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Cath. 05 - since Nov.7, 2018 - Raped nuns + "peace" with Islam etc.

F + SP with new commissions - Philippines / Maharlika: Duterte says clearly, Catholic priests are rapist idiots - Peru with fantasy missionaries with banker's shirt, tie and Texas straw hat - abused nuns - O'Reilly in Chile - Pell in Australia - case Illinois - case Küng in Riehen (Switzerland) - case Doblete in Chile - nuns raped in India - case Texas - Peace Vatican-Emirates - priest suicide in Chile: he raped too much - missionary with child abuse in East Timor - Scouts abused in Lyon

                    Pfarrer-Spione-Schwachköpfe in Lima mit
                    Kolonialistenkleidung weisses Bankier-Hemd und
                    Texas-Hut - so sehen in Peru die Vatikan-Terroristen
                    aus: Sie verbreiten als Lautsprecher des
                    kriminell-schwulen Vatikans und Opus Dei Gay ihre
                    Bibel-Fantasien aus Asien in Peru - gesehen am
                    6.12.2018 - 8:45 Uhr am Morgen in Comas, Lima - Gib
                    den Lügnern und Vatikan-Spionen KEINE Chance!
Criminal pastor-spy goats in Lima with colonial clothes white banker shirt and Texas hat - this is what the Vatican terrorists look like in Peru: They serve as speakers of the criminal-gay Vatican and Opus Dei Gay presenting their Bible fantasies from Asia in Peru - seen on Dec.6, 2018 - 8:45am in the morning in Comas, Lima - Give the liars and Vatican spies NO chance!
Book of the gay Satanist Pope for saving his facade of his criminal life: The strength of vocation (Spanish: La fuerza de la vocación) (Dec.3, 2018)

Self-help association against abuse by the cr. cack. Church in France: "The liberated word" (French: «La parole liberée»)


presented by Michael Palomino



-- France: Bishops of France found "Independent Commission of Inquiry" to investigate child abuse (Nov.7, 2018)
-- Germany: Catholic priest in the Diocese of Magdeburg stole 120,000 euros from the parish fund - he wanted to "compensate" Internet fraud (Nov.19, 2018)
-- Spain: Episcopal Conference CEE admits sexual abuse of minors by bishops, priests, religious and laity - 18,000 priests in Spain (Nov.19, 2018)
-- Schweinz (Switzerland): CH-politicians leave the gay-pedophile-criminal-catholic church in protest against the pope (Nov.19, 2018)
-- Philippines / Maharlika: President Duterte: Catholic priests live as they did 3,000 years ago - are idiots who do not help, only rob (Nov.27, 2018)
-- The Gay Pope Claims: Homosexuality in the Clergy is in Fashion (Dec.3, 2018)
-- Germany: Abuse study from September 2018 remains without consequences for 21 of the 27 federal states: No searches (Dec.5, 2018)
-- Philippines / Maharlika: Arrest of "US" priest (77) in the Philippines - 50 victims (Dec.5, 2018)
-- Philippines / Maharlika: Duterte says it clearly: Catholic priests are "useless fools" who "only criticize" - even mothered victims of abuse (Dec.6, 2018)
-- Philippines / Maharlika: Duterte says, Kath. Church is useless - Bishops with abuses, lies and murders (Dec.6, 2018)
-- Peru: Comas (Lima): How the APES Look - Banker's Shirt, Tie and Texas Straw Hat (Dec.8, 2018)
-- "USA": Catholic nuns abused school money to play in the casino in Las Vegas (Dec.11, 2018)
-- Chile: Irish priest John O'Reilly as "Legionnaire of Christ" has misused girls (8) as "spiritual counselor" (Dec.14, 2018)
-- Australia: Cardinal George Pell sentenced to 2 choir boys for child molestation (Dec.15, 2018)
-- Illinois ("USA"): child abuse without end - 690 Catholic "clerics" arrested (Dec.19, 2018)
-- Australia: NWO media withhold cardinal Pell's condemnation - Vatican chief financial officer is gone (Dec.27, 2018)
-- Gay Vatican has new "speakers" (Dec.31, 2018)
-- The criminal church promotes the criminal poison pharma and destroys the natural medicine: mass murder of healers by pyre (Jan.12, 2019)
-- Philippines / Maharlika: Duterte: Catholic priests are "useless": "Most of them are gay": Duterte calls for lovers (Jan.14, 2019)
-- Riehen (BS - Schweinz): Stefan Küng was already condemned in 2012 in Thurgau - Bub in Riehen (16) hugged from behind and massaged on nipples and kissed (Jan.15, 2019)
-- Chile: Criminal rapist priest Ricardo Doblete (Jan.27, 2019)

And now also raped nuns are presented:
-- Kerala (India): Catholic Church = rapist sect: nuns are systematically raped - and when nuns say they are called "rebellious" (!) (Jan.28, 2019)
-- Holy Father Vatican: A GERMAN (!) EX-NONE PACKAGES: Abuse without end in the criminal Vatican: In the confessional: Vatican: Office head of the Congregation of the Faith withdraws after allegations of abuse (Jan.29, 2019)
-- Texas ("USA"): 286 Priests at the National Bank for Child Abuse (Feb.2, 2019)
-- Vatican Emirates: The Pope goes to the Upper Muslim in the Emirates (Feb.3, 2019)
-- Emirates (Abu Dabi): Peace treaty between Islam + Christianity - between Upper Imam Tajeb and the gay Pope Francis - with lip kissing (Feb.4, 2019)
-- Criminal Pope trivializes the rape of nuns by criminal bishops (Feb.5, 2019)
-- Satanist Pope admits: Nuns abused - Example "community Saint John (Saint-Jean)" in France - even "Enslavement of Women" (Feb.6, 2019)
-- Systematic rape and enslavement of nuns in the Vatican - Abuse of children + nuns, forced abortion and non-recognition of children (Feb.6, 2019)
-- Bavaria (Germany): Priest wanted to kiss boy on the lips (Feb.6, 2019)
-- Cr. Vatican: Books by Avro Manhattan
-- Puerto Montt (Chile): Pedophile-criminal priest José Francisco Núñez Calisto makes suicide by cutting his forearms (Feb.9, 2019)
-- Cr.ped. Church in Mexico: EVEN IN MEXICO: 152 criminal-pedophile priests suspended in 9 years - unspecified number of victims (Feb.11, 2019)
-- East Timor: "Missionary" with sexual acts with children - Mr. Priest Richard Daschbach from the "USA" (Feb.11, 2019)
-- Lyon (F): Systematic Child Abuse in Boy Scout Group - A First Film Against the Criminal Catholic Church Sect (Feb.13, 2019)

Web site with literature about criminal Satanist Vatican - link

Frankreich Fahne

Epoch Times

France - Nov.7, 2018: French bishops install an "Independent Commission of Inquiry" to investigate child abuse by church people:
French bishops installing independent commission on pedophilia scandal
(original German: Französische Bischöfe gründen unabhängige Kommission zu Pädophilie-Skandal)


<The Catholic [Fantasy] Church is shaken by abuse scandals since years, among other regions in North "America", in South "America", in Australia and in Europe. The Episcopal Conference communicated, there should investigate all cases since 1950 and investigate the reasons for the year long silence in the [Fantasy] Church.

Catholic [Fantasy]Church in France is installing an independent inquiry commission as a reaction on all the abuse scandals. All cases since 1950 should be investigated and the years long silence in the [Fantasy] Church should be investigated, communicated the Bishops' Conference in the location of Lourdes on Wednesday. The report is said being published in at least two years.

Further details on the tasks and composition of the Commission will be announced in the coming days.

The Catholic [Fantasy] Church has been shaken by abuse scandals worldwide for years, including in North and South "America", Australia and Europe. In France, a lawsuit begins in January against the Archbishop of Lyon, Philippe Barbarin, for not reporting earlier cases of abuse to the authorities. The point of departure for the scandal is the case of a priest who sexually abused boy scouts more than 25 years ago, but was not kicked out of his job until the end of August 2015.

In addition to setting up an independent commission, the Episcopal Conference announced possible compensation payments to the victims. Their reports will also be collected to better understand the reasons for the behavior of pedophile priests. The aim must be to prevent the abuse of minors in the future through greater awareness. On Saturday, victims of abuse and bishops met for the first time. (afp)>


 Alemania bandera   Kronenzeitung
              online, Logo  Karte von
              Deutschland mit Berlin

Germany 19.11.2018: Catholic pastor in the Diocese of Magdeburg stole 120,000 euros from the parish fund:
Internet fraud victim: pastor stole 120,000 euros from church funds
(original German: Internetbetrugsopfer: Pfarrer stahl 120.000 Euro aus Kirchenkasse)


<He has stolen money from the parish fund in Summer again and again. This Catholic pastor of Germany has denounced himself now. The reason for his offense was indicated being trapped by Internet fraud, so the man of a [Fantasy] God. The damage is 120,000 euros.

On Sunday was stated his statement: "I was trapped by an Internet fraudster. I was manipulated for money transactions", was stated in the personal declaration of pastor Bernard Gawlytta from the parish "Saint Elizabeth" in the diocese of Magdeburg.

"I fell for Internet fraudsters. I was persuaded to transfer money to them on several occasions, "said a personal statement by the pastor Bernard Gawlytta from the parish of" St. Elisabeth ", which the Diocese of Magdeburg published on Sunday.

120,000 euros stolen from parish fund
All in all rumors say that 120,000 euro were taken from the parish fund without legal base before the pastor was denouncing himself on Friday evening at State Office of Criminal Investigation of Magdeburg - also informing bishop Gerhard. The bishop comments: "No pastor, no clergy staff member is allowed to use funds of parishes for other purposes. He has to pay all back and consequences of state law and [Fantasy] Church law will be!"

A total of 120,000 euros are ultimately illegally taken from the parish, before the pastor reported late Friday evening at the State Office of Criminal Investigation Magdeburg and also informed Bishop Gerhard Feige. The bishop said: "No pastor, no church employee may steal funds intended for the parish, misappropriated. He has to repay everything and bear the consequences of state and church law! "

Transfers of financial powers
According to a message from the diocese, the bishop acted immediately and released the pastor from the presidency of the parish council with immediate effect and transferred all financial powers to the parish council. Further disciplinary steps should be reserved. Until the repayment of the funds, the diocese will "in case of financial distress intervene, so that the parish can continue to perform the pastoral [Fantasy!] service to the people," it said


Spanien Fahne  Karte von
                Spanien mit Madrid

RT deutsch online,

Nov.19, 2018: Spanish Bishops' Conference CEE: Sexual abuse of minors by bishops, priests, religious and laity is publicly acknowledged the first time in public - 18,000 priests in Spain:
Catholic [Fantasy] Church in Spain publicly admits sexual abuse
(original German: Katholische Kirche in Spanien gibt sexuellen Missbrauch öffentlich zu)


<The Catholic [Fantasy] Church in Spain publicly admitted on Monday the sexual abuse of minors by priests and other clergy. "The [Fantasy] Church openly recognizes abuses of various kinds and is determined to eradicate them," said Ricardo Blázquez, president of the Spanish Episcopal Conference (CEE), at the opening of the 112th General Assembly of Bishops in Madrid.

"The various types of abuse by some bishops, priests, religious and laity cause suffering among the victims, including many young people, that can last a lifetime and that can not alleviate remorse," said Blázquez, Archbishop of Valladolid is, quoting from a final document of the [Fantasy] Synod of Bishops, which was issued in October. He also thanked the victims of abuse for their "courage to display this (abuse)".

In the course of the worldwide abuse scandals in the Catholic [Fantasy] Church, [Satanist] Pope Francis has invited all [Fantasy] Bishops' Conference Chairmen to a meeting in the [Satanist] Vatican in February 2019. The focus of the meeting is child protection.

[33 judgments in 30 years - that's seems not so much]

In Spain, there had recently been criticism of how the [Fantasy] Church dealt with the subject. In October, research by the newspaper El País revealed that abuse had been systematically hushed up by [Fantasy] Church workers in Spain, which was heavily influenced by [Fantasy] Catholicism. In the past 30 years, only 33 sentences have been handed down to priests for sexual abuse of 80 minors. The penalties ranged from compensation for pain up to a 21-year prison sentence.

[18,000 priests in Spain]

In Spain, there are 18,000 priests - so less than 0.2 percent of them were convicted of abuse. (dpa)>

Church introducing memorial days for victims of sexual abuse
(original German: Kirche führt Gedenktag für Opfer sexuellen Missbrauchs ein)


                    (Schweiz) Fahne    20 minuten
                    online, Logo  Karte der kriminellen Schweinz (Schweiz - CH):
                    Neutrale Geldinsel der Rothschild-Mafia in
                    Kontinentaleuropa, organisiertes Verbrechen

Cr. Switzerland - Nov.19, 2018: Swiss women politicians leave the gay-pedophile-criminal-Catholic Fantasy church - the criminal bishops and Satanist popes are unbearable:
In protest: woman politicians leaving Catholic [Fantasy] Church
Aus Protest: Politikerinnen treten aus katholischer Kirche aus


<Because they no longer want to support the «patriarchal power apparatus», six profiled Swiss women have quit the Catholic [Fantasy] Church.

Six profiled Swiss women have left the Catholic [Fantasy] Church in protest against the equation of abortion with contract murder by the [Satanist] Pope. The Swiss Catholic Women's Federation (SKF) regrets this decision, but shows understanding.

Former National Councilors Mrs. Cécile Bühlmann and Mrs. Ruth-Gaby Vermot, co-founders of the "Berne Declaration", Mrs. Anne-Marie Holenstein, social politician Mrs. Monika Stocker, and feminist theologians Mrs. Doris Strahm and Mrs. Regula Strobel, declared not to support any more "the patriarchal power apparatus of the Roman Catholic [Fantasy] Church with their membership», as the SKF announced on Monday.

These six women have been fighting for change for decades, and to this day, writes the SKF. As a Catholic women's organization, the SKF understands frustration and resignation.

"Like the six women, also we are shocked by the comparison of the [Satanist] Vatican comparing abortion with contract killing, and this provoked that we start a petition to the [Satanist] Pope Francis", says the statement. Although a resignation from the official [Fantasy] Church also means to turn its back on the regional [Fantasy] Church, "we can understand the decision of the women very well".

Deep changes required

Also, the SKF rejects the current distribution of power in the institution Catholic [Fantasy] Church and calls for profound changes: finish with the systematic exclusion of women from decision-making bodies and consecration offices, and give equal rights to women in the [Fantasy] Church.

[What for? It's all only a Jesus fantasy... Better close this fantasy Church...]

The SKF called on women and men "not to leave the Catholic [Fantasy] Church because otherwise the patriarchs from yesterday will always dominate, but [Fantasy] Church has to be changed from the interior with all persistent will."

Convinced, the women's association continues to fight against injustices, to name grievances, to address the unequal gender relations and to ostracize the abuse of power - even in representation of the now out of the Catholic [Fantasy] Church escaped six women.

(20 Minuten)>

[Better close this criminal Satanist Fantasy Church!]


Filippinen /
                Maharlika Fahne  

La República del Perú online, Logo
Filipinas / Maharlika 27-11-2018: Presidente Duterte indica: Sacerdotes cacólicos viven como antes de 3000 años y son idiotas que no sirven para nada pero son choros:
Presidente de Filipinas llama "idiotas" a sacerdotes católicos
Philippines / Maharlika - Nov.27, 2018: President Duterte: Catholic priests live as they did 3,000 years ago and are idiots who are not useful for nothing, they only rob:
The president of the Philippines calls catholic priests "idiots"
Original Spanisch:

<Pese a que más del 80 % de la ciudadanía en Filipinas es católica [de fantasía], el presidente no tuvo reparos en calificar a los sacerdotes de "idiotas y arcaicos".

