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[Mosad] Encyclopaedia Judaica

Emancipation of the Moses Fantasy Jews 04: In Jesus Fantasy Germany of 19th century

Jesus Fantasy German states give way to Moses Fantasy Jewish emancipation step by step

from: History; In: [Mosad] Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971, vol. 8

presented by Michael Palomino (2007 / 2019)

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<EMANCIPATION IN [[Jesus Fantasy]] GERMANY [...].

[[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish emancipation was achieved in [[Jesus Fantasy]] German states as a result of various legal enactments, their retraction, and reenactment throughout most of the 19th century (see *Bavaria, *Prussia), while [[Jesus Fantasy]] German society, in particular its higher echelons, did not accept [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews during the period.> (col. 714)



[Jesus Fantasy German cities give own emancipation rights - German Jesus Fantasy "Christian" philosophers don't want to accept Moses Fantasy Jews as citizens in a Jesus Fantasy Christian state - Hep Hep pogroms]

In [[Jesus Fantasy]] Germany there were different developments. The Romantic reaction against revolutionary rationalism reasserted in modern terms the validity of old [[Jesus Fantasy]] Christian assumptions against equality of the [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews. The [[Jesus Fantasy]] Congress of *Vienna refused to ratify the rights of the [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews acquired under the Napoleon conquest: the implications of the proposal concerning their rights "in" [[Jesus Fantasy]] German cities and states was changed by substituting ratification of laws granted "by" [[Jesus Fantasy]] German cities and states.

Even worse was the reaction of public sentiment. Respectable philosophers deliberated on the impossibility of [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews being citizens of a historic [[Jesus Fantasy]] Christian state. Vulgar publicists like Hartwig *Hundt-Radowsky advised expulsion of the [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews, vilified their character, and hinted that their murder would be no more than a transgression. The so-called *Hep! Hep! disturbances against [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews that occurred in [[Jesus Fantasy]] Germany in 1819 were but a violent expression of this reactionary movement.

[German Moses Fantasy Jews are split over the emancipation or not - German Question of the Moses Fantasy Jews (German: "Judenfrage"): Feuerbach, Bauer, Marx]

The equality of [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews in [[Jesus Fantasy]] German society was actually hindered by the deep-rooted popular prejudice against them. Their legal equality was much delayed and complicated the fact that even their friends were divided into (col. 713)

the school of those who demanded, as in the 18th century, their assimilation and "betterment of character" as a precondition to the equality of individual [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews, and those who saw emancipation as a precondition to assimilation and "betterment of character".

Typical of the modern [[Jesus Fantasy]] German was the attitude of radicals there to "Die Judenfrage" ("the [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish question"). Feuerbach and his disciples carried over the 18th-century enmity to [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews on the grounds of their religion and prejudices. Bruno *Bauer actually demanded their [[Jesus Fantasy]] Christianization before any acceptance of [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews into society. Karl *Marx considered Judaism evil, and Mammon the [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish God. He differs from Bauer in considering that [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews could be emancipated legally while remaining as themselves in society because, as he formulated it, capitalist society is becoming "Judaized".

Social emancipation would come only in a revolutionary society where there is neither Judaism nor [[Jesus Fantasy]] Christianity and the historical trend of "capitalist Judaization" is stopped and reversed. Until then Marx considered it axiomatic that the [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish religion includes contempt of theory, of art, of history, and of man as a goal in himself:

"The social emancipation of the [[Moses Fantasy]] Jew means the emancipation of society from Judaism."

This solucion of the [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish people thus despised past [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish creativity and tradition, declaiming in a prophetic tone against the culture of the [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews.> (col. 714)

[Mosad] Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971:
                        History, vol. 8, col. 713-714
[Mosad] Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971: History, vol. 8, col. 713-714

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