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Racist mass murderer and war criminal Eisenhower. Chronology 04

Part 4: Zionist press conceals Eisenhower's mass murders making him a "President" - truth about mass murderer Eisenhower since 1989

Part 4: biography "Crusade in Europe" 1948 not mentioning the death camps and concealing the Zionist lies about a mass murder against Jews in Germany -- first reports about Eisenhower's death camps in 1950 -- "President" of the "U.S.A." 1953 -- Jehovah racism is concealed -- book "Armageddon" -- book "The Politician" 1964 -- biographer Ambrose detecting the hatred against Germans with Eisenhower -- death in 1969 -- investigation about mass murderer Eisenhower is pointedly blocked -- book "Other Losses" in 1989 -- criminal "U.S.A." must be torn to a war tribunal

Eisenhower's autobiography: Crusade in Europe,
                from 1948  mass murderer
                Eisenhower at his oath for presidency on January 20,
                1953  burial
                ceremony for mass murderer Eisenhower at Capitol on
                March 31, 1969  James Bacque,
                book "Other Losses" of 1989
Eisenhower's biography "Crusade in Europe" from 1948 is concealing more than it is reporting [5] - mass murderer Eisenhower at his oath for presidency on January 20, 1953 [8] - burial ceremony for mass murderer Eisenhower at Capitol on March 31, 1969 [15] - James Bacque, book "Other Losses" of 1989 with the enlightenment about the mass murders of Eisenhower in the Rhine meadow camps in Europe of 1945 [19]


by Michael Palomino (2013)

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Part 4: Zionist press conceals Eisenhower's mass murders making him a "President" - truth about mass murderer Eisenhower since 1989

Eisenhowers mass murders 1943-1950: war prolongation, German towns, Rhine meadow camps, post-war Germany in starvation

After 1945 Zionist press in the world is celebrating mass murderer Eisenhower as the big "winner" in Europe and is concealing his massacres and mass murderers respectively
-- is concealing his mass murder strategies with the systematic prolongation of the war in Europe (waiting for the atomic bomb against Germany)
-- is concealing his mass murder strategies with the superfluous destruction of towns with fire storms and Holocausts against Germans
-- is concealing the mass murder against 1 to 1.5 million German soldiers in the Rhine meadow camps
-- is concealing the mass murder against 5 million Germans of the German civil population and German refugees which is provoked DELIBERATELY by starvation in remaining Germany from 1945 to 1950
-- is concealing the mass murder of another 2 to 3 million German refugees which never reached remaining Germany and were murdered on the way or on the spot where the were
-- and is concealing the photo fakes and the film fakes where emaciated Germans and German dead bodies from the Rhine meadow camps are called "Jews" pretending a mass murder of millions against the Jews in German concentration camps and committing a giant calumny against Germany whereas German concentration camps were under the control of the Red Cross AND of the Zionists and were always well controlled and only since February 1945 in the last ccs were heavy situations. To the contrary the German concentracion camps were important for the war and the detainees received partly more food than the German civil population, and the population knew about.

To the contrary Eisenhower is cheered as a "hero" in the "U.S.A." now thus he gets offers for being a President in 1947 already.

And President Truman was allegedly bribed by the Zionists with 2 million "U.S."-Dollars (worth in 2013 about 30 million Dollars) permitting a "Jewish State" in Palestine, and Bernadotte was murdered. Zionist terrorism is beginning spreading in Asia. When Zionist Israel with racist Zionist dictator Ben Gurion decided to go with the CIA of the "U.S.A." for being a "satellite" of the "Western World" in Asia Stalin is once more feeling encircled and is shutting down the Iron Curtain for Jews - and remained shut until 1986 and all Jews in the Gulag "Soviet Union" are russified by discrimination in the job (see: Benjamin Pinkus: The Soviet Government and the Jews).

End of 1945
Eisenhower and the French commands with 1 million murdered Germans in the Rhine meadow camps appr. - biggest war crime of "American history"

The web site "Unmasking IKE" says:

<"Starting in April 1945, the United States Army and the French Army casually annihilated one million [German] men, most of them in American camps . . . Eisenhower's hatred, passed through the lens of a compliant military bureaucracy, produced the horror of death camps unequaled by anything in American history . . . an enormous war crime.".Eisenhower's Death Camps.. a U.S. Prison guard's story..http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/article.asp?ID=135> [web13]

Not only this: There are faked photos and faked films by Mr. Hitchcock - Zionist calumny against Germany claiming a murder of millions of Jews
-- Zionist Eisenhower claims on and on that in the German concentration camps which are controlled by the Red Cross and by the Zionists had been a mass murder with "gas" against the Jews

-- Zionist and mass murder Eisenhower is giving the order to film maker Hitchcock to produce films showing the mass murder of millions of Jews so all the world should believe the big lie

-- Hitchcock took some photos and some films from the Rhine meadow camps and mixed this with photos and films from the German concentration camps with the real Jews in a way thus nobody got aware that the emaciated persons and that the piles of bodies on the photos and in the films are not Jews but Germans, and deputies from London and Paris and from other allied towns are coming and are believing this lie without knowing anything about the Rhine meadow camps

-- piles of German bodies from the Rhine meadow camps are transported on trailers to German concentration camps and are presented there as Jewish bodies, and the occupation forces force the SS men or force German local population to take the bodies into the prepared mass grave - but the bodies are clean, were never buried before, have NO tattooed number from German concentration camps, and have NO striped uniforms of German concentration camps - thus the bodies are NOT Jews coming from German camps - but the bodies are Germans from the "American" Rhine meadow camps...

-- and in this way all is prepared for a giant calumny against Germany at the Nuremberg Process "hosing" Germany, and at the same time mass murder by starvation is going on which is deliberately organized by the criminal allies lead by criminal Zionists in remaining Germany.

Bergen-Belsen, mass grave
                  with a wrong telling-off with German bodies
Bergen-Belsen, mass grave with a wrong telling-off with German bodies [1]
from the Hitchcock film with the wrong title: "An Alfred Hitchcock Documentary On The Nazi Holocaust"

Eisenhower pretending to be naive giving statements for peace
The German Zionist review "Der Spiegel" is presenting Eisenhower in an article "General auf Lebenszeit" from 1948 describing the following:

It seems that Eisenhower means that when there are no Nazis any more then would be peace in the world. It seems that he does not know about the Zionist manipulations in the world or he is pretending not knowing anything about it when he says: "The day will come when soldiers and generals like me are superfluous. I am happy to loose my work." [web20]
(orig. in German: "Der Tag wird bald kommen, an dem Soldaten und Generale wie ich überflüssig sind. Ich freue mich darauf, arbeitslos zu werden." [web20]

September 11, 1946
News about the death of Eisenhower's mother Ida

News about the death of
                  Eisenhower's mother Ida of September 11, 1946
News about the death of Eisenhower's mother Ida of September 11, 1946 [2]
The first offer for a presidency
President Truman recommends Eisenhower being a candidate for President in the political party of the Democrats in the case when Douglas MacArthur would be a candidate for the Republicans. Truman would have liked to be Eisenhower's vice president because Eisenhower was much more popular in the "American" population than Truman. But Eisenhower is rejecting the offer [web1].
Mass murderer Eisenhower,
                  portrait of 1947 [3], should be a
                  "President" of the "U.S.A." when
                  the mass murder in remaining Germany was going on
Mass murderer Eisenhower, portrait of 1947 [3], should be a "President" of the "U.S.A." when the mass murder in remaining Germany was going on yet!!!

Eisenhower is eliminating himself from the list of candidates for presidency - member of the "Society of Holies and Sinners"

German Zionist review Spiegel writes in his article "General for Life" (General auf Lebenszeit) on February 14, 1948:

<Ike was being listed as a candidate anyway. A Gallup poll [from the enterprise of "Gallup"] was revealing that 35 per cent of the "American" voters [only whites until 1968!] would be for Ike. He accepted this with a smile and was canceling himself from the list of candidates.

Ike Eisenhower was never so popular as now. It was impressing for the "Americans" that he did not want to take the offered power position. Eisenhower was even warning from the tendency to install generals or admirals in civil positions.

But he was ready to be a member in the "Society of Holies and Sinners" (orig. German: Gesellschaft der Heiligen und Sünder"). Ike was meeting "Americans" of the upper class here and was not even defending himself from the nickname "rabble-rouser".> [web20]

(orig. in German: <Ike wurde trotzdem Kandidat wider Willen. Ein Gallup-Poll [Umfrage der Firma "Gallup"] offenbarte, daß 35 Prozent der amerikanischen Wähler für Ike waren. Er nahm es schmunzelnd zur Kenntnis und strich sich von der Kandidatenliste.

Ike Eisenhower war noch nie so beliebt wie jetzt. Es hat den Amerikanern imponiert, daß er nicht nach der gebotenen Machtposition gegriffen hat. Eisenhower warnte vielmehr vor dem Hang, Generale oder Admirale mit zivilen Aufgaben zu betrauen.

Größere Bereitschaft zeigte er, als die "Gesellschaft der Heiligen und Sünder" um seine Mitgliedschaft warb. Ike trat dem Verein hochstehender bekannter Amerikaner bei und wehrte sich nicht einmal gegen seinen Vereinsnamen "Rattenfänger".>) [web20]
And in the States the whole mass murder of the Rhine meadow camps and the provoked hunger in Germany are concealed and Eisenhower is feeling even well with it...

Destruction of documents about the Rhine meadow camps - 1.7 million missed German soldiers - western allied blaming Gulag "Soviet Union"

Criminal western Allies know why they are destroying the documents about the Rhine meadow camps. Lieutenant Colonel "Jack" Mohr reports:

<1947 - 1950's: Nearly all the surviving records of the Rhineland death camps were destroyed. The West German government concluded that 1.7-million German soldiers were alive at the wars' end, and who were known to have been in fair health, and disappeared. The Western Allies pinned virtually all the blame on the Soviets.> [Lt. Col. Mohr, web23]

1948: Eisenhower is a "war criminal of epic dimensions": Rhine meadow camps and post-war era provoking a mass death by starvation of 5 to 6 million killed Germans 1945-1950

Eisenhower was provoking misery everywhere:
                  Here are German refugees with handcarts in bombed
                  Berlin in 1945
Eisenhower was provoking misery everywhere: Here are German refugees with handcarts in bombed Berlin in 1945 [4]

Journalist Worthington says clearly what kind of mass murder Mr. Eisenhower is:

<The book, OTHER LOSSES, found its way a few months ago into the hands of a Canadian news reporter, Peter Worthington, of the OTTAWA SUN. He did his own research through contacts he had in Canada, and reported in his column on September 12,1989 the following, in part:

“…it is hard to escape the conclusion that Dwight Eisenhower was a war criminal of epic proportions. His (DEF) policy killed more Germans in peace than were killed in the European Theater. [...] For years we have blamed the 1.7 million missing German POW’s on the Russians. Until now, no one dug too deeply … Witnesses and survivors have been interviewed by the author; one Allied officer compared the American camps to Buchenwald.”> [web5].

And the other book of James Bacque "Crimes and Mercies" about the post-war era in remaining Germany in general is coming to the same result as the documents of the Russian Secret Archives in Moscow show: There are 1.7 million German soldiers missed, and 1.3 million of them must have died on the western Allied side. But on the Russian side where every prisoner of war has got an own file are only 423,618 German prisoners of war registered as "missed".


<Kapitän zur See W.P. Galizkij aus Moskau hat über 15 Jahre in vielen Archiven der UdSSR und Russlands herumgestöbert, nicht nur in der Hauptstadt, sondern auch weit davon entfernt, um seine Diplomarbeit über die deutschen Kriegsgefangenen zu schreiben. Er zog aus seinen Nachforschungen den Schluss, dass zwischen dem 22. Juni 1941 und dem 9. September 1945 2.389.560 deutsche Soldaten gefangengenommen wurden. Von diesen starben, den NKWD-Akten in Moskau zufolge, 356.687.

60) Kaschirin: "Sprawka"; Und: Bulanow-Bericht

Des weiteren wurden 271.672 Zivilisten, sogenannte "internirowannije" (Internierte), registriert, von denen 66.481 umkamen. Somit starben 423.168 Deutsche, die übrigen wurden entlassen.

