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by Michael Palomino (*1964)

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Data canNOT conspire, data only can be incomplete.

People living against nature have to expect that nature will live with them (2014).

Climate changes by solar activity - ice ages by arms of the Milky Way - CO2 is a LIE

GENOCIDE in Italy:
Southern Italy is contaminated with
toxic waste+nuclear waste, 40% of Italian coast lines are toxic, toxic waste comes from Germany, Austria, France, Norway, "USA" etc. - poisoned fish, cancer rates+thyroid gland rates are exploding, death wave is in progress - the criminals are Vatican Lodge P2, Craxi, Andreotti, Amato, Ciampi, Dini, Prodi, Alema, Monti, Letta, Silvio Berlusconi, Tito Tettamanti with Fidinam (Ermotti), Ndrangheta Mafia, Camorra Mafia, Italian Secret Service SISMI, the Italian NATO, the Transport Ministers of cr. Switzerland + Austria, governments Kohl, Schroeder, Merkel, Sarkozy, Hollande, Obama and others, - Mafia sells contaminated vegetables with fake labels in N-Italy etc. etc. - DETAIN THE CRIMINALS!!! - Italy and the Mediterranean need to be cleaned - the criminals P2+EU+"US"+NATO-criminals have to pay for that!!! (6/6/2019)
This is GENOCIDE!!! The Hague has to act!!! -
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Fraud of September 11, 2001 - index
WTC Einschlag 1 Nordturm, Einschlagbild, ohne
                    Boeing. Wo ist die Boeing???  WTC-Einschlag 2 im Südturm, Einschlagbild: Es
                    steckt keine Boeing im Loch. Wo ist die Boeing???
Empty holes: 2749  victims (SFinfoText, 24 January 2004, page 138)
Kopfschmuck zum 11. September: So
                          hätten die Löcher gefülltsein müssen, waren
                          sie aber nie!!! Head cover about 11 September: Like this the holes had been had to be filled, but they never were. The holes were empty!!!
Two towers are forming a II: Number 11


Further education about CIA attacks: http://www.joecell.de/modules/altern8news/article.php?storyid=41
Genetic foods provoking infertility: here is Information, and here yo can sign: http://www.mein-nein.de/
Cooking with the sun with black cooking pot and isolation termo mat: http://www.rollerfink.de/2006/04/11/thermomatten_sonnenkocher.html
History (selection)
14 points against world wide poverty
MH17+MH370 -
The Euro crime - Merkel's dictatorship
Sociology, medicine, energy etc.
South "America" (Chile, Peru, Ecuador etc.)
Cr. - Germany - AfD
- NO dead in Berlin - Tunnel systems,Jews

Brandenburger Tor 1945

Third Reich+ruin -
Rhine meadow death camps - post war era

"U.S.A." index - Zionist "policy"
Moon was earth
9/11 fake
Genocide state "USA"
9-11 Betrug / fraude / fraud
                      / fraudeMondlüge / moon lie / mentira de la luna
NASA crew of Challenger of Jan. 28,
                      1986 is ALIVE!
"U.S.A.": Chronology of crimes
Mass murderer Eisenhower...
Murder of mountains for coal
Tails without freedom
Challenger crash fake 1986
Cocaine Clinton
                    "3 Finger", ein Cheyenne
Primary nations in North "America" ("indians"

Earth is ROUND - proofs

Mails (circular mails)

"USA" 02 since Trump

FED is under control...
WDS is working...
Mass murderer Bill Gates 
Floyd LIVES - proofs! 
Fokokomposition mit Erich von Däniken

Satanists - Defense:
in  Switzerland 

HAARP terror

Chemtrail holocaust (dt)

They were gods: astronauts came around 3000 years ago and taught people agriculture + urban planning
Däniken is confirmed - in South "America" the cr. Church only raged for 600 years, so many old statuettes survived
Gods in Cusco: Sacsayhuamán
Gods in Cusco: Sacsayhuamán
Gods in
                            Ecuador: Cuenca
Gods in Ecuador: Cuenca
Gods in
                            Ecuador: Quito
Gods in Ecuador: Quito
look South "America"
                            in Columbia: Bogota
Gods in Columbia: Bogota
The solution for life is Mother Earth - for a life WITH the planet!
1God fantasy religion fakes: Religions with Fantasy Talmud, Fantasy Bible+Fantasy Quran are written from THE SAME group of authors -
all this is only a fake with a Fantasy God manipulating the masses into wars:

Jewry Talmud dictatorship New Torah (OT): Moses+ David NOT existed, etc.

