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Criminal Catholics news index - organized crime

Catholics play "God" with defamation, robbery, occupations, blackmail, abuse, violations, murder etc.

Terrorism, psychoterrorism and crime by the gay criminal Vatican and its gay and criminal agents

This is NOT exaggerated, and the judiciary does not dare to CLOSE this criminal Catholic Church!

by Michael Palomino (2019)  Titel Katholikenscheisse Meldungen Katholische
                    Kirche ist organisiertes Verbrechen

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1) since 2002: Geoghan ("USA"), pope Benedict, Joël Allaz etc.
2) Cr. Catholics+their tactics - schizophrenic+perverse (14-10-2017)
3) Book Number One+Pittet+hush money 4 billion (16-02-2018)
4) Arrest warrant against pope+study in Germany (9-6-2018)
5) Raped nuns+peace with cr.ped. Islam (since 7-11-2018)
6) Book Sodoma, raped nuns+Vatican Conference (14-02-2019)

News about hypercriminal Satanic Catholic Church
Catholic shit - news
1. (since 2002): case of Geoghan since 2002 - beginning of  enlightenment against cronical abuse - Satanist pope Benedict - cr.ped. priest Joël Allaz etc.

-- 1a1. Massachusets ("USA") with Geoghan: Boston Globe about cr.ped. priests like Geoghan: Jan.6, 2002: Criminal Catholic church with child abuse by gay-pedophile priests without end - priest Geoghan is just one example - the church is just shifting him again and again (2002)
-- 1a2. Vatikan Order "Legion of Christ" with Maciel: 9 criminal pedophile priests, among them Maciel (Dec. 7, 2013)

-- 1b1. Satanist Ratzinger+Benedict XVI, witness Nijenhuis from Holland: criminal Vatican with child abuse and child murder - "I saw how Joseph Ratzinger was killing a little girl" - eye witness about sacrifice ritual of 1987 confirming reports of Toos Nijenhuis from Holland (Oct.28, 2013)
-- 1b2. Witness Toos Nijenhuis (Holland) against cardinal Alfrink, prince Bernhard, prince Philipp, chief rabbi Schneerson, pope John Paul II etc. - criminal satanists organizing torture, gangbang rapes and mass murder against children from 4 years

-- 1c. Freiburg / Fribourg (CH) with Joël Allaz: Abuses by criminal Father Joël Allaz - victims breaking their silence (March, 17, 2017)

