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Criminal Jews 01

Zionist crimines: propaganda, mass murder, wars, intrigues, defamation, lies, inventions etc.

Herzl since 1896 - Antifa since 1942 - Mossad since 1949 - Kohl - Merkel - Pevzner - Levy - Althof - Eichenberger

I have criminal Jews in my family. It's DRAMATIC. That's why I am reporting this.

by Michael Palomino (2022)

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CRIMINAL JEWS are: Rothschild, Soros, Mossad, Antifa, Skeptics, Pevzner (my stupid sister+ex-brother-in-law! Basel, Leimenstr.24), Eymann (Basel, Leimenstr.24), Eichenberger (Basel, Leimenstr.24), Althof (Basel, Leimenstr.24), Merkel, Selenski, Levy (Basel, Leimenstr.24 ), Bourla, and the crazy woman from the CDC - all criminal Jews, who constantly spy and invent Nazis (Pevzner, Althof, Eichenberger), who censor the world knowledge (Eymann), who want to provoke big wars with war maneuvers and provoke maximum destruction (Rothschild, Soros), so that the criminal Jewish mafia always stays in power and gets more and more power. The organization of deadly GENE vaccinations (Levy, Basel, Leimenstr.24, Bourla from Greece, CDC in the "USA") is also a war maneuver. Disgusting.
Michael Palomino, April 7, 2022

Criminal Jews: Theodor Herzl: sending all Jews since 1896 to the desert
by Michael Palomino, March 19, 2022 (translation Sep. 1, 2022)

Enlightened Jews know very well that Theodor Herzl's fantasy of founding a "Jewish state of Israel" was not a good plan, but only provokes a permanent confrontation with the Muslims. Transferring all Jews to Israel would be about the same as transferring all Christians to Italy or all Muslims to Arabia. It is a complete nonsense.

The booklet "The Jewish State" by Theodor Herzl (1896) is riddled with gold fantasies and racism against Muslims and should have been banned long ago. But the booklet will never be banned because the justice of the world is Jewish dominated since 1949 with the criminal Mossad and with the criminal Antifa.

The fanatical Rothschild Zionists dominated all of Jewry since 1896 with the plan to establish the "Jewish State of Israel." Other possibilities were excluded. The Zionist capital in Europe was Basel, Switzerland, where the Zionist Congress decided to found Israel. Then Rothschild gradually bought up all the land, and the peasants on the land (the Palestinians) were to disappear just like that. Until the end, Turkey and England tried to prevent the establishment of this racist state of Israel. Rothschild, however, organized an army and robbed the Muslims of almost the entire coastal strip, including almost all coastal trade.

The solution to the problem is simply that historically NO Jew has ever lived on the coast line, but the small empires of Judah and Israel correspond to the West Bank, where a maximum of about 3 million people fit. The Muslims know this and accordingly always protest against the illegal Jewish state of Israel. Only Herzl apparently did not know this, and Jewish politics including Mossad and Antifa do not want to know this either.

Criminal Jews: Criminal Antifa: Always inventing Nazis and right-wing radicals since 1942 onwards
by Michael Palomino, March 19, 2022 (translation Sep.1, 2022)

Criminal Antifa is a Jewish hate organization against everything that is not Jewish. In 1942, the Anti-Fascist Committee was founded in Moscow with the aim of inciting the Russian army against all Germans. The chief agitator was a "writer" Ehrenburg. From 1944, this criminal agitator Ehrenburg was responsible, among other things, for Russian soldiers raping almost all German women. The criminal Ehrenburg was NEVER aware of any guilt, and Ben Gurion could only have considered it "positive" that Russian soldiers were raping German women.

