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Racist mass murderer and war criminal Eisenhower. Chronology 03

Part 3: General Patton against mass murderer Eisenhower

Part 3: General Patton against mass murderer Eisenhower - Patton wants no weak Germany - Patton is replaced - Patton having an "accident" in December 1945 - burial on Christmas 1945 in Luxembourg - Patton Museum in Kentucky

  Book "The Patton Papers
                1940-1945" with General Patton on the cover  General
                Patton upright in a Jeep greeting his troops in
                Normandy, 1944  the accident
                damaged car of General Patton in December 1945 02  General
                Patton's first grave in Luxemburg
Book "The Patton Papers 1940-1945" with General Patton on the cover [1] - General Patton upright in a Jeep greeting his troops in Normandy, 1944 [2]the accident damaged car of General Patton in December 1945 02 [8] - General Patton's first grave in Luxembourg [13]


by Michael Palomino (2013)

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Part 3: General Patton against mass murderer Eisenhower

General differences between Patton and mass murderer Eisenhower

Book "The Patton Papers 1940-1945"
                  with General Patton on the cover
Book "The Patton Papers 1940-1945" with General Patton on the cover [1]


General Patton had an education with a very efficient thinking. To the contrary criminal Zionist Eisenhower was prolonging the war again and again because he was waiting for the atomic bomb against Germany. This caused quarrels without end. And also after the war in Europe after May 8, 1945, the differences are not ending. The official, Zionist "American" historiography is claiming again and again that the quarrels between both would have it's base with an event with General Patton on Sicily in 1944 where he had slapped a Jewish soldier allegedly. But this seems to be more than doubtful because Jews had own battalions and Jews should not be members of the "American" troops principally - as also Eisenhower was principally an "illegal" person in the "American" army. And it's not probable that a General is slapping a soldier but when there is a punishment then the General orders a subordinate to give the punishment. Thus it is probably all a big lie - but a typical Zionist lie  with a wrong rumor for criminal Zionists to "hose" other religions.

Patton knew about the film fake of Hitchcock, he knew about the photos and films of the Rhine meadow camps with the German half-dead Germans and with the German dead bodies being presented as Jews in German concentration camps. And Patton even had the possibility to take Berlin with his army evading the mass rapes and mass killing actions by the Red Army. But Eisenhower DELIBERATELY let occupy Berlin by the Red Army and was forbidding Patton to take it earlier. Patton was also so intelligent to release his prisoners of war thus the Germans could help at the harvest. But Eisenhower let deport all other prisoners of war to the Rhine meadow camps thus 5 million German men were missing at the harvest work and 1 million was killed by hunger. Patton wanted to repress Communism, but Eisenhower let it come! The Zionist purpose of this was that Communism should destroy as much Christianity as possible. And Patton also noticed that the starvation in post-war remaining Germany was PROVOKED DELIBERATELY, and Patton also noticed that Germany was always more and more weak against Communism. The criminal Zionist "Americans" only began with a something like reasonable policy when Stalin blocked Berlin in 1948 as an answer to the foundation of racist Zionist Israel (CIA-USrael) in May 1948 which had no definition of border lines. Then the British were switching drastically in their zone with the Ruhr area and with Volkswagen giving way to a full German production - for a strong Germany against Gulag "Soviet Union", and against the criminal Zionists.


Sicily 1944: Eisenhower replacing Patton by the Jew Clark because of an alleged slap in the face

For the efficient General Patton comes another "bonehead", the Jew Mark Clark:

<Eisenhower did not like Patton, Patton did not share his Zionist-Jewish phobia about Germans and he had slapped a Jew for cowardice in battle. Eisenhower used this to replace Patton as commander of the Italian Campaign with fellow Jew, "bonehead" Mark Clark. Now two Jews, from a minority of less than two percent of the American people and less than two percent of their combat armed forces, commanded the Allied war effort in Europe, proving this was a secret Zionist-Jewish war.> [web7]

Since the end of the war in Europe, since May 8, 1945, General Patton is the most efficient and neutral administrator and he is making harsh statements against criminal Zionist mass murderer Eisenhower and his blockage policy. General Patton is releasing his prisoners of war quickly for helping at the harvest. Patton likes the efficient German discipline and German life and is provoking a reputation for being "German-friendly".

