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[Mosad] Encyclopaedia Judaica

Emancipation of the Jews 02: "USA" since 1776

Uncontaminated "USA" without traditions of oppressive practice toward Jews - slavery of the blacks and the extermination of the natives are not mentioned

from: History; In: [Mosad] Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971, vol. 8

presented by Michael Palomino (2007 / 2019)

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The *United States of America opened a totally different line of approach to the Jews. In the new land, uncontaminated by traditions of oppressive practice toward Jews, where many sectarians appreciated the model of the "Mosaic republic" for their own society, *emancipation of the Jews came as part of the independence and liberation of the American states. Despite former partial limitations included in constitutions of the former colonies, the new states accepted equality of peoples of all religions as a matter of principle and of fact. The views of the founder of Rhode Island, Roger Williams, in the 17th century were thus fulfilled. Some social discrimination and several remaining legal disabilities were quickly removed during the end of the 18th and beginning of the 19th century. Thus 1776 is a date not only in United States history but also in Jewish history marking the first emancipation as a matter of general policy.> (col. 712)

[[Supplement: The victims of the "USA": The blacks and the natives
This emancipation of the Jews in the "USA" has two victims: The blacks are in slavery, and the natives are deprived of any right and are betrayed badly several times and are driven away and exterminated. The Jews in the "USA" are helping to descriminate the blacks and to exterminate the natives. So, human rights and freedom of the press would be good for all...

The extermination of the natives in the "USA" 1776-1890 is the model for upcoming Herzl who writes in his book "The Jewish State" (1896) that for a Greater Israel Arabs can be driven away like the natives in the "USA". But these combinations are never mentioned in Encyclopaedia Judaica and in the media. So the Jewish and Free Mason "USA" are oppressing the Blacks and the natives as they were suppressed before in Europe by the Catholics. ]]

[19th century: Jewish community developments in the "USA"

The different waves of immigration - organizations: Landsmannschaften, Arbeter Farband, Workmen's Circle, B'nai B'rith order]

<Communal organization in the United States proceeded along different lines [[to the European developments]]. Divisions between the first layer of Jewish immigration there, the Sephardi, the second, mainly German Jews, and the beginnings of the third, of Eastern European Jews, in conjunction with the size of the country and the huge size of the cities in which the Jews tended to concentrate, combined to create the type of synagogue community established by the exiles from Spain (see above).

This was later to develop, with the mass immigration of Eastern European Jews after 1881, into the Landsmannschaften form of community, which still retained many of the religious aspects of community leadership and life. The same factors also led to the creation of secular ideological associations, such as the Arbeter Farband  [[Yiddish, Working Union]] and *Workmen's Circle.

By the mid-19th century attempts toward centralization were made in the United States also, though in the main ephemeral. About this time there also developed a type of organization suited to the upper-middle-class element of U.S. Jewry, introducing orders on the Masonic pattern devoted to Jewish problems. One of the first, and still the most influential, was the *B'nai B'rith order, founded in 1843.> (col. 723)

[[The natives have nothing to say and are driven away...]]

Encyclopaedia Judaica: History, vol. 8,
                        col. 711-712
Encyclopaedia Judaica: History, vol. 8, col. 711-712
Encyclopaedia Judaica: History, vol. 8,
                        col. 723-724
Encyclopaedia Judaica: History, vol. 8, col. 723-724

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