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Jewish cultural contribution:

Jewish racist Zionist Freemason lodges in the world (in 1961)

How some Jewish managers and politicians are manipulating the world for their racist Zionism


http://es.metapedia.org/wiki/Masonería (2011)

from: Traian Romanescu: "La Gran Conspiración Judía" [The Great Jewish Conspiracy]. Mexico, 1961

Translation by Michael Palomino (2011 / 2023)

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Freemasons are an group of secret or discretely agitating associations organized in lodges defining themselves as philosophic and humanist brotherhood (secular and laicist) and they indicate to have the aim of spiritual and social perfectioning of mankind in coordination with their affirmations of liberty, equality and fraternity.

But these associations always kept secret their real aims what where their plans with mankind. Their influence got obvious in modern history and their leaders have amassed a rich fortune. Majority of these organizations are held and represented by [Zionist racist Herzl] Jews, and also in the ruling classes of the many hierarchies or grades, and also with their festivities and pomp (rites, myths and symbolic action) there can be detected a basic Jewish origin.

                      Symbol der Freimaurerei, ein Zirkel mit einem
                      rechten Winkelmass
Symbol of Freemasonry, a compass with a right angle [1]

1. The Jewish organization of the Freemasons

The book "Romanian Masonic Order" describes precisely on page 344:

"Freemasonry is a Jewish organization with it's history, grades, symbols and habits of communication are Jewish and come from one and the same origin."

This is the definition of Freemasonry, published by a Jew itself, by the "Israelite of America".

(in: The Secret of The Fire Sword, Radu Mihai Crişan, p.22)

And Jean Bidegain added in a speech of the "Great Orient" of France:

"The Jews have - by their instinct of domination and by their wisdom of government - created the Freemasonry, with the purpose to support Jewry in it's actions and to collaborate with them for a resurrection of Israel Empire again with the human beings.

(in: The Secret of The Fire Sword, Radu Mihai Crişan, p.22-23)

According to Florin Becescu also the following is a fact: "The upper boss of world wide Freemasonry is supported by the international order of B'nai B'rith with it's seat in Chicago, together with further secret groups as B'nai Mosche, B'nai Israel, B'nai Zion, but all this is kept secret by the mysterious, white men of Zion."

(in: The Secret of The Fire Sword, Radu Mihai Crişan, p.22)

2. Freemasonry: The secret instrument of [racist Zionist] Judaism

There is a saying in Rumania telling the following:

"Defend me, Lord, against the friends, because against the enemies I can defend myself."

And this says that those enemies are the most dangerous ones that are presenting themselves as "friends", and are more dangerous than the enemies from them one knows that they are enemies can be defended. Well, in this situation one finds oneself in a free world, especially the Christian compared with [Gulag] communism and to Jewish Freemasonry. [Gulag] communism is a well known enemy, an enemy that one can fight - when you want - and which is fought at every moment when Western Christian world is liberating itself from the claws of his "friends", and these "friends" are the [racist Zionist] Jewish Freemasons.

Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry is the most dangerous weapon of Judaism because it is rated by the free peoples as a friend and as an enemy of communism. But reality is precisely the contrary. Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry is the unknown enemy, is the terrible enemy in the own house, and against his actions there is hardly any resistance. The body of mankind is falling down step by step as if all had tuberculosis, until they are dying. First, tuberculosis is without any pain and is coming without making any noise, and only at the end every day is heavier and heavier. Humans are becoming senile without knowing the reason until they go to the doctor. Christian world which was not hit by it was not conscious of this illness of Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry. But even before [Gulag] communism came up, Europe fell without knowing the basic reason. The reason is [racist Zionist] Freemasonry, and it's activity is well coordinated with the activity of Judaism and [Gulag] communism for the rise of Jewish Empire at the end. Majority of Christians being attracted by [racist Zionist] Freemasonry don't know the true activities of [racist Zionist] Freemasonry, and don't know the basics of Freemasonry policy. Once chancellor Bismarck said about the Christian Freemasons that they are the servants of the Jews [of the Jewish racist Zionist Freemason clique], and Bismarck was a well talented Christian politician who almost completely stopped the Jewish activities [of racist Zionist Freemasons] in Europe in the second half of 19th century. As the non Jewish communists are no communists because they don't know what is the real core and the real truth about communism living in an illusion missioning the world with propaganda theories and lied of Marx. In the same way are acting the non Jewish Freemasons, and they were betrayed then by the demands of of the rising sect. Freemasonry just had been "attractive".

All the printed books of Freemasons about [racist Zionist] Freemasonry are presenting it in brilliant colors. And anti Freemason writers detecting the enormous danger for mankind by [racist Zionist] Freemasonry were investigating but even limiting themselves with their investigations because the lodges also were mixed Jewish and Christian. There was never any investigation about the origins of this sect, and therefore the origin was never cleared, and the political orientation and the final aim not either. There was always said that [racist Zionist] Freemasonry had been coming up with the first lodge having the name "Cross of Rose" (Spanish: "Rosa-Cruz"), and this was in the 17th century. But these writers should study first all history about the Jewish population and it's institutions, and then they will find all answers about the uncleared questions about [racist Zionist] Freemasonry. For a clear definition the sect in this article is always called Jewish Freemasonry.

Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry is the second old international sect, after Christianity was found. During it's history [racist Zionist] Freemasonry was reorganized many times and the secret activities were adopted to the new political and religious conditions. The true bosses of the sect always were political and religious leaders of the Hebrews.

Since it's foundation (in the first or second century of Christian calendar?) [racist Zionist] Freemasonry is a really pure Jewish organization, and it's members were only Jews until 926 a.C. Since the year 926 the seat was set to England by a group of [racist Zionist Freemason] Jews, and making propaganda for it at the court of King Aethelstan, they simply named him as a Freemason. King Aethelstan was presented a false definition of the Freemasons as a "society of brotherhood".

3. Infiltration and expulsion

This principle of Jewish infiltration in England and it's expansion of [racist Zionist] Freemasonry also in Christian countries was destructed by King Cnut the Great expelling all Jews in 1020 from his territory. In 1290 under William I. of England, also governing Normandy, the Jews also were expelled and all their institutions dissolved. And until 1650 the resettlement was not allowed until Cromwell came. Officially the Jews could not settle, until Cromwell came, and therefore Freemasonry did not exist in this country, but there only existed [racist Zionist] Freemason's lodge nor. 1 in Edinburgh in Scotland which had been founded by Jews in July 1599 who got more freedom in this country because Scotland was already separated from England. When the Jews in England got new right of settlement by Cromwell, they began again spreading their [racist Zionist] Freemasonry.

Between 1652 and 1969 the Jews in England found not less than 30 religiously mixed lodges and Freemasonry enterprises,lodges with Jews and Christians, added to the secret Jewish lodges who always existed, which exist until today and are the core of [racist Zionist] Freemasonry and which are the basic administration of [racist Zionist] Freemasonry. And in this core there are only Jewish members. One of the first religiously mixed Freemason lodge of England was the "Aberdeen Lodge" founded in 1670, and "Melrose Lodge" founded in 1674. In the same country "Alnwich Lodge" was founded in 1701 and the Lodge of York in 1705. The first well known [racist Zionist] Freemason in England was the Jews Elias Ashmole, founder of the lodge "Warrington Lancashire" in 1650. In 1716 the four [racist Zionist] lodges of London were united to the "Grand Lodge of England" with a "grandmaster", the Jews Anthony Saycr. The lodge was "inaugurated" on 24 June 1717.

During the year 1725 all lodges in England were united, also with the lodge of York (the most important lodge) forming the "Grand Lodge of all England". York is special because it is said that King Aethelstan hold the first Freemason (mixed) "General Assembly" there in 926. Then, York converted into the Union's location of Lassa, or one can also say it was a "holy town" of the [racist Zionist] Freemasons now. During the following times the Jews of [racist Zionist] Freemasonry had the tactics to present an attractive storefront of their Freemasonry for the English aristocracy. Also the royal family was manipulated because there was given the possibility to the Jews for acting in some political positions and having political influence by this. Therefore in about 1800 they could win the total political power, and the [racist Zionist] Freemasons have these positions until today [1961], because all in England is steered by Jewish Freemasons, and the first leader are Jews like Norman Montagu, the director of the Bank of England, or Lord Reading (Ruffus Isaac), or Lord Samuel etc.

