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Criminal Jews 05-1: Roswitha Pevzner 01

I have criminal Jews in my family. It's DRAMATIC. And that's why I MUST report this.

by Michael Palomino (2022)

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Criminal Jews: Roswitha Pevzner: Discriminating the non-Jewish brother since 1994
by Michael Palomino 19.3.2022 (translation in October 2022)

Mrs. Roswitha Pevzner is a converted Jew from a German family (Schulz). Besides music and some languages, she knows the remote healing method IPEC. The criminal element in Roswitha Pevzner's case is her behavior towards her brother (who is writing here), whom she has consistently treated as a "non-value" since her Jewish marriage and childbearing since 1994. She is NOT aware of any guilt, because she is an extreme orthodox Jewess with German roots, and the thinking capacity now is so much lowered, so that Roswitha Pevzner thinks that the discrimination of the brother is a "protection" of her family. Roswitha Pevzner was the best of her class in high school in Basel, but since she has become an Orthodox Jewess, her intellectual progress or study no longer takes place. Instead, she believes in the fantasy Moses, in the Jewish fantasy calendar, she rejects archaeology, and she rather sometimes plots with her mother against her brother, who should be put in a home for the handicapped, without realizing that she herself is the problem: she has given up her brain to the fantasy Moses, and all non-Jews have become enemies - Roswitha Pevzner copies the mindset of criminal Mossad in this case.

Also computer games with shooting and killing are NO problem for Roswitha Pevzner. When the brother (who writes here) had turned off the shooting computer game to her little son (3 years) and Beni started to cry, the mother Roswitha immediately said that the brother had beaten her son. Lying and difamation is also NOT a problem for Roswitha Pevzner since she is Jewish. When asked, she said in 2022, "That's how we felt at that time." Well, feeling is NOT thinking, but this is really expression of not thinking. There is NO justice in this case, because justice is Jewish in half the world controlled by the Mossad and protects the criminal Jewess Roswitha Pevzner, who has hardly read anything from the brother's works until today. When this is from a non-Jew, it cannot be important...

Roswitha Pevzner visits in Basel each time the Zionist synagogue Leimenstrasse 24 in Basel, from where the founding meeting for Zionist Israel took place.


The criminal Jewess Roswitha Pevzner on August 25, 2022: She justifies her criminality and the criminality of her ex-husband Ilja Pevzner against the non-Jewish brother (!)

Roswitha Pevzner was formerly called Roswitha Schulz, in the school class she was called "Rosi", she was best in class in the Realgymnasium Basel (which today is called "Cherry Garden" - in German: "Kirschgarten"), then in 1987 appr. she from one moment to the other converted Jewish and gave her brain to the Moses fantasy on the grounds that Christians were hypocritical but Jews were not - then she became an Orthodox Jew in Israel with brain loss and she became a slave of the rabbis, she has connections to the Zion synagogue Leimenstrasse 24 in Basel and probably also to the Mossad and to the Antifa - and also in 2022 she was thinking that she can "get through life" with lies and without further education and always discriminating her brother with difamation, what she does since 1997, always spreading that her brother would beat children.

The same Roswitha Pevzner continued to claim rock solid on August 25, 2022 in the house Nonnenweg 7 on the first floor in 4055 Basel.

-- the pioneer historian Michael Palomino (her brother) with education in history (from 1992) sociology and natural medicine (from 2003) would have beaten her son Benjamin (3) in 1997 in the apartment of the father in Zollikon (Switzerland - although the pioneer historian only took the shooting game out of the child's hand - the sister's lie had already reached the public prosecutor's office in Meilen (Switzerland) in 1997 in writing to the public prosecutor Kronbichler, was uncovered and answered with protest letters, which however showed NO effect with the criminal sister)

In addition, the same criminal Roswitha Pevzner on August 25, 2022 in the house Nonnenweg 7 on the first floor in 4055 Basel claimed rock solid,

