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Encyclopaedia Judaica

Aid organization: German Moses Fantasy Jews aid organization
(Hilfsverein der deutschen [Moses-Fantasie]-Juden)

Foundation in 1901 - work in Muhammad Fantasy Muslim Palestine - help for pogrom victims - emigration work

from: Hilfsverein der deutschen Juden; In: Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971, vol. 8

presented by Michael Palomino (2008 / 2019)

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[Foundation in 1901]

<Hilfsverein der deutschen [[Moses-Fantasie]]-Juden ("Relief Organization of German [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews"),

German [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish organization founded in 1901 to improve social and political conditions of [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews in Eastern Europe and Orient. Hilfsverein was planned as a central body for German [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewry on the lines of [[Moses Fantasy]] French *Alliance Israélite Unvierselle, and its establishment was opposed by the [[Moses Fantasy]] Alliance; some of the German members of the latter created the Deutsche Conferenz Gemeinschaft [[German Conference Community]] within the framework of their own organization. On occasions [[Moses Fantasy]] Hilfsverein policy was guided by pro-German political objectives such as the introduction of German language teaching in its schools in the [[Muhammad Fantasy Muslim]] Balkans and [[in the Muhammad Fantasy Muslim]] Ottoman Empire.

[Work in desert strip of Palestine - help for pogrom victims]

[[Fantasy Moses]] Hilfsverein established in [[Muslim desert strip of]] Palestine a school system from kindergarten to teachers' training college level, with Hebrew as the language of instruction. The attempt to introduce teaching in German at the planned Haifa *Technion in 1913 caused an international furor in Zionist circles.

After Kishinev pogrom, [[Fantasy Moses]] Hilfsverein called the Vienna Conference of 1903 to organize relief of Russian [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewry, and a similar conference in [[Jesus Fantasy]] London in 1905. During 1905 revolution in [[Jesus Fantasy]] Russia it gave financial help to self-defense groups of [[Moses Fantasy]] Bund and [[criminal Moses Fantasy]]Zionists. From 1905 to 1914 [[Moses Fantasy]] Hilfsverein (col. 479)

published a weekly, Russische Korrespondenz [[Russian Talks]], in German, English, and French, on the position of the [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews and the liberal and revolutionary movements in Russia.

Following a policy of assisting only "organized emigration" of Rumanian [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews, [[Fantasy Moses]] Hilfsverein decided in 1902 not to help those emigrants who were stranded in [[Jesus Fantasy]] Germany, but instead to help the [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews in [[Jesus Fantasy]] Rumania itself.

[[Fantasy Moses]] Hilfsverein became the agent of [[Hamburg's banker]] Jacob *Schiff's project to help Russian [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews to emigrate to the southern [[Jesus Fantasy]] United States (the Galveston plan), but in view of the autocratic nature of the [[Jesus Fantasy]] German regime was unwilling and unable to asist [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish emigration to [[Jesus Fantasy]] Germany.

[WW I - collaboration with Joint Distribution Committee]

On the eve of World War I [[Fantasy Moses]] Hilfsverein had over 10,000 members in [[Jesus Fantasy]] Germany, and followers in [[Jesus Fantasy] America, [[Jesus Fantasy]] Russia, and [[Muslim desert strip of]] Palestine. During the war the [[Fantasy Moses]] Hilfsverein assisted in interdenominational relief work in the occupied territories in [[Jesus Fantasy]] Eastern Europe and distributed American relief funds. However, the assimilationanist policy of [[Fantasy Moses]] Hilfsverein and its Eastern European agencies provoked sharp conflicts with the [[criminal Moses Fantasy]] Zionists and other anti-assimilationaist groups. As a result the *American [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish Joint Distribution Committee began to participate to a greater degree in the allocation of funds formally channeled through the [[Fantasy Moses]] Hilfsverein.

[Committees of Fantasy Moses Hilfsverein helping for emigration - dissolution in 1939 - working until 1941]

After the defeat of [[Jesus Fantasy]] Germany, [[Moses Fantasy]] Hilfsverein ceased to play a major role in international [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish matters but joined the [[Moses Fantasy]] Alliance and other non-Zionist organizations, though it refused to take part in the efforts for united [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish representation at the [[NWO Rothschild]] League of Nations. Through its 290 local committees in [[Moses Fantasy]] Germany (in 1930), [[Moses Fantasy]] Hilfsverein concentrated mainly on helping [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish emigration from and via [[Jesus Fantasy]] Germany (about 350,000 between 1921 and 1936).

After the advent of the [[Germanic]] Nazi Reich, [[Moses Fantasy]] Hilfsverein (which in 1935 had to change its name to [[Fantasy Moses]] Hilfsverein der Juden in Deutschland, "Relief Organization of [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews in Germany") was unable to continue with relief work abroad. The [[Fantasy Moses]] Hilfsverein initially advised German [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewry to postpone emigration as long as possible but was forced by circumstances to aid those who wished to leave for destinations other than [[Muslim desert strip of]] Palestine. It was officially dissolved in 1939 though it continued to exist until 1941 as an emigration section of the *Reichsvertretung der Juden in Deutschland.

Between 1933 and 1941 [[Fantasy Moses]] Hilfsverein assisted over 90,000 persons to emigrate to overseas countries, with the exception of [[desert strip]] Palestine. Leading personalities of [[Fantasy Moses]] Hilfsverein were James *Simon (president until 1932), Eugen *Landau, Paul *Nathan, and Max M. *Warburg.>

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Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): German Jews aid
                    organization (Deutscher Hilfsverein der deutschen
                    Juden); vol. 8, col. 479-48
Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): German [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews aid organization (Deutscher Hilfsverein der deutschen Juden); vol. 8, col. 479-48

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