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Cath. 04 - since June 9, 2018 - Catholic Church=ORGANIZED CRIME

with the study from Germany

Catholics are perverse with a 2000 year old Jewish fantasy book - and they believe firmly that this would be the "truth" - and let guide themselves to devil...

The German study of 2018 about sexual abuse in the Catholic Fantasy Church:

Two basic conclusions of the German study of 2018 on the Catholic-pedophile-criminal Fantasy Church:

-- Celibacy provokes more gay sex and more sex against children
-- The cackolic criminal church favors sexual crimes against children and adults, because there are many dark places (confessional etc.).

The study CONCEALS the infections of gays with their broken anus, which does not close anymore, how they have to live with diapers, and also CONCEALS AIDS cases ans forced abortions when bishops, priests or cardinals deny the child of the victim and force the victim for an abortion.



-- Geneva + Brussels: The Satanist-POPE - Reports from Geneva say clearly: He is child molester and child murderer of satanic rituals - planned ritual June 21 in Geneva - he has also been child trafficker in Argentina: 30,000 murdered and 100 children sacrifices + 50,000 disappeared Aboriginal children from Canada - Refusal to investigate child friars (!) - Arrest warrant from Brussels, 30.5.2018 (!): [Satanist] - Pope Francis to be arrested for child molestation and multiple murders? (09.06.2018)
-- Cr. Switzerland: Catholics in the rich CH: The debt pastor of Küssnacht (Canton Schwyz): Küssnacht SZ: Pastor released for gambling debts (18.6.2018)
-- Criminal Satanist Pope wants more children by migrant invaders - so wants more children through rapes: [Satanist] - Pope Francis: Problem of a falling birth rate with migration counter (20.6.2018)
-- Vatican diplomat Carlo Alberto Capella sentenced to 5 years for possession and distribution of child pornography and 5,000 euros fine: Imprisonment: Vatican condemns priests for child pornography (24.6.2018)
-- Geneva: A "half" arrest action against Satanist Pope Francis by the ICLCJ - he could not go to the basilica for the Satanic killing ritual: [Satanist] - Pope Francis avoids arrest, child sacrifices were canceled by abortion (30.6.2018)
-- Satanist VATICAN = SOROS! - The Satanist Pope is smeared by Soros! - Information from Bishop Athanasius Schneider in an interview to the newspaper "Il Giornale" on 27.6.2018: Vatican Bishop admits: 'Old Catholic officials are paid by George Soros' (10.7.2018)
-- Chile: 158 criminal clergymen, lay people, Catholic teachers - Abuse of 266 children and adults - Undecided number of cases: Abuse scandal in Chile: Judicial investigation against 158 ​​clergy and laity - 266 children and adults abused (24 July 2018)
-- The Satanist pope says Africans and Muslims are "warriors of hope": [Satanist] pope calls illegals "warriors of hope" and demands further mass migration (31.7.2018)
-- Chile: Criminal Catholic Fantasy Church abused more than 200 children: Around 200 children and adolescents abused: Chilean Episcopal Conference asks victims for "forgiveness" (4.8.2018)
-- Priest Oko (PL) on the homo-mafia in the Catholic Fantasy Church: 40-50% of the "US" bishops could be homos, 50% of them criminal-pedophile - and they refuse to ordain hetero-priests: Polish Priest reveals: There is a homo-mafia in the [Fantasia] church (6.8.2018)
Cardinal Cipriani has concealed data on the rape case of Figari, the founder of the organization "Sodalicio de Vida Cristiana" - further rapists are Levaggi, Daniels and Murgui: prosecutor [Lima] is investigating against Cipriani for concealing rape (9.8.2018)

- Chile: ex-archbishop Muñoz with about 6 rape victims - 14 priests suspended remain impunity - Archbishop of Santiago Ezzati has concealed rape crime - 5 priests resigned - 42 priests + 1 deacon convicted etc. etc. Abuse in the [Fantasy] Church: Military Diocese of Allananan due to hushed up cases (9.8.2018)
- Pennsylvania ("USA"): Systematic child abuse by more than 300 criminal-pedophile priests to more than 1000 children - undecided number - Catholic Fantasy Church protects the rapists: church scandal in the "USA": over 1000 children of 300 priests abused (14.8.2018 )
- Germany: German gay Catholic Fantasy Church with high crime: first sexually abuse children (especially boys!) - And then the files are destroyed! Church scandal: Bishoprics destroyed child sexual abuse files - Thousands of victims (12.9.2018)
- Germany: Satanist pope, cardinals, high bishops - all child abusers: Even senior clerics abused children - criminal cases were often stopped (14.9.2018)
- Germany: German Justice Minister Mrs. Barley calls on Catholic Fantasy Church a "cultural change" and child protection (!!!) - better the Fantasy Church will be CLOSED! Massive child abuse: Barley criticizes "silence and cover up" in the Catholic Church (22.9.2018)

- 25.9.2018: Study in Merkel Germany: 1000s of victims of abuse by the gay and criminal Catholic Fantasy Church: 3.677 cases of abuse by the [Fantasy] church: "Only the tip of the iceberg" - Merkel-Deutschland 28.9.2018: Child abuse by pastors, Priests and the Pope: INCOMPLETE DATA - Criminal Catholic Fantasy Church systematically PROMOTES PROTECTION FOR THE CRIMINAL! Systemic protection of perpetrators - Sexual abuse in the Catholic Fantasy Church Germany - Censorship of the German study: No free research - Censored documents - The main question: Is the church faking the number of members up? - Order staff is not fully represented in the study - 17 of 27 dioceses opened their archives only from the year 2000 - 3677 cases of abuse by 1670 church staff - twice as many compensation pronounced as identified sex criminals - Child abuse changes the brain structures - The Celibacy with the prohibition of sex with normal women provokes pedophilia against children - The structures of cr. Fantasy Church allow the hidden life of sexual practices in dark places - the vast majority of abusers can live without punishment or / and are passed from diocese to diocese, where they repeat their pedophile-criminal acts - the archbishop of Munich Mr. Marx prevents the publication of the study of his diocese with tons of child abuse - suspicion that Pope Benedict XVI as Cardinal Ratzinger in Munich  was a child abuser - Pope Francis simply said that violence had been "normal" in families

-- Scotland: Child abuse by nuns and priests in Catholic children's homes, accompanied by beatings with crucifixes, leather thongs or brushes: GB: Nuns and priests abused orphans for 60 years (13.10.2018)
-- Germany: Criminal charges for abuse scandal in Catholic [Fantasy] Church: "The [Fantasy] Church can not refuse a legal enlightenment" (27.10.2018)
-- Ireland: Referendum for Abolition of the Article on "Blasphemy": Distance to the Catholic [Fantasy] Church: Irish voters cancel blasphemy prohibition (28.10.2018)
-- Nov.18 = memorial day introduced for commemorating abuse victims: [Fantasy] Church introducing memorial day for victims of sexual abuse (29.10.2018)
-- Germany: Sexual Abuse in the German-Catholic [Fantasy] Church: Lawyers file lawsuits against all 27 German bishoprics (30.10.2018)

Literatur (Bücher) über den kriminellen Vatikan - Link

Pope Francis has a murderous past in the satanic-pedophile area - there is a warrant issued since May 2018! - to arrest him!!!

Schweinz (Schweiz) Fahne   Belgien Fahne   News for friends
            online, Logo 

Geneva + Brussels, June 9, 2018: THE POPE - reports from Geneva say clearly: He is a child raper and child murderer of satanic rituals - planned ritual June 21 in Geneva - he was also child trafficker in Argentina: 30,000 murdered + 100 children sacrifices + 50,000 disappeared Aboriginal children from Canada - Refusal to investigate child cemeteries (!) - Arrest warrant from Brussels, May30,2018 (!):
Pope Francis to be arrested for child abuse and multiple murders?
(original German: Papst Franziskus soll wegen Kindesmissbrauchs und mehrfachen Mordes verhaftet werden?)


<By  NewsforFriends

[The case of Bergoglio since 2014 - the Vatican protects the pope from arrest]

On 30 May, Pope Francis Jorge Mario Bergoglio received a warrant for his role in the trade and death of children. The order demanded an immediate arrest of Bergoglio [pope Francis] as a convicted criminal and threat to the safety of children.

The police planned to obtain the arrest warrant at an event of the World Council of Churches in Geneva, Switzerland, where Pope Francis was to speak before the assembly on 21 June [2018]. The arrest warrant has been recognized by INTERPOL authorities and judicial and police authorities in Spain, America, Russia and Serbia.

On July 18, 2014, Bergoglio [Pope Francis] was convicted by the International Court of Justice in Brussels for crimes against humanity and complicity in a criminal conspiracy involving child trafficking and child death. Although the Vatican protected Pope Francis [civil name: Bergoglio] from being arrested in 2014 after his conviction, the arrest warrant was issued on May 30, 2018, after an informant had informed the ICLCJ court that a neo-Christian Satanic cult sacrifice for Pope Francis was scheduled for the summer solstice in Geneva before the meetings of the World Council of Churches (WCC).

It is believed that child sacrifices for the satanic rite were provided by an international child exploitation ring funded by the global elite, enforced by the mafia, and organized by a Vatican bureau.

[Plan in Geneva: Satanistic papal child murder at the solstice - Basilica Notre-Dame in Geneva - Bergoglio was there a rapist in 2014]

"At midnight on the solstice, a closely guarded ceremony will take place in the Catholic Basilica of Notre Dame on rue Argand in Geneva. Only the highest WCC leaders and the Pope will be there. We were all warned against keeping silence, it is unofficial and very secretive. But it is the same basilica in which children were missing in 2014 and ritual murder was indicated. I suspect that their contract is sealed with blood on 21 June",

said the informant.

"Jorge Mario Bergoglio [the Pope Francis] as the Principal Principal Administrator of Vatican Incorporated and the Roman Catholic [Fantasy] Church is properly convicted by the tribunal for crimes against humanity and complicity in a criminal conspiracy, including the trafficking and death of children,  (ICLCJ Case No. 06182014-001, In the Matter of the People by Bergoglio, Pachon, Welby et al, July 18, 2014)."

[Pope Francis child trafficking - high payments - over 48 eyewitnesses testified with 6 international judges - the pedophile network with [fantasy] church leaders, managers, politicians, elites, royal families]

The dramatic story of Pope Francis's trafficking in children never became mainstream media, despite the fact that more than 48 eyewitnesses testified to six international judges that the Vatican has been paid a lot of money to worship Satan through their pedophile ring, these are: the [fantasy] church leader [the pope], businessmen, politicians and other elites, including members of European royal families.

[Rape by Pope Francis in Holland and Belgium - also at Carnarvon Castle in Wales - and in castles in France]

Two adolescent women told the ICLCJ court that Pope Francis had raped them while participating in child sacrifices, according to 2009 and 2010 sources in the rural Netherlands and Belgium. According to an earlier collaborator of the Curia in Rome, rapes and murders of children also took place at Carnarvon Castle in Wales and at an unnamed French castle. A prosecutor carried out notarized affidavits from eight others who were claiming to be witnesses to the same crimes organized by the Vatican.

[Rape by Pope Francis in Argentina when he was still bishop - he "promoted" 30,000 children of murdered left-wing prisoners into the pedophile ring]

Another witness testified that they were present during meetings with the then Argentine priest and Bishop Francis and the military junta during the dirty war in Argentina in 1970. [Peron dictatorship]. According to the witness, [today's Pope] Francis helped to transport 30,000 children of missing political prisoners to the Vatican pedophile ring. [According to other sources, there were 30,000 murdered leftists, and 100s of children were stolen from them which were "distributed"].

[Criminal Vatican rejects excavations of thousands of child corpses]

It was believed that some of these children were buried in a children's cemetery in Spain - at the same time, the Vatican has repeatedly rejected requests for excavation - and the Vatican has also rejected the excavations of over 32 children's tombs, which are guarding mutilated bodies of over 50,000 people - these are missing children from the Anglican, United [Fantasy] Church of Canada, the matter is about 80 [Fantasy] Catholic boarding schools for natives in Canada. See the testimony:

The order was issued on 30 May 2018 by the criminal crime division of the International Court of Common Law in Brussels. C. Redvers, LL.B., Court Clerk. itccsoffice@gmail.comhttp://www.itccs.orghttp://itccs.org/the-international-common-law-court-of-justice-case-no-1-genocide-in-canada/

Source: https://daserwachendervalkyrjar.wordpress.com/2018/06/07/papst-franziskus-soll-wegen-kindesmissbrauchs-und-mehrfachen-mordes-verhaftet-werden/>


Video: In the paradise of Satanic pedophilia (37'53'')
(original German: Im Paradies der satanischen Pädophilie

Video: Im Paradies der satanischen Pädophilie (37'53'')


Schweinz (Schweiz) Fahne  Kriminelle Schweinz (Schweiz - CH):
              Rothschild-Geldinsel in Kontinentaleuropa, organisiertes

20 minuten online,

Cr. Switzerland 18-06-2018: The debt-pastor of Küssnacht (Canton Schwyz) played casino with his money and now has a dept of some 100.000 Swiss Francs:
Küssnacht SZ: Priest released for gambling debts
(original German: Küssnacht SZ: Pfarrer wegen Spielschulden freigestellt)


<The bishop of the town of Chur - Mr. Vitus Huonder - has neutralized the pastor of the municipality Küssnacht SZ from his duties.

The Catholic pastor of the municipality Küssnacht SZ has resigned his office after more than two decades. The bishop of Chur - Mr. Vitus Huonder - has released the churchman at his request from the tasks. Debt had put the clergyman in trouble.

The pastor of Küssnacht had offered the Chur bishop his demission on Wednesday last week. On the same day the [Fantasy] church council cancelled the employment relationship.