-- 1j. Madrid: Catholic money games: Haters of humanity playing with illnesses with a blindness (June 12, 2017) and loosing millions
-- 1d. Catholic tactics seen in LIMA: report by Michael Palomino: criminal Catholics only reading 1 book - total mental standstill without recycling etc. (June 26, 2017)
-- 1e. Chile: death of 1313 children in Catholic children's homes and youth homes - and nobody wants to be responsible (July 8, 2017)
-- 1d. Catholic tactics seen in Lima: CATHOLIC PSYCHOTERRORISM FROM 3 YEARS ON in kindergarden and school system (2017)
-- 1f. Dominican Republic: Pedophile priest Elvin Taveras Durán abusing youth being blackmailed and killing him (Aug.8, 2017)
-- 1g. Lima Jesús-María with Borea: Abuse of boys in the religious school "Héctor de Cárdenas" - by ex director Juan Borea (Sep.15,2017)
-- 1d. Catholic tactics seen in LIMA: Superstition in a "holy book" defines Catholics to "holy people" also when they kill and murder (Sep.17,2017)
-- 1h. Maneuver by Francis+Vatican: -- Washington DC-Vatican: Criminal pope Francis protects child porn priest by "diplomatic immunity" (Sep.18, 2017)
-- 1i. Holy anus etc. is rotten: CATHOLIC DIAPER PATRIARCHS: anus does not close any more, shit without control (Sep.30, 2017)
-- 1i. Holy anus etc. is rotten: CATHOLICS ARE THE DEVILS ON EARTH (example Lima) (since Oct.1,2017)
-- 1i. Holy anus etc. is rotten: Lima: example of a victim who was in a "religious school", no control of abdomen (Oct.4, 2017)
-- 1e. Chile: Catholic orfanages+youth homes (from SENAME) are murder homes: 1313 children in 11 years - appr. 10 per month (Oct.4, 2017)
-- 1d. Catholic tactics: Catholics of Iberian Peninsula (Spaniards+Portugueses) are the word child bulliboys - statistics from cr. Switzerland (Oct.6, 2017)
-- 1h. Maneuver by pope Francis+Vatican: Criminal Catholic Church prohibits to priests any women and family - and the priests deny their own children (!) (Jan.10,2018)
-- 1c. Kanton Wallis (CH): 10 kriminell-pädophile Priester - 10 Opfer, hohe Dunkelziffer (12.1.2018)
-- 1h. Manöver v. Papst Franziskus+Vatikan: Chile: Der Papst kommt nach Chile und Peru - die Mapuche brennen Kirchen ab (15.+22.1.2018)
-- 1h. Manöver v. Papst Franziskus+Vatikan: Bibel ist Fake News: Beispiel mit der Schlange im Paradies (24.1.2018)
-- 1j. Eichstätt (Bayern): Katholische Geldspiele: Kriminelle Katholiken verzocken bis zu 50 Millionen Euro mit "US"-Immobiliendarlehen (5.2.2018)
-- 1h. Manöver v. Papst Franziskus+Vatikan: Krimineller Papst Franziskus schützt kriminelle Pädophile: Priester küsst und streichelt Buben, und andere Priester vertuschen ebenfalls - Satan (5.2.2018)
-- 1k. Chile mit Karadima: Kriminell-pädophiler Bischof Juan Barros: Erstes Opfer wird angehört (18.2.2018)
-- 1i. Der hl. Anus etc. kaputt: Ex-Bischof aus Ö: Andreas Laun meint, Schwule sind Segen für KZ - 1000 Vatikan-Schwule=KZ (18.2.2018)
-- 1j. Peru: Katholische Geldspiele: Der Windelpapst in Peru: 3 Besuchstage kosten 37 Millionen Soles (11,7 Millionen Dollar) - und der Papst gibt KEINE Geschenke (18.-21.2.2018)

2. Criminal Catholics and their tactics - crazy, schizophrenic and perverted criminal (Oct 14, 2017)
Essay by Michael Palomino

1) Analysis Oct 14, 2017 / 2019: The glass case with the crucified fantasy Jesus and the fantasy Maria - The indoctrination, manipulation and psycho terror without end with the criminal Catholics - The criminal church and its diseases: pastors, bishops and popes are impotent, incontinent, with diapers - The "work" of criminal personalities in the criminal church: pastors, bishops and popes - The "work" of the criminal, Catholic bishops - The "work" of the criminal pope - The corrupt Church mafia without end: The spy network of criminal pastors - The corrupt church mafia without end: The blackmail with the job - and the incompetent, Catholic dominated state - The criminal pastors and their harassment and defamation work against other cultures - the criminal Catholic Church defends her prison - The prison of the Catholic Church with red lamps without natural medicine does not even have a sewage treatment plant or recycling - Conclusion: Catholics are terror - the Catholic Church is CRAZY, SCHIZOPHRENIC and PERVERTED CRIMINAL

2) Summary Nov 19, 2022: CRIMINAL VATICAN - FORBID Catholic Church AND CLOSE IT! -- CONCLUSION: The catholic church is a mentally ill refuge of organized IRREDUCTION, TORTURE+CRIME against humanity -- ACTION IS NEEDED: Prosecutors worldwide should put an end to this organized crime of the Catholic Church