61) Interview mit W.P. Galizkij, Moskau, Mai 1993. Andere Berichte in den Archiven, namentlich die von Bulanow und Kruglow, nennen andere Zahlen. Bulanow berichtet von 356.687 Toten im Zeitraum "1941 bis 1945", eine Ungenauigkeit der Datierung, die Zweifel an seiner Vertrauenswürdigkeit aufkommen lässt (Bericht des Leiters der Abteilung Gefängnisse des NKWD, datiert vom 28. April 1956, im ZSSA [Zentrales Staats-Sonderarchiv, Moskau]). Bulanow könnte jedoch recht haben, denn andere MWD-Zahlen zeigen, dass sich der grösste Teil der Todesfälle unter den Gefangenen vor Ende 1945 ereignete. Das heisst, es ist durchaus denkbar, dass die restlichen 94.000 Todesfälle zwischen 1945 und dem Ende der Kriegsgefangenschaft um 1952 eintraten. Dies entspräche einer Nachkriegs-Sterberate von insgesamt etwa 10 Prozent, was der Sterberate unter den japanischen Kriegsgefangenen im gleichen Zeitraum sehr nahekommt.

Der Kruglow-Bericht zum Stichtag 30. Dezember 1945 nennt keine direkte Sterbeziffer, sondern lediglich "Entlassen und weitere Abgänge 1.127.269" mit einer Anmerkung, dass die Zahl der Entlassenen 950.514 betrug. Dies würde bedeuten, dass bis zum 30. Dezember 1945 lediglich 176.755 Gefangene umgekommen waren, eine völlig unglaubhafte Zahl. Kruglows Angabe von 2.685.469 europäischen Kriegsgefangenen zum Stichtag 1. Juli 1945 ist so weit von Stalins eigenen Angaben von 3,5 Millionen zum Stichtag 25. Mai 1945 entfernt, dass ihr kaum Glauben zu schenken ist.

Andrej Kaschirin, Militärhistoriker der Russischen Armee, kam ebenfalls zu dem Ergebnis, dass diese Zahlen aus dem ZSSA-Archiv [Moskau] generell zutreffend sind. Auch er kommt auf eine Gesamtzahl von 423.168 Toten.> (James Bacque: Verschwiegene Schuld, S.96)

<Captain on sea W.P. Galizkij from Moscow was searching in many archives of [Gulag] Soviet Union and of Russia, not only in the capital, but also far away, getting his diploma thesis about German prisoners of war. He concluded at the end that between June 22, 1941, and September 9, 1945 there were 2.389,560 German soldiers taken prison. And according to the documents of NKWD in Moscow were dying 356,687 of them.

60) Kaschirin: "Sprawka"; And: Bulanow Report

There were also 271,672 civilists, so called "internirowannije" (interned people) with 66,481 deads. Thus there were 423,168 German deads and the rest was released.

61) Interview with W.P. Galizkij, Moscow, May 1993. Other reports in the archives, above all the reports by Bulanow and Kruglow, show other numbers. Bulanow reports about 356,687 deads between "1941 and 1945", little bit not so precise thus some doubts can be with this report (report of the headmaster of the prison department of the NKWD, dated on April 28, 1956, in ZSSA [Central State's Special Archives, Moscow]). But Bulanow could be right because other MWD figures show that the biggest part of the deads under the prisoners of war was happening before the end of 1945. That means it is really probable that the remaining 94,000 deads were occurring between 1945 and the end of the war captivity of 1952. This would correspond to a post-war death rate of all in all 10 per cent, and this is almost the same as in the Japanese prisoner of war camps during the same time.

Kruglow report is not mentioning a special death rate for December 30, 1945, but is only reporting "dismissals and other persons left: 1.127,269" with the remark that the number of dismissed people was 950,514. This would mean that until December 30, 1945 only 176,755 prisoners had died, and this seems to be absolutely incredible. Kruglow's indication of 2.685,469 European prisoners of war on July 1, 1945 is so far from Stalin's own indication of 3.5 million of May 25, 1945 that it can hardly believed.

Andrej Kaschirin, military historian of the Russian Army, also got the result that the numbers of the ZSSA archives [Moscow] are right in general. Also he gets a total of deads of 423,168.> (see: James Bacque: Crimes and Mercies, p.96 appr.)

The offer of Columbia University (in New York) being headmaster of a university
When Eisenhower is offered this position, he first asks his brother, Dr. Milton Eisenhower if he should do that job. Quotation:

<Before accepting this offer the athletically built professional soldier [Eisenhower] he asked his brother for an advice, Dr. Milton Eisenhower, an assistant headmaster of the War Information Board. The answer came by cable: "Take it. Big part of peace problems after this war is basing on the principles of American schools." [web20]

(orig. German: "Nimm es. Ein großer Teil der Friedensprobleme nach diesem Kriege beruht auf den Prinzipien der amerikanischen Schulen".> [web20]

Eisenhower leaving his post to General Chief of Staff of the "U.S." Army Omar Bradley
Bradley says traditionally only "I do". And Eisenhower says: "With these words you have a job." Eisenhower becomes a civilist. The ceremony is only 3 minutes long.
-- at the same time Eisenhower means he would always be "ready": "I will always be ready to follow the call of the government fulfilling military duties"
(orig. German: "Ich halte mich ständig bereit, einem Ruf der Regierung zu militärischen Pflichten zu folgen")
-- to friends he is stating: "In the meantime we can go fishing". This is a traditional compensation sport for political and military "U.S." leaders.
-- at the same time Eisenhower wants to write his memoirs which are awaited by many "Americans" and these memoirs should be ready before beginning his new job as a President of Columbia University with 25,000 students [web20].

Eisenhower's pension as a general is 15,000 "U.S." Dollars per year - and as a President 25,000 "U.S." Dollars per year.


<Former General Chief of Staff is financially better now than all the 36 years before during his military service. Congress is saving him a rent for life for a Five Stars General with a yearly fee of 15,000 Dollars. And there is the second salary of the university with an estimated 25,000 Dollars per year. "This is the chance of my life saving the livelihood of my family. A soldier is leaving his army as poor as he entered it."> [web20]
(orig. in German: <Der Ex-Generalstabschef wird sich finanziell besser stehen als in den ganzen 36 Jahren seines Militärdienstes. Der Kongreß sicherte seinem bewährten Fünf-Sterne-General auf Lebenszeit ein Jahreseinkommen von 15000 Dollar zu. Dazu das Gehalt der Universität, das auf 25000 Dollar jährlich geschätzt wird. "Das ist die Chance in meinem Leben, den Unterhalt meiner Familie zu sichern. Ein Soldat verläßt die Armee so arm, wie er in sie eingetreten ist.">) [web20]

Mass murderer Eisenhower taking the presidency of Columbia University
[web1, web21].

<Although he had no academic background, Eisenhower was made president of Columbia University in 1948. He [also] joined the Council on Foreign Relations.> [web18]

1948: Eisenhower's autobiography "Crusade in Europe"

Already in 1948 mass murderer Eisenhower is presenting his censored autobiography "Crusade in Europe" [web44]. The title is one more time an absolute indication that Eisenhower is considering himself as a "Christ" rating "the Germans" as "anti-Christs" when he names his mission of murders and lies against Germany a "Crusade".

Eisenhower's autobiography: Crusade in
                          Europe, from 1948
Eisenhower's autobiography: Crusade in Europe, from 1948 [5]
Eisenhower autobiography in German:
                          Kreuzzug in Europa, from 1948
Eisenhower autobiography in German: Kreuzzug in Europa, from 1948 [6]

In this autobiography mass murderer Eisenhower is concealing systematically
-- his mass murder by prolonging the war with a round in Africa destroying all German towns for nothing and waiting for the atomic bomb
-- his mass murder in his Rhine meadow camps
-- his mass murder organizing the starvation and death by hanger in remaining post-war Germany above all against the German refugees and this mass murder was even going on yet in 1948 (!!!)

But Eisenhower does not mention either any mass murder of the Jews in German concentration camps!

Quotation from the web site "morbus ignorantia" online with the title "An Alternative Scenario of the Holocaust" (Ein alternatives Szenario des Holocaust):

<[From 1943 to 1946] Eisenhower was speaking much about the [mostly invented] mass death by hunger of Jewish detainees, but when it had been time to put this down in his diary he did not say anything, and in his book "Crusade in Europe" there no indication about this Holocaust [against the Jews]. In 1945 I was 10 years old and I don't remember having seen about the Holocaust, but I can remember having seen the Eisenhower film. George Patton was not mentioning the Holocaust either, but he died by a strange accident at the end of the war [in December 1945]. He was sharply criticized having accepted Germans in responsible positions because they were competent and former party membership was not important for him. The theme of Holocaust was beginning to be presented since the 1970 with full force when important persons from Second World War had died and could not be asked any more.> [web45]
(orig. in German: <[Von 1943 bis 1946] machte Eisenhower aus dem [meist erfundenen] Hungertod von jüdischen Häftlingen ein großes Thema, doch als es an der Zeit war, in seinem Tagebuch über den Holocaust zu schreiben, sagte er nichts, und in seinem Buch „Kreuzzug in Europa“ wird der Holocaust [an den Juden] nicht erwähnt. Ich war im Jahr 1945 zehn Jahre alt und ich erinnere mich nicht, irgendetwas über den Holocaust gesehen zu haben, aber ich erinnere mich, den Eisenhower-Film gesehen zu haben. George Patton erwähnte den Holocaust nicht, aber er starb in einem seltsamen Unfall am Ende des Krieges. Er wurde scharf kritisiert, im Deutschland der Nachkriegszeit ehemalige Nazis in verantwortungsvolle Positionen zu setzen, weil sie kompetent waren. Das Thema Holocaust begann etwa im Jahr 1970 richtig anzulaufen, als alle wichtigen Personen aus dem Zweiten Weltkrieg tot waren und nicht mehr befragt werden konnten.> [web45]
Mass murderer Eisenhower appointed a Europe General
Now Eisenhower is a "Supreme Allied Commander Europe" and thus the Supreme Commander of the NATO forces in Europe [web1] [against Moscow with it's Warsaw Pakt].

Two mass murders, Churchill
                  and Eisenhower in 1950
Two mass murders, Churchill and Eisenhower in 1950 [7]

Two "U.S." colonels (Mason and Beasley) from "U.S." Medical Corps give reports about Eisenhower's death camps - no water, Rhine River is only 200 yards away

The web site "Zionist Butcher Eisenhower" says:

<Two will be Col. James Mason and Col. Charles Beasley who were in the U.S. Army Medical Corps who published a paper on the Eisenhower Death Camps in 1950. They stated in part: 

“Huddled close together for warmth, behind the barbed wire was a most awesome sight– nearly 100,000 haggard, apathetic, dirty, gaunt, blank-staring men clad in dirty gray uniforms, and standing ankle deep in mud …. water was a major problem, yet only 200 yards away the River Rhine was running bankfull.”> [web5]

Population census of 1950 indicated clearly that 5.7 million Germans are missing - all in all 9 million Germans are missing in 1950

Eisenhowers genocide with the provoked starvation in post-war remaining Germany has it's effects in the statistics. Quotation of the web site "Eisenhower the Swedish Jew":

<A comparison of German censuses of 1946 and 1950 shows the effect of food shortages. The 1950 census showed 5.7 million people fewer than there should have been according to the number of people recorded in the 1946 census, minus officially reported deaths, plus births and "immigrants" (people expelled from the east and returning prisoners) in the period from 1946 to 1950. The total tally of unacknowledged deaths among prisoners, refugees and non-expelled civilians comes to about nine million people between 1945 and 1950, far more than the number who died during the war itself. All of these deaths were surplus to those actually reported. Moreover, those deaths occurred in peacetime while the [Zionist manipulated] world media did not bother to report of them.>) [web16]

May 31, 1952
Offer of presidency
Apolitical Eisenhower is offered again a presidency, not from both political parties, Democrats and Republicans, at the same time. First he is rejecting because he does not consider himself as a "politician". But when sympathy clubs are founded in the "U.S." ("I Like Ike" clubs), then he accepts a nomination by the Republican political party because since 20 years there was no Republican president any more [web1].

