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Destructive and racist Zionists (data and facts)

What you have to know about the state of "Israel" -- Zionists manipulating the world -- ban Zionism

by Michael Palomino (since 2011 / 2015)

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What you have to know about the state of "Israel"

There is Judaism, and of these Jews some are Zionists. Others are pacifist Jews, others Jews live with Human Rights, and there are also Orthodox Jews etc.

Let's speak about Zionists:

Zionists have their ideology from the book "The Jewish State" of Mr. Herzl. This racist booklet is written against all Muslims. And Zionists have the power in Israel, not important which party you elect.

When the state of Israel was found, some Muslim villages were attacked provoking fear in the Muslim population, and then a war was developed and Muslims took their flight and could not come back until today. Zionists all in all have destroyed about 350 villages and these villages are left alone without population until today.

Israel is a Zionist state and is very dangerous. The aim is an Empire against Islam as it's described in 1st book of Mose in chapter 15 in the phrase 18: the aim is an Empire from Nile River to Euphrates River. This aim is defined since 1896 since this booklet has been published. Muslims were robbed all the coast line then. Muslims had already lost all intermediary trade with Arabia and India when the Suez Channel was built. And now the Zionists want that Muslims will loose all. Zionists don't know compromises. Zionists are robbing territories, are building up roads only for Jews, are killing Muslim children, are inventing always new reasons for war, and they think that they have a right for an own state - but a religion cannot be a state, and therefore there is always a new and a new war, because the Muslims have more children than the Jews. And therefore the war is made on the lowest level - on the level of children.

Zionist program is provoking wars, and Israeli Army wants every Jew in a military service for 3 years - men AND women - and Zionist atomic bombs are always threatening the Muslims. Therefore connecting oneself with Israel is a big trap.

Jewish population is also not "elected" either, but this is a big lie. When Zionists claim that they would be "elected", then they are elected for suffering and not more. They have an ideology against all Arabs 8see the booklet of Herzl: "The Jewish State"). They play with the element of antisemitism provoking a united feeling in Jewry, and stupid Zionists are always in war with their neighbors - with a military service of 3 years compulsory for men AND women, with racist indoctrinations against Arabs in general. Zionists are robbing the Muslims their territories. Add to this banks from the Stupid States are financing the Zionists because "USA" likes to have Israel as a "satellite" in this region.

No, Jewish religion is really not an "elected people" because God does not want any war, but God wants peace. But Zionists want a big Empire destroying all Muslims. And therefore Zionists are not with God, and therefore there is war without end in the Middle East. They are only suffering, and they have no courage to think about why it is like this. When one has connections with Israel, then this connection is automatically with racist Zionist state of Israel, and they really don't come from God. Jewish manipulators invented this to be "elected". But it's not more than a big lie.

The facts about Bible are that there is a new Bible research and it can be stated clearly that
-- 33% of the Bible is wrong
-- 33% of the Bible is right
-- and 33% of the Bible is missing, that are the new results of JEWISH archeology.

Humanist Jews have peace and wisdom in their heart, but they have no power. Orthodox Jews are rejecting this state of Israel, but they want to live all in Jerusalem stating that this would be their capital of the former historical state of Israel. Therefore also the Orthodox Jews don't want to share with the Arabs, and often the Orthodox are the ally of the Zionists when there are questions about Jerusalem.

Humanist Jews are suffering without end because Zionists don't want other policy than war, and because they will never give up their aim of the Empire. Arabs at the same time never will accept any state of Israel because in former times a historical state of Israel also existed only for a short time. Therefore it would be better when Jewish religion could exist in peace without any "Jewish State", but well with a religious center.

But considering the development of the wars of the Stupid States against Arab countries, then it will be perhaps just the contrary - and the situation there will be always more extremist.

Zionists manipulating the world: example of Roosevelt (Rosenfelt) and Eisenhower (Eisenhauer) how they let part Germany

Zionists manipulated the world first with a center in New York, and then with their center in Los Angeles (Wiesental Center). Roosevelt's name was Rosenfelt before (Dutch Zionist Jewish family), and this Roosevelt (Rosenfelt) arranged together with the Swedish Zionist Jews Eisenhower (Eisenhauer) that Germany was parted. They stopped the English troops of Patton so Stalin (another Jew) got Berlin. Also many Americans do not know this.

Details are here: http://www.wahrheitfuerimmer.com/Stalin,Roosevelt,Eisenhower%20biographies.htm

Zionists are in all decisive posts of the world dreaming of their Empire of Israel from Nile River to Euphrates River according to the Bible first book of Mose chapter 15 phrase 18. As long as this imperialist phrase is not eliminated from the Bible and from the Tora Zionism will go on. That's really something to vo...

Zionists manipulating the world: faked Auschwitz films made in Bingen near Koblenz - American troops NEVER have been in Auschwitz

Zionists (Rosenfelt and Eisenhauer) have forged a lot of films, respectively they let forge lots of films with the only purpose to "destabilize" the Germans psychologically. Many Germans and Jews don't know about this topic unfortunately, but many films are a complete fake. And at the same time one has to know about tunnel constructioning and about Stalin's deportations which are hardly or never shown with any film but which are also part of the persecution of the Jews.

Details can be seen here:

It has to be stated clearly:

"American" troops NEVER have been in Auschwitz, but Auschwitz was occupied by Russians and then was Communist zone behind the Iron Curtain. All "American" films about "Auschwitz" are a fake and were produced in Bingen in Germany with hungry emaciated German captives in August 1945, and for this fake also a barrack village was build up which was presented as "Auschwitz". The Zionists got the power over the German media respectively Germany had to give the power over their media to the "USA" until 2099 in a secret treaty. Add to this the main part of the German gold reserves is in the "USA" - what a coincidence. "USA" are ordering this in this way.

Link (in German): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d57Sz5w-c80

Other elements of the persecution of the Jews like tunnel constructioning or like the secret deportations of Jews from the Third Reich to the Gulag are hardly or not at all presented in the media because the faked films should not be "bothered"...

Destructive Zionists

Zionists are in contact with the highest bosses of finance manipulating and corrupting the whole world "for their favor". But principally the Zionists are a racist religious congregation. Read only the booklet "The Jewish State", and then comes out that Zionism is racism. In other words: Zionism is destroying reputation of Jewry and in the long run Zionism has an absolutely destructive effect. Excerpts of this racist booklet (which is legal to purchase until today!!!) can be seen here:

Excerpts (in German)
: http://www.hist-chron.com/judentum-aktenlage/zionismus/Herzl_judenstaat-gg-araber-nahostkonflikt.html

Ban racist Zionism from the world

A ban of all Zionist congregations would be positive for the world - in connection with a double state of Israel-Jordan so all could live in peace again.

And the phrase of 1st Mose chapter 15 phrase 18 has to be eliminated because this is an imperialist idea leading people to wrong racist and inhuman conclusions without peace.

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