The English royal family and with them the Anglican Church are not only simple instruments or better said, they are more than instruments, they are well faked storefronts of the [racist Zionist] Freemasonry which is working well like this distributing their messages and orders. The system by which Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry is ruling the whole Freemasonry is very sophisticated. They have their own [racist Zionist] Freemason's lodges, this is the core of [racist Zionist] Freemasonry, with an own rite, not worshiping to the "Supreme Architect of Universe", as it is the rite in the non Jewish Freemason lodges, but they are worshiping to Jehova, this is the God of the Moses human beings. These Jews are the bosses of the [racist Zionist] Freemason lodges and of their branches, and the Christian members don't know anything of this. All decisions taken in the Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemason lodges are distributed also in the religiously mixed lodges, disguised as "proposals", but they have to be accepted. In the mixed lodges the Christians can be the majority, but the Jews are working in the decisive positions, and the Christians (let's use this term here also when they don't merit this word), these Christians simply are ignoring the Jewish activity and don't recognize this work as a Jewish one, because the Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasons are using local pseudonyms, and add to this they are citizens of the local country. By all these conditions the Jewish "proposals" are always accepted.

These "proposals" always are favoring the general interests of [racist Zionist] Jewry only [with the aim for the installation of the Jewish Empire from the Nile to Euphrates River according to 1st Mose chapter 15 phrase 18. Anti Zionist Jews are distancing themselves from this policy]. Free Masonry is a product and an instrument of Judaism, and this is clearly proved by the terms and the rites, by the names of the lodges and orders, because they all have a Hebrew origin. It seems strange, but also rabbi Stephan Wise of New York accepted this reality in public. After the foundation of a religiously mixed Freemasonry - besides of the exclusive Jewish Freemasonry, England adopted a government's system that was more or less democratic (much earlier than the countries in continental Europe), and Jewry could make it's profit by these freedoms which were given by the government. At the same time the Catholic church which had always resigned to the Freemasons' activities was replaced by an Anglican church. This happened under King Henry VIII in 1534. This permitted [the racist Zionist Freemason faction of] the Jews evading the control by the catholics agitating without any Christian resistance.

4. Distribution of [racist Zionist Jewish] Freemasonry

England was the beginning, and from there the [racist Zionist] Freemasons were spreading it's [racist Zionist] Freemasonry, and all of all countries could be members independent of their origin, also from other religions, political convictions or other things. It began in Europe. The general rule was that where were Jewish congregations also exist lodges of the Freemasons, and this is in every spot. Where are no Jews living, there also is no lodge. The Great lodge of England founded it's first branch on the European continent in Gibraltar in 1729, and this branch was founding a lodge "Soberano Capítulo" and "Taller Sublime" of Cádiz. These were the first two lodges in Sopani. In 1732 the Great Lodge of England founded the first lodge in Paris. More lodges were founded in the same manner by the [racist Zionist] Freemasonry of England, in Germany n 1733, in Holland in 1735, in Portugal in 1735, in Switzerland in 1740, in Denmark in 1745, in Italy in 1763, in Belgium in 1765, in Russia in 1771, and in Sweden in 1773. Also in India lodges were founded, in 1730 in Calcutta and in 1752 in Madras. In the countries of the "New World" the [racist Zionist] Freemason lodges of England founded new lodges at the same time approximately as in Europe. In 1730 lodges in the 13 capitals of the Spanish colonies of "America" were installed. In 1738 the lodge of the island of Antigua and in 1739 the one of San Cristóbal and in 1742 the one of Jamaica were found, too.

The first known [racist Zionist] Freemason in the English colonies of North "America" was the Jew Jonathan Belcher coming from England introducing the sect of [racist Zionist] Freemasons in the "New World". The first North "American" Lodge was found in Boston in 1720, the second one in Philadelphia in 1730. The first lodge founded by the basic Great Lodge of England of England in "America" was in Boston in 1733 under leadership of the Jew Vis Montagu as a "Provincial Grand Master of New England and Dominions and Territories thereon to belonging". And then, the [racist Zionist] Jewish Freemason activity in Europe during the 18th century was provoking catastrophic consequences for Christian world in 18th century: French Revolution was organized which in total was a Jewish effort, with Voltaire, D'Alambert, Diderot, Rousseau and later also Robespierre, Marat, and Danton, the hangmen of the revolution.

It was the aim to "conceal" it's part in the preparations of the movement in France. That's why the Jewish French [racist Zionist] Freemasonry was dissolved in 1789 in the same year of the revolution. The French Freemasonry had highest posts of government in the French aristocracy, had named the duke of Orléans as it's (honorary) "grandmaster", the cousin of King Louis XVI, and by this one can understand that in the moment when the revolution was beginning the Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry was blocking the royal government and the army at the same time, and anarchy was winning and governing the scenery. (The same method was applied in 1917 by the Jewish Freemasonry in Russia when the Freemason's activity also was blocking the Tsarist government and the army at the same time and taking the power by Jewish communists. Napoleon-Bonaparte realized the danger of Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry and forbid any activity of this sect in the whole country and in the occupied territories during the existence of his empire. Because of this Jewish English freemasonry was working hard against Napoleon what succeeded by the help of Christian emperors and kings of Europe (!).

In 1804 - in the year of the declaration of the Empire of Napoleon - the Jewish French [racist Zionist] Freemason had tried melting themselves into French politics. In this year the Jewish French [racist Zionist] Freemasonry was reorganized again. The sect installed a Freemason Supreme Council in Paris, with it's 33 grades; but Napoleon blocked it's activity. In 1849 the lodge of the "Great Orient of France" (Spanish: "Gran Oriente de Francia") with it's seat in Paris; but the political intrigues were stopped by a break-up of the Freemasons with Christian origin who left the lodge of the "Great Orient" in 1914 installing a "National, independent Great Orden Lodge" for France (Spanish: "Gran Logia Nacional Independiente y Regular"). But the activity of the Jewish clique within Freemasonry was not known, and by this there was no change but the Jews kept their key positions also in the new lodge, and by their power they named the Jew Deshanel as Prime Minister of the country, right after the end of the First World War, Then they founded a state in France where was always a great chaos and political intrigues, socially and economically, and this kind of state is existing until today [1961].

[Jewish racist Zionist Freemasonry in Russia]

In Russia Jewish racist Zionist Freemasonry appeared in 1771 where it tried a takeover of the government in 1825 against the tsarist government by the political slogan "Revolution to the Decemberers" (Spanish: "revolución de los decembristas"). This provoked then the dissolution of the Freemasons in the same year yet by tsar Nicholas I (1825-1855). Officially the Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasons came up in 1860 only beginning their hidden activity with the foundation of many anarchic, nihilistic, and revolutionary societies etc. The culmination of their activities was the murder of tsar Alexander II in 1881.

Later the activity of the Jewish Freemasons lead to the revolutions of 1905 and 1917. After the latter one, all religiously mixed Freemason lodges with members with Jewish or Christian origin were dissolved because the project of Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemason lodges had succeeded and the religiously mixed lodges were not necessary any more.

Jewish Freemason lodges functions basically totally secretly, only with Jews, that means with Jews who had the origin of Mizraim. The communist politburo in Moscow was and is without any doubt nothing more than the central council of the secret Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry in Russia. It's work always was coordinated with the world wide projects of Jewish Freemasonry. In our century [1961] the Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry has got it's branches in all the world, is advising in these times many governments in many countries, especially in Christian countries. The catastrophic political results by the intervention of Jewish Freemasonry in political affairs provoked the Italian and the Hungarian government to rate the [racist Zionist] Freemason's lodges as a "danger for the state". Before Second World War the [racist Zionist] Freemason's lodges existed in every country; there were 15 Freemason councils coordinating the activities of Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry on all continents.

