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Yehuda Bauer: My Brother's Keeper

A History of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee 1929-1939

[Holocaust preparations in Europe and resistance without solution of the situation]

The Jewish Publication Society of America, Philadelphia 1974

Transcription with subtitles by Michael Palomino (2007)



Chapter 3. Germany: 1933-1938
[3.9. NS poverty methods against the Jews in the Third Reich]

[Jews can take out capital - Methods to spread anti-Semitism and to impoverish the Jews: Rich Jews are robbed step by step]

The problem of Jews being able to take out enough capital to start a new life outside of Germany occupied JDC's attention to a large degree. The Germans had no interest in this, of course, because

-- one of their aims in pressing for Jewish emigration was to spread anti-Semitism abroad by dumping poor Jews on unwilling countries;
-- another aim was to use the money of rich Jews to get rid (p.127)

of the poor ones;
-- and a third [aim] was to squeeze the Jews dry before they were allowed out of the country.

The fact that all this stood in contradiction to the Nazi aim of ridding Germany of as many Jews as possible did not bother the Germans. But whenever it was possible to gain a commercial or political advantage, or whenever foreign pressure made it a desirable thing to yield on the question of allowing the emigration of Jewish capital, the Nazis might relent. [?]