General Patton upright in a
                  Jeep greeting his troops in Normandy, 1944
General Patton upright in a Jeep greeting his troops in Normandy, 1944 [2]

Patton dismissing his prisoners of war, they can go home - Eisenhower is furious and wants them in his camps


<As soon as the war was over, General George Patton simply turned his prisoners loose to fend for themselves and find their way home as best they could. Eisenhower was furious, and issued a specific order to Patton, to turn these men over to the DEF camps. Knowing Patton as we do from history, we know that these orders were largely ignored.> [web5]

Patton is defending NSDAP members from general propaganda
Patton wants to treat surrendering German soldiers as human beings and does not want any barbarism in the country after the war [web7]. Patton is defending the Germans against the order to dismiss all German officials only because they have a membership in the NSDAP party. He wants to dismiss German officials only when there are court decisions about infringements of law. Patton does not want to pursue SS members in a stronger way because during the last years of the war many Germans had been forced to be torn to the SS, and these forced Germans are not brutally created men principally [web3].

General Patton on a cover of
                  Life Magazine of January 1945
General Patton on a cover of Life Magazine of January 1945 [3]

Ambitious "American" military members want to see Germany suffer


"American" military members want to make career provoking conditions letting suffer Germany. But General Patton will never accept this destructive mentality. But other Generals want Patton to be also in the anti-German "camp". For example brigadier general Philip S. Gage writes Patton a letter with the recommendation, that also Patton should let suffer and starve the Germans and he should not be "soft":

"Of course I know that also your forces are limited but I really hope that wherever possible and whenever possible you will let suffer and starve the German population. For God's sake you should not be oft in this respect. For Germans nothing can be bad enough." [web3]
(orig. in German: „Natürlich weiß ich, daß selbst Ihre weitreichenden Kräfte begrenzt sind, aber ich hoffe doch sehr, daß, wo immer und wann immer Sie können, Sie die deutsche Bevölkerung leiden lassen werden. Um Himmels willen, werden Sie doch nicht weich in dieser Hinsicht. Für die kann nichts zu schlecht sein.“ [web3]

Patton about East European Jews coming as Displaced Persons into the "American" zone

There were over one million surviving Jews coming from Poland into the "American" zone searching housing, and they had the final goal for a further emigration. [This affects above all the "American" zone in Austria in Vienna and the town of Munich]. Patton is inspecting some of the DP camps. And these Jewish Displaced Persons (DPs) are not clean but are piling their garbage in rooms, and toilets are not used as toilets but they use the floor as latrines. [This is just the cultural difference: When they only had vegetable waste on the farms in Poland piling it and when there were no toilets on the farm, then they were piling vegetal waste also in the DP camps and they did not trust to any toilet. Perhaps next to the Jewish farm in Poland was also a "Christian" farm and the vegetal waste could be used for swines. But Jewish farmers had no swines because according to Tora swines are "impure"].

General Patton has to follow orders from Eisenhower privileging Jews from DP camps chasing Germans from their houses giving housing to the Jews who often could not handle a toilet [because there was none on the Polish farms yet] [web3].

Patton's logic thinking remarks the manipulation, but the Zionist culprits privileging all Jews he does not see The web site by News Group My News (Newsgruppe Meinews) writes:

<And in the diary he wrote: "Today we got the order that we have to give special housing to the Jews. When for Jews - why not also for Catholics, Mormons and so on? ... We also give the French some 100,000s prisoners of war for slavery in France. It's absolutely striking that we [white people in the "U.S.A."] were making the revolution for human rights [against England in 1776] and we made a civil war for the abrogation of slavery [in the "U.S.A." in 1864-1865], but now we gave up both principles."> [web28]
(orig. in German: <Und in sein Tagebuch schrieb er: “Heute bekamen wir Befehle, mit denen uns gesagt wurde, wir müssen den Juden spezielle Unterkünfte geben. Wenn für Juden – warum nicht für Katholiken, Mormonen und so weiter? …Wir übergeben den Franzosen auch mehrere Hunderttausend Kriegsgefangene zur Sklavenarbeit in Frankreich. Es ist belustigend, daß wir die Revolution zur Verteidigung der Menschenrechte und den Bürgerkrieg zur Abschaffung der Sklaverei ausfochten, und nun haben wir beide Grundsätze aufgegeben.”> [web28]
[Here one can see that General Patton has no idea about the connections of lodges and orders working in the background of the world with intrigues. The "U.S.A." are nothing more than a state dominated by lodges, and with the abrogation of slavery in 1865 slavery was not at all abrogated but was going on, not in irons and chains, but simply with famine wages and with discrimination in the "white towns" and with discrimination in the law].

