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Encyclopaedia Judaica

Moses Fantasy Jewry: Migration 01: until 1881

Migration waves before 1881 - motives for migration - the "Christians" using the Jews: pattern - numbers

from: Migration; In: Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971, Vol. 16

presented by Michael Palomino (2007 / 2019)

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Moses Fantasy Jewry: Migration until 1881 -- Migration waves before 1881 - motives for migration -- Emigration movements before and in Torah times -- Emigration movements since 1391 -- Supplement: How the "Christians" use the Moses Fantasy Jews - there are patterns -- Migration movements since 1881 -- The motivations of Moses Fantasy Jewish migration movements -- Numbers: 3 1/4 mio. Moses Fantasy Jews worldwide in 1800 appr. - 7 1/2 mio. Moses Fantasy Jews worldwide in 1881 appr. -- the "Christians" using the Moses Fantasy Jews: pattern - numbers --


[Emigration movements before and in Torah times]

[[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish migrations have a history of thousands of years: the wanderings of the Patriarchs, the Exodus from Egypt, the Babylonian Exile, the existence of [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish groups outside [[Moses Fantasy]] Erez Israel in the Second Temple period; the dispersion on the [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish people in the Roman and Near Eastern empires after the destruction of the Second Temple;

[[The latest research of Moses Fantasy Jewish archaeologists says that the Second Temple was the only one, see the book of the arqueologists Finkelstein / Silberman "The Bible Unearthed" - link]].
[Emigration movements since 1391]

the spread of the [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews to many countries of the [[Jesus Fantasy]] Christian and Islamic world; the attraction of [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews to places with favorable conditions, and, on the other hand, (col. 1518)

departures from countries as a consequence of persecutions and expulsions culminating in the scattering of the [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews of the Iberian Peninsula and the settlement of some [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews (and Marranos) in the New World since the early stages of the European colonization.

In small numbers, [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews made their way to the [[Fantasy]] Holy Land throughout the ages of the Diaspora. From the second third of the 19th century, a noticeable stream of [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish migration flowed from [[Jesus Fantasy]] Europe to the [[Jesus Fantasy]] United States.> (col. 1519)

[[Supplement: How the "Jesus Fantasy Christians" use the Moses Fantasy Jews - there are patterns

Until 1848 there can be seen a pattern that the Moses Fantasy Jews are welcomed for installing businesses, and then the Moses Fantasy Jews are driven out ant the "Jesus Fantasy Christians" take over the businesses. So after the Fantasy Roman Empire the Moses Fantasy Jews could come to Europe, and then were driven out to Eastern Europe and the "Jesus Fantasy Christians" took over their businesses. They could come to Jesus Fantasy Spain and Jesus Fantasy Portugal, and then they were driven out to North and South Africa and Jesus Fantasy Holland, and the Jesus Fantasy Christians took over their businesses. The Moses Fantasy Jews could spread out from Jesus Fantasy Holland to Jesus Fantasy Germany, and then the "Catholic" Germanic Nazi NS Regime took over their businesses and bribed the neighboring states with Moses Fantasy Jewish businesses. This is a superordinate pattern of action. The criminal Jesus Fantasy Church and the cr.ped.gay Satanic Pope are not taking measures to protect the Moses Fantasy Jews ideologically, and the Fantasy holy books of the Moses Fantasy Jews do not protect the Jesus Fantasy Christians either. So, the religions should sign the Human Rights but are never doing so.

Until 1945 for economical crisis there is always a general blame of "the Moses Fantasy Jews" to be the scapegoat also when it's obvious that the reasons for economical crisis are others, and also when it's obvious that many Moses Fantasy Jews are impoverishing by the crisis. After the installation of the global bank system some rich Moses Fantasy Jews take revenge and refuse investments when "Jesus Fantasy Christians" are in crisis, e.g. after the global crash in 1873, or after the global crash in 1929. But many Moses Fantasy Jews also are impoverishing by this, and nobody finds a solution. The scapegoat propaganda machine is working until this propaganda pattern is stopped. Only then also the propaganda machine has to begin to think what is the reason for economic crisis, but sometimes cannot begin to think until now]].

