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Encyclopaedia Judaica

Racist Zionist organization in Africa: South Africa

Racist Zionist Lithuanian Jews in South Africa - congregations, newspapers, and racist "friends" in the white racist upper class - Balfour Declaration by Smuts - high fund raising rate by gold and diamonds - youth manipulation and racist Zionist leaders - help for deported racist Zionist Jews on Mauritius - volunteers for "War of Independence" and Six-Day War

from: Zionism; In: Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971, vol. 16

presented by Michael Palomino (2008 / 2019)

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Racist Zionist madness says that Jewry would be a "nation" which is never possible because Jewry is a religion. Add to this the Arabs were never asked if a "Jewish State" would be built. But many Jews believed the Jewish racist Zionists and warmongers, called "Zionists" with it's racist Herzl booklet "The Jewish State". Zionist racism is legal until now (2008) and their racist books like "The Jewish State" from racist Herzl are not forbidden...]

[Strong racist Zionisn with Lithuanian Jewish immigrants - racist Zionist congregations - racist Zionist newspapers - racist white friends in the white racist South African upper class: Botha, Hertzog - Balfour Declaration "architect" Smuts]

<The [[racist]] Zionist Organization found enthusiastic support in South Africa among the new immigrants, mostly from Lithuania, rather than among the Anglicized minority of teh "oldtimers". The first [[racist]] Zionist associations were established in Cape Town (1897) and Johannesburg (1898). By the end of 1898, a dozen [[racist]] Zionist societies with some 5,000 members were already in existence. A year later the first [[racist]] women's Zionist assocciation was set up in Pretoria. As early as December 1898, 12 years before the Union of South Africa came into being as a political entity, the [[racist]] South African Zionist Federation, including [[racist]] Zionist bodies on the (col. 1140)

whole South African subcontinent, was established. It was represented at the Third [[racist]] Zionist Congress in Basle (1899) by two delegates. After the Boer War, which impeded the growth of the movement, the [[racist]] Zionist Federation was recognized by the authorities as representative of South African Jewry and entrusted with official tasks, such as the repatriation of Jewish war refugees. Later, this official recognition was transferredto the general communal organization, the South African Jewish Board of Deputies, which in the course of years, sometimes experienced competition and friction with the federation, but mostly worked in friendly cooperation with it.

In 1908 the [[racist]] Zionist Record was founded in Johannesburg as the official organ of the federation; it became the most important South African Jewish newspaper.

The sympathies of the leaders of the Afrikaans community, like the generals Louis Botha and J.B. M. Hertzog, were conducive to the progress of [[racist]] Zionism and to its high standing in the country. Field Marshall Jan Christiaan *Smuts was an avowed friend of [[racist]] Zionism and one of the architects of the Balfour Declaration.

In later years the [[racist]] Zionist Federation secured his powerful support whenever a major crisis threatened the [[racist]] Zionist cause.

[[About First World War is nothing indicated in the article. Probably racist Zionist Jews were involved in the war by membership in English troops]].

[Important financial contributions in fund raising for the racist Zionists in Palestine - branches in Rhodesia, Kenya, and Belgian Congo - racist Zionist women association - racist Zionist youth manipulation]

The financial contributions of South African Jewry to the [[racist]] Zionist funds have been outstanding. From 1926 South Africa occupied the second place in the world (after the U.S.) in fund raising for the Keren Hayesod [[United Israel Appeal: the central fundraising organization for racist Zionist Free Mason CIA Herzl Israel]]; its per capita contribution - £1.16 in the 1920s - was by far the largest.

[[This high financial contribution was possible because of the gold and diamond mining where the white Jews are the bosses. Racist Herzl mentioned racist South Africa's gold mining as an example which could be copied in Palestine when in Palestine gold could be found, but it was'nt. The gold and diamond connection between South Africa anc racist Zionist Free Mason CIA Herzl Israel is working until now]]

The federation's growth is also reflected by the following figures: in 1921 there were 177 bodies affiliated with it, in 1930 about 200, and in 1949 no fewer than 350. Also the Rhodesias, Kenya, and even Belgian Congo then belonged to its jurisdiction.

In 1932 the [[racist]] South African Women's Zionist Council was established to coordinate women's work for all [[racist]] Zionist purposes. It became affiliated with WIZO and in 1967 numbered some 16,000 members.

The [[racist]] South African Zionist Federation also has a notably strong following among youth..

[[Racist Zionism systematically abused the enthusiasm of the youth for it's racist Herzl Jewish Empire projects and wars, as later Hitlerism did...]]

A census taken shortly before the 30th [[racist]] South African Zionist Conference in 1967 showed that four youth movements affiliated with the federation numbered 6,800 active members, divided into 297 units throughout the country, and led by 556 youth group workers.

[[Racist]] South African Zionists distinguished themselves as a highly efficient movement that succeeded in assuming and retaining leadership of the Jewish community at large. They have attained outstanding achievements in the fields of organization, financial support of [[racist Zionist Free Mason CIA Herzl]] Israel, the building up of an impressive network of schools, and in ailyah [[emigration to Palestine into the eternal war trap against the Arabs]].

About 6,000 Jews from South Africa settled in [[racist Zionist Free Mason CIA Herzl]] Israel, including members of collective settlements, men of private initiative, scientists, and public servants. [[Racist meets racist...]]

[Racist Zionist leaders and racist Zionist shekel holders]

The [[racist]] South African Zionist Federation has been headed by able leaders, from S. Goldreich (first chairman) to H. Morris and N. Kirschner to B. Gering and I.A. Meisels. Under the successive direction of Jack Alexander, Zvi Infeld, and Sidney Berg, it gained a reputation for its organizational structure and efficiency. Divided geographically into provincial councils and functionally into some 20 departments, it covers a variety of [[racist]] Zionist activities, including fund raising, and embraces all the [[racist]] Zionists of the country, both party members and independents.

Up to the early 1930s parties played no significant role in the federation; later the [[racist]] Zionist Revisionists and the [[racist]] Zionist Socialists became especially prominent. It was not until 1946 that the Executive of the federation was elected on a party basis, but it continued to include nonparty members. The number of shekel holders was exceptionally high; it sometimes approached and even exceeded 50% of the adult Jewish population (43,605 shekels in 1946 and 42,949 in 1960).

[WWII - support for deported racist Zionist Jews in Mauritius]

During World War II the federation also aided refugees passing through South Africa and accorded valuable material and moral support to the "illegal immigrants" who had been deported from Palestine and detained in Mauritius.

In 1943 the federation arranged a "plebiscite", and its three points - to open the gates of Palestine to Jewish immigration, to set up a Jewish army, and to establish Palestine as a Jewish Commonwealth - were endorsed by 37,000 Jews.

No fewer than 3,000 volunteers offered their services in the War of Independence (1948), and 700 were accepted and fought in [[racist Zionist Free Mason CIA Herzl]] Israel [[without definition of borderlines...]].

During the period of the Six-Day War, 782 volunteers arrived in [[racist Zionist Free Mason CIA Herzl]] Israel from South Africa, but several times this number had registered.

[A.Z.]> (col. 1141)

[[The Arabs are never mentioned in the article. For racist Zionists the Arabs do not count, because the Arabs should be elminiated and enslaved, racist Herzl said, and this racist booklet "The Jewish State" is legal until today (2008)...]]

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Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): Zionism, vol. 16,
                    col. 1139-1140
Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): Zionism, vol. 16, col. 1139-1140
Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): Zionism, vol. 16,
                    col. 1141-1142
Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): Zionism, vol. 16, col. 1141-1142

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