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Encyclopaedia Judaica

[Moses Fantasy] Jewish Contribution to General [racist white] Culture 1870-1948

[Moses Fantasy] Jewish cultural acts with and without assimilation

from: History; In: Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971, vol. 8

presented by Michael Palomino (2007 / 2019)

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<[[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish involvement in general culture and service to it became greater and more creative in this period [[from 1870 to 1948]]. Henri *Bergson, Hermann *Cohen (who expressed himself not only as a general philosopher but also as a [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish one), and Edmund *Husserl are but a few of those who contributed to *philosophy. *Mathematics and *physics increasingly attracted [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews who were very creative in these fields, like George Cantor, Albert *Einstein, Hermann *Minkowski, Robert *Oppenheimer, Edward *Teller, and Lev *Landau. The work of Georg *Simmel, Emile *Durkheim, and later that of Claude *Lévi-Strauss is central to *Sociology and *anthropology.

Many [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews have contributed to the literatures of various countries; most of them cannot avoid the [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish problem, even when consumed by Selbsthass ("self-hate"). In art, the creations of Amedeo *Modigliani, Chaim *Soutine, and others are important in the modernist trend. Through the work of Marc *Chagall the shtetl life and mythology, and motifs and images from the world of Midrash and [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish legend have gloriously and colorfully entered European art. By granting the 1966 Nobel Prize for Literature to Shemuel Yosef *Agnon, European society recognized the place of modern *Hebrew literature and creativity in world literature, recognizing at the same time the [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish acculturated contribution to European literature by granting it also to Nelly *Sachs.

In the [[racist Zionist Free Mason CIA Moses Fantasy Herzl]] State of Israel, which continued (col. 743)

schools and trends of artistic creativity from mainly [[Jesus Fantasy]] eastern Europe and [[Jesus Fantasy]] Germany, are found many varieties, forms, and schools of literary and artistic expression, increasingly rooted in the life of the state.

The [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish specificity of this entrance to the humanities and literature was expressed by the German historian Ernst Troeltsch, who combined appreciation of the [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish contribution with recognition that it was new to European culture and somewhat alien. He states that for Hermann Cohen

history is concerned rather exclusively with the ideal future, and this is a systematics consisting purely of thought and ethics of the organized will of humanity. Through this the ideal [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish approach to history finds its expression among the various approaches possible withing the circle of our culture, for, since 1848, new conditions and new assumptions have been created through the entry of [[Moses Fantasy]] Judaism into literature and spiritual activity, first and foremost in the field of history ... . This is given its most energetic expression by Cohen ... (Der Historismus und seine Probleme (1922), 542).

André Gide reacted in a hostile fashion in 1914 to [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish intrusion into French literature:

Why should I speak here of shortcomings? It is enough for me that the virtues of the [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish race are not French virtues; and even if the French were less intelligent, less long-suffering, less virtuous in all regards than [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews, it is still true that what they have to say can be said only by them, and that the contribution of [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish qualities to literature (where nothing matters but what is personal) is less likely to provide new elements (that is, an enrichment) than it is to interrupt the slow explanation of a race and to falsify seriously, intolerably even, its meaning. It is absurd, it is even dangerous to attempt to deny the good points of [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish literature; but it is important to recognize that there is today in France a [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish literature that is not French literature, that has its own virtues, its own meanings, and its own tendencies (Journals of André Gide, transl. by J. O'Brien, 2 (1948), 4).

This reflection on the essential difference between [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish and French creativity is preceded here by the reaction of Gide, who later became for a while a left-winger and [[Rothschild]] Communist fellow traveler, to the character of the young Léon *Blum, the future Socialist premier of [[Jesus Fantasy]] France, leader of the Front Populaire before World War II:

"I cannot fail to recognize nobility, generosity, and chivalry, even though when applied to him these words must be considerably distorted from their usual meaning".

Gide considered that these traits could not be applied in their usual meaning to Blum because of

"his apparent resolve always to show a preference for the [[Moses Fantasy]] Jew, and to be interested always in him, that predisposition ... comes first of all from the fact that a [[Moses Fantasy]] Jew is particularly sensitive to [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish virtues."

He suspects too that this completely assimilation young man "considers the [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish race as superior, as called upon to dominate after having been long dominated, and thinks it his duty to work toward its triumph with al his strength ... He always talks to you as a protector. At a dress rehearsal, when he meets you by chance ... he ...makes everyone think ... that he is the most intimate friend you have in the world" (ibid., 3-4).

Anti-Semitic insinuations and touches thus often entered even where [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews and non-Jews seemingly mixed on the most equal terms in the salons of literature and science.> (col. 744)

[And unfortunately racist Free Mason CIA Herzl Jewish Moses Fantasy Zionism never accepted Human Rights].

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Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971), vol.8, col.
Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): History, vol. 8, col. 743-744