Eisenhower ending his military career - and the [Jewish Zionist finance] "Establishment" is pushing presidency for Eisenhower through

Well, read precisely how the conditions are manipulated thus Eisenhower could be a candidate for being a "President". It's all illegal what is happening here. James Perloff reports in his work "Shadows of Power":

<It was clear in 1952 that the Republicans would return to the White House. Harry Truman* had more problems than the Alger Hiss scandal. "Containment" was simply not working. Since the concept's origination, hundreds of millions of people had fallen under Communist domination [coming from capitalist colonialism]. Americans sensed the need for a strong new leader who could stand up to the Soviets. The favorite of the GOP's rank and file was Senator Robert Taft of Ohio, the son of the former President, and an outspoken foe of Communism. Douglas Macarthur openly supported Taft, who entertained plans to make the general his running mate. It was the Establishment's aversion to this candidacy that brought Dwight D. Eisenhower forward.

The [Jewish Zionist] Establishment knew that to divest Taft and Macarthur of the Republican nomination, they would have to present a candidate who looked incredibly tough and anti-Communist. General Eisenhower, who was still wearing an aura of World War II glory, became their choice. By no stretch of the imagination was Ike a Republican traditionalist. In fact, until he ran, he had no party affiliation...At the Republican nominating convention, "dirty tricks" abounded. The rules for selecting delegates were changed; Taft delegations from Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas were thrown out and replaced by Eisenhower's supporters...Once again, the [Jewish Zionist] Establishment had succeeded in controlling both parties...>). [web18]

<In 1952, although he had been a Democrat most of his life, Baruch endorsed Dwight D. Eisenhower for president.>) [web16]

-- Eisenhower is preparing a candidacy for a "U.S." presidency
-- Eisenhower is rejecting "American" help for colonial France in Vietnam - following the advice of General Matthew B. Ridgway
-- Eisenhower is signing treaties of defense with Korea and with Taiwan
-- Eisenhower is part in diplomatic relations with Cuba
-- Eisenhower claims the elimination of racial segregation (apartheid) in the "American" school system [web1].

During the election campaign Eisenhower is proposing more and more ideas for a better life, is convincing with his middle course and at the end he is getting 442 votes leaving the Democrat counter candidate Stevenson with only 89 votes [web1].

Eisenhower's racism against blacks is going on - but others are much more extreme

Racist Eisenhower remains a racist. He is a racist against Germans in Europe, and he is a racist against black people in the "U.S.A." He is hindering any emancipation for example with his meaning that the "U.S." Army should be organized separately with black and white units:

"He had served for forty years in a segregated army and believed, as he told the Senate Armed Services Committee in 1948, that segregation should continue at the platoon level and below." [web16]

After 1945 racist Eisenhower is living his racism against black people and also being a "President" he is celebrating his racism with "jokes":

"He told jokes about black people in bull sessions during the campaign and even in the White House.  He confided to a friend that he did not believe the races need socialize or that 'a Negro should court my daughter'. In office as president, Eisenhower and his advisors worried constantly about." [web16]

Privately he does not want to be confronted with black people, for example concerning the control of his family:

"Although it might be necessary to grant blacks certain political rights, this does not mean social equality or that a Negro should court my daughter." [web16]

Well, even the easing of some prohibitions for black people are badly fought in criminal and racist "U.S.A." in those times, with real Nazi resistance of many white "Americans". In these cases Eisenhower speaks on meetings with black "Americans" only stating: "Now, you people have to be patient". [web16]

end of 1952
Election campaign of Eisenhower

Zionist German review "Der Spiegel" reports:

Mass murderer Eisenhower is rated as a "popular hero", and he can fight against corrupt Truman era:

<In the vocabulary of Eisenhower's election campaign slogans was also the "fight against corruption of the Truman era". Washington should - as it was stated on the posters of the Republicans - being "cleared of it's Augean stables".> [web22]
(orig. in German: <Zu Eisenhowers Wahlschlagworten gehörte auch der "Kampf gegen die Korruption der Truman-Ära". Washington sollte - wie es auf den Plakaten der Republikaner hieß - "ausgemistet" werden.> [web22]

First books about the war crimes of the western Allies in Germany: "Allied War Crimes" ("Alliierte Kriegsverbrechen")

Lieutenant Colonel "Jack" Mohr:

<The first German edition of ALLHERERTE KRIEGSVERBRECHEN is published. Never translated into English, the book gives eye-witness descriptions of the conditions which prevailed in the American camps.>) [Lt. Col. Mohr, web23]

This book "Alliierte Kriegsverbrechen" is from Arndt Edition.

At this time also other books about the Allied war crimes are on the market already, as for example:

-- Jürgen Thorwald "The End at Elbe River" (orig. German: "Das Ende an der Elbe", 1950) about the terrible events in 1945 in Czechoslovakia, especially in Prague
-- Jürgen Thorwald "It began at Weichsel River" (orig. German: "Es begann an der Weichsel", 1949), this book can also be found with the title "The Big Flight" (orig. German: "Die grosse Flucht") with chapters among others like "The Island of the Damned" ("Die Insel der Unseligen") or "The Storm over Prague" ("Der Sturm über Prag") [web38]

since January 1, 1953
Mass murderer, racist and war criminal Eisenhower is President of racist Zionist "U.S.A."

Mass murderer Eisenhower at
                  the oath of presidency at January 20, 1953, right can
                  be seen vice president and showman Nixon from
Mass murderer Eisenhower at the oath of presidency at January 20, 1953, right can be seen vice president and showman Nixon from California [8]

He [Eisenhower] was the epitome of the American Dream. From farm boy he rose to five star general and president of the United States. Or was it a secret Zionist-Jewish Dream? After all, we live in an Zionist media monopoly with "Einsteins"* its favored individuals). [web8]

Eisenhower was executing projects of his time, and the foreign policy against communism is aggressive, but much armament is evaded.
-- installation of a net with motorways
-- foundation of NASA [as a reaction when the Soviets had the first satellite crossing over the "U.S.A."]
-- Truman doctrine was adapted into an aggressive policy of "roll back" [push back communism]
-- armament policy was not rated positively by Eisenhower because he rated costs for armament as a theft from the people with hunger (speech: "Chance for Peace" from April 16, 1953) [web1].

Eisenhower has no spiritual capacity

Bob Taft, Republican deputy from Ohio, means on his web site "Unmasking 'IKE' ":

<During his entire presidency the Wall Street Journal published his weekly press conferences in their Thursday editions, doubtless because they never carried a comics page.  His bumbling mental meandering was a riot.> [web14]

"Dear" President Eisenhower of the "U.S.A."


<As traitorous as Ike was during the war, that was by no means the epitome of his sell-out.  [...] Ike went on to herald the major turning point in our political and economic downfall.>) [web14]

The Eisenhower principle splitting life into "important" and "not important" things - mentally castrated Eisenhower

Eisenhower is preaching a "principle" splitting life into "important" and "not important" things. The web site "methode.de" quotes:

<Urgent or important? Separate essential from not essential things and this is an important factor for having success. Success comes from important goals and important tasks. To be successful means that you do the essential things. But the fact is: We are spending not even 20 per cent of our time with the really important tasks. This rate has to be risen and is our biggest gap which has to be filled as our potential. This is the reason why specialized time management systems as for example "My Goals" bring spectacular success.> [web41]
(orig. in German: <Eilig oder wichtig? Wesentliches vom Unwesentlichen wirksam zu trennen, ist ein Erfolgsfaktor. Erfolg entspringt den wichtigen Zielen und den wichtigen Aufgaben. Erfolgreich ist, wer sich um das Wesentliche kümmert. Tatsache ist aber: Wir verbringen keine zwanzig Prozent ihrer Zeit mit der jeweils gerade wichtigsten Aufgabe. Diese Quote zu steigern, ist unser größtes brachliegendes Erfolgspotential. Das ist der Grund, warum spezialisierte Zeitmanagement-Systeme wie z.B. meine ZIELE so spektakuläre Erfolge bringen können.> [web41]

Well, with this "principle" splitting life into "important and not important" Eisenhower can conceal everything what is rated as "not important" by him, for example his mass murders in Germany.

And also all other people being seduced by Eisenhower can conceal everything what is rated as "not important" by them for example helping (abetment) to crimes or war and so on.

With this principle Eisenhower is blocking his own way for getting wisdom and is blocking all people being seduced by him because in life for getting the true wisdom every detail of life is important also when it seems to be very "unimportant". Life is a mosaic and every part of this mosaic is important. But there has to be made another differentiation with the split what is public and what is private. Therefore Mr. Eisenhower is more or less a mentally castrated men, and he created with his fans lots of mentally castrated human beings...

Eisenhower with "appeasement policy"
Officially the media are always stating that Eisenhower would make an "appeasement policy" [web22].

[Unfortunately this is a big lie because French troops are supported with masses of "American" weapons against the Vietnamese who want their independence].

Vice president Nixon playing the Rambo and show man
Nixon from the show Federal State of California is not incorporating political wisdom at all either. Nixon comes from a poor family of a tram driver and had to watch when his father was going bankrupt with a lemon plantation. And he had to watch how two of his brothers were dying of diseases. He himself was working hard getting a lawyer's license. Since 1946 Nixon was a deputy in Washington as a counter part to Socialism of Roosevelt, and then Nixon became a hunter against communists [in the "U.S.A."]. [web22]

Some claim that Nixon's beautiful face should be attractive for voters. Zionist German magazine "Der Spiegel" writes in the article "In the slippers of Eisenhower" on October 12, 1955:

<The round front, the nose of a duck's bill with a button indicating an ascension to heaven and the big chubby cheeks were - next to the crusader President - giving the impression of a too big angel pained by Raffael. His good look had been on e of the reasons for sure why the Republican Party gave him the chance for being a candidate. The role of the political Parsifal was for him. He should incorporate innocence for the hearts of the mother voters.> [web22]

(orig. in German: <Die runde Stirn, die Entenschnabelnase mit Himmelfahrts-Stups und die prallen Pausbacken ließen Nixon neben der Figur des Kreuzfahrer-Präsidenten wie eine etwas zu groß geratene Raffaelsche Engelsputte erscheinen. Sein zutuliches Aussehen war sicher einer der Gründe gewesen, derentwegen ihn die Republikanische Partei hatte kandidieren lassen. Die Rolle des politischen Parsifals, dessen Unschuld die Herzen mütterlicher Wählerinnen höher schlagen lassen sollte, war ihm damit vorgeschrieben.>) [web22].

Eisenhower tried to install vice president Nixon as a "statesman" leaving him the post being the President of the Senate and leaving him the possibilities for "journeys" around the whole world shaking hands and touching baby heads [web22].

autumn 1954
Vice president Nixon is allowed making propaganda against "Soviet Union"
Eisenhower gives Nixon the opportunity for making propaganda speeches against communism. Nixon as a vice president is using "swearwords" now which President Eisenhower would never be allowed to use. And Nixon is so stupid doing this job loosing all his reputation with the intellectuals and with the specialists and ministries [web22].

September 1955
President Eisenhower with a heart attack
and now the chief of Eisenhower's assistant staff Sherman Adams ("The Assistent of the President") is taking over the lead, not Nixon [web22].

Re-election of Eisenhower as a President of racist "U.S.A."
[web1]; in secret Nixon is hoping for a second heart attack of Eisenhower thus taking over the lead in the country, and the "Soviets" are already anxious from the "young fellow" Nixon who is attacking Gulag communism with his "swearwords" [web22].

Mass murderer Eisenhower as a President of
                  criminal racist partly Zionist "USA" in 1956
Mass murderer Eisenhower as a President of criminal racist partly Zionist "USA" in 1956 appr. [9]

Bob Taft is telling us:

<Four years later Norman Thomas, perennial candidate of the Socialist party declared that after four years of Ike in the White House all of the goals of his party had been realized, and he personally saw no reason to field another candidate for the Presidency.  His party it must be realized offered social-democracy, somewhat to the right of the socialisms of either the present D or R parties, both of which abandoned anything their names implied, long ago.
>) [web14]

Israel 1956: Eisenhower forcing the Zionist racist troops from Zionist racist Ben Gurion back from Sinai peninsula

The web site "Emergency Committee for Israel" is telling us:

<Dulles and the Eisenhower administration were the last to stand up to "the Jews" on Mideast foreign policy. [...] Jewish American organizations tried hard to generate congressional resistance to Eisenhower's position. On February 1, [1957] Senator William Knowland, the Republican minority leader, protested to [Secretary of State John Foster] Dulles against the administration's stand. Knowland agreed that the policy might be right in theory, but pointed out to Dulles the domestic political implications and threatened to revolt. Dulles answered Knowland by noting, "We cannot have all our policies made in Jerusalem," and he justified the American position on the following grounds:

"First, sanctions would be necessary to compel Israel's withdrawal and a withdrawal was needed to maintain the American position among the Arabs...