WM instead of therapy

On June 14, the diocesan bishop went to Küssnacht to talk to the pastor about the situation. In a lengthy conversation, he tried to persuade the pastor to accept the aid provided by the diocese immediately. This consisted in the offer of a short-term personal support and in being able to enter a specialized university clinic against gambling, as the [Fantasy] parish of Küssnacht communicates in a letter.

The pastor was also offered advice by a specialized lawyer on debt issues. The pastor, however, has preferred not to accept these offers for the time being due to a longer-planned trip in relation to the football World Cup in Russia.

The financial difficulties of the churchman are apparently greater than previously thought. A mountain of debts amounting to a few hundred thousand francs had piled up according to news. Rumors say that the pastor has lent money from over 50 people in Küssnacht for paying his debt.

No clarification, but an apology

The clergyman had already been in financial difficulties in previous years due to gambling debts and had himself reported to the [Fantasy] diocese. According to the Chur [Fantasy] bishopric, the Küssnacht [Fantasy] Church Council had no knowledge of this history.

The [Fantasy] church council assumes that the needs of the pastor are on the one hand due to speculative investments that led to losses. On the other hand, they are most likely related to the previous gambling debts.

It had not been possible to obtain from the pastor the indispensable open data for the clarification or to obtain an overview of its actual financial situation, it was said.

In the Küssnachter local newspaper Free Swiss Man (Freierschweizer.ch), the pastor still has his say. He is infinitely sorry and ashamed of the people he has wronged, he informs.



Vatikan Fahne Karte von Italien mit dem schwul-kriminellen Vatikan:
            1000 Leute, 80% Schwule, organisiertes Verbrechen

Epoch Times online,

June 20, 2018: Criminal Pope wants more children by migrant invaders - so he wants more children through rape:
Pope Francis: Solve the problem of sinking birth rate with migration
(original German: Papst Franziskus: Problem einer sinkenden Geburtenrate mit Migration begegnen)



<[Satanist] Pope Francis is concerned about a "demographic void" in Europe and sees migration as a necessary act to counteract the declining birth rate.

[Satanist] Pope Francis does not believe that today there is a fear of Islam, but rather "of IS and its war of conquest, which comes in part from Islam", he said in an interview with the French newspaper "La Croix" [link]. It is true that the idea of ​​conquest lives in the soul of Islam, but one could also interpret this goal in the [Fantasy] Gospel of [Fantasy] Matthew, where [Fantasy] Jesus sent his disciples to all nations, in the sense of the same idea of ​​conquest.
[The Fantasy Christians have destroyed all Native cultures in Europe, and partly in Australia, "America" ​​and Africa - as Fantasy Islam did in the Middle East, in north Africa, Malasia, Indonesia etc.].
The integration of migrants today is "all the more necessary as Europe experiences the serious problem of a declining birth rate as a result of a selfish search for wealth," he explains. "A demographic void is developing." He sees migration as a necessary act to counteract the declining birth rate.
[Of course, the Satanist Pope does not mention that male migrants often have an IQ of 0 and constantly rape because the only thing they learn in Muslim countries is the Fantasy Quran learning by heart and copying extremist imam fantasy sayings].

[Fantasy] Catholic church representatives want a social market economy

The [Satanist] Pope does not want to learn much from European history, but in his opinion there are too many "colonial overtones", the interview continues. Instead, he campaigned openly for the promotion of socialism. A completely free market would not work. Markets are good, but they also need a fulcrum, a third party, or a state to oversee and balance them. That's why you need a social market economy, says [Satanist] Pope Francis.

The same melodies could be heard already by the German chairman of [Fantasy] Catholic Bishops' Conference, Mr. Cardinal Reinhard Marx. He made a statement for the 200nd birthday of Karl Marx and was outing himself as a proponent of a "global social market economy". Capitalism must be "tamed and reformed," he said.

The Munich Cardinal additionally means that his namesake Karl Marx was presented in an unjust light when all evil what others had done in his name would be blamed on him. In the writings of Marx one could find one or other dictatorship element, but it would be wrong to make a "direct connection to the doctrine of latter politic Marxism Leninism or punishment and labor camps in the Soviet empire", declared the archbishop in an interview with General Frankfort Newspaper (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) [link].

It is estimated that in the 20th century alone, socialism and communism led to the deaths of at least 130 million people. (Mcd)>


Satanist Vatican: Capella behind bars:
Vatikan Fahne  Kronenzeitung online, Logo  Karte von Italien mit dem
                    schwul-kriminellen Vatikan: 1000 Leute, 80% Schwule,
                    organisiertes Verbrechen

June 24, 2018: Vatican diplomat Carlo Alberto Capella sentenced to 5 years for his possession and distribution of child pornography and 5,000 euros fine:
Imprisonment: Vatican condemns priests for child pornography
(original German: Freiheitsstrafe: Vatikan verurteilt Geistlichen wegen Kinderpornos)


<In the [Satanist] Vatican, a Catholic priest has been convicted for child abuse for the first time. The [Satanist] Vatican court sentenced former diplomat Carlo Alberto Capella to five years' imprisonment and a fine of 5,000 euros on Saturday. The judges found him guilty of possessing and distributing child pornography.

The prosecution demanded five years and nine months imprisonment and a 10,000 euro fine after two trial days. On Friday, Capella had made a full confession. He has experienced an internal crisis since his transfer to the "US" in 2016, he said, according to [Satanist] Vatican media platform "[Satanist] Vatican News".

Material downloaded during vacation in Canada
The former employee of the [Fantasy] nunciature in Washington had therefore downloaded and shared material during a holiday in Canada. Through his computer, the films and photos have landed on a cloud server in the "US", which provoked the attention of the authorities were. Following indications from the "US" and Canada, the [Satanist] Vatican has withdrawn Capella from the diplomatic service around September 2017, and he was in provisional detention in April.

Procedures conducted in the [Satanist] Vatican
Although the material was on a cloud server in the "US" and a warrant was issued from Canada, the trial was conducted in the [Satanist] Vatican, according to [Satanist] Vatican News, because Capella had committed the alleged acts of being a Holy See official. It is still unclear where he will serve his sentence.

[Case in the Dominican Republic]

The [Fantasy] Catholic Church has been making pedophile clerical headlines for years with scandals. In 2015, the former nuncio in the Dominican Republic, Jozef Wesolowski, was to appear before the Vatican court. The beginning of the trial was adjourned because of illness, shortly afterwards the defendant died.

[Case in Australia]

In his homeland Australia, Curia Cardinal George Pell is about to face charges of abuse [link]. His office as Chief Financial Officer of the Vatican is therefore left.
[According to Fulford, this Satanist Pell is responsible for bribing all governments in the world with millions of drug money from the Vatican Bank]
[Satanist] Pope Francis has repeatedly stated, he would continue a "zero tolerance principle" like his predecessor [Satanist] Benedict XVI. During his trip to Chile in January, the [Satanist] pontiff had caused a scandal when he defended a bishop [Barros] accused there in the course of a scandal [of Karadima]. Later he begged forgiveness and admitted that he had misjudged the situation.>


Schweinz (Schweiz)

                online, Logo

Geneva - June 30, 2018: A "half" arrest campaign against Satanist Pope Francis by the ICLCJ - he could not get into the Basilika for the satanic killing ritual:
[Satanist] Pope Francis avoids arrest, by blocking the child sacrifices were canceled
(original German: Papst Franziskus vermeidet Verhaftung, durch Abbruch wurden Kinderopfer abgesagt)


<by Judy Byington

A planned child sacrifice ritual of the Ninth District which was scheduled for summer solstice on June 21 was invalidated after [Satanist] Pope Francis avoided the arrest that day.

Bergoglio [Satanist Pope Francis] was right next to the pavilion of the World Council of [Fantasy] Churches in Geneva (Switzerland) with his retinue and personal bodyguards, when four members of the International Court of Civil Law presented the [Satanist] Pope a warrant reading it, putting handcuffs and tried to bring him to a safe agreed location.

[Satanist] Pope Francis looked shocked and unable to move when a scuffle erupted and Vatican security personnel attacked the two team members holding him.

The two ICLCJ agents were severely beaten while four team members withdrew according to tactical protocol. When the two accusers were held at gunpoint by the [Swiss Satanist] Vatican security staff, Bergoglio [the Satanist pope] was released and rushed for a waiting vehicle.

Although the ICLCJ arrest warrant was recognized by the INTERPOL authorities and the judiciary and police in Spain, "America", Russia and Serbia, four members of the team were still arrested by the Geneva police. There was a lot of concern at the moment for the lives of these team members, as the [Satanist] Vatican had beaten the agents. They are interrogated by the Geneva police.

"Bergoglio's [the Satanist pope's] plan was confirmed: to participate in a [Satanist] child sacrifice and therefore our intervention could be considered a success in ending this ritual",

said an informant about the confrontation that took place before the Catholic Basilica Notre Dame in the street during the meetings of the [Satanist] World Council of [Fantasy] Churches.

"It is the same basilica where children were missing in 2014 and [Satanist] ritual killings were reported."

On July 18, 2014, Bergoglio [Satanist pope Francis] was convicted by the ICLCJ Court of Crimes against Humanity and Consequence of a Criminal Conspiracy that involved the trafficking and death of children [during Pinochet in Argentina, among other things, he organized child trafficking to the pedophile ring of the Vatican, and he also raped and murdered children in satanic rituals in castles of Europe].>


Vatikan Fahne Karte von Italien mit dem
                schwul-kriminellen Vatikan: 1000 Leute, 80% Schwule,
                organisiertes Verbrechen  Grossbritannien (England) mit London: Sitz des
                satanistischen Komitees der 300 mit der
                Rothschild-Mafia, organisiertes Verbrechen

Yournewswire online, Logo
July 10, 2018: VATICAN=SOROS! - The Satanist Pope is bribed by Satanist Soros! - Information from bishop Athanasius Schneider in an interview to the newspaper "Il Giornale" from June 27, 2018
Vatican Bishop Confesses: ‘Senior Catholic Officials Are Paid By George Soros’

<European politicians and senior Catholic officials have been bought and paid for by George Soros, according to Vatican Bishop Athanasius Schneider, who confessed to an Italian newspaper that the migrant crisis was orchestrated with the goal of “radically altering the Christian and national identity of the peoples of Europe.”

[Vatican is full of globalist Soros agents]

Bishop Schneider, a resident of the Vatican, made the bombshell revelation during an interview with Italian daily Il Giornale. According to Schneider, the Vatican has been infiltrated by globalist operatives and an organized campaign is being rolled out to radically alter European culture.

Speaking to the newspaper last week, Bishop Schneider said:“The migrant crisis represents a plan orchestrated and prepared for a long time by international powers to radically alter the Christian and national identity of the peoples of Europe.”

[Goal of Satanist Soros' NWO: exterminate christianity in the "West"]

According to Bishop Schneider, the globalists operatives are determined to eradicate Christianity in Europe and the West. One of their key tactics involves flooding European countries with migrants in order to dilute the Christian base and radically change national culture and identity.

[Satanist Pope Francis is an agent of Satanist Soros - Germany+Sweden should be models]

Pope Francis has been raising eyebrows for a long time over his continued support for globalist talking points. Last month the pontiff called for open borders in the United States, urging authorities to take in as many refugees as they can, and provided the examples of Germany and Sweden as models for the US to follow.

Each country must do this with the virtue of government, which is prudence, and take in as many refugees as it can, as many as it can integrate, educate, give jobs to,” the Pope told reporters aboard his papal plane after a trip to Geneva, Switzerland.

These inflammatory statements are merely the latest in a lengthy series of disturbing announcements by the jesuit Pope and have renewed fears that he is the false prophet warned about in holy scripture and prophecy.

[Satanist Pope is angry against "USA"]

In July Pope Francis told the Italian newspaper La Repubblica that the United States of America has “a distorted vision of the world” and Americans must be ruled by a world government, as soon as possible, “for their own good.

[Satanist Pope is payed by Soros]

There is little doubt Pope Francis is one of the Vatican figures Bishop Schneider suggested are on George Soros’s payroll. [...]>


Chile: horrific Satanist Church:

Chile Fahne  Karte
                von Chile mit Santiago de Chile

Epoch Times
                online, Logo

Chile 24.7.2018: Criminal Catholic Fantasy Church in Chile - 158 criminal clergymen, lay people, Catholic teachers - abuse of 266 children and adults - dark figure not defined:
Abuse scandal in Chile: Justice investigates 158 clergymen and laity - 266 children and adults abused
(original German: Missbrauchsskandal in Chile: Justiz ermittelt gegen 158 Geistliche und Laien – 266 Kinder und Erwachsene missbraucht)


<The Chilean judiciary investigates 158 clergymen and laity in the abuse scandal in the [Fantasy] Catholic Church. The investigation is about the abuse of 266 children and adults, as the prosecutor announced on Monday.

The judiciary in Chile investigates 158 clergymen and laity in the abuse scandal in the country's Catholic [Fantasy] Church. The investigation is about the sexual abuse of 266 children and adults, as the prosecutor announced on Monday. Among the alleged victims were therefore 178 children and adolescents. The allegations are reported to date back to 1960.

Among the suspects are men who were priests, bishops or monks at the time of the alleged act, prosecutor Luis Torres said. Also against employees in religious [Satanist] school facilities will be investigated.

At present, 36 investigations are pending and 108 have been completed. In 23 cases sanctions were imposed, one case ended without penalty. Victim organizations meanwhile speak of high dark figures and see in the proceedings only the tip of the iceberg.

In May, dozens of bishops in the country had filed their resignations in connection with the child abuse scandal. So far, [Satanist] Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of five of them.

Numerous senior church officials are accused of ignoring or covering up child abuse by former priestly teacher Fernando Karadima in the 1980s and 1990s.

