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My Name Is Anneke Lucas and I Was a Sex Slave to Europe's Elite at Age 6

See this article and comments on Global Citizen.

The mother brings the daughter to satanist sex parties - high politicians

When I was a little girl in my native Belgium, I was put to work as a sex slave.

My mother sold me, and drove me wherever, whenever she got the call. The boss of this pedophile network was a Belgian cabinet minister. The clients were members of the elite. I recognized people from television. Their faces were familiar to the masses, while I was confronted with the dark side of their power addiction — the side no one would believe existed. I came across VIP's, European heads of state, and even a member of a royal family.

Breaking the personality: eating human shit like a dog

Around my sixth birthday, in 1969, I was taken to an orgy for the first time, in a castle. I was used for an S&M show, on a low stage, chained up with an iron dog collar, and made to eat human feces. Afterwards, left lying there like a broken object, I felt so humiliated, I had to do something to save my soul, or else — and this I knew for certain — I would have withered and died.

I raised myself up, and stood looking at the bizarre crowd of aristocrats dressed up as hippies, swaying to the music in various levels of sexual interaction, busily availing themselves of little pills and pre-rolled joints passed around on silver trays by sober waiters. I trembled in fear, but my body straightened and stilled itself like a bow in suspense before the shot, and I heard my voice as though it were not my own, chiding the adults, telling them that this was wrong – that I was going to tell on them, and that they would all go to jail.

Trippy, spacey music was oozing through the atmosphere and most people were too high to notice me. One man, wearing a business suit, caught my eye. He looked scared, but he held my gaze for a brief moment, and seemed to feel for me. Then he was gone. I never saw him again in the network, but years later I did spot him on TV. He became a prominent Belgian politician.

Another shock: A fresh dead body in the cellar

I was quietly led away and taken to a cellar. I was certain that I was going to be killed, but instead I was shown the fresh body of a young murder victim. I was to remain silent.

During the week, I went to school. I was a shy girl, with few friends. I remember, once, in the second grade, becoming aware of an energetic shift in the room, to realize all eyes were on me. The teacher had been calling on me, and I had been too spaced out to hear. She wondered out loud if I knew the answer to the question she had asked, and I sat in embarrassing silence while the class laughed.

I was a nonentity at school, and at home no one cared for me. I received more attention in the network. It felt good to be viewed as the most perfectly beautiful, sensual object by powerful men with high standards in taste. This was the only positive in my life, and I clung to it as my only raft to keep from drowning in a sea of shame and self-loathing.

20 years old man abusing 10 year old girl systematically

After four years of surviving the network, when I was 10, a new guest brought along his 20-year-old son: tall, dashing, blond, and blue-eyed. He boldly advanced toward me. I smiled, and he called me a little whore. Not since the first time I had been brought to an orgy, four years earlier, had I expressed my true feelings. I was furious.

"You think I like it here?" I sneered.

This interaction started the most intense year of my life, in which I would feel more than ever loved, seen, and understood, and would be more than ever abused, all by that same young man.

Torture with 11 years as a preparation for child murder - and saved live by a negotiation

A year later, when he was through with me, I was of no use to the network anymore, and was to be killed. When my torture began, he stood watching, laughing

This was the third time that my entire being became filled with an otherworldly force. Fierce pride straightened my body. A burning cigarette was put out on my forearm. My energetic body latched onto his in pure defiance. The thought "I don't need you!" had become me, and all I saw was the energy behind the troubled ocean of blue in his eyes, and the love in spite of all the pain he had passed on to me.

I was led away to a small room, and strapped onto a butcher's block. The man who tortured me was one of the defendants in the notorious Dutroux case, which, when it broke the news in 1996, was believed it would blow up the Belgian pedophile network. But instead, eight years later, only Marc Dutroux received a life sentence. I should have died that night in 1974 on that butcher's block, but my life was saved at the last minute.

While I had been tortured, the young man had been negotiating with the politician in charge of the network. They made a deal: he would work for the politician, extend his shady services in exchange for my life. This one good deed eventually cost him his own life. In this milieu, any shred of humanity is a deadly weakness.

Life is saved - remembering the dog scenery in Los Angeles in 1988

My life was spared, and I was told to remain silent forever. It took me 40 years before I could speak up.

In 1988, when I was 25 years old, I was walking downtown Los Angeles, near Skid Row, and got a faint, specific whiff of human feces, and was assaulted with the memory of the extreme humiliation I had suffered as a child. My instant thought was: "If this is true, I'm going to kill myself."

I was too identified with the experience, and the shame was too great. I wasn't ready, and pushed the memory back into the subconscious. It would take several more years, many more hours of therapy, to finally share this memory with one safe person.

Outing and the feeling of self esteem

I share this experience publicly here for the first time, having finally reached a place in my healing where I have access once again to the strength that came through me in those moments of clarity in the network. I also believe that the world is more than ever ready to confront its darkness. We have to, if we are to survive as a species.

All survivors of incest, sexual abuse, and sex trafficking have my strength. Though I suffer from PTSD, and, for example, I still become nauseous whenever I hear a certain kind of airy, trippy music, I've become so mindful of triggers that they don't control my everyday existence. It takes so much energy to survive not only the physical violence, but to endure the psychic drain of abuse — to carry the shame.

Just surviving daily life while trying to heal from child sexual abuse requires a thousand times the strength it would require for someone without awareness to pursue a successful career. And society still values the career person over the survivor.

Power addicts, world leaders, and corrupt politicians who abuse children are themselves like children who never grew up, driven to power to avoid ever feeling the humiliation of child abuse again, unconsciously seeking revenge from a place of hurt by recycling the abuse. They lack the courage to heal. 