Judentum mit Israel-Fahne: Der
                      Davistern ist FALSCH
Holocaust table-report
(tunnels - Red Army etc.)

Number puzzle solved
Criminal Zionists
Kalergi Plan

Criminal Catholic Satanic Fantasy Church: colonialism+ mass murder

Colonialism: They destroyed all the world just
                    for code 33!
Catholic Satanist criminal Fantasy Church=ORGANIZED CRIME: Terror, crusades, mass killings, slavery, inquisition, drugs, abuses, violations - all in the name of a Jesus fantasy with code 33 (Freemasons)
                    has a Jesus fantasy story with the codes 3,12,13 and
                    33 - Freemasons!
Research: Jesus NEVER existed: fantasy Jesus with Free Mason code 33 - The cross lie - Cronology of cr. Church (Kahl) - Cr. Catholic Church (videos) - news with abuse of children+nuns - Cath. sh. (videos) - Luther terrorist
Fantasy Quran: Satanic Fantasy Islam
Sultans, oil

Islamic racism against women
Islam world? Arabia
                    was Christian until 800 and Muhammad is a big LIE
Research: Muhammad NEVER existed: Good bye Muhammad
Iraq: contaminated with radioactivity by the "USA"
Mörder-Kommunismus-Fahne mit Hammer, Sichel
                      und Stern
Rome and "Middle Ages"
Asterix und Obelix mit Kaese
Europe 00-2000

Perverse EU

Austria: the dream of a union (Anschluss)...
tactics of the emperor... and Hitler's character
Holland: not only tulips
                      (Nederland), tulip field with windmill
Joran van der Sloot is NO murderer - 20 points

Joran van der Sloot is geen moordenaar - 20 punten
GB (England etc.)
Londres, la Torre de Rothschild, centro de
                    los reptilianos en New Cour

Royals+Rothschild family=reptiles, princess Diana etc.

Worlds of the natives
Native hunting fishes with
                    arch and bow


Asian worlds
Buddha-Statue im Sonnenschein
Vedas - China - Japan - Thailand - Vietnam - MH17+MH370  - PS752 

Sex Slaves in Asia -
sinking Bangkok - sinking towns in Th.+China

Asian worlds

Thailand: Bangkok is sinking

Vietnam+Vietnam wars
war museum in Saigon / HCMC

 - Ho Chi Minh Trail

  - Agent Orange victims
History of medicine

Medicine - "medicine"
Natural medicine from Peru
smokers should become non smokers
Raucher raus!
Dr. Peter D'Adamo:
zur Blutgruppenernährung von Peter Dr.

Links from friends

Translations Thai-English: http://en.modernpublishing.co.th

The order of UNO against censuration of 2011:
In 2011 UNO gave the order to Germany, Austria and Switzerland (CH) to avoid censuration concerning history

<Article 19: Freedoms of Opinion and Expression

"Laws limiting oppinions about historical facts by punishment are not acceptable with the duty which the states of the convention have accepted respecting the freedom of speech and opinion. The convention does not permit a general prohibition of the expression of an error oppinion or of an unright interpretation of events of the past."

(original in German: "Gesetze, welche den Ausdruck von Meinungen zu historischen Fakten unter Strafe stellen, sind unvereinbar mit den Verpflichtungen, welche die Konvention den Unterzeichnerstaaten hinsichtlich der Respektierung der Meinungs- und Meinungsäußerungsfreiheit auferlegt. Die Konvention erlaubt kein allgemeines Verbot des Ausdrucks einer irrtümlichen Meinung oder einer unrichtigen Interpretation vergangener Geschehnisse.")

(UN Human Rights Convention paragraph 49, CCPR/C/GC/34)

Indication by Adrian Preissinger on Facebook, March 7, 2014

Corrupt governments of Berlin, Berne and Vienna will have to follow this UNO order.