Among them is the former Bishop Juan Barros, whose resignation [the Satanist] Pope Francis had adopted in June. The [Satanist] Pope had installed Barros in 2015 as a bishop of Osorno, despite the charges against him. At the beginning of the year, he also publicly protected 61-year-old Barros during a visit to Chile. He later withdrew from it.

Carlos Claret of the Osorno lay organization, who opposed Barros's appointment, told AFP that the prosecutor's work was "undoubtedly very positive". But if they indicate to investigate 158 clergymen and laity, that number seemed too low. The Chilean [Fantasy] Episcopal Conference had already known in 2007 of the involvement of at least 120 clergymen in abusive cases.

In April, the [Satanist] Pope had admitted "serious mistakes" in dealing with the abuse scandal. He expressed "shame" and "pain" in the face of the suffering of abuse victims. (afp)>


Anonymous online,
                Logo  Vatikan Fahne  Karte von Italien mit dem
                schwul-kriminellen Vatikan: 1000 Leute, 80% Schwule,
                organisiertes Verbrechen

Bologna (Italia) - July 31, 2018: The Satanist Pope says that Africans and Muslims would be "warriors of hope":
[Satanist] Pope calls illegals "warriors of hope" and calls for further mass migration
(original German: [Satanistischer] Papst nennt Illegale „Krieger der Hoffnung“ und fordert weitere Massenmigration)


<That the [satanic] Pope is particularly committed to flooding Europe with illegals from all over the world is nothing new. But now he also calls this people as "warriors of hope". Does he hope that the illegals will gain the upper hand in a civil war and take over Europe?

by Günther Strauß

Although the [satanic-gay] Vatican itself has not received one single migrant and does not intend to do so, [the satanic] Pope Francis never stops of campaigning for illegals. He has declared the flooding of Europe with Africans and Muslims as a central concern and shows himself more and more often to the media with asylum requires.

In Bologna, the [Satanic] Pope visited [link] a distribution center for invaders, mostly from North Africa, and gave a handshake to many of the professionals, taking selfies with them and holding short talks, including an intruder wearing a bright green wig. "You're not mature yet, you're still very green", he said in a fatherly tone.

In his speech, the [satanic] Pope called for more "European solidarity" for migrants. "You are warriors of hope," said [the satanic] Francis to the invaders. But what hope does the [Satanist] Pope associate with the Africans? Objectively, it can be nothing but the hope for the fastest possible extinction of the European peoples by racial mixing of whites with Muslims and Africans. For even the [satanic] Pope does not seriously believe in the fairy tale of nuclear physicists and rocket scientists who are looking for work in Europe. This saying of the [satanic] pope is really perverse, if you think to the end more closely.

There was also some time for mock dismay. The [satanic] Pope held a moment of silence for those invaders who died on their crossing. One can only say that this would not have happened had they not attempted to illegally invade a European country. How to use such for offenders, is really questionable.

[Satanic] Pope demanded from the European societies "more solidarity", as always when it comes to illegal immigrants. So, dear Europeans, you have heard what the [satanic] Pope says: Get more asylum seekers in, we can stand it! We should be open for murders and rape of sex and violent tourists from all over the world. After all, there are cultural peculiarities that we have to respect. Why do white women finally not consider a rape as a migrant enrichment? The [satanic] Pope does not understand that.

The [satanic] Pontifex took his dinner at a table that had been set up in the middle of the Basilica of St. Petronius, the main church of Bologna. Around them, a select group of migrants, the poor, and inmates of prisons were gathered for dinner who had been invited as a gesture of solidarity. The [Satanic] Pope told the audience: "[The Fantasy] Jesus does not throw anyone away and does not push anyone away." However, the fact that the [satanic-gay] Vatican does not board and lodge illegals has nothing to do with it. A rogue, who bad about it.>


Chile Fahne  Sputnik-Ticker
                online, Logo  Karte
                von Chile mit Santiago de Chile

Chile 4.8.2018: Criminal Catholic Church abused over 200 children:
Over 200 children and adolescents abused: Chilean Episcopal [Fantasy] Conference asks victims for "forgiveness"
(original German: Rund 200 Kinder und Jugendliche missbraucht: Chilenische Bischofskonferenz bittet Opfer um „Verzeihung“)


<"We did not listen nor believe to the victims who reported the heavy sins and injustices being committed by priests and members of the [Fantasy] Church", this is the comment of the Chilean Episcopal [Fantasy] Conference.

concerning the abuse scandel in [Fantasy] Catholic Church of Chile, the Catholic Bishops' [Fantasy] Conference of the country has asked the victims for "forgiveness".

They had violated their "duties as priests," the bishops said after a five-day retreat on Friday (local time). "We did not listen nor believe to the victims who reported the heavy sins and injustices being committed by priests and members of the [Fantasy] Church".

The Episcopal [Fantasy] Conference announced that there would be fromnow on a close cooperation with the prosecution department in cases of abuse, and investigations will be made public. In addition, the representatives of the Episcopal [Fantasy] Conference wanted to meet abuse victims personally.

The Chilean justice system is investigating 158 clergymen and connected lay people on suspicion of sexual abuse. The investigation is about the sexual abuse of 266 children and adults. Among the alleged victims were therefore 178 children and adolescents.

In May, dozens of bishops in the country had filed their resignations in connection with the child abuse scandal. So far, [Satanist] Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of five of them. In April, the [Satanist] Pope had admitted "serious mistakes" in dealing with the abuse scandal. He expressed "shame" and "pain" in the face of the suffering of abuse victims.

Before that, [Satanist] Pope Francis was sharply criticized. Concerned and critics accuse him not to crack down on child abuse hard enough. While he always condemns abuse as a "sin" and "devil's work," many lack the concrete steps he takes to tackle suspicious churchmen. The scandal surrounding [Satanist] senior Cardinal George Pell cast a shadow over [Satanist] Francis' tenure. (afp / Sun / dpa)>

„Spotlight“: On the track of the abuse (film of 2016 about Boston diocese with Geoghan etc.)
(original German: "Spotlight": Dem Missbrauch auf der Spur (Film von 2016 über die Boston-Diözese mit Geoghan etc.)


Polen Fahne   Anonymous online,

6.8.2018: Priest Oko (PL) on the Homo-Mafia in the Catholic Fantasy Church: 40-50% of the "US" bishops could be homos, 50% of them criminal-pedophile - and they refuse to consecrate hetero-priests:
Polish priest reveals: There is a homo-mafia in the [fantasy] church
(original German: Polnischer Priester deckt auf: In der [Fantasy]-Kirche existiert eine Homo-Mafia)

<Sexual abuse is truly nothing new in the [Fantasy] Church. Not only since the recent scandal about Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, who is said to have committed sexual assault for decades, this topic is again on everyone's lips. Father Dariusz Oko, a well-known Polish priest who teaches at [Satanist] John Paul II in the University in Krakow, now publicly stated that there is a "homo-mafia" in the [Fantasy] Church.

Fr. Dariusz Oko, a well-known Polish priest who teaches at [Satanist] John Paul II University in Krakow, argues in an interview with "LifeSiteNews" that the "US" cardinal McCarrick abuse scandal is the only to be the tip of the iceberg. This reports the catholic news portal kath.net [link]. Oko claims that 40 to 50 percent of "US" bishops could have homosexual tendencies and at least half of them could be involved in abuse cases.

According to the priest, this is the result of a "homo-mafia" ruling in various [fantasy] dioceses, [fantasy] monasteries, and [fantasy] priestly seminaries, and even denying the [fantasy] consecration of heterosexual-oriented men, if they do not submit to it. Here you need energetic actions from [Fantasy] Bishops' Conferences and many holy people to make a change here. [...]>

Comment: Mother Earth+Human Rights
Better eliminate the fantasy Church and go with Mother Earth and Human Rights and NO problem will be any more.
Michael Palomino, April 21, 2019


Lima mit 4 Vergewaltigern: Figari, Levaggi, Daniels, Murgui von der Fantasie-Organisation "Sodalitium Christianae Vitae"

Vatikan Fahne  Karte von Italien mit dem
                schwul-kriminellen Vatikan: 1000 Leute, 80% Schwule,
                organisiertes Verbrechen 

                          UNO online, Logo
Lima 9-8-2018: 4 violadores en la iglesia católica criminal: Cardinal Cipriani escondió datos sobre el caso de violación por Figari, fundador de la organización "Sodalicio de Vida Cristiana" - más violadores son Levaggi, Daniels y Murgui
Fiscalía investiga a Cipriani por encubrimiento de violaciones
Lima 9.8.2018: 4 rapists in the criminal, Catholic fantasy church: Cardinal Cipriani has concealed data on the rape case of Figari, the founder of the fantasy organization "Sodalicio de Vida Cristiana" - other rapists are Levaggi, Daniels and Murgui:
Prosecution Department [of Lima] investigates Cipriani for concealing rapes


<de Jefferson Castillo

La Fiscalía Provincial Penal de Lima pidió documentación a la Conferencia Episcopal Peruana (CEP) a fin de iniciar la investigación abierta al cardenal Juan Luis Cipriani por el presunto delito de encubrimiento en el caso Sodalicio.

[El violador Figari ha tomado la fuga a Italia]

Según informó la Fiscalía, solicitaron con carácter de urgencia el comunicado de la Conferencia Episcopal, emitido el primero de junio, en el que indican que no es absoluta la prohibición para que Luis Figari, fundador del Sodalicio de Vida Cristiana y acusado de violaciones, vuelva al Perú.

En otras palabras, le dijeron que debe venir a afrontar las denuncias en su contra, pero no lo exigieron como las víctimas y la justicia lo requiere. “Si en el futuro surge la necesidad de que Luis Figari regrese a Perú para rendir cuentas a la justicia, su regreso podrá ser autorizado”, señala el comunicado episcopal.

La Conferencia Episcopal indicó que la permanencia de Figari en Italia solo tenía como objetivo evitar que cause más daños a los creyentes católicos en el país [en el Perú]. El cardenal de Lima, Juan Luis Cipriani, hasta el cierre de esta edición no se ha pronunciado sobre el tema. Según un diario local, la Conferencia Episcopal hizo entrega del documento dentro del plazo establecido por el Ministerio Público.

BARRETO PIDE PERDÓN - [Figari perverso apeló contra sentencia]

El cardenal Pedro Barreto dijo que respalda al papa Francisco, quien aseguró que la sentencia contra Luis Fernando Figari, líder del Sodalicio, es muy grave. Tildó al sodalite de pervertido y afirmó que existe una sentencia canónica apelada por Figari, que dentro de poco saldrá a la luz. “Pero no solucionarán los problemas de las víctimas, a quienes pido perdón en nombre de la Iglesia”.

TAMBIÉN SERÁN DENUNCIADOS - [fiscalía de Lima contra el vicario judicial de Lima, Víctor Huapaya]

Por la presunta comisión de los delitos de encubrimiento personal y real, obstrucción a la justicia y omisión de denuncia, además contra la libertad sexual, en calidad de cómplices, en la mira de la Fiscalía están Víctor Huapaya, vicario judicial y presidente del Tribunal Eclesiástico [de fantasía] del Arzobispado de Lima [de fantasía]; Enrique Elías Dupuy, procurador del Sodalicio [de fantasía] de Vida Cristiana [de fantasía]; y Alessandro Moroni, superior general del Sodalicio [de fantasía] de Vida Cristiana [de fantasía].

ORIGEN DEL SILENCIO - [4 víctimas de Figari y de otros]

El Instituto de Defensa de los Derechos del Menor denunció en el 2015 que Juan Luis Cipriani, como moderador del Tribunal Eclesiástico [de fantasía], fue informado de que cuatro personas habrían sufrido agresiones sexuales, cuando eran menores de edad, por parte de Luis Figari Rodrigo y otros miembros del Sodalicio. Según el organismo, el cardenal no había intervenido al respecto.

En el 2016, el fiscal superior Carlos Villalta Infante ordenó que se abriera una investigación preliminar por encubrimiento a fin de conocer qué hizo la Iglesia católica ante las denuncias de abusos sexuales a menores que fueron reportadas ese año.

[4 quejas van al Vaticano gay criminal]

Según el instituto de Defensa del Menor, las cuatro denuncias identificadas que llegaron al Tribunal Eclesiástico entre el 2011 y el 2013 fueron remitidas a la Santa Sede y no a la Fiscalía.

Tras todo lo mencionado, el Ministerio Público archivó el caso con el sustento de que Cipriani no tenía la obligación de conocer el contenido de las cuatro denuncias de violación sexual presentadas por los exintegrantes del Sodalicio de Vida Cristiana contra Figari.

El IDDEREM apeló la decisión de la Fiscalía. Además, denunció que el fiscal superior disponía de investigaciones contra Cipriani y las otras tres autoridades del Sodalicio.

ESPERAN JUSTICIA - [los violadores: Figari, Levaggi, Daniels y Murguia deben ir a la cárcel]

Las víctimas de abuso sexual, físico y sicológico del Sodalicio de Vida Cristiana esperan que la justicia programe una audiencia para evaluar el pedido de prisión preventiva contra los sodalites [de fantasía] Luis Figari, Virgilio Eugenio Levaggi Vega, Jeffery Stewart Daniels Valderrama y Daniel Bernardo Murguia Award.

[Nueva fiscal María León Pizarro]

A María León Pizarro, fiscal de la 18 Fiscalía Penal Provincial de Lima, fue presentada en diciembre y hasta la fecha no se ha programado la audiencia. La decisión está en manos de la jueza Fernanda Ayasta, del 25 Juzgado Penal de la Corte Superior de Justicia de Lima.

El pedido de prisión preventiva se relaciona a los presuntos delitos de asociación ilícita para delinquir y lesiones sicológicas graves.