"[Second] I am aware how almost impossible it is in this country to carry out a foreign policy not approved by the Jews. [Former sec'y of state under Truman George] Marshall and [first Defense Secretary James V.] Forrestal learned that. I am going to try to have one.

"That does not mean I am anti-Jewish, but I believe in what George Washington said in his Farewell Address that an emotional attachment to another country should not interfere."

On February 20, Eisenhower called a meeting of the congressional leadership. When the lawmakers, ever sensitive to the pro-Israeli lobby, refused to help, Eisenhower resorted to television that same night.

Eisenhower did more than talk. He issued an ultimatum to Ben Gurion to pull Israel's forces back to the Israeli border. He also laid plans with Dulles that, if the Israelis did not comply, the United States would cut off the flow of all aid to Israel, including not only development assistance but technical assistance and shipments of agricultural products under Public Law 480. He would also delay the disbursement of an already arranged Export-Import Bank loan and terminate all forms of military assistance, including those in the pipeline. He canceled export licenses for the shipment of munitions or other military goods. Finally, he ordered Secretary of the Treasury George Humphrey to draft a change in U.S. tax regulations so that the Jewish American organization benefactors would no longer be entitled to a federal income tax deduction for contributions that benefited Israel.

In spite of further efforts by Israel's supporters to deflect White House pressure from the Jewish state, Eisenhower did not cave in; so, as the Israeli government began to run out of money, Ben Gurion, on March 5, 1957, grudgingly capitulated. On March 16, Israel withdrew from almost all the territory it had occupied in the Suez offensive.>) [web40]

from 1950s on
Concealment: The Eisenhower sons try to conceal the racist Jehovah Bible racism in their family

Quotation from the web site "Eisenhower was growing up as a Jehovah's Witness":

<Gemäß Pearson suchte David Eisenhower, mit seiner religiösen Herkunft konfrontiert, nach einem…

… behutsamen Weg, den Familiennamen von dieser Verbindung frei zu machen. Er ist sich der Tatsache bewusst, dass Jehovas Zeugen nicht an den Fahnengruß oder den Dienst mit der Waffe glauben. Gleichzeitig möchte er nicht voreingenommen gegen irgendeine Sekte erscheinen. Sowohl Ike als auch sein Bruder Milton haben das Problem mit geistlichen Ratgebern erörtert. Aber sie haben keinen rechten Weg gefunden, Ida Eisenhowers Beziehung zu Jehovas Zeugen zu dementieren, ohne die Sekte zu beleidigen und vielleicht den Vorwurf religiöser Voreingenommenheit auf sich zu ziehen (Pearson, 1956:6)

Pearson fügt noch die oft wiederholte Behauptung hinzu, dass Ida auf ihre alten Tage von einer Pflegerin beeinflusst wurde, die der Sekte angehörte. Biblisch gesinnt, wie sie war, stimmte die alte Frau Eisenhower freudig zu, den Zeugen Jehovas zu helfen, biblische Traktate zu verbreiten. Eigentlich waren beide Elternteile Dwights ergebene Mitglieder einer kleinen Sekte namens River Brethren” (Pearson, 1956:6). Ironischerweise sagte Jack Anderson in einer Drew Pearson-Kolumne, die nur drei Monate zuvor veröffentlicht wurde, Ike [sei] merkwürdig empfindlich wegen der Religion seiner Eltern. Sie waren Zeugen Jehovas, obwohl die autorisierten Biografien sie ‘River Brethren’ nennen…”

Sowohl Dwight als auch sein Bruder Milton prüften das Manuskript von Bela Kornitzers Buch Story of the Five Eisenhower Brothers [Die Geschichte der fünf Eisenhower-Brüder]. Später bat Milton Kornitzer privat darum, einen Hinweis auf die Mitgliedschaft seiner Eltern in der Zeugensekte zu streichen (Anderson, 1956:16b). In einem der letzten Interviews, das die Familie gab, sagte Milton nur, sie seien als Fundamentalisten erzogen worden. Mutter und Vater kannten die Bibel von vorne bis hinten” (Zitiert in Freeze, 1975:25). Die Wachtturm-Gesellschaft reagierte auf diese übliche Auslassung folgendermaßen:

Obwohl die Zeitschrift Time behauptete, Ida Stover Eisenhower sei ein Mitglied der River Brethren, einer Mennonitensekte, gewesen, hat sie damit nur ihre ständige Vorgehensweise fortgeführt, Jehovas Zeugen in allem, was sie betrifft, zu verunglimpfen. Sie gehörte nie zu den River Brethren. Sie war eine Zeugin Jehovas. Das erste Studium der Zeitschrift Watchtower in Abilene, Kansas, begann in ihrem Haus im Jahre 1895. Ihr Haus war bis 1915, als man einen Saal erwarb, Versammlungsort. Sie blieb eine Verkündigerin der Zeugen Jehovas bis zum Jahre 1942, als ihre nachlassende Gesundheit sie untätig werden ließ; doch sie war weiterhin eine treue Anhängerin (Knorr, 1946:7)

Kornitzer bemühte sich ausdrücklich darum, die Quelle der Größe” Dwight Eisenhowers zu bestimmen. Er kam zu dem Schluss, dass sie von seiner Familie und ihren Wertvorstellungen käme. Mit Dwights Worten war seine Mutter tief religiös”. Einmal erklärte er, dass seine Mutter…

… von einer örtlichen Gruppe angezogen wurde, die als Die Bibelklasse bekannt war. In dieser Gruppe, wo es keine Geistlichen gab, war sie glücklich. Die Sonntagszusammenkünfte wurden immer in den Häusern der Mitglieder abgehalten, auch unsere. Das ungewöhnliche Gottesdienstprogramm beinhaltete Choräle, bei denen meine Mutter Klavier spielte, und Gebete. Die übrige Zeit widmete man sich einem Gruppengespräch über ein ausgewähltes Kapitel der Bibel (1967:305)

[Die Bibel steht nicht im Mittelpunkt, sondern die Wachtturm-Schriftenreihe]

Obwohl die Gruppe vor 1931 das Etikett Bibelforscher bevorzugte, studierte man, wenn man zusammenkam, gewöhnlich nicht die Bibel, sondern erstrangig Wachtturm-Publikationen.

Im frühen 20. Jahrhundert standen eine Buchreihe namens Schriftstudien, geschrieben von C.T. Russell und seiner Frau, sowie die laufenden Ausgaben der Zeitschrift The Watchtower im Mittelpunkt des Studiums. Die Eisenhower-Jungen wichen dem Thema ihrer religiösen Erziehung gewöhnlich aus, doch Dwight Eisenhower gab einmal offen zu, dass es sich bei der Gruppe, der seine Eltern angehörten, um Jehovas Zeugen handelte:

Schließlich gab es so eine lose Gemeinschaft mit ähnlichen Gruppen im ganzen Land … hauptsächlich durch das Abonnement einer religiösen Monatsschrift, des Watchtower. Nachdem ich von zu Hause weg und in die Armee gegangen war, wurden diese Gruppen enger zusammengefasst, und schließlich nahmen sie die Bezeichnung Jehovas Zeugen an (1967:305)

Eisenhower fügt dann hinzu: Sie waren wahre Kriegsgegner aus Gewissensgründen. Obwohl keiner ihrer Söhne ihre Überzeugung in diesem Punkt teilte, weigerte sie sich, uns ihre Überzeugungen aufzudrängen, so wie sie sich auch weigerte, ihre eigenen zu ändern” (1967:305). Umgekehrt war Dwights Mutter nicht glücklich, dass ihre Söhne Wachtturm-Glaubenssätze verletzten, insbesondere die Einstellung gegenüber dem Krieg.

[Pazifistische Jehova-Mitglieder - aber ein Krieg, den Gott will, muss ausgefochten werden]

Viele Berichterstatter nannten Dwights Mutter eine religiöse Pazifistin” (siehe beispielsweise das Life Magazine, 1969), wie es auch Dwight tat. Die Wachtturm-Gesellschaft hat gerichtlich feststellen lassen, sie seien keine Pazifisten, sondern Verweigerer aus Gewissensgründen, die sich nur Kriegen widersetzten, die von Menschen begonnen und geführt werden. Die Wachtturm-Gesellschaft lehrt, dass die Beteiligung am Krieg, wenn es denn nicht einer ist, von dem Gott wünscht, dass wir ihn führen, nicht nur ein Vergehen gegen Gottes Gesetz sei, man solle nicht töten” und man solle seinen Nächsten lieben”, sondern dass sie auch verkehrt sei, weil die Wachtturm-Lehre dies als unrechten Gebrauch der Zeit in diesen letzten Tagen vor Armageddon betrachtet. Sie lehrte ihre Anhänger, es sei deren Aufgabe, vor dem Ende noch andere zu bekehren — jenem Ende, von dem die Wachtturm-Gesellschaft schon seit dem Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts lehrt, es stünde unmittelbar bevor”. Mit ihren Worten sind sie bedingte Pazifisten”, obwohl die Wachtturm-Gesellschaft aus pazifistischen Gründen oft gegen alle Kriege argumentiert. Mit Dwights Worten war seine Mutter aufgrund ihrer religiösen Überzeugungen gegen den Militarismus” (Kornitzer, 1955:87).

[Den Jehovas war auch jede politische Betätigung verboten]

Jehovas Zeugen hielten sich damals auch von jeder politischen Betätigung fern, weil sie glaubten — und dies heute noch lehren –, dass das bald aufzurichtende Königreich Gottes auf Erden — das Tausendjahrreich — die einzige Lösung für alle weltlichen Probleme sei (Kornitzer, 1955:276). Mit Milton Eisenhowers Worten waren seine Eltern als gute Zeugen Jehovas mehr um das Tausendjahrreich besorgt, das leider nicht zu ihrer Zeit gekommen war, als sie es um zeitgenössische soziale Einrichtungen waren” [?] (Kornitzer, 1955:278). Alle Eisenhower-Jungen stimmten auf diesem Gebiet nicht mit der Wachtturm-Sichtweise überein. Milton erklärte auch, seine Eltern seien weitab der Politik, aber . . . als ich älter wurde, hatte ich viele Gespräche mit ihnen in dem fruchtlosen Versuch, ihnen zu zeigen, dass sie unrecht hatten” (Kornitzer, 1955:277). Natürlich war es Ida und, bis er ging, David als Wachtturm-Anhängern nicht erlaubt, sich politisch zu betätigen — selbst die Teilnahme an Wahlen führte in den 1940er Jahren zu einem Ausschluss.

Oft wird Idas angeblicher Pazifismus als Grund für ihre gegnerische Einstellung gegenüber Ikes Militärkarriere angegeben, wo der eigentliche Grund doch die Wachtturm-Theologie war. Ein Beispiel war ihre Reaktion darauf, als er im Sommer 1911 von zu Hause weg und auf die Militärakademie West Point ging, wie von Pickett berichtet. Damals waren Dwights…

… Mutter und der zwölf Jahre alte Bruder Milton die einzigen Angehörigen, die sich von ihm verabschiedeten. Seine Mutter war nicht in der Lage, irgend etwas zu sagen, wie sich Milton erinnerte: “Ich ging mit Mutter aus dem westlichen Vorbau heraus, als Ike sich auf den Weg in die Stadt machte, seinen Koffer in der Hand, um den Zug zu nehmen. Mutter stand da wie ein steinernes Standbild, und ich stand direkt neben ihr, bis Ike nicht mehr zu sehen war. Dann kam sie herein und ging auf ihr Zimmer und plärrte” (Pickett, 1995:8)

Alden Hatch schilderte die Bestürzung Idas darüber, dass Dwight nach West Point gegangen war — die so weit ging, dass sie hoffte, er werde die Aufnahmeprüfung nicht schaffen, so dass er nicht dableiben könne –, und behauptet dann, der Grund dafür sei ihre Abscheu gegenüber dem Krieg” (Hatch, 1944:21). Ida war tatsächlich aus mehreren Gründen dagegen, und folglich verbarg sie vor ihren Söhnen ihren geschwächten Glauben” und den Kummer”, den es ihr bereitete, dass Ike eine Militärkarriere anstrebte. Die Verlegenheit der Eisenhower-Söhne wegen des Engagements ihrer Eltern beim Wachtturm kommt lebhaft in der folgenden Darstellung zum Vorschein:

[1946: Sohn Milton verschenkt die Jehova-Publikationen]

Sowohl Ida als auch David, insbesondere aber Ida, waren begeisterte Leser des Watchtower, und zum Zeitpunkt des Todes von Ida gab es davon eine fünfzigjährige Sammlung im Haus an der South East Fourth Street. Die Publikation war von 1896 bis 1946 per Post gekommen. Es war Milton, der die fast fünfzigjährige Sammlung der vermutlich ihm peinlichen Zeitschriften zusammenband und sie aus dem Eisenhower-Haus wegschaffte — aus den Augen der Reporter. Er gab sie einer Nachbarin, die eine Zeugin war (Miller, 1987:79).

