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"Moon plays": The moon was the Earth - Lies and Truth in Space

3. The first manned Earth orbit with a landing by Iljushin / Ilyushin

The first manned Earth orbit in the high atmosphere with a landing in China

Vladimir Iljushin /
                Ilyushin as a young pilot, portrait.
Vladimir Iljushin / Ilyushin as a young pilot, portrait.

by Michael Palomino (2006 / 2021)



-- www.lostcosmonauts.com, www.raumfahrer.net and other Internet sources
-- Gerhard Wisnewski: Lügen im Weltraum [Lies In Space]. Knaur 2005

End of March 1961 approx.

"SU": Planning of the next manned atmosphere flight with Ilyushin
According to lostcosmonauts.com Vladimir Iljushin / Vladimir Ilyushin is foreseen for the next flight. The technical failure has been obviously found soon.


Vladimir Iljushin / Ilyushin as a young
                        pilot, portrait.
Vladimir Iljushin / Ilyushin as a young pilot, portrait.

Ilyushin is the son of the best known airplane engineer in the "Soviet Union", Sergej Ilyushin. In the 1960ies the father is one of the political most influential persons in the "SU", a leading person in the "Soviet" supreme command. He was decorated as "Hero of the Soviet Union" three times. His son Vladimir is one of the most artistic "Soviet" test pilots. In 1959 he set a world record for the height of an airplane flying in a height of 30,000 m. In 1960 he set a height record and a speed record during a test flight and got another  medal as "Hero of the SU".

In 1959 Ilyushin was not in the crew of the future cosmonauts yet. On the foto of the popular magazine "Ogonyok" he is missing. At this time he was busy with the world record of altitude flight. But he realized soon that this record would loose it's importance when humans were launched into space [into the higher atmosphere]. So, he decided to join the cosmonaut group and could realize the change probably by the father's influence. He attended a special training and was considered as one of the most talented cosmonauts of the group soon. In spring 1961 some fotos were published in the "SU" showing him during space training [higher atmosphere training].

But there is also Gagarin:

At the same time end of March 1961 General Kamanin is said having informed Gagarin for being the first man in the higher atmosphere ("first man in space").
(Project Vostok, http://www.raumfahrer.net/raumfahrt/bemannt/projekt_wostok.shtml)

What's right now?

30 March 1961

"SU": Chief designer Sergej Koroljow is admitting starts of Vostok 3 atmosphere ships and announces the first manned atmosphere flight ("space flight")

Sergej Koroliov, chief
                        designer of the "SU" atmosphere
                        flight, portrait.
Sergej Koroliov, chief designer of the "SU" atmosphere flight, portrait.

"Soviet" chief designer Koroliov reports in two letters to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the "SU" two starts of objects "Vostok 3A". So this is the manned Vostok type, the other "Vostok 1" is unmanned and "Vostok 2" is the espionage satellite. With these letters Koroliov admits indirectly that manned high atmosphere flights ("space flights") already had been performed. At the same time Koroliov announces the first manned high atmosphere flight ("space flight"). With this he means the first official high atmosphere flight ("space flight")... (Wisnewski, p.26).

But it's also possible that the letter was only written after the Gagarin parachute jump ("Gagarin flight") to have a document for historiography (Wisnewski, p.26).

All in all the "SU" propaganda can change between the names "Vostok 1" and "Vostok 3" as they want because the journalists don't put critical questions (Wisnewski, p.26).

3 April 1961
"SU": Chief designer Sergej Koroljow is blabbing again
On 3.4.1961 chief designer Sergej Koroliov is admitting indirectly the failed manned atmosphere flight. He declares to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the "SU":

-- that the cosmonauts would be very well prepared now
-- that the cosmonauts would know the atmosphere ship ("space ship") and the flight conditions better than himself
-- that he has a confidence in successful, manned atmosphere flights on a base of a "certain wisdom" about "flight conditions".

This means: There has to be a knowledge about flights already from flights before (Wisnewski, p.26).

7 April 1961
"SU": Vladimir Ilyushin survives his atmosphere flight heavily injured

Ilyushin's atmosphere capsule is launched in the morning of 7th April 1961 into an Earth orbit. But according to reports also this time something is going wrong in the capsule during the first part of the flight. Before the first orbit ends Ilyushin is not answering to the radio communication of the control center any more. Ilyushin  also passes out and the control center sees that the procedure of February will be repeated [heartbeats of a dying person on 2 February 1961]. But now the control center decides otherwise because it's the best cosmonaut of the crew. During the third orbit an emergency landing begins. "Rossiya" shall land on Chinese territory, a Communist land with strong relations to the "Soviet Union" at that time.

Ilyushin's landing is a crash in China. Ilyushin is heavily injured but he survives.

The normal landing with the ejection seat and with a landing of the person itself by parachute is not possible. Vladimir Ilyushin stays in the capsule and suffers heavy injuries from the impact on the ground.

[Well, finishing a flight by handling a catapult seat means that the pilot has to be conscious. Therefore it seems that the "Soviet" leadership let all unconscious pilots go to space. Speculations can go on].

By his survival Ilyushin is the first man who survived a flight around Earth in the high atmosphere (propaganda is saying "space flight"). He is recovered in China for one year as a guest of honour. This is a palliated formulation which is used for foreign secret service people normally. Vladimir Ilyushin is cured from his injuries and returns back to the "SU" in 1962, and perhaps he becomes head test pilot at the Sukhoi designer office. In 1999 he lives as a retired air force general in a suburb of Moscow.


At the same time during the covered-up emergency landing in China the foreign Communist media at Moscow announce that a manned "space flight" would be prepared and will be shortly performed.

The cover-up of the crash of Ilyushin with an alleged car accident

The long stay in China in the hospital is explained in the "SU" with a lie, Ilyushin had had a car accident after the landing and would be in rehabilitation (Wisnewski, p.32). The critical press does not believe it, because the medicine of the "SU" is better than the medicine of Mao's China (Wisnewski, p.34).

Ilyushin's statement in 1999

Wladimir Iljushin / Vladimir Ilyushin 1999
Vladimir Iljushin / Vladimir Ilyushin 1999

After Perestroika Ilyushin indicates that after the third Earth orbit the steering electronics and the radio transmission had failed at the same time and then he had passed out.

(In: TV Documentation: The Cosmonaut Coverup, Beverly Hills 1999; Wisnewski, p.32).

[But there is another important fact:

For the "SU" propaganda the Ilyushin flight is ranked not as a "successful" "space flight" probably because Ilyushin has not landed in the "SU"].

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