. Neal states that the Eisenhower's only could nourish their big family by this little farm where also were cows, hens, a smoking house, fruit trees and a big vegetable garden (Neal, 1984). Dwight and his five brothers (Arthur [born in 1886], Roy [born in 1892], Earl [born in 1898] and Milton [born in 1899] and David had their childhood and youth in Abilene in Kansas.> [web19]
(orig. in German: <Seine Eltern, David und Ida Eisenhower, besaßen ein einfaches, zweigeschossiges Holzhaus auf der South 4th Street in Abilene, Kansas. Ida, eine genügsame, hart arbeitende Frau, pflanzte einen großen Garten auf ihrem knapp fünf Morgen großen Land, in dem vieles von dem, was die Familie brauchte, wuchs. Neal behauptete, die Eisenhowers konnten nur deshalb ihre wachsende Familie ernähren, weil sie diese kleine Farm hatten, auf der es auch Kühe, Hühner, ein Rauchhaus, Obstbäume und einen großen Gemüsegarten gab (Neal, 1984). Dwight und seine fünf Brüder (Arthur [geb. 1886], Roy [geb. 1892], Earl [geb. 1898] und Milton [geb. 1899] sowie David] wuchsen in Abilene, Kansas, auf.> [web19]

The character of the Eisenhower family with "Brethren" first and then with "Jehovah's Witnesses"

<Physically and mentally he [the boy Dwight Eisenhower] was surrounded by aunts, uncles, grandfathers and a great grandfather and most of them were normal members or lay preachers in one of the Brethren or Holiness groups (Dodd, 1994).> [web19]
(orig. in German: <Physisch und seelisch umgaben ihn [den Bub und Jugendlichen Dwight Eisenhower] Tanten, Onkel, Großväter und ein Urgroßvater, von denen die meisten Laienmitglieder oder Prediger in einer der Brethren- oder Holiness-Sekten waren (Dodd, 1994).> [web19]

And then after a fatality comes the change to the "Jehovah's Witnesses":

Death of brother Paul, Eisenhower family looking for safe life with Jehova Watchtower members preaching rebirth - Eisenhowers becoming Jehovas

<There was an important catastrophe provoking that the parents of Dwight Eisenhower were leaving the River Brethren group being members of the Watchtower group. The catastrophe was the death of 8 months old brother Paul in 1895 caused by diphtheria. This tragedy was smashing the Eisenhower family and the theological explication of the Brethren group that Paul would be in Heaven was not enough for them. In these times three women from the neighborhood were consoling the Eisenhowers preaching that her son would come back soon. This consolation was the spirit of the Russellites [Jehovah group with leader Mr. Russell] saying that death would only be a sleep and all people in the graves wold be raised from the dead. In 1895 was preached that this resurrection would come in the new world which had to be expected before 1914, thus only 9 years to wait in those times (Gruss, 1976). These three women - Clara Witt, Mary Thayer and Emma Holland - were selling Ida some books which were parts of a Millennium Jehova series (later it was renamed into Bible Studies), and they sold them a standing order about Zion's Watch Tower and Herald of Christ's Presence, today "The Watchtower". Ida was engaged there very well soon and she also had a big influence on her husband for being also a member there after a short time.> [web19]
(orig. in German: <Ein wichtiger Katalysator, der bei Dwights Eltern bewirkte, dass sie die River Brethren verließen und sich dem Wachtturm anschlossen, hatte mit Ikes acht Monate altem Bruder Paul zu tun, der im Jahre 1895 an Diphtherie starb. Diese Tragödie schmetterte die Eisenhowers nieder, und die theologische Erklärung der River Brethren, Paul sei im Himmel, stellte sie nicht zufrieden. Zu jener Zeit konnten drei Frauen aus der Nachbarschaft die Eisenhowers mit der Hoffnung trösten, sie würden ihren Sohn bald wiedersehen. Dieser Trost war die Lehre der Russelliten, der Tod sei bloß ein Schlaf und alle in den Gräbern würden bald auferweckt werden. 1895 wurde gelehrt, diese Auferstehung käme in der neuen Welt, die vor 1914 zu erwarten sei, damals nur noch neun Jahre entfernt (Gruss, 1976). Die drei Frauen — Clara Witt, Mary Thayer und Emma Holland — verkauften Ida eine Reihe von Buchbänden, die damals die Bezeichnung Millennium-Tagesanbruch-Reihe trugen (später in Schriftstudien umbenannt), sowie ein Abonnement auf Zion’s Watch Tower and Herald of Christ’s Presence, heute Der Wachtturm. Ida engagierte sich schon bald und nahm auf ihren Mann Einfluss, sich ihr kurze Zeit später anzuschließen.> [web19]

