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Hitler against Russia. Reasons

A simple question -- Argument: "Germanic living space" between Rhine and Don -- Arguments and strategies against Russia from chapter 14 of "Mein Kampf": viability and eliminating Jewish communism -- Arguments and strategies of chapter 15 of "Mein Kampf" against France and Russia -- Germany and Japan wanted to part Gulag "Soviet Union" - Hitler-Stalin pact and megalomania -- Hitler's financiers for a Russian campaign (Barbarossa) -- Fact: The Don River border line was not respected - scenario of a Don border line -- German population saw Hitler as a Napoleon


by Michael Palomino (2013)



A simple question

Oh, there were two Russians in 2013 and they asked me: Why Hitler attacked Russia? There were familiar relationships between Germany and Russian nobles and the whole school system is on a German base in Russia. And Hitler and Stalin, they were not both genius?

Ha ha, when Hitler and Stalin had been two genius persons, then they had better played chess together and had not made war against each other.

There is a big list of factors playing a role for the fact that the Third Reich was performing the Russian Campaign (Barbarossa).

First of all there was the question about "living space", and many historians stated that the "Germanic living space" was between Rhine River and Don River.

Argument: "Germanic living space" between Rhine and Don

In general there is the argument of the basic history that the "Germanic living space" would be between Rhine and Don, and "Slaw people" had come from the Ural Mountains always pressing the Germanic peoples more to the West.

For example in 1512 the historian Annius von Viterbo is describing in his work "Berosus" a Germanic high culture between Don and Rhine describing this territory to a son Noah and presenting him as a basic father of the Germanic peoples and Skyths with the name "Tuyscon" founding a blood line: "Tuyscon, Germanorum et Samatarum pater". This blood line is an invention (Lund, p.16).

"Germanic living space" is also described by linguistics stating the familiarity of languages.

(see the book of Allan A Lund: Germanenideologie im Nationalsozialismus. Zur Rezeption der "Germania" des Tacitus im "Dritten Reich". Heidelberg 1995

Policy of National Socialism is always referring to this description about a "living space between Rhine and Don", but in "Mein Kampf" it is not mentioned. Hitler then is contradicting to this principle also occupying West European countries and is even attacking England which is NOT between Rhine and Don, and there has not even started a big attack from the French or from the English side.

Additionally chapter 14 and 15 in the second volume of "Mein Kampf" are presenting more interesting points why Hitler was justifying his "Germanic Campaign" ("Germanenzug") [web1]:

Arguments and strategies against Russia from chapter 14 of "Mein Kampf": viability and eliminating Jewish communism

Argument of a "constant fight"

In general in this world wide policy of those times counts the principle of a "constant fight" (stated e.g. on page 729). The world would be a "world of constant fight" (p.769). This means that there is an eternal fight on Earth. Peace policy and Human Rights are only known from 1948 on but certain groups like criminal Zionists are not fulfilling them at all as it is known. Hitler is mentioning more arguments then in the chapter 14 in the second volume of "Mein Kampf" for his Russian campaign:

page 728: argument "viability": Germany would not be "viable" when it could not extend it's territory

Factors for this are self supply and the capacity to defend the frontiers of the territory.

page 729: argument "global power": other global powers also had occupied huge territories and also Germany should be permitted to be a "world power"

Germany had never been a real "world power" but was only a "supposed" world power.

Other world powers had occupied whole continents: England, Russia, China, France, ["U.S.A."], and Germany should also be allowed to do so [729-730].

page 736: argument "borders for the moment": to reinstall the German borders of 1914 is not enough

With every peace agreement the borders are fixed for "the moment", and the next war is already in project.

page 739: argument "ground and soil": Germany should have it's "ground and soil" - only that for a "bloody fight" was justified

For justifying the base of existence of a country a "bloody fight" is justified for "ground and soil".

page 742: argument "global power or nothing" - "Germanic campaign" heading for the east - continue the "colonization of the east"

<G e r m a n y will be a global power or nothing.>

With this victory of ruin are preprogrammed. For this project Russia should be given a "Germanic campaign" ("Germanenzug") with the "view to the country in the east".

page 743: argument for the "view to the country in the east": eradicate communism

page 747: argument of the balance of horror: What England may do, also Germany may do

