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Instruction sheet: Damages by passive smoking

Instruction sheet: Smoking (part 1)

Smoker's lung in black - non-smoker's lung in
Smoker's lung in black - non-smoker's lung in white [1]

The greatest killer world wide is the cigarette. [web1]

<CDU and CSU are demanding a general  prohibition of the "homicidal murder instrument [webthat is: the cigarette]." [web2]

In Germany 370 mio. of cigarettes are smoked every day (data of 30 May 2005) [web3]

In Germany, more persons are dying by cigarettes than by alcohol, than by illegal drugs, than by traffic accidents, AIDS, murders and suicides together - yearly these are more than 120,000 persons. [web4]

Only the three classes of cancer lung cancer (39,798), larynx cancer (1496) and windpipe cancer (48) are provoking 41,342 cases of death every year in Germany. In 1984 these were 33,589 yet. [web5]

by Michael Palomino

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Some figures for 1992 to 2000: 8 cigarettes daily per inhabitant in Switzerland!

"The average consumption per year per person between 1992 and 2000 in Switzerland was 2880. This corresponds to 8 cigarettes per day. In Germany we have 1814 cigarettes per year resp. 5 cigarettes per day (UNDP 2003). The consumption of cigarettes per person between 1992 and 2000 in Switzerland was 59% higher than in Germany." [web6]

"In Switzerland the consumption of cigarettes is 8 per person daily. By this Switzerland belongs to the countries with the highest consumption of cigarettes per person. Every third person smokes." [web7]

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1. Dr. Vogel: Smoking and damages by smoking: intoxication of nicotine and chemistry
2. Smoking during driving a car provokes accidents
3. Dr.Bruker: Smoking damages to the nervous system and provokes illnesses
4. Smoking: a choice of illnesses
5. Financial charge by smoking
6. Cinema films seducing to smoking (ARD tele text 2005)
7. Already some few cigarettes per day can have heavy consequences (gmx 2005)
8. Smoker's cough (chronic obstructive illness of the lungs, COPD) etc.

9. More damages by smoking
10. Stop smoking - become a non-smoker
11. Prohibitions of smoking and positive consequences
-- Calabasas (California): ban of smoking in rental apartments
-- Greece: Cigarette butts forbidden
-- less premature birth with prohibition of smoking

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1. Dr. Vogel: Smoking and damages by smoking: intoxication of nicotine and chemistry

Intoxication of nicotine and chemistry

from: Alfred Vogel: Der kleine Doktor. Hilfreiche Ratschläge für die Gesundheit (Engl.: The Little Doctor. Helpful Advice for Health). A.Vogel Edition, P.O.B, CH-9053 Teufen AR, 66th edition 1991

Nicotine and chemical poisons of medicaments

-- are changing and damaging the capillaries / blood vessels
-- harm the alimentation of the cells
-- and are disturbing the whole cell metabolism (p.162).

Consequences are:

-- the muscle cells and nerve cells are not nourished any more in time and enough
-- the muscle cells and nerve cells slacken too fast, are degenerating and aging too fast.

Smoking youths gamble away their capital of health for their old age by smoking and drinking alcohol (p.162).

The cardiac muscle becomes slacker, becomes dirty-browny, by smoking and by malnutrition, already with young persons ("brown atrophy", brown muscle wastage and organ wastage) (p.721).

The irritant in bitumen by smoking, the "phenolics", can provoke heavy damages, corresponding to the predisposition (p.369) [resp. corresponding to the blood group, A and AB have most cancer by smoking, 0 least of all]. Consequences are:

Lip cancer, tongue cancer, larynx cancer, bronchial cancer, lung cancer (p.369), above all at smokers and workers with bitumen [on building sites] (p.370)

[also drivers driving on bitumen?]

The best prevention against cancer is to stop smoking (p.363).

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2. Smoking during driving a car provokes accidents

from: Swiss TV SF 2 tele text, table 117 of 8 May 2005: Heissts bald, "Wer fährt, raucht nicht"? [Engl.: Will it be soon: "Who is driving - must not smoke"?]; translation Michael Palomino

"According to statistics of the German professional journal "Auto/Strassenverkehr" [Engl.: Cars/Road Traffic] driving smokers are provoking 48 % more accidents than non-smokers."

[Add  to this smoking drivers produce a strong damage on their own body by the strong concentrated smoking air in their tiny car, and it's proved that smoking drivers produce more accidents than drivers who are not smoking, probably by a reduced social behaviour by false pride or by the diversion by the cigarette].

