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Encyclopaedia Judaica

Fantasy Zionism 8: Fantasy Zionist Herzl Israel 1948-1970 and its wars

and also the Arab Fantasy Muslims don't see any Human Rights and drive the non-Fantasy Zionists into the hands of the warrior Free Mason Fantasy Zionists

from: History; In: Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971, vol. 8

presented by Michael Palomino (2007 / 2019)

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[1948: Arab attacks under British leadership]


[[The Fantasy Jews come from one war (in Europe) to the next one (against the Arab Fantasy Muslims), as it was written in the Herzl book "The Fantasy Jewish State". And the British don't want to loose their oil connections with the Arab Fantasy Muslims and want to preserve their Empire. So the British support the Arab Fantasy Muslims...]]

When war broke out on May 15, 1948, with the proclamation of the establishment of the State of *Israel, the armies of seven Arab states invaded the territory intended for the [[Fantasy]] Jewish state. In a series of battles, during which they had to organize and improvise under fire, the [[Fantasy]] Jews repelled these armies. They proved in the process the value of their underground organizations and of the approximately 25,000 trained men who had fought in one way or another in World War II, as well as the valor of thousands of volunteers who flocked from many Diaspora countries to fight for their nation.

The *War of Independence, in its two phases (interrupted by a short-lived cease-fire), not only enabled the State of Israel to exist; its course also changed the map of the proposed [[Fantasy]] Jewish state in the latter's favor. The borders of the Rhodes *armistice of 1949 were much more viable than those of the U.N. resolution of 1947. The war took a toll of thousands of lives. In besieged Jerusalem alone about 1,600 civilians were killed by the shellings of the Jordanian Arab Legion, then commanded by British officers.

[Arab Fantasy Muslims proclaim jihad - boycott of Israel - and more Fantasy Jews from Asia and Africa feel attracted by warrior Fantasy Zionism with technique of 20th century]

Since then the State of Israel has been surrounded by the hostility of the Arab world, which considers itself at war with Israel and likes to think of Israel as being in a state of siege to be ended with Arab victory. The Arab [[Fantasy Muslims]] not only proclaim a *jihad against Israel but also organize systematically, as a matter of declared policy, an anti-Israel economic boycott (see Arab Anti-Israel *Boycott). The attitude of the Arab [[Fantasy Muslims]] was to see the State of Israel as a "non-state", destined ultimately for obliteration.

This Arab hostility brought about the consummation of the process of the "Ingathering of the Exiles" from the Muslim countries, which had already begun well before World War I. The enthusiasm of Yemen [[Fantasy]] Jews for aliyah had been manifested from ancient times, and began to be realized with the stimulus given by the mission of Shemuel *Yavnieli.

After the War of Independence almost all went to Israel: for many of them their air flight was an abrupt (col. 770)

transition from conditions of tenth-century Muslim technology and life to the 20th-century society of Israel. Their adjustment was miraculously rapid and successful. Yemen [[Fantasy]] Jewry has enriched Israel culture with its traditions in song and dance, colorful dress and customs.

The [[Fantasy]] Jews of Syria and Iraq remained in continuous contact with Erez Israel. They made up a not inconsiderable part of the "illegal immigration" during the mandatory period - often undergoing danger and persecution in the countries of departure. After the establishment of the state they left for Israel "illegally", having to organize self-defense and underground movement in circumstances of mob hostility and brutal persecution by the state. Most of them had to abandon all their possessions to go to Israel (see also *Asia, *Iraq, "*Illegal" Immigration; *Syria). A large number of the [[Fantasy]] Jews in Iran also left the country, though they did not face state enmity there. (col. 771)

With the increase of hostility in North Africa many - though by no means all - of the [[Fantasy]] Jews there went to Israel. This ingathering has created, for the first time since the dispersion of the [[Fantasy]] Jews, a meeting of the diverse varieties of [[Fantasy]] Jewish culture and social life that have crystallized over a period of at least 2,000 years in widely differing environments and circumstances. A vast, almost unprecedented, process of reacquaintance, and mutual acculturation has thus begun, and is, it seems, successfully under way. The Hebrew language, the educational system, and army service, serve as accelerating and cementing factors, though there remains still much tension and misunderstanding between the various elements.