<His mother was active in this Jehova group since 1895 when Dwight was five years old, up to her death. Eisenhower's father was also an active member whereas he did not consider himself as a "Witness" any more since 1915. [...] During the characterizing youth years of their children both parents were very engaged and surrendering to the Watchtower theology. Ida was probably leading the family concerning religious matters, and David Eisenhower was later disappointed by the Watchtower doctrines, but the religion was anyway influencing his whole life [...] The values of the parents of Dwight "Ike" Eisenhower and their familiar surroundings were resembling in the enormous success of all her children. [...] Eisenhower's mother, Ida Eisenhower, declared she had begun being engaged with the Jehovah's Witnesses in 1895 when she was 34 and Dwight was just 5 years old (Cole, 1955:190). Ida was baptized in 1898 meaning that she was serving as a Jehovah's Witness  [...] And Ida's work with the Witnesses was not just a flirt as some were stating, but she was a loyal member of the Jehovah's Witnesses during 50 years (Fleming 1955:1).> [web19]
(orig. in German: <Seine Mutter war seit 1895, als Dwight fünf Jahre alt war, bis zu ihrem Tode in der Sekte tätig. Eisenhowers Vater war gleichfalls ein aktives Mitglied, obwohl er sich nach 1915 schließlich nicht mehr als Zeuge betrachtete. [...] Beide Eltern waren während der meisten der prägenden Jahre ihrer Kinder sehr engagiert und sehr der Wachtturm-Theologie verpflichtet. Ida übernahm wahrscheinlich die Führung in religiöser Hinsicht, und David Eisenhower wurde später von vielen Wachtturm-Lehren enttäuscht; dennoch beeinflusste ihn die Religion im späteren Leben [...] Die Werte der Eltern von Dwight Ike” Eisenhower und ihrer familiären Umgebung spiegelten sich in dem enormen Erfolg all ihrer Kinder wider. [...] Eisenhowers Mutter, Ida Eisenhower, erklärte, sie habe 1895 begonnen, sich beim Wachtturm zu engagieren, als sie 34 und Dwight gerade einmal fünf Jahre alt war (Cole, 1955:190). Ida wurde 1898 getauft, was bedeutet, dass sie ab da als Zeugin Jehovas diente. [...] Überdies war Idas Engagement bei den Zeugen nicht bloß ein Liebäugeln, wie einige behaupteten, sie war vielmehr 50 Jahre lang ein treues Mitglied der Zeugen Jehovas” (Fleming 1955:1).> [web19]

The complete family circle is fanatic and working for "Jehovah's Witnesses", and the education is given according the guidelines of "Jehovah's Witnesses" now (with a "Watchtower") [web19].

[Thus these racist "U.S.A." are not at all a country of thinkers and poets, but they are Bible racists and don't know any other book, above all in the prairie states].

Watchtower of Jehovah's
                        Witnesses [19]. The Jehovah's racism states that
                        "not loyal" humans and non-believers
                        will have to suffer in the "Last Days"
                        in the hell, called "Armageddon" Watchtower of Jehovah's Witnesses [19]. The Jehovah's racism states that "not loyal" humans and non-believers will have to suffer in the "Last Days" in the hell, called "Armageddon" [19].

Since these times the philosophy of the Jehovah's Witnesses is preached in the Eisenhower family invoking the "Last Days" ("Armageddon") and the destruction of all "evil". This is a Nazi ideology. Quotation:

<David and Ida's interest with Armageddon (the war preached by the Watchtower ideology teaching that God will destroy all evil, that means all non-Witnesses) and the future return of Christ were strongly influenced by the work with this Watchtower ideology with the Last Days events, above all the date for Armageddon. It's possible that also other friends not from the Watchtower group had an interest in the prediction about the "Last Days", with them also their uncle Abraham and Ira. Both were obviously influenced by speculations about "Last Days" of an evangelical group called Hephzibah Faith Missionary Association from Tabor in [ethnically cleansed] Iowa (Dodd, 1994:2).>
(orig. in German: <David und Idas Interesse an Armageddon (der Krieg, von dem der Wachtturm lehrt, dass Gott in ihm alle Bösen, d.h. alle Nichtzeugen, vernichten wird) und der bevorstehenden Wiederkehr Christi wurden stark durch die Wachtturm-Beschäftigung mit Endzeitereignissen beeinflusst, insbesondere dem Datum für Armageddon. Möglicherweise hatten auch andere Bekannte neben den Wachtturm-Anhängern ein Interesse an der Vorhersage von Endzeitdaten, darunter auch ihre Onkel Abraham und Ira, die beide offensichtlich von den Spekulationen über Endzeitdaten der evangelikalen Sekte namens Hephzibah Faith Missionary Association aus Tabor, Iowa, beeinflusst wurden (Dodd, 1994:2).>

Abilene in
                      Kansas, cattle breeding
Abilene in Kansas, cattle breeding [20]

Life conditions in Abilene

In these times Abilene is the final stop for many cattle trails from Texas. As there are no trains in Texas the cattle breeder have to drive their cattle to Kansas, for example to Abilene [web32].

All Eisenhower children are manipulated and mentally blocked with the doctrine of Jehovah's Witnesses. Quotation:

<Dodd was investigating much about the religion in the Eisenhower family and came to the conclusion that Ida had become a safe and surrendering Witness after a short time already and she was working actively up to her death as a missioner for the Watchtower Society (Dodd, 1959.245). Already in a short time the religion was the force determinating life in this wooden hose of the Eisenhowers in Abilene (Kornitzer, 1955:134). "Dwight Eisenhower's belief had it's roots in the Biblical heritage of his parents", and the educators of "the Eisenhower boys were infused" by religion (Fox 1969:907; Lyon, 1974:38).>
(orig. in German: <Dodd kam nach ihrer ausgedehnten Untersuchung des religiösen Engagements der Eisenhower-Familie zu dem Schluss, dass Ida schon sehr bald eine treue und hingegebene Zeugin wurde und sich bis zu ihrem Tod aktiv als Kolporteurin [Missionarin] für die Wachtturm-Gesellschaft betätigte” (Dodd, 1959:245). Schon bald war die Religion die Kraft, die das Leben eines jeden in dem Holzhaus der Eisenhowers in Abilene bestimmte (Kornitzer, 1955:134). Dwight Eisenhowers Glaube wurzelte in dem biblischen Erbe seiner Eltern”, und die Erziehung der Eisenhower-Jungen war durchdrungen” von Religion (Fox 1969:907; Lyon, 1974:38).>

