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Cath. 02 - CLOSE VATICAN! Because of being mentally retarded, schizophrenia, torture and criminal perversity

This is my experience with criminal Catholic neighbors in Lima Los Olivos

Catholic Church=Organized Crime financed with drug money from the Vatican

1) April 19, 2019: analysis: The glass case with the crucified Fantasy Jesus and the Fantasy Maria -- The indoctrination, manipulation and psycho-terror without end among the criminal Catholics - the catholic contaminated world with names for persons - the catholic contaminated map -- Words are missing in this fantasy Bible -- Catholic terror in Quito (Ecuador) -- Catholic terror in Madrid (Spain) -- The criminal church and its diseases: many pastors, bishops and popes are impotent, incontinent, with diapers -- The "work" of criminal personalities in the criminal church: pastors, bishops, priests, cardinals and popes -- The "work" of criminal, Catholic bishops, priests and cardinals: propaganda against other cultures - and child abuse -- The "work" of the criminal pope -- The corrupt church mafia without end: the spy network of criminal pastors -- The corrupt Catholic Church terror without end: love should be "sin", and divorce should be "sin"-- The Catholic terrorist education with the permanent terror: From 11 years, everything is "dangerous" -- IQ70 -- The extortion of the corrupt criminal Catholics with the job - and the incompetent, Catholic dominated state-- The corrupt criminal Catholics can not even separate the waste and do not even have recycling -- Propaganda, lies and defamation of other cultures - the criminal Catholic Church defends its prison with absolute crime and lawlessness-- The schizophrenic logic of the Catholics: destructive Catholic behavior is "holy" - constructive behavior of other cultures is "devil" -- Catholics should all be HOLY - Catholic giga corruption - efficiency 0 - blocking of new structures -- The prison of the Catholic Church with red lamps without natural medicine does not even have a wastewater treatment plant or recycling-- The liberation from Catholic terror
2) Summary Nov 19, 2022: CRIMINAL VATICAN - FORBID Catholic Church AND CLOSE IT! -- CONCLUSION: The catholic church is a mentally ill refuge of organized IRREDUCTION, TORTURE+CRIME against humanity -- ACTION IS NEEDED: Prosecutors worldwide should put an end to this organized crime of the Catholic Church

by Michael Palomino (April 19, 2019 / Nov 19, 2022)



Web site with literature about criminal Vatican - link

1) April 19, 2019: Catholics are mentally retarded, schizophrenia and criminal perversity

Michael Palomino with Inca cross
                and Mother Earth - and web sites Michael Palomino with Inca cross and Mother Earth - and web sites

by Michael Palomino, Oct. 14, 2017 - translation April 19, 2019

The glass case with the crucified Fantasy Jesus and the Fantasy Maria

-- The living room is converted into a church room with a red church light and a glass box on the wall with a crucified Fantasy Jesus in it, or with a Fantasy Maria in it
-- Offices and classrooms are also converted into church rooms with a red church light and a glass box on the wall with a crucified Fantasy Jesus in it, or with a Fantasy Maria in it
-- Also in corridors, in shopping malls, in post offices, in bus stations, in parks of public institutions and even in public parks and on playgrounds, glass cases are set up with a crucified Fantasy Jesus or with a Fantasy Maria
-- extremist Catholic "Christians" hang a photo of a crucified fantasy Jesus in their workplace, or they hang a crucified fantasy Jesus on the windshield of their car, or they hang a dead crucified fantasy Jesus on their driving mirror, etc.

The logic that the criminal Jewish Bible comes from Asia with its fantasies against the neighboring countries of Egypt and Syria and can not be valid for other areas, is not considered by the criminal Catholics.

The logic that the fantasy Jesus is just a fantasy because there is no temple, no signature, no papyrus, not even a tooth or a hair or a finger nail of this fantasy Jesus is not considered by the criminal Catholics.

The indoctrination, manipulation and psycho-terror without end among the criminal Catholics - the catholic contaminated world with names for persons - the catholic contaminated map

-- The Bible training begins with the naming of the terrorist Catholics with their birth, since many children walk around as fantasy "Jesus", or as fantasy "Moses", or as fantasy "Maria", as fantasy "Joseph", or even as fantasy "Abraham", even if no one has seen any "Jesus", "Moses", "Mary", "Joseph" or "Abraham" - also a Jewish God of the Bible has NEVER been seen anywhere - and in this way the children will bring life to this Jewish fantasy Bible - it's a horror, it's the purest psycho manipulation!

-- The Bible drill goes on already at nursery schools and elementary schools, here are examples: elementary school "Maria Virgen de Lourdes" (Mary Virgin of Lourdes) - elementary school "Holy Virgin of Lourdes" (in Trujillo, Peru), Colegio El Buen Pastor (elementary school "The good pastor" [which is mostly an abuser] - Los Olivos, Lima), Colegio "Jesus Obrero" (Elementary School "To the Working Fantasy Jesus", Comas, Lima), Colegio "Teresa de la Paz" (Elementary School "To Theresa of Peace", Religious elementary school, Los Olivos), Colegio "La Católica De Villa" (Primary "The Catholic Lady of the Town" - Primary School, Lima), Colegio "Virgen de Fátima" (Primary School "To the Virgin Fatima" San Juan de Miraflores, Lima) [to be obliged to be a virgin means: sex prohibition for young women so sex is rated as a sin and the pastor gets all sex stories and can abuse the youth girl in the confessionary easily]; Colegio Virgen del Rosario (elementary school "To the Virgin with Rosary", Barranco, Lima) , Colegio Virgen de la Esperanza (elementary school "To the Virgin of Hope", San Miguel, Lima) [but frustration by sex prohibition is no hope at all, this is only the way to provoke the abuse in the confessional by the pastor], Virgen Virgenes (elementary school "Virgin of the Virgins", Puente Piedra, Lima), or hospitals: Posta Médica Virgen del Pilar (Health post "To the Virgin at the fountain basin", Comas, Lima), Puesto de Salud "Virgen de Salud" (Health Post "Health Virgin", Lima), centro de salud "Virgen Purisima" ("Purest Vergin" medical center, San Martín de Porres, Lima), Casa de Reposo "Virgen de la Merced "(Rest home "To the Virgin of Grace", Luringancho, Lima), or a hospital is called "Parroquia" ("Parish Church" hospital, in the district of Puente Piedra, Lima)

-- The Bible drill then goes on with company names (for example: "Instituto San Pablo", so: "Satanist pedophile diaper Pope Saint Paul Institute"), there are names of hospitals (example: "Clínica Jesús del Norte", a "Clinic of Fantasy Jesus of the North"), there are street names such as Avenida Pio XII (satanic diaper Pope Pius XII Avenue, in San Miguel, Lima) - Avenida Juan Pablo II (Satanic diaper pope John Paul II Avenue, in Bellavista, Callao) - Plaza Isabel La Católica (Satanist Saint Isabell the Catholic Square, in Bellavista, Callao) - Parque de la Cruz (Satanist Fantasy Jesus Cross Park, in Pueblo Libre, Lima) - San Miguel (Saint Michael - District in Lima) - Universidad San Marcos (University of Saint Mark - Lima), Avenida Santa Rosa (Saint Rose Avenue, Callao), Plaza San Martín (Saint Martin Square, center of Lima), urbanization "Santa Colonia" (living quarters "Holy Colony", Los Olivos, Lima), urbanization Juan Pablo II (residential area of Satanist pedophile diaper Pope John Paul II, San Martín de Porres, Lima), Avenida Santa Elvira (Saint Elvira Avenue, in Los Olivos, Lima), Urbanización San Juan Bautista (residential area of Saint John the Anointed, in Comas, Lima)