Patton rejecting the destruction of German infrastructure - Germany should be strong against Communism
Patton is rejecting the orders of Zionist Eisenhower to blast production plants because Patton means that when the machinery is destroyed then the empty production halls could be used for the suffering population. Patton is also warning again and again that Germany's industries should not be destroyed otherwise Communism would spread over whole Europe being the next big enemy of the "U.S.A." because the Communists will exploit all weak points of the enemy. The Germans would be the only decent folk in Europe, and the "American" army in Germany is always more and more demoralized when they could see that Germany will loose it's strength and Gulag Communism would win more and more strength and whole Europe would be in danger already. Patton states clearly that the Germans would be the best folk of Europe and that one had destroyed the wrong state considering the behavior of the Communist soldiers with their mass shootings and mass violations. [The French] General Alphonse Juin was uttering just the same thing during a meeting with Patton in France mid of September [1945]. [web3]

July 21, 1945
Patton regrets that Berlin had been taken by the Red Army and that they had violated and murdered German women without end there

The web site "Newsgruppe Meinews" reports:

<After a visit in destroyed Berlin he wrote to his wife on July 21, 1945: "Berlin has put me over the edge. We destroyed it what could have been a good population and we are proceeding to replace them with wild Mongols. And whole Europe becomes communist. There are reports that in the first weeks after the Red Army had taken Berlin old women were shot in the streets, and when they were not shot then they were raped. I could have taken it [Berlin] in place of the Soviets when I had been permitted to do so."> [web28]

(orig. in German: <Nach einem Besuch im zerstörten Berlin schrieb er seiner Frau am 21. Juli 1945: “Berlin hat mir den Rest gegeben. Wir haben das zerstört, was ein gutes Volk hätte sein können und sind im Begriff, es mit mongolischen Wilden zu ersetzen. Und ganz Europa wird kommunistisch. Es heißt, daß in der ersten Woche, nachdem sie Berlin einnahmen, alle Frauen, die auf der Straße waren, erschossen und wenn nicht, vergewaltigt wurden. Ich hätte es anstelle der Sowjets nehmen können, wäre es mir erlaubt worden.”> [web28]

Patton in a jeep with his
Patton in a jeep with his dog [4]

August 1945
Patton's feeling of being abused by an unknown power is confirmed by French General Juin

Quotation of "Newsgruppe Meinews" and "Yahoo clever":

<The conviction that the politicians had abused him [Patton] and the U.S. Army for a criminal purpose was rising. When Patton had a common meal with the French General Alphonse Juin in August [1945] Patton was surprised that also the French were thinking like this. His diary entry from ... August is quoting General Juin: "Indeed it is a bad event, Mr. General, that the English and the Americans were destroying the only decent folk in Europe - and I don't mean France with this. Therefore the way is free now for coming Russian Communism."> [web28, web29]
(orig. in German: <Die Überzeugung, daß die Politiker ihn [Patton] und die US Army zu einem kriminellen Zweck gebraucht hatten, wuchs.Bei einem Essen mit dem französischen General Alphonse Juin im August [1945] war Patton überrascht, den Franzosen in Übereinstimmung mit sich zu finden. Sein Tagebucheintrag vom ... August zitiert General Juin: "Es ist in der Tat ein Unglück, mon Général, daß die Engländer und die Amerikaner das einzige anständige Volk in Europa vernichtet haben – und ich meine nicht Frankreich. Deshalb ist der Weg nun offen für das Kommen des russischen Kommunismus."> [web28, web29]

General Patton in a jeep
                  somewhere in Germany
General Patton in a jeep somewhere in Germany [5]

