Basel residents could no longer suppress the danger

But there are other reasons why around twice as many people in Basel Town are fully vaccinated than in cantons with a comparable population, such as Grisons (Graubünden). When the carnival was canceled at the end of February 2020, it was a collective shock for the people of Basel. At that time, there was not a single Corona death in Switzerland, the first wave had not even really arrived yet. And nevertheless, no "Bebbi" could suppress the idea that something more serious was coming. Because the carnival would not be cancelled otherwise. Never!

First German-speaking canton in Switzerland makes masks compulsory

From then on, Basel played a pioneering role in the fight against the pandemic and was the first canton in German-speaking Switzerland to introduce mandatory masks in stores plus for service staff working indoors. And began vaccinating on a large scale as early as December 28. That was so early that the federal government's recommendation to consider those over 75 first had not even been made. So for a while before Christmas, people over 65 could sign up. One of them is Michael Nüscheler.
The retired doctor from Riehen cared for drug-addicted patients in the 1990s and knows what it means when a virus threatens humanity. If a vaccine against HIV had been available as quickly as it is now, a great deal of suffering could have been prevented, he says.