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Timeline of criminal racist colonialism in Indonesia

How white racist colonialism has stormed around in Indonesia

1. Colonialism - 2. Family dictatorships Sukarno, Suharto, crimnal Shitzerland (Switzerland) with bank secret

Familiy of Indonesia
Family of Indonesia [1]

: Charles A. Gimon (http://www.gimonca.com/sejarah/sejarah.shtml)

Presentation by Michael Palomino (2005 / 2016)

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Timeline of criminal racist colonialism in Indonesia

  • 1500 -1670: Great Kings and Trade Empires
    The Portuguese with it's center Malacca - the Dutch with VOC and it's center Batavia - and wars about islands and rebellions - Dutch mass murder about nutmegs and cloves
  • 1800 -1830: Chaos and Resistance
    Holland of Napoleon - Batavian Republic - England, France and Holland are fighting about the Indonesian Islands - lethal slavery and rebellions - the islands are split in charge of Holland and England...
  • 1830 -1910: Imperialism and modernizations
    Absolute Dutch terror by army and slavery - new agriculture products of vanilla, cola, tobacco, assam, rubber, coca - book "Max Havelaar" - mining for coal, tin - railway, oil - Suez Channel and more censorship - epidemics, Western school system
  • 1910 -1940: New Nationalism
    Foundation of parties and organizations - chaos about Communism - erection of concentration camp in Boven Digul in New Guinea 1927 - prohibition of parties and exilations - threat by Japan - Indonesians stay unarmed
  • 1940 -1945: the Second World War
    Japanese occupation - Japanese forced labor, theft, enslavement of women - detention of all Dutch - preparation of independence - Western Allies prepare reoccupation of Indonesia as colony
  • 1945 -1950: the War for Independence
    Occupation of Indonesia by the Allies by troops of GB, NL and Australia - declaration of independence - mass murder - guerilla war - UN-Security Council - Holland abuses Marshal Plan funds for war in Indonesia - threat of block of Marshal Plan funds - independence

Criminal Indonesian family dictatorship: Sukarno and Suharto with promotion by military and criminal bank secret system of Shitzerland (criminal Switzerland) since 1950
  • 1965 -1998: Orde Baru: the Suharto years
    Manipulations of parties - inflation - rebellions -  shoot demonstrators - war on East Timor  for 10 years - breakdown of banks - poverty in the population - bank secret
  • 2001 - today: Gotong Royong
    (not awailable)

Photo sources
[1] Indonesian family: http://www.thethaifamily.com/thethaifamily/history/history.htm