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Encyclopaedia Judaica

The racist Zionist organization in Germany (Deutschland)

Racist Zionism before 1897 - strong anti-Zionism - racist Zionist associations, newspapers, publishing houses since 1897 - Ha'avarah agreement under Hitler and emigration wave to Palestine - D.P. camps and further emigration waves - racist Zionist organization after 1945 and missing details

Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971), vol. 16, col. 1115:
                  The [[racist Zionist]] Jewish students' society of
                  Berlin University, the first university [[racist]]
                  Zionist group in Germany, 1895. Courtesy Central
                  Zionist Archives, Jerusalem
Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971), vol. 16, col. 1115: The [[racist Zionist]] Jewish students' society of Berlin University,
the first university [[racist]] Zionist group in Germany, 1895. Courtesy Central Zionist Archives, Jerusalem

from: Zionism; In: Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971, vol. 16

presented by Michael Palomino (2008)

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Racist Zionist madness says that Jewry would be a "nation" which is never possible because Jewry is a religion. Add to this the Arabs were never asked if a "Jewish State" would be built. But many Jews believed the Jewish racist Zionists and warmongers, called "Zionists" with it's racist Herzl booklet "The Jewish State". Zionist racism is legal until now (2008) and their racist books like "The Jewish State" from racist Herzl are not forbidden...]

[Racist Zionism before 1897 - strong anti-Zionism - first racist Zionist Congress not in Munich, but in Basle]

<The First [[racist]] Zionist Congress (1897) was attended by more than 40 delegates from [[racist colonial]] Germany, not all of them natives of that country. (The delegation included four representatives from Erez Israel (Ereẓ Israel) [[Land of Israel]], one of whom, Heinrich *Loewe, was a founder of a [[racist]] Zionist group in [[racist colonial]] Germany even before the appearance of [[racist]] Theodor Herzl). There were, however, a few bodies in [[racist colonial]] Germany that could be regarded as [[naive]] forerunners of modern [[racist]] Zionism:
-- the Ezra society in Berlin (founded 1883) tended to the Hibbat (Ḥibbat) Zion;
-- the Russian Jewish Scientific Society in Berlin (1889) which was composed almost exclusively of "Eastern Jews";
-- the Association for the Promotion of Agriculture and Crafts in Palestine, founded in Cologne in 1892 by Max *Bodenheimer and David Wolffsohn, was in 1897 transformed into the Nationaljuedische Vereinigung [[National Jewish Congregation]] and demanded, before the Basle Program, nothing less than a Jewish state.

[[The Arabs were not asked...]]

As early as October 1897 the [[racist]] Zionistische Vereinigung in Deutschland (Z.V.D.) [[Zionist Association in Germany]], a roof organization of all [[racist]] Zionist societies, was set up. The [[racist]] Zionist movement in Germany was distinguished by quality - especially excellent organization and harmonious internal relations - rather than by quantity, since, to quote Richard *Lichtheim: "Nowhere was the opposition of Jews to the new movement so widespread, principled, and fierce as in Germany."

[[The big majority of the German Jews did not want to loose emancipation, as it seems, by stupid racist Zionist Jews with a madness of an idea of a Jewish "nationality" so all other nationalities would be against them. But then there were missing good anti-Zionist leaders against racist Zionists, as it seems...]]

Herzl's original plan to convoke the First [[racist Zionist]] Congress in (col. 1115)

Munich failed because of the hostility of the German rabbis; the board of the Union of German Rabbis issued a proclamation against the Congress and Zionism (hence *Protest Rabbis). [[This was the reason that the first racist Zionist Congress was held in Basle in 1897, one year after the publication of the racist booklet "The Jewish State"]].

[Rising racist Zionists in Germany since 1897 - organizations - student associations - newspapers and publishing houses - life program]

The slow but steady growth of the Z.V.D. is reflected by the following figures: in 1912 it had 8,400 members and in 1927 some 20,000, 2,000 of whom were members (or "old boys") of the [[racist]] Zionist students' associations organized in the Kartell juedischer Verbindungen [[Jewish Connections Club]]; in the same years the number of local branches doubled from 100 to 200. The year 1902 saw the establishment of two [[racist]] Zionist institutions whose influence reached far beyond the borders of [[racist colonial]] Germany: the [[racist]] Zionist weekly *Juedische Rundschau [[Jewish Review]] and the publishing house *Juedischer Verlag [[Jewish Edition]]. Special importance is attached to the [[racist]] Zionist territorial conference of 1912 because it adopted a resolution obliging every [[racist]] Zionist "to include aliyah [[emigration to Palestine]] in the program of his life" or at least to connect his personal fate with that of the national home by means of economic interests.

[[The Arabs were never asked...]]

[Racist colonial Germany with racist Zionist headquarter in Cologne and Berlin - Germans during WWI with talks in Turkey - racist German Zionists as leading figures]

The influence of the [[racist]] Zionist Federation of Germany was particularly strong during the 15 years in which the headquarters of the [[racist]] World Zionist Organization were in Germany: in Cologne during the presidency of [[racist Zionist leader]] David Wolffsohn (1905-11) and in Berlin during that of [[racist Zionist leader]] Otto Warburg (1911-20), all the more so as one of the chairmen of the Z.V.D., Arthur *Hantke, was a leading member of the [[racist]] Zionist Executive.