Instead getting more education at an university getting knowledge in history and sociology or medicine the Eisenhower parents are simply living in a Bible fanaticism organizing even Bible sessions in their home and the children have to cite the war book "Bible" regularly. It's an absolute religious child abuse. Quotation:

<The Eisenhowers had weekly Watchtower sessions in their saloon where the boys were reading aloud one by one texts from the Watchtower publications and from the Bible and they were speaking about. Dwight Eisenhower was also taking part in these studies - he was stating he had studies the Bible two times completely even before being 18 years old (Jameson, 1969:9). [Eisenhower biographer] Ambrose [to the contrary] was concluding that the religious ambition of the Eisenhower boys was not going so far:

"David was reading the Bible before the meals and was pleading for a blessing. After the meal they were reading the Bible again. When the boys were old enough they could also read the Bible aloud. Ida was organizing sessions of [...] Watchtower Society, there were meetings on Sundays in the saloon. She was playing the piano and was leading the songs. Neither David nor Ida were smoking or drinking, they were never playing cards, never cursing or making games for money (Ambrose 1983:19-20)"

Without any doubt this education had a decisive influence to all Eisenhower boys. R.G. Tonkin estimates that the Eisenhower boys were young yet but the group of studies had already 15 members" (1952:48).> [web19]
(orig. in German: <Die Eisenhowers hielten in ihrem Salon wöchentliche Wachtturm-Treffen ab, wo die Jungen der Reihe nach aus den Wachtturm-Publikationen und der Bibel vorlasen und darüber sprachen. Dwight Eisenhower war auch an diesen Studien beteiligt — er behauptete, er habe die Bibel zweimal vollständig durchgelesen, noch bevor er achtzehn Jahre alt war (Jameson, 1969:9). Ambrose kam zu dem Schluss, das Ausmaß des religiösen Engagements der Eisenhower-Jungen sei so weitreichend gewesen, dass

"David vor den Mahlzeiten aus der Bibel vorlas und dann um einen Segen bat. Nach dem Essen zog er wieder die Bibel hervor. Als die Jungen alt genug waren, waren sie mit dem Lesen an der Reihe. Ida organisierte Zusammenkünfte der [...] Wachtturm-Gesellschaft; man traf sich sonntags in ihrem Salon. Sie spielte Klavier und führte das Singen an. Weder David noch Ida rauchten jemals oder tranken, spielten Karten, fluchten oder spielten um Geld (Ambrose 1983:19-20)"

Diese Erziehung hatte zweifellos einen entscheidenden Einfluss auf alle Eisenhower-Jungen. R. G. Tonkin schätzte, als die Eisenhower-Jungen noch klein waren, habe die Größe der Studiengruppe etwa fünfzehn Personen” betragen (1952:48).> [web19]

since 1898
Learning difficulties
Eisenhower was one of the worst pupils in his class. Quotation:
<By the way, he was next, or nearly so, to the last in his class.> [web5]
[There is no indication if also the other boys had such learning difficulties. But it seems the Eisenhower boys and Dwight were generally manipulated in an extreme way and it can be that he was rejecting also school, or he was busy with his side job thus he could not concentrate and the parents were never making homework with him as it seems and they did not know anything about pedagogy. How the education was executing punishments and how this school was organized with punishments is not described. Normally it has to be admitted that beating and torturing and torture by hunger was normal in those times - with the "Christian" cross at the wall being a model for wars...]

since 1898 appr.
Side job of boy Dwight Eisenhower
The little Dwight Eisenhower has got a side job in a water utility and is sanding wooden horses for roundabouts [web20].

Father David Eisenhower and his prophecy with pyramids
Father David Eisenhower had developed a prophecy with the pyramids of Egypt. Quotation:

                        of Gizeh in Egypt
Pyramids of Gizeh in Egypt [21]

<Dwight was influenced by more ideas, for example from his father David Eisenhower. Whereas as a little child he [father David] was educated with the River Brethren group and then a short time with Lutherans and later and before his college times with Methodist church, he was adapting the belief of the Watchtower some years after his marriage. David Eisenhower was serving the Watchtower during many years as a boss and a leader in Bible studies, a role which was alternating from time to time with L.D. Toliver (Dodd, 1959:225). Neal even claimed that David Eisenhower after having adapted the Watchtower was brought to mysticism because he was using a huge map with the Egypt pyramids hanging on a wall of his house predicting the future. David was teaching his sons during their childhood and youth this map of "Last Days theology" of the Watchtower Society. This map was 3 meters long and 1.80 meters high containing prophecies for the future and the confirmation of the Biblical events - David claimed. Fascinated by the bizarre drawings ... [Dwight] was passing hours studying David's creation." (Neal, 1984:13).
(orig. in German: <Dwight wurde auch von den religiösen Vorstellungen seines Vaters, David Eisenhower, beeinflusst. Obwohl er als Kleinkind bei den River Brethren erzogen wurde und für kurze Zeit zu den Lutheranern und dann später vor und während seiner Collegezeit zur Methodistenkirche ging, bekehrte er sich ein paar Jahre nach seiner Frau zum Wachtturm. David Eisenhower diente dem Wachtturm viele Jahre lang als Ältester und Bibelstudienleiter, eine Rolle, in der er sich gelegentlich mit L. D. Toliver abwechselte (Dodd, 1959:225). Neal behauptete sogar, dass David Eisenhower durch den Wachtturm zum Mystizismus” gebracht wurde, weil er eine riesige Wandkarte” der ägyptischen Pyramiden benutzte, um die Zukunft vorherzusagen. David lehrte seine Jungen, als sie aufwuchsen, von dieser Karte die Endzeittheologie der Wachtturm-Gesellschaft. Die drei mal eins achtzig Meter große Karte enthielt nach David Prophezeiungen für die Zukunft wie auch die Bestätigung biblischer Ereignisse. Fasziniert von der bizarren Zeichnung … verbrachte [Dwight] Stunden damit, Davids Schöpfung zu studieren” (Neal, 1984:13).

