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Norbert G. Pressburg: Good bye Mohammed - Muhammad never existed

8. "Golden Age" of Muhammad Fantasy Islam - transfigured glances into a nonexistent Fantasy past

8a. The "Golden Age" is INVENTED - the reality around 600 to 800 in the desert

Reality around 600 to 800 in the desert - Islamic lie tradition: The "golden times" of [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Islam - the time of the invented [[Fake Fantasy]] Muhammad and the invented first four [[Fake Fantasy]] caliphs - Research: The poor life in the Arabian desert - Raids against neighbors without end - Islamic lie tradition: [[Fake Fantasy]] Muhammad is robbing and murdering - Research: The conditions in the desert like in the European Bronze Age

presented by Michael Palomino (2015 / 2019 / translation 2019) - p.147-149

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8. "Golden Age" of Muhammad Fantasy Islam - transfigured glances into a nonexistent Fantasy past

"Moses, Jesus, Muhamad - these criminals."
The Muhammad Fantasy Islamic philosopher ar-Razi (865-925)

"The source of unbelief is to have heard such ghastly names as Socrates, Hippocrates, Plato, and Aristotle."
The Muhammad Fantasy Islamic philosopher al-Ghazali (1058-1111)

8a. The "Golden Age" is INVENTED - the reality around 600 to 800 in the desert

[Islamic Lying Tradition: The "Golden Times" of Islam - The time of invented Fake Fantasy Muhammad and the invented first four Fake Fantasy caliphs]
Whether the former Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser, whether Saddam Hussein, whether a preacher at the Friday worship service, whether a believing journalist in a newspaper office or Osama bin Laden in the Afghan mountains: Everyone refers to the "golden times" of [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Islam.

What is meant by these "golden times"?

First of all, the "golden age" is understood as the lifetime of the [[Fake Fantasy]] prophet and the time of his immediate successor, the [[Fake Fantasy]] "lawful caliph".

"Golden", because at that time the revelations of the [[Fake Fantasy]] prophet, that is, the word of [[Fantasy]] God, should have been law. The [[Fake Fantasy]] prophet himself had watched over observance and himself served as a shining example - that is, simply the ideal condition for a devout [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Muslim. The social circumstances were also ideal. This had continued even among the immediate [[Fake Fantasy]] successors of the [[Fake Fantasy]] Prophet, all of whom had come from his [[Fake Fantasy]] relatives.

As we know, there are no hard facts, the [[Fake Fantasy]] scriptures come exclusively from religious [[Fake Fantasy]] sources and are therefore to be regarded as a matter of [[Fantasy]] faith. So it is [[Fantasy]] faith that constructs ideal conditions [p.147].

[Research: The poor life in the Arabian desert - [[Fantasy]] raids against neighbors without end]

The pious [[Muhammad Fantasy]] narratives are said to have taken place in the Arabian Desert, more or less between Mecca and Medina. As we also know, this region has not played a role in the emergence of [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Islam. Therefore, it seems not so important to think much about about the conditions in the former Arabian Desert ...

Nevertheless, the external circumstances in the Arabian desert of the 7th century must have been difficult. People moved on the verge of subsistence, often on the brink of starvation. Until the 19th century there were again and again warlike outbursts from the Arabian Sandy Desert into the Mesopotamian cultivated land and North Africa, dictated by pure distress [70].
[70] In Egypt, there are still villages of former, no longer returned Arab raiders from the 19th century, which are evaded by the established population and with whom no marriages take place.

One may assume that simple Bedouin raids were later reinterpretated to be [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Islamic faith expeditions.

How could this society have looked like? [[It was]] a suffering but highly ideologized male society, which was dominated essentially by the law of the strongest.

[Islamic lie tradition: Muhammad makes his staff perform robs and murders]

[[Fake Fantasy]] Muhamad himself is the best example, according to the traditional reports: Once in power, he ordered [[Fantasy]] murders against [[Fantasy]] enemies and began dozens of [[Fantasy]] fights and [[Fantasy]] wars. (These are today celebrated by the "umma", the "community of believers", or at least presented as inevitable).

[Research: The conditions in the desert as in the European Bronze Age]
The events that were said to have been "golden" took place in the "Middle Ages" - but in what Middle Ages? The Byzantine [[Jesus Fantasy]] Empire was certainly the furthest in this period, similar to the Arab core countries. During the Middle Ages, Europe was not at all developed like these two regions. But in the Arabian Desert, despite the use of iron, Bronze Age conditions prevailed - if at all.

Believing people may postulate ideal conditions in the midst of miserable external circumstances. In fact, it is secondary how these conditions were. A problem arises only trying to transfer these conditions of a [p.148] past epoch to other regions and epochs; in our case there are conditions of a desert society similar like Bronze Age transferred to the 21st century of a globalized society. This is like the refusal to accept historical, social and technical developments, so simply the development of time. Exactly this is doing the rather modern [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Islamic ideology of "salafiyya" does. This fixation on a past period since a long time in an extreme habitat, with actors of whom we just don't know anything, is like a block on the leg of the nowaday's [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Muslims - at least of that part that wishes to return to these conditions [p.149].

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