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Criminal festivities of the satanists - the calendar

from: witness Grunick - http://www.grunick-info.de/satanismus/satanistischer-feste-und-feiertagskalender/

Sources books
-- book from Sh. Gabriele Lademann-Priemer: Warum faszinieren Sekten?. Claudius-Kontur, München 1998
-- book: Satanismus
-- book about April 24 (Marcus Day):
Satanistischer Feste- und Feiertagskalender

8,000 to 8,500 satanists on the world (nobles, Royals, popes) - and their circle of friends (high politicians, banksters, judges, commanders) - and their tactics concealing their criminality

"Elite" of the world are 8,000 to 8,500 powerful and super rich persons [with their friends and puppets they are about 1 or 2 million world wide]. They are celebrating many things, they are celebrating also Satanism AGAINST world wide population (source: NL bankster Bernard, first part of the interview). Several times per year there are babies killed ("sacrificed"), children are robbed at the age of 6 and then they are abused from 6 to 11 and killed with 11 ("sacrificed").
Source: testimony of affected mothers in Europe (by Facebook) and indications of survivor Anneke Lucas
Youths are robbed and abused and killed ("sacrificed")
Source: Ritual child murder and baby trade by churches and elites (original German: Rituelle Kindermorde und Babyhandel der Kirchen und Eliten):
or also animals are killed ("sacrificed").

The rituals, child rape, human sacrifice and animal sacrifice are kept secret. In order to deceive the world's population, all politics, the police and the judiciary are bribed, banking system, stock exchanges, economic agents and authorities included, and the media is presenting the facade of a "safe world". Journalists telling or writing "too much" are "displaced" or killed. Parents to whom the children are robbed are presented as mentally ill. Since the year of 2000, however, there have been more and more testimonies and survivors of satanic children's rituals. In 2014 even the Vatican was busted.


The Satanists maintain
an absolutely criminal ritual and magic practice, and on certain days this is celebrated, in part
-- with regard to "Christian" festivals, times and memorial day
-- with reference to popular customs
-- with regard to supposedly Celtic traditions (for example, the notion that nightfall is the date limit and not midnight)
-- with regard to maturity and fertility.

Satanists are mocking all without limits.

The idea that the night is decisive is also celebrated in Judaism, sunset is the beginning of the next day.

The Satanist calendar begins on 31 October / 1 November. This is the "Withes' New Year".

The eve (time between sunset and midnight) and the nights have a special significance in the satanist calendar. The night rituals are held in the night. The dating of the events is sometimes not so accurate because a ritual starts in the evening and stops the next day in the morning.

Also birthdays of satanist members are celebrated. Anyone who has a birthday is allowed to be abused.

At full moon, ritual sacrifices or sexual orgies are particularly significant

There are various, satanic circles and not all groups celebrate all the holidays and celebrations in the same way. So the calendar is a help, but each group may be different from time to time. With the calendar you can definitely
-- interpret the Satanist behavior and the behavior of Satanists in the public
-- understand better their symbols and other abnormalities
-- understand better the locations of the rituals.

Children 's trade with secretaries, police and commanders - and animal slavery
The children for the children's rituals are partly "organized" by the secret services, which means that the commanders of the police and the secret services "organize" the children for the Satanist children rituals in underground networks with child muzzles, mafia gangs or in cooperation with hospitals and children's homes. In satanistic Germany this secret service robbing children from families is called "Youth Office" ("Jugendamt"), in satanistic Shitzerland (Switzerland) this criminal secret service robbing children from families is called KESB. Thus, there is a network of criminal Satanist pedophiles and commanders and judiciary, and this network keeps the criminal pedophile satanists in power.
Source: Swiss judicial circles and affected mothers.
Animals are stolen from living quarters or organized from animal shelters.
Source: Press releases.

Satanistic calendar

January 1: Christian New Year - "New Year's Night"

January 7: "Blood party"

Satanists celebrate January 7
-- with human sacrifices: girls between 7 and 17
-- with animal sacrifices
-- with mutilation of persons and animals.

January 17: sex party: "Satanist party" with orgy
with oral and vaginal sex.

January 20: witch party
On January 20 Satanists are practicing divination.

January 20-27: The time of sacrificial preparation
In the period before February (called "Imbolc") people are kidnapped and imprisoned and "prepared" for ceremonial sacrifices in February.

January 25: sex party with human sacrifices: "Great peak - peak"
Five weeks and one day after the start of the winter, the "Grand Summit" is held
-- with oral and vaginal sex, with sex orgies
-- with human sacrifices sacrificing women and children.

February 2: bitch party - sex party with human sacrifices and animal sacrifices
- with sexual rites
-- with normal sex
-- with human sacrifices: girls between 7 and 17 years are sacrificed
-- animal sacrifices

-- welcome party that spring is coming the northern hemisphere of the earth
-- thus the weather should be positively influenced for the fertility of the fields.

February 25: animal sacrifice: blood mass

On February 25 Satanists celebrate a blood mass
-- sacrificing animals .

March 1: blood mass

On this day the Satanists organize a party drinking human blood or animal blood
-- for getting more force
-- as an adoration of demons.