From May 1945 on, the opponent of the criminal Antifa - the German Army "Wehrmacht" - was defeited. Until 1949 the Antifa organizations were busy with the propaganda to drive and transport as many Jews as possible into the desert to Israel. In 1948 Ben Gurion (with the criminal Rothschild in the background) founded a new country "Israel" WITHOUT defining borders. The criminal Zionists of Herzl hope thereby for a large empire from the Nile to the Euphrates, as it is written in the 1st book of a fantasy Moses chapter 15 phrase 18. And Herzl wrote in his booklet "The Jewish State", one could probably find gold mines there like in South Africa. Rothschild had a new, Jewish secret service "Mossad" founded in 1949. This Mossad then brought the Antifa back into the political fight: Everything that does not correspond to fantasy Jewry should now be the new enemy, and this is how criminal Antifa is acting since 1949 allways inventing again and again new Nazis, conspirators or right-wing radicals, so that Rothschild's mafia can make the WHOLE world so docile. The goal is to occupy and dominate entire cities with extreme leftist and communist slogans, as well as to infiltrate all branches of governments, prosecutor services and the media, so that bourgeois society, which lives according to the law book, is gradually destroyed more and more and anarchy is created, ruled by political puppets who are from Antifa. In Germany, the payment of the criminal Antifa agents is robbed from the "education budget". So, destroying society is supposed to be "education". It starts with a small alley, then a street, then a neighborhood, and then a whole city. Even entire schools are manipulated under the pretext that there is a "dangerous" person, etc. It is total child abuse with abuse of children, youth AND parents AND teachers. It is lied, manipulated, shouted, there are oaths for being taken, and in the end whole house fronts are destroyed with nonsensical inscriptions and signs, up to the hammer and sickle of the Soviet Union. This process of destruction is already so advanced in certain cities in Europe like Berlin, for example, it looks now partly like Nairobi, or Muslims in Germany dump their garbage from high floors onto the children's playgrounds, etc., etc.

Since the end of 2020, the same criminal, Jewish Antifa made agitation against healthy UNvaccinated people and claimed that truthers who spread medical knowledge about the deadly GENE vaccinations should be "Nazis" and "right-wing radicals". In Switzerland, certain "journalists" such as von Burg or Jonas Dreyfus became femous with defamation of truthers  in the media like this (Weltwoche and Blick). Or there was the Valais Messenger (Walliser Bote, newspaper of the poison Lonza in Visp) with a criminal propaganda journalist Samuel Burgener committing the same. One can only hope that this criminal Antifa will all be vaxxed and soon the problem will be solved...

Criminal Jews: Crimnal Mossad: manipulating the wholeworld since 1949
by Michael Palomino March 19, 2022

Criminal Mossad is the secret service of Rothschild for his Moses fantasy country of Israel. Towards the outside, it is always claimed that the Jews in Israel are so intelligent, because they have made land out of desert and plant so many agricultural products that they can even supply Europe with them (oranges, grapefruits etc.).

But in reality, some Jews are very primitive: The criminal Mossad has the task to manipulate the whole world against the Muslims to make possible a Greater Israel from the Nile River to the Euphrates River, as it is written in the Fantasy Moses Book No. 1 chapter 15 phrase 18. Thereby the fantasy Moses meets the fantasy Mohammed, but this does not bother the Mossad. But without war the Mossad cannot live, because then the Mossad would not be needed any more. Therefore Israel is also an eternal war zone, and men AND women must do there 3 years of military service. Who refuses, comes into the cross bar Hilton. Civilian service does NOT exist. And human rights do NOT exist in Israel either. IL is always a military zone...

Palestinians are constantly criminalized, deprived of rights and imprisoned, sometimes killed, by Mossad propaganda. The military court in Israel has hardly ever punished a Jewish military monster for killing a Palestinian until today (2022). The Palestinians take revenge on the criminal Jewis army in Israel with a high birth rate or with a few bags of bombs on a bus or something.

All the land which is robbed since the wall was built in Palestine is probably also based on a Mossad plan to gradually occupy the West Bank against international law. Foreign inspectors have hardly any access.

Abroad, the criminal Mossad is active on behalf of Rothschild against people who are defined as "enemies". Rothschild has enough money to pay for all maneuvers. And with each new maneuver, Mossad goes again on "making new friends" to find new members to catch "Nazis" and "right-wing radicals". This propaganda of the Mossad goes around the WHOLE world. Antifa is the propaganda group that is always present as well. Mossad meand world wide criminal Rothschild terrorism.

The criminal Mossad is especially active on the Internet with agitation and character assassination. Wikipedia was infiltrated by the Mossad, and in Germany since 2012, this criminal Mossad under the Jewish Merkel regime installed the pillory Psiram with systematic lies against pioneers in the German-speaking world destroying reputation in the Internet by lies and defamation in search result titles. Mr. Sebastian Bartoschek is such a criminal Mossad agent who spreads his criminal poetry on Psiram and also manipulates Wikipedia. The damage caused by criminal Mossad agents with character assassinations and lies on the Internet runs into billions. Justice does not exist, because justice is also under the control of this criminal Rothschild with his Mossad.

