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[Mosad] Encyclopaedia Judaica

Discrimination against the Jews since 1945: Arab countries

Discrimination and flight of Jews after Six-Day War since 1967 - Jewish discrimination against Arabs is never mentioned
from: Discrimination; In: [Mosad] Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971, vol. 6

presented by Michael Palomino (2007 / 2019)

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The discrimination of the Arabs by the Jewish Free Mason government in Jerusalem in coordination with the CIA is never mentioned, and the 1st Mose book, chapter 15, phrase 18, which says that Israel has its borders at the Euphrat is never mentioned, and the racist Herzl book "The Jewish State" which says that Arabs can be driven away like the natives in the "USA" is not mentioned either by the Encyclopaedia Judaica. And Zionist Israel is a satellite of the "USA" which just have exterminated and driven the natives away! So: The Arab states know what danger is coming with this Zionist Israel. So: Partition of Palestine is no solution, but to live together, that's the solution. And give up your war plans, Zionists!

Michael Palomino, December 2007

<Arab Countries.

[1967: Iraqi measures after Six-Day War]

Whereas anti-Semitism in most parts of the Jewish-populated world was expressed by subtler forms of discrimination, in the Arab countries the necessity for pretense was not felt especially after the Six-Day War (1967). Discrimination against Jews was open, callous, and frequently brutal.

Upon the establishment of the State of Israel [[which was founded without any definition of borders, according to 1st Mose, chapter 15, phrase 18]], all the Jews in Iraq were classed as enemy aliens. This act was accompanied by the sequestration of Jewish property and businesses and the banning of emigration.

In March 1950, when the ban was lifted for one year, almost all of Iraq's 120,000 Jews fled, leaving 6,000 in the country. Further anti-Jewish discriminatory legislation was enacted in the years that followed, while the outflow of Jews continued, and as of May 1967, the 2,500 remaining Iraqi Jews faced sharp limitations in the areas of citizenship, travel, and property.

The Six-Day War brought on even more repressive measures: all Jewish homes were placed under surveillance; telephones were disconnected; personal property could not be sold; assets were frozen; licenses were canceled; the dismissal of Jewish employees was ordered; and travel from their area of residence was forbidden.

A complete ban on emigration made the discriminatory pressures under which Jews lived all the more burdensome. Several Jews were publicly hanged in Baghdad, together with Muslim opponents of the regime, as "imperialist and Zionist spies".

[1967: Syrian measures after Six-Day War]

The situation in Syria was similar. Even prior to the Six-Day War, Syrian Jews were forbidden to sell property and move about beyond a one-and-a-half-mile radius from their place of residence without a special permit. Jews were required to carry special identity cards, and after the war, the 4,000 Syrian Jews were not permitted to emigrate. Just prior to the Six-Day War, the UAR conducted a registration of its 2,500 Jews and, within two or three days of the outbreak of hostilities, ordered the imprisonment of the great majority of Jewish males.

Most of these prisoners were released during 1968 but others were kept in prison until 1969 and 1970. Prior to the war, the 4,000-member Jewish community in Libya was subject to a variety of restrictions, including a ban on emigration. the outbreak of war unleashed popular violence against Jews. When the ban on emigration was lifted soon after the war ended, the entire Jewish community fled.

[1967: Measures in Yemen after Six-Day War]

The tiny Jewish community of Aden underwent a similar experience. (col. 71)


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[W.K.]> (col.72)

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vergrössernEncyclopaedia Judaica: Discrimination,
vol. 6, col. 71-72

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