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Norbert G. Pressburg: Good bye Mohammed - Muhammad never existed

8. "Golden Age" of Muhammad Fantasy Islam - transfigured glances into a nonexistent Fantasy past

8e. Al-Ghazali destroys the science: he prohibits independent philosophy, subordinates everything to the Muhammad Fantasy Quran and defines "heretics" - translator Chaldun - summary

8e. Al-Ghazali destroys the science: He forbids independent philosophy, subordinates everything to the Muhammad Fantasy Quran and defines "heretics" - translator Chaldun - works of Avicenna are edited under Ghazali's name - "Main work" of al-Ghazali: The "defense" of the Muhammad Fantasy Quran word by word - and all other opinions are considered as "deadly heresy" - Al-Ghazali and his defamation of women: legal discrimination by men is called "inferiority" - Al-Ghazali installs radical Muhammad Fantasy Islam

Summary: The Arab Jesus Fantasy Christians were the enlightened researchers - and a Muslim Al-Ghazali installed radical Muhammad Fantasy Islam - today's Muhammad Fantasy Islam claims that Arab Jesus Fantasy Christians were Muhammad Fantasy Muslims - Omar Chayyam - a poet who was also not a Muslim - Khomeini Gorbachev recommended the reading of Al-Farabi and Avicenna (!) - The Arab-Christian scientists and their performance - book burnings under the Vatican-Christian terror (Jesus Fantasy!) and under the Islam terror (Muhammad Fantasy!) - Greek cultural influences survived in Central Asia - The Muhammad Fantasy Islam destroyed Arab-Christian science - Historian Ibn Chaldun 1377: translations and rise of Jesus Fantasy Italy with the Renaissance

presented by Michael Palomino (2015 / 2019 / translation 2019) - p.172-178; p.156-157

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8e. Al-Ghazali destroys the science: he prohibits independent philosophy, subordinates everything to the Muhammad Fantasy Quran and defines "heretics" - translator Chaldun

With Ibn Rushd, the time of the independent thinkers of Arab intellectual history is over. Therefore, there is only the person to present that is performing this end with his year figures: it's al-Ghazali, born around 1058 in Tuz in eastern Iran, and he died in 1111 in the same country. His two main works are "Incoherence of Philosophers" and "The Revival of Religious Sciences." In [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Islamic literature, Ghazali is celebrated as one of the great philosophers. IN reality, he had nothing to do with philosophy at all. Just the contrary was the case, his life's work was their abolition.
-- al-Ghazali - Mossad Wikipedia link (Engl.) ]
This is also the content of the work "Incoherence". He describes there why philosophy has no right of existence. Ghazali is contradicting sharply Aristotle and all his Arab predecessors denying any principle of causality, so the principle of cause and effect. Therefore also logic would not exist and no natural laws, all would happen by a special act of will by [[a Fantasy]] God. Ghazali is presenting as an example that it would be an error to believe that one would cause to burn a piece of cotton [p.172] putting fire under it. In reality [[the Fantasy]] God had given the order to the cotton to burn. And he presents more analogue cases like leaves falling from the tree in autumn by the order of [[a Fantasy]] God to every single leave. Friedrich Dieterici, a Prussian scholar in orientalistic languages and philosophy was commenting this in 1903 in this way: "That would be as if every letter with the stamp of the Imperial Reich Mail Service had to be personally delivered by His Majesty." [103]
[103] Friedrich Dieterici: About the Context of Greek and Arabic Philosophy; Munich 2004

[Remark: Jesus Fantasy Crusaders since 1096 provoke extremist Muhammad Fantasy Islamists since 1096
With Jesus Fantasy Crusaders in the Middle East radicalization of the Muhammad Fantasy Islamists was provoked eliminating any tolerance. The same can be observed since criminal Zionism was installed since 1896 by Herzl: Strict Moses Fantasy Zionists provoke strict Muhammad Fantasy Islamists. The stupid game of Freemason's Satanic Fantasy books is going on...]

Ghazali claimed that there are no laws of nature, but only the will of [[a Fantasy]] God, and therefore Ghazali postulates the existence of miracles that may contradict any logic. Accordingly, he denied that humans have a free will, every single step of humans would be steered by [[a Fantasy]] God. The problem that humans would commit also sins and crimes without free will and would be innocent was solved with the mental trick that sins were simply excepted with the indication of the all mighty of [[a Fantasy]] God and with the indication that logic does not exist. Philosophy and natural sciences could not render anything for truth. Therefore they would be not only superfluous, but even harmful because humans would be derived from religion. Thus he claimed death penalty for persons who were representing philosophic content. In his writing "The Savior of Error" he formulated 20 points for judging philosophers and heretics. And he mentioned Avicenna and al-Farabi as proven heretics.