3. (since Feb.26, 2018): Book "Number One" ("Il numero uno") - book by Pittet - hush money 4 billion dollar etc.
-- Book by Francesco Mangiacapra: Number One. Confessions of a prostitute (Il numero uno. Confessioni di un marchettaro) (March 1,2018)
-- Book by Gianluigi Nuzzi: All has to come to light (German: Alles muss ans Licht) (March 3, 2018)
-- Book by Daniel Pittet: Father, I forgive you! Abused but not broken (German: Pater, ich vergebe Euch!: Missbraucht, aber nicht zerbrochen (March 27, 2018)
-- Nuns prepare children and priests are abusing them - case in Argentina+Italy (May 7, 2018)
-- Hush money of cr. Satanist Vatican: 4 billion dollar (May 9, 2018)
-- Satanist Catholic boarding school in Gerolstein (Germany) with child abuse without end (May 11, 2018)
-- Satanist Catholic orphanage in Aalen (Germany) with child abuse without end (May 23, 2018)

4. (since June 9, 2018): The arrest warrant against the criminal Pope of 2018 - study from Germany about abuse in the Satanist Catholic Church in Germany of 2018 etc.

-- Celibacy provokes more gay sex and more sex against children because normal sex is banned
-- The Satanic criminal Church favors sexual crimes against children and adults, because there are many dark places (confessional etc.).

-- Geneva+Brussels: THE POPE is child molester and child murderer with Satanic rituals - planned ritual of June 21 in Geneva - he was also a child trafficker in Argentina - there are cemeteries to investigate (!) - warrant from Brussels of May 30, 2018 (!) (Sep.6, 2018)
-- Küssnacht (SZ): Catholics in cr. Switzerland in Küssnacht (canton Schwyz -SZ): Pastor kicked out for gambling debts (June 18, 2018)
-- Criminal Pope wants more children by migrant invaders - so he wants more children by rape: Pope Francis: Counter the problem of a declining birth rate with migration (June 20, 2018)
-- Vatican diplomat Carlo Alberto Capella sentenced to 5 years of prison and 5000 euros fine for possession + distribution of child pornography (June 24, 2018)
-- Geneva: A "half" arrest action against the Satanist pope Francis - child victims are canceled (June 30, 2018)
-- VATICAN = SOROS agent! - lubricated by Soros - info by Bishop Athanasius Schneider (July 10, 2018)
-- Chile: 158 criminal clergymen, lay people, Catholic teachers - abuse of 266 children and adults (July 24, 2018)
-- The Soros Pope says that Africans and Muslims would be "warriors of hope" (July 31, 2018)
-- Chile: Criminal Catholic Church abused over 200 children in Chile (Aug.4, 2018)
-- Priest Oko (PL) about the homo mafia in the Satanic Catholic Church: 40-50% of the "US" bishops could be homos, 50% of them criminal-pedophile - and they refuse to consecrate hetero-priests (Aug.6, 2018 )
-- 4 rapists in the criminal Catholic Church: Figari, Levaggi, Daniels and Murgui - Sodalicio de Vida Cristiana (Aug.9, 2018)
-- Chile: Ex-archbishop Muñoz with about 6 rape victims - 14 priests suspended remain without punishment - Archbishop of Santiago Mr. Ezzati has concealed rape crimes - 5 priests resigned - 42 priests + 1 deacon convicted etc. etc. Abuse in the Church: Military Diocese of Allananan due to hushed up cases (9.8.2018)
-- Pennsylvania ("USA"): Over 300 criminal pedophile priests with child abuse against more than 1000 children (Aug.14, 2018)
-- Germany report: Catholic Church: First they abuse children sexually (especially boys!) - and then they destroy the files: Thousands of victims (Sep.12, 2018)
-- Germany report: Pope, cardinals, high bishops - all are child abusers: Even senior clerics abused children - criminal cases were often set (Sep.14, 2018)
-- Germany: German Justice Minister Barley demands a "cultural change" and child protection from the Satanic Catholic Church (!!!) (Sep.22, 2018)