Die Nachbarin war die Frau von James L. Thayer, eine der Frauen, die ursprünglich Frau Eisenhower bekehrt hatten. Dass man die Wachtturm-Literatur, die Karten und andere Wachtturm-Dinge von Dwights Eltern loswerden wollte, war nur ein Anzeichen für die vielen Konflikte, in denen die Eisenhower-Jungen wegen der esoterischen Religion der Eltern standen. Diese Konflikte sind vielleicht ein Grund, warum keiner von ihnen Mitglied beim Wachtturm oder in einer fundamentalistischen Kirche wurde.

[Präsidenten-Eid gemäss Jehova-Bibel 1957 - von der Presse unterschlagen]

Eine weitere Darstellung veranschaulicht die Tendenz der Presse, es zu vermeiden, die Wachtturm-Mitgliedschaft der Eltern Eisenhowers offen zu benennen. Als Ike 1915 seinen Abschluss auf der West Point-Militärakademie machte, gab ihm seine Mutter eine Ausgabe der American Standard Version der Bibel, die von den Wachtturm-Leuten benutzt wurde, weil sie durchgängig den Begriff Jehova” anstelle von Gott verwendete. Als Ike [1957] seinen [zweiten] Amtseid zur zweiten Amtsperiode leistete, wurde diese Bibel verwendet (Siehe das Foto in der London Daily News vom 2. Februar 1957:1). Die Presseberichte über diese Darstellung zitierten jedoch gewöhnlich nicht die Worte, die der Präsident tatsächlich las: Gesegnet ist die Nation, deren Gott Jehova ist”; vielmehr wurde statt Jehova” der Begriff Herr” eingesetzt. Die Wachtturm-Gesellschaft kam zu dem Schluss, dass dieses Falschzitat der Versuch war, Präsident Eisenhower vom Glauben seiner Eltern zu entfremden, indem ein Begriff nicht verwendet wurde, der zu der Zeit eng mit der Zeugen Jehovas-Sekte in Verbindung gebracht wurde (Knorr, 1957:323-324).

[Rechtsverletzungen bei den Beerdigungen der Eltern]

Warum waren die Eisenhowers (und die Presse) so zurückhaltend damit, ehrlich die Religion der Eltern offenzulegen? Ein Grund wird aus einem Artikel ersichtlich, der in der offiziellen Wachtturm-Publikation Awake! veröffentlicht wurde:

Am 11. September 1946 verstarb Frau Ida Stover Eisenhower in Abilene, Kansas. Die private Trauerfeier fand im Hause statt, und die Beerdigung wurde von einem Armeekaplan aus Ft. Riley durchgeführt. Respektierte man damit Frau Eisenhower? Sargträger waren drei Angehörige der American Legion und drei Veteranen der Weltkriege. War das angemessen? … Im Jahre 1942 starb ihr Ehemann, der auch zu den Zeugen Jehovas gehörte. Ein Zeuge Jehovas hielt die Ansprache bei der Beerdigung. Frau I. S. Eisenhower glaubte wie alle Zeugen Jehovas, dass die Religion eine Falle ist und dass die Geistlichkeit ganz allgemein, auch Armeekapläne, Heuchler sind. Sie hegte keinen besonderen Stolz für General Ike”; sie war gegen seine Berufung nach West Point. Es war eine grobe Missachtung der Verstorbenen, dass ein Armeekaplan die Beerdigung leitete.

[Anschläge von Veteranen gegen Jehova-Mitglieder]

Apropos Sargträger. Insbesondere die American Legion und auch die Veteranen der Weltkriege sind wiederholt Rädelsführer in Pöbelgewaltaktionen gegen Jehovas Zeugen. Man könnte Hunderte von Begebenheiten anführen, aber beispielhaft ist die, die sich am Sonntag vor dem Tode von Frau Eisenhower im nahen Iowa abspielte. Dort sprengten die Kriegsveteranen eine öffentliche Bibelzusammenkunft der Zeugen Jehovas mit viel körperlicher Gewalt. Es kann dann ja wohl kaum als passend bezeichnet werden, wenn solche Leute als Sargträger agieren! Nur der Tod hinderte die Leiche von Frau Eisenhower daran, sich von einer Beerdigung zu entfernen, die so sehr all das missachtete, wofür sie eingetreten war (Knorr, 1946:7)

Leider wurde in diesem Artikel nicht erörtert, wie Wachtturmlehren und -politik über Militärdienst, Erziehung und Engagement in “falscher Religion” zu den im gerade angeführten Zitat bemerkten Konflikten beitrugen. Dwights religiöse Orientierung als Erwachsener wurde als “gemäßigt und tolerant, einfach und fest” beschrieben; ganz im Gegensatz zu der konfrontativen, streitsüchtigen Wachtturm-Sekte der ersten Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts (Fox, 1969:907).

[Die Eisenhowers verbergen die Jehova-Familientradition wegen protestantischen Kämpfern]

Weitere Gründe für den Mangel der Presse und der Eisenhower-Jungen an Ehrlichkeit über ihren Wachtturm-Hintergrund sind die Verlegenheit wegen des Wachtturm-Widerstandes gegen den Fahnengruß und alle patriotischen Tätigkeiten, gegen Impfungen und gegen die Medizin im Allgemeinen, die Bazillentheorie und das Eintreten für viele wirkungslose medizinische Kuren” wie die Phrenologie, Radiosolarkompressen, Radiästhesie, Radionik, Irisdiagnose, die Pampelmusenkur, und die unerschütterliche Gegnerschaft gegen die Verwendung von Aluminiumkochgeschirr und die Fluoridierung von Trinkwasser. Dwight Eisenhower hatte gute Gründe, seinen Wachtturm-Hintergrund zu verbergen, als er sich um die Präsidentschaft bewarb. Roy bemerkte, dass Eisenhowers religiöser Hintergrund von einigen dazu benutzt wurde, um zu argumentieren, er sei nicht als Präsident geeignet:

Sowohl Eisenhower als auch Stevenson wurden von einigen Protestanten … wegen ihrer religiösen Bindungen heftig herausgefordert. Die Zugehörigkeit von Eisenhowers Mutter zu den Zeugen Jehovas wurde ausgeschlachtet, um den Kandidaten der Republikaner als antichristlichen Sektierer” und als Feind des Patriotismus” erscheinen zu lassen (Roy, 1953)

[Keine akademischen Mitglieder bei der Jehova-Gruppe]

Die These, dass die Eisenhower-Jungen durch die Wachtturm-Zugehörigkeit ihrer Eltern peinlich berührt waren, wird durch das Problem gestützt, das sich entwickelte, als die Wachtturm-Gesellschaft versuchte, Frau Eisenhowers Namen zu ihrem Vorteil auszuschlachten. Ein Grund für die Besorgnis der Eisenhower-Jungen lag darin, dass Jehovas Zeugen insbesondere zur Jahrhundertwende generell von den meisten Kirchen und der Gesellschaft im Allgemeinen verachtet wurden. So gut wie keine Akademiker waren Mitglieder, und selbst heute ist der Bildungsgrad noch extrem niedrig, er ist mit am tiefsten von allen Religionsgemeinschaften (Cosmin and Lachman, 1993).

[Mutter Eisenhower wird von den Jehovas bis ans Lebensende ausgenützt - Protest und Naomi Engle wird rausgeworfen]

Ein Problem, vor dem nach Edgar Eisenhower die Eisenhower-Jungen in den 1940er Jahren standen, war, dass die tiefe, aufrichtige, sogar evangelikale religiöse Inbrunst” ihrer Mutter von der Wachtturm-Gesellschaft dazu benutzt wurde, sie noch im Alter aus[zu]nutzen” (Kornitzer, 1955: 139).

Diese Sorge veranlasste Edgar, im Jahre 1944 einen Brief an die Zeugin Jehovas zu schreiben, die seine Mutter pflegte, als sie 82 Jahre alt war. Damals war es Praxis, dass alle Mitglieder, jung und alt — und dafür sind Jehovas Zeugen bekannt, dass sie dies noch heute tun — von Tür zu Tür gingen und an den Straßenecken Zeugnis gaben”, in erster Linie durch die Abgabe von Literatur. Edgar glaubte offenkundig, dass der Name Eisenhower in diesem Werk ausgeschlachtet wurde, und lehnte es ab, dass seine Mutter aus dem Haus geholt und dazu benutzt wurde, religiöse [Wachtturm-]Literatur zu verteilen” (Kornitzer, 1955:139). Edgar fügte hinzu, dass er zu kämpfen bereit” war, dass seine Mutter das Recht hatte, weiterhin zu glauben, was sie für richtig hielt, aber … sie konnte leicht und verkehrterweise beeinflusst werden, jeden Dienst auszuführen, der ihr als hilfreich zum Vorteil der religiösen Überzeugungen” der Wachtturm-Gesellschaft vor Augen geführt wurde (Kornitzer, 1955:139). Er bemühte sich darum, dass seine Mutter nicht mehr…

… von Ort zu Ort mitgenommen und als die Mutter von General Eisenhower zur Schau gestellt würde — aus dem alleinigen Grund, jemanden zu beeinflussen suchen [die Wachtturm-Glaubenssätze anzunehmen] … Ich will, dass Mutter abgeschirmt und beschützt und nicht ausgebeutet oder zur Schau gestellt wird … Mutters Haus sollte nur engen Freunden und Angehörigen vorbehalten bleiben und … kein Fremder sollte in dem Haus leben dürfen, wer er auch sei… (Kornitzer, 1955:139)

Dieses Problem wurde schließlich dadurch gelöst, dass die Zeugin Jehovas, die damals für Ida Eisenhower sorgte, Naomi Engle, eine lebenslange Freundin Idas und sicher keine Fremde für sie, aus dem Haus komplimentiert und durch eine Nichtzeugin, eine gewisse Frau Robinson, ersetzt wurde. Hätte Edgar Einwände gehabt, wenn Ida den Namen Eisenhower für eine Sache wie Bildung, Gesundheit oder selbst für eine Kirche wie die Lutheraner oder die Methodisten benutzt hätte? Ein Teil dessen, wogegen er Einwände hatte, war, dass er glaubte, die Wachtturm-Gesellschaft beute sie aus, ein Glaubensgebäude zu verbreiten, das er und seine Brüder standhaft und öffentlich ablehnten, d.h. die Wachtturm-Theologie vom Tausendjährigen Reich.> [web19]

<According to Pearson when David Eisenhower was confronted with his religious origin he was searching

... a sensitive way to leave the name of his family from these connections. He is aware that Jehovah's Witnesses are not believing to any flag or military service. At the same time he does not want to be against any religious group. Ike and his brother Milton were investigating this problem with their mental assistants. But they did not find the right way denying Ida Eisenhower's relation to the Jehovah's witnesses without blaming the religious group and thus general critics could come over them (Pearson, 1956:6)

Pearson is adding the often repeated claim that Ida had been influenced by her nurse who was also a member of the religious group. With a Bible brain the old Mrs. Eisenhower was always joyful in helping the Jehovah's Witnesses spreading Biblical tracts. Principally both parents of Dwight were good members of the River Brethren (Pearson, 1956:6). Ironically Jack Anderson said in one of the columns of Drew Pearson which had been published only three months ago, Ike [had] been very sensitive because of the religion of his parents. They were Jehovah's Witnesses whereas the authorized biographers were calling them "River Brethren"...