More web sites by Michael Palomino:
-- most important topics: www.top-specials99.com
-- sociology, medicine, energy: www.soz-etc.com
-- South "America": www.am-sur.com
-- criminal Shitzerland: www.chdata123.com

This web site is absolutely not radical, but truth seems to be radical to some human beings. (2005)

Despite of all universities the world has not found any peace. How long money and weapons will dominate the world yet? (2005)

Psychiatry would have the power to declear all warlords as psychologically ill and to bring them to psychiatry. But they are not doing anything. (2006)

The steel columns of WTC were blasted precisely in the manner so they fitted well to the lorries for a faster transport... (2007)

Until today every empire has collapsed because of overextension of it's borders or because of arrogance and corruption, or because of all this together. (2008)

Who indicates "poverty" also has to indicate "corruption" and "racism", or he has not conceived the structures of poverty. (2009)

It's not important how the religion is called. But human rights and human obligations have to be fullfilled.

At the end of 2014 Shitzerland was kicked out of the web site because they were blocking the web site without end (the culprits were SVP secret service, criminal Free Masons and Illuminati with Tettamanti and criminal Swiss Zionists Socialists from akdh propaganda group) (2015)

At the end of 2014 Shitzerland was kicked out of the web site because they blocked the web site too much (Illuminati with criminal Mr. Tettamanti P2) (2017)

The author:

Michael Palomino,
              Geschichte, history, histoire, Chronologie, chronology,
Michael Palomino

Michael Palomino (*2 of May 1964) is also on Facebook (Michael Palomino Ale)

nach oben / vers le haut / arriba /

Life career (estate 2016)

Michael Palomino (* 2.5.1964, Facebook: Michael Palomino Ale)

at the moment living in Peru (2016), born in Zurich with German immigration parents, grammar school, music studies, then self analysis, break off of the manipulated music profession and since then making general analysis works


1. Basic data

As a German child in bank secret and toxic pharma Switzerland there was a harsh political persecution, it was criminal and crazy. Studies were in Germany (classical music), Switzerland (classical music, history in Zurich) and after realizing at Zurich university that the whole university system is a bribed and steered fake of the "system" against natives which do not exist in "normal history" (!) I made my own studies. Psychologists in Switzerland protected the criminal "system" (wars financed by the bankds and toxic pharma intoxicating the whole world). They called me a rebel when I wanted peace not accepting wars and they gave mi the grade of "invalidity" for wanting peace - I should not attack the "system" they said (!). My free analysis works lead to other results:

The world has to be saved from this war and pharma "system" being brought into the safe and healthy system of truth and natural medicine of Mother Earth.

So: Emigration from hopeless civilized "banked" and chemically pharma contaminated Switzerland to native Peru was in 2008, to Thailand in 2012 (I wanted to collaborate with a German oxygene healer there), then came a stay in Zionist occupied Germany 2014-2015 until the Zionist bombing list with 30 German towns was published in Israel in March 2015, then reemigration from crazy Europe (always being an apple of discord between "USA" and Russia) to Peru came in June 2015.

And during all this time the secret services (spying, drinking, laughing, lying) were spying me and are spying me until today making their money with their childish controling work spending millions of dollars every day spreading lies, difamations, manipulating neighbors, house owners, hotel owners, waitresses and inviting them for "a beer" etc. etc. - just criminal and crazy - and they commit much more (see below).

2. History works and analysis

History analysis began in 1992 (with a big box of letters of the paternal grandfather from World War II up to the Jewish history in Encyclopaedia Judaica etc.). In 1998 and 1999 I also was at Zurich university where the bribed and steered fake of universities was detected.

There were analysis about Second World War - persecution of the Jews from 1933 to 1945 (1999-2003) ending with the table of the persecution of the Jews (2008) detecting new kinds of death and Stalin as a part of it what provoked that the Zionists are still persuing the author because gas is not a cause of death any more but all other sorts are (Estate 2016). Then: analysis of 9/11 fake studies - moon fake - Bible revision studies (book: The Bible unearthed - colonialism against natives - Swiss bank secret and world wide poverty by it - history of Switzerland - China chronology - Indonesia chronology - Vietnam war and "U.S." crimes - Jewry - Zionism - analysis about Peru, Chile, and Ecuador e.g. comparing origin native agriCULTURE with hedges, trees, and medical plants aside the fields with degenerated destructive European agro BUSINESS with no hedges, no trees and no medical plants etc.

Many of these analysis were presented in three languages. Since in 2010 I presented Zionism as what it is (driving Jews with anti-Semitism in Europe to Israel without end, see Herzl "The Jewish State") the secret services are fighting the web site harshly manipulating the income of my ads blocking google ads (!). So it was proved: secret services = google.