August 31, 1945
Patton cannot be with Russians

The web site "Newsgruppe Meinews" reports:

<On August 31, [1945] he [Patton] writes to his wife: "In fact the Germans are the only decent folk which exists in Europe yet. There is the choice between them and the Russians. I like more the Germans."> [web28]
(orig. in German: <Am 31. August [1945] schrieb er [Patton] an seine Frau: “Tatsächlich sind die Deutschen das einzig anständige Volk, das es in Europa noch gibt. Es bleibt die Wahl zwischen ihnen und den Russen. Mir sind die Deutschen lieber.” > [web28]

September 2, 1945
Patton regretting that Germany will be destroyed and Gulag "Soviet Union" will take whole Europe
<And on September 2 [Patton writes to his wife]: "What we do is the destruction of the only half modern state in Europe thus Russia can take all."> [web28]
(orig. in German: <Und am 2. September [schrieb Patton an seine Frau]: “Was wir tun, ist die Zerstörung des einzigen halbmodernen Staates in Europa, sodaß Rußland das Ganze schlucken kann.”> [web28]

September 14, 1945
Patton is privately against the dispatch of prisoners of war where they only die
<On September 14, 1945, he said to his wife: "Openly speaking I am against these maneuvers with war crimes. It's not decent and it's semitic. I also reject to dispatch prisoners of war as slaves to other countries where they will only die by hunger."> [web28]
(orig. in German: <Am 14. September 1945 sagte er zu seiner Frau: "Ich stelle mich offen gesagt gegen dieses Zeug mit den Kriegsverbrechern. Es ist nicht anständig und es ist semitisch. Ich bin auch dagegen, Kriegsgefangene als Arbeitssklaven in andere Länder zu schicken, wo man viele verhungern lassen wird."> [web28]

September 1945: Patton is transferred
Patton rejects consequently to accept the racist Zionist line of Eisenhower and Morgenthau:
-- Patton is not organizing a propaganda chase "against Nazis" [web3]
-- Patton is not performing barbaric mass murders against Germans [web7] and
-- Patton rejects to convert Germany into an agrarian state as the racist Zionist Jews under Morgenthau want [web3]
-- and Patton knew about the death camps of Eisenhower and could discover anything at any moment [web7].

Therefore General Patton is attacked in the "American" press [web3] which is steered by the criminal racist Zionists with monopolies [web7]. Eisenhower is transferring Patton in September 1945 and Patton is only commander of the 15th army now [web3].

In other words (here the German Wikipedia's article about Patton):

<After Patton had called NSDAP on September 22, 1945, a "normal party" and had comparing it with US "American" parties [where was dominating just the same racism and the same war philosophy], then Patton had to leave the command of his 3d US Army and was transferred to the 15th Army in Bad Nauheim [North of Francfort].> [web27]
(orig. in German: <Nachdem Patton am 22. September 1945 die NSDAP als „normale Partei“ bezeichnet und mit den US-amerikanischen Parteien verglichen hatte [wo genau derselbe Rassismus und dieselbe Kriegs-Ideologie herrscht], wurde er durch Eisenhower von seinem Kommando über die 3. US-Armee abgelöst. Er wurde danach zur 15. Armee in Bad Nauheim [nördlich von Frankfurt] versetzt.> [web27]
[Patton had recognized: NSDAP was not more nor less racist than the whole criminal "U.S.A." in the 1940s and 1950s being racist against black people and against natives. And Eisenhower - was an absolute Bible Jehova racist].

Patton wanted to push back the Soviets
General Patton waned to push back the Soviets, and according to some reports he was preparing German troops for fights to push back the Soviets [web5]:

The web site "Zionist Butcher Eisenhower's German Genocide" states:

<Patton was keen to fight the Soviets, and reportedly kept some German units prepared to move against the Soviets...> [web5]

Other web site "Yahoo clever" even means:

<Patton could anticipate the cold war with the Russians and he wanted to chase back the Red Army back to the Ural Mountains. British Monti did not do it because he was too narcissistic.> [web19]
(orig. in German: <Patton sah den Kalten Krieg mit den Russen voraus und wollte die rote Armee über den Ural zurückjagen. Der Brite Monti hat's in seiner Selbstverliebtheit versaut.> [web29]

[And now Patton made a huge mistake. Instead to flee to England telling the truth there about Eisenhower's death camps he remains in Germany where Eisenhower is controlling him].