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3. Dr.Bruker: Smoking damages to the nervous system and provokes illnesses

from: Dr. med. M.O. Bruker: Unsere Nahrung - unser Schicksal [Engl.: Our Nutrition - Our Fate]. emu Edition GmbH, 56112 Lahnstein, Germany, 1986

-- smoking damages the vegetative nervous system (p.336)
-- smoking worsens the conditions of stomach ulcer, gastritis, cramp of the cardiac vessels (p.337). 

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4. Smoking: a choice of illnesses

-- Dr.med.Volker Schmiedel / Dr.med. Matthias Augustin: Handbuch Naturheilkunde. Methoden, Anwendungen, Selbstbehandlung [Engl.: Handbook natural healing. Methods, applications, self treatment]. Haug Edition, Heidelberg 1997
-- Many cases of death by tobacco consumption [orig.: Viele Todesfälle durch Tabakkonsum]; ARD text, 29 May 2006, table 161

Cigarette smoke: contains nicotine, condensate, hundreds of elements provoking illnesses, under others nitrosamines, formaldehyde, nitric oxide, carbon monoxide, nickel, benzpyrenes, cadmium, ammoniac, dioxins, 1014 radicals destroying the cells in every deep drag.

Consequences: lung cancer, bladder cancer by the depuration of the elements in the urine, arterial vascular diseases, heart attack, chronic bronchitis, other classes of cancer by the radicals, and all this also by passive smoking (p.235). Nicotine fosters hemorrhoids (Schmiedel/Augustin, p.357).

Typical classes of cancer by smoking are lung cancer, larynx cancer and windpipe cancer. The figures for Germany of 2004:
-- deaths by lung cancer: 39,798
-- deaths by larynx cancer: 1,496
-- deaths by windpipe cancer: 48
Total of the three classes of cancer: 41,342. In 1984 these were 33,589 (ARD text, 29 May 2006, table 161).

[Only in the age of 60 the smokers realize what they have destroyed by smoking considering their own lungs when chronic bronchitis is coming and is not leaving any more...]

[The mostly affected blood groups by cancer are the blood groups A and AB, because the cancer cells are similar to the cells of blood group A and the defense system of the blood groups A and AB cannot recognize them, see the blood groups medicine of Dr. D'Adamo].

[It seems strange, but smoking is not prohibited until today...]

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5. Financial charge by smoking

The financial charge by smoking is significant [web8].

[and the money is missing for other things].

"Smoking often is the cause for fire in flats and houses" [orig. German: "Rauchen ist eine häufige Ursache für Wohnugnsbrände", and this happens by firing the blanket, or by firing the rubbish bin by glowing ashes, a.o.]. [web9]

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6. Cinema films seducing to smoking

from: ARD text, table 527, 16 November 2005; translation Michael Palomino

<The more cinema films with smokers a youth is watching - the higher is the probability that he / she will begin smoking. This was found out by scientists of Dartmouth Medical School (USA).

The scientists report in the journal "Pediatrics" that they had asked 6522 youths about films they had seen in the last years. The youths were separated into four groups according to the frequency of smoking in the films they had seen. Then they searched who many youths had begun to smoke in which group.>

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7. Already some few cigarettes per day can have heavy consequences

from: gmx 2005; http://www.gmx.net/de/themen/gesundheit/medizin/rauchen/1696060,cc=000000185900016960601tzPKB.html;
translation Michael Palomino

Heidelberg (dpa/gms) - Already some cigarettes per day can have grave consequences for your health

Already smoking of some cigarettes per day damages your health

<Strong smokers are damaging their vessels more than the so called pleasure smokers who are smoking only one to four cigarettes per day. "But also this can provoke reactions of inflammations in the blood vessels", explains Martina Poetschke-Langer from the German Cancer Research Center ["Deutsches Kerbsforschungszentrum" (DKFZ)] in Heidelberg.

Also calcareous deposits at the vessels are fostered by moderate tobacco consumption - and also blood coagulation is damaged. According to DKFZ indications on the long run life is threatened by heart attack, strokes or lung cancer.

Recently also research from Norway confirmed that light smokers have a "much higher" risk for such illnesses. Under these conditions it is dangerous to speak of "pleasure smokers", Martina Poetschke-Langer says.>

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8. Smoker's cough (chronic obstructive illness of the lungs, COPD) etc.

From smoker's cough to asthma

from: aus: http://www.toppharm.ch/magazin/2128/2132/; translation Michael Palomino

<Smokers with a consumption of 10 cigarettes and more per day are damaging their bronchia tubes massively. Cigarette smoke is paralyzing the little cilia on the mucosa of the directing respiratory tracts. By this their function expelling foreign substances and dust particles - which are sticking on the bronchial mucus - cannot be executed any more. By this also the cleaning function of the mucus is disturbed.