El presidente de la República, Martín Vizcarra, asistirá hoy al Congreso de la República para entregar los tres proyectos de ley pendientes referidos a la reforma constitucional política y judicial que anunció durante su mensaje a la Nación el pasado 28 de julio, las que deberían someterse a referéndum.>

Comentario: Madre Tierra+Derechos Humanos
Sería mejor de eliminar la iglesia criminal de fantasía y se instale el mundo con Madre Tierra y con Derechos Humanos, y así NO hay problemas más.
Michael Palomino, 21-04-2019


<by Jefferson Castillo

The Prosecution Department of Lima Province asked the Peruvian [Fantasy] Bishops' Conference (CEP) for documents to initiate the investigation by Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani of the alleged covert crime in the Sodalicio case.

[Violator Luis Figari has emigrated to Italy]

According to the Prosecutor General's Office, a communiqué from the June 1 [Fantasy] Bishops' Conference was urged, stating that Luis Figari, founder of [Fantasy] Sodalitium Christianae Vitae and accused of rape, is not absolutely prohibited to return to Peru.

In other words, they told him to present himself and accuse himself, but they did not demand it, as the victims and justice demands. "If in the future there is a need for Luis Figari to return to Peru to account for the judiciary, his return can be approved", the episcopal communiqué said.

The [Fantasy] Bishops' Conference pointed out that Figari's stay in Italy should only prevent him from further harming the Catholic faithful in the country [in Peru]. The Cardinal of Lima, Juan Luis Cipriani, had made no statement on this subject until the conclusion of this edition. According to a local newspaper, the [Fantasy] Bishops' Conference has delivered the document within the time limit set by the prosecutor.

BARRETO ASKS FOR FORGIVENESS - [Pervese Figari has challenged judgment]

Cardinal Pedro Barreto said he supported Pope Francis, who described the verdict against Luis Fernando Figari, the leader of [fantasy] Sodalitium, as very serious. He called the Sodalitium a pervert, and confirmed that there is a canonical judgment that was challenged by Figari and will soon come to light. "But they will not solve the problems of the victims, whom I ask for forgiveness on behalf of the [Fantasy] Church.

THERE ARE MORE WHO WILL BE DENOUNCED - [Prosecutor Department of Lima vs. Lima's court vicar, Victor Huapaya]

The Prosecutor Department of Lima is investigating because of alleged crimes of hushing up, hindering of justice, not denouncing crimes and crimes against sexual freedom as complices, against the following persons: Victor Huapaya, court vicar and president of the [fantasy] church court of [fantasy] Archdiocese of Lima; Enrique Elias Dupuy, procurator of the [fantasy] Sodalitium of [fantasy] Christian life; and Alessandro Moroni, Superior General of the [fantasy] Sodalicio of [fantasy] Christian life.

ORIGIN OF SILENCE - [4 victims of Figari and of others]

The Institute for the Defense of the Rights of the Child announced in 2015 that Juan Luis Cipriani, as the moderator of the [Fantasy] Church court, was informed that four persons had been sexually abused by Luis Figari Rodrigo and other members of [Fantasy] Sodalitium. According to the agency, the cardinal had not intervened in this regard.

In 2016, Attorney General Carlos Villalta Infante ordered a preliminary investigation into a cover-up to find out what the Catholic [Fantasy] Church has done against the reproaches of sexual abuse of children this year.

[4 complaints go to the criminal-gay Vatican]

According to the Institute for Child Protection, the four identified complaints received by the [Fantasy] Church Court between 2011 and 2013 have been transferred to the Holy See [Satanic Vatican] and not to the prosecutor.

The prosecution has closed the case on the base that Cipriani is not obliged to know the content of the four rape allegations of the former members of the [fantasy] Sodalitium Christianae Vitae against Figari.

IDDEREM appealed against the prosecutor's decision. They also denounced that the Attorney General should investigate Cipriani and the other three [Fantasy] Shodalitius authorities.

THEY EXPECT JUSTICE - [the rapists: Figari, Levaggi, Daniels and Murguia should go to jail]

Victims of sexual, physical and psychological abuse of the [Fantasy] Sodalite Christianae Vitae expect from judiciary a hearing for rating the apply for a pre-trial detention against the animals of [fantasy] Sodalites: Luis Figari, Virgilio Eugenio Levaggi Vega, Jeffery Stewart Daniel Valderrama, and Daniel Bernardo Murguia Award.

[New prosecutor Mrs. María León Pizarro]

María León Pizarro, prosecutor of the 18th Provincial Prosecutor's Office in Lima, was introduced in December and the hearing is not yet planned. The decision is in the hands of Judge Fernanda Ayasta of the 25th Criminal Court of the Supreme Court of Lima.

The application for a pre-trial detention refers to the alleged crimes of conspiracy to commit a crime and serious mental injury.


The President of the Republic, Martín Vizcarra, will today attend the Congress of the Republic to present the three pending legislative and constitutional bills that he announced in his message to the nation on 28 July and which will be subject to a referendum.>

Comment: Mother Earth+Human Rights
Better eliminate the fantasy Church and go with Mother Earth and Human Rights and NO problem will be any more.
Michael Palomino, April 21, 2019



Chile with fantasy Church rapists: ex archbishop Oscar Muñoz, and archbishop Ezzatti hushed all up:

Chile Fahne  Karte
                von Chile mit Santiago de Chile

El mostrador de Chile online, Logo
9-8-2018: Chile 9.8.2018: Ex Arzobispo Muñoz con apr. 6 víctimas de violación - 14 sacerdotes suspendidos quedan sin pena - Arzobispo de Santiago Ezzati ha ocultado crímenes de violación - 5 sacerdotes renunciaron - 42 sacerdotes + 1 diácono sentenciado etc. etc. etc.
Abusos en la Iglesia [de fantasía]: Allanan Obispado Castrense por casos de encubrimiento
Chile Aug.9, 2018: Ex-archbishop Muñoz with about 6 rape victims - 14 priests suspended without punishment - Archbishop of Santiago Ezzati has concealed rape crimes - 5 priests resigned - 42 priests + 1 deacon convicted etc. etc.
Abuse in the [Fantasy] Church: Military Diocese of Allananan due to hushed up cases

<La diligencia se realizó de forma conjunta entre la Fiscalía Regional de O´Higgins y Carabineros por petición del fiscal regional, Emiliano Arias, dispuesto por la Fiscalía Nacional para investigar estos casos.

La diligencia se realizó de forma conjunta con Carabineros por petición del fiscal regional de O'Higgins, Emiliano Arias, dispuesto por la Fiscalía Nacional para investigar estos casos.

[Investigaciones: encubrimiento - quién sabía de qué]

"Las investigaciones que maneja el fiscal dan cuenta que podría haberse cometido un encubrimiento por parte del Obispado Castrense", explicaron desde el Ministerio Público.

Asimismo, indicaron que la documentación que se recoja, ya sea entregada de forma voluntaria por los responsables del lugar o bien a través de un registro en base a la orden de allanamiento, permitirá corroborar si hubo delito de encubrimiento.

[Investigaciones contra ex-arzobispo Muñoz de Santiago de Chile - apr. 6 víctimas juveniles por violaciones]

El fiscal Arias está encargado de la investigación en contra del excanciller del Arzobispado de Santiago, Óscar Muñoz, acusado de abusos y estupro contra media docena de menores, y quien actualmente se encuentra en prisión preventiva.

[Obispos criminales de la región de O'Higgins - la fraternidad de fantasía "La Familia" - 14 obispos suspendidos pero quedan sin pena]

[El fiscal Arias] también conduce una diligencia que investiga expedientes canónicos, investigaciones previas y antecedentes que tuvieran relación con denuncias que apuntaba a un grupo de sacerdotes de la región de O'Higgins que integraban una cofradía [de fantasía] de abusadores denominada "La Familia", caso en el que catorce curas fueron suspendidos.

[Arzobispo de Santiago Ezzati ha escondido los crímenes de violaciones]

Dentro de esta investigación se encuentra el arzobispo de Santiago, el cardenal Ricardo Ezzati, quien está citado a declarar como imputado el próximo 21 de agosto por la presunta comisión del delito de encubrimiento en casos de abusos sexuales cometidos por miembros de la Iglesia.

[El papa Francisco satanista aceptó 5 obispos retirados en Chile]

La Iglesia chilena atraviesa una dura crisis a causa de los abusos cometidos por miembros del clero que llevó a todos los obispos a poner sus cargos a disposición del papa Francisco [satanista], quien hasta ahora ha aceptado cinco renuncias.

[Chile: 42 obispos y 1 diácono condenados por abuso sexual contra menores]

La Conferencia Episcopal [de fantasía] de Chile hizo pública la semana pasada una lista en el sitio web con los nombres de 42 sacerdotes y un diácono condenados, por la Justicia civil o la canónica [de fantasía], por abusos sexuales a menores.

[Actual: 38 casos, 73 obispos y líderes de órdenes y laicos criminales - y 104 víctimas]

En tanto, la Fiscalía tiene investigaciones abiertas sobre 38 casos, que involucran a 73 personas investigadas -sacerdotes diocesanos, de diversas órdenes y laicos-, y a 104 víctimas, la mayoría de ellas menores de edad en el momento de cometerse los hechos.

La Iglesia Católica chilena [de fantasía] vive desde hace algunos meses sumida en una profunda crisis por los casos de abusos sexuales cometidos por curas y sacerdotes, episodios que, en algunos casos, se remontan a varias décadas atrás.>

Comentario: Madre Tierra y Derechos Humanos
Sería mejor de eliminar la iglesia criminal de fantasía y se instale el mundo con Madre Tierra y con Derechos Humanos, y así NO hay problemas más.
Michael Palomino, 21-04-2019


<The investigation was conducted jointly by the regional prosecutor O'Higgins and the police officers at the request of regional prosecutor Emiliano Arias, who was commissioned by the National Public Prosecutor's Office to investigate these cases.

The investigation was conducted with police officers at the request of the regional prosecutor of O'Higgins, Emiliano Arias, who was commissioned by the prosecution to investigate these cases.

[Investigations: Cover-up - who knew what]

"The prosecutor's investigation has revealed that a cover-up by the military bishopric was possible", the prosecutor said.

They also pointed out that the collected documents, which were either handed over voluntarily by the persons in charge of the website or through a search based on the search warrant, will make it possible to confirm whether it is a concealment delict.

[Investigations against former Archbishop Muñoz of Santiago de Chile - about 6 juvenile rape victims]

Prosecutor Arias is conducting the investigation about former Archbishop Óscar Muñoz, who is being charged with the abuse and rape of half a dozen minors - and the culprit is in pre-trial detention.

[Criminal priests from the O'Higgins region - the Fantasy Brotherhood "La Familia" - 14 priests suspended, remain without punishment]

He [prosecutor Arias] also conducts a careful examination of canonical records, of past investigations, and background information in connection with appeals against a group of priests from the O'Higgins region who were members of a [fantasy] brotherhood of perpetrators named "La Familia", a case with 14 suspended priests.

[Archbishop of Santiago Ezzati has concealed rape crimes]

As part of this investigation, it also concerns the Archbishop of Santiago, Cardinal Ricardo Ezzati, who will be cited on 21 August for allegedly committing the crime of concealment in cases of sexual abuse by members of the Church.

[Satanic Pope Francis accepted 5 priest resignations in Chile]

The Chilean Church is in serious crisis due to abuse by members of the clergy, which has led all bishops to make their positions available to [Satanic] Pope Francis, who has accepted five resignations so far.

[Chile: 42 Priests and 1 Deacon condemned for sexual abuse of minors]

Last week, the Chilean Episcopal [Fantasy] Conference published a list of 42 priests and a deacon which are all convicted of sexual abuse of minors by civil or canonical [fantasy] courts.

[Current: 38 cases, 73 criminal church priests, religious leaders and lay people - and 104 victims]

In the meantime, the Public Prosecutor's Office has opened an investigation in 38 cases, involving 73 people - diocesan priests, various orders and lay people - and 104 victims, most of whom were minors at the time the crime was committed.

The Chilean Catholic [Fantasy] Church is in deep crisis for several months due to cases of sexual abuse by priests and high clergymen, some of which date back several decades.

Comment: Mother Earth+Human Rights
Better eliminate the fantasy Church and go with Mother Earth and Human Rights and NO problem will be any more.
Michael Palomino, April 21, 2019


Pennsylvania: over 300 rapists against children:

"USA"   20 minuten online,

Pennsylvania ("USA") - Aug.14, 2018: Systematic child abuse by over 300 criminal-pedophile priests at more than 1000 children - dark figure not determined - Catholic Fantasy Church protects the rapists:
[Fantasy] Church scandal in the US: Over 1000 children abused by 300 priests
(original German: [Fantasy]-Kirchenskandal in den USA: Über 1000 Kinder von 300 Priestern missbraucht)


<A new church scandal shakes the "US": In the state of Pennsylvania, Catholic priests allegedly have abused minors for years.

In Pennsylvania, more than 300 Catholic priests have committed sexual assault on minors, according to a comprehensive study. At least a thousand children have been abused, according to the final report published on Tuesday by a jury (Grand Jury) of the state. However, the number of unreported cases could be significantly higher, since reports of many children have been lost or those affected have been silent because of fear.

The investigation report relies on dozens of testimonies and half a million pages of church-internal documents. Almost all of the enumerated cases are now barred, it says in the report. However, two priests had abused children within the past ten years.

[Fantasy] Church has covered offenders

Most of the victims were boys, many of whom had not reached adolescent age yet. The perpetrators used alcohol and pornography [creating an abusive atmosphere]. Children were fondled or raped. The [Fantasy] Church in Pennsylvania has mostly covered the perpetrators for years, according to the report. That is another reason why many offenses could no longer be prosecuted.



