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Yehuda Bauer: My Brother's Keeper

A History of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee 1929-1939

[Holocaust preparations in Europe and resistance without solution of the situation]

The Jewish Publication Society of America, Philadelphia 1974

Transcription with subtitles by Michael Palomino (2007)



Chapter 4. Refugees: 1933-1938

[4.20. Austria: Blumenkrieg (war of flowers) and 185,246 plus x Jews affected by NS government]

In early 1938 the situation as far as Jewish emigration was concerned began to change for the worse. In March 1938 Hitler conquered Austria by a Blumenkrieg, that is, the only things that were thrown at the German soldiers upon their entry into Austria were flowers. Austrian Jews, 185,246 of them, and an unknown number of persons considered Jewish by Nazi criteria found themselves trapped. (p.179)