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Encyclopaedia Judaica

The racist Zionist organization in France

Racist Jewish banker Rothschild helping racist Jewish settlements in Palestine - agriculture - racist political Zionism in Paris - racist Zionist federations, organizations, and newspapers since 1901 - anti-Zionism until 1917 - abuse of youth enthusiasm for racist Zionism since 1919 - smuggling Jews to Switzerland and Spain during WWII - North African Jews - Six-Day War and racist Zionist solidarity

from: Zionism; In: Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971, vol. 16

presented by Michael Palomino (2008)

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Racist Zionist madness says that Jewry would be a "nation" which is never possible because Jewry is a religion. Add to this the Arabs were never asked if a "Jewish State" would be built. But many Jews believed the Jewish racist Zionists and warmongers, called "Zionists" with it's racist Herzl booklet "The Jewish State". Zionist racism is legal until now (2008) and their racist books like "The Jewish State" from racist Herzl are not forbidden...]

<Early History.

[Racist Jewish banker Rothschild financing first racist Zionist elementary and vocational schools for agriculture - young racist Jewish settlers with racist banker Rothschild]

The Jewish community of [[racist colonial]] France occupies an important place in the early history of Jewish settlement in Erez Israel (Ereẓ Israel) [[Land of Israel]], due to the initiative of the Alliance Israélite Universelle and of [[racist banker]] Baron Edmond de Rothschild. The Alliance set up a network of elementary and vocational schools there, the first of which was the Mikveh Israel agricultural school, founded in 1870. Although these activities were similar to Alliance projects in other parts of the Ottoman Empire, this interest in Erez Israel (Ereẓ Israel) [[Land of Israel]] was undoubtedly influenced by the discussions of Joseph *Natonek and Moses Hess with Alliance directors in Paris in 1866. Rabbi Samuel Mohilewer, accompanied by young settlers from Rishon le-Zion, paid a visit to Edmond de Rothschild that served to move him to increase financial, technical, and administrative assistance to new Jewish agricultural enterprises in Erez Israel (Ereẓ Israel) [[Land of Israel]]. Rothschild's intervention was crucial in saving the struggling villages from ruin and in facilitating the development of budding Jewish agriculture.

[[The racist Jewish settlements in Palestine were boycotted by the Arabs, or they had to settle in the desert. So they had great difficulties, and the racist Jewish settlers had to learn agriculture, and had to learn to convert the desert into land what the Arabs never thought that it would be possible...]]

Despite the philanthropic character of Rothschild's undertakings, his paternal attitude, and outbursts of indignation against [[racist]] political Zionism, his contribution was substantial and at a certain stage decisive for the continuation of [[racist Zionist Jewish]] settlement work [[because of the research how to convert the desert into land]].

[Paris as the cradle of racist political Zionism - the first racist Zionist leaders in France]

Paris can also be considered the cradle of [[racist]] political Zionism. It was while in Paris as a correspondent for the Neue Freie Presse [[New Free Press]] that [[racist]] Theodor Herzl conceived his [[racist]]  Zionist idea and wrote Der Judenstaat [[The Jewish State, translated word for word: The Jew State]], and it was in Paris that Max Nordau lived from 1880 to the outbreak of World War I. Among the early [[racist]]  Zionists in France were Alexander Marmorek and his brothers Oscar and Isidore, the writer Bernard *Lazare, Miriam Schach, and the sculptor S.F. *Beer. Zadoc *Kahn, France's chief rabbi, supported [[racist]] Zionism and [[racist]] Herzl, but abstained from publicly expressing his support.

[Racist French Zionist Federation since 1901 - racist Zionist newspapers in France]

The (col. 1113)

[[racist]] Fédération Sioniste de France [[French Zionist Federation]] was established in 1901 and its president until his death in 1923 was Alexander Marmorek. In 1899 he founded the [[racist]] journal L'Echo Sioniste [[Zionist Echo]] which appeared from 1899 to 1905 and again from 1912 to 1914. In 1916 it reappeared under the title Le Peuple Juif [[Jewish People]] and remained in existence to 1921. In 1914 the federation had five groups in Paris, one in Nice, and two in Tunis.

[Majority is anti-Zionist in France - fear for emancipation laws]

The great majority of native-born Jews and the official communal bodies, however, were indifferent, if not hostile, to the [[racist]] Zionist program, fearing that their status acquired in the great Emancipation would be placed in jeopardy. This hostility to [[racist]] Zionism did not subside with the Balfour Declaration., although the French minister for foreign affairs, Stephen Pichon, afforded French assent to the declaration.


[[Racist]] Zionism in [[racist colonial]] France appealed mainly to Jewish immigrants from Central and eastern Europe who arrived there beginning in the 1880s. Thus, the successive leaders of [[racist]] French Zionism were Israel *Yefroykin, Marc *Jarblum, and Joseph Fischer (Ariel). Fischer founded a bimonthly journal, originally as the organ of the Jewish National Fund, La Terre Retrouvée [[The Refound Earth]] (published from 1928).

