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Encyclopaedia Judaica

Jewry: Population figures in the 1880s

presented by Michael Palomino (2007 / 2019 / 2023)

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Moses Fantasy Jewish world population in the 1880s

(from: History; In: Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971, vol. 8)

<The rate of growth of the [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish population was almost everywhere twice that of the general population, even in backward countries. This was at a time of a great growth of *population everywhere. The [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish population naturally benefited from its concentration in Europe, where the gains of medicine and preventive hygiene first made their mark, as well as from their concentration in towns, where again these cultural advances first had their effects.

However the specifically high [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish rate of growth was mainly due to two factors: to a much lower infant mortality and to the good care taken of the ill and aged. Here old cultural-religious traditions gave an advantage to the [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish population. As a result of the developments in population growth and migration the distribution of [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews in the world at the beginning of the 1880s was approximately

-- 4 million in [[Jesus Fantasy]] czarist Russia [[with the whole Pale of Settlement inclusive Jesus Fantasy Baltic States, Jesus Fantasy Belorussia and Jesus Fantasy Ukraine]]

-- 1.5 million in [[Jesus Fantasy]] Austria-Hungary

-- 550,000 in united [[Jesus Fantasy]] Germany

-- approximately 300,000 in the [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Ottoman Empire,

-- and approximately 200,000 in the [[Jesus Fantasy]] United States.> (col. 721)

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Encyclopaedia Judaica: History, vol. 8, col.
                      721 with the indication about world wide Jewish
                      population figures in the 1880s
Encyclopaedia Judaica: History, vol. 8, col. 721 with the indication about
world wide [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish population figures in the 1880s