That al-Ghazali is still regarded as a great scholar today in the [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Islamic world is one thing [104].
[104] Haim Zafrani: "The teachings of al-Ghazali had immense repercussions and exerted considerable influence on the history of thought, in both East and West, among the elites of Europe"; In: http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0011/001144/114426eo.pdf
[The Routes of al-Andalus. Spiritual convergence and intercultural dialogue - UNESCO: Intercultural Projects Division; Paris; and: El Legado Andalusi; Granada (Spain)]
The proof of the "significant influence" of al-Ghazali on the Western intellectual life was never given by Mr. Zafrani, but in the next chapter he delivers one more probe of his personal historiography.
[Works of Avicenna are edited under Ghazali's name]

But sometimes he is also mentioned as a philosopher in Europe, and this must be based on a misunderstanding: The Spanish [[Jesus Fantasy]] Dominican Nicolas Eymerich was was listing in his book "Directorium Inquisitorium" [[Guide for Inquisition]] (around 1350) the "18 heresies and errors of [p.173] the philosopher Algazel". He derived these from a Latin translation of an Arab writing with the title "Maqasid al-falasifa" ("The Intentions of the Philosophers") under the name of al-Ghazali. But this writing is in fact an Arab translation of Avicenna's "Book of Wisdom" in Persian. It was translated, Ghazali's name was added, and his introduction was added where Ghazali was indicated, but in reality Avicenna was in it. How this mistake could be committed is not clear, but it rendered a totally undeserved honor to Ghazali.

[Main work of al-Ghazali: The "defense" of the literal Muhammad Fantasy Quran - and all other opinions are rated as "death worthy heresy"]

The rating of al-Ghazali as a scientist is therefore catastrophic, with the exception of [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Islamic authors. [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Islamic world considers as his main work his second book "The Revival of Religious Sciences". It contains nothing more than the defense of the literal [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Quran. Only what is in the [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Koran is accepted as science. When for example Avicenna's interpretation of the Flood legend described the drowning of ignorance and the victory of wisdom, Ghazali stated that Noah's Ark on the Floods had to be considered word for word. All other interpretation would be death worthy heresy. When [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Quran was considered by al-Kindi and Ibn Rushd only as acceptable for the unknowing and not educated masses, Ghazali defined it as an iron law and as the only possible source of all wisdom.

[Al-Ghazali and his propaganda against women: legal discrimination by men is called "inferiority"]

How he was connected to the ultra-Orthodox [[Muhammad Fantasy]] circles can be seen in his book "Counselor for Kings" (Nasihat al Muluk). In it, he lists 18 points that, in reference to [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Sura 4:34, prove the inferiority of women:
1. Menstruation
2. The pregnancy
3. The birth
4. The separation from her parents by marriage
5. The inability to control oneself
6. The lower inheritance
7. The possibility of being rejected without divorcing herself
8. The right of men to four women who can have only one man [p.174]
9. Being locked in the house
10. The commandment to cover the head
11. Her voice in court, which counts only half as much as that of a man
12. The commandment not to leave the house alone
13. The prohibition to attend Friday prayers [[Muhammad Fantasy prayers]]
14. The exclusion from government and judicial offices
15. The fact that out of 1,000 meritorious deeds, 999 were performed by men and only one by women
16. A general penalty on the day of resurrection instead of individual accountability
17. The waiting period of four months and ten days after the death of her husband to remarry
18. The waiting period of three menstrual cycles after divorce to remarry.

[Al-Ghazali installs radical Islam]

This is al-Ghazali, as he really lives: The mingling of cause and effect, of natural law and human law does not seem to bother him, because he has already broken in his "nothingness of philosophy" with logic and causality. Calling him a philosopher or scientist would be the grossest insult to all his Arab predecessors from al-Kindi to Ibn Rushd. He was also not the "innovator of [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Islam" as he is celebrated in the [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Islamic world. He was rather a representative of the then most radical movement, which established itself in the further course as [[Muhammad Fantasy]] "Islam". With al-Ghazali comes what Dan Diner calls the "sealed time" [105]

     [105] Dan Diner: The Sealed Time; Berlin 2007

the mental standstill of the [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Islamic world from the 12th century to the present day.