5. Fascism and post-war period

Takeover of power by Hitler was a catastrophe for Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry because between 1933 and 1943 all Freemason's lodges were suppressed, also all councils and all other organizations or societies of European countries, except in Switzerland and in Sweden. The same procedure was performed by Franco in Spain and by Oliveira Salazar in Portugal and by Mussolini in Italy.

After the Jewish Freemason communist victory [in 1944/1945] the Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry was reorganized in Europe and got it's support by the Stupid States and by England taking over almost the whole control in all countries, with the exception of Spain and Portugal. This control permitted to the Jewish [racist Zionist Freemason] clique organizing the final catastrophe for this old continent provoking always a political unrest in all Christian countries keeping them in unstable conditions, and the final stroke will be a relatively easy action by the Soviets against the Free World [situation in 1961].

[Example: Freemasonry in South Africa]

In the following years after the Second World War the destructive activity of Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry was a big threat for the whole Free World and it's inner peace. In South Africa the Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry is working by the so called "United Party" (with it's Jewish leader Jacobus Gideon Nel Strauss). This party is using the well known Jewish method making propaganda in the black villages against the whites. The nationalist government of Dr. Malan is disqualified by the Jewish Freemason news agencies in the whole world as a government of "dictatorship", and Dr. Malan is presented as a "racist" and as a "Nazi". Teh Christian spirit of the white government of this country is blocking the Jewish Freemason's takeover of the government there by elections, and any propaganda which is made for a vote of the black has it's purpose for a takeover of the power "legally" to the blacks [situation in 1961].

[Example: Freemasonry in Argentina]

The takeover of power of General Peron, especially of Eva Peron in Argentina, was blocking Jewish Freemasonry and their communist brethren. The government of Justicialist Party of Peron achieved to liberate the Argentine people of the Jewish claws for a certain time which had determinated the government and the economic life in the country. After the political fight in Argentina was lost by legal means, the Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasons began again with their infiltration of the Peronist government destructing the regime by it's inner. The [racist Zionist orientated part of the] Jewish quarter could not succeed in this infiltration, but Peron was always attacked by  the Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemason press, and especially Eva Peron was always victim again and again. The reproach to the regime was always acting as a "dictatorship". After the death of Eva Peron [in 1952] and the following infiltration, the Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry changed their tactics, and Peron was treated in a certain tender manner. The aim with it was provoking an inner conflict forcing the regime to an extreme policy under the pretext that this would be in coordination with the needs of the population. By this acting the Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasons manipulated both political sides, the Peronist regime and the Catholic church. The basics with these dirty maneuvers were performed by the Jew Eduardo Vuletich, a communist and ex member of the International Brigade in Spanish Civil War, who had got the position being the boss of the General Confederation of Workers in Argentina (Spanish: Confederación General Argentina de Trabajo), with it's substitute, the Jew Abraham Krislavin, sub secretary for political matters of the inner, "consultant" of Angel Borlenghi, the leader of the board. They concealed their aims spreading their "right pieces of advice" for a better wealth of the country, but the Jewish Freemason gang with Vuletich also reached that the Peronist regime accepted almost the whole secret political program of [racist Zionist] Freemasonry within 7 months in 1954 and 1955 which was against the church and against Christian institutions, especially against catholic institutions destroying the influence of the church in the personal life of the Christians.

6. Jewish Freemason program [scandal in 1950s in Latin "American" countries]

[Argentina after the Second World War in the 1950s and 1960s]

The program of Jewish Freemasonry which was presented by the Vuletich group was accepted unknowingly by the Peronists and had the following points:

  • Legalization of divorce and permission for new wedding for the divorced (local separation without dissolution of the connection can be necessary in some cases, but one should not forget, that this freedom without limit with the permission for a divorce and again a wedding for anybody how they want will cause an instability for Christian family. 40% of the North-"American" couples well destroyed "legally" by divorce, and by this the Christian family looses it's sense, and Jewish Freemason clique is the only force interested in these instable conditions)

  • Reentroduction of legal prostitution in whole Argentina

  • Suppression of obligatory Christian schooling in public schools and abrogation of government funds for Catholic schools (this measure was propagated by Jewish Freemasons and Jewish Communists in the whole world again and again with the aim to form the Christian youth as atheists having an easier possibility to manipulate them after the youth will be demoralized and will be without any force of defense any more)

  • Fixing of five great Christian holidays which are recognized in whole Argentina, but now they should be defined as worker's days. (The Jewish communists had defined worker's holidays in their dominated countries, also Christmas and Easter)

  • there should be a tax on Church property (this should complicate managing public institutions like schools, hospitals and homes managed by Catholic church)

  • prohibition of demonstrations, processions and religious events open air when police does not permit it

  • presentation of a political application by the Jew Eduardo Vuletich with the idea of the separation of church and state outside of the constitution of Argentina, because since the independence of Argentina the church had been more or less the officer of the state. The opposition of the catholics against this measure was answered by persecution and insults by police having received the order for this by the sub secretary of the Department of the Interior, by the Jews Abraham Krislevin. This situation could not go on like this for a long time without causing unrest, and Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry was calculating with the effects of it's action.

In 1955 there was an upheaval of the military and the result in fact was the Peron regime. The rebels were the Catholic militarists which were moved like in a chess game, and the ones profiting of it were the Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasons and the Jewish [Gulag] communists burning down many Christian churches and winning many new political freedoms. During the unrest in Buenos Aires ["Fresh Air"] in 1955 many of the notorious disturbers of the tribulations were arrested - many communists and Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasons, also the radical director and "journalist" (traitor) David Michel Torino, and the deputies Santiago Mudelman and Emilio Mercader. The fall of the Peron regime was a victory of Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry and of [Gulag] communism whereas the majority of the revolutionists was Catholic.

[Belgium in the 1950s]

In Belgium the Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasons were directed by the politician Paul Henri Spaak, managing a Freemason's government of Liberal and Socialist. This was a government fighting against Christianity abrogating most of the statal funds for Catholic schools. The unrest in 1955 were characterized by these anti Christian measures of this Jewish government.

[England and India in the 1950s]

England permitted the foundation of India as a state, but this does not mean that the Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry had lost the control over England. It's just the contrary: In the last years the control over England had reinforced [until 1961]. Pandit Nehru [first Prime Minister of India 1947-1964] is a member of Freemason Church, and he got the job of Prime Minister from this church; but the most dangerous person of the Nehru government is the Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemason Khrisna Menon, ambassador of this country. Menon is managing the foreign policy of India and with this he is leading the country to [Gulag] communism. Indian Congress Party is a Freemason party. The cordial relations between Nehru and the different Jewish Freemasons and philosopher communists as David Lilienthal visiting India in 1951, or Eleanor Roosevelt doing this in 1952, these are enough proofs for understanding the hopeless fight of Nehru for an introduction of a "Soviet peace" [with it's Gulag] in the world.

[Japan in the 1950s]

After having overcome misery and hunger in Japan after the defeat in the World War provoked by Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemason gang of Roosevelt, and after the destruction of many political institutions and traditions by the installation of "democratic laws", Jewish [racist Zionist] freemasonry became the direct advisor of the Japanese government in 1955. This was a group of sold Japanese with it's leader Hatoyama, the actual Prime Minister (member of the Freemasons) in Japan. In 27 March 1955 he got the title of a "master" of Freemasonry in an official ceremony in the house of Hatoyama, together with other more or less 70 Japanese "personalities". In the ceremony he was crying by luck becoming and converting now into instrument of International Jewry.