-- Sep.25, 2018: Study in Merkel Germany: 1000s of victims of abuse by the gay and criminal Catholic Church: 3,677 cases of abuse by the church: "Only the tip of the iceberg"
-- Merkel Germany - Sep.28, 2018: Child abuse by pastor, priests and the pope: INCOMPLETE DATA - Criminal Catholic Church systematically PROMOTES PROTECTION OF THE CRIMINALS! Protection of criminals with system - Sexual abuse in the Catholic Church of Germany - Censorship of the German study: No free research - Censored documents - The main question: Is the Church faking the number of members up? - Order staff is not fully represented in the study - 17 of 27 dioceses opened their archives only from the year 2000 upwards - 3,677 cases of abuse by 1,670 church staff members - twice as many compensation given as identified criminals reported - child abuse changes the brain structures - celibacy with the prohibition of sex with normal women provokes pedophilia against children - The structures of cr. Church allow the hidden action of sexual practices in dark places - the vast majority of abusers can live without punishment or / and are transferred from fantasy diocese to fantasy diocese, where they repeat their pedophile-criminal acts - the archbishop of Munich Mr. Marx blocks the publication the study of his fantasy diocese with heaps of child abuse - suspected Pope Benedict XVI as Cardinal Ratzinger in Munich - Pope Francis simply said that violence had been "normal" in families

-- Scotland: Child abuse by nuns and priests in Catholic children's homes, accompanied by beatings with crucifixes, leather thongs or brushes: GB: Nuns and priests abused orphans for 60 years (Oct.13, 2018)
-- Germany: criminal complaint against all 27 German fantasy dioceses by lawyers group (Oct.27, 2018)
-- Ireland: referendum: Irish vote eliminates blasphemy prohibition from the constitution (Oct.28, 2018)
-- Germany: criminal complaint against all 27 German fantasy dioceses by lawyers group (Oct.30, 2018)

05 (since Nov.7, 2018): Violated nuns + peace between Fantasy Church+Fantasy Islam

-- France: Bishops install an "Independent Commission of Inquiry" to investigate child abuse (Nov.7, 2018)
-- Germany: Catholic pastor in the Diocese of Magdeburg stole 120,000 euros from the parish fund - because of Internet fraud (Nov.19, 2018)
-- Spain: Bishops' Conference CEE: Confession of sexual abuse of minors (bishops, priests, religious and laity) - 18,000 priests in Spain (Nov.19, 2018)
-- Swiss politicians leave the Cath. Church in protest against the pope (Nov.19, 2018)
-- Philippines / Maharlika: President Duterte: Catholic priests live as they did 3,000 years ago - they are idiots not helping anything, they only rob (Nov.27, 2018)
-- The gay Pope claims: Homosexuality in the Clergy is just a "fashion" (Dec.3, 2018)
-- Germany: abuse study of September 2018 remains without consequences for 21 of the 27 German federal states (Dec.5, 2018)
-- Philippines / Maharlika: Arrest of "US" priest (77) in the Philippines - 50 victims (Dec.5, 2018)
-- Philippines / Maharlika: Duterte: Catholic priests are "useless fools", "they only criticize" - Duterte himself is one of the abuse victims (Dec.6, 2018)
-- Philippines / Maharlika: Duterte says that Cath. Church is USELESS - Bishops with abuses, lies and murders (Dec.6, 2018)
-- Comas (Lima): What MONKEYS look like - banker's shirt, tie and Texas straw hat (Dec.8, 2018)
-- "USA": Catholic nuns abused school funds to play in the casino in Las Vegas (Dec.11, 2018)
-- Chile: Irish priest John O'Reilly as "Legionnaire of Christ" was a "spiritual counselor" and has abused  a girl (8) (Dec.14, 2018)
-- Australia: Cardinal George Pell sentenced because of abuse of 2 choir boys (Dec.15, 2018)
-- Illinois ("USA"): 690 Catholic "clerics" arrested (Dec.19, 2018)
-- Australia: NWO media conceal the conviction of cardinal Pell - Vatican's financial chief officer has gone (Dec.27, 2018)
-- Gay Vatican has new "speakers" (Dec.31, 2018)
-- The criminal church destroys the natural medicine: mass murder of healers by pyre (Jan.12, 2019)
-- Philippines / Maharlika: Duterte: Catholic priests are "useless": "Most of them are gay": Duterte calls for lovers (Jan.14, 2019)
-- Riehen (BS - cr.Switzerland): Mr. Stefan Küng sentenced in Thurgau in 2012 - abuse with embrace of a boy in Riehen (16) hugging him from behind and massaging him the nipples and kissing him (Jan.15, 2019)