English Empire was an Empire of horror with many genocides and death camps as a copy of the death camps in the "U.S.A." against the natives and in Andersonville after the civil war (1865). About the racist horror in the English "Victorian" Empire see the book of Mike Davis: "Late Victorian Holocausts". This should be the model for Hitler because England also did it like this and nobody was answering in those times because all was secret and the natives could neither English nor could write...

page 748: strategies: eliminate Poland

Poland had already been a victim many times between Germany and Russia being parted and this should happen another time now. But the details are these: In 1939 Poland was playing a poker game if it should go with Germany against Russia or with Russia against Germany, and there was no decision thus Hitler and Stalin made a decision over Poland. Poland was urging for solidarity of England and France then and was urging that Germany should be attacked in the west thus Poland had an easy "March to Berlin". But this attack from the west never came thus the Polish government was fleeing to London and the Red Army was coming only 2 weeks later occupying eastern Poland - but was shooting 1,000s of Polish officers then...

page 749: strategies: alliance is only for the fight

According to Hitler an alliance is only useful when later the partner is conquered. [Thus first comes espionage as a "friend", and then the lethal stroke].

since 750: argument for the "view to the land in the east": to extinguish Jewish "parasites" in Russia

Russia would suffer under the Jewish communist government and this would be a legitimation of a German occupation of Russia.

page 751: argument for the "view to the land in the east": Jewish communist world wide dictatorship has to be blocked.

The world has to fight against this Jewish illusion of a world wide communism, and a war against Russia is only the "right" thing for this.

page 752: argument for the "view to the land in the east": Jewish world wide Bolshevism has to be fought in the world

Comment: But mission is happening in the head, and violence is only provoking new violence with revenge.

page 753: strategy: Germany with England against Russia had been appropriate in 1914 already

page 753: strategy: occupation of Russia to conquer England then

Comment: This was the argument for Churchill never giving in to Hitler and never trusting him to his offers of peace because with the Russian resources Hitler had been able to do with the world what he wanted.

page 755: strategy: an alliance of Germany with England would have split the alliance "Entente" between England and France

page 756: strategy: occupation of Russia for food and resources

page 757: strategy: France has to be broken with it's drive for hegemony in Europe

Comment: Since 1918 France was determinating many things in many states in Europe and was installing illegal army forces in Romania and in Czechoslovakia and thus was creating facts against the German populations there which had no chance to belong to Austria any more. There were also agreements between France and Poland against Germany and they were not so "peaceful". This drive for hegemony of France should be broken - Hitler said, but just installing a German drive for hegemony: germanizing of Europe...

Arguments and strategies of chapter 15 of "Mein Kampf" against France and Russia

Terror of France against Germany since 1918

page 760: argument putting away the "yoke of slavery"

Since 1919 Hitler was arguing again and again that France would enslave Germany because France was urging for high reparation payments.

page 764: argument: 1918 Germany's existence of a colonial power was finishing

In the treaty of Versailles all German colonies were robbed and distributed between England and France.

page 765:
-- French government leader Clemenceau is saying himself in 1918: Peace is only the continuation of the war
-- the aim of France since 1918 is the ruin of Germany
-- somebody has to give the counter drive to stop France.

page 774: strategy: Mussolini has saved his Italy from Jewish Marxism in 1922

Germany after the occupation of Russia

page 767: Hitler is predicting a rise of the German population from 80 to 250 million Germans in a big country.

Comment: If this was wanted in the world that there would be 250 million Germans - in the "U.S.A." there were many adherents for this project!

Germany and Japan wanted to part Gulag "Soviet Union" - Hitler-Stalin pact and megalomania

Read the book "Second Front" by Valentin Falin and then you know the following facts: Basically since about 1936 there was projected that Jewish communism with Stalin's Russia should be occupied from two sides at once from the left by Germany and from the right by Japan, as whole Asia should be parted between Germany and Japan.

But then Ribbentrop and Molotow made their Hitler-Stalin Pact (Molotov -Ribbentrop Pact) parting Poland commonly. Therefore the Japanese government fell in to a crises of credibility. Stalin was using this Japanese crises coming to a non-aggression pact with Japan thus Japan was orientating itself to the southern countries in Asia and Stalin had got his back free when the Third Reich should nevertheless try an invasion. And with this Hitler became a second Napoleon because Japan was not acting against Russia any more in 1941.