Criminal Jews: Helmut Kohl (Henoch Kohn): He was destroying German currency DMark until 2001
by Michael Palomino, March 19, 2022

-- Kohl committed the crime of abolishing the German currency German Mark (Deutsche Mark - DM) in Germany and allowing the creation of an EU to ultimately destroy Germany.
-- Kohl committed the crime of deleting the word "Germany" with Foreign Minister Genscher at the UN registration in Geneva.

Thereby the foreign countries knew and know until today, what the DM is worth, because the DM was considered e.g. in the Balkans as an unofficial reserve currency of payment, until the Euro destroyed the DM. Kohl performed Rothschild's order well. Resistance against the destruction of the DM was only possible by keeping many DM still at home in the cupboard in the hope that it will revive soon.

Criminal Jews: Merkel: destroying Germany with "refugees" since 2015 like the Red Army in 1945
by Michael Palomino, March 19, 2022

-- Merkel committed the crime of throwing away the German flag and replacing it with the corrupt EU flag.
-- Merkel committed the crime of allowing millions of invaders into Germany without control, these are Africans or Syrians, mostly illiterate, to systematically destroy Germany's population from 2015 to 2018. Merkel propaganda claimed these were "skilled workers." Since then, the rapes in Germany are increasing without end, which Mrs. Merkel doesn't care about, because destroying Germany also has a system with her: She simply copies the Red Army of 1945 with "skilled workers" from Africa and Syria. In addition, there is a housing shortage in Germany without end, also about that this Jewess Merkel is very indifferent, if German students must give their room to Muslim "refugees". In an interview in Cologne, Mrs. Merkel said she was "rather apolitical" (!). So, she is not more than a Rothschild's doll, who is good at baking cakes....

-- 1000s of lawsuits against Merkel's treason against Germany had NO chance, because the judiciary in Germany is Jewish.... (Richie-Boys since 1946).

Criminal Jews: Roswitha Pevzner: Discrimination of the non-Jewish brother since 1994
by Michael Palomino March 19, 2022 (translation: Sep. 1, 2022)

Mrs. Roswitha Pevzner is a converted Jewis woman from a German family (Schulz). Besides music and some languages, she knows the remote healing method of IPEC. The criminal element in Roswitha Pevzner's case is her behavior towards her brother (who is writing here), whom she has consistently treated as a "non-value" since her Jewish marriage and childbearing since 1994. She is NOT aware of any guilt, because she is an extreme orthodox Jewess with German roots, and her thinking capacity is so much lowered, so that Roswitha Pevzner thinks that the discrimination of the brother is a "protection" of her family. Roswitha Pevzner was at the top of her class in grammar school at Basel, but since she has become an Orthodox Jewess, her intellectual progress or study no longer takes place. Instead, she believes in the fantasy Moses, in the Jewish fantasy calendar, she rejects archaeology, and she rather sometimes plots with her mother against her brother, who should be put in a home for the handicapped, without realizing that she herself is the problem: she has given up her brain to the fantasy Moses, and all non-Jews have become enemies - Roswitha Pevzner copies the mindset of the criminal Mossad here.

Also computer games with shooting rifle and killings are NO problem for Roswitha Pevzner. When the brother (who writes here) had turned off the shooting computer game to her little son (3 years) and Beni started to cry, the mother Roswitha immediately said that the brother had beaten her son. Lying and character assassination is also NOT a problem for Roswitha Pevzner since she is Jewish. When asked, she said in 2022, "That's how we felt at the time." Well, feeling is NOT thinking, but expression of NOT thinking. There is NO justice here because the justice is Jewish in half the world being controlled by the Mossad protecting the criminal Jewess Roswitha Pevzner, who has hardly read anything of the works of the brother until today [3 big web sites]. The works are written from a non-Jew and this is not important...

When Roswitha Pevzner is in Basel, she regularly visits the Zionist synagogue Leimenstrasse 24 in Basel, from where the [Zionist] founding meeting for Israel took place. She NEVER payed any compensation for her crimes.