October 1945
Mass murder in the Rhine meadow camps is going on
Mass murder in the Rhine meadow camps under Eisenhower is going on yet, and since August 1945 all remaining German prisoners of war are without any rights being degraded to Disarmed Enemy Forces [web5].

October 1945 appr.
Patton in private is against Eisenhower's occupation regime

The web site "Newsgruppe Meinews" reports:

<In another letter to his wife he remarks: "I was at a conference of the military government in Frankfurt. When this what we do with the Germans, should be freedom, then give me the death."> [web28]
(orig. in German: <In einem weiteren Brief an seine Frau vermerkte er: "Ich bin zu einer Konferenz der Militärregierung in Frankfurt gewesen. Wenn das, was wir den Deutschen antun, Freiheit ist, dann gebt mir den Tod."> [web28]

November 1945
Eisenhower is called back to the"U.S.A." - the "American" press celebrating mass murderer Eisenhower
Eisenhower is becoming Chief of Staff of the Army, CSA, and is representing "the demands of the US Army in the Joint Chiefs of Staff" [web1].

Eisenhower is called back to the "U.S.A." German Zionist newspaper "Spiegel" ("General for Life" (orig. in German: General auf Lebenszeit, Spiegel, Feb 2,1948) celebrates him also writing that he comes with

<36 decorations, one sword with 194 pearls and 46 tourmalines, a present from queen Wilhelmina from the Netherlands, with a sword from Napoleon given from de Gaulle, and with a huge experience in military, economy and foreign policy.> [web20]

(orig. in German: <36 Orden, ein Säbel mit 194 Perlen und 46 Turmalinen von Königin Wilhelmina der Niederlande, der Degen Napoleons von de Gaulle und eine Riesenmenge Erfahrungen militärischer, wirtschaftlicher und außenpolitischer Art.> [web20]

Already in November 1945 Eisenhower is offered presidency of the "U.S.A." but he rejects. Spiegel writes in 1948:

<Already during the last weeks of his strategic work Ike had best chances becoming a President of the United States. But he did not want. He indicated that other General William T. Sherman also rejected presidency when the Republican Party wanted him as a President in 1884: "When I will be nominated then I will not accept. When I will be elected I will not work."> [web20]

(orig. in German: <Noch in den letzten Wochen seiner strategischen Arbeit hatte Ike die besten Chancen, Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten zu werden. Aber er wollte nicht. Er verwies auf seinen Generalskollegen William T. Sherman, den die republikanische Partei 1884 zum Präsidenten machen wollte: "Wenn ich nominiert werde, werde ich nicht annehmen. Wenn ich gewählt werde, werde ich nicht arbeiten".> [web20]

Lieutenant Colonel "Jack" Mohr is recognizing the manipulation by the Zionist press in the "U.S.A." celebrating a mass murderer and is stating it like this:

<Eisenhower returned to the States, made a hero by the controlled prostitute press of America, and his popularity from a populace he had betrayed, was such that he became the 34th President of the United States in 1953. Eisenhower was quoted at lie war's end as saying: ''I hate war as only a soldier who has lived through it can only as one who has seen it's brutality, it's futility, it's Stupidity" But he did not hate it as much as he hated Germans, and he took a terrible Jewish revenge on over a million surrendered German soldiers and civilians when the war ended. Praised by the media and the ''kept'' historians, this man was directly responsible for one of the most reprehensible acts in the history of civilized warfare. One which should put him in the same class with Attila the Hun and other barbarians.>) [Lt. Col. Mohr, web23]

And for General Patton his return to the "U.S.A." was foreseen for December 10, 1945 [web4].

But one day before the return home there is an "accident":

December 9, 1945: Patton suffering a car accident in Mannheim at a railroad crossing - death or murder in the hospital

Are these photos of the accident right or not? More material should be in the German National Archives in Koblenz.