7. Figures

Actually [in 1961] there are about 3.9 million Freemasons, the majority of them are Jews. First are the Stupid States. In North "America" there are about 2.5 million Freemasons distributed in 49 big lodges, and there are over 15,000 sub lodges with different Freemason associations. About 1.4 million Freemasons are distributed in other countries, organized in about 70 big lodges and hardly 11,000 sub lodges, in Freemason enterprises and in other dependent organizations depending from Freemasonry. All these centers are forming the big association of Worldwide Great Freemasonry, the most dangerous instrument of Jewry fighting against the Christians. After England it's seat of Worldwide Great Freemasonry was shifted to Geneva and actually [in 1961] it's seat is in Chicago with the powerful branch in New York, the seat of UNO. This Jewish Freemason [racist Zionist] organism is managing the Free World into the final catastrophe: there will be a Jewish Empire by the help of [Gulag] communism.

The Worldwide Great Freemasonry is managed by the imperial Temple Council, from North "America", with it's big boss operating secretly, Bernard Baruch, "advisor" of the President of "Christian" "America" from where the whole world is expecting the salvation of communism. And now one also understands why the policy of North "America" has allied with Christian world preparing the total catastrophe. The President in fact of Christian "America" is a Jew, Bernard Baruch, one of the most dreadful enemies of Christianity. Bernard Baruch himself is executing orders of the Great Sanhedrin of the secret Jewish super world government, also with it's seat in North "America". This super government is representing the whole, world wide Jewry, inclusive USSR [in 1961]. In 1953 it was officially installed, with the title "Great Lodge of Israel", an autonomic Freemason organization, purely Jewish, merged by the fusion of different lodges in Israel. It will be possible that the Freemason cliques really will realize their power projects. This Great Lodge of Israel will convert itself into an Empire lodge of Israel and will replace the Temple of North "America".

8. Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry in Rumania (Romania)

Having a clear understanding how the Jews of Freemasonry of a country are organized, how they are concealing their dreadful aims under well sounding names, and how they are hiding themselves behind elected Christian renegading personalities, I want to present here  a little historic summary of Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry in Rumania (Romania). Freemason lodges in this country came up in the following time line: In 1859 there was the lodge "Danube Star" (Spanish: "Estrella del Danubio") with it's seat in Galatzi. In 1863 there came the lodge "Wise Men of Heliopolis" (Spanish: "Sabios de Heliópolis") with it's seat in Bucharest. In 1865 came the lodge "Pupils of Pythagoras" (Spanish: "Discípulos de Pitágoras") with it's Seat in Galati, and in 1865 there came also the lodge "Lighthouse of the Knight Hospitallers" (Spanish: "Faro Hospitalario") with its seat in Braila, followed by the lodge of "Equality" (Spanish: "Igualdad") with its seat in Bucharest in 1871 and the lodge "Fraternity" (Spanish: "Fraternidad") in Bucharest in 1871, followed by the lodge "Crown of Michael the Brave" (Spanish: "Corona de Miguel el Bravo") in 1872 in Pitesti (Michael the Brave is one of the greatest heroes of Rumanian history).

These lodges came up in Bucharest, Galati, Braila, Pitesti, precisely in these four towns were were the four biggest Jewish communities of the country. Here are the manes of the persons managing Freemasonry in 1874 in the Rumanian princedoms: Dr. Ludwig P. Bors, a Jew, "well honored" (Spanish: "venerable") of the lodge of "Harmony" founded in 1874 in Bucharest; Topler, a Jew; Weisz, a Jews; Jul Schein, a Jew; Gunther, a Jew; Israelo Preciado, a Sephardi Jew; Lateiner, a Jew; Jules Szekulies, a Jew; G. Dietz, a Jew; Ede Hertz, a Jew, "well honored" by the lodge of "Fraternity"; Dr. L. Fiala, a Jew; C. Feldescu (Feld), a Jew; E. Grunwald, a Jew; T.D. Costin, a Rumanian; I. Kromberg, a Jew; A. Stein, a Jew; M. Ramniccannu, a Rumanian; D. Nicolescu, a Rumanian; Edward Ludwig, a Jew; Christopher Czeerkenti, a Hungarian; Dr. Grecsescu, a Rumanian; Dr. Bernarth, a Jew; Dr. Georgescu Duna, a Rumanian. These persons were the founders of "Rumanian" Freemasonry, principally dependent from the "Great East of France" (Spanish: "Gran Oriente de Francia").

Freemasonry arranged a state principally always in an unrest by "democratic" political parties. These political parties were managing the political work of the country. In 1922 new Freemason workshops were opened in Bucharest, and with this opportunity the lodge "Great East of France" sent a representative to the opening "ceremony", it was the Jew Bernard Weillhaf. In 1926 the Big Council of Rumanian Freemason order was opened, and "American" Freemasonry sent two Jews for the ceremony, Coks and Braun; the representative of the "Great East of France" was the Jew Raymond. In 1934 the lodge "Danube Star" of Galatzi was reorganized. The Jew Emmanuel Hibel was part of this work, "supervisor" and delegate of French Freemasonry, and there was also the "Spaniard" Pérez, delegate of Freemasonry of Spain. King Charles II having given up it's throne for his son Michael was replaced in 1930 - thanks to the Freemason's influence in the politics of the country.

His policy [of King Michael] had been totally coordinated with the Jewish Freemason directives. Add to this he was married with a Jewish wife with the surname "Wolf", which was later converted into "princess Lupescu", "Magda Lupescu" or "Lady Lupescu", conserving the Rumanian world for "Wolf" ("Lup"). He and the Jewish Freemasons surrounding him were bringing the catastrophe into the country murdering the best suns of the Rumanian people, and at the same time they robbed the treasure of Rumania bringing it abroad. When Marshall Ion Antonescu came to power Freemasonry was stopped with it's existence for some years, and in Bucharest was presented a big anti Freemason exhibition showing the objects of Freemason utility and their macabre rites, also the apron of knight Kadosch - this was the Freemason engaged to execute the death penalties. The death penalties were given secretly by the house of Kadosch which merely was a secret "court" of the highest Freemasons managing the assassinations of deserters or of enemies of Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry. This apron which only could be worn by Freemasons up of the 30st degree has got the following logo: There is a hand holding a decapitated head on it's hair, and blood is dripping down from the throat. At the other side of the logo there is another hand holding a sword with blood also dripping down. These are symbols of a society with a faked propaganda for official acting making us believe that the would fight for more freedom for mankind, also for equality, world wide brotherhood, by justice, by scientific work ... and that for humans are decapitated [in the concentration camps of the Gulag]...

In 1944 when the Soviet Red Army occupied Rumania, the Freemasons could spread their activities again, and this was under the leadership of the woman Jews Anna Pauker, a Freemason of the grade 33. This was the most dangerous communist ever coming from USSR in military uniform to Rumania. All persons who were not members of the party but who came from the old government, were members of the Freemasons, for example Petru Groza, the president of the Great council "National" of the People's Republic of Rumania. But Many Freemason hardly knew anything what Freemasonry really was, and suddenly they were confronted with the collaboration with the Jewish communists, refused their service and were murdered. The non Jewish Freemasons collaborating with the communists then got the right to laugh when they were ordered to laugh before the masses, and they got the order to sign the Jewish communist laws.

During 1948, four years after the red occupation of Rumania, Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry in the country had a common session in Bucharest, presided by Dr. Antonin as a "Grand Master", assisted by D. Cocea as it's "Assessor Grand Master", and assisted by the Jewish general Pandelea Grau as secretary of the Grand Freemason lodge of Rumania. At this possibility Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry was publishing a resolution distributed to all members in the whole country. The following points were stated: Freemasonry would be in full coordination with the [Gulag] regime of Soviet Union. The new order forced by the Communist regime was presented as the only power being capable fulfilling the desires of mankind. And there was stated that both ideologies, Freemasonry and [Gulag] communism, had the same aim. By tactic reasons the acting of [racist Zionist Jewish] Freemasonry officially stopped in Rumania after 1950 because the [Gulag] communist party came under Jewish domination and was the instrument of them replacing Freemasonry in the [Gulag] soviet dominated states. Since this moment of realization of the secret aims of [Jewish racist Zionist] Freemasonry the existence of Freemasonry is not needed any more. An official collaboration between [racist Zionist] Freemasonry and [Gulag] communism would bring the Eastern Jewish worldwide Freemasonry into an impossible position, because in this case the whole world would be aware what Freemasonry really is, that it is a sect and nothing more. And in total the charge falls on the Jewish Communist Freemasons. But they could not conceal their real aims, and they did not  always let control them by the Eastern Freemasons, because they were fighters for the highest "human achievements".