[[The Arabs were not asked...]]

Jarblum, a leader of [[racist]] Labor Zionism, was its spokesman in the Socialist movement of [[racist colonial]] France and [[racist colonial]] Belgium. He had influence with such men as Léon Blum, Emil Vandervelde, and Camille Huysmans. However, a small number of leading French-born Jews also supported [[racist]] Zionism, among them the poets Edmond Fleg and André Spire. The latter's [[racist]] Zionist writings caused him to split with Charles Péguy and his circle of Cahiers de la Quinzaine [[Papers all two Weeks]]. In 1915 a group of Jewish and non-Jewish intellectuals established the [[racist]] Ligue Franco-Sioniste [[French-Zionist League]], and in 1917 André Spire published Les Juifs et la guerre [[The Jews and the War]], which dealt with the problem how to present the idea of the Jewish state to the future peace conference. In the same year he established the [[racist]] Ligue des Amis du Sionisme [[Friends of Zionism League]], of which he was the secretary general, and its organ La Palestine Nouvelle [[New Palestine]].

[[The racist Zionist madness of the definition of the Jews as a "nation" with a racist "Jewish state" bore many nonsense fruits in France. It seems nobody was really capable to see that a religion as Jewry never can be a "nation", as Christianity is not a "nation". And add to this the Arabs were not asked. The blind racist Zionist madness went on...]]



[Abuse of youth enthusiasm with racist Zionist youth groups and emigration to Palestine - racist Zionist views presented at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 - racist Zionist students]

In 1917 a [[racist]] Zionist youth movement was established in Strasbourg, from which the bulk of French immigrants went to Palestine prior to World War II.

[[Racist Zionism systematically abused the enthusiasm of the youth for it's racist Herzl Jewish Empire projects and wars, as later Hitlerism did...]]


During the Peace Conference at Versailles (1919), two French representatives, the poet André *Spire and Professor Sylvain *Lévi, were members of the committee established by [[racist Zionist leader]] Chaim Weizmann together with N. Sokolow and M. Ussishkin, to present the [[racist]] Zionist views to the conference delegations. Lévi however, who was president of the Alliance, clashed with the committee, since, in his view, the [[racist]] Zionist objectives conflicted with [[racist colonial]] French interests in the Middle East.


In 1920 a [[racist]] Zionist student's club was founded in Paris, and in 1921 a Mizrachi group [[religious racist Zionist movement]] was established with its center in Strasbourg. In 1925 the Union Régionale des Sionistes de L'Est de la France [[Eastern France Zionist Union]] was founded by Léon Metzger and Robert Lévy-Dreyfus. This union was the strongest [[racist]] organization in France before World War II, and up to the conquest of [[racist colonial]] France by the Nazis in 1940 it retained a separate identity.

[[Eastern France had very strong orthodox Jewish communities in Alsace, and already in 1870/1 most of the Jews had fled to central France because they did not want to have a German passport, see *Alsace]].

In 1923 a women's group was founded by Mrs. Richard Gottheil; it later merged with the [[racist]] Women's International Zionist Organization (WIZO). In 1929 French Jews accepted [[racist Zionist leader]] Weizmann's invitation to join the "enlarged" Jewish Agency, and Léon Blum, Leo Zadoc-Kahn, and Henri Lévi represented French non-Zionists in the founding meeting in Zurich in August 1929.

In the 1930s the following [[racist]] ZIonist organizations existed:
-- Po'alei Zion (Left, founded in 1922;
-- the Union of Zionist Revisionists, founded in Paris in 1925 and becoming the center of its world movement;
-- Po'alei Zion-Hitahadut (Hitaḥadut), which included a League for Labor Palestine and the Jewish People's League;
-- Organisation Sioniste de France [[Zionist Organization of France]], founded in 1933, an organization of  [[racist]] General Zionists;
-- and the [[racist]] Jewish State Party, founded in 1936.

Mizrachi also had a certain following in [[racist colonial]] France, including a group called Yavne and a Yiddish-language journal. In the same period branches of many [[racist]] Zionist youth movements were formed [[resp. Jewish youth enthusiasm was systematically abused by racist Zionist war purposes for a planned racist Jewish Empire according to Herzl's booklet "The Jewish State" and 1st Mose chapter 15 phrase 18]]:

-- Bleu-Blanc [[Blue-White]] (Gener [[racist]] Zionists),
-- Betar (Revisionists),
-- Berit ha-Kannaim (Jewish State Party),
-- Deror (Po'alei Zion-Hitahadut (Hitaḥadut),
-- Ha-Shomer ha-Za'ir (ha-Ẓa'ir)
-- Ze'irei (Ẓe'irei) ha-Mizrachi,
-- Ha-Po'el ha-Mizrachi,
-- and Ha-No'ar ha-Ziyyoni (Ẓiyyoni).