This map with the pyramids showed the [Big] pyramid of Gizeh in Egypt; it was really a central philosophy of the Bible searchers (Dodd, 1959:242). The map was published by the Watchtower Society the first time in the Millennium Dayspring series in volume 1 published in 1898. Later also a big wall map version was available. The map played a supreme role in the Watchtower theology during 35 years, and for David the significance was very high.

His religious conviction was so strong that he was producing this big wall map (1.5 or 1.8 meters high, 3 meters large) showing the Egyptian pyramids, and he was proving himself that the dimensions of the pyramids - with their measures, there corridors, their angels and their chambers and so on - would predict Biblical events and other things yet which were in future yet. As one could expect this presentation was fascinating his children and the map was one of the most precious possessions of the family (Lyon, 1974:38.

Russel took many of his prophecies from the pyramid, above all the year of 1914 waiting for the end of the world (Franz, 1993:20). The pyramid was also used with the confirmation of the Watchtower philosophies about the different ages. Earl Eisenhower claimed that his father had used the map when he was a Watchtower member [proving] for his own satisfaction that the Bible with their prophecy was right." (Kornitzer, 1955:136).

Jehovah Witnesses with leader Russell and the pyramid

Map of the Jehovah Witnesses with the
                          pyramid and the prophecy of epocs
Map of the Jehovah Witnesses with the pyramid and the prophecy of epocs [34]

Mr. Russell was a member of the templar orden and of the lodge of the Free Masons [web44]. Clear?

                          of leader Mr. Russell on the cemetery next to
                          his grave
Pyramid of leader Mr. Russell on the cemetery next to his grave [35]
                          first leader of the Jehovah's Witnesses, Mr.
                          Russel in 1911
The first leader of the Jehovah's Witnesses, Mr. Russel in 1911 [36]

The pyramid was of such a decisive significance for the early Watchtower theology that a huge, three meter high pyramid in concrete was made as gravestone for C.T. Russell when he died. This pyramid is near Russell's grave near Pittsburgh in [ethnically cleansed] Pennsylvania yet. Russel condemned mysticism explicitly as a hellish stuff and taught that the pyramid had nothing to do with any mysticism but would be a second revelation, a "Bible in stone" being a supplement of the Holy Book and as a confirmation (Russell, 1904:313-376).

Some years later the second Watchtower president, Joseph F. Rutherford, was convicting the pyramid philosophy with clear words. This was one of many changes in the philosophy of the Watchtower group provoking several splits in the group (Rutherford, 1928; Dodd, 1959:243). Dodd remarked that the mad would have been in [Eisenhower's] house in 1944 yet, but in 1957 the map could not be found neither in the house nor in the Eisenhower Museum next to the house. She was told that the map and other Watchtower items had been eliminated (Dodd, 1959:242-243). Dodd concluded that the Watchtower items had probably destroyed by the family itself getting rid of the embarrassments because of the work of the parents with the Jehovah's Witnesses. [The Eisenhower mother had died]. David's devotion for the Watchtower was changing at the end and later he was an open enemy of it.

Dodd comes to the conclusion that David Eisenhower's curiosity for Russell was reducing since 1919 clearly. Before his death in 1942 it is said that he had revoked Russel's philosophy (1959:224). In a letter to Edward Ford David declared that one point disillusioning him from the Watchtower philosophy had been the fake about the prophecy about the end of the world including the year 1914 and 1915 (Ford, 1995). After having given up the Watchtower community David had - this states is son Arthur - been always a searcher of the Bible, and his religious reading customs were limited to the Bible or to everything in connection with the Bible", but he did not read Watchtower literature. Whereas the Bible was the center of David Eisenhower's mind his father - this added Milton - was also reading historical reports, serious reviews, newspapers and other religious literature (Kornitzer, 1955.261).

Edgar Eisenhower declared that his father partly had left the Watchtower group because he could not accept the pure Watchtower philosophy any more which had been a part of his mind. His sons later claimed unswervingly that David had accompanied his wife to the Watchtower activities above all because he wanted to please her. Watchtower reports normally only report Ida as a witness and thus support the conclusion that David had left the Watchtower group since 1915.> [web19]

(orig. in German:
<Diese Pyramidenkarte zeigte die [Große] Pyramide von Gizeh in Ägypten; es handelte sich dabei tatsächlich um eine zentrale Lehre der Bibelforscher (Dodd, 1959:242). Die Karte wurde von der Wachtturm-Gesellschaft erstmals in der Millennium-Tagesanbruch-Reihe, Band 1, im Jahre 1898 veröffentlicht. Später war dann eine Wandkarten-große Version erhältlich. Die Karte spielte in der Wachtturm-Theologie für über 35 Jahre eine hervorragende Rolle und hatte für David eine solche Bedeutung, dass