By this every smoker has to cough the mucus and the dust particles, and this is arduous. The often unappetizing coughing of the smokers is sufficiently known. In this stadium there exists already a chronic damage also of the bronchial mucosa. The smoker is suffering a chronic bronchitis. By smoking there are inhaled also many chemical compounds which in addition are damaging the bronchia.

When there are further difficulties - for example the contact with an allergen or an infect - so there can be an asthma.>

Smoke gets stuck in the lungs and constant smoking leads to chronic obstructive lung diseases (COPD), COPD is called popularly smoker's cough or smoker's lung. Pollutants in the tobacco smoke build a deposit on the airways  and when there is cigarette consumption over years this leads to COPD. COPD is the fourth most common cause of death at this time [2006]. According to World Health Organization this will change in future. In 2020 COPD will be the third most common cause of death, tight behind cardiovascular diseases and strokes. The rise of the global charge by COPD is caused by the rise of tobacco consumption in the industrial countries and in the development countries. [web10]

Active smokers have an augmented risk for cancer of lungs, cancer of larynx, cancer of oral cavity, stomach cancer, and gullet cancer. There is also a suspicion of a higher rate of leukemia and colon cancer. [web11]

Water pipe is not less harmful

<The water [of the water pipe] hardly keeps back the pollutants. The cooled down smoke is more penetrating into the lungs than the smoke of a cigarette, and the assimilation of carbon monoxide is regularly higher.> [web12]

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9. More damages by smoking

Climacteric period is coming sooner

from: Patricia Garfield: Frauen träumen anders. Über die Wechselwirkung zwischen Körper und Traum. Original: "Women's Bodies, Women's Dreams" 1988; Scherz-Verlag 1989, S.232

Smoking and passive smoking not only has the effect that the skin looks older than normally, but also the climacteric period is coming sooner than it is foreseen genetically.


ARD Logo

Smoking is rising the osteoporosis risk [bone loss]

from: ARD text, 7 June 2006, table 521; translation Michael Palomino

<Smoke of cigarettes has a stronger influence on the density of the bones than it was believed until today. Smoke of cigarettes not only reduces the bone stability of elder women, but this effect is also coming at young men since the age of 18. Even passive smoking is weakening the bone structure which can be measured, and this is rising the risk of bone fractures. This is the result of Swedish and Chinese research after the evaluation of 3 surveys in which the connection between density of bones and smoking behaviour was researched.>

[Bone fractures depend also from the blood groups: Blood groups A and AB have more, blood group 0 have least of all bone fractures, look blood group medicine from Dr. D'Adamo].


20 minuten,

<Diabetes by cigarettes

Smoking rises the risk to get diabetes. This shows  a survey of the universities of Lausanne and Calgary. The survey proves a causal effect between smoking and the insulin production. Persons who are smoking over 10 years have a 46 percent higher risk to get diabetes 2 (adult-onset diabetes) than non-smokers, indicates the Lausanne university in a paper of Tuesday.

The authors claim that the responsibles of Swiss Health Board will inform  better about the risk of diabetes in connection with smoking. The survey was published on Tuesday in the well-known "Journal of American Medical Association".

Source: SDA / ATS>


n-tv Logo

Tooth damages by smoking: smoking provokes parodontitis

from: n-tv online: Körper und Geist: Zahnärzte für Abschreckung. Rauchen schädigt Zähne [Body and spirit: dentists for deterrence. Smoking damages teeth]; 29.5.2009;
http://www.n-tv.de/wissen/koerpergeist/Rauchen-schaedigt-Zaehne-article313553.html; translation Michael Palomino

<"Smoking provokes toothlessness": With this printing on cigarette packages Federal Medical Board wants to suggest to the danger of tooth damages. Who is smoking regularly over some years is 20 times more in danger that non-smokers to get a parodontitis. This reported the agency in Berlin.

According to the report more than 70% of parodontitis clients are smokers. Add to this according the indications of the agency about 90% of all tumors in oral cavity, larynx, gullet and lungs are provoked by smoking.

By smoking the teeth are essentially more vulnerable.

For this sonday (31 May) the Action Alliance Non-Smoking - a compositionof 80 organizations in Germany - called for a non-smoker day. With slogan of this year "A picture tells more than thousand words" sanity experts urge to introduce deterring photos on tobacco packages. According to indications of German Cancer Help all years there are dying about 140,000 humans of direct consecuences of smoking.>


20 minuten,

To smoke cannabis (marihuana) damages genotype

from: 20 minuten online: Marihuana: Macht "high" und schädigt die DNA [Marihuana provokes to be "high" and damages DNA]; 18.6.2009; http://www.20min.ch/gesundheit/news/story/Macht--high--und-schaedigt-die-DNA-20585538;
translation Michael Palomino

<Bad news for all pot-smokers: According to a topical survey consume of marihuana is changing genotype - with possibly fatal effects to health.