-- when the criminal ex-brother-in-law Ilja Pevzner (orthodox, Russian Jew from Russia, 200kg sick man, the ex-husband of Roswitha Pevzner with 5 children with the same wife): When this criminal bully boy Ilja Pevzner in 1997 beats and injures the pioneer historian Michael Palomino in his father's apartment in Zollikon without any reason, which was proven with a doctor's certificate at the prosecutor's office in Meilen to prosecutor Kronbichler, then it would be right if the prosecutor in Meilen Mr. Kronbichler, probably bribed by the Mossad, lets this Jewish bully boy Ilja Pevzner get away with impunity and WITHOUT reporting [to the victim! ] the investigation simply stops - and this Mr. Kronbichler did not leave it only with this law bending: The same prosecutor Kronbichler in Meilen let circulate the lying letter of the criminal, Jewish sister Roswitha Pevzner and the criminal, Jewish brother-in-law Ilja Pevzner in the secret services NDB, BND, Mossad, MI6, Verfassungsschutz etc., in order to destroy worldwide the reputation of the pioneer historian Michael Palomino, so that he would NEVER find employment (!). On august 25, 2022, this Mrs. Roswitha Pevzner was still very satisfied with the action of prosecutor Kronbichler in Meilen to protect the bully boy Jew Ilja Pevzner and claimed rock solid: "Obviously there is NO criminal offense", although there was a medical certificate about injuries. So Mrs. Roswitha Pevzner thinks it's fine to beat people up and NOT be punished for it (!).

-- that means, the criminal Jewess Roswitha Pevzner does NOT mind if her brother is beaten up and injured, even if [in 1997] the perpetrator was her own husband (!).

With this incident with the Crimnell-Orthodox Jewess Roswitha Pevzner on Aug 25, 2022 at Nonnenweg 7 Parterre in 4055 Basel was proven: This Roswitha Pevzner WAS once the best in class of the entire Real Grammar School (Realgymnasium) with a certificate with only best marks "6" (Matura in Realgymnasium 1984), but on Aug 25, 2022 she had completely lost the mental quality and was rather in a state of neglect, confusion, insanity, confused victims and perpetrators, protected criminals, is apparently mentally disturbed and crazy.

The mother Mrs. Nazi Schulz, house owner of the house Nonnenweg 7 in 4055 Basel [she had forced her children to classical music with Nazi methods with beatings, blackmails and manipulations] kept silent about these unbelievable happenings. She just always lubricates the daughter with money and discriminates the son as good as she can - in the sense of the criminal daughter Roswitha Pevzner, so that the pioneer historian Michael Palomino finally "disappears". Well, the truth against these criminal ovaries unfortunately looks different.

The summary

Clear suspicion: Roswitha Pevzner protects criminals+has become mentally ill
SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Aug 26, 2022 - 0:25 a.m.
So you Roswitha Pevzner continue to claim rock solid that I should have beaten your son w 3 years, although I only took away his shooting game from him, and at the same time you claim that if I am beaten up and knocked to the ground and kicked in the balls by your monster man Ilja Pevzner and when there is a doctor's certificate indicating injuries and with many witnesses, then this is not a crime. Mrs. Roswitha Pevzner is PSYCHICALLY DISTURBED.

Clear suspicion: Both Pevzners are Mossad
SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Aug 26, 2022 - 0:30 a.m.
And the judge Kronbichler in Meilen was obviously bribed by the criminal synagogue Basel Leimenstrasse 24 to protect the monster Jew Ilja Pevzner. And from then on the criminal secret services only showed around your lying letter ag me, in order to destroy all confidence of all my neighbors, and for blocking all my applications for work. Therefore it is clear for me: criminal Ilya Pevzner is with Mossad and Rothschild against me. And the criminal Roswitha Pevzner is ALSO Mossad.

Criminal Freemasons from Langenthal (Switzerland) tried to destroy the family

Working in Langenthal where were criminal Freemason families (families Witschi and Signer with building businesses) have abused children, and these children continuously invented sexual offenses. My sister Roswitha Pevzner confessed only on Aug 25, 2022 that she had knowledge of false rumors since the 1990s. She had NOT INFORMED the brother for 25 years, which is a failure to assist. I for me only learned and analyzed in 2014 what criminal Freemasons are and what they do like in Langenthal when I was confronted with their children in the 1990s. I analysed victims and facts, how criminal Freemason Satanists live and are performing child rituals.


SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Aug 26, 2022 - 0:35 a.m.
And concealing of heavy rumors is failure to assist. I actually expected an intelligent sister.

SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Aug 26, 2022 - 0:42 hrs.
But I know only since 2014 what Freemasons and Satanists are and what actually went on in Langenthal. Freemason criminals spread inventions to "saw off" good people. The principle is always the same: Abuse is always invented by the ABUSED CHILDREN [because the children without abuse don't have the vocabulary about abuse]. And in Langenthal the girl inventing things was abused in early childhood by her uncle and disturbed the whole school with her inventions until she ended up at Burgdorf (Switzerland) in juvenile court. But 1 asshole rarely comes alone: The cr. Swiss secret service NDB spread the INVENTIONS and the NDB members are also CRIMINAL FREEMASONS with child rituals. It blew up a long time ago. And now YOU also blew up.

The criminal sister Roswitha Pevzner always tries to portray the brother as "mentally ill": Why did the brother stutter as a child?

The first child always has it harder than the second. The younger sister mercilessly exploited this in childhood and this was also encouraged (!) by the mother Mrs. Nazi-Schulz. That means, the discrimination against the brother was MAXIMUM. The permanent stress for the first child was unbearable after the loss of the father, and the result was a breathing weakness or stuttering as a symptom. The mother Mrs. Nazi-Schulz even thought it was positive to send the son to school 1 year too early in spite of stuttering, where he was then always one of the smallest in the class and was also often the victim of big bullies in the class. The mother and the sister judged the son as "incurable", although in the children's play therapy hardly any stuttering occurred. Theaters on stage went stutter-free. The cause, the continuous stress, was NEVER eliminated in the family itself: The mother and the sister were NEVER included in therapy. The mother Mrs. Nazi-Mother then even said that the son was stuttering on purpose (!) to block claims (!). Mrs. Nazi-Schulz thought that the criminal book "Children are challenging us" ("Kinder fordern uns heraus" from the Klett Edition of Stuttgart (Germany) would be right claiming the eternal mantra that children would be "power fighters" (!). And so the son is fought until it is no longer possible. So I suggested to my criminally Jewish sister to think about it: "Please think about why your brother stuttered as a child!"

Summary: Why the brother stuttered as a child: Permanent panic

SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Aug 26, 2022 - 0:51 am.
What is this about sending a child who stutters to school 1 year early? CHILD ABUSE! The criminal Mrs. Schulz just wanted me to be in the class w Nicoline. COMPLETELY OFF! [Nicoline was one year OLDER, but the parents had a criminal idea there]. And you still protect this criminal Mrs. Schulz with her total abuse against the son. Ask yourself why a child stutters: because the child can't breathe because of stress. How blind are you not to see that? And the stress came a from the Roswitha Pevzner, who always stole the books from the brother, under the guidance of mother Mrs. Schulz. There was never a stress-free time. That's why the stuttering only stopped when I moved out. And karma is now striking back.

2 criminal Jews Pevzner + the criminal prosecutor Kronbichler in Meilen = gang crime

SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Aug 26, 2022 - 7:33 a.m.
The fact is you are advocating criminal bending of the law by Kronbichler ag me. So you advocate high criminality at court of Meilen ag your brother. And that is insane. That is also GANG CRIMINALITY.

Basel: Criminal Mrs. Eichenberger (false prosecutor in Basel WITHOUT law diploma) hunting and destroying men without end, not only me - suspicion: she manipulated Kronbichler

SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Aug 26, 2022 - 7:44 a.m.
Jewish gang crime in courts ag non-Jews has a great tradition. In Basel a [Jewish] Mrs. Eva Eichenberger is a FAKE prosecutor without a law degree. She is a policewoman, can control and spy all registers, and is at the same time a catholic. She manipulates in WHOLE SWITZERLAND and WORLDWIDE the justice ag men, not only ag. me. So far, 4 other victims have come forward to me. And the Freemasons from Langenthal (Switzerland) have manipulated also this Eichenb. against me. So it is possible that the criminal Jewess-Catholic Eichenberger has manipulated+smeared Mr. Kronbichler ag. me. The criminal Eichenberger is from the synagogue Leimenstrasse 24 always with the false education director Eymann. Lying for own advantage has system there at the synagogue [especially since the installation of the Anti Racism Law inventing new Nazis since 1993].

Roswitha Pevzner finds bending of law is ok (!)

SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Aug 26, 2022 - 7:46 a.m.
And you think this Jewish bending of the law is good. Even when I can show injuries with a doctor's certificate. So you are also criminal and participate in the bending of the law.

Roswitha Pevzner consideres the antisocial behavior of Mrs. Nazi Schulz good, living alone on 240m2, blocking living space with large musical instruments and blocking traffic with trees (!)