March 21: Spring Equinox, spring start (day and night are equal, beginning of spring): "Great fertility party"
-- sex orgy not considering sex or age [homo, hetero, child sex] 
-- human sacrifices

-- animal sacrifices

March 24: Feast of the Beast: Marriage with Satan

The Satanists donate Satan 16-year-old girls in a "wedding ceremony":
"Sixteen-year-old girls become the brides of Satan in a wedding ceremony.

In April the criminal Satanists and the racist Christians are celebrating particularly important rituals and fantasies. The satanists have copied Luther's spring festival "Four Seasons Festival".

Satanists on the "Unholy Thursday"

Satanists at "Easter" (Good Friday)
-- mocking the death of the fantasy Jesus
-- human sacrifices

-- animal sacrifices

Satanists on Saturday evening before Easter Sunday (Saturday before Easter Sunday)
The Satanists celebrate the Saturday before Easter Sunday
-- human sacrifices

-- animal sacrifices

Satanists on Easter Sunday ("unholy Sunday"
The Satanists are celebrating Easter Sunday with
-- human sacrifices 
  , also sacrificed children
-- animal sacrifices

Satanists with a fasting AFTER Easter
Now a three-day fasting and singing follows. The fast after Easter is supposed to mean the negation of a resurrection of a fantasy Jesus.

April 19-26: Preparation for the "Great Victim"
Satanists are committing
-- robbing of children and Kidnapping
-- ceremonial preparation of the victims.

24 April: Eve of the day of the Evangelist Mark (25 April: five weeks and one day after the spring equinox).

-- collection of herbs and anesthetic plants 

26.–30. April: Big Sacrifice
Stone age (Celts): Time of Beltaine, begin of summer (Old Irish)
30 April: Satan's birthday - [and coincidentally also Hitler's birthday] - Walburgis Night (also: Walpurgis Night)

- on the 30th of April is Satan's birthday [Lucifer's birthday], this day is one of the most important holidays in the satanist calendar
- [Hitler had also the 30th April as a birthday, the family Rothschild seemingly "selected"]

-- human sacrifices of girls from 1 to 25 years

May 1: Day of Saint Walburga, Walpurgis

End of May to beginning of June: "Corpus Christi"

The Satanists are mocking of the body and blood of the fantasy Jesus (inversion of the content).

21 June: Summer solstice, start of summer

Cultures of the northern hemisphere are celebrating Summer solstice with a general party.

The Satanists celebrate the summer solstice
-- with lots of sex between all [homo, hetero, child sex]
-- with sex between humans and animals (sodomy)
-- with human sacrifices
-- with animal sacrifices

June 24: summer party

From now on, the sun's level is decreasing. Satanists are celebrating the sun at the summer festival, call the sun, it is a day of magicians and fire party.

July 1: Satan's feast
-- herbs are recollected
-- Satan has the permission to unify with his female followers
-- girls and minors are abused, and especially deflorations takes place

[Thus Satan's feast is more or less a defloration party].

The Satan's night party may be connected with July 2:

"July 2: Celebration of Visitation of Mary"

July 10: "Unholy Day" of the Palladium
"(Palladium: sanctuary, holy image, originally it was a holy image - cult image of Pallas Athene)"

Read a book: On this day the Satanists read old ritual books 

July 20 to 27: preparation of the Big Sacrifice

-- robbing children and Kidnapping 
-- the victims are prepared for the ceremonies.

It's the time of Lammas (it's harvest time)

July 25: Satanist holiday, eve of the Big Sacrifice (gigantic sacrificial festival)

5 weeks and 1 day after summer solstice, the Satanists celebrate a gigantic sacrificial festival:
-- with oral and vaginal sex
-- with human sacrifices sacrificing women and children 

1. August: Lammas (harvest party)

On Lammas the Satanists are celebrating
-- human sacrifices 
-- animal sacrifices

August 3: Satanistic party

-- child sex with girls from 1 to 17 years (eventually referred to August 1) 

September 7: Satan's Wedding

-- mutilation of girls and youths and young women up to the age of 21
-- sacrifice of girls, youths and young women up to the age of 21 

September 20: "Midnight Mass"

1 day before the day-night equals in the autumn, the Satanists celebrate another feast against femininity:

-- mutilation of girls and youths and young women up to the age of 21

September 21: Autumn equinox (day-equations in the autumn of the northern hemisphere)

On this day Satanists are celebrating
-- sex among all [homo, hetero, child sex]
-- with human sacrifices 
-- with animal sacrifices.

September 29

The Satanists let pass this day apparently happen without any party.

  October 22 to 29: preparation of a Big Sacrifice

-- robbing of children and kidnapping 
-- preparation of the victims for the ceremony.

October 26: Five weeks and one day after the autumn equinox

Satanists are celebrating this day
-- with oral and vaginal sex
-- with the sacrifice of women and children 

October 29: "Holy Evening" (blood party)

Satanists are celebrating this day
-- with sex among all [homo, hetero, child sex]

October 30: Eve of Halloween

All holy juices

October 31: Halloween
That night, the powers of chaos stand against the positive powers of fertility and life that are gaining the victory.

