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Encyclopaedia Judaica

Jesus Fantasy "[[Jesus Fantasy]] Christian" Moses Fantasy Zionist movements and literature

Jesus Fantasy Christian reformation and the prophecy of a new Fantasy Jesus in Jerusalem - political arguments - archaeological arguments and it's impossibility - Jesus Fantasy Christian+Moses Fantasy Zionist madness TOGETHER since Balfour Declaration since 1917 - Jesus Fantasy Christians helped to set up Middle East Conflict

from: [[Fantasy]] Zionism; In: Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971, vol. 16

presented by Michael Palomino (2008 / 2019)

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Fantasy Zionist madness says that Jewry would be a "nation" which is never possible because Jewry is a religion. The "[[Jesus Fantasy]] Christian" madness of the Bible dictatorship supported the [[Fantasy]] Jewish Zionist madness to restrict Jewry in a "[[Fantasy]] Jewish State" in the desert. By this racist Zionist [[Fantasy]] Jews and racist "[[Jesus Fantasy]] Christian" leaders created the war trap of Middle East conflict...]]

The article:

<As [[Fantasy]] Zionism is understood to mean a modern [[Fantasy]] Jewish movement aiming at resettlement in the Land of Israel and the revival of an independent [[Fantasy]] Jewish nation, [[Fantasy Jesus+Moses]] "[[Jesus Fantasy]] Christian Zionism", i.e., the active support of [[Jesus Fantasy]] Christians for such a (col. 1152)

movement, could not have preceded the [[Fantasy]] Jewish forerunners of [[Fantasy]] Zionism in the second half of the 19th century. However [[Jesus Fantasy]] Christian [[Fantasy]] Zionism had a long prehistory, deeply rooted in the theological thought and messianic expectations. Only gradually, with the emergence of [[Fantasy]] Jewish political and settlement activities in [[Fantasy]] Palestine, did [[Jesus Fantasy]] Christian Zionism become more and more secular, pragmatic, and political, though it often still bore the imprint of its religious tradition and motivations. Thus, even in the historic breakthrough of the Balfour Declaration, issued by the [[Jesus Fantasy]] British government in 1917, when political expediency was apparently the main factor, religious motives were certainly not absent from the thoughts of men like [[the racist English colonial leaders]] Lloyd George and Balfour.

The importance of the [[Jesus Fantasy]] Christian and biblical traditions also became apparent in the attitude toward the [[racist Zionist Free Mason CIA Herzl]] State of Israel in the 1950s and 1960s. The Afro-Asian world (including Muslim countries), insofar as it had no biblical tradition - particularly in Central and eastern Asia - could only gradually "discover" and evaluate the ancient roots of the [[Fantasy]] Jewish renaissance in the Land of Israel, and this realization developed mostly after these states had developed formal relations with [[racist Zionist Free Mason CIA Herzl]] Israel on a purely utilitarian basis. The attitude of the [[Jesus Fantasy]] Christian world, however, remained clearly influenced by an undercurrent of intimacy derived from the biblical tradition.

The Theological Background

[Reformation prophecy of a new Jesus in Jerusalem and world government in Jerusalem - Jesus Fantasy Adventists, Jesus Fantasy Christadelphians, Fantasy Mormons]

[[Jesus Fantasy Adventists]]: From the time of the Reformation, the belief that [[Fantasy]] Jews should return to the Holy Land, in accordance with the biblical prophecies, became popular mainly among pietistic Protestants and certain groups of English Puritans. It was based on the millenarian concept which held, on the basis of a literal interpretation of apocalyptic prophecies, that the second coming of Jesus was at hand and that he would rule from Jerusalem for 1,000 years (the millennium). The millenarian anticipated not only the return of the [[Fantasy]] Jews to their land but also their conversion to [[Jesus Fantasy]] Christianity as important conditions and "signs of the time" prior to the second coming (Advent).

The Restoration movement spread from 16th-century England to other European countries and became particularly strong in the [[racist Jesus Fantasy]] United States from the 18th century. It flooded the Protestant world with publications. Sometimes the Restorationists requested heads of state to take political measures in order to obtain rights for the [[Fantasy]] Jews to settle in the Holy Land. Their activity remained without any practical results, however, until the 19th century, when essential changes took place in the character of the movement and in the motivations of [[Jesus Fantasy]] Christians who supported the return of the [[Fantasy]] Jews to the Land of Israel.