3. Sociology and medicine

Since 2003 I am also working in analysis of other subjects like nature, traffic, medicine, sociology and psychology. In medicine it began collecting data and analyzing criminal pharma topics and analyzing natural medicine books.

More details: natural medicine

Since 2003 I could heal myself with blood group medicine from Dr. Peter D'Adamo and others, but they mostly did not believe it because it lasts too long. But the web sites about blood group nutrition are well visited. Medicine data collection went on with amalgam crime, pharma crimes, "civilization", notes about illnesses and about acting of plants, fruits and vegetables, healing without medicament also with colors and herbs, until in 2015 breakthroughs came in Lima:

Healings with natural medicine: baking powder resp. sodium bicarbonate

Since 2004 I knew about blood group nutrition of Peter D'Adamo and could heal some symptoms away. From 2012 to 2014 I healed people with blood group nutrition, first in Thailand. Since 2014 the real mental relief came for me when I saw the real culprits of the world reading the books of former MI6 agent John Coleman with the Committee of 300 and with the reports of princess Diana about Reptilians. Changing to Peru again in June 2015 came the big blow in September 2015 when all this is combined with baking powder medicine or with the main part of it, sodium bicarbonate medicine, healing organs, glands and nerves being mixed with sugar melasses or honey in water (take it during 10 to 30 days on an empty stomach and 2 hours after the last meal, this counts for 90%, the rest of 10% heals with blood group nutrition and with fruit extracts), see the systematic presentation[1].

Cheap and fast healing becomes normal now: dozens of people healed in Peru: cancer, diabetes, kidneys, depression, allergy (vaccination damage), asthma (vaccination damage) or even Parkinson is bettering or completely healing - which is all called "incurable" by the NWO propaganda from Rockefeller and Rothschild with their stock exchange pharma industry intoxicating the world population...

Healings with natural medicine: wood massage and hormonal plants

In 2016 sensational more detections were made

Mother Earth has all for your health - hospitals and surgeons can be reduced by 90%.

4. Political persecution neutralized with healings

Dreadful political persecution by the secret services was reinforced first with persecution in the Swiss newspapers in 1999, and then once again since I have my own web sites (since 2005). It cost much nerves because the criminal spies and inventors of delicts are manipulating systematically house owners, neighbors, teachers, friends and even the ex spouse etc. - but it was all detected and much of it was neutralized. The principal "hobby" of criminal Zionist secret services is to present an intelligent logically thinking German as a "Nazi" (culprits are:

  • German Zionist BND with German Antifa which is steered from NATO council
  • Swiss NDB with their garden gnomes in Bern and with Swiss Antifa and akdh (lead by a psychiatry carer),
  • Zionist Reptilian MI6+CIA

These secret services form a "package" = "mafia" in my case. This maneuver calling good Germans a "Nazi" they are also committing in my case but I have not even passed any military service nor I have any uniform or combat boots or something (!). Police protecting the "system" is in uniform and with combat boots (!). In 2006 Zionist CIA German Wikipedia censors closed my account and all links so I did only my own web site www.geschichteinchronologie.ch (not valid any more) which was closed down all 2 years without any warning (2006, 2008, 2010) by Swiss Zionist justice (steered by NDB, Antifa, akdh etc.) so the web site was split several times and only grew more web sites. Since I made clear web sites against lethal fighting dogs in 2010 these secret services are installing web sites for fighting dogs with statements against my web site which are stating the general protection of human beings from fighting dogs (!). And it could be observed that these secret services were observing me also during my trips manipulating and drinking and laughing around. In 2011 even Spanish Wikipedia was blocking me because of some links of a blog about Venezuela when I was there (!). CIA is working everywhere...

5. Secret services in Thailand from 2012 to 2014

I see secret services with their woman trafficking - and they let sink Bangkok and other towns

In Thailand from 2012 to 2014 the criminal secret services presented themselves in the hotels around my room wasting millions of $ for NOTHING occupying hotels and houses installing spies around during day and night stating lies and defamations without end. There I saw how they are and who they are: alcoholic soccer billiard fools of CIA, MI6, German Zionist BND, Swiss Zionists NDB (with Antifa and akdh) and even Russians were around my rooms and flats always chattering, shouting and making their intrigues for NOTHING. Sometimes they installed weight lifters or even radio stations in or next to my house for intimidating me with propaganda during months - but they have no chance. I could also detect that criminal Swiss spies were presenting themselves in the hotels as "Russians", "Norwegians" etc. but they were speaking Swiss German which I understand very well so I had no problem to see of what kind of criminality secret services are. They even changed the hotel in Thailand with me presenting themselves with another nationality from hotel to hotel (!).