Mrs. Roswitha Pevzner claimed in a discussion on Aug 25, 2022 about Mrs. Nazi-Schulz: "She is allowed to do that." Well, worse than that it's not possible:

The summary:

SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on 8/26/2022 - 7:56 a.m.
And if you consider the antisocial behavior v Frau Schulz as good, blocking about 40m2 of living space with 4 grand pianos 3 harpsichords u 2 organs u 1 clavichord etc, then that shows your character. Sorry it is just egomaniac insane.

SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Aug 26, 2022 - 8:31 am
And if you support the antisocial and destructive behavior of Mrs. Schulz, obstructing pedestrian traffic with trees and roots and blocking bicycle traffic almost completely, then this is also antisocial and destructive and punishable traffic obstruction.

SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Aug 26, 2022 - 8:53 am.
Also, deliberately lying to a judge is abuse of justice. And it seems that you+Ilja+Mrs. Schulz consider this good. This is gang crime.

Some Jews deliberately lie to gain advantage over non-Jews - unfortunately my sister is apparently like that

SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Aug 26, 2022 - 9:08 a.m.
In Judaism any lie is allowed as long as it benefits Judaism. So it has been since former times as a defense ag criminal Christianity. But I am not Christianity and wanted to have an intelligent sister. Since 2017 I am with Mother Earth. And I falsely hoped: you ended up with the criminals and even think it's good. Such a thing is not only gang crime but also weak character, because you did not need all these lies to survive.

SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Aug 26, 2022 - 9:44 a.m.
And all the maneuvers ag. me since criminal Ilya [since 1997] are also ritual violence. Ilya is a high criminal with the Mossad, and when he is presenting himself as innocent this is the peak of his criminality.

SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Aug 26, 2022 - 9:45 a.m.

The million-dollar damage caused by the Jewish lies of Roswitha and Ilya Pevzner against the non-Jewish pioneer historian: criminal secret services blocking any employment+want to "prevent" a branch of the family

SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Aug 26, 2022 - 10:13 a.m.
The balance is millions in damage because I was never given a job because the Mossad always showed around your lying documents ag me. And all my research f Judaism and the world is dragged into the mud by your and Ilya's criminality along with gang criminality by Schulz [mother AND father] and Faehre [father's girlfriend]. Our family could have 2 or 3 houses long ago if you hadn't left for criminal Judaism [Orthodox Jews with enslavement of women]. And you seem to think your criminality is normal. So you are mentally ill. GANG CRIME.

SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Aug 26, 2022 - 13:27 hrs.
Where is the compensation?

Aug 27, 2022

Enrollment of a stuttering child 1 year too early=abuse+torture - and Roswitha Pevzner does not check the mother's crimes against the brother (!)

SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Aug 27, 2022 - 9:18 a.m.
Mental and physical overload is CHILD ABUSE+TORTURE. Sending a stuttering child 1 year too early to school so that he will always be tortured by the big kids is CHILD ABUSE AND TORTURE. This happened only because of the criminal Mrs. Schulz and Nicoline. But Nicoline could not do anything with a stuttering boy. Mrs. Schulz robbed me of my childhood friend Daniel Plüss and the Plüss family moved away because of Mrs. Nazi Schulz. You continue to support Mrs. Nazi Schulz, who continues to torture with difamation and occupies living space by placing just big music instruments. Kesb will soon be there and will settle the matter with incapacitation. And you have finished.

Criminal psychiatry in Meilen Hohenegg 1996: Psychiatrists Flury and Entenmann refused to analyze my childhood - the criminal freemasons from Langenthal manipulated the psychiatrists against me - their standard invention: invention of sexual delicts

SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Aug 27, 2022 - 9:33 a.m.
By the way, the criminal psychiatrists in the Hohenegg in Meilen REFUSED the analysis of my childhood, also to protect the music Nazi Mrs. Schulz, and to follow the agents of the Freemasons from Langenthal.

[The criminal freemason agents of the Swiss secret service NDB from Langenthal also manipulated the psychiatry against me with their invented sexual delicts, and the criminal psychiatrists Flury and Entenmann believed them everything or maybe were bribed by the NDB to write corresponding "things" in their reports].