El presidente de Filipinas, Rodigro Duterte, volvió a generar polémica por sus duros calificativos contra los obispos y sacerdotes de la Iglesia católica [de fantasía]. Esta vez exhortó a sus ciudadanos a no acudir a un templo, sino rezar desde sus propias casas para que no le tengan que “pagar”  nada a los representantes del clero a quienes los calificó de “idiotas”.

Pese a que en Filipinas 8 de 10 ciudadanos profesa el catolicismo [de fantasía], Duterte no tuvo el menor reparo para arremeter contra dicha religión calificándolos, entre otras cosas, de arcaicos y retrógradas porque se aferran a una creencia de hace 3 mil años atrás.

“Pero qué saben del mundo de hoy”, dijo Duterte en conferencia de prensa. “¿Cómo puede gente de hace 3 mil años proyectar lo que está pasando hoy? Es solo la arcaica iglesia [de fantasía con sus historias de fantasía] la que está ganando dinero”, puntualizó.

Sin embargo, este no sería el primer enfrentamiento del presidente Rodrigo Duterte contra los representantes de la Iglesia católica [de fantasía] de su país. La semana pasada acusó al obispo de la provincia de Caloocan de robar a los fieles más pobres solo por pedirles limosnas. El sacerdote respondió diciendo que el mandatario filipino está “enfermo” porque no sabe lo que dice.

Solo hasta hace unos días atrás, Duterte había empezado diálogos en son de paz con la jerarquía católica de su país y acordaron una tregua que hoy el presidente ha roto. Sin embargo, estas frases sueltas del mandatario no disminuyen su índice de popularidad que sigue creciendo debido a su política sangrienta contras la delincuencia y el narcotráfico.


<Although in the Philippines more than 80% of citizenship is [Fantasy] Catholic, the president had no qualms about calling priests "idiots and archaics."

The President of the Philippines, Rodigro Duterte, has once again created a great polemic with truths, calling bishops and priests of the Cackolian [Fantasy] Church what they are. This time, he urged his citizens not to visit temples, but to pray from home so that they would not have to "pay" the clergy representatives, whom he called "idiots."

Despite the fact that 8 out of 10 citizens in the Philippines profess [Fantasy] Catholicism, Duterte did not hesitate to attack this religion and qualify it among other things as archaic and retrograde, because they would hold on to a faith of 3000 years ago.

"But what do you know about today's world?" Duterte said at a press conference. "How could people from 3000 years ago conclude what is happening today? This archaic [Fantasy] Church [with their fantasy stories] only earns money [with its fantasy stories]," he said.

However, this would not be the first confrontation between President Rodrigo Duterte and the representatives of the Catholic [Fantasy] Church in his country. Last week, he accused the bishop of the province of Caloocan of depriving the poorest of the faithful by asking for alms. The priest replied that the Filipino leader was "sick" because he did not know what he was saying.

Only a few days ago, Duterte had begun peaceful dialogues with the Catholic hierarchy of his country and agreed to a ceasefire that the president has broken today. However, these loose phrases of the president do not diminish his popularity index, which continues to grow as a result of his bloody policy against crime and drug trafficking.
Duterte calls on the Filipinos to pray at home instead of going to mass. https://t.co/C3yCWuzJ8P pic.twitter.com/ijY1JLEfLb
- RT in Spanish (@ActualidadRT) 27. November 2018>


The gay-criminal Satanist Pope writes a book saying that homosexuality in the Vatican would be a "fashion": "The Strenght of Vocation" ("La Fuerza de la Vocación")

Vatikan Fahne  Italien mit dem kriminell-schwulen Vatikan: 1000
                Leute, 80% Schwule, organisiertes Verbrechen

Crónica Viva del Perú online, Logo
3-12-2018: El papa gay escribe un libro y lamenta gays en el Vaticano
Papa Francisco [satanista]: La homosexualidad en el clero está de moda
Dec.3, 2018: The gay Satanist Pope is writing a book and complaining to gays in the Satanist Vatican:
[Satanist] Pope Francis: Homosexuality in the clergy is just a fashion

<CIUDAD DEL VATICANO.- El papa Francisco [satanista] dice en un libro que será publicado pronto que tener homosexuales en el clero “es algo que me preocupa” y declara que algunas sociedades están considerando a la homosexualidad un estilo “de moda”.

[La verdad es que él tb. es gay].

El portal del diario italiano Corriere della Sera publicó el fin de semana fragmentos del libro en forma de una entrevista ofrecida por Francisco sobre las vocaciones religiosas.

En la entrevista, el Papa [satanista] describe la homosexualidad dentro de seminarios, conventos y otros sitios religiosos como “un asunto muy grave”.

[La verdad es que él tb. es gay].

En nuestras sociedades, parece incluso que la homosexualidad está de moda. Y esa mentalidad, de cierta manera, influye en la vida de la Iglesia [de fantasía]”, dijo Francisco a su entrevistador, el sacerdote misionero [de fantasía] español Fernando Prado.

El libro, basado en cuatro horas de conversaciones que tuvieron ambos en agosto en el Vaticano [satanista], será publicado la semana próxima en 10 idiomas.

Su título en español es La Fuerza de la Vocación.

Francisco reiteró pronunciamientos pasados del Vaticano [satanista] sobre la forma en que se seleccionan a los jóvenes seminaristas, diciendo: “debemos prestar mucha atención a la madurez humana y sentimental” cuando se entrena a futuros sacerdotes.

[Homosexualidad es dicho de ser solo una afección]

Por separado, la agencia noticiosa italiana ANSA citó a Francisco en el libro, comentando sobre clérigos que le han dicho que tener a homosexuales en residencias religiosas católicas “no es grave” porque es “solamente una expresión de afecto”.

‘Ese razonamiento “es erróneo”, respondió Francisco.

En la vida consagrada y sacerdotal no hay lugar para ese tipo de afecto”, consideró.

[Sacerdotes gays visitan saunas gay en la calle Gay en Roma - y había también un argentino allá - ver el enlace].

Dijo que los candidatos con “neurosis o desequilibrios fuertes” no deberían ser aceptados en el sacerdocio ni en otras formas de vida consagrada.

[Homosexuales dan su "servicio" a la iglesia de fantasía (???)]

Aun así, Francisco, como lo ha hecho previamente, resaltó que los católicos homosexuales contribuyen a la vida de la Iglesia [de fantasía] y que ésta debe recordar siempre que “son personas que viven al servicio de la Iglesia [de fantasía], de la comunidad cristiana, del pueblo de Dios [de fantasía]”.

<VATICAN CITY. - [Satanist] Pope Francis says in a book which it will soon be published that homosexuals in the clergy are "something that worries me", and explains that some societies consider homosexuality "fashionable".

[The truth is: he is also gay].

The portal of the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera published weekend fragments of the book in the form of an interview that Francisco had offered speaking about religious vocations.

In the interview, the [Satanist] Pope describes homosexuality in seminaries, convents and other religious sites as "a very serious matter".

[The truth is: he is also gay].

In our societies even homosexuality seems to be in fashion. And this mentality somehow influences the life of the [Fantasy] Church, "Francisco told his interviewer, the Spanish [Fantasy] missionary priest Fernando Prado.

The book, based on four hours of [Satanist] Vatican talks in August, will be published in 10 languages next week.

His Spanish title is the power of vocation (La Fuerza de la Vocación). English title: "The Strength of Vocation".

Francisco repeated the [Satanist] Vatican statements on the way in which young seminarians are selected and said, "We must respect human and sentimental maturity" as we train future priests.

[Homosexuality should only be an affection]

Regardless, the Italian news agency ANSA quoted Francisco in the book and commented on clerics who told him to have homosexuals in Catholic religious homes "is not serious" because it is "just an expression of affection".

"This argument is wrong," Francisco replied.

In consecrated and priestly life there is no room for this kind of affection", he said.

[Gay priests go to gay sauna in Gay Street in Rome - there was also a man from Argentina there - see this link].

He said that candidates with "neurosis or strong imbalances" should not be included in the priesthood or other forms of consecrated life.

[Homos make their "contribution" to the fantasy church (???)]

However, Francisco emphasized, as before, that homosexual Catholics must contribute to the life of the [Fantasy] Church, always remembering that "they are people who live in the service of the [Fantasy] Church, the Christian community and the people of [a Fantasy] God."


Absolute scandal in Merkel Germany: The prosecutors do hardly investigate:

Alemania bandera   Epoch Times
                online, Logo   Karte von
                Deutschland mit Berlin

Merkel-Germany - Dec.5, 2018: Study about child abuse from September 2018 has no consequences for 21 of the 27 German federal states: Prosecution Departments is afraid to search the criminal Catholic Fantasy Church (!):
Investigators save Catholic [Fantasy] Church: No searches
(original German: Ermittler schonen Katholische Kirche: Keine Durchsuchungen)


<There are no investigations for sexual abuse within the Catholic [Fantasy] Church.

German prosecutors continue to hesitate from investigating the Catholic [Fantasy] Church. Only six of the 27 public prosecutor's offices have immediately followed up the abusive study published at the end of September, writes the "General Frankfort Newspaper" ("Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung") (Thursday edition). Investigation procedures were not initiated until now.

Since a group of six criminal law professors filed complaints at the end of October, four prosecutors have opened investigations against Unknown. 20 prosecutors are still checking the charge. Searches or seizures, as demanded by the denouncing lawyers, still do not take place. (dts)>


Filippinen /
                Maharlika Fahne

                online, Logo

Philippines / Maharlika - Dec.5, 2018: Arrest: PRIEST ABUSED CHILDREN ALTAR BOYS - the youngest victims were 7 years old - that is the standard in the criminal Catholic Fantasy Church!
50 victims abused: "US" Priest (77) arrested on the Philippines
(original German: 50 Opfer missbraucht: US-Priester (77) auf den Philippinen festgenommen)


<A Catholic priest from the "United States" has been arrested in the Philippines on suspicion of multiple sexual crimes. The 77-year-old is said to have sexually harassed and raped more than 50 victims, including many of the altar boys, a spokeswoman for the Philippine Immigration on Wednesday said. Among the victims were some seven-year-olds."

A court in Ohio had issued an arrest warrant for the cleric who had been preaching sermons in a church in the Philippine island city of Biliran for more than 37 years. In the town about 500 kilometers southeast of the capital Manila Filipino and "US" officials arrested him on Wednesday. The man has to expect to be extradited to the "USA".

Last year, the Philippine government transferred the former Filipino priest Fernando Sayasaya to the United States. He had been accused of sexual abuse of two boys in the 1990s. He had been hiding in the Philippines for almost 20 years.

Other Catholic priests from there have also been accused of committing sexual offenses in the "US" and the Southeast Asian island state. The Philippines are the largest predominantly [Fantasy] Catholic country in Asia.>


Filippinen /
                Maharlika Fahne   20 minuten online,

Philippines / Maharlika - Dec.6, 2018: Philippines' President Duterte says it clearly: The criminal-pedophile priests of the Catholic Fantasy Church are "useless fools" who "only criticize" - without them, life is much more peaceful - Duterte is itself an abuse victim of the church:
Rodrigo Duterte: «Your bishops are fools»
(original German: Rodrigo Duterte: «Eure Bischöfe sind Dummköpfe»)


<Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte is shouting against [criminal] Catholic bishops. "They only criticize. Kill them", he said.

Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte has called the [criminal] Catholic bishops in his country useless. Without [Fantasy] God, he [Duterte] would have done nothing in life, said Duterte on Wednesday in Manila.

"But your bishops, kill them. They are useless, they are fools. They just criticize." His own [Fantasy] god has a lot of common sense, said the 73-year-old. But the [Fantasy] god of the Catholic [Fantasy] Church is stupid. But he emphasized: "I never said that I was an atheist". The Presidency is a gift from [Fantasy] God.

Duterte, in connection with allegations of corruption and abuse against clerics, has repeatedly lamented against Catholic priests and bishops. He says he was abused during his school days in Davao City. With a share of Catholics of 80 percent, the Philippines is the largest majority Catholic country in Asia.



Filippinen /
                Maharlika Fahne

Crónica Viva del Perú online, Logo
Iglesia fea en las Filipinas 6-12-2018: Dice el presidente que NO SE NECESITA ESA LOCA IGLESIA CACÓLICA con sus obispos criminales con sus abusos y mentiras y difamaciones:
Presidente Duterte anima a matar obispos católicos porque los considera “inútiles”
Catholic shit on the Philippines - Dec.6, 2018: The President clearly states that THIS CATHOLIC FOOL FANTASY CHURCH IS USELESS with its criminal bishops with abuses, lies and defamation:
President Duterte says one should eliminate the "useless" bishops

Video showing  11 August  agosto 2016 -  ZVideo 11. August 2016

El artículo:

<MANILA.- El controvertido presidente de Filipinas, Rodrigo Duterte, animó a matar obispos católicos porque los considera “inútiles”, recrudeciendo su enfrentamiento con la Iglesia [de fantasía] que comenzó en 2017 cuando los prelados criticaron la sangrienta guerra contra las drogas.

“Esos bastardos no sirven para nada. Lo único que hacen es criticar”  exclamó Duterte, que dirige con mano de hierro el país asiático desde 2016-

 La Conferencia de Obispos Católicos [criminales] de Filipinas no ha querido entrar al debate y se ha negado a responder al mandatario.

“No queremos añadir más leña al fuego. Cualquier comentario solo exageraría el asunto”,declaró  este jueves el portavoz de la conferencia episcopal, Jerome Seciliano.

La  Iglesia católica [de fantasía] de Filipinas se posicionó contra las medidas de Duterte en su guerra contra las drogas el año pasado. En verano de 2016, Duterte emprendió la Operación Tokhang, una iniciativa para reinsertar a los drogadictos del país que derivó en una estrategia de ejecuciones extrajudiciales de adictos y narcotraficantes.

La cifra de muertos superaba en julio de 2017 los 9.400. La jerarquía eclesiástica llegó a calificar la situación del país como “un reino del terror”. (ECHA- Agencias)>

Comentario: Cerrar esa iglesia terrorista abusiva de fantasía!
Es la iglesia el terrorismo donde violan niños que salen al fin como drogadictos. Por eso se debe cerrar esa iglesia terrorista!
Michael Palomino, 26-04-2019


<MANILA.- Controversial Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte encouraged the murder of Catholic bishops because he considered them "useless" and intensified his confrontation with the [Fantasy] Church, which began in 2017 when the prelates criticized the bloody war on drugs.

"These bastards are useless, the only thing they do is criticize," exclaimed Duterte, who is ruling the Asian country since 2016 with an iron hand.

The Conference of [criminal] Catholic Bishops of the Philippines did not want to enter the debate and refused to answer the President.

"We do not want to add fuel to the fire, and any comment would only exaggerate the issue," Jerome Seciliano, spokesman for the Bishops' Conference, said Thursday.

The Catholic [Fantasy] Church of the Philippines intervened last year in the fight against drugs. In the summer of 2016, Duterte took over Operation Tokhang, an initiative to reintroduce [?] drug addicts in the country, which led to a strategy of extrajudicial execution of drug addicts and drug traffickers.