-- The Bible drill continues with statues of streets, avenues, squares and buildings, for example with a gigantic Fantasy Jesus Cross in a roundabout (Trujillo, Peru) called "Óvalo Papal" ("Satanist pedophile diaper Pope circle"), or with a gigantic Fantasy Jesus Cross on a mountain by the beach (Chorrillos, Lima) or with a gigantic Fantasy Jesus Cross on a hill (Sacsayhuamán, Cusco), or with a Star of David (Rothschild star) on the roof of a gas station (Trujillo, Peru), or with a Star of David (Rothschild star) at the house entrance embedded in the ground, where there is a dental clinic (Comas, Lima), Avenida Juan Pablo II (Satanic pedophile diaper Pope John Paul II Avenue, Trujillo, Peru), Urbanización Santa Verónica (residential area for Saint Veronica, Trujillo, Peru), Urbanización Nuevo Jerusalén (residential area New-Jerusalem, Trujillo, Peru), Avenida Santa Clara (Saint-Clare Avenue, Trujillo, Peru), Urbanización Santo Dominguito (residential area for Saint Sunday, Trujillo, Peru), Urbanización Santa Isabel (residential area for Saint Isabell, Trujillo Peru)

And this is the way it is in all the other capitals of Latin "America", but in Lima it is the worst because Lima was the capital of colonial South "America" where Madrid robbed a big part of gold and silver in the mines of the Andes Mountains (Potosi in today's Bolivia which was part of Peru first etc.). The colonists enslaved all natives and robbed gold and silver almost for free - thinking that this would be "God's" gift for Spain (!).

-- The Bible drill will continue on products in the supermarket, e.g. on the cleaning agent of the supermarket (!) with a propaganda slogan of an impotent catholic priest "Dios es amor" - "The Jewish God, who never comes, is love"),

-- The Bible drill continues then with Bible slogans on vehicles, e.g. on the car (examples: "Dios te ama" - "The Jewish God loves you" - real: "The invented Jewish God, who never comes and never helps, loves you" - or: "Cristo te ama" - "Christ loves you" - real: "The invented Christ, who never comes and never helps, loves you" - or: "Siempre con Dios" - "Always with God" - real: "Always with the invented Jewish God, who never comes anyway and never helps"), or at the ambulance (!): "Padre Champagnat" - "The Holy Father of Champagnat"), or with the Templar cross on the ambulance (!), or with a red Jesus cross on a first aid kit (medical school in Trujillo, Peru), or in the public bus with a female figure with child with the headline "Virgen del Carmen" ("Virgin Carmen", Lima), or at the mototaxi or at the tricycle or at the motorcycle etc.

-- and the Bible drill continues with the criminal sect group "Jehovah's Witnesses", who draw attention to themselves with complete newsstands in pedestrian areas and squares and bus stations, indicating that the whole "other" world is "sin" and only the "Jehovah's Witnesses" with their Jewish Fantasy Bible would "guarantee" life following the invented "Jehovah" and following the Jewish fantasies of Asia

-- then in kindergarten from the age of 3, the indoctrination continues with children's songs for "the Lord" and for "Mary", although no one has seen a "Lord" or a "Mary"

-- in elementary and middle school indoctrination, manipulation and psycho terror continue with studies about fantasy Bible, fantasy religious lessons, and with a positive portrayal of pastors, bishops, priests, cardinals etc. (who commit much abuse), the Satanist Vatican (80% are gays, abuse and money laundering of drug money for the Italian Ndrangheta Mafia in the Vatican Bank), and the Jewish Bible with the fantasy figures (destroying all other cultures and all natives) - all this is just a drill with fake fantasies and loss of time - and this "Christian Catholic" school drill is the preparation for abuses in the confessionals and in the pastor's house or priest's house etc.

-- thus it becomes clear: All slavery with the Jewish Bible from Asia and with the system of criminal, religious teachers, criminal-abusive pastors+bishops+priests+cardinals and criminal Satanist diaper popes is INSTALLED from birth and is also ANCHORED in geography

-- the Jewish Bible with its Jewish fantasies against Egypt and Syria is considered as "good", and all other books are considered as "evil", and when Catholics read other books they will be rated as from the "devil" and they will be excluded from the parish - THAT's how Catholicism goes (!)

-- In the "Religious Primary Schools" ("Colegio Religioso") child abuse takes place through teachers and senior staff, and the children are educated not to talk, otherwise they flunk from school or the devil comes - but the truth is that the devil is already present: The "Religious Primary School" (!)
-- In adult life, the pastors continue to manipulate the people, now with a black and white scheme: All should live only on a black and white scheme and only the Bible should be "good", everything else should be "evil" and should be "sin", and then even stars are betrayed by this scheme purely on it and describe in the media their "pecados" ("sins"), although it is all about the pure life (!)
-- Since the crime-extremist Catholics always use the good-evil scheme, these criminal-extremist Catholics in principle read NO OTHER BOOKS than the Jewish Fantasy Bible, and the maximum is when the parents help children with their homework
-- With criminal extremist Catholics, further education has NOT VALUE because the Jewish Fantasy Bible is supposed to be the ONLY book that counts in life and that determines life
-- The only training permitted among criminal Catholics is additional Bible instruction in private circles with the criminal pastor, with the propaganda and demonization of other cultures and freedoms in life
-- The criminal pastors are not only protecting the criminal-satanic-gay-infertile-pedophile Vatican, but they even make bets on people, or they demand money for prophecies, and in this way they lead entire families into debt bankruptcy (!) and the affected families do not even report these criminal pastors (!)
-- Thus with the Catholics, the active critical thinking is SWITCHED OFF, the Catholics are LOCKED UP into a spiritual prison, and any research that contradicts the criminal Church, or that could be "better" or bring about improvements or liberties, is REJECTED
-- With the criminal-extremist Catholics, also libraries are demonized, because there are books that could make the Bible superfluous and rid the people of the Jewish Fantasy Bible, which could allow a freer existence
-- With the criminal-extremist Catholics, also all natural medicine is demonized, because Mother Earth is not accepted, and because they do not want to admit that the Jewish Fantasy Bible with its Jewish fantasies is NOT HEALING BUT IS A DISEASE.
-- Sex prohibition with virgin cult is a Satanic way to dominate youth people mentally having them in the confessional where they tell their sex stories as "sin" so the topic of sex is always present in the confessional and the victims are easily accessible for the abuse of the pastor / bishop / priest / cardinal in the confessional or in the home of the pastor / bishop / priest / cardinal.

This means that the criminal-extremist Catholics organize in the education from 3 years on a mental prison with many diseases, syndromes, forced behavior and behavioral disorders.

And therefore Church is a hyper criminal abusive institution - Church is ORGANIZED CRIME.