9. [Racist Zionist] Freemason societies and unities associated with the [racist Zionist] Freemasons

Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry all in all has lots of associated societies which are acting in a perfect coordination with the conspirative world wide program. Officially these are facilities of education, of culture, of philanthropy, or specialized enterprises etc. Here are presented the most important institutions which are only Jewish:

-- the order of "B'nai B'rith" ("Sons of the Alliance", Spanish: "Los Hijos de la Alianza"), 330 lodges in North "America" and 81 in Europe, North Africa and in the Middle East. B'nai B'rith is the boss of the bosses of the [racist Zionist] Freemason lodges.

-- the order of "Berith Abraham", with about 90.000 members in 365 lodges, the majority of them in the Stupid States

the order of "Free Sons of Benjamin" (Spanish: "Los Hijos Libres de Benjamín") with 192 lodges in "America"

the order of "Free Sons of Israel" (Spanish: "Hijos Libres de Israel") with 97 lodges in the Stupid States and in other countries

-- the order of "Worker's Ring" (Yiddish: "Arbeiter Ring"), with lodges mainly in Europe

-- "I. O. Berith Abraham" (International), founded in 1887 in the Stupid States with 302 lodges administrating 65.000 members

the order of "I.O. Eerith Abraham" (locally) with 760 lodges and 200.000 members mainly in the Stupid States

the order of "Alavas Israel Orden" with 124 lodges distributed in the whole world

the order of "Kesher Shel Barzel" with its seat in Cleveland

the order of "Jewish Brotherhood I.O.B.P." (Spanish: "Hermandad Judía I.O.B.P.") with 442 lodges in Europe, America and Asia, add to this with six "Sabbath" schools and schools for adults, a big club in San Francisco, a investor's office in Chicago, another one in Pittsburgh, and more branches in the North "American" states

the order of "I. O. Berith Sholom" with 371 lodges and more than 60.000 members only in the Stupid States
-- the order of "Free Sons of Judah" (Spanish: "Hijos Libres de Judá") with 30.000 members

-- the order "Independent Western Star Order" (Spanish: "Estrella de Occidente") with 23.000 members

-- the international order "I. O. of True Sisters", an independent Freemason order for women

-- the order of "Job's Daughters" (Spanish: "Hijas de Job") for daughters who have Freemason's parents with seat in "America"

-- the order of "De Molay" for young Freemasons with seat in North "America"

-- the order of "Secret Monitor" with branches in the whole world and mixed

-- the order of "Brotherhood of David and Jonathan" (Spanish: "Hermandad de David y Jonathan") with Freemason branches in the whole world

-- the order of "Royal Order of Scotland" (Spanish: "Real de Escocia"), one of the oldest mixed Freemason orders

-- the order of "Stars of Orient" (Spanish: Estrella de Oriente") with lodges in Europe and Asia

-- the order of "Amaranth", mixed, with branches in the whole world

-- the order of "Daughters of the Nile" (Spanish: "Hijas del Nilo"), mixed for women

-- the order of "White Sanctuary" (Spanish: "Santuario blanco"), mixed, with branches in the whole world

-- the order of "Palm and Shell" with branches in the whole world

-- the order of "High cedars of Lebanon" (Spanish: "Los Altos Cedros del Líbano"), mixed, with branches in the East [in Asia]

-- the order of "Cave" [?] (Spanish: "Grotta"), mixed, with branches in the whole world

-- the order of "Sciots" [?] with branches in the whole world

-- the order of "Old Arab Order" (Spanish: "Antiguo Orden Arábico") with many lodges in the whole Arab world and in different Eastern countries [in Asia]

-- the order of "Nobles of the Mistic Shrine" with branches in the whole world

-- the oriental Order "Memphis and Mizraim" (Spanish: "Memphis y Mizraim") with seat in Naples

-- the order of "Freemason Knights" (span. "Caballeros Masones") with its seat in Philadelphia

-- the order of "Isis and Osiris" (Spanish: "Isis y Osiris") with its seat in Mexico

-- the order of "Bambitianos" with its seat in Salt Lake City

-- the order "Druids (Span. "Druidos") with its seat in Berlin

-- the order of "Mobo" with its seat in Berlin

-- the order of "Freemason Knights of the World" (Spanish: "Caballeros del Masonismo Mundial") with its seat in Paris

-- the order of "San-Ho-Key" with its seat in Beijing for Chinese Freemasons

-- the order of "Empire of the Sky" (Spanish: Imperio del Cielo") with branches in China

-- the order of "Rising Sun" (Spanish: "Sol Naciente") with branches in China and in Japan

-- the order of "Heresy of the White Latis" (Spanish: "Herejía del Blanco Latis") with secret lodges in Yokohama, Macao, Hong-Kong, Saigon, Bangkok and in towns of Congo, Angola, and South Africa

-- the order of "Brotherhood of Ghtsonga" (Spanish: "Hermandad Ghtsonga") with the same branches like the Latis order, with secret lodges in Yokohama, Macao, Hong-Kong, Saigon, Bangkok and in towns of Congo, Angola, and South Africa

-- the order of "Union of Sky and Earth" (Spanish: "Unión del Cielo con la Tierra"), a secret order

-- and all three orders together: Latis order, Ghtsonga order and Sky and Earth order are forming together a "trinity" and their spies are working in Asia and in Africa

-- the order of the "Bambéeos" (span. "Bambéeos") with lodges in Persia [Iran]

-- the order of "Harmaka" with branches in Persia and India

-- the order of the "Satanists" (Spanish: "Satanistas") with branches in Europe and in "America"

-- the order of the "Martinists" (Spanish: "Martinistas") with branches in Europe and in "America"

-- the order of the "Teosofists" (Spanish. "Teosofistas") with Freemason lodges in the whole world

-- the order of the "Illuminates" (Spanish: "Iluminados") for the German Freemasons

-- the order of the "Templers" (Spanish: "Templarios") with branches in the whole world

-- the order of the "Kabbalists" (Spanish: "Kabalistas"), only Jewish, with branches in the whole world

-- the order of the "Murderers" (Spanish: "Hassasinos", [so: "asesinos"]) with branches in the whole world

-- the order of the "Kamitagists" (Spanish: "Kamitagistas") with branches in Europe, North Africa and "America"

-- the order of the "Manichaeists" (Spanish: Maniqueos") with branches in the whole world

-- the order of the "Fatinids" (Spanish: "Fatinidos") with branches in the whole world

-- the order of the "Gnostics" (Spanish: "Gnósticos") with branches in Europe and "America"

-- the order of "Jewish Chantangua", a Jewish "American" organization for Jewish students working in coordination with Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemason directives and has 90 branches in the Stupid States, and the main role there is performed by the North "American" Worker's Organization in the "blue color union" (Spanish: "sindicatos obreros") forced to work with the demands of Jewry.

That means: Principally all North "American" worker's unions were founded by the Jews under the pretext of "defending the interests of the worker's class", but the truth is another one: The "American" proletariat is a political instrument of Jewry, and the [racist Zionist] Jews are trying this also with the Socialist and Communist parties in the whole world.

No less than 15 million "American" workers, members of the worker's unions controlled by Jews as the A.F.L. and the C.I.O., which are united today, are Christian instruments in the hands of Jewish Freemasons, and these worker's unions are headed against the Christian leaders supporting the voters of the Democrats or of the Republic parties, and according to an agreement the management is totally Jewish and Freemason.