In Pattaya I could see with my own eyes what secret services are doing: spying and defaming victims, drinking beer and whiskey, looking soccer, playing billiard, and inventing rumors, inventing lies and committing manipulations against their victims - and all these manipulations were called "work" with high salaries - with "nice girls" aside. This is "work" in secret services!

The word of "fuck"

In Thailand in 2012 the main maneuver of the secret services was now that they claimed that the word of "fuck" would be criminal - which is just a normal word in English with 100s of meanings depending of the situation which was presented[2]. So I just explained the neighbors what the secret services were saying when they said "fuck" in the street, and I answered to this mafia with a "fuck you", which is also normal in English against a stubborn fool - but the nice Swiss women from Swiss secret service with necklace and Sunday dress invented that this "fuck you" would be even "more criminal". And all commanders copied this defamation. So the fight was about this English word and the population of Thailand had to learn this word where I was staying - and the same was later in Germany and in Peru. The secret services which were mentally blocked already by alcohol, soccer, billiard, lies, manipulations and defamations were now blocking themselves even more with this word of "fuck". They could not go further - but I went further and I saw:

Sex slaves - sinking Bangkok - sinking Jakarta - in China are sinking 50 towns etc.

During the stay in Thailand[3] from 2012 to 2014 proofs I could read (book by Brown: Sex Slaves[4]) and

  • see how the secret services are not only organizing brothel streets in Thailand but they are also collaborating for world wide women slave trade from South East Asia to other brothels in Europe and Japan
  • I detected that NATO had installed sex tourism in Thailand in 1964 during Vietnam War when Thailand was one of the three "rest rooms" and in 1975 this "business" was continued by the secret services (!) - and child sex was until about 2000 officially tolerated.

In spring 2013 I could detect that the same NWO

  • lets sink Bangkok which in 2020 will be on 0m completely and a river cannot flow up[5].
  • the same sinking process because of overuse of underground water under a clay layer is in Jacarta and
  • in more than 50 towns in China for example with Shanghai included which is on 0m already[6].

In April 2013 I installed several web sites with warnings and ideas for measures for these sinking towns in several languages, and I gave my printings to Thai TV stations, to the Thai taxi drivers networks etc. but the secret services were manipulating everything, don't help at all but they were going on pursuing the author with the word of "fuck" and they let the towns sink - I think: for having cheaper women to trade for their brothels...

6. Secret services in Germany 2014-2015 - and books 2014 to 2015

Criminal secret services in Cologne

Secret services were persuing me even in the airplane from Thailand to Finland and then from Helsinki to Germany (!) - and reinstalled in my homeland robbing my homeland and all neighbors - and with Zionist BND came now also Zionist Verfassungsschutz and Zionist Bundeskriminalamt (all steered by Socialists and NATO). They loudly discussed that all is a "trick" what I am doing, telling that Bangkok is sinking would be a "trick" for example. They installed once again around my hotel room, around my flat aside and under it where they were drinking, shouting and quarreling without end for high salaries. Partly I could hear the same voices (above all the same English (MI6) and Swiss German (NDB) voices) like in Thailand (!). Now also black cars were always standing around my house, I suppose with hidden cameras watching the entrance doors. I made the clear experience that Germany is an OCCUPIED country - being occupied by the Zionists. Merkel is a Zionist, justice minister Maas is a Zionist etc., the German government is working AGAINST Germans favoring foreigners without education violating the Germans financially and in reality etc. And the books and facts about the NWO "system" came:

Analytic works from 2014 to 2015 in Cologne brought the secret services and NWO system up

Now the secret political lodges were found out which are steering the secret services: Rothschild family and Rockefeller family as the world dictators with New York Stock Exchange as it's center, and they are within the leaders of the Committee of 300, Bilderberger, reptilian "nobles" in London etc. (also alcoholic, spying, inventing rumors, manipulations and difamations calling this "work").