Tithe of extremist Catholics: Imagine this Catholic mental illness: extremist Catholics pay to the pastor for all this Satanist manipulation and Satanist prohibitions a 10% of their salary (tithe) - so these extremist Catholics pay for being restricted and for illnesses they get by all this. This is just crazy! Catholics pay 10% of their salary for ORGANIZED CRIME!

Words are missing in this fantasy Bible

In this Jewish fantasy Bible, the words "to improve," "to learn," "happy," etc. do not appear, but the word "suffering" occurs 100s of times, and thus Catholics are taught the word "suffering." In this way, the Catholics suffer in their mental prison and with many diseases and do not realize that they are manipulated, because they were manipulated from the age of 3 years. Satanic Catholicism robs mankind of ANY FREEDOM.

Let's look at a few other countries with colonial Catholic terror from Rome in geography:

Catholic terror in Quito (Ecuador)

Distrito "Virgen Pata Palestina" (district "Virgin on the way to Palestine"), Distrito "Cristo Rey" (District "Christ the King" - real: The invented "Christ" who never comes and never helps you, should be the king in your life), Distrito "Santa Inés" (District "Holy Ines"), Distrito Santo Thomas (District "Saint Thomas"), Distrito "Santa Gloria" (District "Holy Victory" - real: "Holy" is the glory of the gay-pedophile-criminal colonialist-Satanist from Rome in Ecuador), Distrito "Virgen de Guadalupe" (District "Virgin of Guadalupe"), Distrito "San Luis" (District "Saint Louis"), Avenida Pio XII (real: avenue to the satanic-pedophile-criminal diaper Pope Pius XII), Avenida Mariana de Jesús (Jesus of Jesus, with 12 men he was probably a gay man), Calle Nazareth (Nazareth Street), Calle Jesús del Gran Poder (Fantasy Jesus-with-Big-Power-Street, real: Jesus-Fantasy-Street with a fictitious Jesus, which is supposed to dominate the whole life, but never comes and never helps), Unidad Educativa Virgen del Consuelo (education unit Virgin of Consolation), Museo Virgen del Cisne (Swan Virgin Museum), Colegio Franciscano (Franciscan abusers Elementary School), Escuela Adventista (Adventist School with abuse), Colegio María Auxiliadora (elementary school "To Lady fantasy Mary of Help"), Escuela "San Francisco de Asis" (School of "St. Francis of Assisi") etc.

Catholic terror in Madrid (Spain)

Madrid: Distrito "Nińo Jesús" (District "Child Jesus" - real: Child Jesus dream image), Avenida de Pablo VI (Satanic-gay diaper pope Paul VI Avenue), Calle Cristo de la Vitoria (Fantasy Christ Victory Road - real: Rome Colonial Victory Road with a fictional fantasy "Jesus" who is supposed to be a king but never comes and never helps), Calle de Santa Isabel (Holy Isabell Street), Carrera de San Jerónimo (Saint Jerome Street), Calle de la Cruz (Cross Street), Calle de San Bernardo (St. Bernard Street), Calle Jesús del Valle (Fantasy Jesus from the Valley Road, who is said to be a king but never comes and never helps), Calle Divino Pastor (Heavenly Pastor's Road - real: Road to Heavenly Pastor with his King fantasy "Jesus" for over 200 years, but never comes and never helps, but the pastor still collects for it!); Colegios: Colegio Santa Isabel, Colegio Salesianos, Colegio San Eugen, Colegio Nuestra Seńora de las Delicias, Fundación Educación y Evangelio Luz Casanova Usera (Educational Foundation and Gospel Light Womanizer User) etc.

The criminal church and its diseases: many pastors, bishops and popes are impotent, incontinent, with diapers

-- The criminal propagandist pastors are mostly impotent, because they deny natural medicine and claim that natural medicine is from the "devil"
-- The criminal bishops, priests and cardinals and popes are Satanists and are not allowed to have normal sexual intercourse with women, are therefore often gay and mostly criminal-pedophile, abusing boys (mostly the altar boys), are then mostly impotent and incontinent in old age and run in diapers around because they deny natural medicine and claim that natural medicine is of the "devil" etc.
-- The criminal popes are Satanists and pass the steps of their "career" being a bishop, priest and cardinal first, so they must not have normal sexual intercourse with women, and they are therefore gay and mostly criminal-pedophile, abusing boys (mostly the altar boys), they are in old age mostly impotent and incontinent and run around in diapers, because they deny natural medicine and claim that natural medicine is of the "devil" etc. - in addition bishops, priests and cardinals who want to become pope, have to participate in Satanic rituals abusing children, and they also kill children.

The "work" of criminal personalities in the criminal church: pastors, bishops, priests, cardinals and popes

-- The main activity of criminal pastors, bishops, priests, cardinals and popes consists of reading a single book, the Jewish Bible Fantasy from Asia, which is presented in such a way that the "Catholic Christians" are always "good" and other cultures are presented ALWAYS AS BAD
-- That is, the "work" of the Catholic pastors, bishops, priests, cardinals and popes consists solely of a book and harassment and defamation, respectively:
-- The criminal Catholic Church organizes pastors, bishops, priests, cardinals and popes to terrorize Catholics daily with terrorist threats and criminal murders against third parties
-- The criminal pastors, bishops, priests, cardinals and popes always threaten with the word "devil" and with the word "hell" against other cultures, a constant psycho terror without end
-- The population is PAYING these highly criminal pastors, bishops, priests, cardinals and popes with church taxes, and at the same time they commit defamation against any other culture - also with the church taxes
-- The "Christian" population PAYS these highly criminal pastors, bishops, priests, cardinals and popes also with the "tithing" (10% of the salary), or with donations (!)
-- Pastors are mostly impotent, because the word "natural medicine" is not in the Bible, and so the "natural medicine" is condemned as "devilish" - and bishops, priests, cardinals and popes are mostly gay or/and criminal pedophiles because normal sex with women is forbidden for them.

Therefore this Catholic Church is ORGANIZED CRIME and is even payed by Church taxes!

The "work" of criminal, Catholic bishops, priests and cardinals: propaganda against other cultures - and child abuse

-- They read only one book, the Jewish Fantasy Bible with the Jewish fantasies and with a fantasy Jesus
-- They destroy all other cultures by propaganda, lies and defamation
-- They build a Catholic mafia network around the world and destroy all other cultures
-- Bishops, priests and cardinals are not allowed to have any contact with women and are therefore inevitably infertile - and when children come, the children are rejected and have to grow up without a father
-- They abuse and rape boys and make them slaves or make them commit suicide (altar boys, boys of families etc.)
-- Natural medicine from Mother Earth is considered from "devil" and therefore most bishops, priests and cardinals are very ill, at the end also impotent, incontinent, and when they are gay also with fecal incontinence and diapers every day - and this is really HELL.
-- Satanist Cardinals have their own private airplane and they can perform their little maneuvers with it with trips organizing meetings or festivals with children for rituals with Satanist child abuse or Satanist child torturing for Satanist child killings etc. - the testimony of victim Mrs. Toos Nijenhuis about criminal Cardinal Alfrink in Holland is only one example - link