It's alarming what researchers found out at Leicester University in England.

Researchers of Leicester University in England found - as they called it - a "convincing proof" that smoking of marihuana can damage DNA. This effect could provoce cancer at the consumers.

Almost no research about cannabis

"Until today there were many surveys about toxicity of tobacco smoke", Rajinder Singh, head of the scientific research, said, "but cannabis has not been analyzed en detail until now."

Singh declares in an interview of "Chemical Research in Tocicology" Magazine that cannabis contains 400 different agents, among others 60 cannaboids. Add to this cannabis contains 50% more carcinogen agents than common tobacco smoke. "Consume of three or four cannabis cigarettes per day damages bronchial tubes as bad as 20 common cigarettes", Singh said.



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10. Stop smoking - become a non-smoker

Over 50 % of the smokers would like to stop smoking - but they don't know how. There must be found methods to stop smoking resp. useful replacement rituals and behaviour patterns replacing the smoking actions. The addiction of nicotine can be overcome  by nicotine containing medicaments step by step during the time the person has to get accustomed to new behaviours. [web13]

Information about methods to stop smoking gives: http://www.letitbe.ch

Self-help program: http://www.zielnichtrauchen.ch [web14]

Replacement products during the smoker's withdrawal therapy are chewing gums, plasters, inhalators and sprays. Gaining 5 kg of weight is normal. [web15]

[With the corresponding fat burning food or with more sports the 5 kg of gaining weight can be get off easily. With the blood group nutrition every human being has the liberty to have the weight they want, and the cigarette cannot serve as an egoistic excuse that hunger will be reduced. The stupid and egoistic smokers better should think about who many non-smokers  they have damaged in their life by the smoke they have produced by their stupid cigarettes...]


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20 minuten,

NY 2009-09-16: <New prohibitions: New York should be smoke-free

[By the regulations until today smoker's quote in NY has been reduced from 21.5 to 6.9%]

from: 20 minuten online; 2009-09-16; http://www.20min.ch/news/kreuz_und_quer/story/15037222; translation by Michael Palomino

Can be that smokers in New York will be forced to look for a secret spot behind some bushes when they want to enjoy their nicotine addiction. Town authorities are working on a prohibition of smoking for parks, gardens, beaches and public places.

This indicated Thomas Farley, Health Commissioner of New York's mayer Michael Bloomberg.

Already since 1995 visitors who want to smoke have to go before the doors of New York's bars and restaurants, and since 2003 smoking is prohibited on work stations, in train stations and in all public houses. When the new regulation is coming into power the room for smoking in New York would be rare indeed.

But prohibitions until today already had their effect. In 2002 were smoking 21.5 per cent of all town inhabitants, now only 6.9 per cent of all adults - one million people so.



n-tv online,

2009-09-22: Health: Prohibition of smoking brings less heart attacks

from: n-tv online; 22.9.2009; http://www.n-tv.de/wissen/gesundheit/Deutlich-weniger-Infarkte-article516399.html

Translation by Michael Palomino.

Prohibitions of smoking in restaurants and in public buildings brought an unexpected reduce of heart attacks. In Europa the rate sank by until a third as studies say.

So life of many thausands of persons has been safed in a short time British News Agency PA said referring to the surveys. Above all with younger  people the attacks are going down.

When prohibition of smoking was introduced in different countries such a positive result was not expected. The two studies are published in leading professional journals and compile the results of the surveys with millions of persons.

Proof: less heart attacks

As professional journal "Circulation" from "American Heart Association" says rate of heart attack was falling after introduction of prohibition of smoking first by 17 per cent. After three years it was already more than a third (36 per cent). The other studies from "Journal of the American College of Cardiology" quotes the regression at more than a quarter (26 per cent).

"The rate of heart attacks cannot be reduced to zero, but prohibition of smoking can inhibit many heart attacks" James Lightwood, a co-author of the first study from University of San Francisco, said. "This study completes the indications that passive smoking also provokes heart attacks, and a 100 per cent prohibition of smoking at all working places and public buildings is really protecting the persons."

The head of the second study, Prof. David Meyers from Kansas University, strengthened "that even taking some air of smoke can heighten heart attack risk". Above all younger people have reduced their heart attack rate by this. "This could be because younger people were going to clubs, restaurants and bars where smoking was common."



                Zeitung online, Logo

Switzerland 28 October 2009: <National smoking prohibition will come at 1 May [2010]

from: Basler Zeitung online: Das nationale Rauchverbot kommt am 1. Mai [2010]; translation by Michael Palomino; 28.10.2009; http://bazonline.ch/schweiz/standard/Das-nationale-Rauchverbot-kommt-am-1-Mai/story/22674923

Smoking will be prohibited in Switzerland in most of restaurants and bars, also in public houses and at workplaces.