Criminal Jews: Ilya Pevzner: Knocking off the non-Jewish brother-in-law in 1997, having him persecuted by the criminal Mossad since 1997 and manipulating the WHOLE family against the brother-in-law since 1997
by Michael Palomino, March 19, 2022 (translation: Sep.1, 2022)

Mr. Ilya Pevzner is a Russian Jew, was a biest of 200kg and was married to Roswitha Pevzner (my sister) and made 5 children with her. Then he left secretly and has another child with another woman. Ilya Pevzner is dangerous because he is with criminal Mossad. He can have any person defamed and persecuted and thus have their existence destroyed. Intellectually he is rather crazy and mad with egoism and stock market speculations, another thing he never wanted to learn. Beating is his hobby, because if you weigh 200kg, you usually win. Why Roswitha Pevzner has chosen this stupid fat pig as her husband is a mystery to the brother (who writes here), until today. So when you went to eat a pizza with this 200kg beast, then he ordered himself always two ones.

Since about 2012, Ilja Pevzner has been advised to go on a diet. Since then he is supposed to be good at cycling and his intellect is just enough for bicycle touring.

The highly criminal element in Ilya Pevzner's case is the effort to force his brother-in-law (the person writing here) out of the family since 1997. He lies, defames and trains his children against the brother-in-law. He claims that criminal parents should be "honored." He also beat the brother-in-law to the ground for no reason in 1997, and when the police came, he invented a tall tale with the Jewish-converted wife Roswitha Pevzner that the brother-in-law (ca.70kg, wearing glasses) should have attacked Ilya Pevzner (ca.200kg). The justice is Jewish, that was then also in Meilen so. The judge was instructed by the Mossad to prosecute the brother-in-law and to let Ilya go free. 2 years later, an "offer" came from the justice in Meilen to take up the prosecution of the criminal Ilya Pevzner on an international basis, but that would cost 8000 francs. Cheers. The criminal Mossad together with Antifa then took over the case with the lying story in order to show it around the whole world and to absolutely destroy the life of the brother-in-law in this way.

It is a pleasure for Ilya Pevzner to destroy other people in the name of fantasy Moses and in the name of criminal Zionism, instead of learning new contents from other people. Ilya Pevzner is mad for religious Moses fantasy and thinks that all means are right for it. He does not know human rights, otherwise his enemy image against non-Jews would fall and he would have to make an intellectual quantum leap.

One can assume that Ilya Pevzner clearly manipulated his wife Roswitha Pevzner also against her brother resp. brother-in-law. And these crimes of Ilya Pevzner, today a bicyclist with stock market speculation, against his brother-in-law, are hereby made public on this website.

Ilya Pevzner visited in Basel each time the Zionist synagogue Leimenstrasse 24 in Basel, from where the foundation meeting for Israel took place. He NEVER paid any compensation for his crimes.

Criminal Jews: Anne Levy: Promoting deadly GENE vaccines since the end of 2020 - without one single control - rejecting ALL warnings - and there is NO conviction!
By Michael Palomino, Sep.3, 2022

-- Mrs. Anne Levy is a manager in Switzerland from Basel, she is from the "Basel upper class", and since 2020 she is the head of the Swiss Health Board BAG of Switzerland (Federal Office of Public Health - Bundesamt für Gesundheit), WITHOUT ever having studied medicine, she has since then been "advised" by bribed pharma agents and natural medicine has no place at all in her brain, because you can't make big profits with it (she is just from the "Basel Pharma upper class", which is always pro-pharma)
-- At the end of 2020, Mrs. Anne Levy called from the "Corona" vaccination all the time of Pfizer and Moderna ("vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate")
-- Ms. Anne Levy, however, never once did any sample control to see what was in the deadly Pfizer and Moderna or J&J's GENE vaccines, and since the end of 2020, she is committing clear violation of duty of care
-- Ms. Anne Levy refused to have any conversation with truthers, but:
-- Ms. Anne Levy copied every WHO lie against healthy UNvaccinated people, and:
-- Ms. Anne Levy went along with the criminal Antifa's character assassinations, calling the truthers' demos against lethal vaccinations "Nazis" and "right-wing radicals," and she NEVER controlled the medical data of the truthers who have been demonstrating against lethal vaccinations since April 2021, and who have always called for a halt to these criminal vaccinations
-- Ms. Anne Levy was not able to absorb, process and see the medical analysis of Dr. Wodarg, Dr. Cahill, Dr. Tenpenny, Dr. McCullough or Dr. Zelenko about the truth about the deadly GENE vaccinations BEFORE there were millions of people vaccinated and since then already 1000s have died from it and 100,000s have become ill from it (!).