 …… seine religiösen Überzeugungen in Form einer eindrucksvollen (eins fünfzig oder eins achtzig Meter hohen, drei Meter breiten) Wandkarte der ägyptischen Pyramiden Gestalt annahmen, mit deren Hilfe er zu seiner eigenen Zufriedenheit bewies, dass die Maße der Pyramiden — äußere Abmessungen, innere Gänge, Winkel der Kammern usw. — spätere biblische Ereignisse und andere Dinge, die noch in der Zukunft lagen, vorhersagten. Wie zu erwarten, faszinierte diese Vorführung seine Kinder; die Karte wurde zu einem der am meisten geschätzten Besitztümer der Familie (Lyon, 1974:38)

Russell entnahm viele seiner Prophezeiungen der Pyramide, insbesondere das Jahr 1914, zu dem das Ende der Welt erwartet wurde (Franz, 1993:20). Die Pyramide fand auch bei der Bestätigung der Wachtturm-Lehre von den Zeitaltern Verwendung. Earl Eisenhower behauptete, sei Vater habe die Karte benutzt, als er zum Wachtturm gehörte, um zu seiner eigenen Zufriedenheit [zu beweisen], dass die Bibel mit ihrer Prophetie Recht hatte” (Kornitzer, 1955:136).

Die Pyramide war von solch entscheidender Bedeutung für die frühe Wachtturm-Theologie, dass eine riesige, drei Meter hohe Betonpyramide als passender Grabstein für C. T. Russell ausgesucht wurde, als er starb. Sie steht immer noch in der Nähe von Russells Grab nahe Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Russell verurteilte den Mystizismus ausdrücklich als Dämonismus und lehrte, die Pyramide habe nichts mit Mystizismus zu tun, sondern sie sei eine zweite Offenbarung, eine Bibel in Stein”, die den Bericht der Heiligen Schrift sowohl ergänzte als auch bestätigte (Russell, 1904: 313-376).

Einige Jahre später verurteilte der zweite Wachtturm-Präsident, Joseph F. Rutherford, die Pyramidenlehre mit eindeutigen Worten, eine der vielen Lehränderungen, die zu mehreren Wachtturm-Spaltungen führte (Rutherford, 1928; Dodd, 1959:243). Dodd bemerkte, die Karte sei noch 1944 im Hause [der Eisenhowers] gewesen, aber im Jahre 1957 konnte sie sie weder im Haus noch im Eisenhower-Museum in der Nähe ausmachen. Sie erfuhr, dass die Karte und andere Wachtturm-Werte beseitigt worden waren (Dodd, 1959:242-243). Dodd kam zu dem Schluss, die Wachtturm-Gegenstände seien wahrscheinlich von der Familie vernichtet worden, um die Peinlichkeit wegen des Engagements der Eltern bei den Zeugen Jehovas zu mindern. Davids Hingabe an den Wachtturm änderte sich schließlich, und später wurde er ein offener Gegner.

Dodd kommt zu dem Schluss, 1919 sei David Eisenhowers Interesse an Russell eindeutig verblasst”. Vor seinem Tod im Jahre 1942 soll er die Lehre Russells widerrufen” haben. (1959:224). In einem Brief an Edward Ford erklärte David, ein Faktor, der seine Desillusion über den Wachtturm hervorgerufen habe, sei der Fehlschlag der Prophezeiungen über das Ende der Welt einschließlich der Jahre 1914 und 1915 gewesen (Ford, 1995). Nachdem er die Wachtturm-Gemeinschaft aufgab, sei David, so behauptet sein Sohn Arthur, ein Erforscher der Bibel geblieben, und seine religiösen Lesegewohnheiten seien auf die Bibel oder alles, was mit ihr in Zusammenhang stand, beschränkt gewesen”, aber er las keine Wachtturm-Literatur. Obwohl die Bibel den Mittelpunkt in David Eisenhowers Denken einnahm, habe sein Vater, fügte Milton hinzu, auch Geschichtsberichte, seriöse Zeitschriften, Zeitungen und religiöse Literatur” gelesen (Kornitzer, 1955: 261).

Edgar Eisenhower erklärte, dass sein Vater zum Teil deshalb den Wachtturm verlassen habe, weil er nicht mehr mit der reinen Wachtturm-Lehre einverstanden sein konnte, die so sehr ein Teil ihres Denkens war.” Seine Söhne behaupteten später steif und fest, David habe seine Frau vor allem deshalb bei den Wachtturm-Aktivitäten begleitet, um ihr zu gefallen. Wachtturm-Berichte nennen gewöhnlich nur Ida als Zeugin und stützen damit den Schluss, dass David den Wachtturm nach 1915 verlassen habe.> [web19]

since 1900 appr.
Jehova Bible circle in Eisenhower's house is always bigger and bigger - and they claim "the truth"

<Until 1915 the Watchtower adherents had their sessions in Eisenhower's house and then the growth of the local sessions forced them to rent a hall for their divine services. Later a big house was built in Abilene for the Watchtower sessions (now called the Kingdom Hall) (Dodd, 1959:244). The composition of the Russellites groups in Abilene is described by Mrs. Dodd like this:

