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[Mosad] Encyclopaedia Judaica

Discrimination against the Moses Fantasy Jews after 1945: General indications
from: Discrimination; In: [[Mosad]] Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971, vol. 6

presented by Michael Palomino (2007 / 2019)

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distinguishing between people on the basis of the group to which the person belongs rather than individual characteristics. With rare exceptions, contemporary (col. 67)

forms of discrimination against [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews were not based upon the type of legal device and sanction that reached its apotheosis with the *Nuremberg laws. The postwar disclosure of the details of the Holocaust generated such massive popular revulsion that legal forms of anti-Semitism became taboo, for the gas chambers [[which according to the latest research are replaced by mass shooting and mass death in tunnel systems]] and the concentration camps were the ultimate consequence of legalized anti-[[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish discrimination.

Anti-Semitism continued to find expression in the contemporary world in non-legislative discriminatory patterns. Sophisticated formulations to mask the anti-Semitic intent of the pattern were elaborated, and in no case could the pattern appear to be overtly anti-Semitic.

Even where complete or almost complete exclusion of [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews was practiced, the rationale for such action had to be explained on grounds other than religious or ethnic discrimination. The more characteristic pattern took the form of "tokenism" (i.e., the admission of one or a few [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews into a non-[[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish milieu) or a quota system, which restricted the number of [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews to a precise or approximate percentage of the total composition.

The overall pattern of discrimination was selective in character: not all or almost all [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews were the objects of discrimination and not all or almost all spheres of public life were the loci of the discriminatory pattern. There were, however, certain major postwar exceptions to the selective character of non-legislative discrimination.

During the "Black Years" in the [[Rothschild Communist]] Soviet Union (1948-53), virtually all [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews were subject to some form of discrimination, and many were even more harshly treated. A similar phenomenon occurred in [[Jesus Fantasy]] Poland during 1968, with the difference that Polish [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews were permitted and even encouraged to emigrate.

These anti-[[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish campaigns were deliberately masked, however, in the first case as "anti-*Cosmopolitanism", and in the second as "anti-Zionism".> (col. 68)

[[Mosad Encyclopaedia Judaica never speaks about discrimination of Muhammad Fantasy] Arabs in Fantasy Palestine by Moses Fantasy Jews. The base of the discrimination of the [[Muhammad Fantasy]] Arabs is the Herzl book "The (Moses Fantasy) Jewish State" from 1896 which says that Muhammad Fantasy Arabs can be driven out of their territory like the natives in the "USA"]].

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