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Note: blood group research and alimentation

Positive alimentation priorities according to blood group diet

by Michael Palomino (2006 / 2012)

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from: D'Adamos Blutgruppendiät - Der Sommerschlager (summer hit) 2000; http://www.inform24.de/blut.html

Literatur zur Ernährung gemäss den Blutgruppen ist hier präsentiert: http://www.blutgruppe.info/Buch.htm (2006)

The complete analysis about blood group nutrition of Dr. D'Adamo is here.

See this summary:

Chemistry and "normal medicine" don't want this cheap blood group nutrition

Nutrition theories of James and Peter D'Adamo are striking clear. D'Adamo even has got his own clinic in New York [since 2005 in Wilton, Connecticut, near New York] and can present many successes - without spending much money for it. But Western "experts" of so called "normal medicine" (also called "meat grinder medicine") is rejecting all successes of Dr. D'Adamo despite of all, because pharma industry wants to go on with selling pills, and because the so called "medical doctors" are making additional profits with selling pills. Add to this the medical doctors would be forced to read new books, and this they don't want because they have a high salary already. In general "meat grinder medicine" does not think at all that it would be possible to enhance health of people without much cost. But precisely this is possible with blood group nutrition.

Even in the Internet lexicon "Wikipedia" which is directed by school-leavers and school book detectives and is censored by pharma and other industries, blood group nutrition (which is called "blood group diet" in case of illnesses) is only mentioned in a negative way and is rated even without value concerning scientific worth. Speaking in a positive way about Dr. D'Adamo in Wikipedia then the Wikipedia garden gnomes are rating this comment as "not neutral". And they leave all success of D'Adamo's clinic without value.

So, how is going this blood group nutrition?

Principles of blood group nutrition by Peter D'Adamo

Blood group nutrition is working like this:

According to the blood group the body is rejecting certain food or is accepting it especially. Humans have to adapt to this order otherwhise some food will make his body weak, or in extreme cases there will be chronic diseases and heavy illnesses will be favored. There is no other path than finding out and accepting our blood group characteristics. But school system is never telling us something about blood groups, and therefore many people don't believe in it.

According to kinds of food we can block digestion, or blood is becoming too thin, or metabolism is in troubles. This is the whole secret. And "meat grinder medicine" does not know about it at all, it's a scandal.

Because with this blood group alimentation the body functions are optimized and there are automatically healed for example

-- overweight which never goes away
-- digestion problems
-- cancer
-- diabetes
-- also AIDS symptoms are going.

And insurances do not know about it either and are spending much money for damaging pills, because they have treaties with pharma industry.

One detail:

Lectins / proteins for example reach the bloodstream and can - according to the blood group - bind with blood cells and can agglutinate them (agglutinations). Agglutination of blood has got the effect of slowing down metabolism, and therefore only a part of the nutrition is processed and the rest is deposited in form of fat. The person takes kilos wheres is not eating much. In this case the person simply is eating the wrong thing and does not know about it.

Food table according blood groups must be rated as a focus. This is only a basic scheme. When there is no disease one should put a focus in life. When there are chronic diseases, then one should be more radical until healing is coming (for example with diabetes provoked by incompatibility of wheat products, so don't eat no wheat products until all has normalized, but eat much vegetable and rye bread etc.).

Table: focus of alimentation according to blood group nutrition by nature doctor Peter D'Adamo
 Blood group
before 40,000 years
meat (only biological meat)
sea fish
milk and milk products
wheat and wheat products
Hunter type, assertive and with strong will, reacting at once with body action in stress situations. Has digestive problems with wheat gluten. This is said to be a main factor for gaining weight.
before appr. 20,000 years
grain products

biological products
meat and saucages
milk and milk products
Farmer type, resistant, cooperative and easy-going, is reacting to stress with mental means. Has hardly no stomach acid [and therefore cannot digest meat well].
before 10-15,000 years
(Himalaya steps)
meat (only bio meat), no poultry
milk and milk products
B like balance, adaptable, with tendency for overweight, is managing stress well, can digest milk well because in his blood is a molecule which can be found also in the milk [but cannot digest well chicken].
before appr. 1000 years
(mixed food)
green vegetables
meat, biological (little portions)
sour milk products (little portions)
green tee
kidney beans
red meat
"Enigma mixed type" is a crossing of type A and B, has got a "lazy" and "tolerant" immune system which is protecting from autoimmune diseases, but is also a higher risk for cancer. It's digestive tract is oversensitive.

This table is only a basic scheme. But one can see that for example not everybody will be in a good health being a vegetarian.

One can see for example:

-- blood group 0 has big problems with wheat products, milk products, and with boiled potatoes, but is living well with fruits, vegetables, whole grain rice and some meat every day

-- blood group A has other problems, for example with meat, milk products and with eggs, but can handle well all grain products

-- blood group B has big problems with wheat and nuts, but is going well with meat, vegetables, fruits and milk products

-- and blood group AB gets problems with wheat, corn and red meat, but should eat little portions of normal meat and green vegetables every day.

All in all wheat is the most problematic part of food of "civilized" nutrition. Wheat is only accepted well by blood group A!

Now one can heal well chronic diseases by blood group nutrition adapting the personal food plan according to everybody's blood group. There will be also new needs:

Change of food plan should be step by step. Then the body is working with a new balance, and the results will be astonishing. When there are chronic diseases like diabetes or AIDS, then you should read the books of Dr. D'Adamo immediately and begin with the change of your food plan under control of your doctor. When the medical doctor says that all would be rubbish, then he means this because he never read the books and because he does not have diabetes or AIDS.

In such cases one should change the medical doctor, because a nature doctor knows more "tricks" of nature then supporting the blood group diet change. Dr. D'Adamo is reporting cases how people come to him and are healed from diabetes and lost overweight: here, or how people live without AIDS symptoms thanks to blood group nutritino and some simple tricks: here. And there are more illnesses which emerge only because of a wrong alimentation.


Books of Dr. Peter D'Adamo are important for life. They are absolutely underestimated, and mostly they are easy to read, with many tables and cooking recites . First one should read all about the own personal blood group. Some egoism is good in this situation: Here you may be egoist, read first only about your own blood group.

When you read all about your own blood group, then you can try it out step by step. Omit damaging food, and integrate health supporting food, go shopping for new products. At the same time one can read about the other blood groups.

Therefore one should not read these books gradually but be really egoistic in this case, only read about your own blood group first. And then comes the rest.

Because the successes will not wait long, above all when there are illnesses. When the ill person is getting better, then the mood is positive and this has also an effect on other persons which are living with you. And the whole operation really does NOT cost much.

Literature about blood group nutrition is presented here: http://www.blutgruppe.info/Buch.htm (2006)

Basics are for example

-- Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo / Catherine Whitney: 4 Blood Types, 4 Programs. Live Right 4 Your Type (German: 4 Blutgruppen. Vier Strategien für ein gesundes Leben. Mit Rezeptteil (Piper 2001)
-- Peter D'Adamo: English: 4 Blood Types, 4 Diets. Eat Right 4 Your Type (4 Blutgruppen - richtig leben. Das individuelle Konzept für körperliches und seelisches Wohlbefinden (Piper 2002)

One should read both books for getting a survey.

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