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Encyclopaedia Judaica

The racist Zionist organization in Italy

Racist Zionist congregations since 1897 - racist Zionist delegates, periodicals, writers - racist Herzl in Italy - great racist Zionist times under Mussolini 1922-1938 - emigration wave since anti-Jewish laws 1938-1943 - deportations 1943-1944 - Italy as a link for Jewish illegal emigration from Europe to Palestine and weapon delivery for racist Jewish Zionist terror organization Haganah 1945-1948

from: Zionism; In: Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971, vol. 16

presented by Michael Palomino (2008)

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Racist Zionist madness says that Jewry would be a "nation" which is never possible because Jewry is a religion. Add to this the Arabs were never asked if a "Jewish State" would be built. But many Jews believed the Jewish racist Zionists and warmongers, called "Zionists" with it's racist Herzl booklet "The Jewish State". Zionist racism is legal until now (2008) and their racist books like "The Jewish State" from racist Herzl are not forbidden...]

[Foundation of racist Zionist congregations after 1897 - racist Italian Zionists at racist Zionist Congresses - racist Zionist periodicals in Italy]

<Because of the small number of Jews in Italy and the fact that they were largely assimilated, [[racist]] Zionism could penetrate only slowly and with difficulty and for years retained an exclusive character. Among the Jewish periodicals, the first to express [[racist]] Zionist ideas at the end of the 19th century was Il Corriere Israelitico [[Israelite Runner]], which was published in Italian but appeared in Trieste (then under [[colonial racist]] Austrian rule). No Italian delegates were present at the First [[racist]] Zionist Congress in 1897. The Second [[racist Zionist]] Congress (1898) was attended by the rabbi of Naples, Joseph *Sonnino, who was chosen as delegate without formal elections. He represented the first [[racist]] Zionist groups that had been formed in Italy in Ancona, Rome, Leghorn, Florence, and Naples. Also present at the Second [[racist Zionist]] Congress was Felice Ravenna, who was to become the head of [[racist]] Italian Zionism and was to remain its leader for many years, representing it at the Third [[racist Zionist]] Congress in 1899, together with two other delegates.

It was only in 1901 that the [[racist]] Italian Zionist Federation was formed. Its conventions originally took place every two years in various towns. In 1901 the first [[racist]] Zionist periodical L'Idea Sionista [[The Zionist Idea]] was founded and survived for ten years; in 1908 the more penetrating L'Eco Sionista d'Italia [[Zionist Echo of Italy]] appeared.

[Racist Herzl in Italy with King Victor Emmanuel III and with the racist Pope - racist Zionist writer Dante Lattes - racist Zionist center Florence - racist Zionist weekly "Israel"]

At that time [[racist]] Italian Zionism had no important political scope and was troubled by various controversies; its nature was mainly philanthropic. Due to the intervention of some of its exponents, however, [[racist]] Theodor Herzl was received in January 1904 by King Victor Emmanuel III and by [[racist "Christian]] Pope Pius X. On that occasion, [[racist]] Herzl had an interview with the Italian minister for foreign affairs and later sent him a written statement. From the beginning, the most active and penetrating [[racist]] Zionist writer and journalist was Dante *Lattes. After Herzl's death the movement experienced a period of decline, and the center of its activities was transferred to Florence, under the leadership of Alfonso *Pacifici. In 1916 the [[racist]] weekly Israel was founded there and remained the center of [[racist]] Zionist activity, although it carried no [[racist]] Zionist label.

[[The Arabs were never asked. There is no indication about Jewish refugees in Italy 1914-1918]].

Immediately after World War I an Italian Jew, naval captain Angelo Levi-Bianchini, was sent by the government as Italian military attaché to General Allenby's General Staff. Under the influence of [[racist Zionist leader]] Chaim Weizmann, he became an ardent [[racist]] Zionist. He was killed in a Bedouin ambush in Syria in 1920.