Summary: The Arab Jesus Fantasy Christians were the enlightened researchers - and a Muhammad Fantasy Muslim Al-Ghazali installed radical Muhammad Fantasy Islam

While al-Ghazali was a [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Muslim çin the sense of the present understanding of [[Muhammad Fantasy]] "Islam", this is not the case with all the other who were mentioned. Hunain was a [[Jesus Fantasy]] Christian and Thabit was a non-believer. Avicenna and Biruni had a Buddhist background, from Farabi it can be presumed. With al-Kindi, Alhazen [p.175] and Rhazes (the one with the "three criminals") we have the typical freethinkers who were in complete contrast to the [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Quran.

All mentioned could still afford their independence despite hostility, even though Biruni and Avicenna had to be careful, for Ibn Rushd it was already too late. Since the beginning of his teaching he has been under the persecution of the orthodox [[Muhammad Fantasy]] imams, whom he finally succumbed to.

[Muhammad Fantasy Islam today claims that Arab Jesus Fantasy Christians were Muhammad Fantasy Muslims]

Despite certain differences, the premises of Aristotle and other Greek philosophers were common to all of them. With their commitment to logic, causality, and scholarship, they have all been in a blatant opposition to the [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Quran, although in some arrogance some of them only accorded this right to themselves and a few hand-picked ones. But with what justification can you call them [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Muslims? Not one of the principal characters imagined was, with the possible exception of Ibn Rushd, whose understanding of [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Islam was diametrically opposed to that of the [[Muhammad Fantasy]] mosque.

[Omar Chayyam - a poet who was not a Muhammad Fantasy Muslim either]

Let's mention in this context the poet Omar Chayyam (1048-1123) from Mishapur, East Persia. He was a follower of Avicenna and during his life time, he was known as philosopher and mathematician. He wrote also four-line poems (Rubaiyat) which were completely unknown, but later he became famous with them in the West  [106].
[106] In about 1850, an English translation was made by Edward Fitzgerald, and since 1880 there are several German editions.

This fame shone back to his Persian homeland, where he was stylized as an Islamic poet, including a memorial in Laleh Park in Tehran (Biruni also stands there). The pronounced blasphemy in many of his verses does not seem to bother, but suggests that even Chayyam was not a [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Muslim.

[Muhammad Fantasy Khomeini advised Gorbachev to read Al-Farabi and Avicenna (!)]

A letter of [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Khomeini to Gorbachev from January 1989 shows the deep ignorance of [[Muhammad Fantasy]]Muslim world concerning their many famous thinkers of the past. In this letter, Khomeini calls [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Islam the soltion of actual problems, and he suggested Gorbechev the works of al-Farabi [p.176] and of Avicenna - which should replace the thinkers of the West [107].
[107] "If Your Excellency wanted to lead the research on such subjects, you should encourage students to consult the writings of al-Farabi and Avicenna rather than the books of the Western philosophers."
Obviously, [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Khomeini did not know that his parade philosophers were not [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Muslims at all, and consequently condemned as a heretic by the parade [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Muslim al-Ghazali, and their writings were burned by [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Muslims. Or should he have recommended the two as a sort of diplomatic gesture, because both were old citizens of the then existing [[Communist Gulag]] Soviet Union? [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Khomeini probably did not know either one or the other and was disappointed because Gorbachev did not answer.

[The Arab-Christian scientists and their performance - book burnings under the Jesus Fantasy Vatican Christian Terror and under the Muhammad Fantasy Islam Terror]

The mentioned personalities had done great things for their time. Alhazen has promoted the optics, Avicenna the medicine, others have further developed their Aristotle, but the vast majority, there were only the most prominent outlined, have remained on the state of antiquity.

Without diminishing their merit in any way, one must relativize it insofar as their main merit was not always the work itself, but the fact that they had translated the ancient authors. In the West, the [[Jesus Fantasy]] Church had initially eliminated with all eager any Greek and Latin writings of ancient philosophers. But not long after their death and partly even during their lifetime, the writings of the Arab scientists experienced the same fate: they were handed over as un-Islamic [[not being acceptable by Muhammad Fantasy]] to the fire. We own only a fraction of their works, those that arrived in Europe in time and thus escaped destruction.