The death toll in July 2017 was over 9,400. The ecclesiastical hierarchy described the situation of the country as a "reign of terror". (ECHA agencies)>

Comment: Close this terrorist abusive Fantasy Church!
Church is terror raping children who land ad drug addicted. So, close this terrorist Church!
Michael Palomino, April 26, 2019


Criminal gay cackolic fantasy Church - a case in Comas in Lima:

Peru Fahne  Karte von Peru mit

Favicon von geschichteinchronologie,
                Michael Palomino

Cackolic shit in Comas (Lima) - Dec.8, 2018: That's the way the MONKEYS of Satanist Vatican look like

by Michael Palomino, Lima
Pastores son espías criminales mentalmente
                      discapacitados - en Lima se muestran con ropa de
                      colonos con camisa blanca de banqueros y con
                      sombrero de Texas - así es el disfraz de los
                      terroristas del Vaticano en el Perú. Son como
                      altoparlantes del Vaticano gay criminal y de su
                      servicio secreto criminal Opus Dei Gay
                      distribuyendo las fantasías de la Biblia de Asia
                      en el Perú - visto el 6-12-2018 a las 8:45 de la
                      mañana en Comas en Lima - ¡Boten esos criminales!
Pastors are mentally handicapped, and they are criminal spies - in Lima they show themselves in this colonial dress with a white shirt, like the bankers, and with a straw hat as in Texas - such is the disguise of the Vatican terrorists in Peru. These are speakers of the gay criminal Satanist Vatican and of the criminal intelligence service Opus Dei Gay etc. They spread the Bible fantasies from Asia in Peru - seen on 6-12-2018 at 8:45 AM in Comas in Lima - One has to throw out these criminals!
Pastors and bishops and priests are the criminal monkeys of the Satanist Vatican, telling Asian fantasies, spreading espionage data from the Vatican secret service "Opus Dei" and fake data from the Mossad, the criminal secret service of Israel, and with this data they make their intrigues and faked stories, they are even betting against their victims - and for all that they still demand money!

Here are these clowns in Lima with banker's shirt, with banker's necktie, with banker's pants, with umbrella in purple (in summer) and with a sun hat from Texas - this is all total criminal colonialism - seen on Dec. 6, 2018 at 8:45am in Comas in Lima.

Duterte said clearly: "These bastards are good for nothing, the only thing they do is criticize." But they do MORE than just criticize because they spread lies (FakeNews), and they manipulate people into insanity, into false bets and even provoke people's ruin, and the ABUSE AND VIOLATE CHILDREN!!!

You have to throw these criminals out. Close this criminal Fantasy Church! And the other religions with only 1 "God" - Judaism and Islam - are the same. Only when all these 1 "God" religions will be closed will be peace in the world, because BEFORE these 1 "God" religions there was 30.000 years peace in the world. There will be peace again with the ancient religions with the original gods of the times before, with the extraterrestrials who brought life on Earth - see www.am-sur.com!

Michael Palomino, Dec.8, 2018


"USA"   Kronenzeitung
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"USA" - Dec.11, 2018: Criminal Catholic nuns abused schools and school fees for casino visits to Las Vegas:
Money gambled in Las Vegas: Nuns embezzled US $ 500,000
(original German: Geld in Vegas verzockt: Nonnen unterschlugen an US-Schule 500.000 Dollar)


<At a Catholic school in California, two nuns have embezzled about $ 500,000 (just under ¤ 439,000) over the years to perform their passion for gambling in Las Vegas. Sister Mary Margaret Kreuper and Sister Lana Chang had robbed school fees and donations to the Saint James School in Torrence near Los Angeles, she admitted on Monday.

The lack of money was discovered during a routine auditing. Kreuper has been working for 20 years for the school in Torrence, south of Los Angeles, and was director. Chang was a teacher there for 20 years. Both are supposed to have been best friends and retired this year.

The traveled regularly to Las Vegas
The nuns were said to have traveled regularly to Las Vegas and gone to Casinos there. Invoices were partially payed by the school account, indications say. In addition, they should have diverted school fees to another account.

Archdiocese renounced a criminal charge
The Order of St. Joseph of Carondelet declared that the two women had admitted their wrongdoing. The Order apologized to the students' families and announced that they would refund the money to the school. The archdiocese of Los Angeles was giving the order to the police to intervene, but does not want to report the nuns.>


Chile with the case of O'Reilly - abuse of a 8 year old girl:

Chile Fahne  Karte
                von Chile mit Santiago de Chile

Crónica Viva del Perú online, Logo
Chile 14-12-2018: Abusó niña durante pena condicionada: Sacerdote criminal "Legionario de Cristo de fantasía" de Irlanda debe salir de Chile - y en el Vaticano satánico va a ser otra sentencia:
Chile expulsó a sacerdote irlandés John O’Reilly tras 4 años de libertad vigilada por abusar de niña
Chile - Dec.14, 2018: Irish priest as "Legionnaire of Fantasy Christ" has abused girl (8) being her "spiritual adviser": After 4 years of probation, he now has to leave Chile - and at the Satanist Vatican awaits him another verdict:
Irish priest John O'Reilly was expelled after four years of probation for mistreating a girl from Chile


<SANTIAGO.- El cura irlandés John O’Reilly, de los Legionarios de Cristo, abandonó Chile este viernes rumbo a Italia  tras cumplir una pena de 4 años de libertad vigilada por abusar  de una colegiala de 8 años, alumna de un exclusivo colegio de la capital chilena, del que era asesor espiritual.

[Recibió el pasaporte chileno en 2008 - abusó niña en 2014]
O’Reilly, que llegó a Chile en 1984, tejió una red de contactos de alto nivel y aparecía con frecuencia en la televisión, al punto que recibió en 2008 la nacionalidad por gracia, de la que fue despojado en 2015 a raíz del escándalo.

En noviembre de 2014 fue condenado por la Justicia y en 2017 se dictó un decreto de expulsión del país, a concretarse una vez que cumpliera su condena, lo que ocurrió este viernes.

O’Reilly fue notificado oficialmente del cumplimiento de su condena el jueves, lo que le daba un plazo de 72 horas para abandonar Chile, y aunque se comentó que trataría de revertir la orden mediante un recurso de amparo (hábeas corpus), ello no ocurrió.

El cura llegó discretamente al aeropuerto internacional de Santiago y tuvo acceso a los salones VIP para cumplir los trámites antes de embarcarse en un vuelo de Alitalia con destino a Roma.

Le acompañaba Gabriel Bárcena, superior de la congregación para Chile y Argentina.

Video relacionado 13 de octubre de 2014

En un comunicado, la Oficina de Comunicación Internacional de Los Legionarios de Cristo informó que “el director general de la Congregación ha indicado al P. John O’Reilly L.C. que se traslade a la casa de los Legionarios de Cristo [de fantasía] en Via Aurelia en Roma, Italia, en cuanto ya no sea requerida su presencia en Chile en relación con su pena civil de cuatro años de libertad vigilada que acaba de terminar”.

“La Legión de Cristo [de fantasía] ha colaborado y continuará cooperando con las respectivas autoridades en los procedimientos civiles y canónicos”, añadió la orden católica [de fantasía] fundada en 1941 por [el violador de niños] Marcial Maciel, también condenado por abusos sexuales.

“Como congregación, nos provoca un profundo dolor el sufrimiento que estos hechos han causado”, dijo la orden, en relación con los delitos cometidos por O’Reilly.

Video relacionado 13 de octubre de 2014

“Conscientes del compromiso que tenemos como Iglesia [de fantasía] y por nuestra historia institucional, estamos firmemente comprometidos a través de nuestra Política de Ambientes Seguros con el cuidado y protección de cada uno de los niños y jóvenes que participan en nuestras actividades apostólicas, educativas y pastorales”, asegura además el texto.

Fuentes de la congregación dijeron en tanto que O’Reilly no ejercerá en Italia el ministerio sacerdotal público mientras se espera la sentencia de un proceso canónico que se encuentra en curso en el Vaticano.

[14-12-2018: Chile con 139 investigaciones, 190 clérigos abusivos, 245 víctimas]

En Chile la Iglesia católica [de fantasía] atraviesa una crisis por casos de abusos sexuales que han salpicado incluso a varios obispos. Según dijeron a EFE fuentes de la Fiscalía, hasta el pasado 5 de noviembre había abiertas 139 investigaciones que implican a 190 personas relacionadas con la Iglesia católica [de fantasía] y a 245 víctimas. (ECHA- Agencias)>


<SANTIAGO.- The Irish priest John O'Reilly of the Legion of Christ left Chile for Italy on Friday after having passed a 4 year probationary sentence for abusing of an 8-year-old girl in an exclusive school of the Chilean capital, where he  had been "spiritual counselor".

[2008 he got the Chile passport - and 2014 he committed child abused]
O'Reilly, who arrived in Chile in 1984, established a network of high-profile contacts and frequently appeared on television, so in 2008 he was granted grace by grace, which was revoked in 2015 after the scandal.

In November 2014, he was sentenced by the judiciary and in 2017 an expulsion order was issued from the country, which was to be enforced following his term of imprisonment, which took place this Friday.

O'Reilly was officially informed of the execution of his sentence on Thursday, giving him 72 hours to leave Chile. Although it was alleged that he was trying to challenge the order by an Amparo (habeas corpus) right, this did not happen.

The priest arrived discreetly at Santiago International Airport and had access to the VIP lounges to do the paperwork before embarking on an Alitalia flight to Rome.

He was accompanied by Gabriel Bárcena, Superior of the Congregation for Chile and Argentina.

Video about this from Oct.13, 2014:

In a statement, the International Communications Office of the Legionaries of Christ reported that "the Director General of the Congregation has indicated to Father John O'Reilly LC that he will go to the [Fantasy] House of Christ's Legionnaires on Aurelia Street in Rome (Italy) as soon as possible his presence in Chile is no longer necessary due to his civilian sentence of four years that has just ended."

"The [Fantasy] Legion of Christ has cooperated with the relevant authorities in civil and canonical procedures and will continue to do so", added the [Fantasy] Catholic Order founded in 1941 by [child rapist] Marcial Maciel, who was also convicted of sexual abuse.

"As a congregation, we are deeply affected by the suffering that caused these events," the Order said in reference to the crimes committed by O'Reilly.

Video showing events of 13 October 2014

"We are aware of the commitment we have as a [Fantasy] Church and our institutional history, and are committed to our security policy with the care and protection of all children and young people involved in our apostolic, educational and pastoral activities," he assures Text.

Sources of the congregation stated that O'Reilly will not exercise public priestly office in Italy while awaiting the verdict of a canonical process taking place in the Vatican.

[Dec.14, 2018: Chile with 139 investigations, 190 abusive  clergymen, 245 victims]

In Chile, the Catholic [Fantasy] Church is in crisis, due to cases of sexual abuse that even affect several bishops. According to EFE sources, the prosecutor said he had opened 139 investigations by November 5, involving 190 people with the Catholic [Fantasy] Church and 245 victims. (ECHA agencies)>


Australien Flagge der
                englischen Kolonialisten und der Aborigenes   Kronenzeitung
                online, Logo

Australia - Dec.15, 2018: Cardinal George Pell convicted for child abuse with 2 choirboys - second trial still pending:
Child abuse: Confidant of [Satanist] Pope found guilty: media are ordered to be silent
(original German:
Kindesmissbrauch: Papst-Vertrauter schuldig: Medien sollen schweigen)


<An earthquake shakes the center of the Catholic [Fantasy] Church - and Australia. Because the country has a lawsuit about which nothing is to be known: neither the accused person, nor the nature of the crime. But even if a strict judicial blackout applies - such secrecy is in the age of the Internet as good as impossible. And so, over the weekend, it became public in the Curia, the highest floor of the [Satanist] Vatican, that Cardinal George Pell was found guilty - number 3 in the [Fantasy] Church hierarchy of child molestation. Pell was even traded as a possible [Satanist] pope in 2005 and 2013 ...

Pell was appointed in 2013 by [Satanist] Pope in the previously dedicated [Satanist] Cardinal Council, which is to assist [Satanist pope] Francis in the direction of the [Fantasy] Church. At the beginning of 2014, the [Satanist] Pontifex installed him as head of the newly created Vatican Secretariat for Economics, permanently to the [Satanist] Roman Curia. The position of chief financial officer of the [Satanist] Vatican is unofficially considered number three in the [Fantasy] Church hierarchy. The 77-year-old is thus the world's highest-ranking Catholic clergyman, who had to answer for abuse allegations in court. Pell defended himself in his homeland Australia against charges. The reproach was about a casein the 1990s having committed sexual attacks to a male youth in Melbourne.

Forced oral sex with two 13-year-olds
A jury from the County Court of Victoria in Australia has now convicted [Satanist] Pope Francis' [Satanist] "Finance Minister" for having forced oral sex with two 13-year-old choirboys in the 1990s. One of the victims died in 2014 of an overdose of drugs. The sentence will be announced in February [2019]. Further allegations against Pell relate to the 1970s, they will be dealt with in a second procedure from March 2019. Penalties for sexual assault against children are high: serious cases can be punished with up to 25 years in prison.

The trial against the [satanist] clergy is expected to generate much interest far beyond Australia's borders. The Australian judiciary imposed a strict ban on reporting throughout the procedure, which applies to all media accessible in Australia - and thus waves far beyond the borders of the island state. Australian newspapers put themselves in the past few days against the ban with blackened front pages and the headline "censored" in position - even if the news blackout actually has nothing to do with state censorship. Rather, a judge has imposed the media ban with a "Suppression Order". This should enable a fair and unencumbered trial against the defendant in the second process.

Juries should decide as uninfluenced as possible
Background: Australia has a jury system, juries of the people decide on guilt or innocence of a defendant. Because the jury is to decide on each case as uninfluenced as possible, they may - as it is known from the numerous crime series from the US - no information on criminal records, previous proceedings or arrests of the accused received. The jury, so the goal of this approach, must be shielded from all influences to prevent a prejudice.

Therefore, court reporters who take part in the trials also report only what is said in court, so, what is said before the jury - even if they had more information available to tell from their own investigation. Journalists who violate this rule are liable to prosecution. And the punishments are quite considerable: For example, journalists in Victoria can be sentenced to up to five years imprisonment or a fine of around 100,000 Australian dollars, or even both, for contempt of court. The maximum fine for media companies is nearly half a million Australian dollars.

"Information right of citizens is rated as more important"
Now also international media are instructed to complete this prohibition at least online - as the Internet editions are also available in Australia. Therefore, only some few media explained the background about the result of the hot lawsuit, in German speaking area it was just Katholisch.de which is the Internet portal of the Catholic [Fantasy] Church in Germany. Editor-in-chief Björn Odendahl explained this move to the media portal "Meedia": "We do not accept why we ought to abide by Australian law - especially after the guilty verdict. After that, we have definitely rated the right of information of citizens in Germany as more important."

The famous Zurich Newspaper NZZ ("Neue Zürcher Zeitung") sums up the dilemma of digitized reporting in a report on the trial of the powerful churchman: "The guarantee of a fair trial, even for prominent defendants, is very important. But the legal traditions from the time of the horse carriage, in which one could control the reporting of the local city newspaper, appear in view of the Internet and the today's media landscape anachronistic "...