In the following year this will be comon: restaurant with prohibition of smoking.

On 1 May 2010 smoking will be prohibited in most of restaurants and bars in whole Switzerland, but also in public houses and at workplaces. Federal Government published the new law protecting from passive smoking on Wedensday.

But exceptions are possible. So, restaurants with less than 80 m2 can be permitted as smoker restaurants. Restaurants with more than 80 m2 can install smoker's rooms. From 1 May on prohibition of smoking also will be applied for cinemas, shopping centers, schools and sport aerals.

Smoking permitted in single offices and open air

Generally smoking will also be prohibited in workplaces. It will be allowed only for persons in single offices or working open air. Companies can install smoker's rooms for their employees. These rooms need a good ventilation.

In most of cantons the new law will not change anything, health minister Pascal Couchepin said on Wednesday in Bern in a communication media conference. 18 cantons already have a protection law against passive smoking. In 15 of these cantons the law is stronger than the state's law; smoker's restaurants are prohibited there.

Associations criticized the law which was changed in three points during the discussion in parliament, Thomas Zeltner, director of Federal Health Board (Bundesamt für Gesundheit, BAG) said.

Now in the state's law the smoker's room is a third of the total surface of a restaurant, before it was fixed with 80 m2. Zeltner added that most cantons had this regulation.

Definition of the closed room
And the state's regulation does not fix a definition of what is a closed room. This will be a question of construction, and this will be under the law of the cantons, Zeltner said. Restaurant's association GastroSuisse criticized the prohibition of the windows between kitchen and guest's room for food ("Durchreichen"). This prohibition shows the state's incompetence.

According to the new regulation air in smoker's rooms has to have a good quality, and all rooms need a good ventilation. Details are given under competence of the cantons. Also cantons without any protection law against passive smoking have to apply the state's law now.

Minimum standard

The state's law is giving a minimum standard. The cantons can give stronger regulations. Lungue League ("Lungenliga") is claiming that state's law is nog going far enough. At present Lungue League is collecting signatures for a peoples referendum for a prohibition of smoking in all public rooms generally.

Couchepin was surprised about critical voices of Lungue League, but also of the restaurant's associations. It cannot be that material aspects could have more value than health prevention and health protection, he said. (vin/ap/sda)>


Germany 17.2.2010: Smoker's caugh becomes a widespread disease

from: http://de.news.yahoo.com/26/20100217/thl-raucherhusten-wird-zur-volkskrankhei-b930478.html

<Stuttgart (dpa) - There are always more persons suffering smoker's caugh in Baden Wuerttemberg. In 2008 there were 14.000 persons treated with diagnosis of "Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease" (COPD), simply discribed also as smoker's caugh.

Smoker's caugh becomes more and more a widespread disease in Germany.

This was the result of a report of  Techniker Krankenkasse ("Technical Health Insurance"). "Compared with the year 2000 there were 50% more persons with chronical bronchitis" a speaker in Stuttgart said. Main reason for this illness is smoking. This was the case with 9 of 10 persons.

In whole Germany the figures for this illness was rising of 37% in this time. About 15% of the adult population in Germany is affected by this widespread disease.

orig. German:

<Raucherhusten wird zur Volkskrankheit

aus: http://de.news.yahoo.com/26/20100217/thl-raucherhusten-wird-zur-volkskrankhei-b930478.html

<Stuttgart (dpa) - Immer mehr Menschen in Baden-Württemberg leiden unter Raucherhusten. Im Jahr 2008 wurden rund 14 000 Patienten mit der Diagnose "chronisch obstruktive Lungenkrankheit" (COPD), die im Volksmund als Raucherhusten bekannt ist, im Krankenhaus behandelt.

Raucherhusten wird zunehmend zu einer Volkskrankheit in Deutschland.

Das ging aus einem Bericht der Techniker Krankenkasse heraus. "Im Vergleich zum Jahr 2000 waren das über 50 Prozent mehr Patienten mit chronischer Bronchitis", sagte eine Sprecherin am Mittwoch in Stuttgart. Hauptursache für die Krankheit ist das Rauchen. Das war bei neun von zehn Patienten der Fall.

