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Norbert G. Pressburg: Good bye Mohammed - Mohammed never existed

7. The Metamorphosis: From Fantasy Jesus to Fantasy Muhammad

7j. Summary about the Arab Jesus Fantasy Christianity

7j.1. The Arabic Jesus Fantasy Christianity had extensive knowledge of other religions - 7j.2. Islamic lie tradition: From the liturgical book Queryan the Muhammad fantasy "Quran" was made - 7j.3. The split between Moses Fantasy Judaism - Jesus Fantasy Christianity - Muhammad Fantasy Islam - 7y.4. Islamic Lying Tradition: The Muhammad Fairy Tale

presented by Michael Palomino (2015 / 2019 / translation 2019) - p.143-145

-- "muhamad" / Muhammad = "the praised one" / "who has to be praised" - referring to a Fake Fantasy Jesus (!) [chapter 5a - p.87]

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7y. Summary on Arab Jesus Fanatasy Christianity

7j.1. Arab Jesus Fantasy Christianity had extensive knowledge of other religions as well

As born Semites and learned [[Jesus Fantasy]] Christians, the Arabs were not only familiar with the great tradition of the Old [[Jesus Fantasy]] Testament and the [[Moses Fantasy]] Torah. Yes, they lived these ancient myths of [[Fantasy]] Moses and [[Fantasy]] Abraham, the expulsion of the ancestral [[Fantasy]] fathers by the pharaoh, the prophecies, the [[Fantasy]] conquest, the [p.143] inevitable [[Fantasy]] apocalypse, and the hope of final [[Fantasy]] redemption. Comparisons were made with events of the present, looking for parallels, looking for signs. In the treasure of myths of the Semitic religions, the same patterns of action are found again and again.

[Christian Liar Tradition and Islamic Liar Tradition: Fake Jesus and Fake Muhammad have the same pattern: mysterious Fantasy birth, Fantasy lectures as a Fantasy child already, Fantasy apparitions, Fantasy sermons, Fantasy ascension]
There is just a [[Fantasy]] prophecy of a [[Fantasy]] prophet. He appears, there are [[Fantasy]] mysteries about his [[Fantasy]] birth, with 12 years he gives [[Fantasy]] lectures, has [[Fantasy]] appearances, is misunderstood, persecuted, goes into the desert, preaches, works [[Fantasy]] miracles and ultimately ascends to [[Fantasy]] heaven. All of this is found again in the Prophet of the Arabs. Even in the minority, the [[Fantasy]] right ones always win, and when a common miracle is not enough, armies of [[Fantasy]] angels [[extraterrestrials]] come for a support. This is the case In the Old [[Moses Fantasy]] Testament, in the [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Quran, in the ancient Orient.

[Jewish Liar Tradition and Islamic Lie Tradition: Same Pattern for Jewish and Muslim Occupations]
Invading a foreign land, then this has to be with fire and sword. There is destruction, murder, all is birning, this happens in the Old [[Moses Fantasy]] Testament and in [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Quran. Everyone knows this [[Fantasy]] history how the [[Moses Fantasy]] Israelites destroyed [[Fantasy]] Jericho (of course with a wonder as a support) causing a [[Fantasy]] bloodbath. But we know from archeology that Jericho was not inhabited at the time in question. Even for the described bloody occupation of whole [[Fantasy]] Palestine, there is no archaeological proof.

There is the same with all the [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Islamic conquests in the name of the [[Fantasy]] Prophet. Research and archeology are unaware of the [[Fantasy]] conquest of Syria, Persia or Egypt by [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Muslims at the time. The Arab Empire was junt not the result of [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Islam, it was already there. The large-scale [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Islamization could happen because the Arab empire already existed and offered a broad base to the developing Arab religion. First there was the [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Prophet legend, and then the glorious [[Muhammad Fantasy]] battles and the glorious [[Fantasy]] conquerer were added. There is [[Fantasy]] Al-Walid, for example, the alleged jihadist and glorious conqueror, actually built the [[Jesus Fantasy]] St. John's Cathedral in Damascus around 710, instead of waging war for the [[Fake Muhammad]] Prophet.

[Islamic Lying Tradition: Two hundred years of history invented]
The [[lying]] authors of the traditional [[Muhammad Fantasy]] report had no access to a sense of history how it's researched today. Their ideas moved in the pictures and in the epic [[Muhammad Fantasy]] tradition of Middle Eastern space. We are dealing here not with historical accounts, but with the fulfillment of expectations and of district markings [p.144] as an identity formation: "Our religion, our superiority, our wire to above." So listen!

7j.2. Islamic lie tradition: From the liturgical Jesus Fantaasy book Queryan was made the Muhammad Fantasy Quran

The Qeryan, the Aramaic liturgical [[Jesus Fantasy]] book of the Arab [[Jesus Fantasy]] Christians, ended after half a millennium, after manyclaims, changes, additions and omissions in the Arabic [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Quran, the book of a new religion. The [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Quran had started as a [[Jesus Fantasy]] Christian book and then became the Islamic [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Quran when [[Fake Fantasy]] Jesus lost his special position. Theologically, the book is very emaciated, but the old core is still there. The fact that it is no longer immediately recognizable as an Arabic-Christian book is due to the later edits. Only in the course of these arrangements, this book got it's [[Fake Fantasy]] Muhamad existence and profile. And the old message was varied with a new interpretation, and beduins were introduced, so in this way the new [[Fake Fantasy]] religions got its typical character.

[[Muhammad Fantasy]] Islam, with its holy [[Muhammad Fantasy]] book, was not born in the world just overnight. It didi neither spread in just some years over the half of the world of those times as the religious [[Muhammad Fantasy]] legends want to manipulate us.k [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Islam has got a long and complicated history of origin and [[has]] its origin in Arab [[Jesus Fantasy]] Christianity.

7j.3. The split between Moses Fantasy Judaism - Jesus Fantasy Christianity - Muhammad Fantasy Islam

[[Jesus Fantasy]] Christianity is a separation from [[Moses Fantasy]] Judaism, [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Islam is a split from [[Jesus Fantasy]] Christianity. This split was prepared in the 7th and 8th centuries and was completed only in the 9th or even 10th century, only then we have the conditions as they are described by the tradition for the 7th century. The widespread establishment of what we understand today as [[Muhammad Fantasy]] "Islam" did not take place before the 12th century.

7j.4. Islamic Lying Tradition: The Muhammad Fairy Tale

The depictions of the [[Fake Fantasy]] Prophet and his book in the Islamic tradition, especially those of the first 200 years, belong to the category "Fairy Tales from the East". It would be as if the saga of Nibelungen would be called to be true.

[The research is in flux]
Truth about history is getting it's shape step by step thanks of the sciences, also we are just at the beginning of this process, as it was said in the introduction [p.145].

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