Some of the new sects which arose placed this belief at the center of their theology as the fulfillment of the eschatological prophecies which would bring on the end of days and the millennium. In 1930 the Plymouth Brethren were founded in England by John N. Darby (1800-82), whose doctrine of dispensationalist premillennialism asserted that all the biblical prophecies relate to the return of the [[Fantasy]] Jewish people to its homeland prior to the Advent. Before the second coming, however, the [[Fantasy]] Jews and all the other nations will be judged during a period of tribulation, after which Jesus and the [[Fantasy]] Jewish remnant will rule over all the nations from Jerusalem. Many Protestant Fundamentalist churches adopted this outlook and continue to promote it to this day. (col. 1153)

The [[Jesus Fantasy]] Adventist movement, which emerged in the [[racist Jesus Fantasy]] United States in 1830, split into many sects. A few of these sects view the return of the [[Fantasy]] Jews to the Land of Israel as a fulfillment of their eschatological beliefs, and some of them have moved their center to Israel. (col. 1154)

In 1844 the [[Jesus Fantasy]] Christadelphians were established in England by John Thomas, author of Elpis Israel. From the outset, this sect supported the return of [[Fantasy]] Jews to the Land of Israel. Later it offered practical assistance to [[Fantasy]] Jews, such as the support of the Hibbat (Ḥibbat) Zion movement [["Love of Zion" movement]], and even the attempt to rescue [[Fantasy]] Jews during the Nazi Holocaust.

The (col. 1153)

[[Jesus Fantasy]] Mormons, founded by Joseph Smith in the [[racist Jesus Fantasy]] United States in 1830, held that [[Fantasy]] Jews would return to their land as "a sign of the time" of the second coming. In 1841 the [[Fantasy]] Mormon missionary Orson Hyde was sent to Jerusalem, where he recited a "Zionist" prayer and dedicated the land to the [[Fantasy]] Jews from the top of the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.


In the 19th century millenarian sects, mostly American, engaged in experiments in settlement in the Holy Land in order to await the approaching Advent of Jesus. All these attempts failed, including the 1851 agricultural settlement at Monthope, near Jaffa, of the American Clorinda S. Minor and the settlement near Jaffa of Reverend G. Adams and a group of Americans from the [[Jesus Fantasy]] Church of the [[Fantasy]] Messiah in 1866.

The Emergence of Political Motives

[Jesus Fantasy Christian with racist activities as "vision" or in coordination with Fantasy Zionism]

During the 19th century, [[Jesus Fantasy]] Christian politicians in various countries attempted to act on behalf of the return of the [[Fantasy]] Jews to the Land of Israel, adding to their religious beliefs the political interests of their countries in the Near East. An outstanding example was Lord Anthony Ashley Cooper, Earl of Shaftesbury (1801-85), who drew up detailed projects for the settlement of [[Fantasy]] Jews in [[Fantasy]] Palestine under [[Jesus Fantasy]] British auspices, which he presented to the government and circulated among Protestant heads of state in Europe and in the [[racist Jesus Fantasy]] United States.

The beginning of practical [[Fantasy]] Jewish settlement on the land in Erez Israel, and especially the establishment of the Hibbat (Ḥibbat) Zion movement and later [[Fantasy]] Theodor Herzl's political Zionism, contributed to an increase in millenarian assistance to the realization of [[Fantasy]] Zionist aspirations. The Canadian theologian Henry Wentworth Monk visited [[Fantasy]] Palestine and assisted in the foundation of the first [[Fantasy]] Jewish settlements. The English mystic Laurence Oliphant, who eventually settled in [[Fantasy]] Palestine, lent aid to the first [[Fantasy]] Jewish pioneers from Russian, tried to intercede on their behalf in Constantinople, and founded an influential [[Jesus Fantasy]] Christian group in London to assist the Hibbat (Ḥibbat) Zion movement. The [[Fantasy]] Zionist activities of [[Fantasy]] Herzl's friend William H. *Hechler also derived from a deeply religious outlook.

The most famous of the [[Fantasy]] Zionist millenarians in the [[racist Jesus Fantasy]] United States was William Blackstone (1841-1933) of Chicago, the author of Jesus is Coming, in which he expounded his belief in the future of the [[Fantasy]] Jews in the Land of Israel according to the dispensationalist conception. He attempted a political realization of his ideas through memoranda to the president of the [[racist Jesus Fantasy]] United States, in 1891 and in 1916, which demanded American intervention for the return of the [[Fantasy]] Jews to the Land of Israel as a solution to the czarist anti-[[Fantasy]] Jewish persecutions. Hundreds of eminent Americans signed these petitions, which stimulated various reactions in the general and the [[Fantasy]] Jewish press. Blackstone participated in several [[Fantasy]] Zionist conventions in the [[racist Jesus Fantasy]] United States and remained a supporter of the [[Fantasy]] Zionist movement until his death.

Archaeologists, Scholars, and Politicians

[Jesus Fantasy Christian" associations for Fantasy Jewish racist settlement in Fantasy Palestine - archaeologist arguments]

In the second half of the 19th century some [[Jesus Fantasy]] Christians supported the return of the [[Fantasy]] Jews to their homeland out of exclusively humanitarian or political motivations, distinct from theological views. In 1852 Colonel George Gawler (1796-1869) established the Association for Promoting [[Fantasy]] Jewish Settlement in [[Fantasy]] Palestine, which assisted the [[Jesus Fantasy]] British consul in Jerusalem in the training of local [[Fantasy]] Jews for agricultural work. He also published practical suggestions for [[Fantasy]] Jewish settlement in Erez Israel as a guarantee for establishing [[Jesus Fantasy]] British influence in Syria.