More than an embarrassing situation for the [Satanist] Vatican
However, the [Satanist] Vatican should not have come across a strict media muzzle: Pell is still head of the [Satanist] Vatican Secretariat for Economic Affairs. Although he was on leave in June 2017 from this post, in order, as Pell said then, to be able to "purify his name". Now with the confirmed abuse allegations by court, the [Satanist] Vatican is in a very embarrassing situation with such a Minister of Finance.>


"USA"   20 minuten
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Illinois ("USA") - Dec.19, 2018: Child abuse without end - 690 Catholic "clerics" arrested - close Satanist Vatican !!!
Abuse scandal bigger than expected
(original German: Missbrauchs-Skandal grösser als angenommen)



<In the US state of Illinois, nearly 700 Catholic [Satanic] clergymen have allegedly committed sexual abuse against children. Attorney Lisa Madigan announced this figure on Wednesday. The Catholic [Fantasy] Church itself hat indicated the number 185 of priests and other clergymen in the federal state being confronted with credible abuse allegations. But now Madigan said that within the investigation since August more than 500 reproaches against more clergymen had been detected. Thus the complete number rose to 690.

The Catholic [Fantasy] Church did not investigate the allegations "thoroughly," said the prosecutor. Therefore the [Fantasy] Church had violated their "moral commitment" to bring all the truth about "sexual inappropriate behavior" of their priests in the federal state to light.

The Catholic [Fantasy] Church in the "US" has been shaken by a series of abuse cases in recent years. Again and again the offenses of the priests were hushed up [by criminal Satanist cardinals]. (roy/afp)>



                Comercio del Perú online, Logo

Ugly church in Illinois ("USA") - Dec.19, 2018: Nearly 700 priests accused of child abuse:
Nearly 700 Illinois Catholic priests are accused of sexual abuse against minors
(original Spanish: Casi 700 curas católicos de Illinois son acusados de abuso sexual contra menores)


<Lisa Madigan, US state attorney for the federal state of these Midwestern "United States", said the Illinois [fantasy] dioceses have published the names of 185 priests who are implicated in serious allegations, but in fact there are "allegations against at least 500 more priests" registered.

Nearly 700 Catholic priests have been accused of child abuse in the [fantasy] diocese of Illinois over the last few decades, Lisa Madigan said on Wednesday, she i prosecutor for this state in the Midwestern United States.

The [fantasy] dioceses of Illinois published the names of 185 priests implicated in grave allegations, but an investigation of their records revealed that "allegations against at least 500 more priests" had been reported, the prosecutor wrote in a preliminary report.

[Illinois: 6 fantasy dioceses with over 685 cr.ped. priests]

Preliminary results from a survey which had begun in August showed that in the 6 [fantasy]dioceses at least 685 accused priests and clergy members were found.

[Illinois: criminal Catholic Fantasy Church consistently protected the criminals]

In a harsh statement, the Attorney General's Office criticized the handling of abuse allegations by the [Fantasy] Church. There is a lack of investigation, and in many cases, the police and child welfare agencies were not even informed.

"The preliminary stages of this investigation have already shown that the Catholic [Fantasy] Church can not control itself," said Madigan.

She added that the [Fantasy] Church had "failed to provide a complete and accurate account of all inappropriate sexual behaviors involving priests in Illinois."

[The report began in August 2018 when a report in Pennsylvania came out]

The investigation in Illinois was prompted by a major Grand Jury report in August [which came out in Pennsylvania], which uncovered credible pedophilia allegations against more than 300 priests and identified more than 1,000 victims of child sexual assault, which for decades were hidden by the Pennsylvania Catholic [Fantasy] Church.

For the first time in October, federal agencies opened an investigation into abusive clergy. The [fantasy] dioceses of the federal state informed of having received orders of the Grand Federal Jury to draft reports.

Source: AFP>


Australien Flagge der
                englischen Kolonialisten und der Aborigenes   Anonymous online,

Australia - Dec.27, 2018: NWO media conceal the condemnation of Cardinal Pell:

Detected: [Satanist] Vatican chief financial officer is a convicted child molester - media are keeping silent!
(original German: Aufgedeckt: Vatikan-Finanzchef ist ein verurteilter Kinderschänder – Medien schweigen!)


<Cardinal George Pell, until recently he was the king of the Finances of the [Satanist] Vatican, is a convicted child abuser. However, it does not seem to interest anyone that a high-ranking [Fantasy] Church member has once again passed on to children. At any rate, his disgusting pedophile drive did not harm his career.

by Roscoe Hollister

As in German politics, also in the [Satanist] Vatican a criminal past does not appear to be an obstacle to advancement. Mrs. Barbara Ludwig is a dazzling example of such a career in this country. The fact that she had driven a wheelchair user dead in a pedestrian zone was not in the least necessary for her having to leave the political scene. No, the Socialist (SPD) politician brought it 4 years after her death trip [link (German)] to the mayor of the central German city of Chemnitz.

Cardinal George Pell did not kill anyone, but he - who wonders? - abused several minors. The now 77-year-old had already sexually abused the first children in the 70s. In the 90s, he finally made an acceleration of his drive and forced, among other things, many choirboys in the Cathedral of Melbourne for oral sex.

For this reason, since May 2018 he has also had to face a criminal justice process in Melbourne. A few days ago, a jury finally [link (German)] found the churchman guilty. However, the verdict will not be made public until February 2019. "From Australia itself, you can not hear anything about the process output. And that has a reason. The verdict may not be reported in the media accessible in Australia", View (blick.ch) from [cr.] Switzerland knows.

Although the cases of abuse had been known for decades, it only came to court now. Much more interesting is the fact that the professional career of George Pell was not at all harmed abusing little. children sexually without end.

As a young adult the Australian became Archbishop of Sydney. For this job, he resigned to his career as a promising football player. Pell's rise reached its first peak in 2013. [Satanist] Pope Francis called him to the previously established [Satanist] Cardinal Council. In early 2014, the [Satanist] pontiff called [the Satanist] Pell then unofficially to be number three of the [Satanist] Vatican: He promoted [Satanist] Pell to the head of the newly created [Satanist] Vatican Secretariat of Economic Affairs becoming in fact the chief financial officer [with the Satanist Vatican Bank with money laundering of drug funds, with secret bank accounts bribing all governments of the world, etc.].

[Satanist] Pope Francis, who is also heavily involved in flooding Europe with illegal immigrants [link (German)], had protected [Satanist] Pell until the very last second. Only when it became clear in October [2018] in the ongoing process that Pell will definitely be convicted, the [Satanist] pope pulled the ripcord and dismissed the child abuser from the [Fantasy] Church Council. Had the sexual offenses of the clergyman not come to the indictment, he would probably be in an exposed position in the [Satanist] Vatican still today.>


Vatikan Fahne   Epoch Times
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                  Leute, 80% Schwule, organisiertes Verbrechen

Gay Satanist Vatican 31.12.2018: Criminal Satanist Pope is surprising the world with new "speakers":
Spokesman of the [Satanist] Pope resigns surprisingly
(original German: Papst-Sprecher tritt überraschend ab)


<[Satanist] Pope Francis surprisingly changes his spokesman. Also Deputy Paloma García Ovejero goes.

[Satanist] Pope Francis surprisingly changes his spokesman. The [Satanist] Pontifex has accepted the resignation of former Chief of the [Satanist] Vatican Press Office, Greg Burke, the [Satanist] Vatican said. Also Deputy Paloma García Ovejero goes. Interim head is now Alessandro Gisotti, the former social media coordinator of the communication department. There was no information about the reason for the change. Only recently, the [Satanist] Vatican had recruited leading posts in the communications department. (dpa)>


Vatikan Fahne   VK online, Logo   Italien mit dem kriminell-schwulen Vatikan: 1000
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Jan.12, 2019: The criminal Fantasy Church promotes criminal poison pharmaceuticals and destroys natural medicine: mass murder of healers on pyres


Post by Michael Palomino, Jan. 12, 2019: https://vk.com/mpnatronetc
PHARMA = serious injury!
90% of pharmaceuticals are superfluous.

Post by Fritz Schröder, Jan.12, 2019: https://vk.com/fritz1956
Without pharma, there would not be many diseases, women hat the old healing knowledge and the murderous [Fantasy] Church was burning them calling them witches and the knowledge was closed up in the monasteries from the public
Post by Michael Palomino, Jan.12, 2019: https://vk.com/mpnatronetc
Woman healers were burnt by the criminal [Fantasy] church as "witches".
The regime of the Templars, Knights, Illuminati and Masons ...


Filippinen /
                Maharlika Fahne   RT deutsch online,

Philippines / Maharlika - Jan.14, 2019: Criminal Catholic gay priests are "useless":
"Most of them are gay": Duterte demands lovers for "useless" Catholic priests
(original German: "Die meisten von ihnen sind schwul": Duterte fordert Liebhaber für "nutzlose" katholische Priester)


<The President of the Philippines / Maharlika has sharply attacked Catholic bishops on Friday. Speaking Friday, Rodrigo Duterte, known for his controversial attitude towards the Catholic [Fantasy] Church, said that "most bishops are gay."

The remarks came after Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte had already attacked bishops in his country as "useless fools" last month, urging his people to "kill" them.

In his recent attack on Catholic priests, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte did not hesitate long before addressing the religious leaders he accused of homosexuality.

"I can say bishops are bastards, damn, that's true, most of them are gay, you should be open with it, keep celibacy and allow them to have friends," said Duterte on Friday laying the cornerstone for one School near the capital Manila.

Duterte once explained that he was sexually abused by a priest when he was a boy.

His remarks on Friday followed a speech at the Presidential Palace in December calling on his compatriots to kill his country's Catholic bishops, who in his view were little more than "useless fools."

Catholic bishops and [fantasy] church activists are his worst political critics

He also described the Catholic [Fantasy] church as "the most hypocritical institution" and argued that his God was different from the one [fantasy God] the Catholics believed in.

As a baptized Catholic, Duterte has repeatedly fired against the [Satanist] Vatican. Catholic bishops and [Fantasy] Church activists in turn are among his worst political critics. Among other things, they criticized his bloody suppression of drug trafficking.

[Satanist terrorism with criminal celibacy since 1139]

At the Second Lateran Council in 1139, the [Satanist] Holy See adopted a policy of clerical celibacy. Duterte is an open supporter of same-sex fraternities. He even acknowledged that he plays with the idea of ​​becoming a bisexual. He has repeatedly called upon the [Fantasy] Church to abolish the centuries-old [Fantasy] canon law, claiming that it promotes only homosexual tendencies among clergymen.>


                    (Schweiz) Fahne   20 minuten
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                    Schweinz (Schweiz - CH): Neutrale Geldinsel der
                    Rothschild-Mafia, organisiertes Verbrechen

Riehen (BS - cr. Switzerland) - Jan.15, 2019: Criminal Catholics in Riehen: Mr. Stefan Küng was already condemned in 2012 in the canton of Thurgau - boy in Riehen (16) hugged from behind and massaged on nipples and kissed:
Riehen Priest Candidate: Pastor punished for massaging boy and kissing him


<A candidate for priesthood in Riehen [canton Basel Town, Switzerland] has been convicted of sexual activity with a child. According to the penal order he massaged the belly and the feet of his victim and kissed his neck.

Stefan Küng (48) wants to become a priest in the town of Riehen in the canton of Basel Town. However, the man is not a blank slate: he was punished in 2012 for sexual acts with a child in the canton of Thurgau [in East Switzerland]. The "bz Basel" had access to the sentence of Küng, who was sentenced to a conditional fine on probation [link (German)].

The priest candidate was a pastor in Aadorf in the canton of Thurgau before. He had made an appointment with the youth fellow of almost 16 years inviting him to his house. During watching a movie the pastor who wants to become a priest now was making massage with the feet of the youth fellow repeatedly. The allegation go further: the pastor was sitting behind the fellow with his legs apart and is said having embraced the fellow from behind, and his hand slipped under the T-shirt of the fellow on his belly.

«Foot not a sexual object»

And this was not all yet: The pastor was moving up his hands to the nipples of the fellow caressing his nipples and after this had given "a short kiss" on the neck of the fellow. This lasted about 5 to 10 minutes, then the pastor was going on with massage of the feet of the fellow.

The public prosecutor of this case called massage of feet a pedophile sexual action. Mr. Küng was 1 month in pretrial detention and has not appealed against this verdict. Now in Riehen, there is the President of the Pastor's Election Commission of Riehen, Mr. Stefan Suter. Suter means clearly, no appeal against this verdict "was a mistake". Suter presented his point of view on the beginning of January in the hall of the Roman Catholic [Fantasy] Pastor's Home Saint Francis (St. Franziskus) to the Riehen population. Foot massage is nothing sexual, declared Suter. "A foot is not a sexual object", declared the President.

The elections will be on February 10, 2,500 parish members will show if Stefan Küng will be a priest instead of this previous conviction because of sexual action with a 16 years old.

"Attack is attack"

Such attempts to trivialize the incident are a "mockery of all victims of assaults," says Xenia Schlegel, managing director of Child Protection Switzerland, as opposed to bz Basel. She emphasizes: "Attack is attack." This is also the view of people from Riehen, who commented on the report on the punitive order against Küng in the Facebook group "You know that you are from Riehen when..." ("Du weisch, dass de vo Rieche bisch, wenn..."). "If that's true, what's in the newspaper, that will not go," says one. For another user, it is clear: "This priest will not be elected for sure."


The solution: Stefan Küng withdraw himself from the list (link (German)).


Chile has tons of criminal abusive priests - for example Renato Doblete:

                  Tercera de Chile online, Logo

Chile 27.1.2019: Criminal priest Renato Doblete destroyed the lives of his victims - criminal charge of theology professor Marcela Aranda:
Marcela Aranda Escobar, the woman who reported the priest Renato Poblete for abuse
(original Spanisch: Marcela Aranda Escobar, la mujer que denunció por abusos al sacerdote Renato Poblete)


<In an interview with the Mercury newspaper (El Mercurio), the professor of the Faculty of Theology of the [Fantasy] Pontificate Catholic University of Chile (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile) spoke against her criminal charge against the died former chaplain of "Home of Christ" ("Hogar de Cristo"), in which she explained how the development was to publicize her criminal charge and to present her case to the hearing commission of Mr. Monseñor Scicluna.

"It encourages me to look for truth and justice, I am part of the Church and also responsible for it", said Marcela Aranda Escobar, 53, a professor at the Theological [Fantasy] Faculty of the Catholic Pontifical [Fantasy] University of Chile (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile).

Aranda gave an interview to the daily Mercury (El Mercurio) [link] explaining how the process of development was going, which finally led to sexual abuse charges against Father Renato Poblete, who died in 2010.

[1984: Entry into the [fake] "Home of Christ" in Santiago]

She presented her case to the hearing commission set up by Charles Scicluna in Chile. Although she did not want to invoke concrete facts of abuse because she still does not testify before the lawyer investigating the Jesuits, she stated that the crimes took place between 1985 and 1993 when she was studying physics at the University. "I was about 19 or 20 years old, it must have been in 1984 (...) At that time, I was very concerned about mutual social help [in society] and went as a volunteer to the "Home of [Fantasy] Christ" ("Hogar de Cristo [de fantasía]"), she said in an interview with the newspaper El Mercurio.

There she approached the religion and there came a call for a possible religious vocation. She was recommended to have a mental guide accompanying her in this development and the recommendation was for chaplain Renato Poblete. "I felt very honored when he received me, he was a very well-known personality (...) I remember he gave me a long hug and he asked me to tell about my life. 'From now on I will be your father and give you all the love you need' ", so the statement in the interview.

Aranda adds that in the 25 years since this event, there have been many more abuses by this priest Poblete, and these experiences have been mentally blocked.

