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[Mosad] Encyclopaedia Judaica

Discrimination against the [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews since 1945: "Soviet Union"

  How the Soviet state systems discriminated [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews as a general punishment for Israeli policy
from: Discrimination; In: [Mosad] Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971, vol. 6

presented by Michael Palomino (2007 / 2019)

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The discrimination of the Muhammad Fantasy Arabs by the Moses Fantasy Jewish Free Mason government in Jerusalem in coordination with the CIA is never mentioned, and the 1st Fantasy Mose book, chapter 15, phrase 18, which says that Israel has its borders between Nile River and Euphrates River is never mentioned, and the racist Herzl book "The Moses Fantasy Jewish State" which says that Muhammad Fantasy Arabs can be driven away like the natives in the "USA" is not mentioned either by the Mosad Encyclopaedia Judaica. Partition of Palestine is no solution, but to live together, that's the solution.

There is a special point concerning Rothschild's Communist "Soviet Union": According to Benjamin Pinkus (book: "The Soviet government and the [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews") the discrimination of the Moses Fantasy Jews in the Soviet Union after 1948 was implemented because the Moses Fantasy Jewish government in Israel was collaborating with the criminal CIA and with the Jesus Fantasy "USA" against the Rothschild Communist Soviet Union, and the Soviet Union was encircled by the "US" satellites with Germany, Scandinavia, Israel, India, and Japan, so the encircled situation of 1940 by the Germanic Fantasy NS coalition was repeated ow by an "US" coalition. This is never said by Mosad Encyclopaedia Judaica.

Michael Palomino, December 2007 / May 2019

<[[Rothschild's Communist]] Soviet Union.

The Soviet Union, where in 1970 approximately one-quarter of the world's [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish population lived, offered a classic example of how anti-Semitic motivation on the highest level was expressed in either exclusion, tokenism, or quota techniques.

Andrei D. Sakharov, the distinguished Soviet physicist and co-creator of the hydrogen bomb, acknowledged in 1968 that "in the highest bureaucratic elite of [the Soviet] government, the spirit of anti-Semitism was never fully dispelled after the 1930s." A burgeoning [[Jesus Fantasy]] Russian nationalism, which fed upon traditional anti-Semitism and was reinforced by the determination to erect barriers against Western influences and contacts, provided the motivation for the policy, as [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews, characteristically, had family as well as spiritual and cultural links with the West.

Sakharov specifically mentioned the Soviet Union's "appointments policy" as the device by which discrimination against [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews was effected. That "appointments policy" excluded [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews from all key policy-making positions. Whereas the percentage of [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews in the Central Committee of the Communist Party was 10.8% in 1939, over the course of years, the percentage was reduced to almost nil - only one [[Moses Fantasy]] Jew remained in the Central Committee in 1970. there were no [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews in the Politburo, the Orgburo, or the top levels of the Secretariat. In the sensitive areas of diplomacy, security, foreign trade, and military affairs there were virtually no [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews: at the top levels, there was none at all; elsewhere in the hierarchy there were less than a handful.

The political sphere, which embraced soviets on various levels and which was manipulated by the Communist Party apparatus, was characterized by "tokenism", whereby a tiny percentage of [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews was selected by the party. In contrast with the composition of the Supreme Soviet in 1937, for example, when approximately 3.5% of the deputies were [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish (before the new "appointments policy" had been instituted), at the end of the 1960s, (col. 68)

with a membership of some 1,500, it contained a token number of [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews - 0.25%. The same percentage obtained in the Supreme Soviets of the 15 Union Republics, in which there were 14 out of some 5,300 deputies; one or two [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish deputies were chosen for some of the Union Republic Supreme Soviets. On the bottom  of the legislative scale the local soviets, which comprised over 2,000,000 members, received a similar token number of [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews (about 8,000). The percentage on this level approximated that of [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews in the legislatures on the republic and national levels. The quota system was used in the various branches of administration.

Yekaterina Furtseva, minister of culture from 1960, explained how the system was initiated. If "a heavy concentration of [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish people" was found in a governmental department, "steps were taken to transfer them to other enterprises ..." At about the same time, Canadian Communist Party leader J.B. Salsberg was told in Moscow that the "transfer" method was applied to [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews in the "once-backward" Union Republics in order to make room for the newly trained native cadres in the administrative apparatus.

In December 1962, Premier Nikita Khrushchev told Soviet intellectuals that Kremlin policy was aimed at preventing too many [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews from holding prominent posts, and in June 1963, the Party's principal theoretical journal, Kommunist, admitted the widespread use of the quota system in the training and placement of cadres in the various Union Republics. The quota system was most clearly expressed in university admission practices. The Soviet Bulletin of Higher Education (December 1963) disclosed that "annually planned preferential admission quotas" prevailed in Soviet universities.

Nicholas DeWitt, a U.S. specialist on Soviet educational practices, explained that the quota system operated "to the particularly severe disadvantage of the [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish population". In a study published in 1964, he found that

"in those republics where [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews constitute an above-average proportion of the urban population, their representation among university students is well below the rate of the general population's access to higher education."

Whereas in 1935 the [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish enrollment in Soviet universities was 13% of the population, by the 1960s it dropped drastically to little more than 3%.

The pattern of discrimination against [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews in political and social life paralleled a policy that deprived the [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish community of the ethnic and religious rights to which it was constitutionally entitled and that other Soviet ethnic and major religious groups enjoyed. It should be emphasized, however, that the pattern of discrimination, especially in the civic and political arenas, was not endemic to Communist societies. In other European Communist countries (including [[Jesus Fantasy]] Poland until 1967-68), [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews held prominent positions at all levels of the party and state administration.

Even in the U.S.S.R. the anti-[[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish pattern of discrimination did not extend to everyday channels of social life. Residential restrictions were nonexistent, and there were no barriers to membership and participation in the lower levels of the Communist Party, trade unions, armed forces, social services, and clubs. Employment opportunities, other than administration, in such fields as science, medicine, law, and the arts were widespread. Particularly in the crucial area of the sciences, [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews ranked high both in absolute and relative terms, although the quota system in university admission practices brought about a decline in the percentage of [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews in relation to other nationalities.> (col. 69)

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