The "work" of the criminal pope

-- the Pope is the second part of the world domination of the Lucifer NWO, the first part is the "nobility" - nobility and the Catholic Vatican work together to rule and terrorize the world
-- The Pope has a long career behind him, with an infinite fantasy Bible reading, with isolation, propaganda and defamation, he has a gay identity, because as bishop, priest and cardinal he was not allowed to love a woman and for becoming bishop, priest and cardinal, all women were forbidden to him, instead he was sexually abused as a boy by other bishops, priests and cardinals; a Pope has a lot of practice with gay intercourse "from behind" in the anus, and with ritual-satanic child molestation against boys he has already abused 100s of boys masturbating them of violating them "from behind", and he has experience with ritual-satanic infanticides in satanic rituals - and for this the bishops, priests, cardinals and the popes have to follow the Satanic Calendar
-- The pope is a diaper pope, who has no idea of ​​natural medicine, a pope has actually always become impotent and incontinent, with urine and fecal incontinence, like a baby
-- Officially counts only the Jewish Bible with the Jewish fantasies and with a fantasy Jesus
-- All other cultures should be destroyed by hate speech, lies and defamation
-- The Pope organizes the Mafia of the Satanic Vatican Church around the world with pastors, bishops, priests and cardinals around the world to destroy all other cultures with propaganda, lies and defamation
-- The satanic diaper pope always speaks sweetly of "peace", but then he always lets his pastors, bishops, priests and cardinals rush against other cultures, with propaganda, lies and defamation
-- Popes (who used to be bishops, priests and cardinals before) are not allowed to have any contact with women and are therefore inevitably infertile respectively the Vatican is the most powerful gay center of the world and has the biggest pedophile ring of the world
-- Popes mostly DON'T KNOW ANYTHING about natural medicine, because the word "natural medicine" is not in the Bible, and so "natural medicine" is condemned as "devilish", and so popes are mostly impotent, incontinent and walk around in diapers and women's clothes
-- Popes make a lot of promotional trips at the expense of the Vatican, in their own plane, millions are spent on it, and the popes traveling do NOT help the poor people, because the Pope can only smile, and poverty is "given" and is accepted because the rich governments should think "good" about the pope, and poor people can be "governed better", therefore poor have to stay poor and dictators and corrupt governments are the real "friends" of the popes...

-- When a pope is traveling around the world, a diaper usually travels around the world, an idiot diaper, and this idiot diaper pope does NOT change anything in the world. But only thinking people see that a diaper pope's journey is completely superfluous and only for the dictators and is useful for their paid corrupt journalists...

The corrupt church mafia without end: the spy network of criminal pastors

-- The criminal pastors "organize" the "believers", the "sheep", with a network of pastors and spies
-- With fantasy "Bible lessons" with the criminal hater-clergyman in the house in the room with the red light and the glass box with the fantasy Jesus, Catholic families think that they would be "especially holy" and thus a "corruption of holiness" comes together with the criminal propagandist pastors
-- The criminal pastors install a spy network from house to house, from apartment to apartment, from family to family
-- The criminal bishops, priests and cardinals install pastors, spies and agents in schools and companies to monitor people there as well
-- The criminal pastors inform police commanders or also the headmasters and the bosses of companies about "good Christians" or about "bad Christians" in their company committing systematic corruption for certain people or defamation against certain people
-- The Catholic population is thus MONITORED and SPIED by the pastors 24 hours a day, during day and night, and EVERYTHING is defamed what is not matching to the scheme of the Jewish Fantasy Bible from Asia, or what does not correspond to the propaganda of the pastor respectively to his propaganda, to his lies and defamation.

The corrupt Catholic Church terror without end: love should be "sin", and divorce should be "sin"

The criminal pastors, bishops, priests, cardinals and popes are building a total dictatorship against the people of the world with the word "sin":
-- Love is condemned as "sin"
-- A love is supposed to last "forever", whereby in the biblical age people died at 30 to 35, but today often live until 80 to 100
-- A woman should go as a "virgin" in the marriage which is a terrorist sex prohibition, and in Biblical times this prescription was only for childhood, after the first menstruation the girl was married to a man and had sex and children nonstop, and births were not so safe yet and some mothers died of births
-- A divorce in Catholic fields is considered as the total "sin" and has as a consequence the damnation of the family, and also professional prohibitions, etc.
-- the criminal Catholic Church can make divorced people wait up to 8 years for divorce, that means, the deadline of 2 years in the Constitution is not respected by the criminal gay pedophile diaper Vatican. Vatican does not respect the frontier lines.

One sees: The criminal-corrupt, Catholic church with its idiots (pastors, bishops, priests, cardinals and popes) have NOTHING to do with the practical life but they limit the life of the population WITHOUT ANY NEED installing their dictatorship of "sin" and keep the population thus in a "mental cage". Who leaves this cage is damned and threatened with the devil and even with prison - by the inventions and bets of the criminal pastors - and the devils (pastors, bishops, priests, cardinals, popes) even destroy careers of people who are freeing themselves from these chains of this terrorist Catholic Church - by spying, by lies, by defamation (!).

Not even in Islam one has to wait 8 years for a divorce.

This "mental cage" of criminal Catholics causes a Catholic population which has to live with a "switched off brain":
-- The fathers are allowed to work only
-- The women are allowed to cook, to push the stroller, to wish the sidewalk and to walk with a dog
-- People with further education is leaving the "common line" with the impotent pastor, diaper bishop, diaper priest, diaper cardinal or diaper pope.

The Catholic terrorist education with the permanent terror: From 11 years, everything is "dangerous"

The Catholic compulsory education is psycho terror and goes like this:
-- The son must be called "Jesus" (a fantasy), or the daughter must be called "Mary" (a fantasy)
-- From the age of 3, the nursery school (with a red light in the corridor or in the hall) sings catholic songs worshiping a "Holy Mother"
-- From the age of 5, the children are trained on the Jewish Fantasy God, on the Jewish Fantasy Bible and on the Fantasy Jesus, and if the children do not pray, there are beatings, torture and ill-treatment or at least discrimination, until the children "accept"
-- In extreme cases, the children are sent to a particularly expensive "religious school" ("colegio religioso"), where they are taught by pastors and nuns, who leave a lasting, depressive impression on the children with their black grave clothes, and in adjoining can be eventually sexual abuses of the children
-- Sexual education does NOT happen, but "everything just happens" - with private "Bible lessons" where is sexual abuse (!)
-- Love is considered "sin", masturbation is considered "mortal sin", and from 11 a son is "dangerous", and from 11 a daughter is "in danger"
-- Total terror: All is dangerous from 11 on: By this stereotypical idiotic attitude that a son from 11 on should be "dangerous" and a daughter from 11 on should be "in danger"- there is a constant psycho terrorism, so everything from 11 years on is rated as "dangerous", and there are also completely idiotic aggression with the criminal-catholic parents, who then shout the catholic victim children for no reason, and possibly even lock up or destroy them by beating, just because the criminal Catholic parents have only ONE thing in mind: If I am not strict, the son becomes "even more dangerous", or: If I do not take care of the daughter and will lock her up, she will be "even more in danger", etc. - that is, with the criminal Catholics, the thought of being raped is ALWAYS and ILLEGALLY OMNIPRESENT, and so much creative action is PREVENTED and CANCELED, The main thing is that the children read the only fantasy Jewish Bible from ASIA ...
-- Toys do not exist, because the money is not enough, or according to the Catholic parents, the children's game could endanger the discipline in the children - parents never play with children, because the children's game would undermine the authority of parents, that's the way the catholic idiots are thinking
-- Castrated spirit: The fantasy Bible is daily read now, other books are not allowed, and so the spirit of the youngsters is castrated
-- Internet prohibited: Since there is no sexual education, the Internet is also censored with a filter or the even PROHIBIT INTERNET.
-- With this perpetual psycho terror, young people only have a chance for development if they learn to move in different worlds.
-- Schizophrenia+self-destruction: With this eternal psycho terror, youths have only a chance to develop when they learn to move in different worlds, becoming schizoid, and much schizophrenia can be observed, including self-destruction in the name of fidelity a Jewish God Fantasy, and in the name of fidelity to a criminal pastor with tithing (pay 10% of the salary), with false bets and with false prophecies etc. etc. etc.


