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Einstein without sources 01: summary


presented by Michael Palomino (2019)

from sources with classified data
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by Michael Palomino, Oct.28, 2019 after analyzing some literature with precise data (see sources)

Einstein was a Jew [6], with a Moses fantasy [conclusion - 15], and Mileva, his first wife, was Christian Orthodox [7] with a Jesus fantasy [conclusion - 15]. The families did not support this connection [6], but Mileva supported Einstein with her mathematics skills [2], and Einstein thought that math in physics study was not important (!) and let her help (!) [4]. Einstein published his works WITHOUT sources (!) [10] and the bosses of the journal "Annalen der Physik" in Leipzig published this mass robbery written by Mileva (!), and the works were signed with a double name Einstein-Marić or Einstein-Marity (the Hungarian version) [1,6] - and the editors of the magazine simply eliminated the last name of the Mileva (!) just celebrating the Jew Einstein (!) [1]. Mileva was limping slightly [11] and was apparently discriminated by the German magazine, but an assistant Mr. Joffe of Professor Röntgen, who was one of the journal's reviewers, has seen it [1,6,22]! And Albert Einstein allowed all this that her family name was erased (!), he did NOT fight for her (!), but he just continued his career then and at the end two children without father came out [4,5].

This Einstein would at least have had to write his own book about Mileva to acknowledge HER work in his works until 1915 - but this Einstein simply did NOTHING. This was Jewish racism against Christians, this racism was taught to him by his parents Hermann and Pauline Einstein - they always defamed  Mileva, and therefore he could not recognize ANYTHING of her in public [3] - and of course Einstein did NOT want to admit that he did not understand ANYTHING about mathematics ... (!!!) [conclusion - 15]. Moreover, the general psychology of that time was still following the slogans of silly Sigmund Freud rating women as "hysteric" in general when they made problems, and Mileva for sure did NOT want to be rated as such a woman and therefore she did not say anything [well, already this marriage between Albert and Mileva of 1903 was a "sin" for Einstein's parents, but they just DID NOT KNOW about the performance of Mileva to Einstein's work, because this Einstein did not tell ANYTHING that SHE was the genius in mathematics (!).

Einstein got his diploma with 4.91 of 6 "slipping" not fulfilling the deadline of 5.0, and Mileva remained without diploma wit 4.0 the first time and she failed also the second time. Why? Einstein was a bad student, was missing many classes and was a rebel in practice, one time he even caused an explosion and hurt his own hand. Mileva always supported him, but at the end, Professor Weber rejected an assistant job for this rebel Einstein, and then Mileva became also a rebel and was angry against Professor Weber (!) so she draw back her excellent dissertation (!), and the professors let her fail 2 times in 1901 and 1902 [2] - nobody knows if the marks were badly set because the professors rated Mileva as "hysteric" or if Mileva was so bad. In general Mileva was not so good in physics. But failing 2 times? One should have the tests of those times to control this (!).

After the second fail in May 1902 appr., Mileva went to the Balkans to her home town being pregnant in the 3d month to spend time for her pregnancy with her first child. The first daughter of 1902 ("Lieserl") was then already lost, was released for adoption to keep the child away from Einstein's Jewish family, and additionally just money was missing, or there are also indications that this daughter in 1903 suffered a scarlet fever which was still deadly in those times [4] - well, this Einstein and this Mileva did simply not follow the standard "step by step", there came a baby just before there was any financial reserve for a family, and it came even before marriage [4]. Then came jobs and 2 sons Hans Albert in 1904 and Eduard in 1910 [6], but the relation was already bad in 1910 [4], whereas there was no material reason for this. All universities wanted to have "Einstein": He was working in Zurich and in Prague, then at ETH in Zurich where he had studied when this ETH was called a Polytechnic Highschool yet... [6] and Mileva made him his math problems secretly until late in the night with two children and household at the same time (!) [2], so: Einstein had never in project to learn mathematics yet which he never understood (!!!) [conclusion - 15]

During his time at the Patent Office in Bern 1902-1909, it is noticeable that there are patents of Mileva that he has "taken" or friends have "taken" [4].

