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Switzerland: Association Cara (orig. German: Verein Cara) against ritual abuse + organized violence

Organization in Switzerland against satanic abuse: Association Cara
- Website: - - founder Ruth Mauz. Current President (as of 2021): Fritz Bamert (Facebook-Link).
Verein Cara gegen rituellen Missbrauch
                            in der Schweiz, Gutenswil, Logo
Association CARA | Tomenrain 20 | CH-8605 Gutenswil | Switzerland
Interest group for education and networking against ritual abuse and organized violence
Interessenvereinigung zur Aufklärung und Vernetzung gegen rituellen Missbrauch und organisierte Gewalt ) |

On the same website it is mentioned:

Switzerland: Castagna Advice Center (orig. German: Beratungsstelle Castagna)

The advice center CASTAGNA - University Street 86 (Universitätstrasse 86) -- 8006 Zurich -- Switzerland -- Telephone 044-360 90 40 -- -
Advice and information center for sexually exploited children, adolescents and women and men exploited in childhood
Our opening times: Monday and Wednesday 2 p.m. - 6 p.m. / Tuesday and Thursday 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. / Friday 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. [as of 2021]

                            Beratungsstelle gegen Missbrauch - Zürich

The victims: bipolar, manic-depressive, clingy, also possible helper syndrome etc.

My observations on years of abuse are:

Years of abuse of the child (physical, psychological, sexual, doctrinal family, satanic family, compulsion to a certain profession, prohibition of contacts, etc.) provokes evasive maneuvers and a split personality with ever changing character when growing up - a bipolar personality comes up - as well as manic-depressive behavior with emotional unreliability - as well as anxiety, attachment, helper syndrome, manias, withdrawn behavior, false shyness, etc.

The same traits emerge in the victims after years of physical and psychological violence against children and censorship in doctrine families, in extremist families where only this or that profession is allowed, in sect families, in religious-extremist families with sacrificial cults and prayer cults, etc. In such families much is forbidden and the victims have to fight to get the whole picture of life.

What the victims need is a stable environment, nothing more to orient themselves, to get rid of their fear and manias, and to stabilize the soul with the diagnosis of "ritual violence suffered". Then the detachment from the criminal family takes place and the setup of a strategy of life with courses, profession change etc. There remains a lifelong depressed mood with the eternal question of why one ended up in such a criminal family and did not have a good family of one's own around.

Michael Palomino, January 18, 2021

And here's something when someone is forced into psychiatry or blackmailed to drug abuse:

Switzerland: Association Psychex (orig. German: Verein Psychex) against abuse and blackmail in psychiatry

for example, if someone claims that she or he is schizophrenic and the KESB or the youth welfare office is stealing children WITHOUT ANY INVESTIGATION and prescribes medication and claims that without taking medication the child cannot be visited any more, etc.

Organization in Switzerland against forced psychological treatment through drugs: Association Psychex (slogan: "Get out of the madhouse")
(original German: "Raus aus dem Irrenhaus")

Association PSYCHEXODUS, 8153 Rümlang, Switzerland - phone 0848-00 00 33 or 044-818 08 70
-- --

Psychex Schweiz Logo

Quote (translation):

PSYCHEX [in Rümlang] is a non-profit organization founded in 1987 that supports people who are locked up and forcibly treated in a psychiatric institution against their will. The fight is against the conditions reminiscent of the Inquisition in forced psychiatry, takes a firm stand on the side of the trapped and is committed to their immediate release. A phone call (0848-00 00 33 or 044-818 08 70) is enough and the association becomes active. (If the phone is unoccupied, messages can be spoken on the Combox 044 818 08 71).>

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