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Norbert G. Pressburg: Good bye Mohammed - Mohammed never existed

7. The Metamorphosis: From Fantasy Jesus to Fantasy Muhammad

7i. Fantasy Islam invents 200 years WITHOUT documents and monuments

7i.1. The Muhammad Fantasy Islamic lie tradition suppresses the entire Arab Jesuf Fantasy Christianity - 7i.2. The development of the Muhammad Fantasy Quran from the Christian Jesus Fantasy Qeryan of the Arab Jesus Fantasy Christians - 7i.3. A Fantasy Muhammad is invented - and 200 years of history are invented - 7i.4. The place al-Hira in Mesopotamia - and a Hira cave in the Mohammed invention

presented by Michael Palomino (2015 / translated 2019) - p.137-143

-- "muhamad" / Muhammad = "the praised one" / "who has to be praised" - referring to a Fake Fantasy Jesus (!) [chapter 5a - p.87]

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7i. Islam invents 200 years WITHOUT documents and monuments

7i.1. The Islamic lie tradition suppresses the entire Arab Fantasy Christianity

[Islamic lie tradition claims a "history tradition gap" of 200 years]
For many Islam [[Fantasy]] researchers, the 7th and 8th century are a period full of questions, because there do not exist any Islamic [[Fantasy]] scripture from this period. Quran expert Mr. Rudi Paret calls this a "history tradition gap" [67].
[67] Rudi Paret: The gap of the history traditions about the original [[Fantasy]] Quran; Wiesbaden 1954
(original German: Die Lücke der Überlieferungen über den Urkoran)
The [[Fantasy]] Muslims of those times could not write and were illiterates? They could and they proved it many times. They wrote - but not in the classic Arabic, and they did not speak it as the [[Fantasy]] Quran experts  are expecting it.

[Documents from the middle of the 9th century in Quranic Arabic]
From the middle of the 9th century, the paperwork suddenly began again with great intensity. Reports reach us from the late 6th century, whose actors suddenly speak Quranic Arabic giving us detailed accounts of events from the time of 200 years ago and even earlier. Why are there no reports from then already?

[Islamic lie tradition: narrative tradition without writing in the first 200 years of Islam]
The answer of the Islamic scholars is that Arab culture was an oral one with a great narrative tradition. They claim that there were many persons who had learnt the complete [[Fantasy]] Quran by heart. Well, those people must be mental giants, but why the Arabs should have been able to write before the times of [[Fantasy]] Muhammad, then not any more, and then suddenly after 200 years, they began again with their writing work?

[Archeology: documents and monuments in the 7th and 8th centuries after Fantasy Christ]
This shouting that there was a big oral tradition has long since been refuted. We own many proofs of the written tradition.

[Islamic lie tradition: From the mid-9th century on, a Fantasy Quran in Quranic Arabic invents 200 years of Islamic history that never existed]
There were inventors now filling this "history tradition gap" with much material, but thematically very poor. The main part of it were texts of a Holy [[Fantasy]] Book being called [[Fantasy]] Quran, and a giant quantity of material was written about a [[Fantasy]] prophet being called Muhammad. Both are not mentioned at the beginning of the gap - but at the end there was no other topic any more. All literature seems to present more and always more with proofs for this [[Fantasy]] prophet and his new [[Fantasy]] religion.

[Islamic lie tradition: books that do not fit the concept are burned - book burnings]
There were also fragments of scriptures, cross-references, or registries from a number of books that no longer existed, but which are known to have existed and not to be in tune with the chorus of [p.137] [[Fantasy]] prophet cheerleaders. And also a serie of [[Fantasy]] Quran variations was disappearing whose former existence is known. For a long time European Orientalism believed the usual traditional explanations that the reason for the elimination had been problems of orthography or of dialects, even though the stories of the [[Fantasy]] prophets themselves are reporting about book burnings.

No, we know today that censorship and destruction of books took place to the greatest extent.