And now the raped nuns come:
-- Kerala (India): Catholic Church = rapist sect: nuns are systematically raped - and when nuns claim they are called "rebellious" (!) (Jan.28. 2019)
-- Cr. gay Vatican: A GERMAN (!) EX-NUN PRESENTS HERSELF: Abuse without end in the criminal Vatican: In the confessional: Vatican: Office head of the Congregation of the Fantasy Faith withdraws after allegations of abuse (Jan.29, 2019)
-- Texas ("USA"): 286 priests accused because of child abuse (Feb.2, 2019)
-- Vatican and Emirates: The Satanist Pope goes to the Upper Muslim ("Grossimam") in the Emirates (Feb.3, 2019)
-- Abu Dabi: Peace treaty between Fake Islam + Fake Christianity - between Grossimam Tajeb and the gay Pope Francis - with lip kissing (Feb.4, 2019)
-- Criminal Satanist Pope trivializes the rape of nuns by criminal bishops (Feb.5, 2019)
-- Satanist Pope admits: Nuns abused - example "John's Community" in France - even "enslavement of women" (Feb.6, 2019)
-- Systematic rape and enslavement of nuns in the Vatican - abuse of children + nuns, forced abortion and non-recognition of children (Feb.6, 2019)
-- Bavaria: priest wanted to kiss boy on the mouth (Feb.6, 2019)
-- Cr. VATICAN: Books by Avro Manhattan
-- Puerto Montt (Chile): Suicide of criminal pedophile priest José Francisco Núñez Calisto - cuts on the forearms (Feb.9, 2019)
-- Mexico: 152 criminal pedophile priests suspended in 9 years - unspecified number of victims (Feb.11, 2019)
-- East Timor: "Missionary" with sexual acts with children - Mr. Priest Richard Daschbach from the "USA" (Feb.11, 2019)
-- Lyon (F): Systematic child abuse in boy scout group - a first film against the criminal Catholic Church Sect (Feb.13, 2019)

06 (since Feb.14, 2019): book "Sodoma", raped nuns, Vatican conference etc.
-- France: Book "Sodoma": 80% in the Satanist Vatican are gays
-- Cr.Cath. Church: violated nuns
-- Satanist Vatican: conference about child abuse
-- Spain: baby trafficking with apr. 300.000 robbed babies in Spain 1938-1996

Vatikan News 01 (in German)  
Homosexuals, heterosexuals and the children - Vatican is a gay racist  drug old age home


Resistence against Catholic criminal pedophile money laundering Church
Resistence against criminal Vatican

English organizations
Bishop Accountability: BishopAccountability.org
Ending Clergy Abuse (Peter Isely)
Ending Clerical Abuse ECA (victim: Denise Buchanan)
Save our Sisters (international)
SNAP (abuse victims)
The Tablet (GB - www.thetablet.co.uk)
Women's Church World (Vatican)
Women's Church World: Zeitung (Vatican)
Voices of Faith (for more women in the Fantasy Church)

German organizations

Child protection service (Kinderschutz - Shitzerland / Switzerland, Xenia Schlegel)
Giordano Bruno Foundation (Giordano-Bruno-Stiftung)
Institute for world vision right (Institut für Weltanschauungsrecht)
Miss Bit (abuse in the diocese of the German town of Trier)
Squared Table (Eckiger Tisch): Matthias Katsch

French organizations
ESPAS (Shitzerland / Switzerland, by the victim Mr. Pittet)
The liberated word (La parole liberée - France)