In 1911 Einstein worked for one year in Prague, from 1912 at the ETH in Zureich (Zurich) [6]. In 1912, the Einstein family was also in Berlin and Einstein began to get to know his Jewish relatives in Berlin, and from that time on, he rejected the Christian Mileva [5]. In 1914, Einstein had a visit from Max Planck from Berlin [6] and Einstein was manipulated to go to Berlin because the offer was "free time table". There in Berlin, the Jewish Einstein family finished the Mileva: The Jewish family members did not recognize the marriage between the Jew Albert Einstein and the Christian Mileva Marić [5]. There was now a religious war in progress [conclusion - 15].

Mileva with her two sons in Berlin was totally negated by the Jewish Einstein family, and there came defamation without end because she was a Christian - and in August 1914, just a few days before the outbreak of First World War, the Jewish Einstein family let them all go back to Zureich (Zurich) bringing them to the train station, all with the sons Hans Albert and Eduard [4].

In addition, the women in Berlin had their festivities with this famous Einstein. Now Einstein as the "star" of Berlin, he had a future second wife Elsa who was Jewish from his family now (this second marriage was in 1919), and there were many more women aside [12]. Well, during the whole First World War this Albert Einstein remained in Berlin and because of war inflation he had always less money (!), but he promised Mileva that in the case of a divorce she would get all the Nobel Prize money [5] - because otherwise she probably had gone to the public [conclusion - 15]. Since 1910 there were rumors that Einstein would be a candidate for a Nobel Prize, but he did not get it yet. Now one can imagine that Mileva and the two sons were driven into poverty during 8 years because dad in War Germany had no money, and they felt well fucked up ... [conclusion - 15]. This Einstein rated his Jewish family and the secret associations and women in Berlin more important... [6] He was always welcome in Zurich for having a good income (!) but did never come back (!) or only for some visits...

The divorce in 1919 was perpetrated by the racist-Jewish Einstein family, who always hounded Mileva's family, because she was a Christian [5]. The Nobel Prize of 1921 was won by this Einstein only because of the pressure of the Jewish press, who after a solar eclipse of 1919 celebrated Einstein's prediction, which prophesied a deviation of a starlight by the sun - but this deviation had already been investigated by physicists in 1914. This was just another "arranged" robbery for the Jew Einstein by the Jewish Rothschild media (!) [13].

It was only in 1923 that Mileva Einstein received the money of the Nobel Prize and then she bought 3 houses from the money in Zurich, but from 1929 one of the sons (Eduard Einstein) got into troubles because his father was still lacking, and he was also suppressing the work of Mileva [5] - Eduard had a suicide attempt and attacks against his mother and destroyed furniture without control [4], and with the psychology of Bleuler in Zurich (Zurich) he was simply defined as "schizophrenic" [14], although it was only a mental disorientation by the father whose behavior provoked rage and envy [5]. From 1929, Albert Einstein in Berlin simply no longer spoke about his family in Zurich, but there was only defamation and black energy coming from Jewish family: they blamed Mileva's family for Eduard's destructive behavior - what a lie (!) [4].

In 1930/31, the Prussian Academy of "Sciences" opened the possibility for Einstein to spend three months each year at Princeton University in the "USA" to meet with more scientists [20] - another scientific center - instead of visiting the family in Zurich 3 months per year (!) [conclusion - 15].