Those of us who have suffered sexual abuseincest or sex trafficking need to learn to harness our survival strength on our own behalf, so we can heal our damaged ego, and channel that strength to lead the way towards a future in which former victims conquer by love, understanding and compassion for all.

Video: 1,716 hours of rape before 12 - getting self esteem with healings

Video: ‘I was raped 1716 hours before I was 12 years old” Former sex slave exposes pedophilia (pizzagate) (6min.19sec.)

Video: ‘I was raped 1716 hours before I was 12 years old” Former sex slave exposes pedophilia (pizzagate) (6min.19sec.) 

Parents selling the daughter to the criminal pedophile network of Satanists and high politicians
I was raised in Belgium and sold into murderous pedophile network (8sec.) right around my 6th birthday (10sec.). I was used in this network for five years and a half (18sec.). Adult men that were part of this exclusive club were there for various reasons (30sec.), but there was a lot of alcohol, a lot of drugs (33sec.), and the children were the commodity (37sec.), the highest, the most valued commodity (42sec.), and were used for sex mostly (47sec.). But there were a number of aristocrats [kings with their families and popes] that were part of this club who also liked killing children (57sec.). And then my time had come (1min.).

Torture on the butcher's bloc
At the age of 11 I was about to be killed (1min.4sec.). I was tortured because someone who had protected me for a while and then abused me really badly, was done with me (1min.14sec.). I was trapped to a butcher's bloc (1min.20sec.). That was black from the blood of all the children that had come before me (1min.28sec.). I was there for a few hours (1min.35sec.). My body is full of scars (1min.41sec.). And every scar reminds me of the moment (1min.47sec.). I thought that I was going to be killed like all the children that weren't loved enough to lie (1min.58sec.). And I was going to be forgotten as well (2min.2sec.). And I wasn't ready to die (2min.4sec.). Someone from inside that network loved me enough to rescue me (2min.11sec.). That torture lasted a few hours (2min.17sec.).

1,716 hours of rape before 12
However, I was in that network for five years and half (2min.24sec.). In that time, I was raped many, many, many times (2min.31sec.). I don't have any scars to show (2min.35sec.), how many times I was raped, but I did the math (2min.40sec.). Usually it was a whole night in the weekend (2min.46sec.). And so I gathered that I was raped, actually raped, for about 6 hours a week (2min.55sec.), [that are] 1,716 hours of rape (3min.0sec.) before I reached the age of 12 (3min.5sec.),

Being saved with "instructions" and emigration
with instructions that were given to me by the person who rescued me, that kept me out of prostitution, kept me away from drugs (3min.20sec.), led me out of the country, Belgium, where this all happened (3min.28sec.).

Weak self esteem: young adult woman being "used" ones more
As a young adult, though I didn't have any scars, I had been projected upon so much as a sexual object (3min.39sec.), that I attracted men and part of me needed that to live [be]cause that was the only way I knew how to feel good (3min.51sec.). And as a young woman I was so disrespected and so used (3min.59sec.). And yet everyone was so ready to put the blame with me (4min.5sec.) for being promiscuous, for being, as was said, cheap, a whore (4min.14sec.), all these things, all these epithets, so quick to denounce me (4min.20sec.).

Getting self esteem with healings
And then as I was healing, I realized: No, I have to break out of this pattern that I'm in, that I need sexual attention (4min.34sec.). So, let me break away from it, let me not objectify myself at all, let me become a liberated woman (4min.42sec.). And so I worked for decades and decades feeling into all the pain of what was done to me (4min.52sec.): all the betrayal of being sold by my parents (4min.56sec.). Children are the most vulnerable of our population (5min.0sec.). So, we want to create a society where children will be safe, where children will have a community around them (5min.13sec.). Every child deserves safety (5min.17sec.). No child deserves what I went through and that millions of children each day go through (5min.24sec.). But, unfortunately, the way the system is right now, that is part of the system (5min.32sec.). As women we have so much potential to be truly empowered (5min.39sec.) by feeling into everything that we as women, endure (5min.46sec.). That gives us more strength than anyone (5min.51sec.). All that pain behind all that powerlessness and that humiliation really feeling into what was done to me, really understanding that it wasn't me (6min.5sec.), that at the end of the day, I'm ok, I was a child, I was being victimized, it wasn't my fault (6min.13sec.).

The Work: trauma prison yoga for victims of sex mafia

As a survivor of child sex trafficking and extreme violence, Anneke has used elements of her own healing journey to develop programs for her nonprofit organization Liberation Prison Yoga (LPY) based on how she would have wished to be treated. The organization brings trauma informed yoga and meditation to incarcerated populations in and around New York, counting 16 programs in 7 facilities, and 35 volunteer teachers. Anneke leads trainings and workshops (scroll down) to all those interested in the Unconditional Model, unique in the trauma yoga world, attracting yoga instructors and mental health professionals from around the world. Read below about one special program Anneke created in the women's jail at Rikers Island.

Anneke conducts a special program at Rikers Island in New York City with survivors of sex trafficking. This program was conceived at a conference at New York City's Health&Hospitals Correctional Services with various organizations in attendance providing services for sex traffic victims. Incarcerated victims of sex trafficking are often unwilling, for obvious reasons, to turn in their traffickers. One key question posed was how the women could be encouraged to speak up.

With access to incarcerated women through the Liberation Prison Yoga groups and years of her own healing experience, Anneke set about to create weekly groups for survivors of sex trafficking. In the groups survivors are free to share or not. And as they begin to feel safe, heard, seen and held, they begin to find hope and healing. Some participants have been able to get clean. Other participants in the program have named traffickers to authorities as they were accepted into re-entry housing programs after incarceration.

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