At the same time the German generals were absolutely maniacs now because they meant that whole Russia could "be for them alone". First they were projecting that the whole Russian campaign would last only 8 to 12 weeks conquering Moscow and driving 30 million Russians away behind the Ural Mountains. Secondly they were projecting getting the Russian resources at the Caspian See and then occupying whole Russia with a breakthrough down to Vladivostok and Sachalin meaning that "U.S.A." could be heckled then from both sides then. This megalomania was revealed and therefore "U.S.A." were declaring also war against Germany. Of course this is NOT an excuse for the "American" war crimes committed by Eisenhower and Churchill and Harris against Germany from 1943 to 1950.

Hitler's financiers for a Russian campaign (Barbarossa)

Communist Russia has to be eliminated 1917: not working

German Emperor Wilhelm II and his German general staff were calculating to allow that Russia would suffer a revolution and then Russia should be easily occupied by Germany. Therefore Switzerland let leave revolutionary Lenin from Geneva passing Germany to Russia and Lenin was initiating the revolution in Saint Petersburg and thus the town should be called Leningrad. Wilhelm II then was ordering German troops to occupy Russia but the communist ammunition workers in Germany were blocking the war and mass murder with an ammunition strike thus Germany was giving in the peace conditions of "U.S." President Wilson (14 Points). Thus the German army had to retreat from Russia, the east European states were reinstalled and Germany was cheated on and on without limits now in Versailles because not one single of the 14 Points was fulfilled but Germany remained with cuts of territories and without colonies and with not defined reparation obligations almost without anything. Lenin in Russia was not safe yet because now a "White Army" was coming:

Communist Russia has to be eliminated 1919-1922: not working

The project to extinguish Jewish communism in Russia existed since communism existed. Already between 1919 and 1922 there was a giant war between the White army (middle European troops) against the Red Army (Lenin's new army financed by Jewish Zionist banking money from the "U.S.A."). Lenin had installed his Gulag state "Soviet Union" in 1917 already and at the end Stalin could take over the lead since Lenin's death and was performing industrialization in Russia. Stalin was the new "God" for the big majority of the Russians because it was Stalin who was installing electric light and electric bulbs in the whole country which was not performed by the tsar and by Lenin before.

1925-1945: the financiers for Hitler for a new trial to eradicate communist Russia: again not working

Since 1925 with Hitler there was another world wide project to eradicate communism in Russia. All the good deeds of Stalin in Russia should not count at all. But in 1933 National Socialist "specialists" from Hitlers Reich were traveling to Russia investigating how the Gulag camps system was working to install a similar camp system in the Third Reich, only with better conditions of course.

The general blindness of Hitler concerning the work of Stalin and of the Russian population was concealed. And in the book "Mein Kampf" it was never described precisely how the new "Germanic campaign" with the "view to the east" would be. Thus Hitler was getting much support from abroad giving millions of dollars for the future Russian campaign. There were representatives of western politics and many western industrialists who wanted to be "part of the campaign" when Germany would install itself in new territories.

There are many good books about Hitler's financiers e.g. by Wolfgang Zdral "Financed rise of Adolf H." (in German: "Der finanzierte Aufstieg des Adolf H." giving millions for Hitler's goals:

-- Hugenberg with a helping letter (orig. German: "Hilfsschreiben") for Hitler in 1929
-- negotiations about financial aid for NSDAP in Berlin in Adlon Hotel 1929-1932 with "American" oil companies Shell and Standard Oil Rockefeller, and with Max Warburg's bank house Kuhn, Loeb & Cie. of New York
-- Young Plan of 1930 according to Owen D. Young (Owen Young)
-- Gustav Krupp, with great sponsoring for Hitler (boss of steel giant Krupp)

-- Dietrich Eckart, great sponsoring and mediation of contacts for Hitler
-- Hermann Aust, organization of events and mediation of contacts (with an enterprise of malt coffee, Munich)
-- Ernst von Borsig, is said having given money and mediation of contacts for Hitler (possessor of a locomotive factory)
-- Edwin and Helene Bechstein, personal donations
-- Henri Wilhelm August Deterding, high donations for Hitler (oil baron of Royal Dutch Shell), with agent George Bell
-- noble exile Russians (tsarists) who wanted to reestablish tsarist Empire, they performed a great sponsoring
-- Fritz Thyssen, a steel baron, with great sponsoring, organization of meetings and mediation of contacts for Hitler
-- Hanfstaengl (piano player in diverse government circles), mediation of contacts for Hitler, since 1937 he played piano for the western allies changing the sides