And at the same time this Einstein in Berlin was a scientific disaster, because

1) Mileva's support in mathematics was missing and HE SIMPLY COULD NO HIGHER MATHEMATICS, so he was like a star needing help all the time which came e.g. from Grossman, Groumer, Lanczos etc. (!) [11] - and

2) Einstein was NOT supposed to learn the high mathematics (!) [conclusion - 15]

In 1933 Germany started an anti-Jewish policy. Einstein escaped from the Nazis in the "USA" - well, he was on one of the "USA" trips three months in Princeton, and after a public statement against Germany, he was sentenced in 1934 with a penal deprivation of German citizenship [6]. Einstein helped other Jewish scientists to escape [6]. The whole manipulation by Rothschild following the Herzl program "The Jewish State" (1896) driving masses of Jews to the desert of Israel, Einstein did not seem to be known, and he never published this maneuver either, so Einstein was politically a BLIND man [conclusion - 15]. But instead of fleeing to Zurich, where his family and two sons were waiting, and where he could have taught at the university immediately, this crazy Einstein went to Princeton far away in the "USA", where he was again followed by women, just like that, he presented himself in a bathrobe, which then opened "by accident", so, he was then weeks away with women (the contract said: "free" timing) [16].

In 1939 Einstein then signed a letter written by two other Jewish physicists (Leó Szilárd [18] and Eugene Wigner [19]) with an appeal to the Roosevelt government to build atomic bombs against Germany, although Germany did nowhere have any atomic bomb, and although Germany never attacked the "USA" [6], and of the real politics with the Rothschilds and the Committee of the 300 in London, he was also NOTHING known. So Einstein was a doll of the Rothschild Zionists of London with Mind Control, and the general program was very simple: destroy Germany every 50 years, then you have Europe in your hands, and Switzerland is the money island of continental Europe that is never attacked so that the global money accumulates there [conclusion - 15]. Money islands are organized in a "Club of the Isles" [26], and Switzerland is the biggest money island where all comes in when all is in war around it [27].

Einstein had more children with even more women, e.g. there was a daughter Evelyn Einstein (* 1941), who was born by a ballet dancer from New York. The Evelyn was then adopted by Einstein's son Hans Albert into his family, who had moved in 1937 to the "USA", and in the end, the Evelyn was very important to detect the letters of Albert and Mileva [21]. It can be assumed that there are more Einstein children for sure ... [conclusion - 15].

Even after the Second World War from 1945, Albert Einstein did not return to Zurich, but left his son Eduard alone in psychiatry as "schizophrenic" to Mileva alone, who visited him a lot [4,14]. This would have been an opportunity for more research in psychology to find out the causes of "schizophrenia," the reasons for his anger and envy [4] rejecting the word "schizophrenia" [15], and besides, Einstein himself never received any psychological treatment because he was persecuted by women. So, this Charlie Chaplin of physics was loved by many women, and so he liked his life and always had "free time table". The Rothschild media of the time therefore liked a crazy Charlie Chaplin and another crazy Albert Einstein for entertaining the masses, while the organized two world wars sacrificing millions of people  for nothing [conclusion - 15].

The illness of Eduard provoked high costs, so that Mileva lost the three houses in Zurich, which she had bought. She died then in 1948 in Zurich after strokes and a broken leg etc. without house. Whether Albert Einstein stood at her grave is not known. As there are indications that in 1930 it as the last time that Einstein saw his son Eduard, it can be concluded that Albert Einstein was NOT at Mileva's grave. But what is known is that the two sons Hans Albert and Eduard shared the remaining money of the Nobel Prize, which was found in a secret hiding place, and that was not a little [5]. And there were other family members of Mileva who died: Mileva's brother did not come back from Russian captivity, and her parents and sister died as well, something Albert Einstein had not touched. The womanizer, thief and faker Einstein died then in 1955 by an expansion of the abdominal aorta when it came to a hole there (he apparently did not know that eating "whole grain" is worthwhile [conclusion - 15]), and then this Einstein was even rebellious in the hospital rejecting the operation making suicide with the statement "It's time to go" [16] - so in the end this crazy Einstein was also a suicider who refused all medical surgery for his own life (!), nor this Einstein knew about natural medicine to reinforce his body completely [conclusion - 15]. This Charlie Chaplin of Physics, who knew nothing about math, then died of suicide on April 18, 1955 [6,16]. His two sons then had the following life: Hans Albert Einstein was a genius at the University of Berkeley near San Francisco and died in 1973, and the son Eduard Einstein was "preserved" in the criminal psychiatry Burghölzli in Zurich, equipped with the defamation of "Schizophrenia" until he died in 1965 [25]. At this psychiatric clinic of Burghölzli in Zurich, experiments were usually performed with electric shocks, water torture and poison pills [14].

