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D     Thaiไทย

Note: healing effect of Aloe Vera


presented by Michael Palomino



In Thailand there are two very good low price products: tiger balm in any pharmacy and Aloe Vera in many 7/11 shops.

Aloe Vera
                        in Schachtel
Aloe Vera in a little box [1]
100-prozentiges Aloe Vera im Glas
100 percent Aloe Vera in a little glass [2]
100-prozentiges Aloe Vera im offenen Glas
100 percent Aloe Vera in the open glass [3]

Englische Übersetzung des Beipackzettels
                          über Aloe Vera, Thailand 2013
English translation of the instruction sheet about the effects of Aloe Vera, Thailand 2013 [5]
Beipackzettel zur Wirkung von Aloe Vera,
                          Thailand 2013
Instruction sheet in Thai language about the effect of Aloe Vera, Thailand 2013 [4]

On the Thai instruction sheet is mentioned that Aloe Vera has a surprising effect against UV radiation. Translation:

<Skin moisturizer, dark spots eraser, sun UV protection before & after sun bath, burn wound cure

Plant of multi nutrients:

The herb "Aloe Vera" has been used for cosmetic use, medicine, and food for thousands of years.

Our skin can obtain aqua moisture from its valuable clean jell which consists of numerous nutrients.

Healing of wounds, burnings, sun burn - reducing side effects of x-ray radiation and radio therapies - no dark spots
Our skin can obtain aqua moisture from its valuable clean jell which consists of numerous nutrients. Aloe Vera contains useful substances such as Glycoprotein - Aloctine A and Aloctine B - which is effective in reducing infection from wounds such as burns, and providing treatment for sun burn. This nutrient can also reduce the side effects caused from treatments like x-ray or radio therapy. It was found that the substance called Aloin contained a quality that can absorb UV but anti Tyrosine enzyme under our skin surface. If too much of this enzyme is produced, it causes dark spots to appear on our skin. Aloe Vera can treat these problems.

Dandruff, hair falling out
Furthermore, Aloe Vera mixed in our hair treatment shampoo can reduce and stop dandruff and loss of hair. It also conditions and moisturizes the scalp, leaving hair shiny.

Stomach and intestine problems
used in food mixtures - such as beverages and desserts - Aloe Vera can also reduce and solve stomach problems and damage to the digestive tube.>


One has to google a little bit and then one can find these indications:

Effects of Aloe Vera (orig. in German: Wirkung von Aloe Vera)

Aloe Vera cactus
Aloe Vera cactus [6]

from: http://www.aloe-vera.or.at/Wirkung.html (2013)

Aloe Vera contains:
-- minerals, among others calcium, magnesium, zinc and selenium
-- vitamins
-- amino acids.

And: <By the excellent agents Aloe Vera can be rated as a natural supplement of alimentation. It contains almost 200 singular parts which can cover the whole need of nutrients of a human being almost completely. Especially a special sugar molecule called "Acemannan" is giving this healing plant a special effect.>
(orig. in German: <Aloe ist durch ihre ausgezeichneten Wirkstoffe als natürliches Nahrungsergänzungsmittel einzustufen, sie ist in Besitz von beinahe 200 Einzelbestandteilen die fast lückenlos den Nährstoffbedarf eines Menschen decken können. Besonders ein spezielles Zuckermolekül, das Acemannan macht diese Heilpflanze so einzigartig.>

General effect of Aloe Vera are regenerative and reducing pain, healing and regenerative and can be applied on the skin or can be swallowed for having an effect by the inner organs.

Applied on the skin Aloe Vera is healing
-- itching of insect bites
-- sun burn is mitigated
-- acne
-- psoriasis.

Anti septic characteristics of Aloe Vera are healing
-- infected wounds
-- are accelerating cell production and healing processes

and are having an effect against pains and swellings
-- with tendinitis
-- muscle strains
-- distortions.

Aloe Vera can be found today in "tees for strengthening the defense or as pure drinkable aloe juice in the shops."
(orig. in German: Aloe Vera ist heute auch in <Tees zur Abwehrkräftestärkung oder als reiner, trinkfähiger Aloesaft im Handel.>)

Today Aloe Vera is in many skin creams, face masks, shower gels, lotions and shampoos thus the natural moistering effect is mixed in it.

Aloe Vera swallowed
-- is healing stomach intestine irritations
-- is healing chronic constipation.

Aloe Vera has got an effect against parasites, bacteria and virus. Aloe Vera with it's compound Acemannan is an excellent prevention against attrition of joints and arthrosis because it's producing also lubricant for the joints.

Quotation: <It's having an effect against damaging parasites, bacteria, and viruses and it's responsible for the production of lubricant of the joints which is protecting us from arthrosis and attrition of joints.>
(orig. in German: <Es wirkt krankmachenden Parasiten, Bakterien und Viren entgegen und es ist für die Produktion von Gelenkschmiere verantwortlich, die uns vor Arthrose und Gelenkverschleiß schützt.>

Additionally it must be mentioned that Aloe Vera does not contain any allergenic substances irritating the immune systems [web01].

Olive oil and Aloe Vera having same effects
Many of the effects of Aloe Vera can also be watched by using good olive oil regularly in the food [web02].



[web01] Effect of Aloe Vera (Wirkung von Aloe Vera): http://www.aloe-vera.or.at/Wirkung.html
[web02] observation by Michael Palomino

Picture sources
[1-3] Aloe Vera photos: Michael Palomino
[4-5] Instruction sheet and translation: Michael Palomino
[6] Aloe Vera cactus: http://www.aloe-vera.or.at/Wirkung.html