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Encyclopaedia Judaica

Fantasy Zionism 7: Dominating Fantasy Zionism in Palestine 1945-1948

Fantasy Zionist pressure with shipped Fantasy Jews - partition plans for Palestine against the Arab Fantasy Muslims
from: History; In: Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971, vol. 8

presented by Michael Palomino (2007 / 2019)

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[ Fantasy Zionist pressure for a " Fantasy Jewish state" - British are coward and nobody wants the middle course]


The [[Fantasy]] Jews had been ready in 1937 to accept in principle the proposition of the Peel Commission of inquiry for the partition of Erez Israel, though not all the details of the plan.

[[Arab Fantasy Muslims never accept a partition of Palestine but are not asked...]]

In 1942, at a conference in the United States, the *Biltmore Program was accepted by the [[Fantasy]] Zionist organization which set forth clearly the goal of the creation of a [[Fantasy]] Jewish state. Now even the most pro-British elements among the [[Fantasy]] Zionists began to waver in their loyalty to the mandatory power.

Other commissions were sent to Erez Israel, searches for arms were made by the British in [[Fantasy]] Jewish settlements (see *Yagur), there were arrests, and hints were frequently [[...]] that the  British might leave the [[Fantasy]] Jews to their fate (col. 769)

withdrawing their protection and leaving them on their own to face the Arab [[Fantasy Muslims]].

[1946:  Fantasy Zionist pressure with DPs shipped to Palestine with "US" support - British resistance -  Fantasy Zionist pressure with a bomb attack against Kind David Hotel with many dead government officials]

A mixed Anglo-American committee of inquiry proposed in April 1946 the immediate entry of 100,000 [[Fantasy]] Jews mainly from the "*displaced persons" camps in Europe to Erez Israel. The U.S. president, Harry S. *Truman, supported this recommendation; the British prime minister, Clement *Attlee, refused it by attaching a condition requiring disbandment of the [[Fantasy]] Jewish illegal armed organization and handing in of their weapons.

The struggle continued. From the end of 1945 the Haganah also took part in actions against the British. When in 1946 the British arrested the leaders of the yishuv,

[[the  Fantasy Zionist leaders are arrested, the non- Fantasy Zionist leaders are never mentioned in Encyclopaedia Judaica]]

the I.Z.L. reacted by organizing the mining of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem where many government officials were killed.

[1947: British block of Exodus - partition plans against the Arab Fantasy Muslims]

The fate of the ship Exodus in 1947 aroused world opinion against the British government. The British then at first proposed the "Morrison Plan for Partition", which was rejected by both [[Fantasy]] Jews and Arab [[Fantasy Muslims]]. In April 1947, Ernest Bevin carried out his threat and turned to the United Nations, withdrawing from the sole British responsibility for Erez Israel. The [[Fantasy]] Jews refused to be frightened. to the surprise of many, the Soviet government joined that of the United States in supporting partition and the creation of a [[Fantasy]] Jewish state in Palestine.

On Nov. 29, 1947, the *United Nations General Assembly adopted, by a majority of 33 votes against 13, a resolution on the partition of Palestine. The actual plan was very disadvantageous to the [[Fantasy]] Jews, but the Arab [[Fantasy Muslims]] immediately proclaimed war against it. The [[Fantasy]] Jews had to prepare for this war clandestinely; the Arab [[Fantasy Muslims]] had the support of their states and the sympathy of the British government to help them in their preparations.> (col. 770)
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Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971: History,
                              vol. 8, col. 769-770
Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971: History, vol. 8, col. 769-770

[[It seems strange that the racist Herzl book "The  Fantasy Jewish State" which claims that all Arab Fantasy Muslims should be driven away is never discussed. It's strange that Encyclopaedia Judaica never mentions the non- Fantasy Zionists which don't want any  Fantasy Jewish state. And also the Arab Fantasy Muslims are not discussing about the Herzl book and about middle course solutions, but they are directly declaring war. By this the non- Fantasy Zionists are driven into the hands of the warrior  Fantasy Zionists. Both sides -  Fantasy Jews and Arab Fantasy Muslims - are not seeing any solution with Human Rights]].

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