Sometimes they did not even bother to disguise it.

[Islamic lie tradition: Fantasy Muhammad stories and their authors - the destruction of the early versions]
The oldest biography of the [[Fantasy]] Prophet is said to have come from Ibn Ishak, but this version does not exist anymore. Ibn Hisham (died 834) bases his story on this story, but writes in his introduction: "I will omit some of what Ibn Ishak has mentioned in this book, when the [[Fantasy]] prophet is not mentioned, none of it can be found in the [[Fantasy]] Quran ... and if it can neither serve as an explanation nor as a proof ... "

That's the point. Historic information of the whole early [[Fantasy]]Islamic litarature is only legitimized when it's a [[Fantasy]] proof for the [[Fantasy]] prophet. The Quran is presented as unique, [[it would be]] without predecessors and without it's announcer [[Fantasy]] Muhammad it would not be conceivable, [[this]] is the traditional credo.

[Fantasy Quran: Old Arabic strophic songs - with precursors without influence of the invented "Muhammad" - Arab poet tradition]
But from Old Arabic times before [[Fantasy]] Islam, there are poetry and poets with literature tradition. We know their poems, their terms, their formal design. Their content is - when there are religious works - of [[Fantasy]] Bible and [[Fantasy]] Christian origin. Their form and their [[Fantasy]] content of those Old Arabic strophic songs can be found often in [[Fantasy]] Quran again.

This means that the [[Fantasy]] Quran is not unique at all as the [[Fantasy]] tradition claims. There are provable precursors concerning the content and it's stile. So, the claim that [[Fantasy]] Quran's rhyming prose would not be imaginable without it's interpreter [[Fantasy]] Muhammad is a big contradiction to the facts. There is no dependence at all, as researchers show. [[Fantasy]] Quranic poetry is within the development of Arabic poetic tradition and was not only born with the [[Fantasy]] Quran and with it's [[Fantasy]] herald.

[Islamic lie tradition: The invented "Muhammad" is said having been an illiterate for all his life]
With the trial to cut any connection to the pre-Islamic poetry and tradition, there are more stupid claims of the traditional [[inventors]] that the [p.138] [[Fantasy]] prophet had not been able to read nor write. So, one should not have the thought that the [[Fantasy]] prophet had taken over something of the former times. Finally the [[Fantasy]] Quran should come fresh and exclusively from [[Fantasy]] Heaven and not from the past.

[Islamic lie tradition: Before Fantasy Islam, there was only a Fantasy "nothing"- and then with the invented "Mohammed" the culture was there]
According to Islamic [[inventors']] opinion, there was nothing before the [[Fantasy]] Muhamad, at least nothing intelligent was there, officially called "dhhiliyya," "the time of ignorance, of barbarism." And suddenly everything in one stroke: The [[Fantasy]] Prophet, the [[Fantasy]] Revelation, the [[Fantasy]] Quran, and lots of fiction books on the [[Fantasy]] subject. But all that comes 200 years later!

[Archeology: The cevelopment of the book of faith in the Arab-Christian Fantasy period up to the Fantasy Quran]
The "history transmission gap" did not exist in reality. The Arabs have very well recorded and written. There was a [[Fantasy]] Quran development, step by step, version by version. We have numerous manuscripts proving this process. But they did not write one single word about the [[Fantasy]] Prophet. So, they were writing about their [[Fantasy]] Holy Book, but they were not writing about its author, the [[Fantasy]] prophet? The reason is that there was just nothing to write about a prophet. There were no [[Fantasy]] Muslims at all, so they could not write [[Fantasy]] Islamic scriptures at all.

So, there is the big question what has happened in the meantime during these approximately 200 years between the alleged events and their proclamation. Just a [[Fantasy]] Islam was born. But without a rabid archangel, without inspirations on a mountain, without intervention troops from [[a Fantasy]] Heaven and without God-sent sandstorms. It was a development.