Mary Thayer was presenting the Watchtower to the Eisenhowers first. This community formed the core of the sessions of the Russellites in Abilene together with L.D. Toliver and R.O. Southworths. From 1896 to 1915 the Bible searcher ... had sessions on Sunday afternoons in the house of the Eisenhowers. During most of this time David Eisenhower (and from time to time also L.D. Toliver) were serving to the classes as leading Bible searchers or elders" as they were calling their leaders (1959:236)
During her whole life Ida was working for the Watchtower group. In a letter to an old lady also in her 90s Ida stated that she she was working in the truth since ninety six [1896] and [I] ... am working yet there ... it was a consolation for me ... Naomi Engle remains [sic] with me, and she is also a witness, and I hoping well about it [sic]" (Fleming, 1955:3; Cole, 1955:192).> [web19]
(orig. in German:
ie Wachtturm-Anhänger kamen bis 1915 im Hause der Eisenhowers zusammen, als das Wachstum der örtlichen Versammlung sie dazu zwang, einen Saal für die Gottesdienste zu mieten. Später wurde in Abilene ein großes Haus für die Wachtturm-Zusammenkünfte (ein Königreichssaal, wie er jetzt heißt) gebaut (Dodd, 1959:244). Die Zusammensetzung der Russelliten-Gruppe in Abilene wird von Dodd folgendermaßen beschrieben:

Mary Thayer brachten den Wachtturm den Eisenhowers als erste nahe. Diese Gemeinschaft bildete zusammen mit L. D. Toliver und den R. O. Southworths den Kern der Versammlung der Russelliten in Abilene. Von 1896 bis 1915 kamen die Bibelforscher … am Sonntagnachmittag im Hause der Eisenhowers zusammen. Während der meisten Zeit dieser zwanzig Jahre diente David Eisenhower (und gelegentlich L.D. Toliver) der Klasse als Bibelstudienleiter oder Ältester”, wie die Gruppe ihren Führer nannte (1959: 236)

Ida blieb ihr ganzes Leben lang im Wachtturm tätig. In einem Brief an eine Mitzeugin stellte Ida fest, sie sei seit sechsundneunzig [1896] in der Wahrheit und [ich] … bin es immer noch … es war für mich ein Trost … Naomi Engle bleibt [sic] bei mir, und sie ist auch eine Zeugin, so bin ich guter Hoffnung [sic]” (Fleming, 1955:3; Cole, 1955:192).> [web19]

since 1902
Zionist circles want to destroy "Christendom"
This is mentioned in the report by Lieutenant Colonel "Jack" Moor:

<It might be well to state here, that as early as 1902, International Jewry had a plan for the destruction of Christianity in Europe.>) [web23]

The Eisenhower family in 1902:
                row above: Dwight, Edgar, Earl, Arthur, and Roy; below:
                David (father), Milton and Ida (mother)
The Eisenhower family in 1902: row above: Dwight, Edgar, Earl, Arthur, and Roy; below: David (father), Milton and Ida (mother) [22]

since 1903 appr.
Provision of money for the college: fire brigade and freezing plant
The two brothers Dwight and Ed Eisenhower are making some money for their college fees alternating being firemen. In the holidays Dwight Eisenhower is working the whole day in a freezing plant [web20].

[There are no indications if the boys were beaten, if they were tortured, if they were torturing each other, if they were stealing or no, if they had other compensational occupations aside the Bible or if there were other relationships to other families. It can be admitted that there had been a brutal punishment system].

Sunday school of the Eisenhower brothers
There are indications from John Bayhoff that Dwight had visited Sunday school of the River Brethren Church in Abilene from time to time. And there are also statements from John Dayhoff (who is listed as a school mate of Dwight in the church books of 1906) that Dwight had visited the Sunday school. According to the class teacher Ida Hoffman Dwight was going to the Sunday school, but is seems that he was never paying attention or being interested in these lessons (Davis, 1952:49). <Three of the Eisenhower children, also Dwight, are enlisted in 1906 in the Sunday school of the Brethren in Abilene, Kansas, but the parents are not mentioned. The fact that the three brothers are listed was partly the result of the influence of Jacob, Dwights grandfather, an active pastor of River Brethren Church until his death in May 1906.> [web19].
(orig. in German:
<Die Hinweise, dass Dwight vielleicht gelegentlich in die Sonntagsschule der River Brethren Church in Abilene ging, beinhalten auch die Behauptung von John Dayhoff (der in den Kirchenbüchern von 1906 als Klassenkamerad Dwights geführt wird), er sei mit ihm zur Sonntagsschule gegangen. Als Dwight gemäß der Klassenlehrerin Ida Hoffman dorthin ging, schien er offensichtlich nie aufzupassen oder sich für die Lektionen zu interessieren” (Davis, 1952:49). Drei der Eisenhower-Kinder, darunter auch Dwight, werden in den Aufzeichnungen von 1906 der Sonntagsschule der Brethren in Abilene, Kansas, geführt, aber ihre Eltern werden nicht erwähnt. Dass die drei Jungen aufgelistet wurden, ging wohl teilweise auf den Einfluss von Jacob, Dwights Großvater, zurück, einem aktiven Geistlichen der River Brethren-Kirche bis zu seinem Tode im Mai 1906.> [web19]

Dwight D. Eisenhower beginning with  Abilene High School [web1]

Dwight Eisenhower is clearly characterized by the Jehovah's Witnesses
<The Watchtower Society was manipulating Dwight decisively with it's religious ideas - until 1914 when he entered West Point Military Academy (Dodd, 1959; Eisenhower, 1969).> [web19]

[Well, Eisenhower was waiting for the "Last Days" in his subconsciousness. Some event or some population should represent the "Last Days" then...]