[Greek-cultural influences survived in Central Asia]

The reason for the flourishing of spiritual life in medieval Arabia, and especially in Persia, can be seen in the continuation of the antique tradition. Since Alexander the Great, Greek-cultural influence has extended to Central Asia, down to the borders of China and India. There, ancient intellectual life was preserved longest and met a Buddhist culture. These were the conditions for the spiritual and cultural flowering. The centers were located in the oasis cities of Central Asia, on the territory of today's Turkmenistan, Tajikistan [p.177], Uzbekistan and Afghanistan - a completely incredible idea for us today. In the west of the empire, this eastern mixture struck the Byzantine spiritual world.

One could doubt the very existence of an "Arab" spiritual life considering only the ethnic origin of the individual personalities. The only common thing of them is Arab language, which was the connection language - as Latin was the connection [artificial language] in the [[Faked]] Roman Empire [[thus in the Greek Empire]].

The majority of rulers at that time were by no means the [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Muslim Caliphs and Emirs, where tradition tells us, but the real rulers were persons who lived in the sphere of influence of these cultures, and were therefore bound by the tradition of spiritual freedom and exchange of ideas. Of course they wore Arab titles. However, it is inadmissible to interpret them automatically as [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Islamic.

[Muhammad Fantasy Islam destroyed Arab-Jesus Fantasy Christian science]

The "golden times" of the [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Islamic sciences? There never were. But there was a golden age of the Arab sciences. This came to an abrupt end when [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Islam established itself as the dominant religion. It drove the knowledge from the Orient to the West, where it has remained to this day [p.178].
[Remark: Reaction against criminal and corrupt Jesus Fantasy Crusaders
First came the criminal Jesus Fantasy Crusaders, and then the Muhammad Fantasy Islam had to react with Islamism against the criminal and corrupt Jesus Fantasy Crusaders].

[Historian Ibn Chaldun 1377: Translations and rise of Italy with the Renaissance]

In 1377, the Arab historian Ibn Chaldun sat on a mountain fortress in the North African desert and argued about the spiritual decline in the [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Islamic Empires and their causes [p.156]. It was the same time when the towns of Upper Italy had an economic boom and were installing a tremendous upsurge also concerning arts and sciences - this what is called Renaissance today.
"We hear that the philosophical sciences are now very much cultivated in the land of Rome and along the subsequent northern coasts in the land of European [[Jesus Fantasy]] Christians.The existing systematic representations are said to be comprehensive, and expert people are said to be numerous, and many students." [84]

[84] Ibn Khaldun: The Muqaddimah; New York 1958

[Remark: Italy with war profits from the Jesus Fantasy Crusader wars - empoverished Europe - and expulsion of Moses Fantasy Jews
Italian ships were performing any transports between Europe, Middle East and Black Sea region and made billions with transportation of Jesus Fantasy Crusaders and goods, and also selling weapons to BOTH sides. THAT's why Italy became rich and a cultural impulse for all Europe, and other countries in Europe became poor because they spent much money for crazy Jesus Fantasy Crusader wars for a Fantasy God. This Fantasy God brought with the same Italian ships the plague to Europe, so in rich Italy less persons died because of the plague than in other parts of Europe. The expulsion of the Jews by criminal Jesus Fantasy Church was an easy game then: 1) because of the impoverished population by the criminal crusades, AND 2) because of the plague. In this way the losses by the criminal crusades were partly balanced robbing Jewish houses and Jewish goods. All in all, criminal Jesus Fantasy Church could "inherit" goods of billions, or rob them by fake documents (see Zillmer: Columbus was the last - original German: Kolumbus kam als Letzter). Corrupt justice protected criminal Jesus Fantasy Church. THIS was the spiritual condition of new born Vatican Christianity, and this is the mental condition in Catholic territories until today: Jesus Fantasy Christs are allowed to commit defamations and robberies and can play "God" in this way, because they are protected by corrupt Catholic justice (!!!). Muhammad Fantasy Muslims only laughed the Jesus Fantasy Christians because they had recovered their trade ports on the Mediterranean by a hard Islamism mentality (today these ports are in Israel, Lebanon, and Syria)].
Chaldun was speaking about comprehensive and systematic works which were spread in the "countries north of the Arab countries". These works were translations of Arab works, this means Latin translations, which had been translated from Greek into Aramaic and Arab.

Ibn Chaldun considers himself in his self-image as a member of a culture where the wisdom of past cultures was united and had a further development. He was irritate that the non-believers and barbarians [[criminal Crusader Jesus Fantasy Christians]] got the heritage of this now [[not considering the war profits of the coldhearted Italian nobles with their tactics and shipping lines]]. He suspects that the great era of Arab science comes to an end. But he does not know that he is the last of his guild [p.157].

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