"The victims are going through a very painful process, going on between abuse and detection for many years, 20, 30, 50, until we can put into words the horror that we endure. As for me, there was a dissociation to survive. I completely forgot the time of terrible abuses", she explained


Chile has got tons of criminal rapist priests - for example Renato Doblete:

La Tercera de Chile online, Logo

Chile - Jan.27, 2019: The criminal priest Renato Doblete has destroyed the life of his victims - he is reported by victim Marcela Aranda:
Marcela Aranda Escobar, the woman with the abuse report against the priest Renato Poblete
(original Spanish: Marcela Aranda Escobar, la mujer que denunció por abusos al sacerdote Renato Poblete)



<In an interview with the daily newspaper El Mercurio, the professor of the Theological Faculty of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile) spoke about her complaint against the dead chaplain of the [Fantasy] association "Home of [Fantasy] Christ" ("Hogar de Cristo [de fantasía]"). In this interview she explained what the process was to bring her complaint to the attention of the Commission of Inquiry of Monseñore Scicluna (Comisión de Escucha de Monseñor Scicluna).

"It encourages me to search for truth and justice, I am part of and responsible for the [Fantasia] Church", said Marcela Aranda Escobar, 53, a professor at the Theological Faculty of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile).

In an interview with the daily newspaper Mercury (El Mercurio - Link (Spanish)), Mrs. Aranda explained what the process was that ultimately led her to report the sexual abuse against the late priest Renato Poblete, who died in 2010.

[1984: Entry into the Fantasy Association "Home of (Fantasy) Christ" in Santiago de Chile

She presented her case to the Hearing Commission, which had been installed in Chile by Charles Scicluna. Although she did not want to refer to concrete facts of abuse because she still has not testified before the lawyer investigating the Jesuits, she stated that the crimes had happened between 1985 and 1993 when she was studying physics at the University , "I was about 19 or 20 years old, it must have been in 1984 (...) At that time, I was very worried about social help and volunteered to go to the "Home of (Fantasy) Christ" ("Hogar de Cristo (de fantasía)")" she said in an interview with Mercury (El Mercurio).

There she approached the [satanic fantasy] religion and there was a call to her, a possible [fantasy] religious call. She was advised to have a spiritual director to accompany this mental process, and she was referred to chaplain Renato Poblete. "I felt very honored when he accepted to receive me, that was a very well-known person (...) I remember he gave me a long hug and asked me to tell from my life. At a certain moment he said: 'From now on, I will be your father and will give you all the love you need'", he signaled in conversation.

Since the events, 25 years have passed. Aranda claims that the memory of the abuses committed by priest Poblete has been blocked to this day.

"The victims go through a very painful process that takes many years, 20, 30, 50, between the abuse and the moment when we can finally put into words the horror we are suffering." The consequences with me were a dissociation to survive, I completely forgot the time when I was horribly abused", she explains.>


Criminal cackolic Fantasy Church in India: rape of nuns, cover-up, murders of witnesses etc.

Indien Fahne   Netzfrauen online, Logo

Kerala (India) - Jan.28, 2019: Catholic Fantasy Church = rapists sect: nuns are systematically raped - and when nuns are telling, they are called "rebellious" (!):
After repeated raping of a nun by a bishop victims and other nuns are in mortal danger! - "My life will be in danger": Rape survivor now!
(original German: Nach mehrmaliger Vergewaltigung einer Nonne durch einen Bischof sind Opfer und andere Nonnen in Lebensgefahr! – „My life will be in danger“: Rape-survivor nun!)


The criminal "missionaries [of a fantasy] Jesus" say that nuns who speak the truth are "rebellious." A protesting nun has already been dismissed from her job, and there is the danger that the nuns will be forcibly consigned to an isolated [Fantasy] monastery and forced to commit suicide under mental torture. Bishop Franco Mulakkal of the Archdiocese of Jalandhar in Punjab Province was arrested by police on 21 September [2018] after the investigation committee finally found evidence linking him to the case of sexual assault [link (English)]. A nun from Kerala Province had accused a bishop of raping her. The accused man, Franco Mulakkal, Bishop of the Roman Catholic Fantasy Diocese of Jalandhar, allegedly raped her in May 2014 in a guesthouse in Kuravilangad and sexually exploited her on several other occasions. A key witness, Rev. Kuriakose, was found dead under mysterious circumstances.

The article:

<A call for help comes from India after a nun accused a bishop of having repeatedly raped her. Apart from threats and intimidation, Father Kuriakose, who testified against Bishop Franco, was found dead under mysterious circumstances. The other nuns who oppose the bishop are in danger. Bishop Franco was chosen by [Satanist] Pope Benedict XVI. in 2009 for being appointed a Titular Bishop of Chullu and Auxiliary Bishop in Delhi. He is in the criticism because of multiple rape of a nun and what makes the [Fantasy] Church? She threatens the nuns! Worldwide, the [Fantasy] Church is under criticism for sexual abuse of minors. But there also seems to have been sexual assaults on nuns.

Case of the raped nun in Kerala - missionaries [of a Fantasy] Jesus are calling the nuns to give up their 'rebellious position'

The nuns protesting against Bishop Franco are scared and addressed a letter to Kerala Prime Minister Pinarayi Vijayan urging him to intervene and ensure that they can continue to stay in their [Fantasy] monastery, for not being transferred by force to the [Fantasy] missionary of the missionaries [of a Fantasy] Jesus to Kuravilangad, reported the news agency ANI [(link (English)]. They also said that Bishop Franco Mulakkal is very powerful and can sabotage the case.

Just today, January 28, 2019, it became known [link (English)] that `the help organization Save Our Sisters (SOS - link), a non-governmental organization, also wrote a letter to Prime Minister Pinarayi Vijayan to protect the victim, who was repeatedly sexually assaulted by Bishop Franco Mulakkal and to have been raped, as well as to protect the witnesses.

The survivor of the rape and the other five nuns who supported her in the case of Bishop Franco Mulakkal face the imminent danger of being separated from the missionaries of [a Fantasy] Jesus and being sent away from Kerala, "wrote SOS in a letter to Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan.

The life of the nuns is in danger

"The nuns should be protected. Their life is threatened. They may not be killed, but they may be mentally tortured, they will be forced to commit suicide", KCRM spokesman Indulekha Joseph said.

See also: "Silence like the Mafia" - the tragic death of Luisa Bonello
(original German: „Schweigen wie bei der Mafia“ – der tragische Tod der Luisa Bonello - Link)
Recently, four other nuns who had supported the victim were asked to leave [the Fantasy] Kuravalingad Monastery.

It was not until mid-January 2019 that the Catholic [Fantasy] Church in Kerala had transferred four nuns from their [Fantasy] convent of missionaries [of a fantasy] Jesus in Kuravilangad, who had participated in protests against Bishop Franco Mulakkal. Later, they were asked to follow the order and leave the assembly premises.

Sister Anupama Kelamangalathuveliyil, one of the nuns who was asked to return to [Fantasy] Chamiyari Monastery in Punjab, called the order "an attempt to divide and destabilize them".

Bishop Mulakkal was charged with multiple rape of a nun

Only after she was repeatedly ignored by the [Fantasy] Church side, the nun had gone to the police:

"I struggled for support and first I did not receive any", said the now 44-year-old sister of the Missionaries [of a fantasy] Jesus from Kerala to the Indian news site "Scroll.in" with a view to the two-year period, meanwhile according to her, she was repeatedly sexually assaulted and raped by Bishop Franco Mulakkal of Jalandhar. She claims that Mulakkal sexually molested her 13 times between 2014 and 2016. And after writing to other [women] of her [Fantasy] religion community about the attacks in early 2017, she also wrote to Catholic leaders in the country, including Cardinal George Alencherry [Link (German)].

[The bishop allegedly wanted to pay a compensation]

In July 2018, Mulakkal was charged with multiple rape of a nun in 2014-2016. In 2018, files were published to prove that the bishop had unsuccessfully urged the return of the criminal complaint and offered a compensation for it.

A key witness in the case, Father Kuriakose Kattuthara, found dead in mysterious circumstances [seems an action of criminal Satanist Vatican lodge P2]

Apart from threats and intimidation, Father Kuriakose, who testified against Bishop Franco, was found dead under mysterious circumstances [link (English)]. One of the nuns who protested the rape-prone bishop was removed from office in the Syro-Malabar [Fantasy] church [link (English)].

Nuns from Kerala protesting against Bishop Franco - Due to the protest the trial against Bishop has been postponed

The following article from January 23, 2019 [link (English)] has been translated for you:

While Jesus' missionaries [of a Fantasy Jesus] banish four nuns who are supporting the victim, who accused Bishop Franco of rape, another nun was asked to give up her 'rebellious stance,' Indian Express reports [link (English)].

[The maneuvers against the nun Neena Rose]

Sister Neena Rose, who actively participated in the protest in Kochi calling for the arrest of Bishop Franco for rape allegations last September, was invited to appear before the Congregation ["Missionaries of (a fantasy) Jesus"].

Regina Kadamthodu, Superior of the Congregation, has asked Sister Rose to give a report to his headquarter in Jalandhar on Jan. 26, for justificating her case, that means, "she had given up the base of her religious life and instead hat made activities violating the rules of the congregation."

The letter further states [link (English)] that a non-appearance to Regina Kadamthodu on January 26 is considered an attempt to challenge the highest authorities [the Satanist Vatican]. The Superior's letter accused Sister Rose of not cooperating with her local convent and is reproaching her "rebellious action". Further on the text says that the nun's refusal to "yield" raises important questions about her obligation to fulfill the oath of obedience.

Meanwhile, Sister Rose said she is not sure if she wants to meet the Mother Superior. "They threatened to take further measures if I did not report in Jalandhar," she says. On January 16, four of the five nuns who had supported the nun who had survived the rape [link (English)] had been asked to leave the [Satanic] Kuravilangad Monastery and go to [satanic] monasteries to which they belonged previously allocated. The letter accused the nuns of 'false statements' and the dissemination of unfounded stories in order to 'foul the image of missionaries [of a fantasy] Jesus'. Sister Anupama, one of the four nuns who had received the news of the transfer [to other convents], condemned them [link (English)] and called them a scapegoat to break the solidarity of the nuns, [the authorities] want to save Bishop Franco, who is facing rape allegations by one of her colleagues.

[The chief witness is dead - the pastor Kuriakose is dead]

Apart from threats and intimidation - Father Kuriakose, who testified against Bishop Franco, was found dead under mysterious circumstances [link (English)]. One of the nuns who protested against the rape-prone bishop was removed from office in the Syro-Malabar [Fantasy] church [link (English)].

Bishop Franco Mulakkal [link (English)] of the Archdiocese of Jalandhar in Punjab was arrested on 21 September [2018] by police after the investigation committee finally found evidence linking him to the case of sexual assault [link (English)]. A nun from Kerala had accused a bishop of raping her. The accused, Franco Mulakkal, Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Jalandhar, allegedly raped her in May 2014 in a guest house in Kuravilangad and sexually exploited her on several other occasions

Se also: Sodom and Gomorrah in the largest corporation in the world: the [Fantasy] Church!
(original German: Sodom und Gomorrha im größten Konzern der Welt: die [Fantasie]-Kirche!)


Testimony of a nun: Abuse without end in the Satanist Vatican in the confessional:

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Cr. gay Satanist Vatican - Jan.29, 2019: A GERMAN (!) EX-NUN IS TELLING: Abuse without end in the criminal Satanist Vatican: In the confessional:
[Satanist] Vatican: Office director of the Congregation of the Faith withdraws after allegations of abuse
(original German: Vatikan: Büroleiter der Glaubenskongregation tritt nach Missbrauchsvorwürfen zurück)


<The German philosopher and theologian Doris Wagner had presented allegations of abuse and abuse during her eight years as a nun in the [Satanist] Vatican.

[Goes a Mr. Geissler because of serious, sexual harassment against a nun]

Because he allegedly harassed a German nun during the confession, a high-ranking representative of the [Satanist] Vatican has resigned. Austrian Father Mr. Hermann Geissler has submitted his resignation to the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Catholic [Fantasy] Church, the [Satanist] Vatican announced on Tuesday.

Geissler was one of three Guides of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which is responsible for issues of Catholic doctrine as well as for investigating sexual abuse by clergy. "Father Geissler made this decision to limit the harm already done to the Congregation of the Faith and its parish", the statement said. The clergyman rejected the allegations against him and indicates that civil action could be possible.

[The nun of yore is today a philosopher and a theologian - priests are raping nuns in the confessional]

The German philosopher and theologian Doris Wagner was a nun in the [Satanist] Vatican during 8 years, and she uttered reproaches because of sexual attacks and sexual abuse she had suffered there. She presented her allegations in a video in social online networks. Today she is 34 years old. The video states that she was raped by a priest in 2008 and she had reported this to the community leader in Rome.

Wagner went on telling that as a consequence one clergyman had harassed her who could chose her as a victim being her confessor. "He kept me there for hours, kneeling before him", said Wagner. The clergyman, who was evidently Mr. Geissler, had told her "that he loves me and that he knows that I love him and that even if we are not allowed to marry, there are other ways".

[Mrs.] Wagner also accused the priest of having once tried to hug her and kiss her. "I panicked and ran away," said the German woman. When she asked for another confessor, her supervisor said that she knew that the priest had a "weakness" for young women.

Wagner turned to the Congregation of the Faith in 2012 with her allegations against the two clergymen after giving up her life as a nun. According to her statement, the cleric who raped her and worked in the secretariat of the [Satanist] Vatican was transferred. But he continues to work as a priest in a parish that has many young nuns as members. Geissler was warned in 2014 under a disciplinary procedure.

Abuse scandals are diminishing credibility of the Catholic [Fantasy] Church in Europe, the "US", in Chile and in Australia severely in recent years, plunging it into one of the biggest crises in its history. At the end of February, a [Satanist] Vatican conference on child abuse will take place, in which participants personally meet victims of sexual violence. (afp)>


Texas: 286 accused priests:


Kronenzeitung online, Logo

Texas ("USA") - Feb.2, 2019: Criminal Catholic Fantasy Church abusing children - there are 286 priests in the dock:
More and more accused: abuse allegations against 286 priests in Texas
(original German: Immer mehr beschuldigt: Missbrauchsvorwürfe gegen 286 Priester in Texas)


<The abuse scandal in the Catholic [Fantasy] Church [link (German)] continues to expand. Hundreds of Catholic priests are now being charged with sexual assault on children in the "US" state of Texas. The alleged acts date back to the 1940s. The Archbishop of Houston, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, said in a statement of "a serious crisis of the [Fantasy] Church".

The New York Times reported on Friday that 286 priests from 14 [Fantasy] dioceses in Texas were credibly accused. Some of the alleged criminals have already died, most have not been active in the priesthood for years.

Abuse scandal is widening
The news from Texas is another case in what appears to be a huge abuse scandal within the catholic [Fantasy] Church of the "USA". The revelations had started with a law enforcement report in Pennsylvania. Since then, numerous other "US" states have initiated investigations.

The abuse scandal shakes the Catholic [Fantasy] Church in several countries around the world. During World Youth Day in Panama, the [Satanist] pope had not made it a central topic, but had hinted at it several times. For the 21st to 24th of February, [Satanist] Francis convened the heads of episcopal conferences from all over the world to the [Satanist] Vatican. The purpose of the meeting was to raise awareness of the "drama," said [Satanist] Francis


"USA"   20
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Texas ("USA") 2.2.2019: "US" State of Texas: 286 Priests accused of pedophilia
(original German: US-Staat Texas: 286 Priester der Pädophilie beschuldigt)


<The Catholic [fantasy] church in Texas is experiencing a scandal. As many as 286 priests are accused of sexual assault on children.