SMS continued:
Bribe of the Freemason NDB is quite possible. Otherwise the torture in my childhood would have been found out immediately. The criminal reports of these two psychiatrists Flury u Entenmann from 1996 show that NO support of my person was intended, but difamation without end, and they did this because they could not convert me into a pill patient f cr. Pharma. This difamation in the reports is "normal" in psychiatry and I did not know this. I suppose the psychiatrists Flury and Entenmann are also satanists like the Freemasons. And your lies with the criminal Ilya ag me were a support for the criminal psychiatrists. You are just an idiot.

Criminal Freemasons in Langenthal (Switzerland): Mrs. Freemason Witschi abused dozens of children as "school orchestra" - I made a good ensemble - the abused Freemason children at the Steiner School continuously invented sexual delicts

SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Aug 27, 2022 - 9:50 a.m.
In Langenthal [Switzerland, where I worked 1991-1996 for 5 years as a violin teacher] the Steiner children [at the Steiner School of Langenthal] were tortured by 1 incompetent Freemason violin teacher, Mrs. Barbara Witschi. I was to have my students tortured by the cow in the school orchestra of the Steiner School. So I founded my ensemble. This did not suit the Witschi son Bendick and with the criminal tits inventeress in the same class he invented together always new sexual delicts ag me and this was also a revenge for his incompetent mother criminal Mrs. Witschi against me. In 1994, the tits inventeress landed at the juvenile court of Burgdorf (Switzerland). Unfortunately, the tits inventeress admitted only in September 1996 that she had been raped in childhood by her uncle. Testimony came from Astrid Baud at Steiner School bazar. The Witschi Masons are thick building business and the family of the tits inventeress are a cr. Freemason Signer w small construction business. But I only know this [about Witschi famiily as a Freemason child ritual practice family] since the 2014 video The Pharaohs Show (Pharaonenshow). Thesis: Bendick is also an abused child.

Appeal: Roswitha Pevzner should finally stop supporting Mrs. Nazi Schulz - 1 grand piano+1 harpsichord is enough

SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Aug 27, 2022 - 9:51 a.m.
And if you continue to support the Music Nazi, then finish will come witho you soon. You are mentally ill.

SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Aug 27, 2022 - 9:52 am
It is enough 1 grand piano u 1 harpsichord for 1 aunt who can't play at all. Anything else is antisocial.

SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Aug 27, 2022 - 10:05 am
And the whole forcing to music was again a torture w manipulation w toy bans, camp bans, imprisonment, radio gone, bike gone etc. And that has been also with you so. And that is why the word "music Nazi" [for this criminal mother Mrs. Schulz, 84] is correct.

Secret services are also Satanists like the Freemasons

SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Aug 27, 2022 - 10:23 a.m.
The secret service NDB is also Freemason with child rituals and child gangbang, I know that from a victim in the region of Biel. Federal officials were there etc. See also my website www.hist-chron.com link "Satanists".

Roswitha Pevzner can take instruments to IL

SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Aug 27, 2022 - 10:27 a.m.
Or you can take a grand piano to IL

SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Aug 27, 2022 - 11:38 am
Can also take 2 grand pianos and another 1 harpsichord

The connection between cr. Freemasons in Langenthal (Witschi+Signer/Poliak/Gautschi) with the cr. Eva Eichenberger in Basel + the cr. Agitator Mrs. Agota Lavoyer in Solothurn (Switzerland) - it's a standard: INVENT sexual delicts to create new jobs - CRAZY OVARIES

SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Aug 27, 2022 - 9:00 pm.
And there is a fake prosecutor from the synagogue Leimenstrasse 24 [at Basel], the Jewess Eva Eichenberger, who has already destroyed dozens of men, not only me, 4 victims have contacted me. And this criminal Eichenberger is manipulated by the criminal Freemasons in Langenthal ag me. Overall, I suspect that Mrs. Eichenberger is another abused child and had no therapy and lets out her anger on men by means of false prosecution orders and charges. She is only a policewoman but is "employed" by Eymann in the prosecutor's service [at Basel] and abuses the justice f her rage and is always together w Eymann.

Since 2017, this fake Eymann is no longer an Education Director and she was removed from the prosecution service for crim. poems, difamation etc. but she is still abusing the public prosecutor's stationery. And she seems to be together with Mrs. Agota Lavoyer, another such agitator and inventor ag men in Solothurn, who was also manipulated by the cr. Freemasons in Langenthal against me. The principle:

With inventions ag men they can create new spy working places. It is all cruel abuse ag men, there are many cases. These cr. women have fun in lying ike you also. CRAZY OVARIES.

