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Jesus Fantasy: The star of Bethlehem was an UFO

A "light" was leading the "magicians" to a house with a baby

presented and translated

by Michael Palomino (2014 / 2019)

3 fantasies - Moses is a fantasy - Jesus is a fantasy - Muhammad is a fantasy - but Mother Earth is REAL
Moses is a fantasy - nothing could be found of him. The proofs are in the book: The Bible unearthed - link. So, Fantasy Jewry is a fantasy, and also the Fantasy Jewish calendar is a fantasy. Also Jesus is a fantasy: nothing could be found, but it's a code fantasy with the numbers 3,12,13 and 33 - link. So, Christiandom is a fantasy, and also the Christian calendar is a fantasy - and the Vatican is a criminal pedophile satanic bank mafia - link with videos - link with news. Also Muhammad is a fantasy: nothing could be found, and the name "Muhammad" was used only since 850, not in 600 - link. Peace and healings and instructions how to handle the planet are with Mother Earth - Mother Earth is REAL and everybody can learn it: http://www.med-etc.com - have a good day. - Michael Palomino, May 12, 2019
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from the book: Yosip Ibrahim: I was visiting Ganimedes. Gorgeous world of the UFOs (original in Spanish: Yo visité Ganímedes. El mundo maravilloso de los OVNIS). No editor indicated [1972]. I bought this book in Nasca (Peru) at the book store at the Central Square in 2010; and this book is also in the Internet:
especially the chapter: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ganimedes/ganimedes03.htm#CAPITULO_XVI


["Magicians" came to visit king Herod - and they speak about a "star" as a signal for a new king]

The story and the New Testament of the Bible are presenting us "some magicians who came from the Orient". They were visiting king Herod asking him "where the new king of the Jews would be", where he was born, in Judea. Markus gospel is telling us that during this meeting the magicians had asked the following: "Where is the king of the Jews who was born newly? Because we saw his star in the East and we have come for praising him." -- And during the following verses in the second chapter is told how these magicians are mentioning this star again after a new conversation with Herod, and this star would lead them to Bethlehem, and this star would be exactly over the location with the manger where the child Jesus would be with his parents.

[This cannot have been a normal star - but a chaos was created with a baby murdering action in the whole country]

When we consider all our modern scientific knowledge then one can (p.157) ask for sure: Was there a star that was announcing to the magicians the birth in the east leading them to Bethlehem? --

Astronomy, the holy mechanic and the actual space science only indicate the impossibility that this had been a star. Also another celestial body is not possible either. But the appearance is told us in many stories which are the sources now for this big event in Jerusalem, and by the visit of the magicians at Herod and the following events which are deriving from this all is having even a stronger effect up to the mass murdering action against children which was ordered by the despot. The Bible is telling this, and additionally many preachers did hear about it and were also coming to Bethlehem, with the same reason like the magicians.

[This special "star" cannot have come from an orbit either]

Well, today we cannot accept neither the idea of a star, nor of a comet, nor of a satellite or an object like a satellite or a meteorite. Because when we are analyzing well the Biblical text then we come clearly to the result that this "star" has a completely different behavior than any normal celestial body which can be observed today. All known celestial bodies are objects which are moving according to universal laws which have their balance in their orbit and which are following [their orbit] in the space with mathematically precision. All are following the predetermined traces of natural force, and when an object is leaving it's orbit then an astronomic catastrophe is following. But the magicians always mention that they had made a large journey "because this star had announced them this on Earth", this is a holy event which deserves a maximum of admiration.

[This "star" is intelligent leading the "magicians" to a house]

And this "star" which is over Judea at the end comes again and is leading them to a certain location adapting the tempo of the slow camels and horses, and then it remains over the location as if it had been hanged up on a spot in the space.

[There are UFOs moving in the same way leading people - all lights in the sky were called as "stars" in the past]

When we are comparing these facts with already known maneuvers of UFOs of today then we find conformities which lead us to interesting conclusions. First in these times any light in the sky was considered as a star. And of course the light was bright enough impressing many people.