Both Dwight and his brother Milton were revising the manuscripts of Bela Kornitzer's book "Story of the Five Eisenhower Brothers". Later Milton was pleading Kornitzer in private to eliminate an indication to the membership of his parents with the Jehovah group (Anderson, 1956:16b). IN one of the last interviews of the family Milton only said that they had been educated as fundamentalists. Mother and father knew the Bible from the beginning to the end (mentioned in Freeze, 1975:25). Watchtower Society was reacting to this normal description in the following way:

Whereas Time Magazine claims that Ida Stover Eisenhower would be a member of River Brethren, this magazine is only going on with the procedures blaming the Jehovah's Witnesses. She never was with River Brethren. She was a Jehovah's Witness. The first study of the magazine "Watchtower" in Abilene, Kansas, began in her house in 1895. Her house was a community center until 1915 when a hall was acquired. She remained to be a Witness until 1942 when she became ill when she could not work any more; but she remained a member (Knorr, 1946:7).

Kornitzer wanted to describe especially the source for the statesman Dwight Eisenhower. He came to the conclusion that this personality came from his family and from his moral values. Dwight himself described his mother very religious. Once he declared that his mother

... was attracted by a local group known as "Bible Class". IN this group were no pastors and she was happy. The sessions during Sundays were hold in different houses of the members, also in our house. The divine service was special with chorals, and my mother played the piano, and there were prayers. The other time was with talks in groups about chapters of the Bible (1967:305).

[The Bible is not the center of studying - but the Watchtower series]

Whereas the group was preferring the name of being "Bible Searchers" they were studying in sessions not with the Bible normally but with publications of the Watchtower.

In the early 20th century there was a series of books of C.T. Russell and his wife, and there were the actual issues of the magazine "The Watchtower", and these were the center of the studies. The Eisenhower boys were normally evading giving information about the religious education, but Dwight Eisenhower once confessed openly that this group where his parents were members was the group of Jehovah's Witnesses:

At the end there was such a free community with similar groups in the whole country ... mainly by the season ticket of a religious monthly, the Watchtower. After leaving from home going into the the army these groups were organized in a tighter way and finally they got the name Jehovah's Witnesses (1967:305).
Eisenhower adding: They were real enemies of wars by moral  reasons. Whereas no one of their sons was with them in this point, they were rejecting to suppress us their conviction as they also rejected to change their own one (1967:305). The other way round the mother of Dwight was not happy that her sons were hurting the principles of the Watchtower group, above all the view about wars.

[Pacifist Jehovah members - but a war which God wants has to be fought]

Many reporters called Dwight's mother a religious pacifist (see for example Life Magazine in 1969), and Dwight also did. The Watchtower Society was even stating by justice that they would not be pacifist but objectors by moral reasons, and they would only object to wars which had begun by humans and were lead by humans. The Watchtower Society is teaching that making war in a war which is not wanted by God is a violation of God's law with the oder "You should not kill", and one should "Love the next", but this order for war would also be wrong because the Watchtower dogma would also claim that this is an unjustified use of time in these last times of Armageddon. They are teaching their followers that it would be their task to proselytize  as many people up to the end - the end which is taught by the Watchtower Community since the end of the 19th century claiming it would come soon. With their words they are not pacifists but only partial pacifists wheres the Watchtower Society is often arguing against all wars by pacifist reasons. With Dwight's words his mother was against militarism because of her religious conviction (Kornitzer, 1955:87).

[To Jehovah members any political activity was forbidden too]

Jehovah's witnesses were also keeping distance to any political activity because they believed - and are teaching this nowadays yet - that there would come a kingdom of God soon - the 1,000 Years' Kingdom - the only solution for all problems on the world (Kornitzer, 1955:276). Milton Eisenhower said that his parents were good Jehovah's Witnesses and they were much worried about the 1,000 Years' Kingdom, but it did not come in their times when they were working for social institutions [?] (Kornitzer, 1955:278). All Eisenhower boys were rejecting this view of the Watchtower group. Milton also declared that his parents would be far from policy, but ... when I became older, I had many talks with them and I tried them to show without result that they were wrong" (Kornitzer, 1955:277). Of course it was Ida, and until he left, also David, it was not allowed to them to make political work - in the 1940s even taking part in elections was followed by an exclusion.

Often Ida's alleged pacifism is cited as a reason for her contrary view to Ike's military academy, but the basic reason was the Watchtower theology. An example was her reaction when he was away from home in summer 1911 studying on West Point Military Academy as Pickett is reporting. In those times

... Dwight's mother and the 12 years old brother Milton were the only members saying good bye. His mother was not capable to say anything as Milton could remember: "I was with mother coming from the western dependence when Ike was preparing for going to the town with his suit case in his hand taking the train. Mother was standing there like a monument in stone and I was directly next to her until Ike could not be seen any more. Then she came into the house and was in her room crying." (Pickett, 1995:8)
Alden Hatch reported Ida's confusion that Dwight had left to West Point - and this distress was going so far that she hoped that he would not pass the entrance exam not being allowed to stay there -, and then she claimed that the reason for this would be her disgust to war (Hatch, 1944:21). Ida was in fact against it by several reasons, and thus she was concealing her weak belief and her sorrow which she was suffering that Ike was in a military academy. And the embarrassment of the Eisenhower sons because of the engagement of their parents with the Watchtower can be discovered very clearly with the following depiction:

[1946: son Milton giving the Jehovah publications away]

Both Ida and David, but especially Ida, were fans of the Watchtower magazine, and when Ida died, there was a collection of this magazine in the house at South East Fourth Street for 50 years from 1896 to 1946 - the magazine had always arrived by mail. It was Milton who was piling the embarrassing magazines and was eliminating them from the Eisenhower house then - this is what the reporters had seen. He gave the magazines to a neighbor who was a Witness too (Miller, 1987:79).

The neighbor was the bride of James L. Thayer, one of the women who had originally proselytized Mrs. Ida Eisenhower. The aim of getting rid of the Watchtower literature, getting rid of the maps and of other Watchtower things of Dwight's parents was only the effect for many conflicts in which the Eisenhower boys were standing because of this esoteric religion of the parents. These conflicts are perhaps a reason why no one of them became a member of Watchtower or of fundamentalist church.

[Jehovah Bible oath in 1957 - not presented by the press]

One more depiction is illustrating the tendency of the press evading mentioning the Watchtower membership of the Eisenhower parents. When Ike was passing his final exams at West Point Military Academy in 1915, his mother was giving him an edition of the American Standard Version of the Bible which was used by the Watchtower members, because this Bible was always using the term "Jehova" instead of "God". When [in 1957] Ike was swearing his [second] oath of office this Bible was used (see the photo in the London Daily News of February 2, 1957:1). But the press reports about this event were citing the normal words of the normal Bible, not the words which the President was really reading: "Be blessed the nation with it's God Jehova"; but the press was replacing the word by the word "Lord". The Watchtower Society came to the conclusion that this wrong citation was a trial to bring President Eisenhower from the belief of his parents away by neglecting the word which was connected tightly with the Jehovah group (Knorr, 1957:323-324).

[Violation of rights at the burials with the parents]

Why the Eisenhowers (and the press) were so shy showing the real religion of the Eisenhower parents? One reason is presented in an article which was published in the official Watchtower series "Awake!":

On September 11, 1946 Mrs. Ida Stover Eisenhower was dying in Abilene in Kansas. The private funeral service was taking place in the house, and the burial was executed by the army chaplain  from Fort Riley. Mrs. Eisenhower was respected by this? The coffin bearer were three members of the American Legion and three veterans of the world wars. Was this what she wanted? ... In 1942 her husband died who also was a member of the Jehovah group. A Jehovah's Witness was holding the speech at the burial. Mrs. I.S. Eisenhower believed as all Jehovah Witnesses that the religion would be a trap and that all clergy and also army would be pretenders. She was not very proud for her General Ike. She was against any call for going to West Point. It was a rough violation of the will of the dead that an army chaplain was managing the burial.

[Attacks of veterans against Jehovah Witnesses]

Concerning coffin bearer: Above all in the American Legion and also the veterans of the world wars are again and again ringleaders with propaganda and violent actions against Jehovah Witnesses. One could cite 100s of events here, but let's see just one as an example which was happening on the Sunday before the death of Mrs. Eisenhower in near Iowa. There the veterans were interrupting a public Bible session of the Jehovah Witnesses with bodily violence. And then the coffin bearer were such veterans - not so suitable! Only the death was hindering the dead body of Mrs. Eisenhower to leave the burial which was neglecting all what she had been standing for (Knorr, 1946:7).
Unfortunately in this article is not worked out why the Watchtower ideologies and it's policy about military service, education and engagement in "wrong religions" was contributing to the conflicts in the quotation above. Dwight's religious orientation as an adult person was described as "moderate and tolerant, simple and steady", just to the contrary to the aggressive and quarrel addicted Watchtower group of the first half of the 20th century (Fox, 1969:907).

[Eisenhowers concealing Jehovah family tradition because of protestant fighters]

More reasons for the lack of press and for the lack of honesty of the Eisenhower boys concerning the Watchtower background are the embarrassment because of their resistance against the Watchtower philosophy against greeting a flag and against all patriot activity, against vaccinations and against medicine in general, against bacillus theory and for the fight of many medical cures without effect like phrenology, radio solar compresses, radiesthesia, radionics, iridology, grapefruit cure, and their stubborn position against aluminum cookware and against fluorine in the drinking water. Dwight Eisenhower had good reasons to conceal his Watchtower background when he was a candidate for presidency. Roy remarked that Eisenhower's religious background was used by some people arguing that he would not be suitable for being a President:

Both Eisenhower and Stevenson were fought by some protestants ... because of their religious connections. The membership of Eisenhower's mother to the Jehovah Witnesses was exploited for presenting the candidate of the Republicans as an anti Christ sectarist and as an enemy of patriotism (Roy, 1953)
[No academic members in the Jehovah groups]

The thesis that the Eisenhower boys were embarrassed by the membership of their parents in the Watchtower group is supported by the problem developing when the Watchtower Society tried to exploit the name of Mrs. Eisenhower for it's advantage. One reason for the concern of the Eisenhower boys was that Jehovah Witnesses above all during the turn-of-the-century were generally despised in most of the churches and societies. There were hardly any academic members, and even today the rate of education is extremely low, it's the lowest of all religious communities (Cosmin and Lachman, 1993).

[Mother Eisenhower is abused by the Jehovah group until the end of her life - protest and Naomi Engle is kicked out]

A problem which was emerging Edgar Eisenhower and the Eisenhower boys in the 1940s was that the deep, upright and even evangelical religious conviction of her mother in this Watchtower Society was used to use her also when she was old yet (Kornitzer, 1955:139).

This concern was provoking that in 1944 Edgar wrote a letter to the Jehovah Witness member who was curing his mother when she was 82 years old. In those times it was normal that all members, young and old - and Jehovah Witnesses do this today yet - go from door to door and they were giving testimony at any corner above all by giving literature. Edgar was really believing that the name of Eisenhower would be exploited in this work, and he was rejecting that his mother was taken out from her house being used to distribute [Watchtower] literature yet (Kornitzer, 1955:139). Edgar was adding that he was ready to fight, that his mother had the right to believe what she wanted but ... she could be easily influenced in the wrong way fulfilling any service which was presented to her as helpful and as an advantage for the Watchtower group (Kornitzer, 1955:139). He also fought for his idea that his mother ...