Bundesweit stieg die Anzahl der Krankenhauspatienten mit der Krankheit in diesem Zeitraum um rund 37 Prozent. Etwa 15 Prozent der erwachsenen Bevölkerung in Deutschland ist von der Volkskrankheit betroffen.>


n-tv online,

"US" survey 15 April 2010: More depression provokes more smoker's terror

from: n-tv online: Zusammenhang klar erkennbar: Depression erhöht Tabakkonsum; 15.4.2010;


                Zeitung online, Logo

1 May 2010: Prohibition of smoking in whole Switzerland - and harsh anti smoking law in 13 cantons

from: Basler Zeitung online: Ausgequalmt!; 30.4.2010;


n-tv online,

5 May 2010: Smokers loose their teeth earlier because their jaw bone is damaged by smoking

This sais the article from n-tv online:

Gesundheit: Schadstoffe greifen Kieferknochen anRauchern fallen Zähne aus; 5.5.2010;


20 minuten
                online, Logo

4 July 2010: Total prohibition of smoking in public areas in Bavaria

from: 20 minuten online: Die Bayern haben ausgeraucht; 4.7.2010; http://www.20min.ch/news/ausland/story/23278748

By a people's vote Bavaria gets one of the hardest anti smoking laws in Germany. There was a majority of 61% for prohibition of smoking in public areas. Also October festival of Munich will be without smoking.


n-tv online, Logo

26 November 2010: <Too often ill, too long breaks: Smokers are bad for enterprises>

from: n-tv online; 26 November 2010; http://www.n-tv.de/ratgeber/Raucher-schlecht-fuer-Firmen-article2018056.html

Summary of the dpa article:

The section "medicine and work" ("Arbeitsmedizin") of TÜV in Rheinland (Germany) found out by an investigation:

-- at an average smokers have 30 to 40% more days they are ill a year

-- smokers are less productive than non-smoking collegues

-- smokers often take an additional rest of 30 to 60 minutes.


For having an efficient enterprise kick out the smokers.

Michael Palomino, 26 November 2010


                    online, Logo

China 13.1.2011: 1.2 million smokers dying every year - strong limitation of smoker's scenes in TV films and prohibition of cigarette propaganda in films and TV as a "youth protection"

But in China smoking is allowed in all offices and restaurants.

from: n-tv online: Panorama: Keine Rauchszenen mehr im TV: China verbannt Zigaretten; 13.2.2011;

<China is the most important producer and consumer of tobacco worldwide. Every year 1.2 million Chinese are dying because of smoking. Because of this the seduction has to be handled better.

Chinese are smoking much too much.

Cigarette scenes in films and TV series shall be restricted in China, the state's regulation authority for radio, film and TV called for in a document on it's Internet web site. A "stricter control" of smoking scenes is needed, and scenes where cigarettes are set alight will be prohibeted when minors are present. Brand of cigarettes will be banned completely from films and TV, and add to this smoking scenes have to be kept short.

According to the indication of the state's news agency Xinhua a study with 11,000 youths in Beijing gives the result that concisely 33 percent have the desire trying out smoking after having watched an actor with a cigarette in TV. China is the country with the highest tobacco production and consumption. Tobacco consumption in China is the main cause of death in China. Add to this, health and social system are charged heavily by smoking and passive smoking.

The month before, experts from the country and from abroad had warned that the number of lethal victims caused by smoking could triple in China until 2030. Without any effective measure the number of persons killed by smoking could rise to 3.5 million per year, they said. In 2005 the number was 1.2 million. There is no prohibition of smoking in China, and smoking is allowed in restaurants and office blocks.



                    online, Logo

22.3.2011: <Adiction of nicotine: new map of Europe of smoking>

from: Welt online: Nikotinsucht: Das ist die neue Europakarte des Rauchens; 22 March 2011; translation by Michael Palomino;

<Author: Andreas Fischer

3.4.2011: Europakarte des Rauchens 3.4.2011: Map of Europe of smoking

Greece: 35.0%
Austria: 34.0%
Poland: 30.3%
Hungary: 30.0%
France: 28.7%
Netherlands: 28.0%
Irland: 27.0%
Spain: 26.4%
Chech Republic: 26.3%
Germany: 23.4%
Italy: 23.0%
Portugal: 22.0%
Great Britain: 21.0%
Norway: 21.0%
Belgium: 20,5%
Switzerland: 20.0%
Finland: 18.6%
Sweden: 18.0%

Map of Europe of smoking: Greece and Austria are on the top

Germany is not bad with smoking, but it is enough bad.

Almost every fourth German is consuming tobacco. There are 10% more male consumers than female consumers. This says a study of pharmaceutical enterprise Pfizer investigating tobacco consumption in 20 European states.

Greece is at the European top with 35 % of smoking people every day, followed by Austria. Both countries only had taken measures for non-smoker protection in 2010 only. At the same time Greece is one of the main producers of tobacco in Europe and has got low prices for cigarettes. But Austria is going on authorizing selling cigarettes to teens from 16 years on.

