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Criminal Catholic Shit - Index

Terrorism, psychoterrorism and crime by the gay and criminal Vatican and its gay and criminal agents

Catholics are perverts with a 2000-year-old Jewish fantasy book from Asia - and these perverted idiots are firmly convinced that this would be the "truth" - and they are being led astray by the gay, infertile Vatican. The crimes involved are infinite ...

by Michael Palomino (ab 2017)

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1. The criminal Vatican protects criminal pedophiles - the case of Marcial Maciel
2. The criminal Vatican is a gay club - but in the churches they are promoting psycho terror against gays without end
3. The criminal Vatican bank "Banco di Vaticano"
4. Vatileaks: Documents about the criminal activities in the Vatican - the whistleblower was the valet

1. Summary: The mafia structures in general: Rome, Vatican, Calabria, Sicily
2a. Sicily with the mafia "Cosa Nostra" - in Palermo
2b. Sicily with the mafia "Cosa Nostra" - in Catania
3. Rome with Vatican and Vatican Bank: The Mafia is ruling, even the graves
4. Calabria with "Ndrangheta" mafia: Reggio - Gioia Tauro - Polsi - San Luca - Sant'Onofrio - "holy" Madonnas - "Libera" in Polistena

1. Terror-Christianity for 2000 years - with the Terror-Vatican [since 1300]
2. Satanic Freemasons postulate freedom of religion 1717 - Terror Pope (also Satanist) excommunicates the satanic Masons in 1738
3. Second Vatican Council is infiltrated by Masons: "Salvation path" of other religions is allowed - Resistance of Bishop Marcel Lefebvre with a "Pius Brotherhood"
4. Religion Meetings at Assisi in 1986 and at the Vatican in 1999
5. The spokesman Leon Huber and the Pius priesthood under Fellay conjure the darkness
6. Comment by Michael Palomino: Vatican + Freemasons are forming twice a darkness - everything stays DARK - Mother Earth is the light

1. Chaouqui + Balda with documents - and a bit of sex
2. Nightlife of Rome: The "Gay Street" and their hustlers (male prostitutes) telling about gay Vatican priests
3. Rome: Contact portals for gays on the Internet
4. Rome: gay saunas with hustlers and gay priests of the Fuckican (Vatican)
5. Rome: Catholic authorities deny the enlightenment - they want to make everything "God's" decision