-- Kurt Lüdecke (bisexual playboy), great donations and mediation of contacts for Hitler
-- Lüdecke and the connections with Mussolini:
-- Lüdecke and Siegfried and Winifred Wagner and the connections to Henry Ford for Hitler:
-- Henry Ford, with great donations and with the construction of armament factories in Germany (Ford)
-- Dawes plan with credit profit for the "USA" from Germany with the bankers John Pierpont Morgan and Charles Gates Dawes
-- Roosevelt with "United European Venture" and Owen Young in Europe
-- Hugo Stinnes, donations of his family in 1925 for "Ethnic Observer" (orig. German "Völkischen Beobachter")
-- Emil Kirdorf (with a coal plant at Düsseldorf), great donations for Hitler's NSDAP

-- in 1932 Chancellor Heinrich Brüning lets destruct evidence against violence of SA and NSDAP. With this destruction of documents Brüning gives away the last chance to bring violence of SA and of NSDAP to justice.
-- from Hanfstaengel's house is starting the tunnel to Reichstag for the incendiary.
-- John Foster Dulles, mediating great sponsoring with loans of "American" banks of a value of more than 1 billion "US" dollars for Hitler as a representative of "American" banks
-- Trusts IG colors (German: IG-Farben) and steel works (German: Stahlwerke) help Hitler to power
-- France, with alleged great sponsoring
-- the richest bankers of Wall Street (e.g. John Pierpont Morgan with great donations) use inflation of 1923 installing syndicates for war economy in Germany, and then they have their seats in the supervisory boards, with own profit - Dawes plan and Young plan:
-- German Bank (Deutsche Bank) helps also to "build up" Hitler 1919-1933

-- the "American" companies are steering Hitler's armament:
Bank house Morgan under J.P. Morgan, and Rockefeller Chase Bank, and with a lower part also Warburg Manhattan Bank, are controlling the following "US" enterprises in Germany:
-- General Motors
-- Ford
-- General Electric (medicine technique, engines for air planes, industrial plant manufacturing, financing)
-- DuPont (plastics, explosives, electronics, food)
-- a "hand full of US enterprises who were connected closely with development of Nazi Germany"

-- Hitler also makes return presents, and Henry Ford gets a Nazi medal in 1938

"American" enterprises giving their technology for Hitler's Reich:
-- Standard Oil Company of John D. Rockefeller
-- Opel: is a 100% associated company of "American" General Motors controlled by J.P. Morgan, for tank production
-- Ford AG is an associated company of Henry Ford's Ford Motor Company in Detroit, for tank production
-- Alcoa (Aluminium Company of America)
-- Dow Chemical (plastics synthetic rubber, magnesium for light parts of warplanes)
-- Bendix Aviation: General Motors (controlled by J.P. Morgan) has got the majority of Bendix Aviation: Bendix delivers Siemens & Halske, and in 1940 yet Robert Bosch

-- Brüning appeals for enlightenment of Hitlers financing (Brüning in a letter to Dr. Rudolf Pechel, German Rundschau, 7, 1947

-- the Bush family with it's grandfather Prescott Bush: He had a whole bank for the commerce with the Third Reich with storage of big Nazi fortunes inclusive (UBC Bank, see e.g. the Web Site "Prescott Bush und die Nazis" [web02])

-- and Nazi Switzerland was helping Hitler's Third Reich as a whole with all it's machinery industries, corridor through the Alps, banking business and spying etc. and after 1945 Switzerland was continuing to be a Nazi state and was never denazified going on with their bank secret sucking the whole world with it without limits (see the book of Markus Heiniger "13 Reasons" [web03]).

All these financiers for Hitler were headed against communist madness forming a "unique mishmash" of the cultures of the world with a mass murder Gulag system. When Hitler and his generals had fulfilled their rules and orders then there had never been any entry into the war of the "U.S.A.". But the Gröfaz (Greatest Leader of all times) and his mad generals just had no common sense in their heart but they wanted the whole world at the end - like communism wanted.

Fact: The Don River border line was not respected - scenario of a Don border line

Additionally one has to consider that the war monger Hitler and his mad and crazy maniac generals in the general staff were not respecting the basic Germanic border line at Don River. The National Socialists had not only violated any possible Germanic principles with Don River, but it begins with Hitler himself:

-- Hitler was a half Jews (illegitimate child of a Jews) and he had black hair and was not at all blond
-- Goebbels also had black hair and was not at all blond
-- they had occupied territories in the west of the Rhine River which were not at all Germanic basically
-- and at the end they were passing the Don River and they wanted the world wide power and wanted to heckle even the "U.S.A." - not at all Germanic territory.