Since the judiciary in Switzerland is totally Jewish dominated since 1993 since the installation of the fake Anti Racism Law (ARG), the GENE vaccine victims have NO chance in Switzerland to get compensation and Mrs. Levy remains unpunished.... They even took out her work in the BAG from the Wikipedia article.... This is how the "Basel Pharma upper class" is operating.... It is quite possible that Mrs. Levy is allowed to decide HERSELF what is written in Wikipedia articles about her (!).

Ms. Levy is from the Zionist Synagogue Leimenstrasse 24 in Basel, from where the founding meeting for Israel took place.

[State of Sep.1, 2022: Levy is concealing the miscarriage rate of 2021 yet!].

Criminal Jews: Samuel Althof in the Basel region:
A psychiatric carer plays do-gooder for Judaism: always invents new Nazis+right-wing radicals WITHOUT studying history + refusal to communicate + wage fraud in prosecution service of Basel!
by Michael Palomino April 7, 2022 (translation Sep.1, 2022)

-- Mr. Samuel Althof from Basel from the Zion-Synagogue Leimenstrasse 24 is a psychiatric carer WITHOUT studying history, WITHOUT studying economics, WITHOUT sociology, so he knows about history in detail only what the Rothschild dominated Mossad media broadcast, and thus he refuses any further education
-- for some reason Samuel Althof then became "spokesman" for the Zionist-Jewish sect "akdh" (Action Children of the Holocaust - Aktion Kinder des Holocaust), which officially has a P.O. Box in Münchenstein since 2004, in order to appear unsuspicious, but which since 2004 has really nested in the Public Prosecutor's Office in Basel at Binningerstrasse 21
-- from this position in the public prosecutor's office of Basel (WITHOUT any juridical diploma, wage abuse!) Samuel Althof persecutes continuously people, he defames people, he invents right-wing radicals and Nazis, he destroys people's careers with articles with lies in the Mossad press (e.g. in the lying newspapers 20minuten (20minutes), Sonntagszeitung (Sunday News) etc.) or by internet articles of akdh, which are then also copied by haGalil in Berlin and by the criminal Antifa - and for all these negative actions Samuel Althof receives high wages from the public prosecutor's office of Basel - so he is also a big thief!
-- Samuel Althof claims to be a "spokesman" of akdh, while he produces with the lying journalist Iso (Isidor) Ambühl coordinated lying articles in the Mossad media, or he appears in the Basel Jewish TV station TeleBasel as a propagandist and defamer
-- Samuel Althof is NOT capable of further education, but he persists on the fixed idea of an old Holocaust picture of the Jewish propaganda from 1946 of the Nuremberg trial, which until today consists only of copies and has NO real documents - so Samuel Althof is in love with the expensive Zyklon B as a means of murder and cannot think that Jews could have died somewhere else than in Auschwitz, and he refuses the whole new research with the Russian documents to the Gulag or refuses the whole new research of Michael Palomino with the Holocaust table
-- when Michael Palomino wanted to contact Samuel Althof to discuss the new research on the Holocaust table, the same Samuel Althof in 2004 sent a letter to the psychotherapy studio in Basel Breite back to the sender, he sent a complete package of Encyclopaedia Judaica documents back UNOPENED - Samuel Althof thus REFUSES TO COMMUNICATE and is thus not scientific at all, but he preserves his propaganda course, which seems to be set by Rothschild from London
-- Samuel Althof even goes so far as to organize trips to Auschwitz and thinks that this would be "enlightenment" against right-wing radicalism, although the nearest place of death of Jews to the Swiss border is in the Stuttgart region in the tunnel system or in Alsace with a concentration camp - so you don't have to go so far to today's Poland to commemorate the mass death of Jews in WW2
-- for his work of lies Samuel Althof should have received also a Jewish prize, at the same time he called by SMS in the year 2020 / 2021 the whole research of Michael Palomino with the Holocaust table as "unscientific" - well, the Rotschild propaganda of 1945 against Germans lives on with the liar Samuel Althof!
-- a cooperation of the criminal Jews Althof and Roswitha Pevzner as well as Ilja Pevzner in Basel (my Jewish sister and the Jewish ex-brother-in-law) against the researching person writing here can be assumed.