[Islamic liar tradition: The entire development of the 200 years from 600 to 800 is concealed for presenting a "veritable revelation" - Josef van Ess]
But there had to be a scheme of action with this new [[Fantasy]] religion: Good and old Semitic tradition affords for a religious big event a great revelation as an introduction. So the complete [[Fantasy]] Islamic historiography was omitting the 200 years of before and put the [[Fantasy]] prophet at the beginning of the story.

In fact, the 7th century was connected directly with the 9th century now - what catched the eyes of several historians already. There is for example the souvereign famous Islam researcher Mr. Josef van Ess who lets begin his theologic history of [[Fantasy]]Islam in the second Islamic century: He claims that from the first [[Fantasy]] Islamic century (from the times of a certain Muhammad and the big war times) there was nothing safe to report.

7i.2. The development of the Fantasy Quran from the Christian Qeryan of Arab Fantasy Christians

[Research: Luxenberg traces about 400 Aramaic words in the Quran - not only the headscarf and the virgins are lied]
As already shown, Mr. [[linguistic researcher]] Luxenberg was able to prove that many passages of the [[Fantasy]] Quran were not written in Arabic.

So far, he detected about 400 [p.139] Aramaic words in the [[Fantasy]] Quran. At first glance, this does not seem so much. But as it was shown, already not understanding these 400 words created excellent errors of understanding wo the world is full of fantasies with [[Fantasy]] headscarves and [[Fantasy]] virgins in Heaven. And there could be more detections.

[Research: The first Fantasy Qurans had a consonant language with Aramaic-Arab mixture]
The [[Fantasy]] Quran scripts originally consisted of the consonant framework of an Aramaic-Arabic mixed language. There was a constant work with this [[Fantasy]] Quran, and there are numerous manuscripts proving this.

[Research: The Fantasy Quran was the continuation of the Aramaic liturgical book "Queryan" of the Arab-Christian Fantasy community]
This [[Fantasy]] Quran was the continuation of [[Fantasy]] Qeryan for a specific Arab community, and it was clearly a Christian [[Fantasy]] Quran. Having asked for example an Arab in the year of 700 about about his belief, which was 100 years after [[the Fantasy]] Muhammad, so his answer had been (if this was not a [[Fantasy]] Jew very clearly: he was a [[Fantasy]] Christian. Asking this in different regions, differnet traditions had been visible. For example different interpretations of [[the Fantasy]] Moses, of [[the Fantasy]] Abraham or of [[the Fantasy]] Jesus who was considered as [[Fantasy]] God, [[Fantasy]] son of [[a Fantasy]] God, as a [[Fantasy]] prophet, as a [[Fantasy]] envoy. We would have found that the difference in beliefs was primarily the role attributed to [[the Fantasy]] Jesus. The accents were different, but no one was expecting a new [[Fantasy]] religion or had any reason to change his [[Fantasy]] religion.

[Research: Fantasy Christianity reports nowhere from a new Fantasy Islam from 622]
During two or three centuries, there were only fluid boundaries, nobody was forced to chose  between [[Fantasy]] Christianity or [[Fantasy]] Islam.

This is also the reason why the [[Fantasy]] Christians in Syria, Persia or Spain did not mention the appearance of a new religion. [[Fantasy]] Christianity was spread everywhere.

[Islamic lie tradition claims: There are no Arab Christians - all have been Fantasy Muslims already and they cooperated with Fantasy Christians]
By a gradual transition, of course, the Arab [[Fantasy]] Christians had also become widespread [[Fantasy]] Muslims. But the inventors invented conquest legends and now there had to be found an explanation for this why the "subject" [[Fantasy]] Christians and countries were cooperating willingly - and by this cause the fairy tale of tolerance of [[Fantasy]] Islam was created.