-- the order of "Poale Zion Socialist Labor Party", a Jewish unit of North "America" collaborating secretly with Freemasonry and with Jewish communism, realizing the [racist] Zionist program [realizing a Great Israel from Nile river to Euphrates river and a Jewish World Empire]. The Order has 77 local organizations in different towns of the Stupid States. The majority are "American" Jews who have taken part in organizations and managements of communist revolution in Russia were members of Poale Zion.

-- the order of "Socialist Territorialist Labor Party"), this is a Jewish unit in North "America" with over 45 branches (sub organizations) distributed in the Stupid States. This party is a secret unit of the Communist party

-- the order of "Council of Jewish Women" (Spanish: "Consejo de las Mujeres Judías"), founded in September 1893 with over 90 branches distributed in the Stupid States

-- the order of "Union of Jewish American Congregations" (Spanish: "Unión de las Congregaciones Judío-Americanas"), with about 200 religious Moses congregations in the Stupid States. The majority of the members, also rabbis, are Freemasons

-- the order of "Union of Jewish Schools" (Spanish: "Unión de los Colegios Judíos"), controlling the instruction for the Jewish youth

-- the order of "Union of Jewish Orthodox Congregations" (Spanish: "Unión de las Congregaciones Judías Ortodoxas") with its seat in the "USA"

-- the order of "Union of Orthodox Rabbis" (Spanish: "Unión de los Rabinos Ortodoxos") of "America"; all rabbis there are also Freemasons

-- the order of the "Sons of Zion" (Spanish: "Los Hijos de Sión") with 87 lodges in North "America"

-- the order of "Young Socialist Workers of Zion"  (Spanish: "Joven Poale Sión Socialista"), dependent from the organization "Zion Workers" ("Poale Zion"). Its members are young Jews with over 90 working centers distributed in different towns of the "USA"

-- the order of "Young Judea" (Spanish: Joven Judea"), a secretly operating unit of the Freemason type with over 360 centers in the Stupid States

-- the order of "Mizrahi" of "America", a Freemason unit only for Jews with four management centers and of about 100 local organizations spread in North "America"

-- the order of the "Federation of American Zionism" (Spanish: Federación del Sionismo Americano"), this is one of the most dangerous Jewish groups in North "America" collaborating with Freemasonry and with communism. They have actually only in the Stupid States over 156 secretly working societies and is a deadly enemy of Christianity

-- the order of the "Knights of Zion" (Spanish: "Caballeros de Sión"), only Jewish, all members there are Freemasons

-- the order of the "Society Hadassah of the Zionist Women" (Spanish: Sociedad Hadassah de las Mujeres Sionistas") with the same activity as the Jewish Freemason communist groups [societies working secretly as a deadly enemy of Christianity]

-- the order of "Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid", an aid organization for Jewish immigrants in "America". The members of this society depending directly from the Jewish "American" committee and from different Jewish Freemason lodges are infiltrated in the immigration board of the state, and by this the immigration of Jewish communist agents is possible into the US.These agents are working for Soviet espionage. The society itself has over 76,000 active members in North "America"

-- the order of the "Federation of the Jewish Supervisors" (Spanish: "Federación de los Cortijeros Judíos") commanding over 45 societies spread in the Stupid States with the base of manipulating the political activity of Christian farmers

-- the order of "Jewish Agricultural and Industrial Aid Society" (Spanish: "Sociedad Judía de Ayuda Agrícola e Industrial"), formed by Jewish Freemasons with the base for helping the Jews and occupying key positions in the "American" industry and agriculture

-- the order of "National Federation of Temple Sisters" (Spanish: Federación Nacional de las Hermanas del Templo"), for women, with 180 lodges in North "America"

-- the order of the "Young Men's Hebrew Association, Y.M.H.A." (Spanish: "Consejo de la sociedad de los hombres hebreos jóvenes Y.M.H.A."), a Freemason "American" group with 327 societies spread in the Stupid States

-- the order of "National Conference of Jewish Charities", formed by Jewish Freemasons with the base of helping to some Jewish organizations especially beyond the Stupid States. This "Welfare National Conference" has got over 200 societies in North "America"

-- the order of "Jewish Social Workers", a group of "social workers" (Spanish: "trabajadores sociales"), only for Jews with its seat in Pittsburgh

-- the order of "National Agricultural School" (Spanish: "Escuela Nacional Agrícola") from Daylestown, Bucks Country, Pennsylvania. This "National Agricultural School" is spreading Jewish agents into agricultural zones in North "America"

-- the order of "Jewish American Publications Society" (Spanish: "Sociedad Judío-Americana de Publicaciones"), this is an order with the mission to manipulate the Christian masses in a Jewish Freemason Marxist spirit by the publications of books, and add to this all words of Jews are publicized in this society. This society has got a similar ideological base as the press which is also controlled by [racist Zionist] Jews. The aim with it is to manipulate the Christians so they don't be critical any more favoring the Jews [with Zionist imperialist orientation] and their spiritual world

-- the order of "Intercolegiate Menorah Association" being in the business of Jewish [racist Zionist] propaganda in the Stupid States

-- the order of "Jewish American History Society" (Spanish: "Sociedad Histórica Judío-Americana") also publishing [Zionist imperialist] propaganda, no. 84 of this list. This Jewish "American" committee ist a leading organism of all secret activities of "American" [racist Zionist part of] Jewry, and parts of the members are in the "Grand Sanhedrin" (Spanish: "Gran Sanhedrin"), the secret Jewish super government. The grand lodges or Orient lodges are working with the destruction of all religions step by step, of all traditions, rites step by step, of all life keeping systems of the non Jewish populations on the world. When we add communism to Freemasonry and are watching all the destructive, anarchist movements, so we are coming to the conclusion that practically all evil in this poor world of today are provoked by the Jewish [Zionist] policy - but the leaders of the Jews are not representing even one percent of the world's population.

Now one could claim that one could not do anything about this big Jewish Freemason conspiration [stated in 1961] because this conspiration would be invincible. But it's not like this. The members of the conspiration getting support by Jews, Freemasons, communists and other left orientated people can be about 40 million people on the world. Latest statistics of 1955 indicate a total of 2.572 million persons.

But one has only to organize up to 5% of the world's population for a defense fight against the conspirators - exclusive handicapped and coward people - and [racist Zionist part of] Jewry and it's instruments will fail doing their dreadful work. The defense has to be headed against the [racist Zionist part of the] Jewish quarter and against Freemasons in the Stupid States, because there is the center of the world wide conspiration. When the North "American" Jewish Freemason power ins detected in the Stupid States - and this is really possible - it will be enough to open the eyes of the Christian masses of the "American" population and the whole world wide conspiration will get it's decisive blow. The industrial power of North "America", in combination with the rebellion of the suppressed populations, is a decisive factor for a free world. Atomic war in the actual situation would mean a murder of millions of Christians, but the Jews of all countries - who would have been warned by their brethren - they would have the chance to escape as it was during the economic breakdown in 1929 which was provoked by them as we will see in a following chapter. The Jews were warned about the date of the crises when the Jewish banks and the stock exchange of New York were collapsing, and they had taken the measures in the time before already for it's defense and by this could withstand the economic crises without any damage. But the Christians lost all their possession and the North "American" state cut the statal old-age pensions by the half. Actually [in 1961] the "American" [racist Zionist part of the] Jewish quarter in the Stupid States is preparing another economic crises. All indicators indicate that the criminal actions of the big Jewish banks have this purpose - they did in 1929 already with their overproduction.