In Texas, hundreds of Catholic priests are being charged with sexual assault on children. The alleged acts date back to the 1940s. The Archbishop of Houston, [Satanist] Cardinal Daniel DiNardo said in a statement of «a serious crisis of the [Fantasy] Church».

"This wound has been torn into our [Fantasy] Church and we need to heal it," said the archbishop, who is also chair of the "US" Bishops' Conference. The New York Times reported Friday that 286 priests from 14 [Fantasy] dioceses in Texas were credibly accused. Some of the alleged criminals have already died, most have not been active in the priesthood for years.

Numerous states have initiated investigations

The news from Texas is another case in what appears to be a huge abuse scandal within the US Catholic [Fantasy] Church. The revelations had started with a law enforcement report in Pennsylvania. Since then, many other states have initiated investigations.

The abuse scandal shakes the Catholic [Fantasy] church in several countries around the world. During World Youth Day in Panama, the [Satanist] pope had not made it a central topic, but had hinted at it several times.

Convening a conference

For the 21st to 24th of February, [Satanist Pope] Francis convened the heads of episcopal conferences from all over the world in the [Satanist] Vatican. The purpose of the meeting was first of all to raise awareness of the "drama," [Satanist Pope] Francis said.



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Vatican Emirates 3.2.2019: The leaders of the two criminal-pedophile sects Fantasy Church + Fantasy Islam meet: Satanist Pope goes to the Upper Muslim ("Grossimam") in the Emirates:
Historical visit: [Satanist] Pope arrived in Abu Dhabi - [Satanist] Francis wants to expand dialogue with Muslims
(original German: Historischer Besuch: Papst in Abu Dhabi eingetroffen – Franziskus will Dialog mit Muslimen ausbauen)

When two pedophile-criminal bosses meet: Satanist Pope + Grand-Imam:

<[Satanist] Pope Francis arrived yesterday in the United Arab Emirates. Before leaving, the head of the Catholic [Fantasy] Church reaffirmed his desire to develop dialogue with Muslims.

[Satanist] Pope Francis arrived on Sunday for a historic visit to the United Arab Emirates. Before leaving, the head of the Catholic [Fantasy] Church reaffirmed his desire to develop dialogue with Muslims. At the same time, he made an urgent appeal to the warring parties in Yemen to support the peace efforts. The Emirates are part of the military alliance led by Saudi Arabia against the Shiite rebels in Yemen.

Warm welcome in Abu Dhabi

After the landing in Abu Dhabi in the evening, the [Satanist] pope was greeted by Crown Prince Sheikh Mohamed bin Sajed al-Nahjan. Also, the Grand Imam of the respected Al-Ashar Mosque in Cairo, Ahmed al-Tajeb, was present and embraced the [Satanist] Pope. [Satanist] Francis is the first Catholic [Fantasy] church leader to visit the Arabian Peninsula and thus the cradle of [Fantasy] Islam.

Interfaith meeting between representatives of [Fantasy] Islam, [Fantasy] Christianity and [Fantasy] Judaism

The highlight of his visit lasting until Tuesday is his participation in an interfaith meeting in Abu Dhabi. It is attended by some 700 religious representatives on Monday, including Muslim dignitaries, patriarchs of Eastern Catholic [Fantasy] churches and rabbis from several Western countries.

Behind the event is the [Fantasy] Islamic Council of Elders, an association based in the Emirates, which works for a tolerant [Fantasy] Islam. The dialogue with [Fantasy] Islam is one of the priorities of [Satanist] Francis's pontificate.

Human rights organizations: [Satanist] pope is to talk about the humanitarian crisis in Yemen

International human rights organizations are hopeful that the [Satanist] pope in Abu Dhabi will also address sensitive issues: after Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch called on 82-year-old [Satanist] Pontifex Maximus on Sunday morning to address human rights abuses in the Yemen war.

Shortly before his departure, [Satanist] Francis expressed concern about the humanitarian crisis in the war-torn country. "The population is exhausted by the long conflict and many children are starving, but access to grocery stores is not possible. The cry of these children and their parents rises to [the Fantasy] God, "he said in Rome. He appealed to the warring parties to urgently "promote adherence to the agreements reached."

Since 2015, troops of President Abd Rabbo Mansur Hadi have been fighting in Yemen with support from the Arab military alliance against Shiite rebels. More than 10,000 people have already been killed, including thousands of civilians.

Rebels and the government had agreed in December in Sweden under UN mediation, a ceasefire for the port city of Hodeida, through which much of the aid for the starving population comes into the country. Since then, however, diplomatic efforts have been largely stagnant.

[The superstition of a fantasy "Jesus" is also common in the Emirates] - Tickets for the [Satanist] Pope's Mass

In the meantime, hours before the arrival of the [Satanist] pope in the United Arab Emirates on late Sunday evening (19.00 CET), queues of believers in front of the St. Joseph's Cathedral in Abu Dhabi were forming for getting tickets for the [Satanist's Mass] of Pope on Tuesday. More than 130,000 people are expected in a sports stadium for this major event.

The Emirates are considered comparatively liberal. Unlike other Arab states such as Saudi Arabia, Christian [fantasy] churches are tolerated, but public Masses are frowned upon. That the [Satanist] pope may celebrate the worship in the sports stadium, is considered an exception.

Abu Dhabi has about one million [Fantasy] Catholics, or around ten percent of the population. Most of them are guest workers from Asia. (afp)>


Catholic Satanist Gay Church - is giving a kiss to the pedophile Muslims - two fantasies are kissing!

Vatikan Fahne   Emirate Fahne

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Abu Dhabi 4-2-2019: Tratado de paz entre Islam de fantasía y Cristianismo de fantasía - entre Imán Tayyeb y el Papa gay Francisco - con un beso de labios:
Papa Francisco y el Gran Imán de Al-Azhar sellan pacto por la fraternidad con histórico beso

Abu Dabi - Feb.4, 2019: Peace treaty between Fantasy Islam + Fantasy Christianity - between Upper Muslim Tajeb and the Satanist gay Pope Francis - with a kiss on the lips:
Pope Francis and the Upper Imam Al-Azhar sign fraternity agreement with a historic kiss


<Líder del catolicismo [de fantasía] y el islamismo [de fantasía] firman tratado de paz

Un encuentro sin precedentes se dio en Abu Dhabi, capital de los Emiratos Árabes Unidos. El Papa Francisco [satanista] y la máxima autoridad del islamismo [de fantasía] el Gran Imán de la Universidad de Al-Azhar, Ahmed al Tayyeb, se reunieron este lunes para firmar un pacto de paz.

Ambos líderes se vieron las caras para promover la fraternidad entre ambas religiones [de fantasía] en la conferencia de ‘Fraternidad Humana’ en la que 700 representantes de diversas religiones asistieron al evento  en el marco del ‘Año de la Tolerancia’.

“Declaramos resueltamente que las religiones [de fantasía y reales] nunca deben incitar a la guerra, las actitudes odiosas, la hostilidad y el extremismo, ni deben incitar a la violencia o al derramamiento de sangre. Estas realidades trágicas son la consecuencia de una desviación de las enseñanzas religiosas”, estuvieron de acuerdo los líderes de ambas religiones [de fantasía] firmando el acuerdo global firmó un acuerdo global de paz, fraternidad y mutuo respeto.

El acuerdo quedó sellado con un beso simbólico que promete mucho y desafía mucho a las religiones [de fantasía] que tuvieron conflictos a lo largo de su historia.>

<Leaders of [Fantasy] Catholicism and [Fantasy] Islamism sign peace treaty

An unprecedented meeting took place in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. [Satanist] Pope Francis and the supreme authority of [Fantasy] Islam, the Grand Imam of the University of Al-Azhar, Ahmed al-Tayyeb, met on Monday to sign a peace treaty.

Both politicians met to promote brotherhood between the two [Fantasy] religions in the Human Fraternity conference, attended by 700 representatives of various religions as part of the Year of Tolerance.

"We firmly declare that [Fantasy and non fantasy] religions must never cause war, hateful behavior, hostility and extremism, nor violence or bloodshed - these tragic realities are the result of a deviation of religious teachings," the leaders of both [fantasy] religions agreed and signed global agreement that signs a global agreement on peace, brotherhood and mutual respect.

The agreement was sealed with a symbolic kiss that promises much and challenges the [Fantasy] religions that have had conflicts throughout their history.>


Raped nuns: the Satanist Pope is trivializing this fact:

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Satanist Vatican - Feb.5, 2019: Criminal Pope trivializes the rape of nuns by criminal bishops in the perverted Catholic Fantasy Church:
"This still happens": [Satanist] Pope admits abuse of nuns in church
(original German: „Passiert noch immer“: Papst räumt Missbrauch von Nonnen in Kirche ein)

Women's weekly journal at Satanist Vatican: Women's Church World (6.2.2019)

The article:

<[Satanist] Pope Francis has accepted that sexual abuse of nuns exists in the Catholic [Fantasy] Church. "It's true, it's a problem," he said on the return flight from Abu Dhabi to Rome on Tuesday. "I know that priests and bishops have done that. And I think it's still going on", he said when asked what the [Satanist] Vatican was doing against the sexual abuse of nuns.

It affects some cultures or religious communities more than others. "It's not a thing everyone does." So far, [Satanist pope] Francis had not commented on the subject.

[Satanist] pope wants to fight against problem

The [Satanist] Vatican has been working on the problem for a long time, according to the [Satanist] pope. Some women's faith communities had been dissolved, some clerics were "suspended" and "sent away". He added: "Does one have to do more (against the problem)? Yes. Do we want to do more? Yes."

Women "treated like slaves"
He referred to a case of a past society in which women had been "treated like slaves". It had gone to the "sexual slavery" by clerics and the founder of the community, so Francis. The then [Satanist] Pope Benedict had been "very brave" and had dissolved this community after strong resistance immediately after taking office. To which community he referred, the [Satanist] pope did not say at the press conference on the plane.

Cultural problem
The mistreatment of women is a general problem. "The woman is second class," said Francis. "It's a cultural problem. (...) There are countries where the mistreatment of women goes on until the murder of a woman."

[Child Abuse AND NOW also Nun Abuse]

The Catholic [Fantasy] Church has been shaken by abuse affairs for years, plunging it into a deep crisis [link (German)]. So far, attacks on children and adolescents have become known.>


Raped nuns: The Satanist Pope is giving a statement:

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Feb.6, 2019: Satanist Pope admits: abused nuns - example "Johannes community" in France - it smells of more:
Pope accuses French religious community of "enslavement of women"
(original German: Papst wirft französischer Ordensgemeinschaft „Versklavung von Frauen“ vor)

General Prior of the Fantasy Community "Saint-Jean" is Thomas Joachim - this Fantasy community founded in 1975 in Fribourg (CH) by Dominican Marie-Dominique Philippe. At the same time, the cr.ped.gay Dominican priest Joël Allaz was at work in Fribourg (link). One can assume that both knew each other.

The article:

<[Satanist Pope] Francis said in a conversation with journalists that abuse had occurred in a women's congregation. This had reached "up to sexual enslavement by priests and by the founders".

This is the first time that [Satanist] Pope Francis was admitting that sexual abuse of nuns in the Catholic [Fantasy] Church exists - and according to indications of his speaker he was alluding to the French [Fantasy] Community Saint John (French: Saint-Jean). The responsibles there had admitted years ago violations "against chastity", and was also in criticism because of pedophilia.

What reproaches does the [Satanist] Pope make?

[Example "Saint John's Fantasy Community"]

[The Satanist Pope] Francis said in a conversation with journalists that there had been abuse in a women's congregation. This had reached "up to the sexual enslavement by priests and by the founder". According to his spokesman, the [Satanist] pope referred to the French [Fantasy] Congregation of the Contemplative Sisters of St. John, a sub-group of the [Fantasy] Saint John's Community.

What is known about the case?

The [Fantasy] Saint John's Community (French: Saint-Jean), which belongs to the [fantasy] diocese of Autun in France, had already admitted in May 2013 that its deceased founder Marie-Dominique Philippe had infringed "chastity". These actions were committed with "adult women whom he accompanied". A "sexual union," that is, sexual intercourse, was not realized, said the General Prior of the community, Mr. Thomas Joachim. He made no mention of the victims and the number of victims.

[Fantasy order with 60 monasteries with Bible fantasy on 5 continents]

Who was Marie-Dominique Philippe?

The Dominican from Northern France, born in 1912, founded the [Fantasy] community of Saint John in 1975 as a contemplative [Fantasy] order in the town of Fribourg, Switzerland, where he taught philosophy at the university. The [fantasy] community with at times up to a thousand members - both women and men - initially gained influence in Switzerland and France. Later, they counted around 60 [Fantasy] convents on five continents.

The charismatic Father Philippe was revered throughout his life and followers called for his beatification after his death in 2006.

What kind of criticism was there on the founder of the order?

[Isolation of young members from their homes created sectarian relationships - depressions + suicides - commission against abuse]

Since the 1990s, the French sectarian organization UNADFI has been criticizing "a true cult of personality" around Father Philippe and sect-like structures in his [fantasy] covenant. Young people were made to "isolate themselves almost completely from their family and their old friends," it said. There are reports of "severe depression and even suicide, health problems and moral crimes".

What were the consequences?

Father Philippe himself was never prosecuted. In contrast, three monks were sentenced in France from 2012 to 2016 for pedophilia. The [Fantasy] Community therefore asked the victims of the previous Convention members for "apology."

In 2016, the French online newspaper "Médiapart" published an internal letter from the [Satanist] Vatican accusing the [fantasy] order community of "suspected leniency" in dealing with the scandals.

What is the community doing today against abuse?

In the spring of 2017, the community said it had established internal structures in line with the [Satanist] Vatican to "improve the treatment of pedophilia and sexual abuse". They mentioned a close cooperation with the judiciary and the creation of a commission to hear complaints. (afp)>

Comment: 1000s of raped nuns in the world
It smells like more: in the Catholic Fantasy Church, bishops, priests and cardinals are seemingly systematically raping nuns around the world. It "smells" of millions of raped nuns around the world.
Michael Palomino, 6.2.2019

Comment: Marie-Dominique Philippe and Joël Allaz - BOTH from Fribourg (CH)
It seems strange that the horny priest Dominican Marie-Dominique Philippe and the cr.ped.gay priest Dominican Joël Allaz (link) have the same origin at the SAME time in the 1970s: the town of Fribourg (CH).
Michael Palomino, 26.4.2019


Raped nuns: Now the priests also are detected for rape of nuns:

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Satanist Vatican - Feb.6, 2019: Systematic rape and enslavement of nuns in the Satanist Vatican - there was even a "nun community" - and worldwide crimes against children by clerics - forced abortion and non-recognition of children by priests:
[Satanist] Pope: Nuns were abused by priests and sexually enslaved
(original German: Papst: Nonnen wurden von Priestern missbraucht und sexuell versklavt)


<[The Satanist] Pope stated: But now everything is under control again in the ranks of the Catholic [Fantasy] church. Work is being done on the clarification of the cases in which priests have abused nuns sexually. This month there will be a bishops' conference on sexual crimes against children by the Catholic [Fantasy] Church.