[Islamic lie tradition claims: The honored Fantasy Jesus becomes a fantasy prophet "Muhamad abd Allah"]
On the way from the Qeryan to the Quran, not so much theology changed, but the role of the [[Fantasy]] Jesus changed mainly. Only when this was no longer a central figure, but a [[Fantasy]] prophet among others, only when the proclaimed became a herald, the [[Fantasy]] Quran had become the book [p.140] of another [Fantasy]] religion. The [[Fantasy]] Muhamad abd Allah is the product of this shift in meaning and not the cause.

7i.3. A Fantasy Muhammad is invented - and 200 years of history are invented

[Islamic liar tradition claims: The new Fantasy religion is justificated with 200 years of invented Fantasy Islam history]
Theologically, there was no sufficient reason and no justification for a new [[Fantasy]] religion visible. But without a justification no new [[Fantasy]] religion could be installed - and with the myth of [[a Fantasy]] Muhammad, this justification was delivered subsequently. Only this [[Fantasy]] Muhammad myth is the characteristic of [[Fantasy]] Islam.

[Research: The "Arabi" wanted to have their own Fantasy prophet - another one was invented - and 200 years of history were invented]
The burning desire for an own [[Fantasy]] gospel seemed to be fulfilled, but what was not fulfilled was the desire for an own [[Fantasy]] prophet - this one had been predicted many times already. The [[Fantasy]]Jews had their [[Fantasy]] prophet, the [[Fantasy]] Christians had one, and now, in the 9th century [[after Fantasy Christ]], also the Arabs should get their own [[Fantasy]] prophet.

There will have been rumors about an Arab [[Fantasy]] prophet, but unfortunately his life was 200 years or more before and no records were existing, so one had to refer to oral [[Fantasy]] reports, and from one day to the other one there were many sources bubbling never stopping. These [[Fantasy]] narratives were also rated as proof for the authorship of the [[Fantasy]] prophet for the [[Fantasy]] Quran which was partly existing already as a proof.

The result was a retro-interpretation of the [[Fantasy]] Holy Book and of the history of the last 200 years in total. All was invented mainly in the 9th century in Mesopotamia. The editors were collecting all what they could have with [[Fantasy]] records, and they put it down. But it came out that they did not understand the language and the signification of the time of origin rightly. Therefore, since the beginning of hour 0, there are interpretations, there are maneuvers, there are presumptions - and this is the characteristic of [[Fantasy]] Quran until today ("interpretations").

They invented califs and invented battles where no calif was and no battles were, and they invented wonders helping when the fantasy was in danger to develop too extremely. One can assume that they integrated stories about existing actors - a sheikh or a prominent, local preacher - into their reports, but all names were changed into the new [[Fantasy]] lable of a "Muhammad".

[Islamic lie tradition: The inventors describe the Bedouin societies in detail]
In this [[Fantasy]] Quran many instructions are incorporated, and there are juridic regulations with the last and last but last detail which are referring all to the Bedouine societies of those times. One can assume that the [[Fantasy]] religion integrated desert specific elements soon allready. But the new invention with the reinterpretation may be even more comprehensive.

[Islamic lie tradition: The Fantasy Quran is written by several people]
Now, there is a big difference between the [[Fantasy]] suras from Mecca (see e.g. in the theologic part of [[Fantasy]] Quran) and the [[Fantasy]] suras from Medina (see e.g. in the executive regulations). This difference is too big for rating it being written from only one person of only one time epoch - because this is a completely different handwriting.