The accident damaged car of General Patton in
                  December 1945  a model of
                  Patton's limousine in a museum  the
                  accident damaged car of General Patton in December
                  1945 02
The accident damaged car of General Patton in December 1945 [6] - a model of Patton's limousine in a museum [7] - the accident damaged car of General Patton in December 1945 02 [8]

Only General Patton should have been injured heavily in this accident, and all other people in the limousine should only have suffered light injuries. This seems impossible!

German Wikipedia states on it's web site about Patton:

<On December 9, 1945, one day before the projected return to the "U.S.A." the general was together with his Chief of Staff, General Major Hobart R. "Hap" Gay on the way for a pheasant shooting. Around 11:45 hours the car, a Cadillac Model 75, with the private (PFC) driver Horace Woodring, had an accident on a railroad crossing in Mannheim-Käfertal District with an American lorry with the driver Technical Sergeant Robert L. Thompson, a frontal crash. General Gay and the driver were not hurt, but Patton suffered a cervical fracture with a paraplegia. It can be submitted that he was hitting the inner wall in the car. He died on December 21, 1945 in the Heidelberg Military Hospital because of a pulmonary embolism.> [web4]

(orig. in German: <Am 9. Dezember 1945, einen Tag vor seiner geplanten Rückkehr in die USA, begab sich der General gemeinsam mit seinem Chef des Stabes, Generalmajor Hobart R. „Hap“ Gay auf Fasanenjagd. Gegen 11:45 Uhr stieß der Wagen, ein Cadillac Model 75, gefahren von PFC Horace Woodring, auf einem Bahnübergang in Mannheim-Käfertal mit einem amerikanischen Lastkraftwagen, am Steuer der Technical Sergeant Robert L. Thompson, frontal zusammen. Während General Gay und der Fahrer unverletzt blieben, erlitt Patton einen Halswirbelbruch mit einer Querschnittlähmung, vermutlich weil er auf die Trennwand im Wagen aufschlug. Er starb am 21. Dezember 1945 im Heidelberger Militärhospital infolge einer Lungenembolie. > [web4]
[Until today there is no investigation of the dead body. It could be stated fast if there had been any cervical fracture or not. An investigation of murder with Patton's body did NOT take place until today. Another possibility would be that Patton was sitting on the side and the other ones were sitting in normal positions looking forward and when the accident came Patton was hitting the wall in the car by his side. All those investigations are missing or documents probably can be investigated in the National Archives in Koblenz].

Thesis: Patton was murdered

Book by Robert K. Wilcox:
                  "Target Patton" with the thesis that Patton
                  had been murdered
Book by Robert K. Wilcox: "Target Patton" with the thesis that Patton had been murdered [9]

According to other sources this curious accident was provoked deliberately for eliminating Patton [web3] [who was a confidant about the mass murder against the Germans]. There is the suggestion that Patton knew too much about Eisenhower's death camps. Quotation from the web site from rense.com:

"It may well be that Patton’s untimely and curious death may have been a result of what he knew about these wretched Eisenhower DEF camps." [web5].

<Unsurprisingly he was killed - after the war - in a 'car crash', just like Lawrence of Arabia was conveniently bumped off, in a similar manner, for his 'pro-fascist' views.> [web5]

                    headlines of San Francisco Examiner: Patton
                    "suffers Spinal Injury"
Zionist headlines of San Francisco Examiner: Patton "suffers Spinal Injury" [10]

Other rumors say that Patton was only hurt lightly but then was killed in the hospital. Pete means (in: Richard Eastman; In: Unmasking 'IKE' - The Terrible Swedish Jew):

Andere Gerüchte besagen, Patton sei beim Unfall nur leicht verletzt worden, aber dann im Spital getötet worden.
Pete meint (In: Richard Eastman; in: Unmasking 'IKE' - The Terrible Swedish Jew):

<I am in total accord with your belief that 'Ike' had General Patton 'offed'.. as I recall, Patton's jeep at the end of the war was involved in a minor accident, in which the General sustained a minor injury... after being transferred to a military care center, he mysteriously died while in the care of the medicine men..  Hmmmn.. was he poisoned??  Eisenhower ordered the assassination of Gen. Patton - I'm certain.>) [web11]

[Thesis: The spine was broken in the hospital - secret Zionist commandoes
When Patton only had a light injury and was brought to the military hospital in Heidelberg because of this then in the hospital his spine was broken by Zionist secret command and then the broken spine was reported and then he was poisoned as a paralyzed baby by the hospital staff. And then one could invent all causes of the death in the documents. This is just a normal method for eliminating persons and for concealing murders. It can be admitted that the Zionists were bribing and intimidating the hospital for the execution of this maneuver. And one can imagine who was the commander of the secret Zionist commands in remaining Germany: Eisenhower, Morgenthau, Baruch etc.].