... was ot taken from place to place any more and that the Eisenhower mother was not presented like a monument anywhere - by the only reason having influence on somebody [for adapting the Watchtower principles] ... I want that my mother is isolated and protected and will not be exploited or presented as a doll any more ... mother's house should be restricted to familiar friends and family members and ... no unknown people should step into the house not important who it is ... (Kornitzer, 1955:139)
This problem was solved in the way that the life long friend of Ida, Naomi Engle, the nurse for Ida Eisenhower, was kicked out of the house and was replaced by a non Jehovah woman, a certain Mrs. Robinson. There is the question if Edgar had had also something against it when his mother Ida had made propaganda for education, health or even for Church or Lutherans or Methodists. One part of his objection was that he was believing that this Watchtower Society was exploiting her for spreading the Jehovah doctrines which were denied strictly and publicly by the brothers, that means the Watchtower philosophy and it's 1,000 Years Reich.> [web19]

Also the Eisenhower biographers are concealing the racist religious past of the Eisenhowers with the Brethren and the Jehovah Witnesses

The same web site is telling more:

[Biographen und die Eisenhower-Söhne lehnen die Erwähnung der Zeugen Jehova ab]

<Dwights religiöser Hintergrund wird von vielen Autoren diskutiert, aber die meisten [Bücher] enthalten viele Fehlinformationen. Die Fehlinformation über die Religion der Eltern Dwights wird noch durch die Tatsache verschlimmert, dass viele Eisenhower-Biografien und sogar Schriften der Eisenhower-Söhne es oft ablehnten, völlig und aufrichtig die tatsächliche religiöse Zugehörigkeit ihrer Eltern anzuerkennen (Fleming, 1955:1; Eisenhower, 1969). In einer Sammlung persönlicher Erinnerungen gab Edgar Eisenhower nur zu:

Die religiösen Interessen unserer Eltern wandten sich einer Sekte zu, die als Bibelforscher bekannt ist. Die Zusammenkünfte wurden in unserem Hause abgehalten, und jeder legte die Bibellektionen für sich selbst aus. Mutter spielte Klavier, und sie sangen vor und nach jeder Zusammenkunft Choräle. Es war eine richtige Gebetsversammlung im alten Stil. Sie sprachen mit Gott, lasen aus der Bibel, und jeder bekam die Möglichkeit, sein Verhältnis zu Ihm zu erklären. Ihre Vorstellungen von Religion waren direkt und einfach. Ich habe weder diese Bibellektionen vergessen, noch den Einfluss, den sie auf mein Leben hatten. Einfache Menschen nahten sich auf einfache Weise Gott. Wir haben das nicht vergessen können, weil Mutter diese Glaubensbekenntnisse tief in unser Gedächtnis einbrannte. Auch als ich erwachsen war, endete jeder Brief, den ich bis zu dem Tag, an dem sie starb, von ihr bekam, mit einem Abschnitt aus der Bibel (McCullun, 1960:21)

Selbst Präsident Eisenhowers geistiger Mentor und enger Freund, Billy Graham, wurde zu dem Glauben verführt, Eisenhowers Eltern seien River Brethren [gewesen], eine kleine, aber hingebungsvoll fromme Gruppe in der Tradition der Mennoniten.”

[Jeder Biograph sagt was anderes]

Viele Autoren beziehen sich auf den Wachtturmglauben nur als Fundamentalisten” oder Bibelforscher”, wobei der letzte Begriff nur bis 1931 auf die Zeugen Jehovas Anwendung fand (Beschloss, 1990; Knorr, 1955). Lyon erklärte sogar:

Das besondere Wesen der Religion ist unsicher. Die Eltern scheinen die River Brethren für eine naivere und strengere Sekte verlassen zu haben, etwas, das als Bibelforscher bezeichnet wird, und später tendierten sie zu der evangelikalen Sekte der Zeugen Jehovas (Lyon, 1974:38)

Bela Kornitzer erwähnt nur, dass die Eisenhowers Bibelforscher” waren, fundamentalistische religiöse Überzeugungen” hatten und die Schriften Pastor Russells” studierten. Er erwähnt aber nicht, dass Russell der Wachtturm-Gründer war (1955:14, 22, 32). (Als Russell im Jahre 1916 starb, wurden seine Schriften fast sofort durch die des neuen Präsidenten, Richter” J. F. Rutherford, ersetzt. Das führte zu mehreren größeren Spaltungen in der Bewegung und ihre Umwandlung in die Zeugen Jehovas).

Sogar Werke, in denen eine ausführliche Diskussion der religiösen Erziehung Eisenhowers enthalten ist, wie das Buch des eben genannten Bela Kornitzer, erörtern vorranging seinen religiösen Hintergrund bei den River Brethren, der, wenn überhaupt, auf Dwight in erster Linie nur während seiner Vorschulzeit Einfluss hatte.

[Strenge Bibel-Erziehung für alle Eisenhower-Söhne]

Ein Artikel von Drew Pearson erklärte, Präsident Eisenhowers Mutter habe einmal biblische Traktate für die Zeugen Jehovas verkauft” und unterstellte damit, sie habe nur mit den Zeugen liebäugelt und sei niemals fest engagiert gewesen (1956:6). Edmund Fuller und David Green merken an, nachdem sie behaupteten, Eisenhowers Eltern seien River Brethren gewesen, dass der Großvater des Präsidenten Reverend Jacob Eisenhower gewesen war, ein Geistlicher bei den Brethren, und dass die religiöse Belehrung der Eisenhower-Jungen streng, fundamentalistisch und irgendwie puritanisch war. Sie wurden gut in der Bibel geschult” (1968:213).

[Viele Biographen lassen das Thema der Zeugen Jehovas ganz aus]

Sogar noch üblicher ist es, den Namen der vorherrschenden Religion, in der Dwight erzogen wurde, und seine Bedeutung für die prägenden Jahre der Eisenhower-Jungen einfach wegzulassen. (Siehe beispielsweise Larson, 1968). In einem der detailliertesten Geschichtsberichte über Eisenhowers frühe Jahre sagte Davis nur, dass Ida später ein noch ‘primitiveres’ und starreres Christentum gesucht” habe als die River Brethren, wobei der Leser damit in der Luft hängt, was für eine Gruppe das sein könnte (1952:111). Eine ausgedehnte Suche des Autors in den wichtigen Aufbewahrungsorten der Briefe und Papiere von Präsident Eisenhower offenbarte, dass er so gut wie nichts über seine Empfindungen über den Wachtturm oder auch nur über Religion im Allgemeinen geschrieben hatte außer dem hier Besprochenen.

Der Wachtturm-Hintergrund der Eisenhower-Jungen ist nicht sehr bekannt oder anerkannt — wahrscheinlich zum Teil auch zurückzuführen auf den Zwiespalt, den damals und auch heute noch viele Menschen gegen den Wachtturm fühlen (Sellers, 1990). Diesen Antagonismus veranschaulicht die Wortwahl eines Zitates, in dem behauptet wird, Ida sei spät in ihrem Leben “zu allem Überfluss noch ein Mitglied der als Zeugen Jehovas bekannten Sekte…” geworden (Gunther, 1951:52).

Darstellungen der Eisenhower’schen Familiengeschichte wiederholen gewöhnlich die Behauptung, Dwights Eltern seien River Brethren gewesen oder hätten nicht direkt mit dem Wachtturm zu tun gehabt (Miller, 1944). Typisch dafür ist ein Artikel in Time, in dem nur erklärt wurde, dass Ikes Eltern zu den River Brethren [gehörten], einer Mennonitensekte”, wobei noch hinzugefügt wurde, dass die Eisenhowers den Söhnen zusammen mit ihrer Frömmigkeit das Glaubensbekenntnis an einen selbstlaufenden Individualismus” mitgaben (Time, 4. April 1969:20). Eine andere Darstellung behauptet, die Eltern Eisenhowers seien Mitglieder einer protestantischen Sekte namens River Brethren gewesen und hätten die Kinder in einer altertümlichen Atmosphäre puritanischer Moralvorstellungen erzogen. Gebet und Bibellesen seien ein täglicher Teil ihres Lebens gewesen. Gewalt sei verboten gewesen, obwohl man einen solchen Erlass in einer Familie mit sechs Jungen reichlich schwer durchsetzen konnte (Whitney, 1967:311).> [web19]

[Biographers and the Eisenhower sons reject mentioning the Jehovah Witnesses]

<Dwight's religious background is discussed by many authors, but most [books] contain much disinformation. The disinformation about the religion of the Dwight's parents is even worsened because many Eisenhower biographies and even texts of the Eisenhower sons are often rejecting strictly to confess the real religious membership of their parents (Fleming, 1955:1; Eisenhower, 1969). IN a collection of personal memories Edgar Eisenhower was confessing:

The religious interests of our parents were headed to a sect which is known as "searchers of the Bible". The sessions were in our house and everybody was making it's own interpretation. Mother was playing piano and they were sining at the beginning and at the end of the session some chorals. It was right a prayer event in the old style. They were speaking of God, they were reading the Bible, and everybody got the possibility to declare the relation with him. Their ideas about religion were direct and simple. I did not forget these Bible lectures, nor did I forget the influence on my life by them. Simple humans were coming near to God in a simple way. We could not forget this because mother was burning us these belief confessions deeply ino tour brains. Also when I was an adult person every letter from her I got from her was ending with a Bible quotation (McCullun, 1960:21).

Even President Eisenhower's mental mentor and close friend, Billy Graham, was seduced to the belief that Eisenhower's parents were [had been] from the River Brethren group.

[Every biographer is saying a different thing]

Many authors are referring to the Watchtower belief only as fundamentalists or Bible searchers, and the last term was actual only until 1931 concerning the Jehovah Witnesses (Beschloss, 1990; Knorr, 1955). Lyon is even declaring:

The special being of this religion is not save. It seems that the parents left the River Brethren group for a more naive and stricter sect, something what is called the Bible Searchers, and later they had the tendency to the evangelical sect of the Jehovah Witnesses (Lyon, 1974:38).
Bela Kornitzer mentions now that the Eisenhowers had been Bible Searchers, that they had fundamentalist religious convictions, and that they were studying the writings from pastor Russell. But he does not mention that Russel was the founder of the Watchtower Society (1955:14, 22, 32). (When Russell was dying in 1916 his writings were almost at once replaced by the texts of the new President Richter J.F. Rutherford. This was provoking some great splits in the movement and this provoked the formation of Jehovah Witnesses).

Even the works containing an explicit discussion about Eisenhower's education as the book of Bela Kornitzer are mostly explaining the religious background of the River Brethren group, but this was only the religious influence during the first 5 years of Dwight's life.

[Strong Bible education for all Eisenhower sons]

An article of Drew Pearson explained that President Eisenhower's mother had sold Bible tracts for the Jehovah Witnesses, and with this Pearson was claiming that she only had been flirting with being with the Witnesses but was never involved as a member (1956:6). Edmund Fuller and David Green are remarking after claiming that the Eisenhower parents had been members of the River Brethren, that the grandfather of the President had been Reverend Jacob Eisenhower, a pastor of the Brethren group, and the article was further explaining that the religious education of the Eisenhower boys had been harsh, fundamentalist and puritanic in some way. they were well trained with the Bible (1968:213).

[Many biographers leave the topic of Jehovah Witnesses out]

It is even more common to let drop down the name of the dominating religion in which Dwight was educated, and his meaning for the decisive years of the Eisenhower boys. (See for example Larson 1968). Davis tells in one of the best historical report about the Eisenhowers with many details only that Ida later was looking for a more "primitive" and stubborn Christendom than the River Brethren had been, but the reader does not hear which group it is (1952:111). The author was searching in many places of  the letters and papers of President Eisenhower but there could not be found anything about his feelings about the Watchtower or just only about the religion in general but the presented data here.

The background of the Watchtower for the Eisenhower boys is not known or not acknowledged - probably also partly because of the split which is provoking this Watchtower also today (Sellers, 1990). This antagonism is illustrated by the choice of words in a quotation in which is stated that Ida had been - to top it all - a member of the Jehovah sect late in her life (Gunther, 1951:52).

Presentation's of the Eisenhower family history are normally repeating the claim that the parents had been River Brethren members or had no direct contact with the Watchtower (Miller, 1944). Typical for this is an article in the Time magazine in which was declared that Ike's parents were members of the River Brethren group, a Mennonite sect, and then it was added that the Eisenhowers were teaching their sons the piety and a belief in a self developing individualism (Time, April 4, 1969:20). Another presentation claims that the parents of Eisenhower family had been members of a protestant sect with the name River Brethren and had educated their children in a Middle Age atmosphere with puritanic moral values. Prayers and Bible reading had been daily elements in their life. Violence had been forbidden whereas with six boys there had been many occasions to use such an order (Whitney, 1967:331).> [web19]

Jehovah's Armageddon is even used for a book title for the ruined town of Berlin - unmasking war criminal Eisenhower

Well, now one can deny any religious conviction of mass murderer Eisenhower. But fact is that this Jehovah word "Armageddon" describing the "Last Days" is even used for a book describing Berlin in the post-war era. Something more striking it cannot be what racist Eisenhower wanted with Germany. He saw in "the Germans" the "anti-Christs" and he was organizing the "Last Days" for them, an "Armageddon".