Catholic compulsory education thus consistently educates unstable and ignorant people and provokes schizophrenia and lasting regression through false priorities. These people do NOT develop leadership skills but are made dependent for life - religious madness with IQ70. This is the goal of the Church that the people always should stay with the pastors - the madness and the stupidity of an IQ70 is the goal of the Church (!) - that's the same way in Islam (with imam) and in Orthodox Jewry (with the rabbi) (!). Sheep in the church - sheep in the mosque - sheep in the synagogue!

These extremist Catholics become "eternal children" with an IQ70, the technical term in psychology is "puer eternus" (in Latin). The efficiency of such persons in their own lives then goes against 0, because they constantly lose things, never learn anything new, copy the destructive behavior of the pastor, or revenge themselves with a murder copying old Bible figures landing in prison (!). It seems really strange that in Latin "American" states where the Fantasy Bible is dominating yet (2019), the murder rates are so high. This murder energy comes according to me - after all analysis work -

1) by the criminal prohibitions of the Church and
2) by the aggressive criminal mentality of the local pastors there (!).

It may even be that certain Catholic parents instruct the children to commit criminal acts, so
-- they train children for organized stealing (pick pocketing),
-- they train children to damage to objects of others (for example, carving swastikas in cars of "enemy persons"),
-- they train children to perform maneuvers, to lure money by lies (simulating courses, simulating studies) etc.

With all this, the efficiency of a "Catholic education" has arrived at UNDER 0. The main elements in life are only defraud, stealing, robbery, playing a poker with other people.

The extortion of the corrupt criminal Catholics with the job - and the incompetent, Catholic dominated state

-- The criminal Catholics with their red light and with their glass box with the crucified fantasy "Jesus" in the living room feel "especially holy" and expect the criminal pastor to "raise" the family
-- The criminal pastors, who spy on the entire population giving "Bible lessons" in homes and apartments, decide which family "will rise" and which family "will descend"
-- Individuals without family are NOTHING
-- Free research is NOTHING
-- Natural Medicine of Mother Earth is NOTHING
-- Healing by Mother Earth's natural medicine is REJECTED
-- And so the criminal pastors decide by their Mafia activity, which father of a family gets which job
-- This means that people are promoted because they "read the Bible" and not because they "can" do something !!!
-- Thus, in states where criminal Catholicism is still dominant, there are tons of UNQUALIFIED PEOPLE at LEADING POSITIONS
-- And so it happens that in states where criminal Catholicism dominates, many clever people ARE NOT GIVEN AN APPROPRIATE PLACE, because the mafia activity with fake propaganda, lies and defamation causes many clever people to get no appropriate job.

In this way, incapable, Catholic-dominated states emerge, where suffering and destruction, where corruption and robbery are normal. The efficiency of such state structures then goes to 0. Catholic states don't know what is recycling, they don't know what is free learning and free singing, because when it's not with the Fantasy Bible, it's rated as "devil". The pope as the devil is not detected...

The corrupt criminal Catholics can not even separate the waste and do not even have recycling

-- The criminal Catholic Church does not know what is waste, because the word of "waste" is not in the Jewish Fantasy Bible
-- The criminal Catholic Church does not know what is waste separation, because elements of "other cultures" are always rejected, except when it brings money
-- Since the criminal Catholic Church does not see the value of waste and the sense of recycling, there is (until today 2019) NO waste separation and NO recycling in the Catholic dominated states, and so the idiots of the gay Catholic Vatican lose with their propaganda troupes , which consist of pastors, pastors and bishops and pedophile priests and violator cardinals and agents and spies of Opus Dei Gay, to this day (2019) - every day millions are lost for nothing because they throw their waste away (valuable residual material!). They throw it just into nature or into the sea (where the plastic then kills the fish and the seabirds), they dump somewhere, or they even give it away (!). Example: Germany and Austria have been happy to take over the "remainders" from Rome and Naples since 2015. The Catholic rulers there were unable to get their own recycling going. One sees in this example: The efficiency in (still) catholic dominated states is 0.

In this sense, the words "waste" or "garbage" should be replaced by the word "residual material".

The powerlessness in terms of waste and garbage (better: "residual material") was proved in the 1990s and 2000s in southern Italy, when half of Europe was invited by Southern Italy's mafia to "dispose" waste in southern Italy. The Catholic mafia in southern Italy simply organized new landfills that contaminated entire groundwater resources in the 2010s and now need to be rehabilitated. One of the most criminal organizers in this case of garbage pollution in southern Italy was the Catholic gentleman Tito Tettamanti from the Catholic south of Switzerland (Lugano) from Switzerland with his Fidinam Trust, who transported tons of garbage from Central Europe through cr. Switzerland to southern Italy - in cooperation with his Catholic mafia friend Berlusconi. The pope and the cardinals, bishops and priests and pastors in Italy were all silent and did not see the problem. It may even be that the local pastors and bishops have received premiums and bribes for the approval of the "garbage business" (!). This is the "work" of the lodge P2, the lodge of the criminal gay Vatican, where the super criminals Tettamanti and Berlusconi are members! The rehabilitation of southern Italy pays the EU, that is to say Germany in particular. Funny, Germany and other states have delivered the garbage ...

Propaganda, lies and defamation of other cultures - the criminal Catholic Church defends its prison with absolute crime and lawlessness

-- Things that the mostly impotent pastor considers as bad are defamed, freedoms are defamed, natural medicine is defamed, free thinking is defamed
-- Logical thinking is not allowed
-- Logically thinking people who contradict the propaganda and defamation are banished and excluded
-- The criminal pastors defend the fantasy Jewish Bible, even if it is 2000 years old and no longer meets the cultural conditions of today (2019)
-- People who point out that this is a fantasy Jesus and a fantasy Maria, and that there is no evidence, these people are considered to be inferior people and mafia maneuvers are organized against these people
-- In extreme cases, the criminal pastor seeks further criminal agitators to commit or "reinforce" further propaganda and defamation: Criminal Catholic pastors (who are mostly impotent), then bring Jehovah Witnesses or spies of Opus Dei Gay or even people from CIA-BND-NDB-MI6 intelligence services to organize large-scale defamation against certain people
-- And the manipulated population also defends their prison and defends the criminal propagandist pastor.

