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Criminal Mossad 02: Encyclopaedia Judaica is from Mossad

Michael Palomino (2019)

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June 1, 2019: Encyclopaedia Judaia = Mossad - secret services are writing complete lexica distributing their propaganda:

by Michael Palomino

Encyclopaedia Judaica is from Moses Fantasy Mossad (cr. Zionist secret service of Moses Fantasy Mr. Rothschild in London) - with heavy history manipulations against Jesus Fantasy Germany and presenting the war desert strip of Palestine and Israel as a peaceful region etc.

Indications are clear: Encyclopaedia Judaica is from cr. Mossad because

1) Muhammad Fantasy Arabs are never mentioned,
2) Germans are allways generally blamed for Second World War and collaborators are never mentioned (Ehrenburg's propaganda manner),
3) the word "Nazi" is never differentiated (Ehrenburg's propaganda manner),
4) the fraud of Balfour Declaration as a deal for manipulating "USA" into First World War so England will win is never mentioned (see speech of Freedman 1961),
5) the fraud of Pearl Harbor of 1941 is concealed and Third Reich's definition of Jews as war enemies since 1941 is concealed,
6) the prolongation of the Second World War 1944-1945 for burning Germany down destroying all Jewish houses in German centers is concealed,
) the Herzl projetc enslaving all Muhammad Fantasy Muslims is concealed,
8) the big Zionist Fantasy project of a Greater Israel from Nile River to Euphrates River against all Muhammad Fantasy Muslim world is also concealed (see First Fantasy Mose chapter 15 phrase 18), and
9) The 1 God religions are not detected as fantasies but all fantasy doctrines and fake calendars are accepted

These facts lead to the clear conclusion: Encyclopaedia Judaica is Mossad propaganda distributing an illusion of a peaceful "Israel", for "driving" all Moses Fantasy Jews to Israel in the sense of Zionist Rothschild and Zionist Herzl, just provoking anti-Semitism in Europe presenting the desert strip of "Israel" as a peaceful fantasy. Therefore, from this lexicon only basic data can be used, as with Mossad Wikipedia. Michael Palomino, June 1, 2019

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