And there was destruction of documents: The file of the patient Eduard Einstein in the document collection of Burghölzli has "disappeared" ... [14] as also many other Einstein documents have disappeared, e.g. the original manuscripts of the theory of Relativity, the dissertation of Mileva etc. just maintaining Einstein a genius and Mileva a "bad" woman... Criminal Mossad seems to have "worked" well saving a Jewish "hero"... [conclusion - 15]

Conclusions: This Einstein was a MONOCULTURE and a DISASTER

All in all, Einstein was a very small character because he did just work on one single sector of physics and in no other sector (!). Einstein was a MONOCULTURE! [conclusion - 15]. The Einstein family has kept the family secrets, so all the mathematical support of the Mileva and the child Lieserl were kept secret until the book "Mileva Einstein-Marić. In the shadow of Einstein" came out, and until the letters between Albert and Mileva were published in the 1980s [17], when the "wild" daughter Evelyn Einstein played an important role, the daughter of the ballet dancer from New York (!) [23]. All in all, one can assume that there are other hidden Einstein children (!) [conclusion - 15]. The Jewish Einstein family are cowards, and in psychology, psychoanalysis with CG Jung became known only in the 1960s, so that only then the general character defamation of "schizophrenia" against mental violence victims fell - as the Einstein family against the Marić family has operated - but the police in Zurich and the upper class of Switzerland and the Church continue to operate these general defamations because they refuse analysis, but they want to make career points, or the cr. Church wants to continue with it's fantasy monopoly with the mass theft of tithing, so: thinking is then simply not wanted. Analyzing Albert Einstein just a DISASTER comes out: Practically everything is stolen, fake, and he left his family in Zurich to stay in Berlin with a false pride, then he was practically without money, his family remained in poverty because of German war inflation, and despite of all he still remained in this Berlin ... and HE COULD NEVER HIGH MATHEMATICS! That's why Einstein is NOT a "genius", but

Albert Einstein is therefore

-- a MONOCULTURE with physics WITHOUT mathematics, without natural medicine, without psychology, but with machismo

-- Albert Einstein is a THIEF of works, and in his works he gives no sources

-- Albert Einstein is a FAKER suppressing the people who support him, especially his first wife Mileva Einstein with mathematics

-- Albert Einstein did not act alone, but the editors of the journal "Annalen der Physik" (Drude until 1905, Max Planck since 1906, etc.) helped to turn the Albert Einstein into a thief and faker, and thus this is the GANG CRIME

-- Albert Einstein has no strategy in life, the principle "step by step" is missing, but he is a chaotic

- In the end, he solidifies himself with his racist-Jewish family against the wife Mileva Einstein, against his two sons and against the Marić family, for religious reasons, without finding the universal way of Mother Earth (tricks with Mother Earth, for example see www.med-etc.com)

-- Politically, this Einstein was a BLIND MAN, a doll like Charlie Chaplin for the Rothschild media and the Committee of 300 in London, they were maneuvering the world into two world wars for no reason, to destroy Germany twice, and Einstein knew nothing of the Zionist principles to destroy Germany every 50 years for having Europe in the hands (see the speech of the Zionist whistleblower Freedman from 1961)

-- So, scientifically, psychologically and sociologically, this Albert Einstein is a DISASTER

-- Albert Einstein has made full use of his rights against Mileva, instead of leading Mileva to a university degree, make a revolution in psychology with psychological analysis stopping the defamation psychology against women and abolishing celibacy for female teachers (!) - he just did NOTHING!