In concrete terms, one has to imagine this: in a (yet!) Catholic dominated state, all sorts of blackmail are used against dissenters or against logicians in order to "perfect" the evangelization work, because these battle tactics are so programmed for the criminal Catholics, and what came out with the children has to "work" also with people of other cultures
-- Prayers against people of other cultures
-- Organize festivals against other cultures
-- Damnation of other cultures
-- Extortion of the dissenters by switching off electricity, water, gas
-- Extortion of the dissenters robbing mail (postal letters, parcels) to cause damage (especially letters with bank cards in it are "particularly interesting", with the intention to cut off the non-believer from his bank accounts)
-- Manipulate the homeowner, organize a mafia, duplicates of the keys are organized and burglary is committed (the criminal Catholics have a "desire" to place in a strange bathroom their own Catholic shit "playing" like 2-year-old children)
-- If the water tank is accessible, there will be maneuvers with the tap of the tank removing it provoking as much damage as possible (forming alga and animals swim around, etc.)
-- And intelligence spies and Opus Dei Gay spies are organized to carry out the defamation against the victim, also in institutes and workspaces.

Criminal Catholics love to INVENT delicts because this is also one of the most important elements of the criminal Catholic EDUCATION (!), for "breaking" the will of the child. With all these extortions, lies and defamation, the will of the "other believers" should be broken, respectively the criminal Catholics (which are mostly IMPOTENT from 40 on) are terrorizing the adults of "other cultures" until the police comes:
-- It is claimed: he does not accept this - even if it is proven that NO Church is needed for having peace because humans have lived until 2000 years ago mostly in peace and have only moved because of big climate fluctuations
-- The criminal Catholic agitators claim: He is a womanizer - even if in the month maybe only two visits without anything harmful
-- The criminal Catholic agitators claim: He can heal, and therefore he is dangerous - even if the healings with sodium bicarbonate are done in 10 to 12 days with a 90% healing rate
-- The criminal Catholic agitators claim: He can heal women, and that is doubly dangerous - even if the healings with aniseed or fennel green parts being chewed 3 times daily heal menstruation pain in 1 month at a 100% healing rate
-- The criminal Catholic agitators claim: He speaks good English, and that is threefold dangerous (!)
-- The criminal Catholic agitators claim: He lives alone, he is fourfold dangerous (!)
-- The criminal Catholic agitators claim: He has indeed women visit, we have "watched" it, then he is five times dangerous (!).

etc. etc. etc.

Ongoing, NEW DELICTS ARE INVENTED to force the adult "dissenters" to "convert" to the Catholic-spiritual "prison". There are calls in all possible forms, e.g. with the words "shark", "wolf in the herd of sheep" etc.

The criminal Catholic agitators and agents (such as secret services MI6, CIA, BND, NDB, or even of the criminal Vatican mafia "Opus Dei Gay", in truth "Locus Gay") - so these secret services SYSTEMATICALLY INVENT especially sexual delicts. This happens systematically against children and against members of other cultures. And the Catholics should all be HOLY at the same time.

The schizophrenic logic of the Catholics: destructive Catholic behavior is "holy" - constructive behavior of other cultures is "devil"

So: Extremist Catholics (like for example in Peru in the governments, in the ministries and in the Prosecutor Department "Dirincri") - these extremist Catholics consider their destructive Catholic behavior as "holy" and consider the constructive work and further education of other cultures as "devil". That's why the Catholics in Peru are NOT GOING ON. Peru for example is managed by bosses from Canada, from Spain, by Chile Protestant people and by China business people. The extremist Catholics in Peru feel elected and only organize some clothes, some shoes, some road and the bus systems, and rob all the tourist profits to Swiss bank accounts.

During this propaganda activity and defamation activity against other cultures counts NO law for the "holy" Catholics:
-- the constitution is ignored
-- the penal law is not observed.

The law or the constitution does not care for the criminal Catholics, because in a (yet!) Catholic dominated country the Catholics HAVE INSTALLED THEIR AGENTS in all ministries and above all the justice.

Opus Dei Gay is spying out all people, and the pastor or the nuncio of the gay Vatican calls to the Catholic judge what he has to decide. And so the clear conclusion is: CATHOLICS = TERRORISTS - because other cultures have NO rights (yet!) in Catholic dominated states:
-- This is in Peru with natives in the jungle (contamination of rivers by gold seeking and oil)
-- This is in Chile and in Argentina with the Mapuche (robbing territories, in Argentina also oil territories)
-- This in Mexico with many native groups etc.

And when a judge is deciding for the natives a Catholic pistol will kill him or will kill the native leader. That's the way how Catholics are playing "God".

Catholics should all be HOLY - Catholic giga corruption - efficiency 0 - blocking of new structures

So Catholics should all be HOLY. This, in turn, results in gigantic Catholic corruption and religious racism against all other cultures:
-- Persons who are in the Fantasy "Bible Group" are "holy" and receive mafia gifts from the pastor
-- Persons who learns the Fantasy Bible by heart, are "twice sacred"
-- Persons who know all fantasy persons of the Fantasy Bible are "threefold holy"
-- All ministries, companies and institutes as well as schools are infiltrated with "faithful" Catholic Fantasy Bible idiots
-- Ministries are infiltrated by criminal Catholics, especially the Ministry of Justice, to favor Catholics idiots against "other" people, whereas the "other" people are NOT considered human beings by the criminal Catholics, but it is ensured that prison sentences for Catholics will be curtailed, or it will be ensured that Catholics ARE NOT ARRESTED, but innocent "from other cultures" (!) - in this way, 20% of prison inmates in Peru are innocent, and 20% of perpetrators are roaming freely in Peru...
-- A company or a school with a "red light" in the office is "holy"
-- If a company or a school has an employee who does not believe in the Jewish Fantasy Bible, then the company is "less holy" and this is considered a "blemish"

etc. etc. etc.

In this way, with all these extortions, the brains of Catholics are completely limited to the imaginative Jewish Bible Fantasy from ASIA, criticism is forbidden, logic is forbidden, and whoever criticizes and proposes another book is expelled from the room. This happens even with persons of other cultures when they can cure cancer or diabetes in 12 days with sodium bicarbonate. The criminal Catholics terrorized the author in Lima from 2015 to 2017 in Los Olivos endlessly. The criminal Catholics with all kinds of agents have really ONLY THE GOAL TO MISSION OTHER CULTURES, to DESTROY ALL OTHER CULTURES, another goal DOES NOT exist in the brains of criminal Catholics.


-- there is NO god to see - it's all a fantasy
-- there is NO proof of any Moses - it's all a fantasy
-- there were never Jews in Egypt as slaves and there was never any Moses on the Nile River nor was there any flight
-- there is NO Jesus to see - it's all a fantasy
-- Mary should have given birth but at the same time should have remained a virgin - well that's impossible or they knew in those times already how to install another hymen.

And the Bible fantasy is arranged in codes:
-- there is the code 3: 3 kings, 3 days of light during the fantasy birth of the fantasy Jesus, 3 days between fantasy cross and fantasy resurrection
-- there is the code 12 (the perfect dozen) with 12 fantasy tribes of a fantasy Moses and with 12 fantasy friends of a fantasy Jesus
-- Fantasy Jesus should have died with 33 already, this is a Freemason's code of 33 which is the highest Freemason's code: 2 times 3 - 33

So, it's all a code FANTASY but extremist Catholics don't want to see how they are defrauded.It's ALL a FRAUD, with Jewry AND Church.