Woman agitator Agota Lavoyer from Solothurn has the same business model as Eichenberger has: agitate against men+invent crimes - AND create new spy jobs!

SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Aug 27, 2022 - 9:04 PM
Mrs. Agota Lavoyer in Solothurn seems to me also 1 abused child, she was head of a counseling center f abused girls, she invents sexual delicts, she makes money with that and creates jobs with invention of sexual delicts. CRAZY OVARIES.

The principle: Criminal Jews+Catholics INVENT sex crimes to create new spy jobs - highest GANG CRIMINALITY

SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Aug 27, 2022 - 9:11pm.
The criminal woman Mrs. Eva Eichenberger is Jewish AND Catholic at the same time, and the criminal woman Mrs. Agota Lavoyer is Catholic.The damage by these two criminal women by one-sided and wrong decisions ag men is gigantic. And they make their difamations in the style of the fantasy Bible: who does not believe in the fantasy God, is considered to commit any criminality. Because BOTH HAVE NOT STUDIED but they act according to "feeling" as you do. This means, als here counts GANG CRIMINALITY again.

The WHOLE GANG: Eichenberger, Lavoyer, Flury, Entenmann AND the Red Shield with Mossad, Antifa+KJV AND Freemason+Satanist secret services and public prosecutors - they even make bets against their victims, among others to destroy my pioneer research

SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Aug 27, 2022 - 22:19h
And now the criminal ovaries Eichenberger and Lavoyer are joined by the criminal psychiatrist eggs Flury u Entenmann to this masonic club, and the Red Shield from London directs this cr. gang against me to present me as bala bala. And always new spy jobs are created and the taxpayer is ripped off without realizing it [because the criminal secret services do NOT have to present their work nor balance]. There are made  bets ag the victims, that is normal with Freemasons + Satanists. Well, the criminal Rothschild gang organizes the Satanists in London since his big stock exchange fraud of 1815 (Committee of 300 with the Rothschild tribunal) and he directs since then partly also the Vatican and above all he is giving orders of acting to ALL SYNAGOGENS SINCE 1949 with the criminal Mossad. And since I solved the number puzzle of the persecution of the Jews (from 1935/6 there were 4-6 million Jews MORE in the world and so all the numbers come out right) I seem to be 1 special target. And he hustles the Antifa ag me and now the new Communist Youth League (Kommunistischer Jugendverband KJV).

Well, and this Ilya is probably with the Mossad to neutralize me. And the judge Kronbichler from Meilen (Switzerland) must have been well bribed by the Red Shield or by Eymann/Eichenberger to protect the criminal Ilya. Whereby Eymann and Eichenberger are from the synagogue, which is directed by Rothschild against Switzerland. But the Communist Youth Leage (KJV) is completely vaxxed and will disappear soon. And the stupid psychiatrists u stupid ovaries as well. End.

The case of Roswitha Pevzner: CRAZY OVARIES against the brother are combined with sociological incompetence

SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Aug 27, 2022 - 10:21pm.
And you just believe every bullshit of the secret services or from a Haering family in Zollikon and you don't even say what's going on. Well these are really CRAZY OVARIES. Combined with sociological incompetence.

Aug 30, 2022

Aug 30, 2022: Mrs. Nazi Schulz glorifies violence against men - the proof

SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Aug 30, 2022 - 12:18 pm.
Glorification of violence was found in the flat of Ms. Schulz.

There was recently a criminal comic book "Barking and Biting" (German: "Bellen und Beissen") with "cartoons by a certain Mr. Hans Geisen" on the toilet with glorification of violence without end.
See this book on Amazon is yet legal to have - it's absolutely criminal what they are doing: Link
-- A man with knife in his hand is chasing a naked woman
-- A man with hatchet has chopped up a naked woman
-- A "noble lady" in a noble coat and with noble jewelry is feeding a with monkey fur in cage
etc. etc. This is unacceptable, but corresponds exactly to the mental content of the music Nazi Mrs. Schulz against men, all just crazy and insane].

Conclusion Sep 1, 2022: Measures against this criminality by Pevzner and Schulz
By Michael Palomino, Sep 1, 2022.