<[Numbers: 3 1/4 mio. Moses Fantasy Jews worldwide in 1800 appr. - 7 1/2 mio. Moses Fantasy Jews worldwide in 1881 appr.]

At the beginning of the 19th century there were approximately three-and-a-quarter million [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews in the world, of whom

-- two and three-quarter million were in Europe, mostly Ashkenazim, and
-- about half a million were outside Europe, mostly Sephardim.

At the beginning of the 1880s there were seven-and-a-half million [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews, of whom about seven million were in [[Jesus Fantasy]] Europe, mostly Ashkenazim (see *Demography; *Vital Statistics). The rate of growth of the [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish population was almost everywhere twice that of the general population, even in backward countries. This was at a time of a great growth of *population everywhere.

The [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish population naturally benefited from its concentration in [[Jesus Fantasy]] Europe, where the gains of medicine and preventive hygiene first made their mark, as well as from their concentration in towns, where again these cultural advances first had their effects. However the specifically high [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish rate of growth was mainly due to two factors: to a much lower infant mortality and to the good care taken of the ill and aged. Here old cultural-religious traditions gave an advantage to the [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish population. As a result of the developments in population growth and migration the distribution of [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews in the world at the beginning of the 1880s was approximately

-- four million in [[racist Jesus Fantasy Christian]] czarist Russia,
-- one-and-a-half million in [[racist Jesus Fantasy Christian kaiser]] Austria-Hungary,
-- 550,000 in united [[racist Jesus Fantasy Christian kaiser]] Germany,
-- approximately 300,000 in the [[Muslim]] Ottoman Empire,
-- and approximately 200,000 in the [[criminal racist Jesus Fantasy Christian]] United States.> (col. 721)

[Migration movements since 1881]

<The modern period of intensive [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish migration began in 1881. Since then, migrations have completely changed the world map of the geographical distribution of the [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews. In the demographic history of mankind, this period is generally characterized by the relative frequency of intercontinental migrations, especially from Europe; the [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews, however, exceeded by far other peoples of similar or superior size in the relative volume of long-distance migration. The world [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish population at the beginning of the 1880s, which is estimated to have been more than 7 1/2 million, is almost equaled by the number of [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews who have taken part in international migrations since then (c. 6 million in intercontinental migrations).

[The motivations of Moses Fantasy Jewish migration movements]

Another feature characterizing [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish migrations is the motivation behind them. Whereas individuals from other nations migrated over great distances primarily for economic motives, the great majority of [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews also tried to escape discrimination and were in fact refugees especially since the 1930s; on the other hand, aliyah to [[Moses Fantasy]] Erez Israel was often based on idealistic motives [[and racist motives against Arabs by the Zionists]]. Consequently, whereas a considerable portion of the economically motivated migrants from other nations eventually returned to their countries of origin, remigration was much rarer among [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews.

When a substantial number of [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish migrants had reached a country, further [[Moses Fantasy]] Jewish immigration was thereby facilitated (except for instances of worsening of the political or economic situation in the country or of the immigration regulations). The established [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews tended to assist - whether individually or through organizations - in the arrival and establishment of their fellow [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews.

The changes in environmental influences produced by migration have strongly contributed to profound alterations in the economic, social, and demographic characteristics of the [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews in recent generations. Moreover, migrations have removed, before it became too late, large numbers of [[Moses Fantasy]] Jews from areas where they would otherwise have (col. 1519)

been faces with the danger of physical destruction. The [[Germanic]] Nazi persecutions [[which were coordinated with the criminal Rothschild Zionists]] might have come [[after the world war declaration against "USA" in December 1941]] much closer to their aim of a genocidal "final solution" had it not been for the preceding large-scale emigration from Europe.> (col. 1520)

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Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): Migrations,
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Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): Migrations, Vol. 16, col. 1518
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Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): Migrations, Vol. 16, col. 1519-1520
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Encyclopaedia Judaica (1971): History, vol. 8, col. 721-722

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