This Catholic giga corruption also has the consequence that Catholic-dominated states HARDLY EVER have structural reforms, because otherwise the criminal Catholics would lose their power positions and "other people" would be equal. And so it is no wonder that Catholic-dominated countries such as Italy, Spain and Portugal are economic laggards in Europe, and it is no wonder that the Latin "American" "states" in Central and South "America" ​​have a high poverty rate and mostly have a very high level of violence. Efficiency is in the Catholic dominated states against 0, worse than many Muslim states.

The violence is then actually directed against the discrimination by the criminal, Catholic authorities, or against violence and against child abuse in Catholic compulsory education. But since these topics are taboo, they project their feelings committing violence as a "compensation" without respect to anybody. This explains also the high rate of gang violence in Latin "America".

Praying for a fantasy God who never comes, praying for a fantasy Jesus who never comes, this provokes frustration which is the ground source for high criminality rates in Latin "American" states. Only the culprit with it's lies and robbery is not attacked yet: Church, the criminal pastors, bishops, priests, cardinals - and the pope with his criminal secret service Opus Dei Gay and his criminal Lodge P2, with his criminal "Legion of Fantasy Christ" and more spies.

New structures only come through broad, political parties that have nothing to do with religion. As you can see, however, the Catholic mafia also has a political propaganda policy and indiscriminately designates socialists as communists to stage government overturns - in collaboration with Opus Dei Gay - so that the criminal Catholic Church does not "lose" territories. This was the case in Chile in 1974 when gay Pinochet became leader with gay priest Karadima as one of the Church leaders forming a "gay Catholic tandem". The main purpose was: Catholics should not loose territories in Chile... (look in the book "Sodoma" of Frederic Martel).

The prison of the Catholic Church with red lamps without natural medicine does not even have a wastewater treatment plant or recycling

The result of this ban culture in criminal Catholicism is
-- a miserable pride
-- a miserable poverty
-- miserable, chronic or allegedly "incurable" diseases and
-- a miserable pollution against Mother Earth.

The False Pride of the Criminal Catholics: The criminal Catholics are so proud that they think that with a red light and a glass box with a crucified Fantasy Jesus, the "value" of the person would "rise" and poverty would be given and nothing could be done to fight against poverty.

Rejection of natural medicine: The criminal Catholics are so proud that they think chronic diseases are given. They don't want to know ANYTHING about natural medicine from Mother Earth, because the propaganda on television is believed that certain diseases are "chronic" or "incurable", because natural medicine is being said from the "devil" instead of learning the natural medicine of Mother Earth.

Rejection of environmental protection: The criminal Catholics are so proud that they think environmental protection would not count for them and it would not affect them (!). In this way, in the Catholic-dominated countries until today (2019) any sewage treatment plants is missing, rivers and waters are polluted and it is impossible for the local residents to use these polluted waters. The worst example is Cusco in Peru, where there is huge tourism and billions in revenue, but all the shit of Cusco flows into the jungle passing Machu Picchu (!).

Rejection of recycling: The criminal Catholics are so proud that they think recycling would not be their business (!). In this way, the catholic dominated countries lose billions every day until today (2019). The criminal-Catholic dominated countries such as Italy, Spain, Portugal, Peru, Chile, etc. deposit their garbage on garbage dumps or just throw it into the sea, so that the fish and the water birds then die of plastic garbage in the stomach. Since 2015, Italy, dominated by Catholic crime, has concluded an agreement with Austria and Germany that Italy will give away its garbage to Austria and Germany, where the garbage will be recycled, so that Austria and Germany make millions in profits from Italian garbage. THAT is Catholic "economy"!

Conclusion: Catholics are terror - the Catholic Church is the MENTALLY ILL, WITH SCHIZOPHRENIA and PERVERSE CRIMINAL

The available data clearly lead to the conclusion that the Catholic Church is a TERROR ORGANIZATION, which LOCKS UP people both physically and mentally. Catholicism is TERRORISM.

-- The criminal Catholics think that gay criminal Vatican is "holy" and fantasy Bible is "holy" - but it's only a FAKE
-- The criminal Catholics think that people who attend fantasy Bible groups or even know the fantasy Bible in memory would be more "holy" than others
-- The criminal Catholics think that when there is a divorce in a family the family would not be "holy" anymore, or when there work people from other cultures in ministries the state would be "in danger"
-- The criminal Catholics think that the most hit boys from 11 years old would be the safest boys because every boy from 11 years is rated as a rapist - and every girl from 11 years on should be locked up and banned from everything because they think that there are only rapes outside - that is why they limit the mental development of children to a fantasy Bible and only an intelligence of s70 comes out with lying pastors who charge a tithe (10%) and the Catholic sheep pay (!)
-- The criminal Catholics think that chronic diseases and "incurable" diseases are "normal"
-- The criminal Catholics think that anything that is not on TV and not in the Bible is "not normal", so natural medicine is rejected
-- The criminal Catholics think pollution and the killing of animals by garbage in the sea is "normal"
-- The criminal Catholics mean, stinking rivers with the shit of entire cities is "normal" because in the Fantasy Bible the word "purification plant" is missing
-- The criminal Catholics think that the loss of millions due to the lack of recycling is "normal" because in the Fantasy Bible the word "recycling" is missing.
etc. etc. etc.

And this proves that the criminal Catholic Church is a guide to suffering, killing and loss, against their own commandments in the Jewish Fantasy Bible, and thus the Catholic Church is SCHIZOPHRENIC and PERVERSE.

The liberation from Catholic terror

The liberation from the terrorism of the Catholic Church is not a simple thing for the Catholics because the pastors are reacting with intrigues, propaganda and defamation when somebody tells the truth against criminal Catholic Church.

Catholics who were systematically manipulated with Catholicism from age three onward do not know how independent thinking works and how a life without the fantasies of Rome works.

People who liberate themselves are referred to as "apostates" and "traitors" and need to form strong groups to stand up against the criminal propagandist pastors.

Churches can be converted into libraries or community centers or universities.

At the universities of the catholic dominated countries to date (2019) the formation of engineers for sewage treatment plants and recycling is missing. Waste separation is of no use if you do not recycle.

Pastors can learn sociology or natural medicine and heal people. Bible fantasies heal by psychological manipulation with a healing rate of only 1 to 2%. The natural medicine of Mother Earth heals with a healing rate of 90% (sodium bicarbonate) to 100% (hormone plants in women) without any big book study nor with any praying action - it's just Mother Earth healing action.

Pastors can become engineers. If they do not want to change, they become cleaning staff. The last will be the first, the first will be the last.

The world is freed from Catholic terror only when the criminal Vatican has dissolved or is being banned. Just bar the entrance of the criminal gay Vatican and put window screens and prison wards and the prison is installed. As the criminal gay Vatican is working with a Vatican Bank bribing the whole world, the Vatican will only be closed when the whole world's governments are coordinated in thinking that these Satanist Vatican terrorists have to go. This could be prepared with a world's conference against the Vatican criminals. Then the Vatican Bank will be cut off from the power system and clergies get their trials in Rome or in The Hague for their crimes against humanity which they have committed since 2000 years. Churches can be converted in halls for everybody, restaurants, libraries, dance studios etc.