Deutschland mit neuer Studie: Kinder missbrauchen und dann Akten vernichten - die katholische Kirche spielt mit Kindern "Gott":

Alemania bandera  Deutschland mit

Epoch Times
                online, Logo

Germany 12.9.2018: New German study: German gay Catholic fantasy church with high crime rates: first sexual abuse of children (especially boys!) - and then destroy files!
[Fantasy] Church Scandal: Bishoprics destroyed child sexual abuse files - Thousands of victims
(original German: [Fantasy]-Kirchen-Skandal: Bistümer vernichteten Akten zu sexuellem Kindesmissbrauch – Tausende Opfer)


<Catholic [Fantasy] Church has apparently destroyed records about sexual abuse of children and adolescents. There are thousands of victims of abuse by the [Fantasy] Church in Germany.

The Catholic [Fantasy] church has reportedly destroyed records of sexual abuse of children and adolescents. This emerged from a study commissioned by the German [Fantasy] Bishops' Conference, the weekly newspaper Die Zeit (The Time) reported on Wednesday in advance. The investigation states: "In some cases, there was clear evidence of file manipulation."

Also the weekly "Mirror" ("Spiegel") reported, citing the study, personnel files were "destroyed or manipulated" by possible perpetrators. According to "Zeit," two [fantasy] dioceses "explicitly stated that" files or parts of their files relating to the sexual abuse of minors were destroyed in the past ".
[This means for example: cardinals have probably destroyed documents about their criminal sexual abuse, for example this can be cardinal Ratzinger from Munich who became pope Benedict XVI].

According to German "Times" (Die Zeit), the researchers responsible for the study also document that they themselves were never allowed to see the archives of the [Fantasy] dioceses: "The research project had no access to original files of the Catholic [Fantasy] Church." All archives and files of the Dioceses were reviewed by their own staff, according to the report.

According to German "Times" (Die Zeit), the study also shows for the first time on a large scale that the [Fantasy] Church hushed up abuse. Only in every third case of a suspected abuse German [Fantasy] dioceses had reacted and initiated at least a [Fantasy] concerned Church lawsuit: In 1670 on record accused persons was therefore only against 566 initiated a canon law process.

Of these, 154 ended without penalty or sanction, according to the report. In 103 cases there was only a reminder. Only about 38 percent of the accused were filed criminal charges - but mostly by the affected or by their families. Representatives of the Church had only filed a lawsuit according to state's law in 122 cases, affecting 7.3 percent of all those accused.

As the "Mirror" ("Spiegel") reported, the study counts for the period from 1946 to 2014 a total of 3677 mainly male minors as victims of sexual crimes. More than half of the victims were therefore at the time of the crime not more than 13 years old. About every sixth case was a rape.

The authors of the study emphasize, according to the magazine, that only the so-called visible field was considered. "Thus, all information about frequency underestimates the actual conditions." There is reason to believe that the abuse will continue. Also the "Mirror" ("Spiegel") reported, citing the study, personnel files were "destroyed or manipulated" by possible perpetrators.

[Researchers of the study were investigating for 5 years from 2013-2018]

The study investigation work lasted from 2013 on until this year and should be presented on September 25 in the town of Fulda by the chairman of the [Fantasy] Bishops' Conference, Cardinal Reinhard Marx. The study is titled "Sexual Abuse of Minors by Catholic Priests, Deacons and Male Religious in the Area of the German Bishops' Conference"*. All 27 German [fantasy] dioceses participated in the project led by the Mannheim psychiatrist Harald Dreßing.

* original German: Sexueller Missbrauch an Minderjährigen durch katholische Priester, Diakone und männliche Ordensangehörige im Bereich der Deutschen Bischofskonferenz



New study from Germany 2018:

Alemania bandera  Deutschland mit

Epoch Times
                  online, Logo

Merkel Germany Sep.4, 2018: Pope, cardinals, high bishops - all are child abusers:
Even senior clerics abused children - criminal cases were often discontinued
(original German: Auch leitende Kleriker missbrauchten Kinder – Strafverfahren wurden oft eingestellt)



<According to a media report, under Catholic clergymen having abused children were also clerics in leadership positions.

Among Catholic church people, who are said to have abused children - according to a media report - were also clerics in leadership positions. According to German "Times" ("Die Zeit"), this is the result of a study which will be published by the German [Fantasy] Bishops' Conference in the near future. Thus, out of 1,670 suspects, 164 (9.6 percent) had a higher church office at some point in their lives. 36 of the accused (2.2 percent) held such an office before and after the accused first crime committed.

    [In concrete terms, Cardinal Ratzinger, who later became Pope Benedict XVI, is one of the child rapists].

According to the report, the researchers are able to prove that alleged perpetrators from the lower church hierarchy - such as accused priests - later rose to higher posts. Out of the 110 defendants (6.6 percent), there was no higher church office, but it was later recorded after the first offense.

[Blocked lawsuits: 67.1% with church people as criminals - and 20.5% for criminals from schools and sports clubs]

According to German "Times" ("Die Zeit"), the study also shows that criminal proceedings against alleged child molesters from the Catholic [Fantasy] Church were disproportionately ceased. With [Fantasy] Church representatives it affected 67.1% of the lawsuits, compared with only 20.5% with cases from schools and sport clubs. The main reason is called statute of limitations: 46.6 percent of the lawsuits against clerics were therefore ceased, in the comparison group, it affected only 3.8 percent. Accordingly, alleged criminals from the [Fantasy] Church were less frequently convicted: For [fantasy] clerics, the conviction rate was 30.9 percent, compared to 67.9 percent in the comparison group [with schools and sports clubs].

Parts of the study had already been published by "Spiegel" and "Zeit". For the period from 1946 to 2014, therefore, sexual offenses were recorded on 3677 mostly male minors. A total of 1670 [fantasy] clerics committed these acts. 4.4 percent of all [fantasy] clerics in the German [fantasy] books were allegedly abusers.

Abuse is a constant topic for the Catholic [Fantasy] Church worldwide. [Satanist] Pope Francis summoned the leaders of all national [Fantasy] bishops' conferences to a summit meeting in February. (dpa)>


Germany with new study 2018: German Justice Minister Mrs. Barley says something:

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Epoch Times
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Germany Sep.22, 2018: German Justice Minister Mrs. Barley demands of the Catholic Fantasy Church a "cultural change" and child protection (!!!) - better CLOSE this Fantasy Church!
Massive Child Abuse: Barley Criticizes "Silence and Cover Up" in Catholic [Fantasy] Church
(original German:
Massiver Kindesmissbrauch: Barley kritisiert „Verschweigen und Vertuschen“ in katholischer [Fantasy]-Kirche)


<Federal Minister of Justice Mrs. Katarina Barley calls for a cultural change in the German Catholic [Fantasy] Church in view of the huge abuse scandal.

A few days before the fall plenary assembly of the German [Fantasy] Bishops' Conference in the German town of Fulda, Federal Minister of Justice Mrs. Katarina Barley (SPD) criticized the Catholic [Fantasy] Church in connection with the abuse scandal.

[Fantasy] Church should "take responsibility for decades having committed concealing, covering up and denying", Barley said the weekly magazine "The Mirror" ("Der Spiegel") according to preliminary notification from Friday. In addition, she must "cooperate fully with the judiciary and report any known action so that prosecutors can prosecute them." Something like a silent cartel should not exist.

The [Fantasy] bishops will gather in Fulda on Monday and meet until Thursday. On Tuesday, a report on the abuse of children will be presented, which was already known in advance. According to this, in diocesan records from 1946 to 2014, with 1670 priests, deacons and male religious was found evidence that they were accused of abuse. Affected were 3677 children and adolescents.

From Barley's point of view, the numbers are "shocking and probably just the tip of the iceberg". In order to prevent such acts of violence from repeating itself, it would be necessary to build up a culture of "looking and intervening" within the [Fantasy] Church. (afp)>


Germany with new study 2018: There are many cases missing! - Victim organization "Squared Table" ("Eckiger Tisch") with Matthias Katsch

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Germany 25.9.2018: Study in Merkel Germany: 1000e victims of abuse by the gay-criminal Catholic [Fantasy] church - many cases are missing (!):
3,677 cases of abuse by the [Fantasy] Church: "Only the tip of the iceberg"
(original German:
3.677 Fälle von Missbrauch durch die Kirche: „Nur die Spitze des Eisbergs“)

Sacrifice organization: "Squared Table" ("Eckiger Tisch"), speaker Matthias Katsch

<From PS

The Catholic [Fantasy] Church in Germany presents a study documenting 3,677 cases of sexual abuse by [Fantasy] Church representatives. In Fulda, the chairman of the [Fantasy] bishop conference, [Munich cardinal] Reinhard Marx, called on the Church [fantasy] officials to make a fresh start now.

But so far, the [Fantasy] Church has by not at all released all archives, as Matthias Katsch of the Victims' Association "Squared Table" ("Eckiger Tisch") explains, because also in this new study are missing many cases.>


Germany with the new study 2018: Child abuse is provoked by celibacy, dark corners and statute of limitations:

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Merkel-Germany Sep.28, 2018: Child abuse by pastors, priests and the Pope: INCOMPLETE DATA - dark places like confessional favoring child abuse - celibacy favors child abuse - prescription is perpetrator protection also favoring child abuse (!):
Systematic protection of perpetrators - Sexual abuse in Catholic [Fantasy] Church of Germany
(original German: Täterschutz mit System – Sexueller Missbrauch in Katholischer Kirche Deutschland)


Here is the study in Germany about sexual abuse in cr. Catholic Fantasy Church of 2018:

Basic conclusions of the German study of 2018 on the Cath. criminal pedophile Fantasy Church:

1) Celibacy provokes more gay sex and more sex against children
2) The Cath. gay criminal Fantasy Church favors sexual crimes against children and adults, because there are many dark places (confessional etc.)
3) The abused victims of the Fantasy Church usually denounce the perpetrators far too late, so that the perpetrators come out without any punishment because of prescription limits - to the contrary the abused victims in schools and sports clubs denounce the child molesters much earlier, so that the perpetrators there can be much more persecuted.

The study
1) HIDES the infections of gays with their broken anus, which does not close anymore, so most gays have to live with diapers, and
2) HIDES also AIDS in the Fantasy Church, and
3) HIDES forced abortions by bishops, priests, and cardinals when they reject the child and force their victims ton an abortion.
The article (translation):

<The Roman Catholic [Fantasy] Church in Germany is may be in it's the biggest crisis in its history. The German [Fantasy] Bishops' Conference has presented a study in the town of Fulda that documents decades of sexual abuse by thousands of church dignitaries as well as systematic cover-ups and widespread criminal non prosecution.

[Censorship in the German study: no free research - censored documents]

Studies and reports are always a double-edged sword. On the one hand, they are a compressed source of information for a very specific, often complex topic. On the other hand, it is crucial who awards the contract for a study, what goal it pursues and what database is available for it. At the latest here must be pointed to the main flaw of the study now submitted by the German [Fantasy] Bishops' Conference.

The reviewers did not have free access to the archives of the 27 German [Fantasy] books. They had to send questionnaires to the archivists. There, research teams scoured the files, anonymised them, and then filled out the questionnaires. From this data it is not possible to understand which [fantasy] church worker in which [fantasy] diocese has committed sexual assaults on which person and how the [Fantasy] Church was reacting.

Basic data problems - [the main question: is the Fantasy Church faking the number of members upwards?]

The problems started with the basic data. The order was to investigate, summarize and evaluate all cases of abuse in the Roman-Catholic [Fantasy] Church of Germany between 1946 and 2014, including the accused, those affected, the reactions and consequences of the [Fantasy] Church. In addition, recommendations for action should be given to the German [Fantasy] Bishops' Conference.

Even laymen soon realize that this was a task for a Hercules. One can imagine that the number of church workers in this long period - at least 68 years - must have been considerable. The Roman Catholic [Fantasy] Church still reported [for Germany] a membership of 23.3 million people in 2017, despite continued large numbers leaving the the institution. That is about 28 percent of the German resident population. According to the Episcopal Conference, they are cared for in 10,191 [fantasy] parishes and other [fantasy] pastoral care institutions. The Catholic [Fantasy] World Church is commonly considered to be impressively well organized and managed.
[One has jsut to konw that the Zionist-Polish Chancellor Merkel is a pastor's daughter and is permitting all censorship for presenting Catholic Fantasy Church as "innocent" and strong...]

Questionable file handling

The researchers from Mannheim, Heidelberg and Gießen were all the more stunned when they realized that there can be no question of a truly exemplary and uniform archiving in the 27 [fantasy] dioceses of Germany. The archives contained 38,156 personnel files. But the [fantasy] dioceses had to admit that these files do not even reflect the living staff correctly. In particular, the scientists have repeatedly experienced that files concerning the accused are and have been deposited in secret and separately archived files. There were no uniform archiving periods. Many files turned out to be destroyed, incomplete or even manipulated.

[Fantasy Order Staff is not fully represented in the study]

The collection of the basic data - statisticians call this a basic entity - was also affected by the fact that the majority of the staff members of numerous catholic [fantasy] orders could not be included, because they are not part of the Association of [Fantasy] dioceses of Germany (Verband Deutscher Diözesen - VDD) , [Fantasy] - "Diocese" is another word for [fantasy] bishopric. The [Fantasy] VDD is the legal entity of the German [Fantasy] Bishops' Conference, which has commissioned the study. The study included only those [fantasy] order members who were and are in a so-called presentation order with a German [fantasy] bishopric and of whom a personal file or other relevant document exists in the archives of the [fantasy] bishoprics.