Samuel Althof who is member of the Zion sect akdh is committing real
1) blatant abuse of power against logical research
2) systematic character assassination with destruction of existences, and
3) commits thereby also wage fraud.

Samuel Althof has NEVER apologized for his criminal deeds.

Until today (April 7, 2022) the criminal Jew Samuel Althof has NOT been arrested for his decades-long destructive work and for his decades-long wage fraud in the public prosecutor's office of Basel - the Zion synagogue Leimenstrasse 24 of Basel seems to continue covering him - or one must understand the public prosecutor's office Basel at Binningerstrasse 21 in Basel as a second synagogue - then all actions add up. The Jewish Zion Mafia organizations with Antifa, Mossad and akdh have the prosecution service of Basel "under control", and the loudspeaker for the spreading of the criminal Zionist poetry at Basel is TeleBasel of a Mr. Brodbeck just spreading fear and intimidation against the population. Whether Brodbeck of TeleBasel is also part of the Zion Mafia can only be guessed....

Criminal Jews: Eva Eichenberger (alias Morgenthaler) in the Basel region:
A Jewish policewoman plays do-gooder for Judaism: blocks research in Jewish history WITHOUT ever having studied history + refuses to communicate + always invents assaults and sexual offenses against men + commits wage fraud in the Basel prosecutor's office!

By Michael Palomino, April 23 2022 (translation Sep.1, 2022)

Where Dr. Eymann is, there is also Eva Eichenberger. This was the case during the political persecution of teacher H. (Lehrer H.). According to a victim with the car number BS10, the lying monster Eva Eichenberger is not a prosecutor at all, but this monster is only a policewoman. Who is Dr. Eymann? Dr. Eymann is the chief censor of Switzerland, who also always invents Nazis and right-wing radicals since 2000 ("Education Director" in Basel City from 2000 to 2017 and since then national censor of school books with national posts, and his wife manipulates politics in the National Council at Bern as well). And Dr. Eymann has also been spotted in the haze of the criminal Zion synagogue Leimenstrasse 24 in Basel. It can be assumed that thanks to Dr. Eymann the lying monster Eva Eichenberger got a "great job" in the public prosecutor's office in Basel without ever having studied law. A dissertation cannot be found.

For stopping the manipulations at last, one has to present the criminal Jews by names. So the culprits are presented, the crimes are listed, and this is NOT anti-Semitic, is also not incitement of the people, but this is enlightenment against the Antifa behavior in Rothschild-infested Jewry.

Eva Eichenberger manipulates historical research
Mrs. Eva Eichenberger had been ordered "from above" (Dr. Eymann in Basel? Rothschild in London?) in 2007 to solve an "honorable task" for Judaism: She always dutifully described my Holocaust research as "Holocaust denial" in an indictment against my person, and all the new literature on the persecution of Jews from 1933-1945 was REJECTED as evidence of the new facts in the persecution of Jews. Ms. Eva Eichenberger is very artistic in distorting facts and systematically FALSELY GUILTING her victims. In doing so, she has studied NO history, has read NO history book, but in 2007 she ridiculed all my research from 1999 to 2007, she ridiculed my new figures I had found out that are actually very important, and thus she invented that a historian who researches the persecution of Jews is always a "Holocaust denier". THIS is the Jewish dogma of Rothschild, presented against me by Mrs. Eva Eichenberger in 2007. My statement that the research was still in progress and not completed was of no use at court during the secret trial with practically no audience, because Mrs. Eichenberger and the Jewish Zion Mafia in the Basel prosecutor's office in 2007 just always followed the principle to PREVENT any research on the persecution of the Jews. The judge at the criminal court of Basel then also invented that my research had no value. Then in 2010 came the result of the research about the persecution of the Jews: 4 to 6 million Jews were "found" in the statistics, which the criminal, Jewish Zion Mafia had always concealed: From 1935/36 on, according to the Nuremberg Laws of the Third Reich, not only about 260,000 more Jews were counted in the 3rd Reich (1933: 499,682 - from 1936: 760,000), but worldwide about 4 to 6 million more. And so all numbers add up and any dispute about numbers is over and peace is fixed. The Mossad-Mafia of Rothschild probably got this, but the verdict was NEVER revised, and the criminal poetess Eva Eichenberger was NEVER coming out. Peace is just not desired in the political Zion-Jewry, but Rothschild wants the ETERNAL WAR. And one must know this, if one talks about Eva Eichenberger. She also wants the ETERNAL WAR against her victims.