10. The secret and official work of Freemasonry

The work of Jewish Freemasonry is parted into two factions, "at the one side an official work, and at the other side a secret work". Here we present these works. According to my conviction it is a political religious sect. The Jewish members are worshiping to Jehova rites, and the non Jewish members who feel attracted by Freemasonry, they loose more and more their religion. For being a member of [racist Zionist] Freemasonry, the new member is "instructed" being presented only the "official" aims or the propaganda aims. The real aims of the sect are only known of the Jews and in the lodges from the 30th to the 33th degree. It is a rigid hierarchic organization with 33 grades. [Racist Zionist] Freemasonry has got lodges and workshops united in the Grand "National" Lodge (Spanish: "Nacional") directly dependent on the imperial  council of Universal Grand Freemasonry being now [in 1961] in the Stupid States under the leadership of the Jew Bernard M. Baruch; all Freemasons of any country are forming a "family". The official symbol of Freemasonry is an opened compass with a right angle as it's complement. The this logo the Freemasons are recognizing each other consists of a little 5 pointed star, sometimes also only 3 points in an equal-sided fictive triangle. The building with the seat of a lodge or of a workshop is also called a "temple" which means that the sect has got a mythic religious background.

In every country the [racist Zionist group of the] Freemasons have got their own secret government which is organized like an official local government, and their members are sometimes the same person or ministers or other high officials of the official government. All this is working absolutely secretly and the population does not know anything of it, and also the Freemason "infantry" [the naive Christian Freemasons and Freemasons without religion] does not know anything about the secret sessions. Therefore the Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry is a secret state in the national state. And this sect also has got it's "instruments of power", legislative, executive and judiciary. The sect does not accept the Christian calendar but begins with it's calendar in 1430 B.C. The Freemasons are the deadly enemy of Christianity whereas this is never proclaimed officially by "tactical" reasons. During it's work Jewish Freemasonry is attacking always Christianity again and again with the attempt - partly with success - manipulating the populations to be atheists by publications, books, magazines and leaflets etc. The basics of Jewish Freemasonry are sounding well, but they are all a fake and are only pretended. There is e.g. the example of "Freedom", "Equality" and "Brotherhood", or there are the slogans of the French Revolution of 1789 and the keywords of "science", "justice" and "work" taken from the actual communism. But all these slogans are only a lure presenting a beautiful storefront for catching good heads. Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry are considering themselves as "higher" beings and are considering the other human beings with scornfulness and never have any doubt that the other non Freemason human beings will be the victims and loose their possessions for the interests of the sect. And in the "Holy Chamber" (Spanish: "Cámara Kadosch", kadosh is Hebrew and means "holy") the renegade Freemasons or enemies of [racist Zionist] Freemasonry are convicted; the persons are secretly convicted to death and are murdered by Freemasons or agents of Freemasonry; in general the murders are executed by "medical" means so they look like natural deaths.

The majority of the political, anti communist personalities in the free countries suffering a sudden death because of a "heart attack" could be very well also a victim of a medical treatment which persecuted an agent of [racist Zionist] Freemasonry. Defending the murderers so they will not get a lifelong prison penalty - when the authorities detect these intrigues - in these cases the Jewish [racist Zionist] freemasonry is organizing a great propaganda for the abrogation of death penalty. "Human" feelings are provoked and appeals to the public "conscience" are started, naturally never in favor of the possible victim of the murderer, but in favor of the disgusting criminal. But there, where [racist Zionist] Freemasons have taken the government already, there are introduced the death penalty and horrible execution methods liquidating all resistance by law. In this case Freemason infantry is subjected to a military discipline and there are horrible penalties when the order is not blindly followed. The occupation by Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemason is a political action trying to get the power over the government, and by this the internal and external affairs of a country should be arranged, in coordination with the interests of the Jewish International Movement (Spanish: la "Internacional Judía"). But in spite of all this, [racist Zionist] Freemasonry always affirms - and this is an absolute impudence of the [racist Zionist part of the] Jews - "that there is no connection with politics", but that this would be a group with propaganda for "brotherhood" between the human beings and the populations, "science" and all other wonderful ideals of mankind.

The lodges present their candidates with their elections, and there is a big propaganda for these candidates, and when they are elected one time, they don't keep their promises to the population, but they are serving only for the demands and the orders of the Freemasons. All political revolutionary left parties leaving it's blood trail over Europe and in other countries in the world during the last 200 years - all these congregations were founded by members of Jewish Freemasons following the orders of the International Jewry. These are among others the "Liberals" in Europe and in the rest of the world, and these are the Socialists, the Communists, and at the end also the Left Nationals for example in India, or the Popular Party in British Guyana or the one of Sukarno in Indonesia. The majority of the actual non Jewish communists were members of Freemasonry. With the purpose to reach their aim easier and "camouflaging" better before the eye of the Christian masses, their criminal work is headed on a split and destruction of the Christian world, and for this purpose, Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry is luring the royal families and the Christian aristocracy.

The majority of the kings in Europe, with them also the ones of England, are Freemasons lured by the Jewish sect which presented itself as a "humanitarian" organization, and they were allowed easily to rise up to grade 15 or 18, and then they were promoted from suddenly to the grade 33 as a "honorary" person. Therefore the king in Jewish Freemasonry is only a "decorative Grand Master", or one can denote him also as an exposed puppet, a sample in a Freemason's wardrobe, only determined for the public. Beneath the "honorary" Freemasons with grade 33 are or were many "American" presidents and presidents of other countries, and many of the great Christian personalities as writers, generals, scientists etc. who served the Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasons as an ornament. Add to this with this method is inhibited that there will be a possible action against the interests of the sect. In our times [1961] many "American", English and French generals and admirals are members of the Freemasons. The activity of these men is manipulated in an underhand manner by the Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasons in favor of the communists. In all parts of the world Jewish Freemasonry is working with all possible tricks and hypocrisy. They are always playing a double game. Great leaders as for example Bernard M. Baruch are never playing directly in the political parties, but they are looking for political work as a "consultant" at the side of the political bosses of the free states [in 1961].

The leadership of Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry is always kept secret, also the supreme management of the Universal Grand Freemasonry and the local managements. Add to the official left political parties which were founded by the Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry, there are a lot of political parties with beautiful names which are also an instrument of Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasons, for example the Democratic Party of the Stupid States, the conservative party in England, and Christian Democracy Party in Italy. Whereas these parties are officially presented as anti communist parties, their general policy is the support of communism, concerning the policy of the interior and the exterior. Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry also has performed heavy infiltrations in the really anti communist political parties. Founding a new political party or infiltration of consisting political parties by Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasons always is accompanied by the installation of a newspaper which basically all have liberal left tendencies as the famous Jewish newspaper "The New York Times" from North "America" and "Le Monde" in France performing a subtle propaganda work with Freemason left ideas. Add to this Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry also is searching for an infiltration of the right wing newspapers with the aim of hindering real anti communist and anti Freemason activities.

This penetration has been performed already in North "America", in England and in France, and add to this Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry also has established the catholic press in France and in Italy. In all countries where it's active, Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry is making propaganda in favor of divorce legalizing it and freedom without limits, with the only aim weakening and destroying Christian families, the basis of our Christian Western world. Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasons have converted into ministers, deputies or senators in Christian countries giving their proposals which are totally against the interests of the Christian peoples, and they are voting also in this sense. Add to this these laws are defined as "necessary for the welfare of the people" whereas nothing is declared about the fact if "the people" means the Christian or the Jewish people...

Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasons are trying to melt themselves in the education of the youth by all mass media preaching it's ideology. Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry tries and performed the appointment of many education ministers in public schools in many countries, manipulation the youth as far as possible away from Christian principles. This type of Jewish Freemason education has it's consequences with extreme rationalism and atheism in the youth which means that this activity is the moral basement for the communist ideology.

With the same aims Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry is trying suppressing Christian religious education in all public and private schools cutting statal funds for Catholic schools as it happened in Argentina a short time before [short time before 1961]. All these political activities and all "national" activities of colonial peoples which have risen against the white peoples in the last 10 years are the result of a secret activity of the Jewish international [racist Zionist] Freemasonry, when this activity was no provoked directly by the communists, or by an Eastern branch of the actual world wide conspiration. The Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry is trying always winning the naive masses with an attractive storefront making their proposals in all public forums touching the feelings of the people. By this manner the Jewish international [racist Zionist] Freemasonry is collaborating closely with Jewry and communism sovietizing and enslaving the whole world. And the members of Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry don't hesitate presenting themselves as "defender of Human Rights", as enemies of assassinations, as "defenders of peace", as "fighters for freedom in the world" etc. The lecturer should keep these details always in it's view.