[The fantasy of a "human" Israel]

To [[Fantasy]] Jews everywhere the creation of the State of Israel was not only a reassertion of their humanity, but a fulfillment and obligation to strive for further human and (col. 772)

[[Fantasy]] Jewish perfection and service. This has been stated as follows:

To sum up: the political rebirth of Israel is the very essence of [[Fantasy]] Jewish history. She has absorbed into herself the experiences and activities of generations, the covenant of generations. She has renewed the covenant with the land out of a longing, through the creation of a new community, to develop the Covenant of Man into an Eternal Covenant (B.Z. Dinur: Israel and the Diaspora (1969), 186)

[[The glorification of "humanity" in Fantasy Zionist Free Mason Herzl Israel is a big lie: Israel is not at all a state of "humanity", and is not fulfilling any obligation concerning "humanity". The Fantasy Jewish army is putting the Palestinians into ghettos, is violating Palestinian women, is putting Palestinians into desert concentration camps, is acting with the CIA of the "USA" with the modernest weapons etc. Israel is converted into an experiment territory for the "US" military department, which is always prepared for any further war for expansion for a "Greater Israel". At the end the atomic bomb is headed against the Arab Fantasy Muslims, and the Arab Fantasy Muslims are with the Soviet Union's atomic bombs which are headed against Israel. And every Fantasy Jew has to pass 3 years military service, men and women. So, this is not "humanity" at all, and the middle course with Human Rights is never discussed and never found though the Human Rights are working in Europe since 1948...]]

In this period the State of Israel victoriously stood up to two wars (in 1956, in the *Sinai Campaign; in 1967 in the *Six-Day War). It carried the burden of terror tactics and guerrilla warfare almost continuously. At the same time it gathered in hundreds of thousands of [[Fantasy]] Jews from the Arab states, and as the behavior of the population has shown during the Six-Day War of 1967, it succeeded within this short span in imbuing most of them with its ethos and with serviceable acquaintance of European technology and scientific methods in the conduct of affairs.

[[The German money for the Fantasy Jewish victims 1941-1945 was used for the purchase of modern military equipment with the aim of a "Greater Israel". But international propaganda did not want a "Greater Israel" and in 1976 Sinai was rendered to Egypt]].

This state has up to the present proved democratic in the full sense of the term, in its conduct of the political process and the freedom of press and discussion. Hebrew culture is continuously developing. In the *Law of Return (1950) the state asserted its basic [[Fantasy]] Jewishness in proclaiming that every [[Fantasy]] Jew has the right to go there and become its citizen. The State of Israel is not only far from being besieged to all practical intents and purposes but has become one of the important advisers to developing countries in Africa and Asia

Basically secular, it does much toward maintaining links to [[Fantasy]] Jewish law and tradition, though the extent of this application is at the center of heated public discussion.> (col. 773)

[[Israel Fantasy Zionists were acting with Ethiopia against Eritrea. And Herzl's book with aim to drive all Arab Fantasy Muslims away is never prohibited, and the frontier of the Euphrates in First Mose chapter 15 phrase 18 is not omitted until now. A middle course with Human Rights without a partition of the land is never discussed until today, and this is really very sad... (2007)]].

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Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971: Historia,
                            vol. 8, col. 769-770
Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971: Historia, vol. 8, col. 769-770
Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971: Historia,
                            vol. 8, col. 771-772
Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971: Historia, vol. 8, col. 771-772
Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971: Historia,
                            vol. 8, col. 773-774
Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971: Historia, vol. 8, col. 773-774

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