Eva Eichenberger also "destroying" teachers - in the end Eva Eichenberger was really finished!
Mrs. Eva Eichenberger has also an unbelievable repertoire of lies and character assassinations ready to "finish" her male victims with the twisting of facts. Mrs. Eva Eichenberger is thus insane, dangerous and a case for the closed psychiatry. Against teacher H. (Lehrer H.), for example, she invented one offense after another, including "threat", or "assault" in front of her house. In the end, the lying Jewess Mrs. Eva Eichenberger alias Morgenthaler really claimed that she was "persecuted" by teacher H. and that her DEAD husband had protected her from teacher H. in front of her house. Thus the psychopathy and insanity of Eva Eichenberger alias Morgenthaler was PROVEN. A group of victims caused that this unqualified and insane Eva Eichenberger alias Morgenthaler then had to leave the public prosecutor service at Basel. Since then one complaint after the other comes out from teacher H. against the lies and character assassination and Eva Eichenberger must "go down" more and more.

Eva Eichenberger against car drivers
Eva Eichenberger also has an aggression against very specific car numbers. A good father from the Balkans living in Basel was systematically persecuted by the same criminal poet Eva Eichenberger because he had bought the license plate "BS10" (Basel Town 10 - Basel-Stadt 10), which was now attached to his car. According to the victim's information, the fake prosecutor Eva Eichenberger gave the Basel police THREE TIMES the order to "investigate" or "toss" the car. Then the Zionist prosecutor's office of Basel invented some reason to confiscate and BLOCK the license plate "BS10", so that nobody is allowed to have this license plate for 10 years.

And there are dozens of other victims of this criminal fake prosecutor Eva Eichenberger, who terrorized Switzerland for about 20 years with false cases and arbitrary fabrications and character assassinations. She lied and cheated all the way up to Schaffhausen (Rutz case).

Only in 2017 approx. this criminal Jewess Eva Eichenberger alias Morgenthaler was chased out of the public prosecutor's office of Basel, at about the same time when the criminal censor of Switzerland Dr. Eymann left his post in the city hall of Basel as censor being called a "education director" of Basel Town.

-- Massive wage fraud: According to the victim with the license plate "BS10", Mrs. Eva Eichenberger is only a policewoman. As a false prosecutor and false accuser, she has for years unjustly received 100,000s of francs in wages from the canton of Basel Town and has thus caused the canton of Basel Town a loss of 100,000s of francs that have not been repaid. That is systematic wage fraud and robbery.
-- Censorship with blocking of Jewish historical research: Ms. Eva Eichenberger has NO problem ridiculing history research on Jewry with criminal inventions, fake accusations and defamations BLOCKING it and censuring the world knowledge, so, for damaging and mutilating history research and for blocking solutions in the Jewish history making them impossible
-- insane and dangerous towards men: Mrs. Eva Eichenberger has a phobia and a systematic aggression against men that is apparently uncontrollable. Eva Eichenberger twists facts against her victims, invents offenses against her victims, has aggression against certain numbers, etc. She could also be a victim of abuse, which only she herself knows. In any case, Mrs. Eva Eichenberger is a notorious liar, is therefore dangerous and insane and belongs in psychiatric treatment to bring her mental abilities from the negative track to the positive track.

Mrs. Eva Eichenberger has NEVER apologized for her criminal deeds. She has NEVER given any compensation to her victims.

Until today (April 23, 2022) the criminal Jewess Eva Eichenberger (alias Morgenthaler) has NOT been arrested and NOT punished for her decades of crimes and for her decades of wage fraud in the Public Prosecutor's Office of Basel - the Zion Synagogue Leimenstrasse 24 at Basel seems to continue to cover for her - or one must understand the Public Prosecutor's Office Basel at Binningerstrasse 21 of Basel as a second synagogue - then all actions of Eymann, Althof and Eichenberger add up. The Jewish Zion Mafia organizations with Antifa and Mossad have the Stawa Basel "under control", and the loudspeaker for the spreading of the criminal poetry in Basel is the TV station TeleBasel of a Mr. Brodbeck to spread fear and intimidation against the population. Whether Brodbeck of TeleBasel is also part of the Zion Mafia can only be guessed....

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