-- The sister Roswitha Pevzner (formerly "Rosi") is very actively involved in gang crime against the brother and even finds this "good"
-- The mother Mrs. Eleonore Nazi-Schulz (she is a music Nazi) with drill and pressure without end against her children operates even glorification of violence against men and finds this "good"

-- I have to conclude that these two women are criminal ovaries and are mentally ill in the brain and are also not willing to be further educated with Swiss law books like OR (obligation law), StGB (penal code) or BV (Swiss constitution) - they refuse to follow the legal norms as Eichenberger+Lavoyer are doing....

There must be measures.

Nonnenweg 7 in 4055 Basel on Sep 4, 2022: Roswitha Pevzner against bikes AND against the brother

[The situation at the garden gate of the house of Nonnenweg 7]:

Roswitha Pevzner agrees that the access to the bicycles is restricted with 45 degrees and the root of a big tree is blocking the garden gate, and she is agreeing [with the music Nazi mother] that this will not be corrected.

[The Mrs. Nazi Schulz is in love with trees in front of the house and does not want to make any adjustment. I can't understand this antisocial behavior towards people with bicycles and therefore I am protesting to my idiot Jewish sister]:

I write to the criminal Roswitha Pevzner:
SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Sep 4, 2022 - 11:01 pm.
"I note that you advocate acting against tenants and adopt viewpoints of the mentally demented Mrs Nazi Schulz. You are as anti-social and criminal as she is."

When I say I can get the KESB and then this will be settled, Roswitha Pevzner screams that the KESB would throw ME out of the house.

I text the criminal Roswitha Pevzner:
SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Sep 4, 2022 - 11:15 pm.
"And I note that you want to kick the brother out of the house even though you are also criminal ag tenants!!!"

Roswitha Pevzner is no longer capable of logical thinking according to Swiss law OR, StGB, BV and rental contracts. I summarize:
SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Sep 4, 2022 - 23:15 hrs.
Your brain is STRAW!

Nonnenweg 7 in Basel Sep 5, 2022: Roswitha Pevzner violates rental aggreements and approves COLLECTIVE PUNISHMENT - Roswitha Pevzner = Nazi
Roswitha Pevzner agrees to restrict bike access at 45 degrees and not correct the root which is blocking the garden gate, even though the tenants pay a lot of rent and the bike parking is a verbal agreement in the lease.

SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Sep 5, 2022 - 12:25 am
It was stated today Sep 5, 2022 at about 12:10am,
-- that you don't care if bikes are blocked or not,
-- that you claim that bike parking is not part of the rental aggreement, even though it is part of the verbal aggreement, and
-- that if someone has too many bikes, then you don't have to adjust the root for the garden gate, and
-- it doesn't matter that you can only open the gate to 45 degrees and one can hardly pass the gate with a bike.

So you advocate COLLECTIVE PUNISHMENT like Mrs. Nazi Schulz. Collective punishment is NAZISM. q.e.d.

Nonnenweg 7 at Basel: Warning Sep 5, 2022: Mrs. Nazi Schulz likes to torture: First the children with "music" - and now the tenants with roots
SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Sep 5, 2022 - 12:44 am
Add to this I warned you that Mrs. Nazi Schulz likes to torture. First she tortured the children with music, and then she tortures tenants e.g. blocking a garden gate, so that you can hardly go in or out with a bike, and this is collective punishment. She is a criminal, she doesn't care about human rights, and if you support her, you are with a criminal. q.e.d.

The criminal Roswitha Pevzner spends a week somewhere else and then comes back to Basel again.

Whole Switzerland Warning Sep 9, 2022: Some women in Switzerland ALWAYS lie because they would not have survived in childhood without lying
SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Sep 11, 2022 - 10:38 pm
It is always like this: the girls who invent sexual offenses are abused, because only they have the vocabulary and the need for revenge to project. Such female offenders without therapy then become criminals+destroy men without end. Not only the Freemason pupil+tits inventoress at Langenthal or the Witschi son in her class, but also the mothers in Langenthal Barbara Polyak, Barbara Witschi, + in Basel the pseudo prosecutor Eva Eichenberger and in Solothurn the agitator Agota Lavoyer are probably cases like that.