Inscription at the military because of lack of money

<The money of his parents did not reach for a college. A friend was manipulating that young Dwight was inscribing for the Marines Academy Exam. Ike was performing a double strategy: He made two entrance exams and passed also in West Point Military Academy. When he had not been over 20 years then (the highest age for the entrance for the Marines Academy) Eisenhower had become an Admiral perhaps.> [web20]
(orig. in German: <Das Geld seiner Eltern reichte nicht für ein College. Ein Freund veranlaßte den jungen Dwight, sich zur Marine-Akademie-Prüfung zu melden. Ike nähte gleich doppelt: er bestand auch die Aufnahmeprüfung der Militärakademie von West Point. Wenn er damals nicht über 20 Jahre alt gewesen wäre (das Höchstalter für die Marine-Akademie), wäre möglicherweise ein Admiral aus ihm geworden.> [web20]

Eisenhower's education in the "U.S." Military Academy in West Point - with diploma

Map of the
                        "U.S.A." with West Point
Map of the "U.S.A." with West Point [23]
West Point
                        Academy on a cape
West Point Academy on a cape [24]
Dwight Eisenhower as a cadet at
                                West Point Academy, portrait
Dwight Eisenhower as a cadet at West Point Academy, portrait [25]
Dwight Eisenhower as a cadet in
                                West Point Academy in 1912
Dwight Eisenhower as a cadet in West Point Academy in 1912 [26]
West Point Academy, dwelling homes
                                with the cathedral on the hill
West Point Academy, dwelling homes with the cathedral on the hill [27]

Who was no racist in those times in the beginning of the 20th century could not make any career in the racist "U.S.A." of these days...

Eisenhower in the soccer team of
                                West Point in 1912 (second from the
                                left, more a little person)
Eisenhower in the soccer team of West Point in 1912 (second from the left, more a little person) [28]
West Point Flag with an eagle and
                                stars and stripes
West Point Flag with an eagle and stars and stripes [29]

-- Eisenhower is not especially eager, and his fantasy is more going to the direction of illegal behavior [web1]
-- Eisenhower's talents and performances are only medium: "His army career like his West Point standing was mediocre" [web8].

[One can see on the photos that also the military academies are characterized totally by the "Christian" religion. And thus all military forces in these criminal "U.S.A." are acting with this faked base of Bible. The abuse of the figure of "Jesus" for military purposes with churches at military bases comes to an absolute culmination point in these criminal "U.S.A."].

Sport and injuries with Dwight Eisenhower

Eisenhower is characterizing his behavior with butcher's methods. Quotation:

<Eisenhower with his strong bones was getting a reputation as a boxer and soccer star. His mates called him a coarse person. In 1915 he was becoming an officer.> [web20]
(orig. in German: <Der starkknochige Eisenhower machte als Boxer und Fußballstar von sich reden. Seine Kameraden nannten ihn ein Rauhbein. 1915 wurde er Offizier.> [web20]

<At one time he threatened to get interested in life and won his "A" by being the most promising back in Eastern football - but the Tufts game broke his knee and the promise.>) [web25]

Dwight Eisenhower as a cadet in
                the West Point Military Academy in 1914 appr.
Dwight Eisenhower as a cadet in the West Point Military Academy in 1914 appr. [30]

In the military academy Eisenhower is stated as a half Jew - principally illegal in a military academy

<During Cadet Eisenhower’s time at West Point Academy, Eisenhower was summoned to the office of the headmaster and was asked some pointed questions. At the time, it was routine procedure to test a cadet’s blood to insure White racial integrity.
Apparently there was a question of Eisenhower’s racial lineage and this was brought to Eisenhower’s attention by the headmaster. When asked if he was part Oriental, Eisenhower replied in the negative. After some discussion, Eisenhower admitted having some Jewish background. The headmaster then reportedly said, “That’s where you get your Oriental blood?”. Although he was allowed to remain at the academy, word got around since this was a time in history when non-Whites were not allowed into the academy.
Later, in Eisenhower’s West Point Military Academy graduating class yearbook, published in 1915, Eisenhower is identified as a “terrible Swedish Jew.”

Wherever Eisenhower went during his military career, Eisenhower’s Jewish background and secondary manifesting behavior was a concern to his fellow officers.>) [web5]

Final report about Dwight Eisenhower at
                          West Point Academy, 1915
Final report about Dwight Eisenhower at West Point Academy, 1915 [31]

DWIGHT DAVID EISENHOWER, Abilene, Kansas, Senatorial Appointee, Kansas;  "Ike"; Corporal, Sergeant, Color Sergeant: A.B., B.A., Sharpshooter: Football Squad (3,2), "A" in Football; Baseball Squad (4); Cheer Leader; Indoor Meet (4,3).

Now, fellers, it's just like this. I've been asked to say a few words this evening about this business. Now, me and Walter Camp, we think -" - Himself.

This is Señor Dwight David Eisenhower, gentlemen, the terrible Swedish-Jew, as big as life and twice as natural. He claims to have the best authority for the statement that he is the handsomest man in the Corps and is ready to back up his claim at any time. At any rate you'll have to give it to him that he's well-developed abdominally - and more graceful in pushing it around than Charles Calvert Benedict. In common with most fat men, he is an enthusiastic and sonorous devotee of the King of Indoor Sports, and roars homage at the shrine of Morpheus on every possible occasion.

However, the memory of man runneth back to the time when the little Dwight was but a slender lad of some 'steen years, full of joy and energy and craving for life and movement and change. 'Twas then that the romantic appeal of West Point's glamor grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and dragged him to his doom. Three weeks of Beast gave him his fill of life and movement and as all the change was locked up at the Cadet Store out of reach, poor Dwight merely consents to exist until graduation shall set him free.