In 1937 the [[racist]] Féderation de la Jeunesse Sionist et Pro-Palestinienne [[Zionist and pro Palestinian Youth Federation]] of was founded as a result of the merger between the Jewish scouting movement and a few [[racist]] Zionist youth groups, with a total membership of 5,000.

[[The Arabs were never asked...]]

World War II.

[New racist Zionist leadership in South of France - Zionist Youth Movement - educational work and smuggling of Jews to Switzerland and Spain]

From the German occupation in 1940, [[racist]] Zionist activities were centered in the southern area known as Vichy France. [[There was a Big Flight to South of France and a big part of French Jewry was in the southern towns. The towns in South of France were full, and the Jewish flats in Central and North of France were empty for the Germans. First the German occupation was only consuming the French food and then the big part was going against Russia. Then the French resistance was acting and the situation got into tension with revenge actions and hunger. In South of France many Jews could emigrate when they got visas, e.g., from the port of Marseilles]].

In 1941, at a secret [[racist Zionist]] conference in Lyons, initiated by J. Fuscher (Ariel), a new [[racist]] Zionist leadership embracing all groups was established under the chairmanship of Leonce Bernheim, former chairman of the [[racist]] Zionist coordination committee. At another (col. 1114)

meeting in Vichy in the same year, the Mouvement de la Jeunesse Sioniste [[Zionist Youth Movement]], embracing all youth organizations [[and abusing systematically youth enthusiasm for racist Zionist war purposes]], was created under the direction of Simon Lévitte and Jules Jefroykin. Both frameworks engaged in educational work, such as the teaching of Hebrew, Jewish history, etc., but devoted their energies mainly to smuggling Jewish refugees into Switzerland and Spain [[over the Pyrenees]].

Young [[racist]] Zionists also played a leading part in organizing Jewish armed resistance to the Nazis (see *France, Holocaust Period).

[[There were lots of concentration camps in France. It can be admitted that racist Zionism was working there]].

After World War II.

[Illegal immigration to Palestine - French Zionist Union since 1947 - influx of North African Jews - racist solidarity with racist Zionism after Six-Day War]

Immediately after World War II, leading French Jews, such as André Blumel, were active in aiding the "illegal" immigration and the Berihah (Beriḥah) movement to Palestine through French ports [[Marseilles etc.]]. With the establishment of the [[racist Zionist Free Mason CIA Herzl]] State of Israel, Jewish community officials in France adopted an attitude of sympathy, putting an end to their previous hostility. In 1947 the [[racist]] Union Sioniste Française [[French Zionist Union]] was founded, uniting all [[racist]] Zionists in France and North Africa, led for some time by André Blumel.

The transformation of French Jewry by the influx of North African, particularly Algerian Jews, also influenced the [[racist]]  Zionist movement there. Migration to [[racist Zionist Free Mason CIA Herzl]] Israel increased steadily. [[French Jewry was dominated by the racist Zionists now, as it seems]]. French Jewry demonstrated its solidarity with [[racist Zionist Free Mason CIA Herzl]] Israel before and after the Six-Day War (1967), and Chief Rabbi Jacob *Kaplan voiced Jewish disapproval of De Gaulle's anti-Israel policies.

All traditional Jewish bodies began openly to support [[racist Zionist Free Mason CIA Herzl]] Israel, and a Comité de Coordination des Organisations Juives en France [[Coordination Committees of Jewish Organisations in France]], headed by Guy de *Rothschild, was specially created in 1967 for financial aid and information services for [[racist Zionist Free Mason CIA Herzl]] Israel. Groups for aliyah to [[racist Zionist Free Mason CIA Herzl]] Israel were formed, among them Oded, comprising young intellectuals from North Africa. All [[racist]] Zionist parties and most world organizations collecting funds and selling bonds for [[racist Zionist Free Mason CIA Herzl]] Israel have branches in France, many of them publishing their own journals, such as the [[racist Zionist]] French Amitiés France-Israel [[French Israel Friendship]] (since 1953) and the [[racist Zionist]] Yiddish daily Unzer Vort [[Our Word]] (since 1945 and [[racist Zionist]] Tsionistishe Shtime [[Zionist Voice]].

[L.L. / ED.]> (col. 1115)

[[The Arabs were never asked. And all this Zionist racism against Arabs and all these racist newspapers with the aim of a big Jewish Empire according to racist Herzl booklet "The Jewish State" are legal until now. Also returning Jews to France are not mentioned. France became the Jewish center of Central Europe after 1945]].

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Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): Zionism, vol. 16,
                    col. 1113-1114
Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): Zionism, vol. 16, col. 1113-1114
Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): Zionism, vol. 16,
                    col. 1115-1116
Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): Zionism, vol. 16, col. 1115-1116

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