11. UNO is an instrument of International [racist Zionist] Jewry [compared with anti Zionist Jewry]

The organization of the United Nations is a very fine instrument of International [racist Zionist] Jewry, as also the "famous" community of the nations in Geneva. UNO is a traitor group of the Free World. UNO is managed by Jews and is not used for making peace in the world, but is used to hinder any efficient action of the Free World against communism, under the same pretext of peace, until the Soviet block is strong enough and prepared to submit himself the rest of the world. UNO is used in a sneaky way to manage the destruction of the colonial empires - these are the anti communist powers - under the pretext "to enable the colonial populations their independence". But all this is not happening in favor of the freedom of the colored peoples, but to weaken the Western powers [converting the new independent states into communist states]. Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry is going on with it's work in the UNO destroying empires as the ones of Holland, Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain and England, as the empires of Italy and Japan were destroyed in favor of communism during the Second World War.

UNO is a house of Jewish tolerance, and their activities are a catastrophe for the whole civilization especially for the Christian world. For the persons believing that UNO would be an instrument defending the Free World and especially the Christian world, for these persons are shown here those persons who were leading this group or are leading yet - in a firm and secret collaboration with communism. Those are:

-- Trigve Lie, ex general secretary, Freemason of grade 33
-- Dag Hammarskjold, actual general secretary [in 1961], Freemason of grade 33

The members of the "office" (Spanish: "secretariado") of the United Nations, all are Jews: Dr. H.S. Bloch, Antoine Goldet, Ansgar Roschberg, David Weintraub, Karl Lachman, Henry Langier

-- Dr. Leo Steining, director of the board for narcotic agents (Spanish: "Sección de Estupefacientes") [so the international drug traffic is in racist Zionist Jewish hands]
-- Dr. E. Schwelb
-- E.A. Wieschoff
-- Benjamin Cohen
-- J. Benoit Levy
-- Dr. Ivan Kerno
-- Abraham H. Feller, who committed suicide when his communist activity was investigates
-- Mark Schreiber
-- G. Sandberg
-- David Zabludowsky
-- George Rabinovitch, director of the interpreter board (Spanish: "división de intérpretes")
-- Max Abramovitz
-- P.C.J. Kien
-- Mercedes Bergman
-- Dr. A. Singer.

Members of the UNO information center are:  Jerzy Shapiro, B. Leitgeber and Julius Strawinsky.

Members of the International Working Office (Spanish: "Oficina Internacional del Trabajo") are:

-- David A. Morse, manager in Geneva
-- Alunan, representative of Poland
-- David Zellerbach, representative of the Stupid States
-- Jan Rosner, representative of Warsaw

Members of the Organization for Food and Agriculture (Spanish: "Organización para la Alimentación y la Agricultura") are:
-- André Mayer, vice president
-- A.P. Jacobson
-- E.D. Vries from Holland
-- M.M. Libman
-- Cerda Kardos
-- B. Kardos
-- M. Ezequiel
-- J.P. Kogan
-- M.A. Huberman, forest specialist
-- J. Mayer, fertilizer specialist
-- E. Weisel, general director.

Now follow the Hebrew managers of UNESCO (Organization for "culture, science and education"):
-- Alf Sommerfeld
-- Paul Carnciro
-- J. Eisenhard
-- Miss Luffman
-- Dr, O. Klinberg
-- H. Kaplan
-- C. H. Weisz
-- Samuel Selsky
-- B. Abramsky
-- B. Wermiel
-- Dr. A. Welsky.

All these people are members of this cultural center. They are well payed "intellectuals" vegging out in a "glorious" way, payed by the West, and add to this they are corroding the real Western culture as far as possible, the real Western culture, and the authorities there adopt simply all at a venture what is coming there and is ordered as a "genius work", and there is no control at all.

The leaders of the International Office for Reconstruction and Development (Spanish: "Oficina Internacional de Reconstrucción y Desarrollo") of the banks are:
-- Leonard B. Rist, director of the office
-- Leopold Chemela
-- E. Polak from Czechoslovakia
-- Pierre Mendes-France from France
-- C.M. Bernales from Peru
-- M.M. Mendels from Yugoslavia
-- D. Abramovic, also from Yugoslavia [this was in 1961].

Leaders of the International Monetary Fund are:
-- Josef Goldman from Czechoslovakia
-- Pierre Mendes-France from France
-- Camille Gutt
-- Louis Rasminsky
-- W. Ráster from Holland
-- Louis Atlman
-- E.M. Bernstein
-- Joseph Gold
-- Leo Loewenthal.

Leaders of the International Refugee Organisation IRO (Spanish: "Organización Internacional para los Refugiados") are:
-- Z. Deutschman
-- G. Mayer
-- Dr. N. Goodman
-- M. Siegel
-- A Zarb.

The refugees were forced to leave their countries, were beaten by communism, and instead having received help in the West by Christian help, they were kept by Jewish managed organizations. One can imagine how these Jewish organizations "worked" with these refugees... The men were investigated with all humiliations which one can imagine which are contaminating the International Refugee Organization IRO. When different commissions came to Europe for electing the refugees as for example for Australia and New Zealand, they elected the men for the migration along their muscles, as they had been a freight of animals, instead of giving the priority to the weak and ill ones. It was enough already that a bad Jewish doctor - who was always present - gave his negative ratings, so the poor men were rejected and had to stay in the camps in the misery where the treason of Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry had brought them, who were managing the emigration to North "America", England, France and to other countries in the West - but these countries are mined by [racist Zionist] Jews.

In these days yet [in 1961] after the dissolution of the famous "International Jewish Organization for the Humiliation of Christian Refugees" there are yet 100,000s of refugees in whole Europe yet - but the mentioned Jews get highest salaries from the organization which has been installed replacing IRO, with it's "honorable" seat in Geneva. All these efforts of the international Jewish quarter in reference to the refugees which were really anti communist, all these efforts are with the aim to stop this anti communist activity, or to send the people to far away countries where they are at the margin of the fight for a liberation of their peoples.

Other powerful Jews in UNO and their staff are:
-- Alejandro Beblert, delegate of Yugoslavia
-- Julius Katzuky, delegate of Poland
-- Max Suetens, president of the Office of International Industry
-- F.C. de Wolfe
-- Gerry C. Gross and H.B. Ratzen from the International Radio ant Telephone Office etc.
-- Ernest A. Gross from the Department of Economy and Employees
-- Isidor Lubin from the same department.

And even the UNO representatives of Korea are two Jews:
-- colonel A.G. Katzin
-- George Mavshon.

Concerning Korea, this Moses communist compilation is nothing abnormal for the United Nations, because Korea was destroyed by the war. All the real anti communists have to realize clearly that every international organism where Jewish [racist Zionist] Freemasonry is working with is secretly working in the underground for a victory of the communist conspiration.

[Conclusion: 6 day war was prepared by Jewish Zionist mafia - and probagly also 11 September 2001

This racist Zionist Jewish mafia in the governments, in the UNO and in the UNESCO and in the mass media were the preparation for the 6 day war of 1967 with the Jewish Zionist racist occupation of territories as parts of a Jewish Empire from Nile river to Euphrates river.

And 11 September 2001 - where Mosad and CIA were demonstrably accomplices blasting the towers, committing mass murder and gold robbery and an eternal war against the Arab world without any reason - probably also was prepared in the same way with the same Jewish Zionist infiltration of governments and organizations and the mass media. Add to this all jews working in the WTC were "warned" and not one single Jews working in the WTC was killed by 11 September 2001. An in the Clinton government until half a year before 11 September 2001 most of the "US" government members were Jews, and also this was really striking. In combination with the mostly Jewish Clinton government 11 September 2001 gets really it's sense of a pure destruction of the Christian world.

Michael Palomino, 26 November 2011]
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