Well, on a certain distance UFOs flying in a certain distance can also be mixed up with sky lights [lanterns], and all we know that they also can stay fix in the space without any movement, and in the sky they can move with different speeds, also in different heights that our space ships can never reach, down to lowest distances, and in all possible directions. Isn't here just this the case what the Biblical text is telling us about this "star" of Bethlehem?

[A "bundle of rays" lightening the location - and this is not the only UFOs which was seen like this - the UFO was lightening and was speaking with the "magicians"]

This big light was staying precisely over the location of the manger where the new God's child was, and it was giving a bundle of rays lightening the location. And additionally it's like this that in other locations space ships from extraterrestrials were observed (p.158) which had the same form: They were like hanged up in the sky and they were lightening the location with a strong bundle of rays where they were...

And now the question follows: Was this a space ship of the extraterrestrials that was announcing the magicians the birth of "Jesus" in a far country leading to the manger at the end? -- The answer is obvious: All witnesses clearly assured that the "star" was giving an announcement on the Earth indicating that a child was born and that this child would be the "new king of the Jews"... But a star is not speaking announcing such a matter... And with all this there is only one logic conclusion obviously: This was a manned space ship of mighty beings which was making here his proclamation and later was taking the lead for leading the group of magicians to the goal.

[Why the magicians were visiting a child and were making such a long journey? - Why the UFO was showing the location with the child?]

But now such a conclusion is provoking also new questions: When these magicians of the East were visited and lead by extraterrestrial beings, who were these magicians who were urged to do such a special and troublesome journey? -- The description and the Bible are not giving any indication concerning this. There is only said that they came to Jerusalem, from far away from the Orient, and that after the dreams of Herod and after his orders they were returning to their land, and this was on another route evading the passage in Jerusalem again.

Who were these so important and secret personalities? Which relation did they have with the arrival of the Messiah for burdening themselves with such a long, troublesome and dangerous adventure with the only goal to adore a child which was born just before? And what was the relation between this child, the magicians and the extraterrestrials who were steering the space ship?

[These were super humans from Ganymede - these were inhabitants from Mundt]

This big problem had hardly ever found an answer, because super humans of Ganymede were a part of this scenery. And by the wisdom about the inhabitants of the kingdom of Mundt to which they were returning soon we can solve the big enigma about the "star of Jerusalem", we can recognize the mystery, we can lift the curtain which was hiding the personalities of these magicians during 1,000s of years, and in this way we reach the solution with the deep connection of all persons and elements which are playing a part in this event. For normal humans the answers of the meta physic science seem to be an extraordinary surprise then.

[Magicians from Egypt were blessed by the Sphinx - and magicians from Persia]

These magicians were brothers who had been blessed by the Sphinx, they were born in Egypt; and these were also priests who had been blessed by Zoroaster. The Egyptians were three and they came from the region of Chaldea where they had fled for saving themselves from the Roman predominance which was erected some years before in their home land. And the Persians were also three who came from Bactria [today's northern Afghanistan]. The whites knew that only within the big cosmic plans (p.159) the development of the world of all peoples would be realized.

[In the Cheops pyramid one can see the announcement of a new Messiah - mystery schools of the "magicians"]

These cosmic plans were also transmitted to the humans who could read these famous pyramids in the Cheops pyramid. They are like a perfect oracle of our present civilization, and in this oracle - as also in the prophecies of the Bible - the coming of the Messiah is promised to the world, the holy being which comes to the Earth for showing new ways to the mankind.

These great initiated beings were educated in the mystery schools. They knew WHO had to come here for the fulfillment of the big cosmic mission, and thus they knew that this Great Being could also really be called a "KING" because it was and it is THE KING OF OUR SOLAR SYSTEM.

