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D     THAIภาษาไทย

Alcoholism 02

Note: Mass alcoholism on the Asian rice fields

Mass alcoholism in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam - with hot meals with hot chili - Baclofen does not work

Research by Michael Palomino (2013)

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Incurable alcoholism with Baclofen when stomach and intestine are destroyed by hot chili food - example of mass alcoholism in crazy alcoholic state of Thailand

by Michael Palomino, 12 February 2013

After 6 months living in Thailand in 2012 and 2013 the following can be reported:

Hot chili food destroys stomach and intestine - Baclofen is not accepted
When alcoholics are always eating hot food with chili like in crazy alcoholic state of Thailand, then the medicament of Baclofen is NOT accepted but is producing diarrhea and purging.Thus persons who always eat hot food with chili like in crazy alcoholic state of Thailand CANNOT receive any therapy with Baclofen. This was the result of a therapeutic trial with an alcohol addicted Thai person in December 2012. The same counts in all other states where hot chili is consumed by wrong pride.

Mass alcoholism tradition in crazy alcoholic state of Thailand
In the crazy alcoholic state of Thailand there is ruling a harsh and destructive alcoholism tradition on the rice farms (about 25% of the surface of the country). Thus one can estimate that from the entire population in Thailand of about 80 million about 20 million people are alcoholics on rice farms. They are working 6 months in the rain, and the other 6 months during the dry season they are drinking alcoholic beverages waiting for the next rain until there is no money left. Alcohol party begins at 9 o'clock the morning already and is lasting the whole day long discussing rumors and useless details of life - without end because when there would be an end the alcohol party would also have an end.

According to other long stay pensioners in Thailand the same alcoholic behavior can be found also in the neighboring states of Thailand in Cambodia, in Laos, and in Vietnam. On the Philippines the alcoholic situation on the rice fields is said to be a little bit better. In Thailand it is a fact that parents on rice farms are animating also children to drink alcohol from 10 years on, and therefore the parents are destroying the children's future systematically by spending all money for alcohol and by robbing health "educating" children by alcohol. Mafia is owing the brewery and is systematically robbing all money from the countryside and is destroying the childhood and the future of the own population. This also works with whisky and since some years also with Russian vodka.

Prostitution for rice field alcoholic families
Many girls and young women from these alcoholic rice farms are sent to prostitution "supporting" their families. Thus the young woman is addicted to alcohol already when she is beginning with her "work" at the bar whereas the salary given by the customer is simply used for purchasing more alcohol.

10 million more alcoholics in other branches
Additionally it can be estimated that in this crazy alcoholic country of Thailand there are 10 million alcoholics more. Thus the complete quantity of alcoholics in this crazy alcoholic state of Thailand can be estimated to 30 million, and all these alcoholics in Thailand CANNOT be treated by Baclofen because Thais traditionally are eating hot chili food by a false proud destroying nerves, stomachs and intestines.

Foreign alcoholics in crazy alcoholic Thailand
Add to this there are living also many foreign alcoholics in Thailand with the only activity of drinking beer and spreading wrong rumors. This group of foreign alcoholics may be another 500,000 composed by alcoholic Germans, Swiss, English, and Russians. The Russians introduced vodka in Thailand which was already with mass alcoholism before. These white alcohol foreigners are enjoying their alcoholism in Thailand and never want any treatment until they die and then they give their heritage to a Thai woman - and with this action the mission of the Thai woman was "successful".

Officially alcoholism is NO topic in crazy alcoholic state of Thailand because it seems that also the Thai government is very alcoholic and all this should "not be revealed" not threatening tourism and "investments". Thai governments don't do ANYTHING to protect the population from alcoholism. Also this fact provokes the presumption that Thai governments are heavily alcoholic. And many economic figures are really only an invention and wild fantasy as admitted the economy minister in 2012 himself.

Buddhism is only a life-lie - and mafia is the winner
This mass alcoholism in Thailand and in the neighboring states of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam has nothing to do with Buddhism, but Buddhism in is a traditional life-lie concealing negative facts like mass alcoholism in these countries - and mafia seems to be the owner of the breweries getting all profits of it.

Why is all this like this? Because Thai government is steered by criminal foreign mafia. There is NO other explanation.

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