The [[Fantasy]] Palestine Exploration Fund, (col. 1154)

established in England in 1865, was a center for energetic supporters of [[Fantasy]] Jewish settlement in the Land of Israel. Among its members were the archaeologist Charles Warren, who conducted excavations in Jerusalem and foretold [[Fantasy]] Jewish rule in the country, and Claude Reignier Conder (1849-1910), a cartographer and scholar of Palestinian studies who preached and wrote on the realization of the [[Fantasy]] Zionist idea.

[[Addition: when all had to return to their roots...
When all had to return to their roots with "archeological" arguments, so all whites had to go to Europe, all Black had to go to Africa, all Asians had to return to Asia. One can see that the archeological principle does not function and is a trap]].

[Colonialist view with transfer of European culture to Fantasy Palestine - Fantasy Palestine Colonization Society since 1875 - Jesus Fantasy British Empire shall bring the Fantasy Jews to Fantasy Palestine]

The Italian philosopher and politician Benedetto Musolino (1809-85) preached [[Fantasy]] Jewish settlement in the Land of Israel as a means of bringing European culture into the Middle East in La Gerusalemme e il Popolo Ebreo (1851). Jean Henri Dunant (1820-1910), founder of the International Red Cross, displayed a great interest in a humane solution to the [[Fantasy]] Jewish problem. From 1863 to 1876 he attempted (in vain) to rouse the [[Fantasy]] Jewish organizations in western Europe to act on behalf of [[Fantasy]] Jewish settlement of [[Fantasy]] Palestine, and he founded the [[Fantasy]] Palestine Colonization Society in London in 1875.

In 1887 the question of [[Fantasy]] Jewish settlement in Erez Israel (Ereẓ Israel) [[Land of Israel]] reached the [[Jesus Fantasy]] British parliament. Edward *Cazelet, a well-known industrialist and economist, demanded the return of the [[Fantasy]] Jews to [[Fantasy]] Palestine under [[Jesus Fantasy]] British auspices both in his book and in his campaign speeches for parliament. He was the first [[Jesus Fantasy]] Christian who regarded Erez Israel (Ereẓ Israel) [[Land of Israel]] as the spiritual and scientific center for Jewry, and he foresaw the idea of a Hebrew university in Jerusalem.

After the Balfour Declaration

[Jesus Fantasy Christian+Moses Fantasy Zionist madness since 1917]

In the 20th century, mainly after the Balfour Declaration (1917), another change occurred in [[Jesus Fantasy]] Christian activity on behalf of [[Fantasy]] Zionism and the establishment of a [[Fantasy]] Jewish state. The [[Jesus Fantasy]] British [[Fantasy]] Palestine Society was established and was active from  1916 to 1924 and from 1930 to 1946 in advancing common interests of [[Jesus Fantasy]] British policy and [[Fantasy]] Zionism. Similar [[Jesus Fantasy]] Christian organizations were founded in other countries. However, the most vigorous assistance and open support of [[Fantasy]] Zionism aspirations were given by several [[Jesus Fantasy]] Christian groups in the [[racist Jesus Fantasy]] United States.

In 1930 the Rev. Edward Russell founded the Pro-[[Fantasy]] Palestine Federation, which was joined mostly by clergy. In 1932 the American [[Fantasy]] Palestine Committee was founded. Its members included prominent public figures, statesmen, and officials. The [[Jesus Fantasy]] Christian Council of [[Fantasy]] Palestine was founded in 1942 and had a membership of 3,000 clergymen in 1946, mostly from liberal churches. The latter two organizations merged in 1946 as the American [[Jesus Fantasy]] Christian [[Fantasy]] Palestine Committee, which had a very influential membership of 15,000.  This organization published books and pamphlets on the justice of [[Fantasy]] Zionist aspirations and later to strengthen sympathy toward the [[racist Zionist Free Mason CIA Herzl]] State of Israel. After the establishment of the state, gentile friends of [[racist Zionist Free Mason CIA Herzl]] Israel founded organizational frameworks for their activities in the form of friendship leagues.

[YO.M.]> (col. 1155)

[[Addition: Jesus Fantasy Christians" helped to set up Middle East Conflict
The Jesus Fantasy "Jesus Fantasy Christian" racists took over the racist Fantasy Jewish Zionist madness, and the Arabs were never asked. Fantasy Jewish center in Fantasy Palestine you can have, racist Fantasy Jewish State to enslave the Arabs you cannot have. The policy did not see this. At the end the eternal war trap of Middle East Conflict was born and is going on until now...]]

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Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): [[racist]]
                    Zionism, vol. 16, col. 1152
Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): [[Fantasy]] Zionism, vol. 16, col. 1152
Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): [[racist]]
                    Zionism, vol. 16, col. 1153-1154
Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): [[Fantasy]] Zionism, vol. 16, col. 1153-1154
Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): [[racist]]
                    Zionism, vol. 16, col. 1155
Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): [[Fantasy]] Zionism, vol. 16, col. 1155

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