Concerning the relation between the "magicians", birth of Christ and the intervention of the extraterrestrials we reach now to the the most important part of the big cosmic event which was happening in those times. We have to make clear first that the name "magicians" which is added to these people and which is conserved in the Bible was given them because of their great wisdom and because of their gorgeous power which they could show to Herod. During the meeting in Jerusalem they could provoke a fear in him, thus a superstitious admiration.

[All in all there were 2 highly developed magicians - reincarnations of Moses and Buddha - with 4 pupils of confidence]

They were not boasting in a rough way with their wisdom how people of the cheap entertainers or how conjurers or wizards of those times were doing it, but two of these six magicians were really higher powers who had worked out their wisdom serving to the HOLINESS passing a long development, and these two higher ones were guiding the group: the great Persian master, and the great Egypt initiated. Both were accompanies by two pupils of confidence each.

And now the reader has to remember well what we said about the fourth dimension and about reincarnation, because we have to explain now that these two personalities who provoked a fear with king Herod were not less than the spirit of Moses, reincarnated as a Persian priest Zoroaster, and the ghost of Buddha, reincarnated as the Big Brother of the Sphinx from Egypt (p-160).


[The "magics" were popularly called "kings"]

This is the event with the "magicians", and during the following centuries they were always more considered as "kings". But the Bible is never calling them like this but is describing them like this: "Some magicians came from the East to Jerusalem"... They were traveling without big entourage, with their own caution as esoteric masters, and they only had some few people with them because this special mission was requiring this.

[The "magicians" traveling without big entourage - but in a big light of an UFO]

They were not accompanies by a boring entourage who could have been the kings of all eastern empires. And their personal safety and the safety for their precious gifts they had with them were really only protected by their great wisdom, and by the lovely guard which was guarding from above from the space, the space ship was protecting them.


[The magicians are leaving the location coming to an oasis taking a space ship then]

And now we see what is really this secret mission of these great personalities. The appreciation of the king and of the master is proceeded who has come to Earth as a reincarnation. They were leaving Judea then as tells the Bible. But they are not going far but they only pass the distance for not be seen by the dwellers of the region. They came to an oasis in the desert, far away from all curious views of the mob, and there they were waiting until the space ship from the kingdom of Mundt was coming.

[Transport to a convent of  the brothers Esenios]

When this happened one of the Egyptian pupils of the Great Brother of the Sphinx was taken by an UFO to the door of the convent of the Esenios brothers near the Dead Sea. All knew totally secretly what they had to do for the execution of this big mission of Jesus of Nazareth.

[Transport to Persia]

The space ship came back to the oasis (p.162) and transported another pupil to Persia who was initiated by Zoroaster for continuing his work there where the sweet and high religion of Zend-Avesta had been installed. But since a longer time also the lower knowledge and the tricky behavior of magic was spread, the religion of the Medes which should reign three centuries later during a secular period during the erection of the dynasty of the Sasanides in Persia.

[Transport to the region of Rome]

We know that these transports were absolutely harmless for the space ships. Both were only short trips, and when the space ship returned back to the oasis the four people who had stayed were boarding. The big Persian priest there - the spirit of Mose - was together with another pupil brought to the region of Rome, the pride capital of the new empire which had begin with the installment of the power of Octavianus in those days being called Augustus then.

[Transport to Spain]

And the big scholar who was initiated in Egypt - the incarnated ghost of Sakia-Muni [Buddha] - who was also accompanied by a pupil of confidence, they were brought to just a normal location in today's Spain where they were developing the flourishing colonies of the Roman Empire.

Our New Time began - later it should be known as "Christian Epoch"... But it began also the last part of a big development of 28,791 years which were topic before already, a cycle which is in connection with the "Big Cosmic Revolution" which last year corresponds to the year of 2001 of our Christian counting. That's the year in which the 6,000 years oracle of the Big Pyramid in Egypt is ending corresponding to our mankind...

At the same time the mission of these four big beings - being distributed to strategic points in this newly flourishing Europe - has it's secret effect to the cosmic plans with the will of the supermen of the High Lord of the lightening facade, for the future of our planet...

But how this goes will be shown in the next chapter.> (p.163)