Many archives open only since 2000 - [17 of 27 dioceses opened their archives only from the year 2000]

As if all that was not hindering and annoying enough, the researchers also had to live with the fact that only ten of the 27 [Fantasy] bishoprics opened their archives for the entire investigation period, although all [fantasy] bishoprics had committed to cooperate for the study. The 17 other [Fantasy] bishoprics nevertheless provided only information from the year 2000. The research team is therefore also commenting laconically:

"Completeness of the file base is not guaranteed, criteria of review standardized, file review and documentation [is proceeded] by the diocesan staff and not undertaken by the research project, degree of unification across dioceses questionable, variation of the selection of cases, shifting of accused and affected people between dioceses not exclude."

(original German: „Vollständigkeit des Aktenbestandes nicht gewährleistet, Kriterien der Durchsicht standardisiert, Aktendurchsicht und Dokumentation von Diözesanpersonal und nicht vom Forschungsprojekt vorgenommen, Grad der Vereinheitlichung über Diözesen hinweg fraglich, Variation der Selektion von Fällen, Beschuldigten und Betroffenen über Diözesen hinweg nicht ausschließbar.“)

(MHG study, page 26, subproject 6, selection criteria and selection mechanisms - orig. German: Auswahlkriterien und Selektionsmechanismen)

At some point, the scientists decided to use the already mentioned 38,156 existing personnel files as a basic unit, although it was clear to all that this number does not represent the correct number of church employees during the investigation period. Together with criminal records and other documents, the scientists were able to create a database, which ultimately led to a finding that causes goose bumps.

3677 cases of abuse by 1670 church workers

Accordingly, 1670 church staff members were identified, to which at least 3677 cases of abuse could be assigned. The study is stresing that the data base is not complete:

"This number represents a lower estimate size unit; the actual value is higher because of the findings from dark field research."

(original German: „Diese Zahl stellt eine untere Schätzgröße dar; der tatsächliche Wert liegt aufgrund der Erkenntnisse aus der Dunkelfeldforschung höher.“)

(In: MHG study, page 5, Chapter A.2 Central empirical findings from the investigations, number of accused clerics)
(original German: Kapitel A.2 Zentrale empirische Befunde aus den Untersuchungen, Zahl der beschuldigten Kleriker)

[High dark figure]

From criminology and sexual research it's known since a long time that sexual child abuse has a high dark figure, so, the majority of the criminals are nver known by police, justice and medical staff. This was shown by the researchers with a little calculation example for the study.     

Darkfield probably bigger - [dark figure 100% - twice as many compensations pronounced as stated perpetrators]

The Catholic [Fantasy] Church grants compensation to all victims of sexual abuse who, in the best bureaucratic German language, are called "benefits in recognition of the suffering inflicted on victims of sexual abuse" [link]. The researchers controlled routinely also the applications for these compensation services and compared them to the personal files of the accused criminals. The study came to a very clear conclusion:
"Thus half of all cases would not have been detected in the context of a purely personal data collection without the data of the affected victims with their applications for compensation 'benefits in recognition of the suffering inflicted on victims of sexual abuse'. This gives an indication of the assumable dark field."

(original German: „Damit wäre die Hälfte aller Fälle im Rahmen einer reinen Personalaktendurchsicht ohne die aktive Antragstellung der Betroffenen zu ‚Leistungen in Anerkennung des Leids, das Opfern sexuellen Missbrauchs zugefügt wurde‘, nicht entdeckt worden. Dies gibt einen Hinweis auf das Ausmaß des anzunehmenden Dunkelfelds.“)

(In: MHG study, page 5, Chapter A.2 Central empirical findings from the investigations, number of accused clerics)
(original German: Kapitel A.2 Zentrale empirische Befunde aus den Untersuchungen, Zahl der beschuldigten Kleriker)

Sufferers often suffer for a lifetime - [child abuse changes brain structures]

The extent of the health impairments of those affected, however, is clearly visible in the visible field already. Those affected sometimes suffer lifelong consequences of the often multiple abuse. There are physical complaints and above all mental symptoms limiting life planning and lifestyle many times without a way out. This can be from depression and fear troubl, sleep trouble, eating disorders, to suicide thoughts, self limiting of possibilities, self hurting behavior, up to alcoholism and drug abuse. Obviously, this often goes hand in hand with problems in education and profession, up to occupational disability and impoverishment. Also, social impoverishment is a late consequence of sexual abuse. Affected persons often report massive problems in partnerships and relationships as well as social behavior in general.

For most unaffected people, the full extent [link] of these long-term consequences of sexual abuse is often unclear [as brain structures change]. The culprit accused criminals often lack empathy for those affected by them. They are often neither able nor willing to apologize. This additionally injures the affected. And the reactions of the Catholic [Fantasy] Church as the employer of the accused contribute to this.

Suspected pedophilia or homosexuality - [according to scientists' own criteria]

It's also unclear in public how are the connections betwen two results of the study with two special groups of criminal abusers. General judgement is not so helpful for understanding well the phenomenon and fact of sexual abuse with children and youths in Catholic [Fantasy] Church.

At one side, the investigation of the files gave the result with 28.3% of the criminal abusers that there could be a pedophile tendency. Most important criteria for this assumption - because this is nothing more than an assumption - is the fact that these 28.3% had at least taken two victims younger than 13 years old. But this is not a general valuable diagnose criteria for being a pedophile. Every sexual investigator would protest strongly when this had been in the study like this. But thre was another rate of assumption with 28.2% for another topic in the study. The investigators did not want to deny this as a coincidence, even when the clear majority of the criminal abusers does not have such a sexual preference. [It's not said which characteristic is this second part of 28.2%].

On the other hand, the analysis of the data gave the result that in two partial investigations of the study there are comparable high percentage values (with 14.0 and 19.1%) indicating homosexual tendencies of the criminal abusers. The researchers meant that this should be mentioned because in a comparing study of "schools" only 6.4% of the criminal abusers had a homosexual preference. This difference is clear and needs an explenation.

Is the [Fantasy] Church promoting sexual abuse? - [Celibacy prohibiting sex with normal women provokes pedophilia against children and infectios homosexuality with diapers because the anus does not close any more]

Statistical indications for pedophile and homosexual tendencies can coordinate with another result of the study. In the Roman Catholic [Fantasy] Church there is a structural speciality which favors possibly sexual abuse. Of the 1,670 criminal abusers were 1,429 priests - these are more than 85% of all detected criminal abusers. Adding the 159 criminal abusers who were or are yet working as an "order priest with an order or presentation" in the [Fantasy] bishoprics, the part of the priests within the group of the criminal abusers is as much as 95%. Only 24 of the criminal abusers were full-time deacons, and with 58 no status could be detected (any more).

The great majority of the detected criminal abusers were or are priests, so, and this cannot be a coincidence. Therefore was a conclusion in this study without way out. The scientists uttered the clear suspition that the so called celibate had a significative influence to the sexual behavior of the priests. Because this celibate is prescribing to the priests a life without sex and without bride, what the diacons don't have. Scientists protest since a long time that celibate is at least far away from real life, and also theologists mean that, because sociobiologic need of men is ignored.

[Celibate is TORTURE - and should be FORBIDDEN by the Human Right's Court in Brussels and by the UNO].

So, the study notes this:

"Although the obligation to celibacy may not be the sole explanation for sexual abuse of minors, the finding suggests that celibacy may be a potential risk factor for sexual abuse in specific constellations for certain groups of people . "

(original German: „Auch wenn die Verpflichtung zum Zölibat sicherlich keine alleinige Erklärung für sexuelle Missbrauchshandlungen an Minderjährigen sein kann, legt der Befund nahe, sich mit der Frage zu befassen, in welcher Weise der Zölibat für bestimmte Personengruppen in spezifischen Konstellationen ein möglicher Risikofaktor für sexuelle Missbrauchshandlungen sein kann.“)

(MHG study, page 12, A.3 Contextualization of the findings with regard to specific structures and dynamics of the Catholic Church in the area of responsibility of the German Bishops' Conference, celibacy)
(original German: Kapitel A.3 Kontextualisierung der Befunde im Hinblick auf spezifische Strukturen und Dynamiken der katholischen Kirche im Verantwortungsbereich der Deutschen Bischofskonferenz, Zölibat)


Zieht die Katholische Kirche bestimmte Männer an? - [Die Strukturen der kr. Fantasie-Kirche erlauben das versteckte Ausleben von Sexualpraktiken an dunklen Orten]

Die katholische [Fantasy]-Kirche als männerdominierte Religionsgemeinschaft mit einer mindestens ambivalent zu nennenden Sexualmoral könnte der Studie zufolge vor allem Männer anziehen, die „sexuell unreif“ sind oder ihre eigene sexuelle Präferenz ablehnen. Solche Männer würden deshalb dazu neigen, in vermeintlich klare Regeln und Strukturen zu flüchten, die ein Ausleben dieser Präferenz vermeintlich verhindern. Daneben gebe es einen Männertypus, der sehr genau erkenne, dass die speziellen Strukturen und Gegebenheiten der Katholischen [Fantasy]-Kirche ein verdecktes Ausleben ihrer sexuellen Präferenz eher befördern als verhindern.
[Dunkle Plätze fördern den sexuellen Missbrauch und die Erpressungen: Der Beichtstuhl].

Die Römisch-Katholische [Fantasy]-Kirche findet eine erneute Grundsatzdebatte über Sinn und Unsinn des Zölibats unerfreulich, wie gequälte Wortmeldungen aus der [Fantasy]-Bischofskonferenz verdeutlichen. Sie hat erst 2011 eine entsprechende Diskussion mehr schlecht als recht abwürgen können. Wovor sich die [Fantasy]-Kirche jedoch nicht mehr drücken kann, ist ein Umgang mit Beschuldigten und Betroffen.

[Die Aufklärung begann ab 2002 mit dem kriminell-pädophilen Priester Geoghan in Boston (Link) - und es dauerte in Deutschland 16 Jahre, bis nun endlich eine entsprechende Untersuchung vorliegt].

Nachsichtiger Umgang mit Beschuldigten - [die grosse Mehrheit der Missbräuchler kann ohne Strafe weiterleben oder/und werden von [Fantasy]-Bistum zu [Fantasy]-Bistum weitergereicht, wo sie ihre pädophil-kriminellen Handlungen wiederholen]

In dieser Hinsicht fallen die Befunde und Bewertungen der Studie eindeutig aus. Den Betroffenen wurde durch die Katholischen Amtsträger aller Hierarchiestufen über Jahrzehnte hinweg nicht zugehört, nicht geglaubt, nicht geholfen. Ganz im Gegensatz zu den Beschuldigten. Hier stellt die Studie ein erschütterndes Maß an Nachsicht, Milde und Gnade fest, inklusive Wegsehen, Vertuschen, Verheimlichen und Abwiegeln. Die Vernichtung und Manipulation von Akten wurde bereits erwähnt.

Die Studie belegt, dass über die Hälfte (53 Prozent) der Beschuldigten ohne ein kirchenrechtliches Verfahren davonkamen. Wenn es um Strafanzeigen geht, fällt das Fazit sogar noch ernüchternder aus. Mehr als 60 Prozent der Beschuldigten mussten keine Strafanzeige ihrer Dienstherrin fürchten. Erschütternd ist auch, dass die Römisch-Katholische [Fantasy]-Amtskirche in Deutschland jahrzehntelang in geradezu fahrlässiger Weise Beschuldigte innerhalb der [Fantasy]-Bistümer versetzte, ohne die neuen Gemeinden über Gründe für Versetzungen zu informieren. Das Risiko für Wiederholungstaten ist entsprechend hoch.

[Die "Verschiebung" der kriminellen Schwul-Pädophilen in der katholischen Fantasie-Kirche wurde in Boston ab 2002 mit dem Fall Geoghan gestoppt - Link. Deutschland brauchte 16 Jahre änger - ein Desaster mehr für Merkel].

Zwiespältige Reaktionen unter [Fantasy]-Katholiken - [der Erzbischof von München Herr Marx verhindert die Publikation der Studie über sein [Fantasy]-Bistum mit haufenweise Kindsmissbrauch - Verdacht fällt auf Papst Benedikt XVI als Kardinal Ratzinger in München]

Der Vorsitzende der Deutschen [Fantasy]-Bischofskonferenz, Kardinal Marx, [Fantasy]-Erzbischof von München und Freising, zeigte sich zerknirscht und beschämt. Direkte Verantwortung wollte er aber nicht übernehmen. Dabei hätte er die Macht für sehr symbolische Schritte, die nicht einmal seinen Rücktritt erfordern, wie auf der Pressekonferenz in Fulda vorgeschlagen wurde. Marx könnte einfach jene Untersuchung endlich öffentlich machen, die unter Verschluss ist und die das Ausmaß von Kindesmissbrauch im Erzbistum München und Freising offenbart. Im Raum steht der Verdacht, die Geheimhaltung hänge damit zusammen, dass kein Geringerer als der emeritierte [satanistische] Papst Benedikt XVI. involviert sein könnte. Als [Fantasy]-Kardinal Ratzinger war er immerhin zwischen 1977 und 1982 Amtsvorgänger von Kardinal Marx.

[Der satanistische Papst Franziskus meinte einfach, Gewalt sei in Familien "normal" gewesen]

Richtiggehend irritierend sind aktuelle Verlautbarungen, die vom derzeit amtierenden [satanistischen] Oberhaupt der Katholischen [Fantasy]-Weltkirche im Zusammenhang mit sexuellem Missbrauch zu vernehmen sind. Auf dem Rückweg von einer Pastoralreise in die baltischen Staaten äußerte sich [der satanistische] Papst Franziskus zu den Vorwürfen und Vorfällen gegen die [Fantasy]-Kirche. Sie seien zwar „monströs“. Andererseits sollte solch früheres Fehlverhalten nicht ausschließlich nach heutigen Maßstäben bewertet werden. Früher seien solche Übergriffe und Gewaltakte überall verschwiegen worden, auch und vor allem in den Familien.