There were books about

  • Bilderberger
  • Committee of 300 (books by John Coleman),
  • corrupt German journalism (book by Udo Ulfkotte "Verkaufte Journalisten" about bribed journalists e.g. bribed with "US" passports given for free, bribed with girls, bribed with sports equipment, bribed with cars etc.
  • more details about primitive German BND came out (books by Udo Ulfkotte): e.g. BND manipulates toilets which are used by a foreign president for analyzing the remnants controlling if there are hidden illnesses stocking data for the "case of doubt" or selling data etc. - this is "work" of BND with high salaries - not at all "intelligent" for peace work (!)

So these are the methods of secret services: working against their victims with telepathy, Zen and spying everywhere for selling data, faking Facebook chats, inventing words as "illegal" which are legal, installing propaganda radios, propaganda groups with students against me, making propaganda in TV against me without asking me, installing also propaganda alcoholic groups, drug groups, foreigner's groups, making festivities and festivals against me etc., robbing neighbors, friends, even family members etc.

All this was combined with the testimony of a victim of Swiss juridical circles and with the testimonies of Princess Diana about the reptilian Royals, and was combined with the maneuvers of 2014 with Ukraine, MH370 and MH17 fakes.

At the end the picture became very clear what these reptilian secret services and their puppets are: they are criminal congregation simulating "safety".

7. Fact: NWO destroys the world for their war profits - and lets sink the Asian towns

The sources (John Coleman) state clearly that the reptilians are destroying the world for their war profits. There is David Rockefeller with his Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Bilderberger and Trilateral Commission (TC) and there is the Rothschild gang with it's Committee of 300 with the Royals and other nobles which are reptilians for installing the New World Order and the reptilian dictatorship. The Church is their "second hand". So this is a calculated mass murder and mass destruction. And they let sinking the Asian towns as another part of their strategy.

So everybody knows what should happen with this criminal system (UNO, CIA, NATO, CFR, Tavistock Institute, Bilderberger, Trilateral Commission, Committee of 300, Rothschild, Rockefeller with the Royals as the reptile leaders in the British castles which are collaborating with Luzifer and other extraterrestrials. They let destroy the world for their power purposes and they NEVER help. Oh! They accept the Red Cross coming in after their wars for distributing toxic vaccines simulating help! I give my testimony for all this. Mother Earth, free this world from this criminal reptile Royal Reptile Rothschild Rockefeller (RRRR) gang!

Obama and Hillary Clinton wanted to have a German as a pray as it seems (like Joran van der Sloot who collapsed by an intrigue with a Peruvian police commander not having killed anybody) but they did not get me collapsing - because I knew from the case with Joran how they work.

8. Bye bye Zionist Germany in 2015 - Peru since June 2015 - healings with sodium bicarbonate since September 2015 - healings with hormone plants - with coconut oil

In 2014 the "system" wanted to have a "Third World War" with Ukraine manipulations (Soros), MH370 manipulation (landed on NATO base Diego Garcia) and MH17 manipulation (probably also landed on Diego Garcia). Then in March 2015 some Zionist newspapers from Zionist Israel published their list of 30 German towns which should be bombed with atomic bombs[7] (bombing Germany with atomic bombs is the Zionist dream since 1945[8]). And now with this list of 30 German towns which should be the victim of Zionist Israeli atomic bombs my stay in Germany was over (Germany delivered submarines for free to Israel, where could be installed atomic bombs (!). It was clearly detected that Europe is like Alsace-Lorraine: Europe will never be stable but will always be an apple of discord between two big blocks. Alsace-Lorraine is always between France and Germany, and Europe is always between "USA" and Russia. So Europe is over for me - for ever. I don't need Kalergi plan for the extermination of the whites. [9]

Healings since September 2015 are sensational - secret services and mafia have no chance

Since june 2015 in Peru the game was the same with the same manipulators, spies and voices (!), and it became clear in Lima that there is also a network with criminal commanders, mayors, and presidents holding this world tight in poverty using also Interpol for this. Mafia was manipulating again all neighbors, house owners, was making broadcasts against my person, was betting against my person "will he fall or not?" by an invention of them (!) - they were organizing student groups, soccer fan groups, drug addicted groups, festivals against me etc., just the common "game".

But in September 2015 the fast healings came up with baking powder respectively with sodium bicarbonate healing cancer, diabetes, kidneys, allergies, asthma etc.

  • healing in 10 to 30 days with 90% of the clients,
  • the rest of 10% heals with blood group nutrition, raw food and fruits extracts)

The healings are even going on since 2016

It's just sensational. Of course the secret services called healing a "trick" now. Women would be in danger they claimed! Under the former presidents fighting me is Illuminati manipulator Alán García who brought the innocent Joran van der Sloot in 2010 to prison for nothing which I detected in 2010 already - Alán García is playing just for fun against foreigners with bribed journalists. May be truth comes out?