-- and the Mileva had a HELPER'S SYNDROME without training in logic, how to represent his rights - which corresponded to the mentality of those times.

Thus, let's conclude a conclusion for life: The combined knowledge of many sectors is important for life, and Mother Earth is giving life on and on in peace.

Michael Palomino, Oct.28, 2019


The principles of Einstein: Robbery, let work others, leave women without rights

It's about what principles this Mr. Einstein had:

1) The formulas were all copied, sources were not indicated
2) Einstein was weak in languages and his wife Mileva Einstein wrote the works, but Einstein concealed the wife.
3) Einstein worked at the Patent Office in Bern and robbed inventions of his wife Mileva Einstein by patenting them for himself! and he gave achievements of his wife Mileva even to his friends!

That means: Einstein blocked the women's emancipation in physics! He is 1 cr. pig! Keywords: Einstein forgery, or: Einstein fake.

The principles of Einstein: mix+cover up identities, high losses of money, company was installed to fool creditors, let Mileva die alone, religious war

Albert and Mileva Einstein were a criminal couple: they constantly mixed identities, Einstein hid the cooperation with Mileva, Mileva concealed that she was kept secret + in the end they had to sell 3 houses: creditors were fooled, a bogus company was installed to protect Einstein's assets (in Princeton he earned $1.00 = 4.20 Swiss francs) + Einstein did not come to Zurich when he was retired + Mileva died alone + Mileva still did not say anything about her contribution! All are fakers + the Jewish Einstein family rejected the Christian Mileva.


Thesis: from 1912: Einstein acts against Mileva to fulfill the wish of the Jewish racist parents to marry a Jewish woman

The tolerant Jew Albert Einstein did not believe much in religion, but was a monoculture of physics. The Mileva did the math for him, he wanted the revolution in physics, but in sociology he did not want a revolution. The Jewish-racist parents Hermann + Pauline Einstein knew nothing of Mileva's mathematics, and they did not know that this Einstein could no high mathematics. The Jewish parents just wanted Einstein to drop the Christian Orthodox Mileva and marry a Jewess. And that's why Einstein dropped Mileva completely since 1912, and then needed mathematical help with students or friends - until his own death (!)

In short words: Einstein followed the dictates of his Jewish racist family starting in 1912, adopted the Jewish cousin Elsa as a partner and then the Christian Orthodox, highly intelligent Mileva, was "pushed away".


Supplement: August 1914: Mileva wanted to save the relationship and cooperation until recently - disordered Einstein had to hire mathematicians, at the expense of the German taxpayer ...

In 1914 Mileva was experiencing chronic depression, crying attacks, and there was Jewish racist defamation against Mileva, Jewish racism, and verbal violence without end. Mileva wanted to save the relationship until the end of August 1914 in Berlin (see: Wasmayr: tragedy - 2004, Wolff: prize money - 2019), but she was outrun by "famous women" in Berlin who came to pick up this "famous Einstein" for "festivals" (see: Ripota: Insights - 2018, p.236). The separation from Einstein's work was enforced on Mileva by the racist Jewish Einstein family, and Einstein collaborated in this game, and since 1915 this Einstein did not write much ground-breaking any more, with the exception putting his signature under a letter about atomic bombs. Einstein had to employ mathematicians who helped him in his work and lectures, paid by German taxpayers - with "free time allocation". And the students often could not get along in Einstein's confusion ....