Thus there was never any strategy respecting Germanic basic border lines and stopping at Don river. What had been when the Wehrmacht had stopped there and had limited their territory between Rhine and Don can be seen only in a fantasy.

-- there had been no entry to the war by the "U.S.A."
-- Wehrmacht had been able to install the defense and nobody had been able to conquer these positions
-- the defeat in Stalingrad had NEVER been
-- Stalin had had no reason or no force for any revenge because he had no support from anyone
-- Hitler never had become a second Napoleon but he had been a model controlling his will and limits etc.

They felt so dominant against Russia but without Japan from the right side there should have never been any attack more than to the Don River.

But Hitler was a psychopath with all possible compensative and not controlled energies not able to control his energies wanting all in one stroke because he felt old already and thus he was creating what he was predicting: <Germany will be a global power or nothing.> (Mein Kampf, p.742), and Germany was noting in 1945 but only is an occupied territory since then. So far it had even never been with France in 1815 after Napoleon's Waterloo.

German population saw Hitler as a Napoleon

Other fact is that basically the whole German population knew that Hitler would become a second Napoleon when the Japanese partner would fail against Russia. After the victory against France after August 1940 German soldiers were directly sent to the eastern front preparing the Russian campaign. Additionally it was known that Hitler would not be content with some border line but he wanted to have the world wide power for him and his madness abusing Wehrmacht for this purpose.

As the high ranked German officers were partly acting by their own will, they did not care Hitler's strategy heading for the Russian resources at the Black and at the Caspian See first thus encircling Moscow then, but they let head Wehrmacht troops directly driving to Moscow then ending in the freeze without resources in 1941.

Then since 1942 ordering German soldiers to the eastern front was like a punishment and like a news to be sent to death because the defeat against England, France, Russia and "U.S.A." together was absolutely preprogrammed. The subsequent efforts for getting the resources at the Caspian See were ending in Stalingrad...

German population was hating Hitler more and more but could not do anything against the system of the Nazi state because the spying system was perfectly installed in the Hitler state. Hitler himself was imploring the world that Germany would never capitulate because Germany should never suffer a "Second Versailles" and should never be cheated again. But then instead of being content with Don River as a border line or to make an agreement with Poland Hitler was leading the whole German population into the misery and ruin - and the German population having voted only with 37% for Hitler was accepting the violence. German Resistance was too weak against this perfectly organized SA and SS state.

Basically Hitler had been a criminal foreigner, an Austrian, with violent action in whole Germany with foreign money and with foreign weapons, and it had been possible to expel him from Germany to Austria in 1932 yet - but
a certain Chancellor Brüning rather liked to destroy documents and let Hitler come to power - by cowardice...

Swiss people in Nazi Switzerland are so stupid like nobody concerning Second World War

And the stupid Swiss people from stupid Swiss secret service with their constant meaning that Hitler was forced to make war being the first before Stalin made war are really absolutely mad with their kindergarten meaning and just have - until today (2013) - not read any good book about the Second World War. Nazi Switzerland
is not deniazified until today and such Nazi meanings protecting Hitler are constantly living on until today in Nazi Switzerland and therefore Switzerland is really a Nazi Switzerland because Swiss journalists are not reading either but they are only repeating Zionist rubble which is coming from German TV. They just don't want to read, the 95% of the vomiting Swiss people loyal to their Nazi Swiss system of spying, blocking and defamation. Frustrated chocolate eaters nead a leader and an excuse for their collaboration with Hitler since 1923 when he was with CS bankers and watching the Gotthard tunnel system...

[web01] Mein Kampf, Text: http://archive.org/stream/Mein-Kampf2/HitlerAdolf-MeinKampf-Band1Und2855.Auflage1943818S._djvu.txt
[web02] Prescott Bush und die Nazis: http://www.uni-muenster.de/PeaCon/global-texte/g-a/g-ss/AmericanEmpire/nazis.htm
[web03] Markus Heiniger: "Dreizehn Gründe. Warum die Schweiz im Zweiten Weltkrieg nicht erobert wurde, Limmat-Verlag, Zürich 1989.

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