Ex-Kurienbischof greift [den satanistischen] Papst frontal an - [Carlo Maria Viganò wirft dem satanistischen Papst Franziskus vor, McCarrick rehabilitieren zu wollen, der schon verurteilt ist]

Wie sehr die weltweiten Missbrauchsvorwürfe die Katholische [Fantasy]-Kirche in ihrem Selbstverständnis erschüttert haben, versinnbildlicht ein geradezu atemberaubender Vorgang, der so noch vor kurzem vollkommen undenkbar gewesen wäre. Kein Geringerer als der ehemalige Botschafter (im vatikanischen Sprachgebrauch Nuntius genannt) des [satanistischen] Vatikans in den USA, [Fantasy]-Erzbischof Carlo Maria Viganò, beschuldigte den amtierenden [satanistischen] Papst, den wegen sexuellen Missbrauchs bereits kirchenrechtlich durch [den satanistischen] Papst Benedikt verurteilten ehemaligen Erzbischof des [Fantasy]-Bistums Washington und Newark in den USA, Kardinal Theodore McCarrick, ohne Not rehabilitiert zu haben.

Dass sich der [satanistische] Papst überhaupt dazu geäußert hat, spricht Bände über den enormen Druck, der auf ihm und der [Fantasy]-Weltkirche lastet. Auf seinem Rückflug von einer Pastoralreise nach Irland am 26. August 2018 beantwortete [der satanistische] Papst Franziskus für alle überraschend eine Frage zu diesen schweren Vorwürfen. Es war ihm anzumerken, wie verletzt, verunsichert, wütend er über diesen Vertrauensbruch eines Mitarbeiters ist, den er immerhin persönlich mit ausgewählt hat. [Der satanistische] Franziskus antwortete mehr als kryptisch:

„Lesen Sie es selbst sorgfältig und bilden Sie sich Ihr eigenes Urteil. Ich werde kein einziges Wort dazu sagen. Ich glaube, das Memo spricht für sich selbst, und Sie sind als Journalisten in der Lage, Ihre eigenen Schlüsse zu ziehen. Dies ist ein Akt des Vertrauens: Wenn eine Zeit verstrichen ist und Sie Schlussfolgerungen gezogen haben, werde ich vielleicht sprechen. Aber ich bitte Sie, dass Sie Ihre berufliche Reife dafür verwenden: es wird Ihnen gut tun, wirklich. Das ist genug für jetzt.“

(Bollettino N. 0597, Sala Stampa Della Santa Sede, 27.08.2018, in Englisch, Seite 15, 5. Absatz)

Seither äußert sich [der satanistische] Papst Franziskus zu diesem Thema nicht mehr. Erst vor wenigen Tagen hatte er sich zu den Missbrauchsvorwürfen gegen die Katholische [Fantasy]-Kirche im Allgemeinen geäußert. Gleichzeitig fuhr er einem Journalisten über den Mund, der ihn erneut zum Vorgang McCarrick/Viganò befragen wollte.

Sollen Vorwürfe die [Fantasy]-Kirche als Gesellschaftskritiker ausschalten?

Interessanterweise gibt es auch Mutmaßungen, die weltweiten Vorwürfe wegen sexuellen Missbrauchs in der Katholischen [Fantasy]-Weltkirche seien Teil einer Kampagne, um die Römisch-Katholische [Fantasy]-Kirche als gesellschaftskritische Stimme mundtot zu machen. Natürlich wurde das umgehend als Verschwörungstheorie niedergemacht. Angesichts der Ungeheuerlichkeiten, die die jahrzehntelangen sexuellen Übergriffe gegen Minderjährige innerhalb der [Fantasy]-Kirche darstellen, angesichts des Leids, das sie verursacht haben, angesichts der empörenden Nichtachtung der Betroffenen durch die Katholische [Fantasy]-Kirche, ist eine solche Betrachtung des Gesamtkomplexes natürlich sehr heikel und zieht sofort den Verdacht des Zynismus auf sich.

Aber es ist zumindest interessant, dass die Missbrauchsvorwürfe zum ersten Mal wirklich ernsthaft und schmerzhaft verfolgt wurden, als US-Behörden der Katholischen [Fantasy]-Kirche strafrechtlich und vor allem finanziell zu Leibe rückten. Unklar bleibt dabei, wie es sein kann, dass die gleichen US-Behörden jahrelang den gleichen Hinweisen und Vorwürfen ausdrücklich nicht nachgegangen sind. In dem Zusammenhang rückt die Tatsache in den Fokus, dass der [satanistische] Vatikan unter [dem satanistischen] Papst Johannes Paul II. eine unheilige Allianz mit dem damaligen US-Präsidenten Ronald Reagan einging, gegen die Sowjetunion und ihren Herrschaftsbereich zu kämpfen.

Obwohl [der satanistische] Johannes Paul II. nachgewiesenermaßen besonders die US-amerikanische Ausprägung des Finanzkapitalismus verabscheute, war sein fanatischer Antikommunismus bedeutend größer. Das hatte er mit einigen [satanistischen] Päpsten der Neuzeit gemein. Über Jahre wurden US-amerikanische Dollar-Millionen mit Hilfe vatikanischer [satanistischer] Kanäle zum Beispiel in die polnische Solidarnosc-Bewegung gelenkt.


Sonderfall: [Fantasy]-Bistümer in der DDR

Dazu muss man allerdings wissen, dass das [Fantasy]-Bistum Magdeburg in dieser Form erst seit 1994 besteht. In der DDR war Magdeburg Teil der katholischen Diaspora und hatte den Status eines Erzbischöflichen Amtes und später eines Bischöflichen Amtes. 1990 wurde es schließlich zu einer Apostolischen Administratur erhoben. Das ist eine besondere Form der Verwaltung in der Katholischen [Fantasy]-Kirche, wenn eine „normale“ Organisation vor Ort nicht gewährleistet werden kann. Ein Apostolischer Administrator hat die gleichen Rechte wie ein Bischof. Die eigentliche Gerichtsbarkeit untersteht aber meistens direkt dem [satanistischen] Papst.

Es gab mehrere solcher typisch vatikanischen Lösungen: in Schwerin, Erfurt und Görlitz. Hintergrund dieser Einrichtung ist die Tatsache, dass der Vatikan die DDR zu keinem Zeitpunkt ihrer Existenz als souveränen Staat anerkannte. Andeutungen von dahingehenden Überlegungen waren aus dem [satanistischen] Vatikan nur vor [dem satanistischen] Johannes Paul II. zu vernehmen gewesen. Dies konnte mit inzwischen freigegebenen Akten und entsprechenden Buchveröffentlichungen belegt werden.

Sonderbeziehungen zwischen DDR und [dem satanistischen] Vatikan

Bis zum Ende der DDR weigerte sich Rom auch, die Bistumsgrenzen an die Grenzen der DDR anzupassen. Durch die deutsche Zweistaatlichkeit lagen auf einmal Teile westdeutscher Bistümer auf DDR-Hoheitsgebiet. Magdeburg gehörte beispielsweise zum westdeutschen Bistum Paderborn. Der Erzbischof von Berlin, der seinen Sitz in Ostberlin hatte, war auch für Westberlin zuständig, was vor allem nach dem Mauerbau zu fortwährenden Schwierigkeiten führte. Immerhin aber akzeptierte die DDR, dass Theologen an den Universitäten des [satanistischen] Vatikans studieren durften. Die DDR akzeptierte auch, dass die Päpste letztlich die Bischöfe ernannten, wenn auch nach einem Listenvorschlag der jeweiligen Domkapitel. Die Historiker stellen heute einigermaßen erstaunt fest, dass die DDR trotz der ideologischen Starrköpfigkeit der DDR-Führung die liberalste Haltung und den entgegenkommendsten Umgang mit der Katholischen [Fantasy]-Kirche im gesamten ehemaligen Ostblock pflegte.

Ob sich das auch auf die Zahlen des sexuellen Missbrauchs in Katholischen [Fantasy]-Kirchen und Einrichtungen auf dem Gebiet der ehemaligen DDR ausgewirkt hat, lässt sich nicht sagen. Denn die Datenbasis ermöglicht leider auch hierüber keine Aussage.

Link: Pornos schauen mit Pfarrer: Früherer Domspatz erzählt SPUTNIK vom grauenhaften Alltag


Die „MHG-Studie“

Antrag auf Entschädigung als Betroffener sexueller Gewalt

Der Bundesbeauftragte für Fragen des sexuellen Kindesmissbrauchs

Das Präventionsprojekt „Kein Täter werden“

Das Präventionsprojekt für Jugendliche


Kackolische Scheisse - ein Fall in Schottland:

Schottland Fahne  Grossbritannien: Schottland mit Glasgow

La República del Perú online, Logo
Escocia 13-10-2018: Abuso infantil por parte de monjas y sacerdotes en hogares católicos para niños, acompañado de palizas con crucifijos, correas de cuero o pinceles
Reino Unido: Monjas y sacerdotes abusaron de niños huérfanos por más de 60 años
Schottland 13.10.2018: Kindsmissbrauch durch Nonnen und Priester in katholischen Kinderheimen, begleitet von Schlägen mit Kruzifixen, Lederriemen oder Bürsten:
GB: Nonnen und Priester missbrauchten während 60 Jahren Waisenkinder


<"Los niños sufrieron
abusos sexuales por sacerdotes, hermanas, miembros del personal y un voluntario", señala el informe de la investigación.

Escándalo de abuso sexual sacude a la Iglesia Católica. Esta vez, un informe del Tribunal Supremo de Escocia (Reino Unido) reveló que dos orfanatos católicos fueron el escenario donde monjas y sacerdotes perpetraron abusos físicos, emocionales y sexuales en contra de los niños que residían en dichos lugares.

[Miedo y control como medidas]

Así, las instalaciones de dicho lugar guardan historias del horror que padecieron los niños huérfanos por más de seis décadas.  Pues tal como señala la investigación preliminar realizada por la magistrada Lady Anne Smith, los menores sobrevivían allí en un constante clima de miedo y control.

[Golpes con crucifijos, correas de cuero o cepillos]

Ellos fueron sistemáticamente humillados, abusados sexualmente y golpeados con crucifijos, correas de cuero o cepillos en los orfanatos Hogar Infantil de Smyllum Park y  el Orfanato Bellevue, ambos lugares gestionados por la congregación de monjas Hijas de la Caridad de San Vicente de Paúl. 

Vale precisar que estos primeros informes forman parte de una investigación más ambiciosa,  dirigida por el Gobierno escocés  que tiene por objetivo esclarecer los años en que se produjeron abusos a menores internados en distintas instituciones de toda Escocia.

El abuso era tan recurrente que estaba normalizado

El clima de violencia era de tal magnitud, que los malos tratos eran "un aspecto normal en la vida diaria" de algunos niños, según reza el documento de la investigación. Además, revela que los menores sufrieron abusos sexuales en el orfanato de Smyllum Park. "Los niños sufrieron abusos sexuales por sacerdotes, un sacerdote en formación, hermanas, miembros del personal y un voluntario", dijo Lady Smith.

[Abuso por nutrificación esforzada y baños abusivos]

La magistrada Lady Anne Smith también señaló que algunos de los niños también fueron víctimas de severos castigos por hechos tan mínimos como mojar la cama. Ellos también fueron sometidos a episodios de alimentación forzada y rutinas de baño abusivas.

[Niños muertos]

Samuel Carr, de seis años, murió en Smyllum tras contraer una severa infección de E. coli al encontrarse desnutrido y tras entrar en contacto con una rata. Según el informe, una monja le golpeó varias veces poco antes de expirar. No fue el único: Patricia Meenan murió a los 12 años cuando fue atropellada por un automóvil cuando huía del mismo orfanato en dirección a Glasgow.

"Para muchos niños que estaban en Smyllum y Bellevue, los orfanatos eran lugares de miedo, control coercitivo, amenazas, disciplina excesiva y abuso emocional, físico y sexual, donde no encontraron amor, compasión, dignidad ni consuelo", señala el texto.

La investigación, que debía concluir el próximo año pero se ha ampliado a petición del Ejecutivo escocés, continuará con las audiencias públicas a finales de este mes para arrojar luz sobre las prácticas ejercidas en otras instituciones.
Por fortuna ambas instituciones ya se hallan clausuradas, ya que Bellevue House cerró en 1961 y Smyllum Park cerró en 1981.

Hace dos meses, la policía detuvo y acusó a once mujeres y un hombre en relación con el abuso de niños en Smyllum. Vale precisar que Escocia estudia alegaciones de abusos que afectan a más de 80 instituciones en todo su territorio.

Sin embargo, sobre Smyllum no es la única historia de horror que pesa sobre sus instalaciones, ya que anteriormete se descubrió en su interior una fosa común con restos de al menos 400 niños y bebés muertos entre 1864 y 1981.>


"Die Kinder wurden von Priestern, Schwestern, Mitarbeitern und einem Freiwilligen sexuell missbraucht", heißt es im Untersuchungsbericht.

Der Skandal um sexuellen Missbrauch erschüttert die katholische Kirche. Diesmal enthüllte ein Bericht des Obersten Gerichtshofs von Schottland (Vereinigtes Königreich), dass zwei katholische Waisenhäuser die Szene waren, in der Nonnen und Priester körperlichen, emotionalen und sexuellen Missbrauch an Kindern mit Wohnsitz an diesen Orten begangen haben.

[Angst und Kontrolle als Mittel]

Die Berichte der örtlichen Einrichtungen sind vom Schrecken geprägt, den Waisenkinder dort seit mehr als sechs Jahrzehnten erlitten haben.  Wie die Ermittlungen der Magistratin Lady Anne Smith zeigen, überlebten die Minderjährigen dort in einem ständigen Klima der Angst und Kontrolle.