: WWI - Nobel Prize - WWII - death of Mileva at Aug.4, 1948 - Einstein is just a "pipe"

from: Barbara Wolff: What happened with the prize money? (original German: Was geschah mit dem Preisgeld? - 2019)

-- During WWI, Einstein's salary was less and less worth, and Mileva with her two sons in Zurich had to starve hunger and at the end she even took secretly a private loan to survive
-- The two sons wanted their daddy back in safety, but Einstein simply said that the war had no consequences on his "work" (well, he made "parties", fucking women around meeting noble "blue blood" women etc., this was a big part of his "work")
-- Einstein received the Nobel Prize in 1921, and the Nobel Prize money was handed over to Mileva in 1923, so they bought 3 residential buildings in the upper-class area; at the same time, Einstein is traveling between Berlin and League of Nations in Geneva back and forth stopping in Zurich for a stopover
-- The investment in 3 residential buildings was another monoculture, and neither Einstein nor Mileva had the need to install a fortune administrator, well, the risk was not distributed - e.g. 1 house, some gold, some commercial papers, some land etc. - let's say it clearly: with the purchase of 3 residential buildings the Einsteins played a little Monopoly, but then the political conditions changed:
-- With World Economic Crisis of 1929 also Switzerland had difficulties since 1931, tenants lost jobs leaving the flats, one of the 3 houses became unprofitable and had to be sold under price
-- During Hitler's election in Germany in January 1933, Einstein was in Princeton in the "USA" for 3 months, this was his traditional stay there since 1930, Einstein rose in anger against Hitler and made a public statement against the Hitler government, and that had consequences: the NS regime confiscated all his fortune in Germany - well, Einstein did not know once again that a fortune has to be distributed because of the risk (!)
-- In April 1934, Einstein was in Belgium and went to the German embassy for giving back his German passport there, he emigrated with Elsa to Princeton and had a dollar income there (1 dollar=4.20 Swiss francs at that time), and all houses in Zurich were managed now by letters between Einstein and Mileva
-- In 1937, the son Hans Albert Einstein in Switzerland followed an advice of Einstein to emigrate to the "USA", and therefore Mileva remained with her son Eduard alone in Zurich, this Eduard had destructive attacks because his bad childhood without daddy etc. - at the same time, this Einstein was always making party with famous women who were visiting him, well, he just presented himself in a bathrobe which opened slightly occasionally, and then the woman could decide what to "do", well, partly he was "absent" of work during several weeks and he even had children with other women, Evelyne Einstein is one of these children, but there could be even more...
-- Einstein's signature in 1939 for the propaganda letter of building an atomic bomb against Germany came about in collaboration with two other Jewish-Hungarian physicists - but Hitler Germany was far from producing any nuclear bomb
-- After 1945, Einstein was retired without work, but he NEVER came to Zurich to visit Mileva and Eduard
-- Until 1948, the last house was sold in Zurich, and it was immediately resold (maybe that was a trick against the Einsteins), so that Mileva then was kicked out of her apartment (in January, this is no pleasure to move), and after another aggressive attack by Eduard, Mileva remained paralyzed in the hospital, taking over 80,000 Swiss francs with her through the illegal sale of mortgage papers, while Mileva died without seeing Einstein or her older son Hans Albert again, she died on August 4, 1948 in a hospital in Zurich, son Eduard visited her during her last days daily
-- As for the estate of Mileva, the horny Einstein was NOT (ALTHOUGH HE WAS RETIRED!), and Hans Albert, who worked at Berkeley University near San Francisco, they both did not come, but Hans Albert's wife Frieda came, with a mandate in the hand - it can be assumed that most of Mileva's estate was thrown away because there was no space in the plane to take books and belongings to Berkeley near San Francisco, and the other son Eduard had to remain in Zurich alone in psychiatry or at Swiss families for home stay, he was assigned a legal guardian, Mr. Meili, who arranged everything for him, always paid with Einstein's money, but Einstein himself NEVER wanted to see the suffering son anymore


because Einstein was just a physics monoculture, he did not want to know anything about psychology and he was certainly not a revolutionary in analysis - this Einstein was just a stupid pipe ...

Michael Palomino, Nov.14, 2019

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