Poland and Hungary have got the ranks three and four in the list of the strongest smoking countries - and they have the lowest tobacco prices of Europe with mostly only the half of what they cost in the average in the EU. In Hungary 40% of the lethal cases of men are caused by smoking - in Germany 29%.

The lowest part of smokers in it's population have Sweden and Finland with a lower rate than 20%. But Swedish numbers are manipulated because many Swedish are smoking without nicotine putting so called Snus in their mouths, a salty tobacco. By this less nicotine gets into the bodies than by a cigarette.

Finnish people don't use alternative product. They want to be tobacco free in 2040. Smoking is prohibited in public areas, and also tobacco propaganda and cigarette machines are prohibited. A part of the tobacco tax is delivered to the health care system.

In Europe 650.000 persons are killed by smoking every year, in Germany 110.000, every 5 minutes one person. Also non-smokers are in danger by smoking of their neighbors with 3.300 killed persons every year by passive smoking.

The cost for the health care system by smoking are high: 8.66 billion Euro. For anti smoking prevention there are only 500.000 Euro.

The study also considers the projects and the success in non smoker protection in the 20 countries, and also the fight of nicotine addiction. Germany es extremely bad in this. Now experts want better education of medical students and more help with stopping smoking.

In Great Britain medicaments for stopping smoking are paid by health care, in Germany not. But in Germany these medicaments are rated as agents for potency or hair growing. And also doctors get no reward:When they help a patient stopping smoking, they do this mostly for free.

"There was a survey with medical students and only 25% could say that they would be competent for help of smokers", Christa Rustler from German Net of Smoke Free Hospitals and Health Devices said.

Here Germany can learn much from Great Britain: Universities are teaching more concerning smokers. Every third student in the first term and almost every second student of the later term indicated being competent helping a smoker with stopping smoking.

"Many smokers are worried about their health and want help in clinics or with doctors. But this has to be paid, and competent doctors have to exist", Rustler says.

In no country of the world are that much cigarette machines like in Germany. Add to this there is no unified protection law protecting the non smokers. Until now there is local law, and there is no unified federal law. Bavaria is the only region with a general prohibition of smoking - and this was introduced by a people's vote. 

In all other regions of Germany there are many exceptions. Bavaria, Saxony and Baden-Württemberg have the lowest part of smokers in Germany. The highest part of smokers in Germany have Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Berlin.

All in all the number of smokers sank in Germany in the passed few years - and this is a movement which can be observed in all other European countries.

Above all the prohibition of smoking in public buildings, in restaurants and in discos could reduce the number of smokers in Germany. And above all men have reduced smoking, state the statistics of Federal Agency of Statistics of Germany. But women had even more smokers before the rate was sinking.

Also teens have reduced their smoking in the passed five years. This is because of high tobacco tax and selling the cigarettes at safer places.>


                    Zeitung online, Logo

20 June 2011: South of France has got it's first non smoking beach in La Ciotat - for the protection of the children from the rests of cigarettes in the sand

from: Basler Zeitung online: Südfrankreich hat seinen ersten Nichtraucher-Strand; 20 June 2011; translation by Michael Palomino;

<La Ciotat on the coast line of South of France is the first town introducing a non smoker's zone in a beach, and probably will be more territories declared as non smoking zones.

It's the first time that cigarettes are a taboo on a beach in France. La Ciotat is the first time of the country declearing parts of a beach as a non smoking zone, with signs at the entrance. There are waste baskets at the entrance for the ashes. Add to this guards are speaking with the guests.

Protection of the children

With this initiative the town 30 km in the East of Marseilles wants above all to protect the children because they find always the rests of the cigarettes in the sand, declared vice mayor Noël Collura. Other measures like distributing ash trays did help only little.

This prohibition of smoking is indicated for 4% of the beaches of La Ciotat now. But when this is a success, theere will be the consideration about more non smoking zones, also in the parks where children are playing and where the danger of fires is big. (kpn/sda)>


Der Standard online, Logo

9 September 2011: COPD studies: fourth cause of death world wide - Austrian study indicating that 40% of strong smokers have COPD and 20% of non-smokers have got indications of it

from: Der Standard online: Raucherkrankheit: Jeder vierte Mensch erkrankt an COPD; 9.9.2011;


Chronical obstructive lungue disease (COPD) is coming more and more. Canadian lungue specialists are alarming that every fourth human being suffers this illness  COPD up to an age of 80. Lancet showed this huge study considering all data of federal state of Ontario in the latest Lancet. COPD also is a topic on a year's meeting of Austrian pneumologic society (ÖPG) on 8 to 10 September 2011.

COPD is declared also the fourth cause of death world wide. 8 to 22 percent of the adult over 40 years suffer it and it is a main cause for hospital stays and high cost of support. This writes Andrea Gershon and co authors of the Institute for Clinical Evaluation Sciences in Toronto.