Whole Switzerland warning Sep 11, 2022: gang crime in Switzerland: Eva Eichenberger, Agota Lavoyer, Mrs. Nazi Schulz, Otto Schulz 25 years with lies, and Roswitha Pevzner
SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Sep 11, 2022 - 10:52 p.m.
The criminal Mrs. Eichenberger has been exposed ag. teacher H. [Lehrer H.], and the agitator Agota Lavoyer has generally invented sex offenses+Mrs. Schulz invents brothels. They are all criminal ovaries. +you have let me 25 years w the lying letter pursuing me w Mossad+criminal Rabbis+have not informed me what Otto [my father] was still distributing lies around inventing that a girl had been on my lap etc. That is 25 years gang crime ag me, so that I do not get a job. Where is the compensation?

Summary Sep 11, 2022: This gang members are devils
SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Sep 11, 2022 - 10:53 pm
The devil does not have to get you, but these are devils and you are with them.

Suspicion Sep 12, 2022: The criminal Jewess Roswitha Pevzner collaborates also with criminal rabbis against me - gang crime with the criminal justice women Eichenberger+Lavoyer
SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Sep 12, 2022 - 22:19 hrs.
It seems that you are with Chabad ag me for about 25 years. I wanted to have an intelligent sister. False dream. Eva Eichenberger is highly criminal Catholic and Jewess at the same time, braggart prosecutor without diploma w sex problems and wage fraud for at least 20 years and following me around the world spying and inventing things. Probably with Chabad. This is all GANG CRIMINALITY and Jewish high mafia without brain. Also with  Eymann. There is no improvement in sight because brain is missing.

The same with Lavoyer, a Catholic woman from Solothurn, not gymnastic (turnen) at all, but she is lying and manipulating against men for years and NEVER investigates in a NEUTRAL way to all sides, but she invents sexual delicts to create new jobs. They ALL fall.

These are abused girls making money w their brain damage. It seems that they have you also manipulated and Otto and Mrs. Nazi Schulz, too. Everything will be exposed with these criminal ovaries in Switzerland and with the Rabbis Chabad.

SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Sep 13, 2022 - 9:33am. MEZ
The criminal Jewish-Catholic pseudo prosecutor Eva Eichenberger and the criminal Eymann (fake education director in Basel 2000-2017) with his permanent censorship are among others described on the website of teacher H (Lehrer H.): https://behoerdenkriminalitaet.blogspot.com

SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Sep 13, 2022 - 14:21 hrs. MEZ
The quartet Eymann Eichenberger Althoff Lavoyer has commetted gang fraud and gang difamation and gang abuse of justice ag men and they should be in prison since a long time ago, and the Chabad Rabbis and the Rothschilds and the cr. ped. Gay Vatican are the big manipulators and commanders of Eymann Eichenberger (Jew+Catholic) and Althoff. Besides teacher H., I know 3 more cases with abuse of power by cr. Eichenberger, where she always decided unilaterally against men, because she enjoys it, to act with injustice against men. Eichenb.+Lavoyer are in my opinion ABUSED CHILDREN, thus they both are UNACCOUNTABLE PSYCHOPATHS! like a Mrs. Nazi Schulz always acts ag. her son, since the sister is born. Coincidentally, however, my reputation report [has NO entry and] is EMPTY!

The Zionist synagogue system in Basel Sep 13, 2022: Zionist Jews have hijacked the prosecutor service + have installed a TV station for their Jewish-Zionist propaganda

SMS to Roswitha Pevzner on Sep 13, 2022 - 14:31h MEZ

The system:
The Zionist synagogue of Basel Leimenstrasse 24 is the Zion synagogue number 1. The infiltrated public prosecutor service of Basel is the Zion synagogue number 2. And the propaganda of these criminal Zionist Jews Eymann Eichenberger and Althoff comes from the local Basel TV station "TeleBasel" and from the local Basel radio station "Radio Basilisk", that is the Zion synagogue number 3.

So the whole population of Basel is kept in fear. This is hardly known. Eichenberger was a FAKE prosecutor w wage fraud and abuse of justice, and Althoff as well. And the only one with law diploma is Mr. Eymann but he NEVER worked at the prosecutor service, but he worked as a fake education director from 2000 to 2017 only censoring Swiss schoolbooks until today and gave the puppets Eichenb.+Althof apparently his orders, and the orders finally probably came from the Red Shield from London. Therefore there are false decisions ag. men in abundance and also ag. me by Althof in 1999 and by Eichenb. in 2007. They should go to prison, these criminal Jews. It's clear gang crime.

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