In 1922 [[racist Zionist leader]] Weizmann went to Italy and made his first close contact with Italian Jewry, defining it in his autobiography as follows:

"The Italian Jewish community seemed to be a community of sujts d'élite [[elite subjects]]. And the élite of that community were turning their eyes to Palestine."

[Growing racist Zionism under racist Mussolini 1922-1938 - revisionist racist Zionist government contacts - revisionist racist Zionist works]

During the early years of [[racist]] Fascist rule, the relations between the Italian government and the [[racist]] Zionist Organization were so good that in 1928 the Comitato Italia-Palestina [[Italian-Palestinian Congregation]] was formed to facilitate the contact between Italy and Palestine. Personalities of (col. 1122)

high standing in politics and literature were among the members of this committee. There had even been talk in 1931 of holding the 19th [[racist]] Zionist Congress at Abbazia (now Opatjai, Yugoslavia). The [[racist]] Zionist Revisionist movement was also in touch with the Italian government. Its leader, Leone *Carpi in Milan, published the periodical L'Idea Sionistica [[The Zionist Idea]]. The Revisionists founded a naval school at Civitavecchia for the world Betar movement that was several times visited by Vladimir Jabotinsky.

Although the attitude of Mussolini's government became increasingly pro-Arab, [[racist]] Zionism remained active for some years. It
-- maintained agricultural training centers (hakhsharot);
-- encouraged contributions to the [[racist]] Zionist funds, which showed increases;
-- replied firmly to controversies in newspapers;
-- and regularly sent delegates to the [[racist]] Zionist Congresses.

[Anti-Jewish laws since 1938 - Jewish secret life - Jews driven into emigration to Palestine]

Following the introduction of the racial laws in 1938, the position of Italian Jewry rapidly deteriorated. The existing Jewish periodicals were ordered to stop publication, the [[racist]] Zionist organizations were dissolved, and Jewish life, with the exception of religious and charitable functions, had to be carried on in secret. This period marked the beginning of a considerable aliyah [[emigration to Palestine]] from Italy, whose first pioneers and standard-bearers had been Enzo and Ada *Sereni.

[Deportations 1943-1945 - Jewish Brigade in Italy - Italy as center for illegal immigration and arms delivery under Cantoni 1945-1948 - new identification feeling for Italian Jewry with racist Zionist Herzl Israel]

After the interval of World War II, marked by deportations and ruin [[for Jews who had not emigrated before], particularly during the German occupation [[1943-1945, see *Italy]], Jewish and [[racist]] Zionist life slowly revived in Italy. Immediately after World War II Italy became a center of widespread and feverish underground activities in the organization of "illegal" immigration of Jewish survivors from Central and eastern Europe to Palestine (directed by Ada Sereni) and also of secret arms transports for the Haganah [[Jewish Zionist racist terror organization]]. Italian [[racist]] Zionist and communal leaders, among them Raffaele *Cantoni, played a major role in these operations. These facts, as well as the presence of the soldiers of the Jewish Brigade Group from Palestine, created a climate of deep identification of Italian Jewry with the struggle for Jewish independence in Palestine.

[[The Jews who emigrated to Palestine were lead from one war into the next war, from World War II to the eternal war in the Middle East...]]

Numerous [[racist]] Zionist conventions took place in Italy from 1947 onward and aliyah [[emigration to Palestine]] increased considerably. Jewish education, e.g., the great Jewish school in Milan, became Hebrew and Israel-oriented. Italian [[racist]] Zionism, which is numerically still very small because of the limited size of the Jewish community, is now more politically conscious and has more cultural and personal ties with [[racist Zionist Free Mason CIA Herzl]] Israel than ever before.

[G.R.]> (col. 1123)

[[Many of the Italian Jews who emigrated to Palestine returned to Italy because the conditions in Palestine were not acceptable, see: *Italy. Six-Day War is not mentioned in the article]].
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Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): Zionism, vol. 16,
                    col. 1121-1122
Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): Zionism, vol. 16, col. 1121-1122
Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): Zionism, vol. 16,
                    col. 1123-1124
Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): Zionism, vol. 16, col. 1123-1124

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