At one time he threatened to get interested in life and won his "A" by being the most promising back in Eastern football - but the Tufts game broke his knee and the promise. Now Ike must content himself with tea, tiddledy winks and talk, at all of which he excels. Said prodigy will now lead us in a long, loud yell for - Dare Devil Dwight, the Dauntless Don.

[It can be admitted that the name "terrible Jew" was a normal racist insult in those times by "Christian" military school. And it can be admitted that this insult was hurting Dwight Eisenhower very much and sometimes he was taking revenge in combination with the philosophy of the "Last Days" of the Jehovah's Witnesses - against any enemy not important which. The Germans would be his victims for that in 1945].

The Rothschild gang is organizing the First World War [web7]

September 22, 1915
Eisenhower getting the grade of a "Second Lieutenant" [web1]

after 1915
Father David Eisenhower leaving the Watchtower group "Jehovah's Witnesses"

Service in the infantry [web1]

Eisenhower getting the grade of a "First Lieutenant" [web1]

Dwight Eisenhower in 1916 appr.
Dwight Eisenhower in 1916 appr. [32]

July 11, 1916
Marriage of Eisenhower with Mamie Geneva Doud
[web1, web20]; then founding a family with two sons, the first son Doud Dwight Eisenhower dies in 1921 by scarlet fever. The second son follows in 1922, John Sheldon Doud Eisenhower. He becomes a highly ranked military and id "U.S." ambassador in Belgium [web1].

Dwight and Mamie Geneva Doud Eisenhower
Dwight and Mamie Geneva Doud Eisenhower [33]

Hiding the past: The identity with the "Jehovah's Witnesses" is concealed now by the Eisenhower family
Dwight Eisenhower and his wife are concealing the education with the religion of the "Jehovah's Witnesses", and they are also concealing the activity of Eisenhower's mother for the "Jehovah's Witnesses" group. The surviving son John is separating from this doctrine of "Jehovah's Witnesses" and is contradicting important aspects of this Watchtower philosophy [web19].

Eisenhower is an instructor for the military tank units
Eisenhower gets the grade of a "Captain". Eisenhower is also reaching the grade of a "Lieutenant Colonel", or this comes only in 1936. In 1917 Eisenhower is an instructor for the newly found "U.S." military tank units [web1].

Butcher Eisenhower is a fan of the tank units. Quotation:

<The First World War he was far from the war theater in an "American" garrison. He had a military hobby: tank weapon. "Country of cars - country of the tanks", Eisenhower was giving his slogan with a prophecy for a tank war and in this kind he was educating the young generation.> [web20]
(orig. in German:
<Den ersten Weltkrieg verbrachte er weit vom Schuß in amerikanischen Garnisonen. Er hatte ein militärisches Hobby: die Panzerwaffe. "Land der Autos - Land der Tanks" kombinierte Eisenhower, prophezeite den Panzerkrieg und drillte den Nachwuchs.> [web20]

The Rothschild gang and their agents are organizing the Russian Revolution [web7].
[Lenin and his lodge friends are financed by Jewish banks from the "U.S.A." installing a communist army. See: Armin Risi: Machtwechsel auf der Erde].

This action of the Zionist banksters has to be understood like this: The aim of these Zionist Jews is the complete destruction of Christendom. Lieutenant Colonel "Jack" Mohr is indicating details:

<This [the destruction of Christianity] called for the destruction, first of Czarist Russia, which took place in 1917, and then for the destruction of Germany. A war chest of some $2-billion was set aside for this purpose, long before a man named Adolf Hitler came on the scene.>) [web23]

Eisenhower is publishing a project to organize a tank show with a track of tanks driving from the east coast to the west coast. In the same time he gets to know the latter General George S. Patton [web1].

Eisenhower gets the grade for being a Major [web1].

Eisenhower is an "Executive Officer" in the Panama Channel Zone under Fox Conner [web1].

Eisenhower is going for further military education for being a general in courses at the "Command and General Staff College" [web1].

Eisenhower serving in the War Ministry [web1].

Mother Ida Eisenhower is preaching without end - always the same book

<According to Dwight Eisenhower his mother Ida Eisenhower had a "stubborn connection to this religious conviction". According to the words of the nowadays Watchtower President Milton G. Henschel Ida Eisenhower was one of the "most powerful [Watchtower] preachers in Abilene" (Fleming, 1955:1).> [web19]
(orig. in German: <Mit Dwights Worten hatte sie eine "unbeugsame Anhänglichkeit an ihre religiösen Überzeugungen". Gemäß den Worten des gegenwärtigen Wachtturm-Präsidenten Milton G. Henschel war Ida Eisenhower eine der "tatkräftigsten [Wachtturm-] Predigerinnen in Abilene" (Fleming, 1955:1).> [web19]
Eisenhower is an assistant in the military chiefs of staff as a "Chief Military Aide" under General Douglas MacArthur [web1].

Eisenhower is on the Philippines with MacArthur [web1].

<During World War II when Col. Eisenhower was working for Gen. Douglas McArthur in the South Pacific, McArthur protested to his superiors in Washington (DC) that Eisenhower was incompetent and that he did not want Eisenhower on his staff.>) [web5]

<In the thirties after serving with MacArthur, MacArthur called him, "the best clerk I ever had". He was mostly a staff officer who never had a command.>) [web8]

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