Book by Ladislas Farago:
                  "The Last Days of Patton"
Book by Ladislas Farago: "The Last Days of Patton" [11]

Zionist Book by Michael Elkins
                          "Forged in Fury" about criminal
                          Zionist commandoes in Germany after 1945

Zionist Book by Michael Elkins "Forged in Fury" about criminal Zionist commandoes in Germany after 1945 [18]

Criminal Zionists believed at the end that their own lies against Germany would be true. Brain washing was not executed yet because they are also censoring the media world wide - yet...
At this time Jewish Zionist revenge commandos were indeed performing terrorism in post-war remaining Germany, and they could have chosen Patton as a "target". The web site of "News Group My News" (Newsgruppe Meinews) writes:

<One has to consider that at this time of the accident Jewish "revenge" commandos were terrorizing Germany murdering disagreeable persons. In 1971 the Israelite BBC correspondence Michael Elkins describes this in his book "Forget in Fury". He is describing the Zionist terrorism referring to statements of the criminals: "Wherever it was necessary and useful the attacks were arranged with the result that it was looking like an accident, like a natural death, or like a suicide."> [web28]
(orig. in German: <Man bedenke, daß zur Zeit des Unfalls jüdische "Rächer"-Kommandos durch Deutschland zogen, um unliebsame Personen zu ermorden. Der israelische BBC-Korrespondent Michael Elkins schrieb dazu 1971 das Buch "Forget in Fury". Unter Berufung auf die Aussagen der Täter hieß es dort: "Wo immer es nötig und nützlich war, wurden die Anschläge so arrangiert, daß es nach einem Unfall, einem natürlichen Tod oder nach Selbstmord aussah.">) [web28]

Burial of Patton

Patton's burial is on December 24, 1945, in Luxembourg where members of his army are buried at <Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial in Hamm, Luxembourg alongside other wartime casualties of the Third Army, per his request to "be buried with my men."> (Wikipedia: Patton, [web36])

The memorial cemetery is in Hamm in Luxembourg, 50 Val du Scheid, L-2517, Luxembourg [web37]. Sometimes the hedge is red, but mostly green.

The grave of General Patton in Luxembourg
Burial of General Patton on December 24,
                          1945, in Luxemburg
Burial of General Patton on December 24, 1945, in Luxembourg [12]
General Patton's first grave in
General Patton's first grave in Luxembourg [13]

Then there was a reconstruction on this "American" military cemetery in Luxembourg as it seems and since then the grave and it's surroundings are like this:

                          of General Patton in Luxemburg on the
                          "American" military cemetery
Grave of General Patton in Luxembourg on the "American" military cemetery [14]
                          stone of the grave of General Patton in
                          Luxemburg with a green hedge
Gave stone of the grave of General Patton in Luxembourg with a green hedge [15]

Gavestone of the grave of General
                          Patton in Luxemburg with a red hedge with red
Gravestone of the grave of General Patton in Luxembourg with a red hedge with red berries [16]

An investigation of Patton's body investigating the real cause of death is missing!!!

General Patton got an own museum at Fort Knox in [the ethnic cleansed Federal State of] Kentucky: http://www.generalpatton.org

Patton-Museum in Fort Knox
                  in Kentucky
Patton-Museum in Fort Knox in Kentucky [17]

Investigation of the death of Patton with it's dead body is missing!

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[web1] Wikipedia: Eisenhower: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dwight_D._Eisenhower
Zionist Butcher Eisenhower’s German Genocide:
[web3] Patton: http://de.metapedia.org/wiki/Patton,_George_Smith

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<Most of the information in this article came from the March 1990, CANADIAN INTELLIGENCE SERVICE.>
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