In August 2016 came the last big action of the secret services blocking even the access to the Google adsense account blocking all remnant little income with google ads. What a big "work" by Swiss secret service NDB - with high Swiss salary!!! There is no more criminal country than this Switzerland...

2017: Healings with coconut oil

Healings went on in 2017 with coconut oil - all is healing but it needs 3 to 6 months - but now also AIDS is healing now.

2017: Gay criminal Vatican with Opus Dei Gay and the terrorist Luther are busted

After 2 years of percecution during 2 medicine courses in the Saint Paul Institute (Instituto San Pabo) in Lima (massage course and medical secretary course) criminal gay Vatican was busted with it's criminal gay mafia of Opus Dei Gay which is running the institute. And then the whole gay criminal Vatican was busted, with it's mafia connections with the Italian drug mafia etc. All this is described on the sector of Catholic Shit. Ant the criminal alcoholic terrorist Luther was also busted in this connection.

End of 2017: the projected Pope's visit in Peru in Januar 2017: 3 days will cost 11.4 million dollars (37 million soles) - the Pope is the devil !!!

Now all is even worse because there is a 3 days stay of the Pope in Peru in project which costs the Peruvian tax payer 11.4 million dollars, this is in the Peruvian currency 37 million soles, for only 3 days (72 hours) - thus one minute costs 8,565 soles (2,620 dollars) for this gay infertile and criminal Pope who is only reading a book from Asia with worthless Jewish fantasies being accopanied with a theater of smoke signals, crosses and a cadaver - but for the poor he has nothing: not a little present, no scholarship, no school uniform, simply nothing!!!!!!!

And this behavior of this gay infertile Pope is really and only like a robber, raider, bandit or thief - robbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thus the Pope is a devil, all is proved. To the prison with him, to the clink, stir, choky, cooler, pokey, cross bar Hilton with this fool of a pope, gay, infertile, and criminal !!!

9. Web sites since 2005 with presented analysis works

Since 2005 a part of the analysis works was put on the first own website for free: www.geschichteinchronologie.ch - since 2014 transformed into:

Since 2010 the content was separated on two more websites:

and at the end of 2014 criminal Switzerland (Shitzerland) was blocking the history web site the last time because of a tiny Swiss reason (Illuminati Free Mason Tito Tettamanti from P2 lodge of Monaco was protesting against the truth of his life) so Switzerland was kicked out of the big history web site and got the tiny own domain: http://www.chdata123.com

Reserve web site for www.hist-chron.com is: http://www.top-specials99.com which was transformed into www.topspecials99.com in 2017.

10. Main cognitions of the analysis work

-- peace is for free

-- the secret services don't want to have any peace because then the secret services would not be needed any more

-- the religions should sign the human rights at last

-- Life has it's curves

and many more.

Work has to make people more happy not producing disasters. Secret services are NEVER learning this. They make money producing disasters NEVER making people happy. They are the LOOSERS. I never wanted this confrontation (!). In this sense,

Have a good time, September 26, 2016


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Second biography

Michael Palomino, *1964
  • E-mail: michael.palomino@yandex.com
  • Facebook: Michael Palomino Ale


Web sites

History research

Main topics on http://www.hist-chron.com are: World Wars and the time after World Wars with Rhine Meadow camps of Eisenhower, Europe, USA, natives, moon fake, Earth in the space climate change with Ice Ages, China, colonialism, September 11 2001, church, islam, Jewry, Bible+Talmud+Coran are written by the same person, persecution of the Jews with a new Holocaust Table, extraterrestrials with secret architecture, extraterrestrials verifying Daniken books at the locations and museums in Ecuador finding astronauts as "dancers", Thailand, Vietnam War, Bilderberger, Committee of 300 in London, Reptilians, Princess Diana reports, slavery in Asia, sinking towns in Asia etc.


I perform healings with modern natural medicine (prescribed on http://www.med-etc.com)

  • with sodium bicarbonate: cancer (90%), diabetes (90%), allergies (100%), asthma (100%), only 1 case was with: TB, kidneys, alcoholism, healed everybody
  • with wood massage: healing spine disks (100%)
  • with hormone plants: menstrual pains (heal chewing anise seeds 3 times per day - 100% in 1 month), hormone troubles of girls between 12 and 16 (also with anise seeds, 100% healing rate)
  • with raw potato juice: gastritis (and sleep early at 10pm)
  • and kilos go away like this: don't eating breakfast, only take a lime tea and the stomach has to eat your fat.