October 31 is the last day of the Satanist year. The night is timeless. The separation of man and "other world" is abolished. Beings of the "other world" are making a visit.

The Satanists celebrate Halloween
-- with blood rituals
-- with sexual rites
-- "Satan", "demons" and Satanist members are celebrating a "sexual unification"
-- human sacrifices
-- animal sacrifices.

November 1: beginning of the Satanist year

November 1 and 2: celebration of death

On November 1, the Satanists are celebrating their beginning of the year. The festival is lasting two days:

-- human sacrifices.

November 4: Satanist party

-- child sex and child abuse with girls from 1 to 17 years (possibly with a reference to the party of 1 and 2 November)

December 21: winter solstice

Satanists are celebrating winter solstice
-- with fireworks
-- with animal sacrifices
-- with human sacrifices 

December 24: Demonic Evening

For the Satanists, Christmas is a mourning evening, because on this day the fantasy Jesus was born. But the day is still celebrated with rituals:
-- sex among all [homo, hetero, child sex]
-- human sacrifices
-- animal sacrifices

The death places

Death places for the child victims and human sacrifices (mass abuse and mass murder of the Satanists) are among others:

Pizza Connection in the White House in Washington
source: Video: Informationen zum Pizzagate-Pädophilen-Skandal (DEUTSCH): http://www.wakenews.tv/watch.php?vid=7f8df1a6e Biljana-Djurdejevic-

Satanist child sacrifices of Pizza Connection in Washington: performed in a cooling chamber of the Pizzeria Comet Ping Pong in Washington [11]

Satanist child sacrifices of Pizza Connection in Washington: in a swimming pool in Washington [9,10]

Criminal-Satanist White House [19]: Satanistic child sacrifices of Pizza Connection in Washington are performed in the cellars of the building: President Obama ordered pizza (girls) for "big parties"

Children's trafficking, child abuse and child murder in the Satanistic Vatican
source: Rituelle Kindermorde und Babyhandel der Kirchen und Eliten:
Death places for child sacrifices and human sacrifices include among others:

Criminal satanist-gay Vatican [20]: Satanist masses with rituals and orgies with rape of boys and human sacrifices take place in the cellar basements, and the same is happening in other cathedrals and castles

as in the Cathedral of Montreal [22] with rituals and orgies of the gay satanist Vatican with children's rituals and child sacrifices

or in the Cathedral of New York [23] with rituals and orgies of the gay satanist Vatican with children's rituals and child sacrifices

or in the Cathedral of St. Paul [24] with rituals and orgies of the gay satanist Vatican with children's rituals and children's sacrifices

or at Caernarfon Castle (Carnarvon) in Wales [25] with rituals and orgies of gay-satanist Vatican with children's rituals and children's sacrifices.

Death places of the criminal-satanic-gay Vatican with children's trafficking, child rape and children's murder are also Catholic and Anglican boarding schools for aborigines (First Nations) in Canada
- in the town of Kamloops (near Vancover in the Canadian Federal State of British Columbia) [26]
- in the city of Brantford (near Toronto in the Canadian state of Ontario) [27]

The satanist Vatican in hunting huts: children's trade, child abuse and child murder
source: Rituelle Kindermorde und Babyhandel der Kirchen und Eliten:
The criminal, gay-satanic Vatican also has the "habit" of using hunter's lodges [28] as a death places with children's rituals and children's murder, and the nobles and their royal buildings are also involved in these criminal acts. Young children are invited, manipulated with drugs, clothes are torn off being naked, raped, hunted and then killed. For example, the criminal-gay-satanic Vatican operates in the "USA", Canada, France and the Netherlands.

Satanistic royal families, Royals and nobility with children's trade, child abuse and child murder in castles

Castles have not only towers and beautiful rooms and beautiful windows, but there are also gigantic cellars, in which satanist masses take place with child abuse and human sacrifices:

In England, the Royals, with their Windsor family, are the chiefs of the Satanists: in the cellars of Windsor Castle, probably satanic masses are held with sex orgies and human sacrifices [21]

Secured are satanic masses with child abuse and human sacrifices by the criminal satanist nobility in the following castles:

Amerois Castle is the place of the criminal satanist aristocracy with satanic masses with child abuse and human sacrifices [29]
source: https://spidercatweb.blog/2016/02/29/bastards/
Buckingham Palace in London (the Palace of Criminal-Satanist Royals) [30]
source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/vip-paedophile-ring-abused-teenage-4721479
Huntington Castle in the town of Clonegal in Ireland [31]
source: https://www.henrymakow.com/insiderexposesfamous.html
Balmoral Castle in Scotland is a castle of the satanist Queen [32]
source: https://www.henrymakow.com/insiderexposesfamous.html
Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany is also suspecting that satanic rituals involving child rape and child murder have been or are being carried out there:
source: http://www.spiegel.de/spiegel/print/d-13518070.html
and Wewel Castle in North Rhine Westphalia NRW:
source: http://www.deutschlandfunkkultur.de/burg-wewelsburg-in-nordrhein-westfalen-die-burg-des-boesen.1001.de.html?dram:article_id=337099
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