COPD is a classical smoker's illness. Bronchial tubes are inflamed and the function of the lungue is reduced always more and more without any chance of healing.

Prevention can come with  a prevention against smoking. Poorer people have more COPD than rich people. Stategies are needed for more quality of life. And prevention and measures against smoking have first priority.

There is also an Austrian study investigating the percentage of the COPD affected population: 26.1 %, and 10.7 % have a strong COPD which has to be treated. 1 % have a got a heavy COPD. 20% of the non smokers have indications of COPD, and almost 40 % of the strong smokers with a package of cigarettes per day for 20 years also have.


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7 February 2012: Smoking affecting mental capacity of men

from: n-tv online: Männer bauen geistig schneller ab: Rauchen ist schlecht fürs Gehirn; 7 February 2012;

According to a study smoking men have not the same mental capacities like non smokers. Series of studies of researchers of a searcher's group with Severine Sabia from University College London proved with 5,000 men that smokers never could reach the mental capacities of non smokers - and this result came out in all tests within 25 years.

Neurologist Marc Gordon commented simply: "Smoking is bad for the brain".

Also 2,100 women were tested but with women there was no difference. The reasons for this are not clear yet.

The study was published in US review "Archives of General Psychiatry".



15 February 2013: <Belgium Study: Less Premature Births After Prohibition of Smoking>

from: Spiegel online: Belgische Studie: Weniger Frühgeborene nach Rauchverbot; 15.2.2013;

<By Dennis Ballwieser

Public prohibitions of smoking can protect the unborn child. In Belgium the risk of premature birth has been reduced since restaurants and bars are forbidden to permit smoking. Per 1,000 births there are 6 premature births less by prohibition of smoking - says a study.

As long as smoking in public was permitted smoking passive smoking forced all risk groups also for smoking. One of the risk groups are pregnant women: Smoke is also endangering the unborn child. It's known that smoking is encreasing the risk of a premature birth. And the inversion of the argumetn was logic: Public prohibition of smoking would help to lower the rate of premature births. This theory was tested now also in Belgium at Hasselt University by Belgium searchers.

Prohibition of smoking was introduced in public in three grades: first at the working station, then in restaurants, and at the end also in bars. And it became real in fact that the risk for premature burts was reduced according to the grades of prohibition of smoking. There are 6 premature births less per 1,000 births.

When pregnant women smoke their babies are often lighter than babies of non-smokers. And this negative effect also can be provoked by passive smoing. This was proved in earlier studies already. And a premature birth can have consequences for the whole life of the child. Several studies give indications that the risk for some illnesses is higher also during adult life.

Comprehensive data from the register of birth

Tim Nawrot and his colleagues investigated the risk for premature births in Belgium between 2002 and 2011 - during the introduction of the prohibition of smoking at most of the working stations (2006), in restaurants (2007) and in bars where also dishes are served (2010). A premature birth was defined when birth came before the 37th pregnancy week. After the new step of prohibition of smoking the risk for premature birth was sinking. Before teh beginning of the prohibition this effect was never watched as the British Medical Journal reports.

Belgium searchers could use the data pool of a comprehensive birth register almost comprizing all births of North Belgium. 99% of all children of Flanders are born in birth clinics. All in all data of more than 600.000 born children were analized born between the 24th and 44th week of pregnancy. more than 32,000 children were born before the 37th pregnancy week.

After the introduction of the prohibition of smoking in restaurants in January 2007 the risk for a premature birth was sinking by 3.13 percent, and after the prohibition in bars in January 2010 it was sinking one more time by 2.65 percent. But there was no difference concerning the weight of the babies in relation to the time of birth. [...]>


Russian revolution:

20 minuten
                        online, Logo

Russia 20 February 2013: <Bill against tobacco: Russia finishing smoking> - from 1 June 2013 on prohibition of smoking in train stations, on public places and in the working place - and also prohibition of advertizing

from: 20 minuten online; 20.2.2013;


Duma decided also in the second chamber of the parliament that smoking will be forbidden in public places like train stations, public places and in the working place - according to Interfax. Every year about 400,000 persons are dying because of smoking in Russia. This number should be reduced by 50%. Estimations say that 44 million Russians are smoking, this are 33% of the population. Restaurants, cafés and hotels have time until 1 June 2014 to adapt their facilities. Smoking in films and theater plays will also be prohibited when it's not an "important act of the artistic action".

And public advertising for tobacco products is not permitted any more. Fines are until 5,000 Rubel (around 150 Swiss Franks), and companies can be fined up to 150,000 Rubel (about 4,600 Swiss Francs).


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