[Schläge mit Kruzifixen, Lederriemen oder Bürsten]

Sie wurden systematisch gedemütigt, sexuell missbraucht und mit Kruzifixen, Lederriemen oder Bürsten im Kinderheim Smyllum Park (Smyllum Park Children's Home) und im Waisenhaus Bellevue (Orphanage Bellevue) geschlagen, die beide von der Nonnengemeinde "Töchter der Wohltätigkeitsorganisation St. Vincent von Paul" betrieben werden.

Es sei darauf hingewiesen, dass diese ersten Berichte Teil einer ehrgeizigeren Untersuchung unter der Leitung der schottischen Regierung sind, die darauf abzielt, Aufschluss über die jahrelangen Misshandlungen von Kindern in schottischen Einrichtungen zu geben.

Der Missbrauch war so häufig, dass er normalisiert wurde.

Das Klima der Gewalt war so, dass Missbrauch für einige Kinder "ein normaler Bestandteil des täglichen Lebens" war, so das Forschungspapier. Es zeigt sich auch, dass die Kinder im Waisenhaus Smyllum Park sexuell missbraucht wurden. "Die Kinder wurden von Priestern, einem Priester in Ausbildung, Schwestern, Mitarbeitern und einem Freiwilligen sexuell missbraucht", sagte Lady Smith.

[Missbrauch durch Zwangsernährung und Zwangsbaden]

Die Richterin Lady Anne Smith bemerkte auch, dass einige der Kinder auch Opfer einer schweren Strafe für so geringfügige Handlungen wie Bettnässen wurden. Sie wurden auch Episoden von Zwangsernährung und missbräuchlichen Baderoutinen ausgesetzt.

[Tote Kinder]

Samuel Carr, 6 Jahre alt, starb in Smyllum an einer schweren E. coli-Infektion, nachdem er unterernährt war und mit einer Ratte in Kontakt kam. Dem Bericht zufolge hat ihn eine Nonne kurz vor seinem Auslaufen mehrmals geschlagen. Er war nicht der einzige: Patricia Meenan starb im Alter von 12 Jahren, als sie von einem Auto angefahren wurde, als sie aus dem gleichen Waisenhaus in Richtung Glasgow floh.

"Für viele Kinder in Smyllum und Bellevue waren Waisenhäuser Orte der Angst, Zwangskontrolle, Drohungen, übermäßiger Disziplin und des emotionalen, körperlichen und sexuellen Missbrauchs, wo sie keine Liebe, Mitgefühl, Würde oder Trost fanden", heißt es im Text.

Die Untersuchung, die im nächsten Jahr abgeschlossen werden sollte, aber auf Ersuchen der schottischen Regierung erweitert wurde, wird Ende dieses Monats mit öffentlichen Anhörungen fortgesetzt, um Aufschluss über die Praktiken in anderen Institutionen zu geben.

Glücklicherweise sind beide Institutionen jetzt geschlossen, da das Bellevue House 1961 geschlossen wurde und der Smyllum Park 1981 geschlossen wurde.

Vor zwei Monaten hat die Polizei elf Frauen und einen Mann im Zusammenhang mit Kindesmissbrauch in Smyllum verhaftet und angeklagt. Es sei darauf hingewiesen, dass Schottland den Vorwurf des Missbrauchs prüft, an dem mehr als 80 Institute in seinem gesamten Hoheitsgebiet beteiligt waren.

Doch über Smyllum ist nicht die einzige Horrorgeschichte, die seine Einrichtungen belastet, denn zuvor wurde es in einem Massengrab mit den Überresten von mindestens 400 Kindern und Babys entdeckt, die zwischen 1864 und 1981 gestorben sind.>


Alemania bandera  Deutschland mit

Epoch Times
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Merkel-Deutschland 27.10.2018: Strafanzeige wegen Missbrauchsskandal in katholischer Kirche: „Die Kirche kann sich einer juristischen Aufklärung nicht verweigern“


<"Es gibt kein Recht der Kirche, ihre Institution von strafrechtlichen Eingriffen freizuhalten", heißt es in der Anzeige gegen die katholische Kirche.

Angesichts der mehr als 3.600 juristisch noch unaufgeklärten Missbrauchsfälle in der katholischen Kirche hat eine Gruppe von Strafrechtsprofessoren um den Passauer Rechtslehrer Holm Putzke Strafanzeige gegen unbekannt bei Staatsanwaltschaften im Bezirk jeder katholischen Diözese eingereicht.

„Es gibt kein Recht der Kirche, ihre Institution von strafrechtlichen Eingriffen freizuhalten“, heißt es in der Anzeige, über die der „Spiegel“ berichtet. Die jüngste Missbrauchsstudie einer Gruppe von Forschern im Auftrag der Deutschen Bischofskonferenz habe „zureichende tatsächliche Anhaltspunkte“ für Straftaten geliefert, argumentieren die Professoren.

Daher hätten die Behörden die „unbedingte Pflicht“, die Akten der Kirche sicherzustellen, zumal diese nichts mit kirchlicher Seelsorge zu tun hätten und „nicht unter das Schweigerecht“ der Strafprozessordnung fielen. Die Fakten der Studie „rechtfertigen eine Durchsuchung sämtlicher Diözesen“, schreiben Putzke und seine Mitstreiter, darunter das Mitglied des Deutschen Ethikrats Reinhard Merkel.

Unter Berufung auf einen Beschluss des Bundesverfassungsgerichts vom Juni dieses Jahres raten die Juristen sogar zu einer Durchsuchung jener Anwaltskanzleien, die den Datenaustausch zwischen Bistümern und den Autoren der Studie organisiert haben.

Eine Umfrage des „Spiegel“ bei Staatsanwaltschaften in allen 27 Diözesen ergab, dass bisher fünf Behörden Ermittlungen prüfen. Bundesjustizministerin Katarina Barley macht ebenfalls Druck: „Es gibt keine Geheimarchive im Rechtsstaat“, sagt sie im „Spiegel“. Wo ein Verdacht bestehe, müssten alle nötigen Ermittlungen erfolgen. Und: „Die Kirche kann sich einer juristischen Aufklärung nicht verweigern“, so die Ministerin. (dts)>


Irland Fahne

20 minuten online,

Irland 28.10.2018: Volksabstimmung für Abschaffung des Artikels über "Gotteslästerung":
Distanz zur katholischen Kirche: Iren streichen Gotteslästerungs-Verbot

<Mit deutlicher Mehrheit haben die Iren für die Abschaffung des Verbots der Gotteslästerung gestimmt. Zudem haben sie für eine weitere Amtszeit ihres Präsidenten gestimmt.

Irland geht nach der Legalisierung der Homo-Ehe und der Aufhebung des strikten Abtreibungsverbots weiter auf Distanz zu seiner starken katholischen Tradition.

Mit deutlicher Mehrheit haben die Iren für die Abschaffung des Verbots der Gotteslästerung aus der Verfassung ihres Landes gestimmt. Laut endgültigem Ergebnis vom Samstagabend votierten 65 Prozent der Wähler für die Streichung des entsprechenden Paragrafen.

In Artikel 40.6.1 hiess es bisher, die Verbreitung von «gotteslästerlichen, aufrührerischen und unanständigen Themen» sei als strafwürdiges Vergehen einzustufen und solle juristisch verfolgt werden. Auf Blasphemie stand demnach eine Geldstrafe von bis zu 25.000 Euro.

Der Verfassungsparagraf kam in der jüngeren Geschichte Irlands jedoch nicht mehr zur Anwendung. Justizminister Charlie Flanagan erklärte, das Blasphemieverbot habe keinen Platz in der irischen Verfassung. «Irland ist zu Recht stolz auf seinen Ruf als moderne und liberale Gesellschaft.»

Während bei der Abstimmung über das strikte Abtreibungsverbot im Mai noch lauter Jubel bei der Verkündung des Ergebnisses in Dublin ausbrach, kamen am Samstagabend nur eine Handvoll Menschen, um den Ausgang des Referendums zum Blasphemieverbot zu begrüssen. Die Wahlbeteiligung lag mit 44 Prozent auch deutlich niedriger als bei der Abstimmung im Mai.

Präsident problemlos wiedergewählt

Parallel zum Referendum fand am Freitag die Wahl des Staatspräsidenten statt. Amtsinhaber Michael Higgins setzte sich dabei laut amtlichem Endergebnis problemlos mit 56 Prozent der Stimmen durch. «Ich werde ein Präsident für alle sein», kündigte der 77-Jährige an.

Der Präsident hat in Irland eine hauptsächlich repräsentative Rolle. Zu den insgesamt fünf Bewerbern um das Amt zählte auch der Geschäftsmann Peter Casey, der wegen umstrittener Äusserungen in Medien häufig mit US-Präsident Donald Trump verglichen wird. Er kam bei der Abstimmung auf 23 Prozent der Stimmen.



RT Deutsch online,

Oct.29, 2018: The 18th of November = memorial day of the victims of sexual abuse:
[Fantasy] Church introduces Memorial Day for Victims of Sexual Abuse
(original German: Kirche führt Gedenktag für Opfer sexuellen Missbrauchs ein)


<The Catholic Church in Germany is introducing a memorial day for the victims of sexual abuse. She takes up a suggestion from Pope Francis. "We recommend November 18th," said a spokeswoman for the German Bishops' Conference (DBK) in Bonn on Monday. The parishes, for example, could also take the 16th or 17th, if that would be better for them, you would be flexible. The day should just be around November 18th.

The 18th of November has been designated by the Council of Europe for the European Day for the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse.

A study by the DBK revealed last month that between 1946 and 2014 at least 1,670 Catholic clerics allegedly abused 3,677 minors. In [Fantasy] Church records, evidence was found that 4.4 percent of all clerics could have abused children or adolescents. In many cases, the abuse was covered up. (dpa)>


Alemania bandera  Deutschland mit

Epoch Times
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30.10.2018: Kriminelle katholische Kirche in Deutschland überall mit sexuellem Missbrauch:
Sexueller Missbrauch: Juristen stellen Strafanzeigen gegen alle 27 deutschen Bistümer

<Sechs Juristen fordern mit einer Strafanzeige bei den Staatsanwaltschaften aller 27 katholischen Bistümer die Strafverfolgungsbehörden auf, aktiv zu ermitteln, ob in den Diözesen noch Missbrauchstäter zu finden sind.

Fünf Juristen um den Passauer Rechtswissenschaftler Holm Putzke erstatteten Anzeige bei den Staatsanwaltschaften aller 27 katholischen Bistümer in Deutschland – gegen Unbekannt – wegen sexuellem Missbrauchs, berichtet der „Bayerische Rundfunk“. Die Juristen fordern mit ihrer Strafanzeige die Staatsanwaltschaften auf, aktiv zu ermitteln, ob in den Diözesen noch Missbrauchstäter zu finden sind, berichtet der „Bayerische Rundfunk“.

Hintergrund für die Anzeige sei der Anfangsverdacht, der sich aus der Ende September veröffentlichten Missbrauchsstudie durch die Deutsche Bischofskonferenz ergebe.

Bisher hätten die Diözesen selbst Personalakten ausgewertet und die Informationen lediglich weitergegeben. Deutschlandweit hätte noch keine Staatsanwaltschaft kirchliche Akten beschlagnahmt, kritisieren die Juristen. Dabei seien nach Einschätzung Putzkes viele Missbrauchsfälle noch nicht verjährt.

Immer wieder würde laut Putzke versucht, die Dinge möglichst unter dem Teppich zu belassen. Es gäbe zwar vereinzelt Verurteilungen, „aber die Kirche ist natürlich eine mächtige Institution“. Daher hätten viele Opfer bis heute nicht den Schritt gewagt, an die Öffentlichkeit zu gehen, so Putzke. Jetzt seien erstmals konkrete Anhaltspunkte durch die Missbrauchsstudie vorhanden. Und er ergänzt: „Das kirchliche Recht steht nicht über dem weltlichen Recht.“

Putzke soll Mitglied in dem im rheinlandpfälzischen Oberwesel ansässigen „Institut für Weltanschauungsrecht“ sein, zu dessen Direktorium auch Mitglieder der dezidiert kirchenkritischen Giordano-Bruno-Stiftung gehören.

Voraussetzungen für Ermittlungen und Durchsuchungen seien erfüllt

Nach einer Erörterung der vorliegenden Befunde zum sexuellen Missbrauch durch Kleriker, der Verjährungsfristen und der Vorgaben der Strafprozessordnung (StPO), kamen die Juristen in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Institut für Weltanschauungsrecht (ifw) zu dem Ergebnis, dass „die Voraussetzungen für die Aufnahme der Ermittlungen – namentlich zureichende tatsächliche Anhaltspunkte für die Begehung von Straftaten § 152 Abs. 2 StPO – liegen vor“, gegeben sind. Das Gleiche gilt für die Möglichkeit von Durchsuchungsanordnungen (§§ 103, 105 StPO)“, so die Juristen.

Daher sei es zwingend, „dass entsprechende Ermittlungen aufgenommen werden. Die Staatsanwaltschaften müssen die Herausgabe der entsprechenden Unterlagen bei den Diözesen anfordern. Möglicherweise drohende Verjährungen zwingen auch zu schnellem Handeln. Ob und in welchen Fällen vielleicht tatsächlich Verjährung eingetreten ist, wird man abschließend erst nach Auswertung der Archive feststellen können“, so die Staatsrechtler weiter.

Für sie sei die Rechtslage eindeutig. So gebe es „für die Kirche und ihre Priester keine grundsätzlichen Ausnahmen von der Strafverfolgung wie etwa bei der Immunität von Parlamentariern oder Diplomaten“.  (er)>

<<        >>


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