And in general counts the blood group nutrition of Dr. D'Adamo as a general prevention.

And in general counts: In summer don't eat potatoes and no corn but FRESH fruits and FRESH light food.

Secret services loosing millions every day but never learn nor heal

have no chance. They only spy and chatter shit around with lies and calumnies but never learn nor help nor heal. And they never want to be normal presenting themselves. They blocked my web sites about 10 times in 10 years and they spend millions for their spying work every day. The last fool was Tito Tettamanti in South of Switzerland blocking the Swiss domain forcing a general renaming of the history web site to a .com domain. They try to block and block and block, but they cannot block the truth. Illuminati are crazy.

Motto of life

Make the maximum with the minimum.

Have a nice day

March 24, 2017

December 2017:

Michael Palomino (*1964)

Languages: German, English, French, Spanish.

Stays in Europe, South-"America" and Asia; since 2015 in Lima (Peru).

Contact: michael.palomino@yandex.com - Facebook: Michael Palomino Ale


Analysis, chronologies, publications, scholarships, healings.


Since 2005 healings are working with bloodgroup nutrition from Dr. Peter D'Adamo

and since September 2015 there is the combination

  • with sodium bicarbonate (since Sept. 2015, curing many illnesses making people happy within 10 to 30 days)
  • with hormone plants (since 2016, anise and fennel making women happy within 1 month liberating them from their menstrual pains)
  • with massage and kitchen roll (for the back+spinal discs, since 2016; exercise for the discs 3x/day: put the kitchen roll between back and mattress moving it 1 vertebra upwards every 30 seconds, discs will recover)
  • with coconut oil (since 2017, with a long time effect healing many illnesses making people happy).

Healings are also going on with instructed nurses in hospitals, and are also performed by e-mail and by Facebook in Europe etc.

Healed people are happy. Secret services of NWO and cr. Vatican (Opus Dei etc.) make only problems. They don't want that somebody can heal without Jewish fantasy Bible...

December 27, 2017

External links

Web sites (since 2005 and then parted)

(this country had to be separated in December 2014 because of repeating blocking activities by it's cr. secret service NDB and it's sub groups and lodge mafias of Tito Tettamanti).

Similar web sites

Controversial files


Links of June 19, 2022:

-- Coronavirus (covid-19) index  with symptoms - remedies - warnings - vax damages - vax murders - mask madness - test madness - news etc.
-- A VIRUS CANNOT BE VACCINATED because a virus is always mutating!  
-- 1 of every 200 batches is mortal: analysis of the VAERS data ("USA") since Nov.17, 2021: link
-- control the batch (Pfizer, Moderna, J&J) if it was a mortal one: https://eventimages.de/jabquest/
-- control the batch with Mr. Craig Paarddekooper Jan.8, 2022: https://howbad.info/  -  https://www.howbadismybatch.com/

-- SNAKE POISON in Corona vaccinations: 30% "light" effect, 0,8% heavy effects!
   Comparison Corona vaccination=snake venom 01 - Snake venom in Cor vaccines news 01 - List

-- SNAKE VENOM in patents of Cor. vaccines - Oliver Janich web site (Apr.27, 2022) - video  
-- SNAKE VENOM is key ingredient of "Cor. vaccines" - Dr. Love (Apr.14, 2022)  
-- SNAKE VENOM: Videos on Bitchute with Dr. Ardys part 1 - part 2 - part 3  

Photo sources
-- London, reptilian Rothschild Tower in New Court: http://www.worldarchitecturemap.org/buildings/new-court-rothschild-bank
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-- Switzerland, Matter horn with Lei lake: http://www.wandersite.ch/Europaweg.html

Däniken / Daeniken / Daniken:
-- Erich von Däniken, portrait: http://www.daniken.com/d/biographie.shtml
-- stone with rock paintings of astronauts in Australia: Däniken: El mensaje de los dioses, S.196
-- festival of the cayapos natives in Brasil with a puppet of an astronaut: http://www.spatyom.com/bolum-3-heykeller-ve-sanat-eserleri-t3218.html
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