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Stalin deportations - and the Big Flight from Barbarossa. Index

Some data from some articles in the Encyclopaedia Judaica 1971

from Michael Palomino (2007)

Here Stalin deportations 1940-1941 and the Big Flight from Barbarossa can be seen in data from articles from Encyclopaedia Judaica fromH 1971. With this we get a new Holocaust pattern. The presentation can be the base for further research about the events in the "Soviet Union" between 1939 and 1945. The Holocaust pattern from the (Jewish Zionist) Western media stating that all Jews had died in Poland is a fake and has to be changed.

Some stupid justice and public prosecution services in Middle and Western Europe are saying that all these data from Encyclopaedia Judaica would be forged data because the Western Jewish Zionist Holocaust pattern is changing with it. So they make cheap money whith this defamation, but in reality all judges in Western World concerning the Holocaust of the Jews are manipulated by Jewish Zionist center in Los Angeles (Wiesenthal), they are stating wrong events, and they are a case for the psychiatrist.

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1. Holocaust, Rescue from

2. Asia

3. Belorussia / White Russia (BSSR)

4. Bessarabia

5. Bukovina

6. Estonia

7. Georgia

8. Latvia

9. Lithuania

10. Poland

11. Russia

12. Russia: Caucasus

13. Ukraine

14. Uzbekistan

15. Census in "Soviet Union" 1959