It was largely due to the fact that the [[racist]] Zionist headquarters remained in Berlin during World War I, although some Executive members went abroad, and that [[racist]] German Zionists continued to hold key positions in the world movement, that [[racist colonial]] German representatives in Turkey exerted their influence in favor of the yishuv [[Jews in Palestine before 1948]] and helped to mitigate its persecution. Leaders of [[racist]] German Zionism like Felix Rosenblueth (later Pinhas (Pinḥas *Rosen, Israel's first minister of justice), Richard Lichtheim, and Kurt *Blumenfeld held highest office in the world movement even after its seat had been transferred to London.

[Weimar and enforced racist Zionism during Third Reich - boycotts - Ha'avarah agreement and £6,000,000 saved for racist Zionist Herzl Israel]

During the Weimar Republic (1918-1933) the [[racist]] Zionists in Germany continued to be an elite rather than a mass movement. Shekel figures moved round 20,000, and it was only after the Nazis had seized power that the [[racist]] Zionistische Vereinigung in Deutschland [[Zionist Association in Germany]] reached its maximum membership of 35,000. It always embraced all [[racist]] Zionist parties - with the exception of the Revisionists, who seceded in 1932. When the ascent of the Nazis had conclusively proved the bankruptcy of assimilation, [[racist]] Zionism became the dominant force in German Jewry. The courageous and dignified article of the Juedische Rundschau, "Wear the Yellow Badge with Pride", by its editor Robert Weltsch, which was the [[racist]] Zionist reply to the anti-Jewish boycott [[day]] of April 1, 1933, made Jewish history. [[Jewry organized a general world wide boycott of Nazi Germany, see: *Boycott, anti-Nazi]].

The main efforts of the Z.V.D. were now directed at the preparation and promotion of aliyah [[emigration to Palestine]] and hakhsharah (youth [[pioneer]] training). Through the *Ha'avarah, the transfer of Jewish assets to Palestine, some £6,000,000 were saved and infused into the economy of Erez Israel (Ereẓ Israel) [[Land of Israel]] to its great benefit. (col. 1116)

[[In "US" Dollars]]:
<The total transfer amounted to LP 8,100,000 (Palestine Pounds; then $ 40,419,000) including LP 2,600,000 (then $ 13,774,000) provided by the German Reichsbank in coordination with Haavara.>
(from: Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): Ha'avarah, Vol. 7, col. 1013)

[[Further details about Ha'avarah agreement see: *Ha'avarah agreement. About the racist Zionist organization of the mass emigration from Germany and emigration figures 1933-1939, see: *Germany, for Germany, Austria, Danzig and CSSR 1939-1939: *Joint, and about Germany 1939-1941, see: *Germany]].

After the Nuremberg Laws in 1935 the Z.V.D. was subjected to increasing restrictions and in 1938 was dissolved by the authorities. (col. 1116)

[[It seems strange that racist Zionist activism in the concentration camps is not mentioned, see, e.g., *Zionist organization in CSSR with racist Zionist activism in concentration camps of Theresienstadt and Auschwitz]].

[1945-1970: D.P.s - racist Zionist Organization since 1954]

Immediately after World War II. a United [[racist]] Zionist Federation was established by the Displaced Persons. It was very active, but after most of the D.P.s had left, mainly for [[racist Zionist Free Mason CIA Herzl]] Israel, it was dissolved [[probably in the first half of the 1950s]].

[[Number of D.P.s is not mentioned, see: Zionism and D.P.s 1945-1947. There was a great racist Zionist activity in the D.P. camps, see: *Holocaust Table footnote 13. Many also emigrated to "USA" or other oversea countries. It seems strange that this is not mentioned here]].

In 1954 the [[racist]] Zionist Organization in [[West]] Germany was established, against considerable opposition in the world movement [[e.g., there was also the assumption of Jewish leaders that no Jew would live in Germany any more since 1945, see: *Germany]], but when two delegates from [[West]] Germany were admitted to the 24th Congress (1956), this federation, with its seat in Frankfort, gained official recognition. Due to the small number of Jews in [[West]] Germany and to other factors, the scope and quality of its activities fall necessarily short of those of the former Z.V.D., but it is doing useful work in particular in the fields of fund raising and public relations.

[A.Z.]> (col. 1116)

[[It seems strange that
-- the accord of the compensation payments between the racist Zionists and the West German government for "6 million murdered Jews" is not mentioned (the number of 6 million murdered Jews is not right, but 6 million affected Jews can be right, see the Holocaust Table)
-- also the racist Zionist terror attacks against West German representatives are not mentioned (e.g., parcel bombs after 1945)
-- the old Nazis after 1945 staying in the school system and in the justice system in Germany are not mentioned
-- the weapon deliveries of West Germany for racist Zionist Free Mason CIA Herzl Israel are not mentioned
-- Jewry in East Germany is not mentioned at all.

All in all about the time after 1945 there is missing more than there is said...]]

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Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): Zionism, vol. 16,
                    col. 1115-1116
Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): Zionism, vol. 16, col. 1115-1116

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