[Satanist] Pope Francis [link (English)] told a journalist after a question about an article about sexual attacks against nuns: "I cannot say that this had not happened in my house (in the [Fantasy] Church), that it's not true. Do we have to do more? Yes. Do we want this? Yes." In the Women's Magazine of [Satanist] Vatican "Women's Church World" there is report about this topic. Without explaining further detail the [Satanist] pope was continuing speaking:
We worked a long time [investigating the cases]. Therefore we suspended some priests. [But no prison penalties].
When asked if he was planning an Episcopal Conference, similar to this month's upcoming one, on clerical sexual crimes against children, he said, "We're working on it."

He praised his predecessor [Satanist] Pope Benedict for dissolving a [Fantasy] nunship "because slavery had become part of it - even sexual slavery on the part of priests or founders" [a subgroup of the parish of Saint John in France]. A press director of the [Satanist] Vatican confirmed that the [Satanist] pope referred to the Order of Saint-Jean in France, which was dissolved in the first year of Benedict as a [Satanist] pope after further investigations had been blocked in 2005.

What the Catholic [Fantasy] Church will do about the cases of abuse is not known. Instead, the [Satanist] pope said that the [Fantasy] Church, already hit hard by an international child abuse scandal involving thousands of priests, "should not be scandalized by this."

Lucetta Scaraffia, author of the article in Women's Church World, wrote:
When the [Fantasy] Church continues to close its eyes to the scandal - which gets worse, if the abuse of women leads to reproduction, and thus caused forced abortions and children who are not recognized by priests - the state of repression against women will never change in this [Fantasy] Church.
With her contribution Scaraffia wants to encourage nuns to report abuse. To illustrate how much this is anchored in the [Fantasia] Church, she quoted the words of the [Satanist] pope. The [Satanist] pope himself had compared abortions with contract killing.

[Me-Too movement brings raped nuns to light]

Public awareness of the sexual abuse of nuns by priests was an unexpected consequence of the Me-Too movement. It could not have come at a worse time for the [Fantasy] Church, as it is already involved in a massive scandal surrounding child sexual abuse, involving thousands of priests and more victims. The [Satanist] pope called on the guilty to stand up and "prepare for divine justice." At a Bishops' Conference later this month, the [Fantasy] Church will deal with it.>

Link: Sexual Abuse by Catholic [Fantasy] Church in Germany: More than 3,700 children affected
(original German: Sexueller Missbrauch durch katholische [Fantasie]-Kirche in Deutschland: Über 3.700 Kinder betroffen)


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Bavaria - Feb.6, 2019: priest wanted to kiss boy on the mouth:
Molested in youth times: Schönborn: "He wanted to kiss my mouth"
(original German: In der Jugend bedrängt: Schönborn: „Er wollte mich auf den Mund küssen“)

Cardinals are usually wealthy satanists and usually have a private plane to organize children for satanic meetings, see the testimony of Toos Nijenhuis about Cardinal Alfrink (link).

Translation of the article:

<German Cardinal Mr. Christoph Schönborn has given an indication to the debate about child abuse. In Bavarian Radio (Bayrischer Rundfunk) he gave personal details - reporting openly being also a victims of sexual abuse in the [Fantasy] Church.

In the Show "DokThema" he was speaking very openly in an interview with this German TV channel. Already before he spoke about this in "Kathpress" that this was a very honest and sensitive talk. Schönborn reported that a pastor was a victim of a sexual assault - "by a priest that I estimated a lot". Schönborn reported the case like this: "He wanted to kiss my mouth. He did not try it actively, but he spoke about it."

"It did not shock me totally, but it confused me", declared Schönborn and stressed also the historic connection: "Please, this was in the 1950s".

Schönborn: System favors abuse
In the broadcast, he also explains that there are structures and systems that favor abuse: "The priest is sacred, untouchable, he is Lord Pastor. Of course, when this priestly image prevails, authoritarianism is the constant danger. The pastor determines everything. There is a danger that the pastor may afford more than the others."

The entire abuse debate will put the question of the woman in the [Fantasy] church in a new light. He himself had experienced in the past that clergymen were of the opinion that "sisters have to serve". But he was hopeful that a "healing process" would truly renew the [Fantasy] Church.>

Comment: There was certainly more abuse with this cardinal - and he certainly abused children as well
The news seems to be a complete understatement. It can be assumed that this Cardinal Schönborn was abused as a child much more, was also raped, for becoming a cardinal at the end. And as a cardinal, it is usually the case that they are Satanists, they have a private airplane, and they organize children for child abuse in Satanic festivals, see the testimony of the victim Toos Nijenhuis from Holland. Cardinals at satanic festivals meet with high princes and kings and also kill children there (Link with Cardinal Alfrink) (Link with Cardinal Ratzinger (later Pope Benedict XVI)).
Michael Palomino, April 26, 2019


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Criminal Satanist Vatican: books of Avro Manhattan

It seems that the books of Avro Manhattan should be read for knowing about criminal Satanist Vatican and his world wide maneuvers and extortions:

The following is a list of Avro Manhattan's most notable works, ordered chronologically:
— The Rumbling of the Apocalypse (1934)
— Towards the New Italy (Preface by H.G. Wells) (1943)
— Latin America and the Vatican (1946)
— The Catholic Church Against the Twentieth Century (1947; 2nd edition 1950)
— The Vatican in Asia (1948)
— Religion in Russia (1949)
— Vatican in World Politics (1949)
— Catholic Imperialism and World Freedom (1952; 2nd edition 1959)
— Terror Over Yugoslavia, the Threat to Europe (1953)
— The Dollar and the Vatican (1956)
— Vatican Imperialism in the Twentieth Century (1965)
— The Vatican-Moscow-Washington Alliance (1982)
— The Vatican Billions (1983)
— Catholic Terror in Ireland (1988)
— Vietnam... Why Did We Go? The Shocking Story of the Catholic "Church's" Role in Starting the Vietnam War (1984)
— Murder in the Vatican, American Russian and Papal Plots (1985)
— The Vatican’s Holocaust (1986)
— The Dollar and the Vatican (1988)


A criminal pedophile priest commits suicide - this time in Chile:

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Puerto Montt (Chile) 9-2-2019: Sacerdote pedófilo criminal José Francisco Núñez Calisto cometió suicidio con cortes en los antebrazos - esconde todo lo que sabe, un cobarde no más:
Encuentran muerto a sacerdote chileno acusado de abuso sexual a niños
Puerto Montt (Chile) - Feb.9, 2019: Pedophile-criminal priest José Francisco Núñez Calisto commits suicide by cutting his forearms - and takes everything he knows to the grave, such a coward:
Chilean bishop found dead, accused of child abuse

<El cura era investigado por graves denuncias en su contra

José Francisco Núñez Calisto, uno de los sacerdotes que era investigado por presuntos abusos sexuales a menores de edad, fue hallado muerto el último viernes en la ciudad de Puerto Montt, en Chile.

De acuerdo a las autoridades chilenas, una cuñada del cura y un grupo de amigos acudieron a su domicilio para visitarlo ya que no sabían nada de él y no contestaba las llamadas.

Al llegar, la cuñada encontró el cadáver de José Francisco Núñez Calisto.

La Policía confirmó que no sospechan de un asesinato. Núñez Calisto habría muerto desangrado.

"No hay indicios atribuibles a terceros y la persona presenta lesiones cortantes en sus antebrazos, realizadas con arma blanca", informó el comisario Franco Cárdenas, de la Policía de Investigaciones (PDI), a la prensa chilena.

En tanto, el arzobispado [de fantasía] de Puerto Montt lamentó la muerte del sacerdote a través de un comunicado.

"(El Arzobispazo de Puerto Montt) lamenta profundamente el deceso del sacerdote José Francisco Núñez Calisto, y se une al dolor de su familia ante tan irreparable pérdida. Oramos al Señor Jesucristo por el P. Francisco y pedimos que el buen Dios lo acoja en las moradas eternas [de fantasía]", señalaron.

En julio de 2018, José Francisco Núñez Calisto fue denunciado por presuntos abusos sexuales a menores. Tras la grave acusación, el cura envió una carta al papa Francisco solicitando dejar el sacerdocio. Además, hizo su descargo ante la investigación en su contra.>


<Against the priest was investigated because he was reported with heavy reproaches.

José Francisco Núñez Calisto, one of the priests arrested for alleged sexual abuse of minors, was found dead last Friday in the city of Puerto Montt, Chile.

According to the Chilean authorities, a priest's sister-in-law and a group of friends went to his home because of lacking information about him and he did not answer the phone calls.

On arrival, the sister-in-law found the dead body of José Francisco Núñez Calisto.

Police confirmed that there is no suspicion of murder. Nunez Calisto was bleeding to death.

"There is no evidence of third-party action, but the person has been severely injured with a knife on his forearms," ​​said Commissioner Franco Cárdenas of the Criminal Police (Policía de Investigaciones - PDI) of the Chilean press.

Meanwhile, the [Fantasy] archdiocese of Puerto Montt lamented in a statement the death of the priest.

"(The Archbishop of Puerto Montt) deeply regrets the death of the priest José Francisco Núñez Calisto and joins the pain of his family in the face of such irreparable loss. We ask the [Fantasy] Jesus Christ through the [Satanist] Father Francisco and ask him to welcome him to the eternal [Fantasy] homes, "they said.

In July 2018, José Francisco Núñez Calisto had been reported for alleged sexual abuse of minors. After the heavy charge, the priest sent a letter to [Satanist] Pope Francis asking to leave the priesthood. In addition, he prepared his defense against the investigation.>


The Catholic Church is a test case for being closed!

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Cr.ped. Fantasy Church in Mexico - Feb.11, 2019: ALSO IN MEXICO: 152 criminal-pedophile priests suspended:
Number of victims unknown: Mexico: 152 priests suspended for abuse
(original German: Opferzahlen unbekannt: Mexiko: 152 Priester wegen Missbrauchs suspendiert)


<Over the past nine years in Mexico, according to the [Fantasy] Episcopal Conference, a total of 152 Catholic clergymen have been suspended from their offices for sexual abuse of children or adolescents, Kathpress reported. Numbers to the victims do not exist so far, said the chairman of the Mexican bishop conference, archbishop Rogelio Cabrera Lopez.

Some of the priests are in prison for the severity of the crimes, said Cabrera Lopez, according to the newspaper La Jornada on Sunday [Feb.10, 2019]. The numbers were released by the Mexican [Fantasy] Church as part of their preparations for the Abuse Summit in the [Satanist] Vatican, which will take place from 21 to 24 February.
[Better would be to eliminate the fantasy religions Christianity, Islam and Jewry completely]
Up to now only the individual bishops have had numbers of abuse victims by clergy. However, in Mexico, efforts are being made to draw up statewide statistics and to create a central ecclesiastical office for abuse, said the president of the Episcopal Conference. With around 110 million faithful [officially], Mexico is the second largest Catholic country in the world.>

Comment: Faked member figures of criminal Catholic Church
Criminal Satanist Catholic Church is faking member figures upwards so the income by church tax will not be reduced, and that's why they don't want to confess that millions are leaving every year this criminal organization called Catholic Church - this is the way Catholic Church = ORGANIZED CRIME. There is NO CONTROL and they play "God" betraying ALL THE WORLD.
Michael Palomino, April 26, 2019


Iglesia católica satanista de fantasía con abuso infantil - caso en México:

Mexiko Fahne   atzcuaro noticias Mexico Logo

Mexico - Feb.11, 2019: In 9 years, 152 priests have been suspended for sexual abuse with children - some are in jail, others can not be priests anymore - the nuns still do not speak:
In Mexico, at least 152 priests are suspended for pedophilia
(original Spanish: Hay al menos 152 sacerdotes suspendidos por pederastia en México)


<The Catholic [Fantasy] Church in Mexico has identified at least 152 priests as criminals who have been suspended from their priesthood over the last nine years for pedophilia in the [Fantasy] Church

The President of the Mexican [Fantasy] Episcopal Conference (CEM) - Mr Rogelio Cabrera López is preparing for the anti-child abuse conference to be held at the [Satanist] Vatican. He told the media: "Some criminal priests are in jail, others are suspended from the priesthood." In the past 9 years, 152 priests have been removed from the priesthood, some have been jailed for the severity of their guilt, some have already served their sentence, others are still there. "

When asked about the victims, he said that he had no information, but it was at least 150, as this is the number of priests who have committed abuses. He said it was a mission of the Catholic [Fantasy] Church of Mexico and "there is a message that we can all receive to set up a general information center in each country, which is what happens in every diocese."

These data, he added, "are about things that go to the [satanic] Nunciature and that serve as a bridge to bring the cases to Rome in the Secretariat, in the Congregation for the Clergy, and in the Congregation for the Congregation [Fantasy] apprenticeship, where the sanctions are pronounced over the definitive suspension of the ministry. "

Cabrera is Archbishop in Monterrey, one of his duties. "You have to keep the statistics straight, and there is not even an information center in Mexico, because every bishop himself is confronted with these problems, and I hope that there will be a count very soon, so that society knows that, too our duty to say how things are. "

[Justice will intervene]

He added that they hope that after the measures that are more demanding or called zero tolerance, the [Fantasy] Church will reduce the number of crimes and that the bishops will get people to put these situations in order. The law dictates this. If we receive a message of this kind, we must inform the prosecutor immediately, and then the judicial ways are determined. "

Archbishop Rogelio Cabrera Lopez said he has no reports of sexual abuse against nuns in the country.>


Catholic Satanist Fantasy Church with child abuse - also in East Timor:

Ost-Timor Fahne

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Timor occidental 11-02-2019: "Misionero" con actividades sexuales con niños - el Sr. Richard Daschbach de los "EUA":
Acusan a misionero estadounidense de pederastia en Timor Oriental
East Timor - Feb.11, 2019: "Missionary" with sexual acts with children - Mr. Priest Richard Daschbach from the "USA":
Allegations against the "US" missionary for pederasty in East Timor

<Creó refugios que atendían a huérfanos y niños y jóvenes de 3 a 18 años de familias empobrecidas, personas discapacitadas y mujeres que huyeron de la violencia doméstica.

Un misionero estadounidense considerado héroe en Timor Oriental por fundar refugios para niños que han operado durante más de dos décadas fue expulsado de su congregación católica por abusar sexualmente de menores, dijo el lunes un funcionario de la iglesia y un familiar suyo.

Los reportes de prensa sobre las acusaciones han impactado a los timorenses orientales. El obispo de Dili, Virgílio do Carmo da Silva, dijo a los reporteros el domingo que Richard Daschbach fue expulsado de la iglesia el año pasado y ya no es sacerdote.

[Fundación de hogares infantiles - salvado niños durante la guerra de Timor occidental]

Daschbach nació en Pennsylvania y llegó a Timor Oriental en 1966 cuando era una colonia portuguesa. Fundó los hogares infantiles Topu Honis o "Guía de la Vida" en Oe-Kusi Ambeno, un enclave en la mitad occidental de Timor controlada por Indonesia, en 1992, y también fue elogiado por salvar a niños durante la guerra de Timor Oriental para independizarse de Indonesia.

Un familiar en Estados Unidos que solicitó el anonimato debido a la sensibilidad del tema dijo que Daschbach dejó Oe-Kusi Ambeno pero luego regresó. Medios de comunicación en Timor Oriental informaron que ha estado realizando misas en el área.

[Acusaciones deberían ser verdad]

"Admitió que las acusaciones en su contra son ciertas", dijo el familiar a The Associated Press. "Los sacerdotes se lo llevaron por acusaciones de abuso infantil. Él admitió que era cierto. Ha regresado en contra de su voluntad".

[No hay juicio]

La oficina de los defensores públicos en Oe-Kusi Ambeno dijo que estaba al tanto del escándalo, pero no se registró ningún caso criminal en contra de Daschbach, quien no ha respondido a las solicitudes de comentarios.