2) Summary Nov 19, 2022: CRIMINAL VATICAN - FORBID Catholic Church AND CLOSE IT!
By Michael Palomino, 11/19/2022.

Michael Palomino with Inca cross and
              Mother Earth - and web sites Michael Palomino with Inca cross and Mother Earth - and web sites

— The Criminal Pedophile Catholic Gay Vatican are 1000 criminal drug money funded liars with 1 fantasy book, 800 of which are gay - and ALL are sexually unhappy.
— These Vatican criminals claim in a book of lies from Asia that there is a fantasy God and a fantasy Jesus with code 33 who is the fantasy son of the fantasy God. And who does not believe in it, would land in the fantasy hell. This is all CRAZY and MISLEADING.
— The leading sect of the criminal-pedophile-Catholic gay Vatican is called "Opus Dei", who are also gay and sexually unhappy, so they are Opus Dei Gay.
— Because these gay Vatican "leaders" of the criminal-pedophile-Catholic Church are ALL sexually unhappy and bang each other in the asshole, they have at the asshole constantly inflammations and with some the asshole does not close any more and they run around in PAMPERS+DIAPERS.
— The gay Vatican "leaders" are simultaneously banging children at child rituals with child gangbangs in castles and in basements of cathedrals, and often criminal nuns prepare the abused child for the gangbang with the "high leaders" (Pope, cardinals, bishops).
— The "normal" Catholics with hetero relationships are always praying that "love is sin", and by praying so much against love, the "normal" Catholic men from 40 on become IMPOTENT and waste away without joy of life.
— The "normal" Catholics" WITHOUT JOY OF LIFE then agitate against the whole world, which is "not Catholic" and agitate against normal sexuality, which is "forbidden" - only because these criminal Catholics become IMPOTENT from 40, because they pray too much against love.
— The criminal-pedophile-Catholic Vatican finances itself by drug trafficking with Latin "America": in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia cocaine is PURCHASED cheaply and it is SOLD for high prices in Europe, "USA", Canada, Australia etc. The transport is performed by Italian Ndrangheta Mafia to the port Tauro. Cocaine consumers are giving their money to the criminal Vatican. Drug money is in the Vatican Bank and in the sister bank of the criminal Vatican UBS AG in Switzerland, where private bank accounts are simply blocked, for abusing these bank accounts for money laundering. Latin "America" MUST REMAIN POOR so that the purchase of cocaine always remains cheap. This is so ORGANIZED. The criminal pastors in Latin "America" have the task to keep the populations in Latin "America" STUPID WITH LIES AND THEY ARE DEFAMING ALL TRUTHERS, and whoever reads more than 1 book is EXCLUDED+DISCRIMINATED from the community. I could observe it myself in Lima 2015-2020.
— The criminal-pedophile-Catholic Church also rejects natural medicine, rejects any research in history, the fantasy God does not exist, the fantasy Jesus does not exist either, worshiping corpses on crosses is glorification of violence and insane-necrophilia, and the dictatorship from the pulpit with a fantasy book from Asia is pure lying.
— There were gods, the word "eloim" in the first Greek translation of the Bible is correct, one can marvel the gods of the past in the museums of Peru, Ecuador and Colombia who came as extraterrestrials and taught the people 1) city building and 2) agriculture. One can marvel at the works of the gods of prehistory in Cusco and Machu Picchu with millimeter work with granite stones without mortar like a 3D puzzle.
— It was the criminal Vatican that, starting in 1400, after the great plague waves and earthquakes in Europe, stole territories and invented a new world history with a fantasy empire of Rome that never existed. Ancient Greek language is Old High German language, the world was Greek and a "Roman" was the name given to Greek soldiers abroad. In 1493, the cr. Vatican then proclaimed world domination by dividing the world between Spain and Portugal with a "Treaty of Tordesillas", with colonialism with violence, extortion, slavery and mass murder of indigenous people on the WHOLE world. The Vatican was the model for reformed powers like Holland, France, Belgium and England to do THE SAME. The cr. Vatican was only exposed by historian Zillmer with the book "Columbus came last" (orig. German: "Kolumbus kam als Letzter").

CONCLUSION: The catholic church is a mentally ill refuge of organized IRREDUCTION, TORTURE+CRIME against humanity
— The criminal-pedophile-Catholic Gay Church with the Gay Vatican and all the criminality against the WHOLE WORLD (colonialism) and against life (espionage, bans on normal life, character assassinations against other cultures) is SURVIVAL. If the Vatican closes, the world will be BETTER off. All perpetrators of the criminal Catholic Church belong in prison and then there will be an end to superstition with corpses on crosses, an end to drug trafficking and money laundering, an end to character assassinations against other cultures AND AN END TO SELF-SHIELDING THROUGH OBLIGATIONS TO BE GENTLEN AND PROHIBITION OF HETERO RELATIONSHIPS.
— The Catholic Church and its gay-criminal representatives are a MENTAL DISEASE that must be eliminated to make the world more humane. You cannot say a "God" rules when it is the criminal bishops with their nuns who spy and do character assassinations and curses. You can't say a fantasy Jesus healed when he doesn't say how, and a fantasy Jesus would come when he has NOT come for 2022 years. You can't say if you pray 1 hour rosary you are worth more than other people who don't. This misdirection to church slavery and to Catholic fake pride must have an END.

ACTION IS NEEDED: Prosecutors worldwide should put an end to this organized crime of the Catholic Church
— The prosecutor's offices of the WHOLE WORLD have the mandate to finally punish the official crimes of the criminal-pedophile-Catholic Gay Church and the satanist-criminal Vatican and to free the world from the terror of the criminal Catholics. Put these Catholic criminals to prison at last! Also the many crosses with dead bodies in the landscape should be BANNED because this is glorification of violence on public ground. And the fantasy Mary has also never existed. And after a birth a woman is NO more virgin. And the "holy women" of the Catholic Church were in real terms mostly the society ladies of the bishops, and the Vatican then defined these ladies as "saints". Also Mother Theresa is lied, there were no healings with her. But she has organized children for the Vatican.
— Put the Catholic criminals to prison! This physical and spiritual impotence is UNBEARABLE!
— Churches can be converted into social houses for social activities, and the looted Vatican assets must be returned to the world population.
— The 150 Swiss soldiers of the Vatican should quit their job for having better jobs than to protect the Vatican criminals. Protecting criminals is another CRIME!

Michael Palomino NEVER VACATE, 11/18/2022.
History - Sociology - Natural Medicine with Mother Earth.

Data on the criminal church with slavery+colonialism+cruelty against other cultures:
— Gay Vatican celebrates gay relationships instead of normalizing: Book by Frédéric Martel: "Sodoma. In the Closet of the Vatican: Power, Homosexuality, Hypocrisy" 2019
— Criminal Church: http://www.hist-chron.com/kircherei-index.html
— Criminal colonialism: http://www.geschichteinchronologie.com/kol-index-ENGL.html
— Zillmer: Columbus came last (Kolumbus kam als Letzter): http://www.hist-chron.com/Zillmer/Kolumbus-kam-als-Letzter-index-D.html
— Satanism with child rituals with child gangbang etc.: http://www.geschichteinchronologie.com/welt/sa/satanism-index-ENGL.html
— The horror of gay life: http://www.soz-etc.com/ps/gays/ENGL-gays-homos-index.html

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