Book "Armageddon
                  Berlin" in English  book
                  "Armageddon Berlin" in German
Book "Armageddon Berlin" in English [10] - book "Armageddon Berlin" in German [11]

Description of the book:

<The story of the origin of the cold war in strife-torn postwar Germany. It tells of the incredible struggle for Berlin from its capture by the Russians in 1945, through the years of Four Power Occupation, to the airlift - one of the most heroic episodes in American history.>) [web39]

Well, when one knows about the religious "convictions" and about racism in the Eisenhower family then one also knows why Germany was destroyed in such a useless way by the Anglo Saxon troops.

Book by Robert Welch about Eisenhower "The Politician"

Book by Welch "The
                  Politician" about Eisenhower, black ring book  Book by
                  Welch "The Politician", new edition
Book by Welch "The Politician" about Eisenhower, black ring book [12] and new edition [13]

Rense web site tells us:

<Thirty years ago, amid the high popularity of Eisenhower, a book was written setting out the political and moral philosophy; of Dwight David Eisenhower called, THE POLITICIAN, by Robert Welch. This year is the 107th Anniversary of Eisenhower’s birth in Denison, Texas on October 14, 1890, the son of Jacob David Eisenhower and his wife Ida. Everyone is all excited about the celebration of this landmark in the history of “this American patriot.” Senator Robert Dole, in honor of the Commander of the American Death Camps, proposed that Washington’s Dulles Airport be renamed the Eisenhower Airport!> [web5]

1960s: Eisenhower biographer Ambrose finds Eisenhower's hatred against Germans as a race

Eisenhower's biographer Stephen E. Ambrose,

Eisenhower's biographer Stephen E. Ambrose, portrait [14]

Biographer Stephen E. Ambrose is writing just several books about Eisenhower, for example
-- Eisenhower and Berlin 1945
-- Eisenhower Supreme Commander
-- Eisenhower The President
-- Eisenhower, Soldier And President.

Then Stephen Ambrose finds clear indications in the personal letters of Eisenhower
-- that Eisenhower wanted to murder the complete German General Chief of Staff, 1,000s of people
-- that he did not hate only the Nazi regime and their commanders, but
-- he hated the Germans as a race. It was his personal intention to kill as many as possible and one way to do this was to make as many prisoners of war as possible and kill as many of them as possible [web24].


Eisenhower biographer Stephen Ambrose, who was given access to the Eisenhower personal letters, states that he proposed to exterminate the entire German General Staff, thousands of people, after the war.

Eisenhower, in his personal letters, did not merely hate the Nazi Regime, and the few who imposed its will down from the top, but that HE HATED THE GERMAN PEOPLE AS A RACE. It was his personal intent to destroy as many of them as he could, and one way was to wipe out as many prisoners of war as possible.> [web24]

Ambrose was writing also nationalist books about "American" "heroes":

-- The Wild Blue: The Men and Boys Who Flew the B-24s Over Germany
-- Band of Brothers
-- The Good Fight: How World War II Was Won
-- Citizen Soldiers (Audio)
-- D-Day, June 6, 1944: The Climactic Battle of World War II (Audio)
etc. [web39]

In this question with his hatred against Germans Eisenhower is an absolute complete idiot because his family comes from Germany itself, and half of the white "U.S." population was with German origin. When there was the vote about the national language in the 19th century only one vote was missing in the congress and the national language of the "U.S.A." had been German.

March 18, 1969
Death of mass murderer, racist and war criminal Eisenhower
[web1]; the mass murderer Eisenhower dies without being detected officially...

Burial of mass murderer Eisenhower at
                          Capitol on March 31, 1969
Burial of mass murderer Eisenhower at Capitol on March 31, 1969 [15]
                          with mass murderer Eisenhower of 1970
Stamp with mass murderer Eisenhower of 1970 [16

Eisenhower Dollar commemorative coin in copper and nickel with the faked moon landing on the back
Mass murderer Eisenhower is even getting commemorative cons. On one side is his profile and on the other one is an "American" eagle landing on the "moon" [which was in a moon hall]. With this the year of deceit of Eisenhower (1969) is connected with the first [invented] "moon landing" [in a moon hall]. The Eisenhower dollar coins are of a diameter of 38.1 mm, they are very big, heavy and not manageable and they are hardly used [web6].

Eisenhower commemorative
                  coin with eagle and the invented "moon
                  landing" of 1969
Eisenhower commemorative coin with eagle and the invented "moon landing" of 1969 [17]

Eisenhower dollar commemorative coins in silver
<The UNITED STATES MINT in Philadelphia, PA is actually issuing a special Eisenhower Centennial Silver Dollar for only $25 each. They will only mint 4 million of these collector’s items, and veteran’s magazines are promoting these coins under the slogan, “Remember the Man … Remember the Times..”> [web5]

Eisenhower also gets an aircraft carrier

("USS Dwight D. Eisenhower") [web1].
Aircraft carrier with the
                  name of mass murderer Eisenhower
Aircraft carrier with the name of mass murderer Eisenhower [18]

Eisenhower's name is spread over the whole world also in streets, alleys, squares, schools, tube stations, garages, settlements, shopping centers, office buildings, shipment houses, institutions, libraries, theaters, stadiums, halls, golf courts and so on. Until today (2013) giant mass murder of Eisenhower is officially unknown and is concealed. The same counts for English mass murderer Churchill and for Harris.

Thus one has to find new persons who are for the real peace and not for revenge committing mass murders like Churchill, Eisenhower or Harris.

Mass murderer Eisenhower has got

His own Eisenhower Institute in Washington DC


<The Eisenhower Institute (EI) is a center for leadership and public policy based in Washington, D.C. and in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1983, the EI serves as a presidential legacy organization honoring the legacy of Dwight D. Eisenhower, the 34th President of the United States. The Eisenhower Institute strives to: "...prepare the successor generations to perfect the promise of the nation through engagement in distinctive programs of leadership and style.>) [web43]

That means concretely that there are new mass murderers trained according to the model of Eisenhower, and they really come...

Milton S. Eisenhower Foundation

This Eisenhower foundation was founded after the murders of Kennedy and Martin Luther King after the 1960s upheavals. This foundation is a real model supporting the lower class in their fight for a hither status of living. One just has to change it's name and then the foundation is acceptable world wide. The mission of this foundation contains several elements:

<The program aims at improving the status of the lower strata of American society, the most disadvantaged, by investigation and advocacy. There are five current programs: five program models:
  1. Youth Safe Haven/Police Mentoring Programs
  2. Quantum Opportunities Programs for high school youth
  3. Full-service community schools
  4. Argus Education and Job Training
  5. Reintegration of Previously Incarcerated Persons> [web44]

since 1980: enlightenment about mass murderer Eisenhower is blocked deliberately

Red Cross in Geneva is keeping the archives closed to historian Bacque

Lieutenant Colonel "Jack" Mohr reports:

<1980: The International Committee of the Red Cross refuses to open its archives to James Bacque and other investigators into Allied atrocities. To this day, the ICRC has remained silent on the subject, despite the visits of Pradervand and other Red Cross delegates to many methhe [?] camps.>) [Lt. Col. Mohr, web23]

Book by James Bacque "Other Losses" edited in Canada - 30 editors in the"U.S.A." are rejecting to edit the book

James Bacque, book
                  "Other Losses" of 1989
James Bacque, book "Other Losses" of 1989 [19]

Lieutenant Colonel "Jack" Mohr:

<September 1989: James Bacque's book on the American death camps, "Other Losses," published by Stoddard, a Canadian Publishing House, was released, after being refused by more than 30 American publishers. Saturday night, one of Canada's most respected magazines. simultaneously published a summary of this book as its lead story and within days Canada was buzzing about Gen. Eisenhower's war crimes. Why is it that we have heard little or nothing of this in the United States?>) [Lt. Col. Mohr, web23]

Testimony of former guard at Andernach, Martin Brech, living now in Mahopac in New York Federal State

In 1945 Martin Brech was one
                  of the guards in the Rhine meadow camps of Andernach
In 1945 Martin Brech was one of the guards in the Rhine meadow camps of Andernach [20]

Betty Lou Smith Hanson citing Martin Brech:

<Martin Brech of Mahopac, New York, a semi-retired professor of philosophy at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, NY. In 1945, Brech was an 18 year old Private First Class in Company C of the 14th Infantry, assigned as a guard and interpreter at the Eisenhower Death Camp at Andernach, along the Rhine River. He stated for SPOTLIGHT, February 12, 1990:
“My protests (regarding treatment of the German DEF’S) were met with hostility or indifference, and when I threw our ample rations to them over the barbed wire. I was threatened, making it clear that it was our deliberate policy not to adequately feed them.”
“When they caught me throwing C- Rations over the fence, they threatened me with imprisonment. One Captain told me that he would shoot me if he saw me again tossing food to the Germans …. Some of the men were really only boys 13 years of age …. Some of the prisoners were old men drafted by Hitler in his last ditch stand …. I understand that average weight of the prisoners at Andernach was 90 pounds … I have received threats … Nevertheless, this … has liberated me, for I may now be heard when I relate the horrible atrocity I witnessed as a prison guard for one of ‘Ike’s death camps’ along the Rhine.” Betty Lou Smith Hanson> [web42]

Even in 1995 criminal Zionists are hunting so called "war criminals" for invented events during WWII

Lieutenant Colonel Mohr is indicating clearly that the Morgenthau plan is continued until today:

<This policy is still in operation today, fifty years later, where media pundits, twisting, exaggerating, and even manufacturing historical claims, have hounded, harassed, and had arrested 70 and 80-year old European war veterans for alleged ''war crimes,'' which were supposed to have taken place over fifty years ago.>) [Lt. Col. Mohr, web23]

Systematic Zionist photo fake: on many photos of concentration camps are not Jews but Germans in Rhine meadow camps

Lieutenant Colonel "Jack" Mohr:

<It is interesting to note, that it has been proven in recent years, that many of the pictures taken in Germany during WW II, purporting to be Jewish victims of ''racial extermination,'' were actually pictures of German civilians who had died under American war criminals.>) [Lt. Col. Mohr, web23]

Rhine meadow camps,
                  "American" soldier with a thick coat
                  guarding a field of German bodies
Rhine meadow camps, "American" soldier with a thick coat guarding a field of German bodies [21]

Such piles of bodies are presented by the Zionists until today (2013) as "Jewish" dead bodies blaming Germany of a murder of millions against the Jews whereas the German concentration camps were always under the control of the Red Cross AND of the Zionists.

The right to know the truth: criminal Zionists have to be stopped

Lieutenant Colonel Mohr:

<As American citizens, many of us who served in the American Armed Forces during World War II, and a great many of us who are of German heritage, should demand of our leaders in Washington, D.C. that the truth about this War be made known.

With accurate information of what really happened, instead of Zionist propaganda, just possibly we might be able to avert World War III, which is now being planned by these same One Worlders.> [web23]

The right to get the truth: "U.S.A." have to be torn to justice to a war tribunal

The world has got the right to discover the war crimes and mass murders of the "U.S.A." which have been committed since 1865.

The world has got the right that these criminal "U.S.A." will give away all their weapons and will be converted into a peaceful agrarian state thus these criminal "U.S.A." will not damage and harm anybody any more or put into danger anybody anymore.

The world has got the right that the criminal mass murderer, racist and war criminal Eisenhower will be condemned posthum for his crimes in Europe and especially in Germany.

The world has got the right that all names with the name "Eisenhower" will be removed and will be replaced by names of personalities representing the Human Rights properly.

The world has got the right that the wrong Zionist claims about a "Holocaust against the Jews" and about a murder of millions against the Jews in German concentration camps will stop at last. Holocaust museums with faked photo material and with faked claims have to be shut.

The world has got the right of being informed about the faked photos and faked films of Zionist Eisenhower and his film maker Hitchcock how Germans on photos and in flims from the Rhine meadow camps are called Jews, and how the Rhine meadow camps were concealed.

The world has got the right that the criminal Christian sect of Jehovah's Witnesses will be forbidden because this philosophy is spreading the claim that "Last Days" would exist (Armageddon) and this philosophy can have horrible consequences on the world.

How many bombs Germany was throwing on the "U.S.A."? 0.00000000. How many bombs the criminal "U.S.A." were throwing on German towns against the German civil population? Millions.

The world has got the right to tear these criminal "U.S.A." to a war tribunal thus the criminal "U.S.A." will say goodbye to wars and will never endanger other states any more. This also counts for the spy war.

"U.S.A." go go go, you have NOTHING to look in this world any more, this criminality of the "U.S.A." is not acceptable any more.

<<     >>

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