[Islamic lie tradition: Fantasy Abraham suddenly comes from Mecca and is called a Fantasy Ibrahim and was a Fantasy Muslim]
The editors were not hesitating in changing the location of the legendary [[Fantasy]] Abraham from the Old [[Fantasy]] Testament: they changed him to Mecca appointing him to be the first "true believer", and this had to be - without writing it - this could be only a [[Fantasy]] Muslim. Mr. Kamal Salibi from Lebanon [[a Fantasy Muslim researcher]] was shifting all the old tradition with it's Old [[Fantasy]] Testament to the today's Arabia and tried to confiscate it for [[the Fantasy]] Islam [68].
[68] [[see the book of]] Kamal Salibi: The Bible came from the land of Asir; Hamburg 1985
(original German: Die Bibel kam aus dem Lande Asir)
[Islamic lie tradition: The invention of the Quranic Arabic for the newly invented religion with the Fantasy Koran]
Of course, the language of the new [[Fantasy]] book should be Arabic, but there was no comprehensive Arabic. And above all: there was only a rudimentary, Arabic scripture - so, first a well readable and compulsary writing had to be defined. Therefore the [[Fantasy]] Quran inventors were also grammar specialists and they were not creating less than Quran Arabic. One can admit for sure that the [[Fantasy]] Quran was the first text in this new language version.
Addition: A similar case with a new language standard was Luthers Fantasy Bible translation with a new standard German language.
When the new book was published the propagandists were eager to install it as the only true book and as the all-encompassing book. People with that book would not need any other book any more, all past would be in it, all present and also all future would be in it, all life sectors would be arranged. With this propaganda began the mixing of private life, public life, civil life and state's life which is the characteristic of [[Fantasy]] Islam. And even Mr. Esel Luqman from [[the book]] "Akhikar" was cited in this [[Fantasy]] Quran with a separate [[Fantasy]] sura (Akhikar was the book of wisdom from India). This was a souvenir from the homeland of [[the Fantasy]] Muhammad, the Buddhist influenced area of eastern Persia [p.142].

So, the editors thus reinvented language, writing and history in a new way, and by this, they lost all relationship to the reality of their past.

[Research: The Islam liars forget to replace the goddess symbols with a crescent moon and with a morning star (!)]
Nothing documents the totally broken relationship of [[Fantasy]] Islam to its own past better than the symbols of the hated heathen deities [[the gods of the natives!]] on its flags and prayer houses: Crescent Moon and Morning Star.

7i.4. The location of al-Hira in Mesopotamia - and a cave Hira with Fantasy Mohammed

[Research: Al-Hira as the place of an Arab tribal union - the "Hirensers" as a community of "Ibad" ("servants of God")]
An important station from historic fact to [[Fantasy]] legends is al-Hira, without any doubt. This is a location in southern Mesopotamia. Here was living a group of Arab tribes which had joined together because of their religion as a connective cross-tribal element. Hirensers understood themselves ad a community of "Ibad", the "servents" (this means: "servents of [[a Fantasy]] God").

[Islamic lie tradition: "Ibad" should be called "Abid"]
Also the [[Fantasy]] Quran is reporting about "Ibad". But the correct name should be "Abid" (this is the plural of "Abd"), well, "Ibad" is a Mesopotamian special form with reference to the described community. Or it's just a fault in the writing?

[Islamic lie tradition: Hira cave is said to be a cave in a desert where Fantasy Muhammad was meditating]
Remember: Hira was also a location near Mecca (a mountain or a cave) where - so the Islam [[Fantasy]] tradition - [[a Fantasy]] Muhammad received his first revelations. Is this a coincident? In fact, there is a good reason to assume that this real existing location al-Hira was taken by the inventors being shifted to another location, just an event with many parallels in history. So, there are the [[Fantasy]] Christs of Hira, the Hirensic [[Fantasy]] Christians. Are we dealing now with the original [[Fantasy]] Muslims? [69]
[69] There is a legend speaking of a [[Fantasy]] trader and preacher who adopted Arab [[Fantasy]] Christianity in al-Hira and was spreading it in southern Arabia. His name was Qutham, the legend says, and he was known later as a [[Fantasy]] Muhammad.
(We speak about these Hira [[Fantasy]] Christians or Ibadites later in another chapter yet where they come as [[Fantasy]] Christian Arabs to Spain and convert to be [[Fantasy]] Muslims there).

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