Los dos refugios atendían a huérfanos y niños y jóvenes de 3 a 18 años de familias empobrecidas, personas discapacitadas y mujeres que huyeron de la violencia doméstica. Algunos de los cientos de niños que vivieron en los refugios siguieron estudiando en universidades de Australia, Estados Unidos e Indonesia.

El Servicio Católico de Noticias, citando a Jovito Rego de Jesus Araujo, vicario episcopal para el cuidado pastoral en Dili, dijo que era la primera vez sale a la luz la denuncia de abuso sexual de menores por parte de un sacerdote católico en Timor Oriental.>


<He was arranging accommodation for orphans, children and adolescents from 3 to 18 years of age, poor families, disabled people and women who had left home for domestic violence.

There was a "US" American missionary who had a reputation in East Timor for being a hero of high reputation for over 20 years, with foundations of shelters for children, and then sexual abuse of children came to light. He was expelled from the Catholic community, according to news from a [Fantasy] Church official and a relative on Monday.

That went through the whole press in East Timor and has consequences. Bishop Virgílio do Carmo da Silva from the location of Dili told reporters Saturday that Richard Daschbach had been expelled from the [Fantasy] Church last year and was no longer a priest.

[Children's homes founded - children rescued in the East Timor War]

Daschbach was born in Pennsylvania and came in 1966 to East Timor when it was a Portuguese colony yet. In Oe-Kusi Ambeno, an enclave in the Indonesian-controlled western half of Timor, he founded in 1992 the children's home Topu Honis or "Guide of Life". He was also praised for saving children during the East Timor War to become independent from Indonesia.

A relative in the United States, who asked for anonymity because of the sensitivity of the problem, said Daschbach had left Oe-Kusi left Ambeno, but then returned. Media in East Timor reported that they had held Masses in the region.

[Allegations are said to be true]

"He admitted that the allegations against him are true," the family member told The Associated Press. "The priests accused him of child abuse and admitted that it was true that he returned against his will."

[There will be no lawsuit]

Oe-Kusi's public defender Ambeno said the scandal was known, but there was no criminal case against Daschbach who did not respond to applications to speak.

In the two homes were cared orphans and children and adolescents aged 3 to 18 from impoverished families, the disabled and women who had fled domestic violence. Some of the hundreds of children living in the shelters continue to study at universities in Australia, the USA and Indonesia.

Catholic News Service appealed to Jovito Rego de Jesus Araujo who is Bishop Vicar for Pastoral Care in the location of Dili, saying that it was the first time that sexual abuse of minors in East Timor had been reported by a Catholic priest.>


Movie by Mr. François Ozon on child abuse by priest Bernard Preynat in Lyon - and Cardinal Philippe Barbarin concealed the complaints:

Frankreich Fahne  Schweinzer (schweizer) Fernsehen online, Logo

Lyon (F) - Feb.13, 2019: Systematic child abuse in Scout group by Priest Preynat - and Cardinal Barbarin covered up the complaints - everything is supposed to be barred - movie "Grâce à Dieu" ("Thanks to the Fantasy God"):
A demoralizing fight against the [fantasy] church
(original German: Ein zermürbender Kampf gegen die [Fantasie]-Kirche)


<Brigitte Häring

Frenchman François Ozon presents a recent abuse scandal in the Catholic [Fantasy] Church with a movie.

[The movie] "Thanks to [a Fantasy] God" (French: "Grâce à Dieu [de fantaisie]") is a feature film, but there is little fiction about it. It tells the real case of Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, Archbishop of Lyon. In early January, he was in court in Lyon. He is accused of having concealed cases of sexual abuse.

Now François Ozon has shown a fictionalization of the case at the [Berlin film festival] Berlinale. The characters of the [Fantasy] Church are presented with their real names in the film, the victims are presented at least with their real forenames.

An e-mail with ignition remains without consequences

[Stage director] Mr. Ozon shows 3 cases fighting: as youths they were all in the scouts group with a priest Mr. Bernard Preynat and all were abused.

The film begins with an e-mail to the [Fantasy] Diocese of Lyon. A father with 5 children and devout Catholic reports in neutral words a horror: as minor in the late 1980s he was sexually abused by priest Bernard Preynat.

One would suppose such an e-mail would have the effect like a bomb. In the media, the abuse scandals of the Catholic [Fantasy] Church worldwide are constantly causing waves.

A lengthy fight

Ozone's film shows how difficult it really is for abuse victims to be heard. And how long it takes for an outcry to come.

Ozone's drama is not a breathless research such as "Spotlight," [link (German)] the Oscar-winning Hollywood movie that also tells of exposing an abuse scandal in the [Fantasy] Church [in Boston].

On the contrary, [the movie] "Thanks to a [Fantasy] God" ("Grâce à Dieu [de fantaisie]") shows how repetitive and tiring the struggle of abuse victims is. E-mail follows on e-mail, conversation on conversation - but nothing is really going on.

Months after his e-mail, victim Alexandre Monate is in a Mass being hold bey Preynat, with altar boys. Now he reports the case which he had rather liked for being solved within the [Fantasy] Church - at the police.

The campaign begins

Now the relay continues. [Police finds more victims]. The police arrive at François, another victim who becomes active after initial hesitation. Together with his friend, who was also affected by abuse, he founds a club and launches the website "The freed word" (French: "La parole liberée").

François is looking for other victims. Especially those in which the allegations against the priest are not statute-barred. The campaign is finally rolling.

Focus on a sufferer

Finally, the film focuses in a third part on Emmanuel. Unlike the whistleblowers Alexandre and François, Emmanuel is not a key figure in the real case, but simply a club member of many.

[Stage director] Ozone wanted to build a contrast to the well-to-do family fathers Alexandre and François. Emmanuel does not get along well in life and suffers from epilepsy.

Ozone's film is not just a documentary fiction: he comes close to his characters and shows what this abuse, which happened 30 years ago, has done to people, to families. The cases are legally statute-barred, the affected men remain permanently affected.>

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Frankreich 7.11.2018: Frankreichs Bischöfe gründen "unabhängige Untersuchungskommission" zur Untersuchung von Kindsmissbrauch durch Kirchenleute: Französische Bischöfe gründen unabhängige Kommission zu Pädophilie-Skandal  -- Deutschland 19.11.2018: Katholischer Pfarrer im Bistum Magdeburg klaute 120.000 Euro aus der Pfarrkasse: Internetbetrugsopfer: Pfarrer stahl 120.000 Euro aus Kirchenkasse -- 19.11.2018: Spanische Bischofskonferenz CEE: Sexueller Missbrauch an Minderjährigen durch Bischöfe, Priester, Ordensleute und Laien wird erstmals öffentlich zugegeben - 18.000 Priester in Spanien: Katholische Kirche in Spanien gibt sexuellen Missbrauch öffentlich zu  -- Schweinz (Schweiz) 19.11.2018: CH-Politikerinnen treten aus der schwul-pädophil-kriminell-katholischen Kirche aus - die kriminellen Bischöfe und Päpste sind nicht mehr auszuhalten: Aus Protest: Politikerinnen treten aus katholischer Kirche aus -- Filippinen/Maharlika 27.11.2018: Präsident Duterte: Katholische Priester leben wie vor 3000 Jahren und sind Idioten, die nichts nützen, sondern nur rauben: Der Präsident der Philippinen nennt katholische Priester "Idioten" -- 3.12.2018: Der schwule Papst schreibt ein Buch und beklagt  Schwule im Vatikan: Papst Franziskus: Die Homosexualität im Klerus ist in Mode -- Merkel-Deutschland 5.12.2018: Missbrauchsstudie vom September 2018 bleibt für 21 der 27 Bundesländer ohne Folgen: Die Staatsanwaltschaft scheut bisher, die kriminelle Katholische Kirche zu durchsuchen: Ermittler schonen Katholische Kirche: Keine Durchsuchungen  -- Philippinen/Maharlika 5.12.2018: Festnahme: PRIESTER MISSBRAUCHT KINDER ALS MESSDIENER - das ist der Standard in der katholischen Kirche! 50 Opfer missbraucht: US-Priester (77) auf den Philippinen festgenommen  -- Filippinen/Maharlika 6.12.2018: Philippinischer Präsident Duterte sagt es deutlich: Die kriminell-pädophilen Priester der katholischen Kirche sind "nutzlose Dummköpfe", die "nur kritisieren" - ohne sie ist das Leben viel friedlicher - Duterte ist selbst ein Missbrauchsopfer der Kirche: Rodrigo Duterte: «Eure Bischöfe sind Dummköpfe» -- Katholikenscheisse auf den Filippinen 6.12.2018: Der Präsident sagt klar, dass DIESE KATHOLISCHE SPINNER-KIRCHE NUTZLOS IST mit seinen kriminellen Bischöfen mit Missbräuchen, Lügen und Rufmorden: Präsident Duterte meint, man solle die "nutzlosen" Bischöfe beseitigen -- Kackolikenkirche in Comas (Lima) 8-12-2018: So sehen die AFFEN aus -- "USA" 11.12.2018: Kriminelle Katholiken-Nonnen missbrauchten Schulen und Schulgebühren für Casinobesuche in Las Vegas: Geld in Vegas verzockt: Nonnen unterschlugen an US-Schule 500.000 Dollar -- Chile 14.12.2018: Irischer Priester als "Legionär Christi" hat als "spiritueller Berater" Mädchen (8) missbraucht: Nach 4 Jahren Bewährung muss er Chile nun verlassen - und am Vatikan erwartet ihn ein weiteres Urteil: Der irische Priester John O'Reilly wurde nach vierjähriger Bewährung wegen Misshandlung eines Mädchens aus Chile ausgewiesen -- Australien 15.12.2018: Kardinal George Pell wegen Kindesmissbrauchs an 2 Chorknaben verurteilt - zweites Verfahren noch hängig: Kindesmissbrauch: Papst-Vertrauter schuldig: Medien sollen schweigen -- Illinois ("USA") 19.12.2018: Kindsmissbrauch ohne Ende - 690 katholische "Geistliche" festgenommen - Vatikan schliessen!!! Missbrauchs-Skandal grösser als angenommen -- Australien 27.12.2018: NWO-Medien verschweigen die Verurteilung von Kardinal Pell: Aufgedeckt: Vatikan-Finanzchef ist ein verurteilter Kinderschänder – Medien schweigen! -- Schwuler Vatikan 31.12.2018: Krimineller Satanisten-Papst überrascht mit neuen "Sprechern": Papst-Sprecher tritt überraschend ab -- 12.1.2019: Die kriminelle Kirche fördert die kriminelle Gift-Pharma und zerstört die Naturmedizin: Massenmord an Heilerinnen durch Scheiterhaufen -- Philippinen / Maharlika 14.1.2019: Kriminelle katholische schwule Priester sind "nutzlos": "Die meisten von ihnen sind schwul": Duterte fordert Liebhaber für "nutzlose" katholische Priester -- Riehen (BS - Schweinz) 15.1.2019: Kriminelle Katholikenscheisse in Riehen: Stefan Küng war schon 2012 im Thurgau verurteilt - Bub in Riehen (16) von hinten umarmt und an Brustwarzen massiert und geküsst: Riehener Priesterkandidat: Pfarrer bestraft, weil er Bub massierte und küsste -- Kerala (Indien) 28.1.2019: Katholische Kirche=Vergewaltigersekte: Nonnen werden systematisch vergewaltigt - und wenn Nonnen aussagen, werden sie als "rebellisch" bezeichnet (!): Nach mehrmaliger Vergewaltigung einer Nonne durch einen Bischof sind Opfer und andere Nonnen in Lebensgefahr! – „My life will be in danger“: Rape-survivor nun! --  Kr.-schwuler Vatikan 29.1.2019: EINE DEUTSCHE (!) EX-NONNE PACKT AUS: Missbrauch ohne Ende im kriminellen Vatikan: Im Beichtstuhl:  Vatikan: Büroleiter der Glaubenskongregation tritt nach Missbrauchsvorwürfen zurück --  Texas ("USA") 2.2.2019: Kriminelle Katholische Kirche missbraucht Kinder - es sind 286 Priester auf der Anklagebank: Immer mehr beschuldigt: Missbrauchsvorwürfe gegen 286 Priester in Texas --  Texas ("USA") 2.2.2019: US-Staat Texas: 286 Priester der Pädophilie beschuldigt -- Vatikan-Emirate 3.2.2019: Die Chefs der beiden kriminell-pädophilen Sekten Kirche+Islam treffen sich: Papst geht zum Ober-Muslim ("Grossimam") in die Emirate auf Besuch: Historischer Besuch: Papst in Abu Dhabi eingetroffen – Franziskus will Dialog mit Muslimen ausbauen -- Abu Dabi 4.2.2019: Friedensvertrag zwischen Islam+Christentum - zwischen Grossimam Tajeb und dem schwulen Papst Franziskus - mit einem Lippenkuss: Papst Franziskus und der Oberimam Al-Azhar unterzeichnen Bruderschaftsvertrag mit einem historischen Kuss -- 5.2.2019: Krimineller Papst bagatellisiert die Vergewaltigung von Nonnen durch kriminelle Bischöfe in der pervers-katholischen Kirche: „Passiert noch immer“: Papst räumt Missbrauch von Nonnen in Kirche ein -- 6.2.2019: Satanistenpapst gibt zu: Nonnen missbraucht - Beispiel "Johannesgemeinschaft" in Frankreich - es riecht nach mehr: Papst wirft französischer Ordensgemeinschaft „Versklavung von Frauen“ vor  -- 6.2.2019: Systematische Vergewaltigung und Versklavung von Nonnen im Vatikan - da war sogar eine "Nonnengemeinde" - und weltweite Verbrechen an Kindern durch Kleriker - Zwangsabtreibung und Nicht-Anerkennung von Kindern durch Priester: Papst: Nonnen wurden von Priestern missbraucht und sexuell versklavt  -- Bayern 6.2.2019: Priester wollte Bub auf den Mund küssen: In der Jugend bedrängt: Schönborn: „Er wollte mich auf den Mund küssen“ -- KR. VATIKAN: Bücher von Avro Manhattan -- Puerto Montt (Chile) 9.2.2019: Pädophil-krimineller Priester José Francisco Núñez Calisto macht Selbstmord durch Schnitte an den Unterarmen - und nimmt alles, was er weiss, mit ins Grab, so ein Feigling: Chilenischer Bischof tot aufgefunden, der wegen Kinderschändung angeklagt ist -- Kr.päd. Kirche in Mexiko 11.2.2019: AUCH IN MEXIKO: 152 kriminell-pädophile Priester suspendiert: Opferzahlen unbekannt: Mexiko: 152 Priester wegen Missbrauchs suspendiert -- México 11-02-2019: En 9 años 152 sacerdotes fueron suspendidos por abusos sexuales con niños - unos están en la cárcel, otros solo no pueden ser sacerdotes más - las monjas todavía no hablan: Hay al menos 152 sacerdotes suspendidos por pederastia en México -- Osttimor: 11.2.2019: "Missionar" mit sexuellen Handlungen mit Kindern - Herr Priester Richard Daschbach aus den "USA": Anschuldigungen gegen den "US"-Missionar wegen Päderastie in Osttimor -- Lyon (F) 13.2.2019: Systematischer Kindsmissbrauch in Pfadfindergruppe - ein erster Film gegen die kriminelle, katholische Kirchensekte: Ein zermürbender Kampf gegen die Kirche --


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